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CONDITION TELLS. Swan Districts Successful. Stamina played an all-important part In the game between Swan Districts and South Fremantle at Bassendean Oval yes terday. Honours were equal until half time but thereafter South Fremantle was incapable of withstanding the vigordus onslaughts of the home team and after a strenuous last quarter the better-con ditioned Swan Districts side won an in teresting game by 2.2. The teams were: SWA-N, DISTRICTS.--Backs: Penberthv, Avery, Jones. Half-backs: fMclnerney. Zilko. Burchell. Centres: Mosey, Darmbdy, Moiler. Half-forwards: Andrews, Rosewarne, Erepp. Forwards: Gorn, Holdsworth, C. Bastow RBuck:. Bravo, Forden, Randall (rover). ,Nineteenth man: Taylur. SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Noble, C. Jen nings, C. Hugall. Half-backs: White, D. Doig, F. Brown. Centres: Millar, Jenkins, Lewnmgton. Half-forwards: Mathews, G. Metherell, Cain. Forwards: Orr. Poole, Richardson. RBuck: W. Hayward, Prosser, E. Hayward (rover). Nine teenth man: Chapman (replaced Mathews at half-time). UMPIRE.--H. Hooper. There was little to choose between the teams in the first half, in the course of which Bravo and Randall were con stantly under notice. South Premantle inaugurated several unsiuccessful attacks but failed to reach its objective, Avery and Penberthy checking its progress. Jen kins. South FPremantle's centre man, was rendering great service to his side. Four teen points separated the. teams at half time. Swan Districts held sway in the third' quarter and it was not until midway in the final term that this team overcame South Fremantle's most serious challenge. Holdsworth was a conspicuous figure in the Swan Districts forward lines, while Bravo and Randall lent able support in defence. Millar and E. Hayward were among South Fremantle's chosen few. The home team's centre line .could scarcely be faulted buit much of its work was spoilt by' faulty forward play; its. back men also were invariably astray. As time drew near the Swan Districts team's better condition and more concerted efforts enabled it to penetrate South Fre mantle's defence and maintain its lead. Final scores:- SWAN DISTRICTS -.. .. 1317 (95pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE .. 11.15 (81pts.)' Scorers--Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 63; Rosewarne, 2.1; Bastow, 2.1; Dar mody, 12; Forden. 1.1; Gorn, 1.0; Krepp, 0.3; Andrews, 0.3; Buirchall, 0.2; Mclner ney, 0.1. South Fremantle: Mathews, 3.1; Poole, 2.6; Cain, 2.3; Richardson, 2.2; Prosser, 1I1; E. Hayward, 1.1; Orr, 0.1. Best players.-Swan Districts: An drews, Holdsworth, Bestow, Bravo, Roase warne, Jones and Randall South Fre mantle: Jenkins, Millar, E. Hayward, Mathews, Poole, D. Doig and Presser.