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A TRIUMPH FOR TEAM-WORK. East Fremantle Wins WelL Bringing to bear on the game the sys tematic and precise team-work for which it has been noted for many seasons, East Fremantle overwhelmed Perth in the last quarter of the game at the W.A.C.A ground and won by 35 points. Although frequently in the ascendancy and.holding a slight lead at three-quarter time, Perth failed to make use of its chances. Its main weakness was in its kicking to the man and this, added to a marked lack of cohesion in the forward lines, contributed to its defeat. The teams were: EAST FREMANITLE.-Backs: Skeahan, Kings. bury, N. Doig. Half-backs: Briggs, J. Munro, Fordham. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seubert, Half-forwards: Lyons, Daniell, Martienson. For wards: C. Doig, G. Doig, W. James Ruck: Done gan, Williams, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Strangemore (replaced Seubert, injured leg, in last quartfer). PERTH--Backs: Wormald, Love, Walsh. Half-backs: Carrington, Brown, Lamp. Centres: A. Crigg, H. Davey, Trainer. Hlalf-forwards: Wooltorton, Dewar, Hietberington. Forwards: Crooks, Gook, Burton. Ruck: Jarvis, Oliphant, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Jones (re placed IL. Davey, injured nhoulder, in first quar ter). Umpire: G. Owens. East Fremantle was hard put to it to hold the fast, vigorous Perth team in the opening stages of play. It was beaten for pace and the forwards were stifled by the shrewd spoiling and backing up of the Perth backs. By keeping the game open East Premantle gradually regained lost ground and G. Doig was able to goal from a' quick snap-shot, Oliphant, who had been a vital force, gave Perth the lead with a goal shortly before quarter time when the scores were:--Perth, 2.2; East Fremantle, 12. -Perth continued to play at great pace in the second quarter, and with A. Grigg holding a big advantage on the right wing, East Fremantle was forced on the defensive. It overcame its opponents' superior pace with machine-like system and well-disciplined team-work in which brilliant play by Hutchinson in the centre was an important factor. A goal by Mar tiensen gave it the lead for the first time in the game, and after 14 minutes of the term had elapsed Perth was in dif ficulty as its defence was shattered by unerring passing and clever position play. It recovered brilliantly, however, and Gook, suddenly finding form, scored twice, but East Fremantle, winning in the ruck and the centre, sent the ball to the forwards and goals came, inevit ably it seemed. Half-time scores were: East Fremantle, 8.7; Perth, 5.6. Aided by a strong wind and getting the ball into the open, Perth came within 11 points of East Fremantle at the start of the third quarter. It gained ascendancy in the air and was in a position to re gain the lead but poor kicking, congested play and a complete lack of shepherding and backing up spoiled many of its op portunities. Perth allowed three chances to pass before Dewar (the surest for ward in the team and the outstanding player this quarter) goaled from a long way out and East Fremantle led by only two points. A brilliant goal by the same player gave Perth the lead. The scores at three-quarter time were:-Perth, 10.11; East Fremantle, 10.8. In the first few minutes of the final term East Fremantle ran to a two goal lead and Perth's game deteriorated. Its passing went to pieces and its pace drop ped. East Fremantle, clapping on pace and kicking strongly with the wind, was irresistible and its brilliant rover, Trus cott, kept the team in attack. With a goal (his sixth) he put the result of the game beyond doubt seven minutes from time. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE 15.17 (107pts.) PERTH......... 10.12 ( 72pts.) Scorers--East Fremantle: Truscott, 62; G. Doig, 3.4; W. James, 2.0; C. Doig, 1.3; Daniell, 1.2; Donegan, 1.1; Martlenson, 1.1; Williams, 0.2; Lyons, 02. Perth: Dewar, 53; Gook, P.3; Oli phant, 1.1; Jones, 1.0; Hetherington, 0.2; Burton, 0.1; Trainor, 0.1; Wooltorton. 0.1. Truscott played match-winning football for East Fremantle, kicking six goals and roving brilliantly. Hutchinson was little behind him and he was the pivot of the team's sound, effective game. At least four players were tried against Hutchinson, but none was able to hold him. At centre-half-forward Daniell carried all before him, while in goal Kingsbury was safe and dashing. Munro, James, Briggs (a cap able recruit), Martienson, Lyons, Seubert (in patches) and N. Doig were others who were prominent in a team comprising 18 fine players. In the Perth team A. Grigg and Dewar were outstanding, the former winning well on a wing and the latter literally "carrying" the team's attack, Grigg was fast, sure on the ground, resourceful in leading and accurate in kicking, while Dewar played brilliant football against a defence which outclassed the Perth for wards. Oliphant, following, did a hard job well and Keightley and Burton, the rovers, were prominent throughout the game. Jarvis was one of the few Perth players who kicked at all well and Walsh was a strong and dependable full-back. Gook and Brown played well at times.