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Lacrosse Finals

By A.H.T.

Saturday's lacrosse saw the completion of three finals in the S.A.L.A. matches. Brighton won its third premier-

' ship in succession, and thus equalled the record of North Adelaide. West Tor rens, minor premier in D Grade, easily defeated SturL and Woodside defeated the minor premier in the chal lenge game by 20 goals. In :hp a grade final both Brighton and "l^n'^s r Pc. c' vin? a P'r'ff: Pass Irom Porter. '&£'=JSSIiSK'B knnc-i:?d in. Porter fas too last lor Brighton. . anc passing two men. passed 10 Boath. who scored. Kimber. runninf right round the : goa.. scored ihc second goal for Brizhton and '< .he quarter ended East Torrer.s 5. Brighton 2. h a ft?i? :u"? bad-, c;ea-"an?s by the Torrens back nc. Horwood picked up close in and casllv scored. Play was even unii: ju^; before ' time nnen Jenkins passed to Honvood who £?,'„. T frpn:. and he made no mistake. Ki-n. Jenkins made the scores even with L^or^ £%%%£ 5 iSMi? £2? Br:eh:on kepi up the pressure, but Graham was i \, Sls?! bll!:!l block- Horwood put Brighton! ahead for the first time when he received from ' Jenkins. Kimber made a ;reat break acros? I coal receiving from Jenkins to score Hor wooa scored Main with a good shot. , When the Bnchton oetences fumb>d the ball i secured and scored. Just before time I Horwood should have scored again, but his ;1539 p-"nV?r er 'hC tI>P Bnd BrifihLon was lhs Brighton, 9 goals, d. East Torrens. 7 Goal . throwers:—Brighton—Horwood i4i 'Jenkins K:rnber .2 cachi. and Melbourne. "East Tor rens—Symonds <3i. Porter, and Boaih .each 21. B Grade IRrd Section) St. Peter1.- (Gicnelgi. 22 goals, c. 27th Bat-i tanon 3. Go2!throwers:—St Prtrr's iGlen elsi—Ph!::i P i .61. Wrst?ood .si. Smith '3>. Eva!-."., suthrrlard .each 2i. Manlc:i. McAloney. and Ellis. J7:ii Bat:a:ion James Cock, and Ambrose. Bes; players —St Peter's 'Glcne:;:.—Philips. Kinderma'nn. Sniiih. 27-.h ' Bai.a.ior—Ambrose. Isaaciiscn. Cock. West Torreni. 9 goa:* A East Torrens 4. ? Goalinrou-ers—wctt Torre*s Park i4i Cad ?S. aj?. <::'- I ,MiL lton,- Gor'nc. and Tamsh. East, io..cns. t. Hansard *^t. Gorman and Mudie Best players—west Torrer.s., Goringi Cadmar.. Eas-. Torrens. Mudie. White. Wesl- Brigiuon. II goals d. Goodwood 4 Goal throwers— Bnphton. Roberts i4..'Wade .31. Durant <2>, Owen and Horu-ood. Goodwood! Manmri? i2i. Clayton and Wood. Bfst players —BriCliton. Roberts. Owen. Vmcom. Good wood, snerwin. Wood LeCornu I B GRADE (BLI/C SECTIOX) North Adelaide. 9 goa!j d. Unurrslty, B. Goallhrowers— North Adelaide Fallon isi | Williams i2i. Pcrres and Boucau: .1 eachi , University—Gooden .4.. Boucaut ,21. Buick i and Krant? .1 each.. Best players—North ! Adelaide. Lake. in;:er. McEwm University i .Laycock. W"i-;ng ;hrc^o- y-i9 e E Sacv IS ir^'L^^ ~ G"^ 1. „ '? Ltbac^. xjrom.low. w.seman teach ... R HiL .51. Harvey Mi. Doverell <3< Spi-n -.HT„'-'? a"d "ne knocked in. Port Adelaide.;> and D. Bower -eacli 11. Best players I —Legacy CJub. Spencer. Cummins. Wiseman Port Ace.aide. J. McCor.nachT. Harv<-y Cam |:urt. 21 i;oals d. S.A.R.. 3. Goalthrowers —S-urt. Brad Ridings .131 Thomas >3i P H:d::;cs. R. \vicfc= .cacii 2. ar.d Cow'nrr S A.R.. Hackelt. Hogbcn and Straops Be-t I SDK. 17 RO a : sdCCE^, DCTorrens 3 Goal-i . throwcrs-SDN. Scrimgrnur. Thomas .5 each). , Sau.iders .4.. ar.d Jordan .3. Easi Torrens' 1 .2) and J AW* Resi nlnvers SDN. Haupt. MoseV.' ScVimceour E^ To- I rem. F^wster. Butler. Matth.-imann Lnlversity forfeited to Stun- Br'"Mon to Port Adelaide: S A.R to St. Peter's i&jen"l<ri ? ... , T D GRADE <F!XAL) i 1 „„„. sciiooL?or r.RAnr ! Goalthroners— Wootiv:i:e Grrer. I-n- .r-.r" : !??? .<jio?!rins '*<? Hogg (2i. Bone and Par-' i