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PERTH GREATLY IMPROVED. Good Form Against Subiaco. Showing greatly improved form, Perth won on its merits against Subiaco at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday. The scores were fairly close throughout, with Su biaco leading most of the time, but Perth played the better football. Its game was fast and co-ordinated and, winning in midfield, it was chiefly the attacker, but too often an overdose of cross-country abort-passing in the forward area took the ball unnecessarily over a maximum of distance until a scoring chance was missed. Subiaco was less sure in handling and kicking the ball and was too un even, but its direct method of attack nearly won the day. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: Wormald, Love, Walsh. Half backs: Carrington, A. Brown, Lamp. Centres: Trainor, Puddey, A. Grigg. Half-forwards: Hetherington. Dewar. Cook. Forwards: Elphick, Whittaker, Burton. Ruck: M. Jarvis, Oliphant, Eeightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Crooks (did not play). SUBIACO.-Backs: W. Yeates, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Bant, S. Daily, Green. Centres. Brewer, N. Smith. Taylor. Hialf-forwards: Peers, Bemen, Murphy. Forwards: Stehn, J. Jennings, Merson. Ruck: G. Browne, McCallum, Hamble ton' (rover). Nineteenth man: Davies (did not play). UMPIRE.-L. McComish. Perth attacked strongly from the start, but broke down in front of goal, losing at least three goals through atrocious kicking. While winning across the centre and on the ball, with Oliphant, Trainor, Puddey and Dewar prominent, it was im peded by poor work by the forwards and strong defence by the Daily brothers. Then Browne, Hambleton, N. Smith, Mer son and Peers struck form together and Subiaco had a purple scoring patch. The form could not be sustained, however, and the steadier Perth reasserted itself, although it missed easy chances of gain ing the lead. First-quarter scores: Perth: 3.1; Subiaco, 5.1. A good move by Perth. was to put Gook at full forward and Whittaker in a for ward pocket. Both men immediately be came effective. Fast and combining well, with Puddey and Trainor brilliant in midfield, Oliphant and Jarvis teaming well in the ruck, Keightley running into form, Brown and Walsh strong in defence and Dewar finding Gook, Perth went for ward strongly and, despite several missed chances, took the lead. Sublaco put Smith on a centre wing and Taylor at centre. When it could get the ball past midfield, Bessen, Murphy, Beers, Hamble ton and Merson combined nicely, but there was no thrust in Subiaco's work and Perth's backs were all strong. Su blaco, however, showed great spirit and held the lead with 7.4 to '.3 at half time. Perth retained its good form and kept most of the play, but spoilt countless op uortunities by useless short-passing away from the goal-line and kicking across field while forwards playing to position (notably Whittaker) were disregarded. The kicking for goal was still bad. Su blaco made its best change when it put Bessen at centre, S. Daily going to centre half-forward. This team played a more direct, longer-kicking game and in a few hard drives straight down the centre managed to keep ahead, with 10.7 to 9.9 at three-quarter time. Clapping on the pace and straightening up its forward play, Perth took the lead soon after the last quarter began. Then for a while exciting goal-mouth, saves took the ball from end to end with only a point or two difference between the scores. In a sudden burst, Oliphant and Jarvis (twice) goaled and it put great heart into Perth. Although yards slower, Subiaco made a determined fight back. However, it kicked too many behinds at a critical time and when Perth goaled twice it put the issue, beyond doubt. Final scores: PERTH .. ........ 15.12 ( pts.). sUBIACO .. .. .. 13.12 (90pts.). Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 4.7; Dewar, 4.2; Jarvis, 2.0; Whittaker, 1.2; Trainor, 1.1; Burton, 1.0; Ollphant. .0; Elphick, 1.0. Sublaco: Mefson, 5.0; Jennings, 3.2; Browne, 3.1; Stehn, 1.3; Hambleton, 1.1; Peers, 0.2; Green, 0.1; Bessen, 0.1; S. Daily, 0.1. The chief factor in Perth's win-was its midfleld strength. At centre, Puddey played polished football and on a centre wing Trtnor rivalled- him for control

G. Garnaut (E.P.) and N. McDiarmid (W.P.) watch the flight of the ball.

and effectiveness. A. Grigg, on the other wing, also was useful Oliphant followed strongly throughout, with good foot passing, and Jarvis and Keightley gave him solid help, more especially in the latter part of the game. Dewar, at centre half-forward, handled the ball as much as anyone, playing very well to get it; but unaccountably favburing a pass right away from the goal Whittaker showed an excellent sense of 'position in .a for ward pocket--ery useful with a goal sneak like. Gook who works out wide. After a slow start, Gook had tthe better of L. Daily in the last quarter, when Burton also struck form. Wormald and Walsh were outstanding among six solid backs, all of whom were effective. * For Subiaco, Hambleton roved in fine style and set many an attack going, and Bessen showed himself to be a good stamp of footballer, doing his best work at centre in the last half. Browne was brilliant in the first quarter, but had to do too much -work in ruck and lost effectiveness. Merson, in his best form, carried on the play in great style, and Peers made a. strong half-forward. Murphy gave glimpses of his ability, but the team's style did not seem to suit him. After being a tower of strength, L. Daily tired in the last quarter. W. Yeates and Strack did well in the back pockets. Smith was talented but patchy and .S. Daily went out of the picture after a fine first quarter.