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AN EXCITING TIE. Claremont's Early Superiority. Although the match at Perth Oval for A long period looked likely to be won easily by Claremont, it developed into one of those stirring struggles for which East Perth and Claremont are becoming noted and, while players were fighting desper-i ately against their opponents and weari ness and the crowd wild with excitement, it ended in a tie. Inspired by a wonder ful individual effort by Miller for a goal in the first few seconds of the last quar ter, East Perth quickly reduced a deficit of 4.3 and was actually a point in front with eight minutes' play remaining. Then came the tense tussle .for victory. For what seemed an age that irritating point remained to keep both sides on their toes; the play grew fierce, mistakes were frequent and of magnified importance. East Perth could not go further ahead and Claremont's attempts to score were thwarted time after time. Baffled re peatedly, Claremont fought on and at last a behind was snapped to bring the scores level. Tired players strove anxiously to turn the tide. System was at a premium and back men excelled themselves in those I last 90 seconds before the bell brought relief. It was a match worthy of a larger attendance. and the early unfavourable weather certainly played a nasty trick on many people who had planned to watch the play. The teams, which were not quite at full strength, were as follows:-' CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland Batt, S. SMaloney. Hall-backs: Headon. Clarke, Grerve SCentrees: Morris, G. Moloney, MeLenan. ]i Sforwards: Boya, R. Lawn. O'Beilly. Forwards: B e, Hopkins, Young. Reck: Maitland, Reeves, Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Lovegrove (replaced Bee, cramps, in last quarter). EAST PERTH.-Backs: M. Ryan, J. King, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas. Starr, Ward. Centres: Miller, Crontn. HalL Half-forwards: uhL Lockyer, Mussman. Forwards: Broom, Rowland, Fogarty. Rack: arnaet, B. Ryan, H Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: H. Smith (did not play). SUmpire.-V. Sparrow. - At the start of Claremont was stronger in the ruck and faster to the ball, but shots for goal were inaccurate. East Perth goaled first when Hall played smartly on the wing and then Claremont took charge again. Hard pressed, the East Perth backs took strange risks and failed to watch their men. - In the air Clare mont was superior and whenever East Perth attacked the forwards spoilt one another.. Lawn was now playing in front of Starr and Claremont's forward work improved. At -quarter-time Claremont led with 87 to :1. In the ruck Maaitrin was giving Clare mont an advantage and. opkins revealed good judgment in ruanning out for the ball. Another goal placed Claremont in a stroing .position and East Perth, with two men hurt, found its forward division almost impotent. Play was crowded and there was too much mauling of the man. B. Ryan's marking and Miller's alertness on the wing held East Perth together and soon Rowlaid goaled. In a strong burst East Perth, receiving good service, added two more goals quickly. G. Moloney coolly steadied Claremont, which scored a goal. Bee, in a forward pocket, worried East Perth and Cronin made changes. Sutherland stood out for Claremont, he and colleagues easily robbed slow acting forwards of the ball. Guhl went to the centre and Mussman and B. Ryan helped East Perth to hold its own just before half-time when the scores were 8.13 to 4.8 in favour of Claremont. Lawn goaled for Claremont, whose for Wards profited from the opposing back men's errors. At half-forward Cronin led out nicely and East Perth became more vigorous. Claremont obtained an other goal from Hopkins. The small men now redoubled their efforts for East Perth and Guhl was doing well in the centre along with Hall and Miller. Scor ing w?s not commensurate with East Perth's fine midfield play and Claremont. urged on by Hooper and Reeves, scored again. At three-quarter tLme East Perth had scored 813 to 12.16. A brilliant effort by Miller for a goal preceded a goal from Mussman before Claremont was able to open out syste matically. Thomas was now defending surely for East Perth, which scored an other goal. When Rowland goaled Clare mont had only three points to spare. Hooper came to Claremont's rescue with a goal. Cronin was doing a great deal of damage and making scoring fairly easy for East Perth. His long kick was marked well by Lockyer and a goal placed East Perth In front. The play was willing and Boys scored a behind to level the scores. For the remainder of the game the ball remained mostly between the half-back lines and the bell rang with the scores as follows: EAST PERTH .. .. 14.13 (97pts.) CLAREMONT .. .. 13.19 (97pts.) Scorers.-East Perth: I-owland, 4.5; Mussman, 3.3; Lockyer, 3.1; Cronin, 1.2; H. Scresigh, 1.1; Miller and B. Ryan, 1.0 each; Fogarty, 0.1. Claremont: Bee,

3.3; Reeves, 3.1; Hooper, 25; Hopkins, 2.3; Young, 2.0; Lawn, 1.3; G. Moloney, Boys and Maitland, 0.1 each. In Miller East Perth had the best player of the game. He was unerring in his judgment, played artistically on the ground, marked surprisingly well and kicked accurately. B. Ryan worked strenuously in the ruck and marked surely. Guhl did all that was asked of him when he went to the centre and Hall won on his wing. At half-back, against a good man, Starr did useful work, especi ally in the air and when he stuck to his opponent. Cronin was prominent at half forward and after half-time Thomas de fended ably. Rowland. although his kicking was not quite accurate enough early, made a successful debut with East Perth. Mussman was a valuable player and Screaigh roved cleverly in patches. At times Ward and Fogarty were con spicuous and Broom improved in the second half. In defence and in the ruck Suther land played with great determination for Claremont and his marking was of a high standard. Reeves was a good follower and was dangerous in attack. O'Reilly scarcely made a mistake at half-forward and did not get enough opportunities. At half-back Headon was safe and ever ready, while Hooper gave a good display 'of roving. Hopkins, Lawn and Bee were prominent in attack, while G. Moloney (in the first half) distinguished himself at the centre. S. Moloney, Maitland and Young were the best of the others. Clarke took some fine marks but failed to watch his man closely.