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A BRILLIANT VICTORY. Swan Districts' Achievement Marking'well; winning in the ruck and across the centre, Swan Districts fought stride for stride and kick for kick with East Fprmastle for three-quarters of the game at Bassendean Oval on Saturday, and then, in a stirring final quarter, fin ished strongly, to gain a six-point vic tory. It was a great achievement for the Bassendean team, which beat its seasoned opponents by 'fast, non-stop football backed by unbounded determina tion and excellent condition. Both goal sneaks played a notable part, Holdsworth in particular being in brilliant form. East Premantle missed Daniell, the big centre-half-forward. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: N. Doig, JarvIs, Skeahan. Half-backs:. Fordham, Wendt, X. Munro, Centres: Seubert, Huehinson, Migro. Half-for. wards: Western, Martiensen, McGlinn. Forwards: Butcher, G. Doig, W. James. Ruck: Williams, Donegans. 'ruasott (rover). 'Nineteenth mans Briggs (replaced Williams, injured knee, in fist quarter). . SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs:, Melnerney, Avery, Penberthy. Half-backs: Bulrchell, Zilko, Andrews. Centres: Krepp, Darmody, Mosey. Half forwards: Moiler, Rosewarne, Ross. Forwards: Bastow, Holdswoith, Gorn. RBuck: Murray. Ran dall, Forden (rover). Nineteenth 'man: Cheater (did not play). UMPIRE.--C. N. Cook. East Pzeriantle started -at a fast pace and scored four goals in the first ten min utes of play. The Swan Districts side, over-anxious and uncertain; was sadly astrayin .attack. The team's marking was good but its ground play was vigorous and very little else.. East Premantle's work from the half-forward line 4o the goal was flawless. Rosewarne played bril liantly and was solely responsible for Swan Districts' position at the end of the quarter, when the scores 'were- East Fremantle, 5.2; Swan Districts, 4.3. Playing well, but by no means with its usual aplomb, East. Fremantle found it self in the second quarter having to fight hard against a fast, determined and ex cellent high-marking team. The -Swan Districts centre line was far superior and East Fremantle could not check the dan gerous Resewarne, through whose agency-, Holdsworth was given ample .opportunlty. James held, the East Fremantle defence together. In a brilliant rally Swan Dis tricts took charge. of the game.for seve ral minutes, dominatinig the ruck, winning in the centre, and leaving the opposing half-backs standing. The home side took the lead -when Holdsworth goaled (for the foiirtlh 'time). East Fremantle steadied and regained the lead by half time with 9.5 to 7.6. East Premantle. forged ahead early in the third quarter, but the Swan D'stricts men fought back, .using all their pace and working in' the packs with daring. Tearing away from the centre, the team defied all opposition in order to get the ball to Holdsworth, who marked with certainty Two goals by him and an6ther' by Forden enabled Swan Dis tricts, to draiw level. Then it regained the lead. - Holdsworth, m bril lant form, scored .five goals during the quarter, bringing his total to nine. The East Premantle ddfence was hammered mercilessly and 'SWab Districts led at the close of .the quarter. with 1310 to 12.10. Swan Districts side resumed its relent less onslaught in the last quarter, but desperate defence by Jarvis prevented scoring. A goal by G. Doig and a point by Truscott made the scores lever, but East Fremantle's pace was inadequate. Swan Districts fought on. Gorn marked brilliantly. aid goaled and Forden drove the ball through out of a crush to give Swan Districts a two-goal lead. A chain of passes around the right wing sent the ball to O. Do!g, who, with a goal, reduced the lead to six points. Four minutes fron time Swan Districts held a five-point lead. During the remaining few min utes there was a hectic struggle in mid field. Then an East Fremantle back, attempting, to go through a crush, held the ball. Holdsworth took the penalty and scored a point. The ball was kicked in and the bell rang with East Fremantle striving .vainly to .reach the goaL The final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS . 15.12 (102 pts.). EAST FREMANTLE. 1412 ( 96 pts.). Scorers.---Swan' Districts: Holdsworth, 9..7; Gorn, 23; Forden, 2.0; Rosewarne, 1.1; Bastow, 1.0; Moiler, 0.1. East Fre mantle: G. Doig, 8.4; James, 2.3; Mar tiensen, 1.2; McGlinn, 1.1; Migro and Western, 1.0 each; Truscott and Butcher. 0.1 each. Because of his marking, his accurate kicking, his big. bag of goals, and his ability to get the ball for himself, Holds worth was Swan pistricts' outstanding player, butthiere were several others little behind him. Itdsearne 'provided the vital driving force for the attack, and

Krepp, Darmody and Mosey badly beat the opposing centre line and gave the team much of the great pace which was one of the most damaging weapons (from the East Fremantle viewpoint) in the team's armoury. At half-back Zlko was never faulted, and Murray, following or in defence, and Penberthy played a great deal of effective football. An drews and Gorn gave fine service. Once again Skeahan, East Fremantle's back pocket man, was a model of con sistency and certainty. He saved the side on innumerable occasions. G. Doig played very well to score eight goals and Mar tiensen (a versatile and accomplished player) and Truscott played hard, effec tive football throughout the game. W. James followed well. Although Holdsworth scored nine goals, his marksman, Jar vis, was a brilliant player for East Fre mantle. He played heroically at times in an effort to check the Swan Districts' attack, and in at least two quarters he approached his best form. His clearances in several instances were gems of defen sive football.