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WEST PERTH'S CLOSE CALL. Subiaco Goes Down Fighting. Steadier and more certain in a close finish and making better use of its scor ing chances, West Perth defeated Sublaco by six points in an exciting game at Subiaco Oval yesterday. West Perth finished the stronger, while Subiaco, which had kicked poorly throughout' the game, fumbled the ball at critical stages after making a great fight. The teams were: WEST PERTH-.-Backs: Tetley, Bonner. Coplin. lialf-backs: P. Walsh, Buttsworth, O'Keefe. Centres: L. Walsh, Hill, Coward. Half-forwards: Gregg, McDiarmid. Lewis. For wards: Flemming. Tyson, R. Screaigh. Ruck: Marinko, Flegg, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Bridges (did not play). SfUBLACO.-Backs: Gilbert, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, Green, Bant. Centres: Tay lor, Smith. Donovan. Half-forwards: Peers, S. Daily, Murphy.. Forwards: Merson, Bessen, Yeates. Ruck: Browne, McCallum, Hamble(on (rover). Nineteenth man: Stehn (did not play). UMwPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Sublaco wasted four easy chances of goaling in the first nine minutes of play. With the wind in its favour Subiaco had more than an even share of the play but its kicking was poor and its position play muddled and uncertain. Largely

P. Donovan (Subiaco) attempts to stop G. Fogarty from scoring.

through the cool, purposeful play of Murphy, the attack settled down and Yeates and Merson goaled. West Perth owed much to O'Keefe, who was in good form. Coplin and Buttsworth who held off the fast, elusive (if somewhat uncer tain) Subiaco attack. In the forward division West Perth failed to take ad vantage of the opening made by Rainoldi (roving well), and Hill. The scores at the end of the quarter were:--Subiaco, 5.6; West Perth, 1.0. With Marinko doing well on the ball and the centre line working effectively, West Perth improved in the second quar ter and Tyson (twice) and Marinto goaled. Subiaco's kicking was not of the best and much of the sound position play of the half-forwards was rendered use less. Bessen was subdued by Bonner and West Perth gained ascendancy in the air. West Perth was within six points of Subiaco when Rainoldi goaled as the bell rang, making the half-time scores: Subiaco, 6.9; West Perth, 6.3. Again Subiaco frittered away chances in the third quarter when three easy shots at goal realised only points. Both teams played at a fast pace and the play

was rugged. For ten minutes the ball swung between the two back divisions, where there were many fine saves and some excellent high-marking. The Subiaco goal-keeper, L. Daily, was un beatable. Seventeen minutes of the quar ter passeji before a goal was scored by Yeates, of Sublaco. West Perth reduced the lead to two points by two quick goals, outpacing Sublaco, whose ruck was bea ten. Scores at the end of the quarter were:-Subiaco, 7.13; West Perth, 8.4. Using all its pace and kicking long with the wind, West Perth overwhelmed Subiaco at the opening of the final quar ter and took the lead for the first time. With only three points separating the teams the game resolved into a stern struggle. Subiaco played a short-passing game but its kicking lacked the hair breadth accuracy necessary for that type of play. West Perth broke away to gain a two-goal lead. Subiaco rallied and hammered the ball to the goal, Merson "soccering" it through, but a goal by

. Strack (Subi?sa) and twe East Perth players miss the mark.

McDiarmid three minutes from time Dp peared to put the result of the game beyond doubt. Subiaco fought back and Merson goaled. but West Perth steadied and held off Sublaco, which fumbled twice near the goal in the last three minutes and which were attacking at the bell. ' The final scores were: WEST PERTH .. .. .. 12. 7 (79 pta) SUBIACO .......... 10.13 (73 pts.) Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 3.4; Marinko, 3.2; Flemming, 3.0; McDiarmid, 2.0; Rainoldi, 1.I. Sublaco: Merson, 5.3; Yeates, 2.1; Peers, 12; Bessen, 1.2; Hambleton, 1.0; Mtfrphy, 0.2; S. Daily, 0.1; McCallum, 0.1; Browne, 0.1. West Perth was best served by Butts worth, Bonner and Tetley, who formed a dependable defence and Rainoldi whose roving was a big factor in the team's success. O'eefe, Marinko, Screaigh, L: Walsh (a great last quarter) and Caplin (a promising new player) also did well. Hambleton, who roved cleverly, and L. Daily, who was brilliant in defence, were Subiaco's best players. Murphy and Strack were never faulted and Taylor, Peers, Bant, Smith and Merson were out standing.