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FAST AND WILLING. Exciting Tie at Perth Oval. Rugged and fast, West Perth opened the game at Perth Oval on Saturday with such determination that East Perth was bustled into disorder and it did not re gain its usual speed and system for suffi ciently long periods to take advantage of certain weaknesses in West Perth's side. There were times when West Perth threatened to lag behind as a result of Its early strenuous efforts but it played on doggedly to .gain two points for a meritorious. tie. Throughout the first three quarters goal-scoring was extremely difcult and in the last term the for wards' task became even harder. East Perth led by two points when .the last quarter started and when it increased the advautage by a gbal west Perth looked' beaten. Nine minutes from time. West Perth scored a" g'al and from then on there was a desperate struggle for vic tory. When the players were able to summon up enough energy the play be came willing. Individual effort was the rule, although now and then a spasm of concerted play would raise the hopes of supporters, and the forwards were hope lessly outclassed. A point in arrears West Perth forced the ball down again and Ralnoldi's shot hit the left goalpost. The crowd was seething with excitement and the tussle continued for four long min utes. during which first one side and then the other advanced but only to be upset near the goal, and the bell ended a remarkable contest with the scores level. If anything, West Perth was the unlucky side. but efficient forward work is needed against a strong team. Following were the sides: EAST PERTH.-Bscks: U. Ryan, Crow, Fogarty. Hall-backs: Thomas. Starr, Graham. Centres: D. Miller, Cubl, A. Hall. Hslf-forwarde: tronin. Lockyer, Broom. Forwards: Parry, Row land, iuseman. Rork: B. RRan. GOrnrut, H' Screaiih (rover). Nineteenth man: Withell <re placed Hall, injured bred, in second qu:rts). WEST PERTH.-Barks: Caplin. Bonner, earons. Half-backs: Tetley, iutteworth. O'Er-'fe. Centres: Bridges, Coward, L. Walh.. Half-for wardse: Lewis, Gregg, Hill. Forr.-trds: Pola. Flegy, t. Scresigh. Buck: Mc.fiarmid. fiuntin, Rain oldi '(rover). Nineteenth man: Donnelly (re placed Hill injured shoulder, in last quarter). UMPIBE.--G. Owens. From the first bounce West Perth used all its pace and force to gain the upper band and with half-backs and centre line men playliig well, it at tacked consistently for five min utes for only one goal. Its forwards were all at sea. Then East Perth made a determined effort but its attacks broke down near the goal and West Perth fought back. Men were shifted from position to position and still scoring was dificult, each side suffering through mis directed kicks and passes. At quarter-time West Perth deservedly led but with only 2.6 to 1.1. There was further disappointment in store for West Perth, minutes of good play amidfleld going for aothing. Oar naut and R.ainoldi were conspicuous players and East Perth gained two points b re Rowland goaled. Most promising moves were spoilt by kicks which were a

long way from their intended destina tion. Graham was now excelling in the air and Bunting was a useful West Perth forward. The play was rugged and Row land scored two more goals and Gregg one before half-time, when the scores, 4.3 to 3.7, were in favour of East Perth. Hall had been carried off the field and again Cronin had gone into the centre. With Graham in the ruck, East Perth resumed in good style. East Perth had Mussman in the centre and Lewis was now goal-sneak. instead of a ruck man. Brilliant marking pleased the crowd and Buttsworth and colleagues held East Perth at bay. Bunting played strongly for a goal and West Perth clapped on pace to add another. East Perth opened out and Parry goaled. West Perth tried to regain control but two quick goals, chiefly a result of vastly improved passing, placed East Perth in front at the bell-7.3 to 8.71. Stronger in ,the crushes, West Perth found its forward division sadly weak. Thomas, Tetley and Starr were in front of their men and West Perth was for tunate that its centre line was playing so well. A mis-kick at last let East Perth through and Rowland goaled. A short pass by Lewis near the goal was foolish and East Perth, with M. Ryan in his best form, whisked the ball out of danger. What little system there was was shown by East Perth but West Perth's defence was strong. McDiarmld battled to send the ball down again and Gregg scored a valuable goal-7.8 to .8.3. The players were tiring but several had dash left in them. Up and down the ball travelled and West Perth drew level with a poster. Pretty combined play placed East Perth in a scoring position at last but B. Ryan's kick- fell short. Players on each side blocked, opposing attacks by high marks and Starr twice saved just before the final bell. Scores: WEST PERTH .. .. 7. (51pts.). EAST PERTH .. .. 8.3 (51pts.). Scorers:-West Perth: Gregg, 2.0; Flegg, 12; Rainoldi, 1.1;. Bunting, R. Screaigh and Lewis, 1.0 each; McDiarmid and Pola, 02 each. .East Perth: Rowland, 5.1; Parry, 1.1; Hall and Mussman, 1.0 each; H. Scres?gh, 0.1. For East Perth there was no more con sistently useful player than M. Ryan, who time after time robbed West Perth for wards of the ball and often made spec tacular.runs. Rowland, at full forward, made almost full use of his limited oppor tuntties; Crow was safe in goal and

screalgh (E.P.) shoots for goaL

Graham and Starr, especially in mark ing, did well at half-back, where Thomas was prominent also. Guhl was clever in the centre. Until hurt, B. Ryan was a force in the ruck. Mussman, Fogarty and Parry showed .out in patches and Garnaut was tireless and sure in his handling of the ball. Some of Cronin's work was effective but he was frequently in trouble. Broom did not finish off his play properly. On the left wing L. Wash played ex ceptionally good football. His pace was exceptional and he marked well. At centre-half-back Buttsworth was very solid, his anticipation, marking and kick ing being of high class. He was outstand ing in the' second half. McDiarmid had a hard game and he was successful, while Rainoldl was the best of good rovers. Busting played promisingly in more than one position- and Tetley was a reliable half-back.. The full backs showed great in tlon' and ~oward gave a useful Siyn the centre. Bridges began nicely and -Gregg now and then did some thing really good. Flegg worked hard but his disposal was not.of the best