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LAST- QUARTER RECOVERY. East Fremantle Oatplays Claremont. Facing a deficit of 22 points at the start of the last quarter, East Fremantle re vealed greater- stamina and more effi ciency in attack and defeated Claremont by 2.7 at Claremont Oval yesterday. It was no easy victory for East Fremantl~e ry fwith about eight minutes to go when each team was playing desperately for control of the game Claremont missed chances of scoring and then saw East Fremantle's heavy ruck men sweep all be fore them. In the first half Claremont, which played the better football and dominated the key positions, should have been farther -ahead than five points but did not avail itself. to .nearly the full of East Fremantle's niistakes In kicking and marking. Eait Fremantle had good reason to be pleased *lth the fighting spirit and condition of its team and Claremont was by no means disconsolate. Folowing were the teams:- EAST FRREfANTIz.-Da ak: I. 'Doig, Kings bury, Skealin. Halbas: Briggs; Wendt, Munro. Centres: Kigno. HuIoEhIo, Casgerley. Haf-forwards: Martiensen, Daniell, McGliun. For wards: Butcher, C. Doig, I. James. Ruck: Wil. hams, Donegan, Trusctt (rover). Nineteenth man: Stingemore (did not play). CLAREMONT.-Backs: -Sutherland, Grieve, S. Moloney.- Half-backs: Readon. Clarke, Hinch eiffe. Centres: Morri, G. Moaloney, Hosken. Half-forwards: Compton, R. Lawn, O'Reily. For wards: .Be. Hopkins, Young. Ruck, Reeves, Maitiand, Hooer (roer).. Nineteenth man: E. Outhrie (did not play). UMPIRE.-Ii McOomish. East Premantle scored the first goal and Claremont then took advantage of the op posing goal-keeper's mistake to score a goal. Claremont was too cramped near the go and East Premantle was guilty of many msdreted passes. Brilliant play by Hopkins and Compton yielded goals to Claremont and Clarke held the side's defence well together. Claremont had set up a handy lead before East Fre mantle at last intelligently got the ball to G. Dolg for a goal but G. Moloney was playing cleverly in the centre and Clare mont led with 6.4 to 3.0 at quarter-time. Skeahan. had been outstanding. Each side scored a goal before Lawn obtained a welcome goal for Claremont. In the ruck the play was even now but the East Premantle back men were kick ing carelessly and G. Moloney was on the alert. Donegan's ruggedness and im proved marking and passing brought goals to East Fremantle and the struggle grew fierce. Claremont's goal-front was .too crowded and G. Doig had to advance too far at the other end. At half-time the scores were 8.5 to 7.6 in Claremont's favour. A remarkable left-foot snalshot by Hooper iencreased Claremont's lead but Hopkins's inability to mark the bill spoilt the side's subsequent attacks until East Fremantle had gained the lead by a point and Compton then goaled with an excellent kick.- Playing strenuously, Reeves enabled Hopkins to regain touch and Claremont drew ahead. Greater ef forts by the ruck men helped East Pre mantle to relieve the pressure but it could not finish off the moves propervy and at the bell was in arrears--9.10 to 13.8. Grieve's failure, through inexperience of the position of goal-keeper, to keep a close watch on G. DoIg meant that East Premantle began the last quarter with two quick goals. Reeves and Wendt were strong players. Theeast Premantle backs spoilt the oppollng forwards in the air and Butcher, now ulaying with his usual assurance, scored three goals to place his side in front. Straight from the bounce, Compton (now in the ruck) sent Clare mont into attack and a goal resulted. This was a critical point and East FPremantle was able to take charge, inducing its op ponent to brine forwards on the ball with out success. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE . 16.16 (112 pts.) CLAREMONT ..... 14.9 (93 pts.) Scorers-East Premantle: G. Doig, 8.5; Butcher, 4.2; Donegan, 2.0; Daniell, 13; Truscott, 1.2 James, 1.1: Martlensen, 1.0; Williams, 02. Claremont: Hopkins, 52; Compton, 2.2: Lawn, 2.1; O'Reilly, 2.0; Young, 1.1; Reeves, 1.1; Hooper, 1.0. East Premantle's most dependable and outstanding player was Skeahan, who did not make a mistake in the left back pocket and did everything at a fast Dace. W. James did the bulk of the work of the ruck, kicking and knocking well, and inspired Donegan, Martiensen and Wil lams to their best efforts as the match progressed. In the last quarter Martiensen handled the ball more than any other player on the field. N. Dole was safe. Wendt marked and came through in fine style (second half particularly) and Doig and Butchel imnroved in the second half. Truscott and McGlinn were fair and Micro was useful Daniell was patchy. For Claremont the hard-working fol lower, Reeves, stood out and towards the end he was playing vigorously when others

had tired. At half-back Clarke did valu able work and on the left wing Hosken was a winner. S. Moloney distinguished himself in a back pocket and his brother, George, won in the centre. Compton was a dashing half-forward and Lawn (first half particularly) was also prominent on that line. Hopkins (not sufficiently sup ported), Bee, Grieve (first half), Headon (second half), Hooper and Morris were the best of the others.