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A RUNAWAY VICTORY. East Perth's Fine Teamwork. East Perth had a runaway victory from Perth at the W.A.C . ground yesterday. It showed how quickly a team with all its men effective and playing to method can 'demoralise a team lacking balance and the fiber points of the game. Perth was out of the hunt soon after the match began and its score was negligible until East Perth practically stopped playing in the closing stages. The teams were: EAST PERTH.--Backs: iM. Ryan, Crow. H. Smith. Salf-backs: Thomas. Starr, Graham. Centres: Illler, Gubl, Hall. Half-forwards: Ward. Lockyer," Cronin. Forwards: Fogarty, Rowladd, Mussman. Ruck: B. Ryan, Garnaut, H. Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: King (re placed Mussman, hand injury, at three-quarter time). PERTH.-Backs: Wormald, Love. Walsh. Half hacks: Brown, Carrington, Lamp. Centres: Trainor, Puddey. A. Crieg. Half-forwards: Hetherington. Dewar, Burton. Forwards: Crooks, Cook. Whittaker. Ruck: Janris, Oliphant. Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Robson (replaced Carrinton, hand injury, at half time). LxPI E .--C. Cook. Winning on the ball, despite strong play by Oliphant, and across the centre, where Miller was outstanding, and with its three half-backs giving sterling service and its forwards leading out nicely East Perth was continually in attack in the fist quarter. Playing an accgrate, easy, systematic game, it riddled the opposing defence and scored almost at will In an eCorlt to stop Miller, Perth put Puddey on a centre wing and Gook in the centre, but the side was slow, clumsy and dis organised and only three times passed the East Perth half-backj. Twice Crow relieved and the third time Hetherington goaled. First quarter scores:-East Perth, 10.11; Perth, 1.0. Kicking with the slight breeze in the second quarter, Perth returned Gook to full forward and there seemed to be several changes at centre before Oliphant stayed there. Using weight and a little more pace, Perth began with gre~t vim and took the ball forward more, but East Perth matched vigour with vigour and pace with greater pace.- Perth slowed under the weight of its own clumsiness and, East Perth, although it seemed to have slackened slightly, was distinctly the better side. Half-time scores:-East Perth, 14.15; Perth, 2.5. For the third quarter, Perth moved Dewar to the centre and Gook to centre half-forward. -East Perth scored four

H. Screaigh (East Perth) on the right, H. Bant (Sublaco), centre, and L. Strack (Subiaco) watching the ball. through the goal

quick goals, which so emphasised the dif ference between the teams that neither the players nor the spectators could take much interest in the game. The play was desultory and with the slower tempo Perth handled the ball a little more, but played bad football and could do little with it. Third-quarter scores:--East Perth, 23.24: Perth, 4.9. East Perth took things easily in the last quarter, obviously avoiding risks, and Perth took advantage of this slackness to score 7.1. In doing ib, it showed that it has a lot of faults to remedy. The final scores were: EAST PERTH ..25.27 (177 pts.) PERTH .... .. 11.10 ( 76 pts.) Scorers.--East Perth: Rowland, 6.6; Cronin, 6.5; Mussman, 5.4; Screaigh, 3,4; Lockyer, 2.5; Garnaut, 2.0; . Ryan, 1.0; Fogarty, 0.2; Miller, 0.1. Perth: Whittaker, 5.1; A. Grigg, 3.1; Retherington, 2.3; ook, .1.3; Oliphant, 0.2. The East Perth-side was very even, its play being notable for team-work rather than individual brilliance. H. Screaigh was consistently in the picture and Gubl, after a quiet start, dominated the centre play. After a brilliant first quarter Miller was closely watched. . Cronin gave a fine exhibition of forward play for three quar ters and Starr was unbeatable at centre hbai-back. Mussman Rowland and Fogarty were a strong trio and Garnaut and B. Ryan did well in the ruck. Lockyer was spectacular and Thomas and Crow were very sound. Oliphant was Perth's strongest player, with. Whittaker also prominent for effec tive forward -work. Trainor did well'on a centre wing and Puddey kept Miller fairly quiet on the other.. Lamp was very useful and Hetherington, Brown and Wor maid were the best of the others.