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PACE AND STAMINA PREVAIL. Swan Districts' Third Success. Playing at a terrific pace from the opening to the last bell, showing great stamina and fighting every inch of the way, the Swan Districts team defeated East Perth by eight points at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. East Perth, which was without graham (unavailable), Parry, Hall and Broom (who were nursing in juries) was outplayed and outstayed. Swan Districts owed success in a large measure to a speedy centre line, notably Mosey and Krepp, and to the brilliant forward play of Holdsworth, who scored ten goals and again played dashing football. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: McInnerney, Avery. Penberthy. Half-backs: Andrews, Zilko, Buirchall. Centres: Mosey, Darmody, Krepp. Half-forwards: Rose. Rosewarne. F. Hall. For wards: Gorn, Holdsworth, C. Bastow. Ruck: Murray. Randall, Forden (rover). Nineteenth man: Moiler (replaced Bastow, injured shoulder. in last quarter). EAST PERTH.--Backs: M. Ryan, King, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas. Starr. Smith. Centres: D. Miller, Guhl, Garnaut. Half-forwards: Cronin. Lock.-er. Ward. Forwards: Withell. Rowland. Mussman. Ruck: B. Ryan, Fogarty, H. Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Shaw (replaced M. Ryan, injured ankle. in last quarter). UMPIRE.--H. Hooper. Confident and in great condition, Swan Districts started at a fast pace and Holds worth scored the first goal from a bril liant mark three minutes after the open ing. East Perth was superior in the air but its attack lacked the purpose and determination of Swan Districts and the rugged, bustling methods of Swan Dis tricts knocked East Perth off its game. East Perth was allowed only two shots at goal in the first 18 minutes of play. Holdsworth, enterprising and . fearless, brooked no stopping in front of goal and scored three goals for the quarter which ended with the score at:-Swan Districts, 3.3; East Perth, 0.1.. Maintaining its pace, the Swan Dis tricts side hammered forward again in

the second quarter but its work near the goal lacked finish. When Mast Parth attacked it met with a solid defence, which, in a fash, became a smashing at tack and East Perth was demoralised; even its superiority in the air was dis regarded. After nine minutes of slogging Swan Districts tore through from the centre and got the ball to Forden, who goaled. Swan Districts led by 25 points. Rain was falling as Mussman soccered through East Perth's first goal after 39 minutes' play. He scored a second goal a minute later and then Lockyer scored, three goals in a minute and a half, all straight from the ruck_ Swan Districts faltered and Rosewarne went on to the ball. From a free-kick Lockyer levelled the scores with a goal. Penalised fre quently, the Swan Districts team was in difficulties as the quarter closed with the scores at:--East Perth, 5.4; Swan Dis tricts, 4.3. Flawless play by Krepp enabled Swan Districts to go into attack in the third quarter and again Holdsworth goaled, reducing t$e lead to five points. Then the Swan Districts men flung themselves into the fray and wrested the lead from East Perth. the brilliant Holdsworth mak ing excellent position to goal after a fine mark. Two quick goals, by Rowland and Garnaut, resulted from steady, clever play but Holdsworth once again spread-ea'gled the opposing defence, twice marking over a crowd and goaling. From a smart pick-up he goaled again-his eighth goal. Meanwhile the Swan Districts team was pegging away mercilessly in the ruck and across the centre. Two points separated the teams at three-quarter time, when the scores were:-Swan Districts, 10.6; East Perth, 10.4. After East Perth had goaled from a penalty, Holdsworth ran around two men to score his ninth goaL Swan Districts remained full of fight. Mosey'ran half the length of the ground to score a point. Awarded two penalties within a few yards of the goal, East Perth scored two points. Both teams were tired, with some of the Swan Districts' men played out. Seven minutes from time, Swan Districts held a three-point lead. Every man in the team threw himself desperately into the play with Krepp and the backs doing

heroic things. Then Swan Districs bat tered through on the left wing and Holds worth, fghting through a scrimmage, goaled with a great kick. Swan Districts held on to win after two minutes of magnificent defensive football The final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS . 12.9 (81 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. 11.7 (73 pts.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 10.2; Gorn, 1.2; Forden, 1.1; Hall, 0.1; Rosewarne, 0.1; Mosey, 0.1;/Ross, 0.1. East Perth: Mussman, 4.3; Lockyer, 3.1; Rowland, 2.0; Fogarty,. 1.1; Garnaut, 1.1; Cronin, 0.1. The wingers, Hrepp and Mosey, were Swan Districts' best players. They gave the team much of the great pace which overwhelmed East Perth and they were still playing with great skill and vigour at the end of a gruelling game. Krepp beat D. Miller pointless. Darmody in the centre gave able support. Holdsworth gave a perfect exhibition as goalsneak and no East Perth defender was able to check him. Again Penberthy marked ex cellently and was a telling factor in every quarter. Zilko (a great game), Randall, Murray, Gorn, Andrews and Mclnnerney (in the last quarter) were also outstand ing in a team which had no poor player. The East Perth captain, D. Cronin, was the team's outstanding player, he be ing one of the few who maintained form in the face of Swan Districts' demoral ising football. Mussman was good in at tack and Starr gave fine service at half back. M. Ryan defended strongly and B. Ryan followed vigorously. Garnaut, Fogarty and Screaigh (in patches) were others who did well