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STRONG FINISHING EFFORT. Tyson Kicks 11 Goals. Better work in the forward lines, where E. Tyson was in excellent form, and the presence of experienced footballers in most parts of the field gave West Perth an advantage over South Fremantle on the Fremantle Oval on Saturday. For the first match of the season the form of both sides was promising. Both fielded recruits, and all the new players did well. West Perth had reason to be pleased with the form of several seasoned players, and South Fremantle, although all of its old players were not at their best, should take comfort in the fact that at one stage a strong side like West Perth was threatened with defeat. The winner's new players were Bonner and Hill and both were given key posi tions, Hill at the centre and Bonner in goal. Hill will need to anchor himself more firmly in the centre of the field, but he has good speed, and an eye, if not always the accurate kick for the loose man. Bonner must be numbered among the best kicks in the league, and he made few mistakes on Saturday. South Fremantle fielded for the first time D. Doig, a younger brother of the late Ron Doig, J. Prosser, formerly with East Fremantle, S. Jenkins and J. Mason, from junior ranks, and C. Lee, from the club's association team. For nearly three quarters Jenkins was the best man on the field. A vigorous player, he marked well and showed good dash and football brains. It was not uqtil Buttsworth was played on him and found form that Jen tins was quietened, and even then he was not overshadowed. Prosser, in the ruck and in defence, did well, and Mason was noticed in patches. With much the style of his brother, D. Doig needs experience. There were many changes in the placing of both sides throughout the game, as the captains tried out men in different positions, but when the teams first took the field they were as follows: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Tetley, Bonner, Flem ming. Half-backs: O'Keefe, Buttsworth, P. Walsh. Centres: L. Welsh Hill, Coward. Half forwards: Gregg, fcDiarmid, Lewis Forwards: Rainoldi, Tyson, Jeavons. Ruck: Marinko, Flegg, . Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Caplin. SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Brown, Lawn, C. Lee. Halt-backs: White,. Dodd, D. Doig. Centres: Miller, Mathews and Lewingtan. Half forwards: Jenkins, Metherell, Mason. Forwards: Richardson, Poole, CarattL Ruck: Prosser, W. Hayward, Orr (rover). Nineteenth man: Renfrey. UMPIRE.--L. McComish. West Perth had much the better of the opening exchanges. South Fre mantle's backs, .particularly Lawn, were too distant from tie goal and three of West Perth's first four goals trickled through an- unattended goal-mouth, South Fremantle rallied towards the close of the term, and, mainly through the out standing services of Jenkins, scored three goals. 3naccur goal-front work robbed the home side of the chance of equalising. Bonner's strong driving kick from the goal took the bal almost to the centre line. At the end of the fist quarter South Premantle, with 3.5 to 5.1, had bad more shots, but was still behind. Plemming, playing with a poisoned finger, and N. McDiarmld showed farm in the second term, and G. Metherell found some of his pace. Tyson, who had kicked two goals in the first quarter, quickly added another, and for a while South Premantle looked a beaten team. With the exception of C. Lee in a pocket, South Premantle's backs were a ragged, dazed lot, and players of the type of Marinko, Rainoldi and Tyson made the best use of the opportunities. A strengthened ruck put South Fremantle in attack again and Jenkins, Metherell, Orr and Poole began to fashion a system for the for ward lines. Goals scored mainly through their efforts evened the honours for the term, and at half-time West Perth was only six points in front--9. to 7.9. The third quarter ended in favour of South Fremantle, and, but for staunch defence on the part of P. Walsh and Buttsworth and the continued accuracy of West Perth's forward lines when op portunities presented, South Fremantle would have been further ahead than one point when the final term began. For the first few minutes of the last quarter the lead fluctuated, but then south Fre mantle's weakness in the back lines again became apparent. Tyson, leaving his marksman stranded, kicked six goals, his fellow forwards finding him with a sure ness bred of experience. South Fre mantle was fast tiring, and West Perth's ruck, which had been beaten in the third quarter, was again too powerful in the final stages. The final scores were: WEST PERTH ...... 19.8 (122 pta.) SOUTH FeEMANTLE -. 14.15 (99 pts.) Goal-kickers:-West Perth: Tyson (11), Rainoldi (2), Lewis, Flemming, Coward, Jeavons, Marinko and N. McDiarmid (one each). South Fremantle: Poole (4), tetherell and Jenkins (3 each), Hayward (2) and Richardson and Orr (one each). The best players for West Perth were Tyson, Marinko, Buttsworth and McDiar mid, and Jenkins, Metherell, Hayward and Poole did best for South Fremantle. Apart from the recruits already men tioned, Coward showed form in patches and Jeavons found himself more at home in a back pocket than when playing for ward. He was very prominent in the last quarter. P. Walsh played fairly well, par ticularly in the third quarter. Tyson was in match-winning form, and Plemming,

Marinko and McDiarmid were more than useful Buttsworth did a hard job well in watching Jenkins. With limited op portunities, Poole played well for South Fremantle, and G. Metherell, after a poor start, found form. Lawn and Brown played best in the third quarter, and W. Hayward was a power in the rack in the same term.