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Changed Subiaco Side Outclassed. fDue allowance being made for the mediocrity of Subiaco's display it Perth Oval on Saturday, East Perth played some really brilliant football in the pro cess of gaining a substantial victory. The teams were: EAST PERTH.-Backs: M. Ryan, J. King, Smith. Half-backs: Thomas, Starr, Graham. Centres: Miller. Guhl, Hall. Half-forwards: Cro nin, Lockyer, Broom. Forwards: Fogartv, Row land, Mussman. Buck: B. Ryan, Garnaut, ,. Screaigh (rover). Lineteenth man, H. Smith. SUBIACO.?Backs: Gilbert, L Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Green, Bant, Davies. Centres: War ren, Smith, Donovan. Half-forwards: alurphy, M. Bessen, Peers. Forwards:*W. Testes, Merson, Hamnbleton. Ruck: S. Daily, McCallum, Stehn (rover). INineteenth man: Taylor. UMPIRE: G. Owens. Play had been in progress only two minutes when East Perth scored its first goal. Its forwards, well attended to by a fleet-footed and skilful centre line, the side ran to a 54-point lead at half-time.' Sublaco's disorganised defence could not cope with the ceaseless bombardment. Subiaco gave promise of an improved showing in the early stages of the last half but was unfortunate in striking Starr (defending) in an invincible mood; bril liant -eriae work and dashing clearances characterised his play. Hambleton and W. Yeates were striving hard in the in terests of Subiaco while ant, who had subdued the high-flying Lockyer and L. Daily were again battling hard .against overwhelming odds. Maintaining their accuracy in. front of goal East Perth re lentlessly piled up an unassailable lead, Subiaco finishing a bedraggled and well beaten side. The quarter scores were: E. PERTH . 8.3 1s. 17.10 0o.15 135 SUBIAO . . 0.1 4.4 5.5 7.7 49 Scorer.-East Perth: Mussman, 4.-; Lockyer, '4.0; Cronin, 3.4; Rowland, 2.2; Screaigh, 2,; Broom, 2.1; Fogarty, 2.0; 1 Miller, 1.0; B. Ryan, 0.1; Garnaut, 0.1. Subiaco: M. Bessen, 2.2; 8. Daily, 2.2;] Yates, 2.1; Merson, 1.1; Stehn, 0.1. Best players.--East Perth: Sereagh,] Starr, Mussman, Miller, Lockyer, Guhl and Cronin. Subiaco: Bant, Hambleton, L. Daily, Yeates and Donovan.