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? SHIPPING. ? ? ! ~~7Tr OJTEAM T0 MELBOURNE, ' jLm « SYDNEY, AND QUEENS f/R2K fsk. LASD.-The A. S.N.Company s ; g^wr Koyal Mail Steamer | OITr OF MELBOURNE, due oa the 11th inst. with the English Mail will be j dispatched as *bcve two or three days after her ^JL & H. BARTLEET, Gfenfeu-street, Town; ANTHONY 3c BARTLEET. Port. 190c 'V^ 'E^OR MELBOUENR-The -A^J-y^ JC favourite Steamship j tyfSvfc^. COORONG, . j «p*=«£s5& ¥m. McLean, commander, will ( sail for Melbourne on Saturday, July U, on arrival of the 1.40 p.m. train. .l.FORMBY.Fort. „ t . 1S6''95 J. DARWENT. GrenfeUjtreet^ v^i^Rlv^. Steamer £igSS ROYAL, SHEPHERD wUl sail for the abovenameJ places every W earns day, at 2.150 p.m. £2 2 0 Fares— Cabin ? ??? 015 0 Goods for nB will be &»U««I -J »J £ Consignees into a barge, which mil be jncwed i as near Shore as practicable, and from which they must be removed at consiznees expense. Shippers are particularly requested to ^vetheir Goods legibly marked 'For Moonta Bay per Lubra,' to ensure correct delivery. Shippinjr-notes can be ohtained at the Olhces 01 a the undersigned. ... i t ^n;i;nr- ^ No ( ioods taken after 1 o'clock on day of fiaihnR. a ELDER. SMITH. & CO.. 1 Town anu PorL JOS. STfLLLVG « CO., / 1 J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. low. j -V -k T70R POKT LINCOLN AND ,jXJ-%^ r POUT AUGUSTA. -The ?^^\^^. Steanisliip t £5S«2sS2S» LUBRA, Captain McCoy, will sail for the above ports on t Thursday, the 12th instant, at 4 o'clock p.m. i Freight on small packages and parcels must be ] prepaid. 1 JOS. STILLING & CO.. }Town and Port; ELDER, SMITH, & CO., Port Augusta. 1S5' OJ n 'k^. CJTEAMER KANGAROO.-In HHWlti^s. )o compliance with general desire MUkEfc^- ol Consignees and Shippers, the -Ete**e'3*J3S» Steamer Kangaroo will not leave for Wallaroo till Tuesday next, the 10th inst. ; and afterwards every Tuesday instead of Wednesday, as heretofore. 1SS-'91 C. LAMB, Agent. ^~T T7-OR WAHOUNYAH an.l erjgs&3^v -1 Intermediate Stations.— The ^^^^^ LADY DALY will leave Goolwa about l'-th instant. 1SS--H5 JOSEPH PAR WENT, Agent. - \* 170R WENTWORTH and DAR- Sz»|£f^ 1; LING RIVER. - The jhSSSisLfSo bogan, / Captain W. I.'. Randell, will sail from Goolwa and lilanchetown in a few days. For freight or passage, apply to . I IDOc ? WAI. 1BB1STER, Cume-street. \ -i T710R BRISBANE DIRECT, with vfcSfts. Jj all possible dispatch.— The Barque 7a»3K& CLANALPINE, £fc~52sj£i, has excellent accommodation for a family or two. . , For passage, apply to Captain, on board; FRANCIS CLAUK & SONS, Town; or J. M. SINCLAIR. Port Adelaide. 163c ' -. rj»OR MELCOURXE.-Tbe fast -*3$k JL sailing Brisantine Miffif*& ALEXANDRA, 5S|e=rt& Captain A. C. Prescots:, will sail on Tueslav next, having tin: greater \- art of her cargo ensaireil , _ Excellent accommodation for a fow Passengers. For ireiuht or passage, applv to ISS-lil JOHN xNEWMAJS & SON. -,_ 37?ir.ST VESSEL FOR VICTOR JtS&k- A HARBOUR.-The 2ft$$^ 1;KE8T OF THE WAVE, a^«^& Captain Mortcss, now receiving cargo for Murray River steamers. Port Elliot, fcc, &e. Apply on boatd ; or to ISOc JOHN NEWMAN & SOX, Agents. -Or* YfORWALLAROO.— The Schooner *$$»^ JD ECLIPSE IZSttSfM will sail with dispatch. ESEJiSBp 1S& ftr. H- GRIMSLADE, Master. Itl* i?or venuITand streaky -r-£jN X BAYS.— The Schooner B$$& DAPHNE. Qt^^a W. Crocker, master, is now loading. APPHETNTER. STEVENSON, & CO., Town: J. FOKMBY, Fort. ? lS5c ~'7II H71OR VEXUsi. STREAKY. AND fcJ&S&\ A1 FOWLKU'S BAYS.— The llffte FKEEBBIDRE aPfejJSSg. is unavoidably detained till We.lnes ^Srff11- ILP.DALE.Awnt.Pbrt -^ T7IOR YANKALILLA. liAPID -1(l^v A IJAY- anti CAPi' JERV13 '^^1^ The Schooner will saifon Tuesday, lOtli^ inst.. for above ports, weather permitting. T1,tn , ISfr'Ul ? C. LAM a Agent. .-i_ I7IOR YANKALILLA, RAPID i^^v V BAY. and CAPE JERVIS. 'K^^ The Schooner £ftgi§S» ANALGISTA, J. McLeod, Jan.. master, will sail on Tuesday, 10th instant, weather permitting. S^ ? R.TAPLEY. .-v_ THIRST VESSEL FOR VICTOR w]^^. X1 HARBOUR. — . Tke regular raa»^ Trailer Schooner fttSE.£& CULVOLINE. 11. Ollara, master, will sail on Wednesday, July 11. Apply to ^ DARWENT, Town ; or !S9-'92 ? R. & R. MAIN, Port. 'TTT T^OR VICTOR HARBOUR - fc^Egs. Ju The regular trader Schooner BHjffiaS, C. Heath, piaster, 13 now loading, and will have immediate dispatch, carrying cargo for River Murray steamers. Apply to 187c F. B. JONES &. CO., Port. ~I^r~ TT^OR PORT WAKEFIELD.-The ^^^ FOUR BROTHERS, _ QKnSaEiv W. Spells, master, is now loading, and will sail on Tuesday, July 10. 190-'l ? F. B. JONES * CO. NOTICE TO MAIUNERS.-NOTICE is hereby given that the MOORINGS will be RE«OVEDfrom PORT ELLIOT three months after this date. G. E. DeMOLE, Secretary. Marine Board Offices, Port Adelaide, June2!,lStio\ 173mwf202 UliRAY TRADE.— NOTICE TO SHIPPERS. -The New South Wales Government having levied either Ad Valorem or Fbte-t Duties on nearly everv description of Goods exported from this colony, the undersigned begs to inform Shippersthat unless Invoices are forwarded the Customs Regulations will not permit of Goods going on board. A. GRAHAM, Shipping Agent. Goolwa, Established 1S53. 103mwfc URRAY TRADE.- MERCHANTS and others Shipping Gootfs up the Murray are particularly requested to forward in separate Packages the undermentioned articles, viz. :— Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Tobacco, Wine, Spirits, Rice, and Dried Fruits, to avoid unpacking by Customs. A. GRAHAM, Shipping Agent. Goolwa, June 21, 18tU 170m97 O SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS.-The SHIPPING RE EORThIK attends to Telegrams or Letters, and his Boats are available for a',1 purposes connected with Shipping in the Gulf. Boat fla.'. No. 3. RICHARD JAGOE, Beach Branch Office. Lefevre's Peninsula. PORT ADELAIDE STEAM BISCUI1 X. MANUFACTORY.-Ship and Fancy Biscuiti always onhand. Shipping supplied at the shortes notice ? 3qaawfc3 J. LAVTN. North-parade. ^ ? MESCHANDISE, ? ON SALE, by the Undersigned— CLARET, very superior, 1 doz. cases, Hock Raspberry Balm, bulk and case Ginser Wine, Sherry, Port, case and bulk Rum, Gin, Brandy, bulk and case Cigars, genuine Swiss, Ormond's, superior Manila No. 2 asd Havana-sliaped Cigars . Pipes, all siaes, Myall Wood, and Teas NutmeiH, Mace, Pepper, Coir Fibre Paper, double demy, 35 lbs. in bales of S3 ream Piancs— Traumann's best grand obliime Iron, galvanized and corrugated, 24 gauge, 6,\i and 8 feet, screws, &c. ADOLF GAEDECHE.VS & CO., 27mhc ? Gilbert-place. POR SAL E — Gawler-place- JL BUGGIES, Rockaways, Gigs, Wagon3 Basket Pony Phaetons, Perambulators ALSO, Saddles, every variety of shape and price Harness-Buggy. Gig. Carriage Harness-Express, Cart. Spnng-Cart Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Platedware Enamelled and Patent Leather Manila Rope, Lamp*. Axles, Springs American Carriage Material' Harness, Bridle and other Colonial Leather Coach and Saddlers' Ironmongery. nrr^mr 165c ? JAMES A. HOLDEN. fTIANN'S FIREPROOF SAFES ai JL DOORS.— A Shipment of 12 Sizes n- SS^'. A. & H. BARTLEET. GrenfeU-street HE PATENT SAFETY BLASTLN COSIPO OND can be obtained, in any qus titr'fr0111 HABEOLD BROTHERS, WBmcr Agenta for ito sale in South Australia

MEBCHANPKg; ? | rO .TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS. CONTRACTORS, and Others. ; !he undersigned have always on.°«^-a_,, UALTIU DEALS and Floormg-Boards Oregon do. and do. SSSStad&» **** ^qualities 5 andTfeel Hobart Town and Launceston wf UhDgllates - Duchess, Countess, Mar- - chioness, and Ladies i Weatherboards-Amencan and New Zealand j - Sinffipore and Colonial Cedar Swan River Mahogany and Tuart Timber Ironbark Shafts and Spokes Sydney Turned Xaves, 7 to 14 in. diameter Felloes, V.D.L. Cart-Shafts, 10 feet Door and Sashes, Mantelpieces Mouldings and Architraves, Turnery Guttering, Ridgecap. Down-piping, &c. Cement and Plaster of Paris. Laths Hickory and Oak Spokes, Hubs, Rims, and Felloes Builders' Ironmongery. I Now on Wharf, just landed— \ 60,000 feet full-cut Hobart Town Timber, 3x2 j tol0x4 To arrive from Port Frederick— A Cargo of very Heavy and Broad 5 and C feet Launceston Palings and Timber ; And per Pekina, from London— 50,000 feet Flooring-Boards. Mouldings, and Architraves, Cement, Marble and Slate ? Mantelpieces, &c., &c , WHARF, JETTY, and BRIDGE CONTRAC ORS may advantageously order Swan River, omer Inlet, Tasmanian, and New Zealand imbers through our agency. Timber-Yard and Saw-Mills, Port-road and ipson-street, adjoining Mr. Dunn's new Flour ROBIff & LE MES3URIER. To\v-* Office— where orders are also received id promptly attended to and all information ob iined-55. Currie-street. ? lOOmTSx 3N SALE, Ex Trevelyan, Benvenue, Fire Queen, and Conqueror, and /Now onding, ex Edinburgh, Atalanta, and City of iangor— GOODHARTS LOAF SUGAR, small casks Kiel and Cork Butter, New Currants Whybrow's Assorted and All-Mixed Pickles Paper and Paper Bags Tierces Middles Pork, barrels Bewick Pork Bryant & May's Tandstickor Matches Patent Groats, Paste Blacking Maccaroni, Vermicelli, in 7-lb. tins ' Slee & Slee's Vinegar, Batty's Potted Meats Batty's haU-pmt and pint Oils and quart Vinegar Crosse & Blackwell'sl Walnuts and Oriental Pickles Potted Ham, Tongue, Straaborg, and Beef Assorted cases Potted Meats, Anchovy and Bloater Paste ? ' 1-oz. bottles Cayenne and decanter Oils Price's Sperms. 1-lb. and J-lb. this Cohnan's superior Mustard New Prunes, Elenie Figs Kcilor & Wotherspoon's Confectionary Figs, Cocoa, and Chocolate Batty's Assorted Pickles, Hair Oils. Shipments to Arrive, ex Jessica, Octavia, .Ithyniist, Beatrice, Dusty Miller, &c, tie. 135c ? W. MORGAN & CO. 3N SALE, by Late Arrivals Teas- Chests, Halves and Quarters. Coffee— Plantation anil Java Cocoa and Chocolate, Taylor's Fruits— New Currants, Muscatels in layers. Sultanas, French Plums, Figs in 1 and i, Colonial Kaisins Sugars— Uoodhart's Loaf and Crushed, Mau ritius Batty's. Crosse & Blackwell's, and AYhybrow's Pickles, Vinegar. Oils, Sauces, and Jellies Patent Groats, Oatmeal, Peameal, Cornflour, Ground Rice, Tapioca, Maccaroni, Ver micelli, Arrowroot Rice— Carolina, Patna, and Java Potted Meats— Strasburg Beef, Hum, Tongue, Veal, Salmon, Anchovy and Bloater Paste Soup— Batty's Oxtail and Mock Turtle Fish— Salmon, Sardines, Lobsters, Herrings Keilor's Confections Cl'eese— Cheshire and Cheddar Sinclair's and Varey's Hams and Bacon Nelson's Isinglass and Gelatine Coleman'd Jlustard, Starch, and Blue Price's Sperm Candles Vestas, Matches, Bell & Black's, Tandstickors, Patent Safetys Soda, Saltpetre Salt— Coarse, Fine in 1-cwt. bags and jars Paper and Paper Bags, Brushes Woolpacks, Cornsacks, Branbags, Sewing Twine Wire, Annealed, Nos. 4, 5, 6 Corrugated Iron, 21 and 2ti gauge. ITSc ? J. M. LINKLATER. ON SALE at the Stores of the Under signed— OATS Flour, Bran, and Pollard Tea— Chests, half-chests, and boxes Sugar— Mauritius, Cossipore, and Lo?f Plantation Cotiee Fry's Chocolate, Taylor's Homoeopathic Cocoa New Currants, Cape and Colonial Raisins Sardines, halves and quarters Prime English Cheese Prime Mess Pork Candles— Sperms and Moulds Soap Keiosine Keillor's Confectionary, Paper Bugs Guinness's Stout, bottled by Machin, quarts and pints Bass's Triangle Ale, Dove's Ale Treble-Diamond Port in iir.-cask3 Sherry in qr. -casks and cases. No. 4 Fencing- Wire Blasting Powder in kegs and half-barrete 151c ? WHYTE, COUNSELL, & CO. BRANBAGS, CORNSACKS Tarpaulins, Woolpacks, Twine, Matches Treacle, Bottled Ale and Porter Riandy, Port, Sherry, American Blocks Horse Nails and Shoes, Smiths' Implements INDENTS executed for Furniture, Hardware, and General Merchandise. %-mwfcv HENRY SCOTT,_Blyth-street._ BARRET'S ANCHOR TOBACCO^— The Undersigned having been APPOINTED SOLE AGENTS in the Australian Colonies for the entire Manufacture of the above Celebrated Brand of Twist, are in receipt of regular shipments direct from New York, which they offer for Sale in Lots to suit purchasers. McCULLOCU, SELLAR, & CO., 155*2 M ? Queen-street. Melbourne. HUDSON'S CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SOAP FOR WASHING AMD CLEANING.— This new and invaluable discovery is altogether different from the nume rous Washing Powders and Soap Powders hitherto sold, and is the only Washing preparation which lathers of itself. It is admitted to be the greatest boon ever conferred on the Laundress. It saves labour, prevents the hands cracking or getting hard, washes without Soap, and makes the water so soft that the dirtiest clothes readily become clean. Hudson's Extract of Soap is so harmless that Ladies use it with the greatest advantage in Wash ing their Lace and Muslins. Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers. V1RGOE, SON, & CHAPMAN, Sole Agents. &lmwc ? ITARROLD BROTHERS, Wholesale XX Ironmongers, Hindley-street, are desirsus of calling the attention of their Customers and the Public to the EXTENSIVE SHIPMENTS of NEW GOODS they are continually receiving, which are carefully selected with a knowledge of the requirements of the Adelaide market by their Messrs. Joseph and Daxiei. Harbold, and which enables them to offer great advantages to purchasers. N.B.— Advances made on Wool consigned to their London House. 32 Great St. Helen's. 313mwcv LEAD PIPES, all Sizes, £28 per Ton. ROBISON BROTHERS & CO., 18f213 ? Manufacturers, Melbourne. CYLINDER'S ISLAND GUANO X; is on Sale at E. & W. HACKETT's Tjundie-gtreet; J. A. MARCHANT'8. i,ight-square Mills; ROBIN & LE MESSURIER, 55. Currie-street, and Lipson-street, Port. Copies of Analysis and Testimonials on appli cation. 37cv pAS C/)KE FOR SALE, in anj v3T quantity, at J. Mellor's, Franklin-street. ? I46cv COALS. COALS. COALS.— FOI SALE, in any quantity, at the Offices of th SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COAL COMPANY Limited, 19, King William-3treet, Adelaide; am Messrs. Scott & Little's, Port Adelaide. 22mwf201 THOS. E. BURY, Secretary. COALS.— Best House and Smiths Coals, in any Quantity, at JOSHUA GURR'S Iron and Coal Yard, Currie-street, Adelaide, 1SOK2O9 Opposite the Bank of Australasia. COALS and COKE, in any quantities WILLIAM W. BLYTH'S 134-225 Coal Yard, North-terrace. COAL S.— English and New Sout Wale3, for household, steam, and blac! smiths' use, of best quality, ferSaleinanyquantil lowest prices. Sir. W. A. Paquauk, Green's Exchange, is a - WmtedmyS^e~HENdR¥sWs0N1 80c Queen's Wharf. Port Adelaide. BUSINESS NOTICES. pOFFEE MILLS. COFFEE MILL* V-^ —The undersigned begs to inform the stoi keepers and public of South Australia that he prepared to Dress and Repair Coffee-MiUs any description, waranted equal to imported on- on the shortest notice and moderate prices. Eve Mill repaired or made warranted H. ROSENTHAL, , Coffee-Mill Manufacturer, Bridgewater. a June 30, lgfti. 183-20S CjiOR CHEAP AND EASY WASHES r USE HARPER TWELVETREES' PBH - BATION of GLYCERINE-AND SOAP POWDI ur which lathers profusely, makes soap, and was] a- with a third of the usual time and trouble. '. Washing Crystals nor other Soap Powders i dothifl. Manufactory— Brumley-by-Bow, Lond

BUSINESS NOTICES VTOTICE to thePUBLIC— The PRICE XI of BREAD on and after Monday, the 9th instant, will be 1'OUBPENCE the TWO-POUND LOAF, x ? By order of the Committee. NOTICE.— The BUSINESS lately con ducted by me at THE CIVET CAT, 118. Bundle-street, will in future, together with the SLASS, CHINA, and EARTHENWARE BRANCH, be carried on under Ihe Style and Finn )fJOHNHOLMAN&CO. JOHNHOLMAN. Adelaide. Apnl 1, 1S66. ? 172c 1TIGHERCOMBE WlNE.-^The above XX Wines can be had on application to Messrs. Giles & Smith, \ A,ipia;fl». nr Mr. Henry Noltenius, / A(lelaiQe. or Mr. J. Musor, Highercombe. Highercombe, February 5, LSbU 37'43mhc - HARPER TWELVETREES GLYCERINE and SOAP POWDER jreatly expedites the Family Wash, latheis freely, ind saves Soap and Soda. Sold by all Store keepers; and by Harper Twelvetrees, Bromley }y-Bow, London. ? 2S9mt288 CTORSEFEED, Barley and Oats , XX (crushed and uncrushed), Chaff, Bran, and Pollard. WAYilOUTfl-STREET GRAIN STORES. ISOmwfiOS ? JOHN DARLING. rPASSIANIAN ASHLEAF KIDNEY X POTATOES FOR SEED. lS5fm90v W. WARK, Hindley-street. A DELAIDE and KAPUNDA. t\- NOW READY FOR SALE Harrows, Scarifiers, Hurdles, Gates Spring-Carts, Wagons, Drays, Winnowers Regulating Screens (Patent) for Seed Wheat First Prize Patent and Ordinary Comb-Reapers. JOSEPH MELLOR, 151'242v237 ? Adelaide and Kapunda. FIREPROOF SAFES and DOORS, with all the latest Improvements, are now jeing manufactured in Adelaide at A. SIMPSON & SON'S, Gawler-place and Grenfell-streefc. Fireproof Doors and Safes made to any size required. ? ISOmwfc 17IREW00D. FIREWOOD.— j XI WANTED, at Hindmarsh Steam Mills. , Jontracts made. ltamwfcy ? MAGAREY & CO. FINE ARTS EXHIBITION, 1865.— The PRIZE for the BEST SET of SIX PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESSES was awarded ;o the ADELAIDE PHOTOGRAPHIC COM PANY. The Prize for the best Coloured Pho ;ograph was likewise awarded to the Adelaide Photographic Company. 351*131mwfcvl32c 17URNITURE. FURNITURE. T SELLING OFF. SELLING OFF. The Undersigned beg to announce (in conse imence of their givuig up business) that they are tiow SELLING OFF the WHOLE of their STOCK if HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE At GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. The Stock consists of Wardrobes, Chests of Drawers, Washstands, Dressing-Tables and Towel Airers, &c, in Cedar and in Light Woods; also Cedar Tables (Square, Round, Loo, and Dressing), Chairs, Sofas, Chillbnnieres, &c, &c. Note.— The whole has to be cleared off by the 23rd inst. PORTER & HARWOOD, 184c ? 140, Rimdle-streeL FLAVEL'S PRIZE KITCHENER, REGISTER GRATES. BASKET STOVES. FENDERS, FIREIRONS. NURSERY GUARDS, &c, &c, &c. JAMES BROWN has much pleasure in an nouncing that he has just received a direct Ship ment of the above Gwods, which he is prepared to oner at the Lowest Remunerative Prices. FLAVEL'S KITCHENER needs only to be in troduced to ensure its general use in the Coleny as in England. Economy and cleanliness are its great recommendations. Pattern -Books and numerous Testimonials as to its excellence to be seen at the Store. REGISTER GRATES (a Bargain), comprising Bright Steel Ormolu, Berlin Black, Fine Cast, &c. To make room for a New Shipment, daily ex pected, J. B. proposes offering his present Stock at Gueatlt Reduced Prices. BASKET STOVES (made in the Colony ex pressly for J. B.'s trade), Price 14s. FURNISHING IRONMONGERY AND GENERAL STORES, 149cv ? Waymopth-stbeet. ? SELLING OFF. SELLING OFF. GREAT BARGAINS in GLA3?, CHINA, and EARTHENWARE. JOHN HOLMAN & CO., 118, RUXDLE-hTREET, Having Purchased the Entike Stock of- Mr. T. Futcheu, of 22, Rundle-street and Pirie-stieet, amounting to £I5,0J0, are now offering the same at a considerable Reduction in Prices. The attention of FAMILIES, PARTIES FUR NISHING, UOTELKEEPEKS, and Others, is respecfully invited to this Stock, which for Variety, Ouality, and Elegance of Style, is unequalled in the Australian Colonies. JOHN HOLMAN & CO., Importers of Glass, China, Earthenware, and General Fancy Goods. Address-118, Rundle-street. Wholeaale-22, Rundle-street. 179c O T T L E D WINES, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN. GLEN PARA AND SOUTH RHINE WINES. These Wines, of good age and condition, can be had at the Cellar, GnENFELt-STREET, Adelaide. White— Riesling and Tekay Red— Shiraz (Exhibition), Burgundy, and Red Bottled, at from 12s. to 25s. per doz. In 5 and 10 gallon kegs for family use. Also by the Trade in bulk. D. RANDALL, Proprietor. SUmwc ? A. J. LAURENCE, Agent. CHEAP MEAT! Through the medium of the COOPERATIVE ASSOCLVTION, which will not only be enabled to procure the Slaughtered Carcass, during Winter, from Victoria, but also Cattle, during Summer, from New South Wales. LOOK TO IT. EVERYBODY. 185c ? J. P. BOURAN, Sec, pro tem COLONIAL MARBLE MAT BE HAD AT J. KELLETS ftlARBLE WORKS, Waymouth-street, at the following prices:— Marble in the block, foot cubic ? 7s. 6d. Slabs sawn for building or facings of same, from 3 inch to 6 inch, averaging 41 thick, sawn on face, super ? 73. 6d. Slate 3 inches thick, sawn ? 6s. 6d. Slabs 2 inches thick, do ? 4s. 61. Slabs 1 inch thick, do. ... ? 2s. 9d. ? _^ ? l^mWSC OPPOSITE THE TOWN HALL, KING WILLIAM-STREET. E. BliOOKS, GLASS, OIL, AND COLOUR WAREHOUSE. Stained Glas3 Windows. Wholesale Manufactoiy of Galvanized Iron, Guttering, Ridging, Piping, &c. Plumbing, Painting, Glazing, and Papernangmg Pumps and Baths, Iron Rooting, &c Gasfitting and Water laid on. The Trade Supplied. Country Orders attended to with dispatch. 114'204 RANGE-TREES, CONIFERS, Trees and Shrubs, Climbing Plants, Camellias, &a, just received from Sydney, ex Steamer City of Melbourne: also. Lucern Seed. E. & W. HACKETT, lSr'92vxSS ? 73, Rundlestreet A PPLE-TREES, -well grafted and in jlJL good condition, just arrived from Sydney. A. BARTELS & MEYER, Grenfell-street, near Hmdmarsh-Equare. IN Pursuance ©f Mr. DURYEA'S constant desire of securing the extensive Patronage already accorded him, he hp now obtained the Services of an Artist lately from England, and well known among the Londai %aSwATERaCOLOUR PAINTING. The same Gentleman is also engaged to Coloui C ^''^SENOTYPE PORTRAITS, in which department the South Australian Pubbi ' have so largely patronized Mr. Dubyeas Es ' tablishment. J Those interested in the Fine Arts are respect . fully invited to inspect the Specimen Portraits 11 1 Oil'Colours now on view at the Rooms, 6b' and 6t King William-street. ? 14Scv ; PHOTOGRAPHIC GOODS.-Tln X Largest Stock of the above in South Au£ tralia of every description alvrays on hand. orur. ments regularly received direct from Lurope Catalogues on application. Complete Sets, wit instructions, for £10. None but lirst-classUood kept in stock. To be had of ' ? B. GOODE, '? Photographer anb IMP8RTEB, 14S'239v 69, Rundle-street, Adelaide. - PHOTOGRAPHIC CARD PUZZLES ft X Price 6d., at the Adelaide Photograph c- Company's. ? ISto y PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS ?- X and CABINET ORGANS, in great variefc; At WOODMAN'S, U, Hindley-street Music at half published prices. ? 150*241 P* I A N O F O R T E S by the most eminent Makers ALEXANDRE'S HARMONIU.M3. T The lareest Selection of Mu3ic in the U-'ony. -? PLATTS'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, e- No. 1. Hindley ar d King William streets is 93 Established 1S39 ?} rpo STOREKEEPERS.— ALBUMS, ry X great variety, just received per Beatrk from 16s. per dozen. Also, Puzzles and Con Cards, in great variety, 5s. half dojen; a lai assortment of Frames for Card Portraits, 3s. ( L Peruozea OnSaleat r ^^ G Photographic Warehouse 'a- 178fmw90 ? 69. Bnndle-ssreet. £ T EAVES for WAX and PAPI No Xi FLOWERS, in great Variety, Jufst I maeSHAI^S.

BTTSDTESS NOTICES. PORT ADELAIDE. — NEW PRINTING OFFICE. J. H. LEWIS begs to announce that he has taken commodious Premises, and will OPEN a BRANCH BUSINESS at the PORT in the course at a few days, with a New Plant of the most Improved Power-Machinery, Presses and .Types. Meanwhile, all Orders forwarded to his Town Establishment will meet with quick dispatch, and be forwarded Carriage Free. ? \ ? xk PRINTING Neatly and Cheaply L Executed at ALFRED WADDY'S Office, ^ ? Leigh-street, Adelaide. ? 190c PLANT of the PRINTING BUSI ?L NESS of Mr. JAMES YOUNG, Port Adelaide.— The Trustees of the Estate of Mr. las. Young are prepared to receive TENDERS for the Purchase of the above until Monday next, 1th instant. Tenders to be addressed to the care if Mr. Benjamin Reed, Portland Estate. [186'90 GXll's printing office, 69, King William-street, Adelaide. All ordera promptly attended to. 185mwf274y X70R SALE, a Superior SELF-ACTING X; OKGAN. Plays some of the finest Operas ?A the day, and other music Price £220. Apply to W. P. Featherstone. Brighton. ? 184-243. TBEG to inform my Friends and the X Public generally that fiom this date I intend, in addition to my usual business, to include that of a SHAREBROKER. Shares of nil descriptions Bought and Sold on Commission Only; and I hereby pledge myself not to operate on my own iccount, but merely to execute orders confided to me. CHAS. J. BARRY, Green's Exchange. May 10. 1866. ? 131mh218v216 'A CARD. —CHARLES S. POOLE l\ (Late of the Bank of Australasia), ACCOUNTANT, COMMISSION AGENT. &c Gilbert-place, near Messrs. Younghusband, ? Jun., and Co.'s Stores. ? I42c A BARTELS & MEYER, . IMPORTERS, LAND & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS, LICENSED LAND BROKERS, Grenfell-street near Hindmarah-square, Adelaide. ? 12192 TOEL ROBERTS, 71, King William-st. J LICENSED LAND BROKER, House, Laxd, Estate, xso General Commission Agent. ? 115mwf204v202 SEPTIMUS V. PIZEY, COMMISSION BROKER, Green's Exchange. SALES of 'WOOL, Hides. Skins, Bark, and General Merchandise negotiated in this Market, Melbourne, or England. GRAIN BOUGHT and SOLD, or Stored on Owners' accouat. SALES of STORE CATTLE and SHEEP negotiated. All transactions strictly on Commission. Agent for Sale of Bolivian Guano. 170''99 C. J. DOUTTY -te CO., . MERCHANTS, AUCTIONEERS, LAND. STOCK, STATION, and GENERAL COMMISSION and SHIPPING AGENTS, Bowen, Port Dekisox, and at the Albert River, Gulp op Carpentaria. ' ? 146c /^ BENNETT, GENERAL VJT. AUCTIONEER and COMfflSSION AGENT, corner of ClarkeVbuildings, Adelaide. Sales attended at any distance from town. The utmost canjtakjn of Stock, &c., and sent for to any part of the colony. Gaod Paddocks (well watered) for the reception of Cattle and Sheep. . crmc WACHTMANN, LAND, LOAN, . and COMMISSION AGENT, GrenfeU street (next to theitej/itferaud Observer Offices), I Adelaide. ? 335'4b'mc GE. EGREMONT-GEE, ? Successor to Redford Clisby, MUSICAL IMPORTER. 68, Rdndle-stbeet. Sole Agent toe Chamer & Co. ? 142-233 AGENTS IN MELBOURNE.— Messrs. GORDON & GOTCH, of Collins, street west, Melbourne, have been appointed AGENTS in Victoria for the licgislcr and Obsencr Newspapers, and are authorized to collect Accounts due. Advertisements and Subscribers' names will be received by them, an will mee with prompl attention. DRAPERY AND CLOTHING. TV/JUST BE CLEARED OUT.— I»X J. S. YOUNG begs to acquaint Old Cus tomers and all Country Settlers that the remain ng Stock of Seasonable Goods, consisting of USEFUL DRAPERY, HOSIERY, FLANNELS,- BLANKETS, ABERDEEN and other WINCEYS, SCOTCH TWEEDS, SHEETINGS, CALICOES, &c, &c, also, GENTLEMEN'S KEADY-MADE CLOTHING LAMBS WOOL UNDERCLOTHING, &c, MUST BE CLEARED OFF in a few weeks, to give possession to the Purchaser of the Premises, 45, lung William-street. T35cy ? JAS. SCOTT YOUNG. SELLING OFF. SELLING OFF. W . WARD, No. 5J, RUNDLE-STREET, Being about to Retire from the Drapery Business, will offer the WHOLE of his STOCK at such REDUCED PRICES as will effect a speedy clearance. The Sale to commence on Saturday, the 16th instant. The LEASE and FIXTURES TO DIS POSED OF. Observe the Address— 10V7cv W. WARD, 53, Eundle-street. IPPLE CLOTH PALETOTS, 10s. 9d., worth 14s. 9d. 172c NOETHMORE & CO. LACK REP AND CASHMERE SCARF SHAWLS with Fancy Borders, 19s. 6d.. worth 27s. 6d. 172c NORTHMORE & CO. ICH WINCEY ROBES. 22s. 9d., worth 31s. 6d. 172c ? NORTHMORE & CO. FANCY DRESS MATERIALS, lljd. to 161d., much below value, at NORTHMORE & CO'S, 172c Near the York. PETER CUMMING & SON, X. to Clear off Stock, are SELLING AT LOW PRICES. 21, Hindley-street. 26cv TOHN HODGKISS & CO. request the !l attention of CASH BUYERS to the system on which their business is conducted, viz., every Article Marked the LOWEST CASH PRICE, and where Credit is given Interest charged on the account. By this system the Cash Buyers secure the advantages they arc entitled to, and the Credit Buyers know the amount they pay for the accom modation they receive. Olserve-JOHN HODGKISS & CO., 117mwfcv 2ti and 2S. Rundle-street. \TEW DRAPER Y.-GAULT& SCOTT JLi beg most respectfully to announce that their WINTER SHIPMENTS of DRAPERY GOODS, ex Harwich, Benvenue, aud Cheviot, are now ready for inspection. These Goods having been selected with great care, and expressly to then: own order, from some of the most celebrated Houses in England, they can therefore confidently assure then* Patrons that for Style, Texture, and Cheapness they think their Stock cannet be sur passed, especially in Dresses, Mantles, Shawls, Millinery, Boys, Youths', and Gentlamen'a Clothing. TAILORING DEPARTMENT. This Department is under the supervision oi ' Mr. Wallis (so long known in Adelaide as s ? good Cutter), and as they have a choice lot ol 1 Hooper's Elastic, Bliss's and other Tweeds, Doeskins, Cloths, &c, G. & S. can safely gua rantee a first-class article, a good fit, and th- ? best work, at Reasonable Prices. GAULT & SCOTT, Wholesale and Retail Drapers and Importers : TIMES DRAPERY MART, 14,. Rundle-street. 144c i MONEY. ADELAIDE LOAN OFFICE, Hindley street west— MONEY LENT in Sums 0 ' £5 and upwards on Personal Security orDeposi ' of Deeds. Office open from 1ft to 4. |- S2thsc SAMUEL PEAKCE. Manager. ^ T7IGHTEEN HUNDRED POUND! X-J TO LEND on Mortgage, in large and sina sums. Apply to G. Mumme & Co., Gawler-plac- SSc _ MONEY LENT ON MORTGAGE. I T OANS NEGOTIATED ic Xi GREEN & WADHAM. lev) Eschanze Land Offices. King Williaai-stree !, \fONEY TO LEND on Freehol 4ct Solicitors. 01. King William-street , yOHEY TO LEND. Propert 1YX brought under the Real Property At tfbrtcages, Leases, and Transfers drawn, juutgaps. w ^ LETCHFORD. Licensed Land Broker, Waterhouse's-building ? 2-ICcv jl JV/TONEY TO LEND at Current Rat !r 1VX on Freehold Securities. Land Agency ai jfc Land Broker's BusiMss^rMsacted by ?f Waterhouse-buddings, King William-street, «? ? Adelaide. ? 353ct \TONEY TO LEND on Freelio 1 1VX Security. Land Bought and Leased wi — rieht of purchase. Land Brought tinder the ~B- !R Property Act; Mortgages, Leases, and Transf jn- effected. JAMES CUMMING, Licensed LandBroker, Temple-Chambsn ^ 53mwfc 8O1 Currie-fltreet.

AMUSEMENTS. VICTORIA THEATRE. GRAND JUBILEE NIGHT. LAST DRAMATIC NIGHT OF THE SEASON. COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT to Mr. A. J. SOLOMON, from the several members of the present Company, who tender, their gratuitous services as a small token of respect due to Mr. Solomon as Lessee, and trust that their kind supporters of the past season will approve of and second their small endeavours in giving him a bumper house, at the same time accepting their kind adieus previous to their departure from Adelaide. THIS EVENING (Moxdat), Jult 9. Ihe performance will commence with the highly interesting sensational Drama, taken from Miss Braddon's popular novel of the same name, entitled AURORA FLOYD. SPECIAL INTERLUDE. C orae to-night. Ocomeandsee G ill, with great profundity, L aughingly, and with great glee, I mitate an M.L.C. N ado's his speech of brevity. FAVOURITE DANCE by MISS EMILY WOODS. To conclude with, for the first tune this season, the splendid little Comedy of CHARLES THE SECOND, or THE MERRY MONARCH. For fuller particulars of the Jubilee Night's Entertainment, see bdls aud posters of the day, [x WHITE'S ASSEMBLY ROOMS. MONDAY, JULY 9. MISS EMMA NEVILLE (Mrs. George Lodeb) and MR. GEORGE LODEJL LAST NIGHT* BUT ONE of THE OLD HOUSE AT ROME. DANCING by MISS JULIA MILNE. Front Seats, 4s. ; Back Seats, 2s. 188'9Q REAT WORLD CIRCUS, plriestreet, adjoining freemasons' Tavern. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. T1IE PUBLIC DELIGHTED. STILL GREATER ATTRACTIONS FOR THE LAST NIGHTS. THIS EVENING (Mondat), July J-, GRAND CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE. First time here of Mr. Wm. Carlo's DARING ASCENSION ON A WHEEL, The only Artiste in the World who ha3 success fully accomplished this difficult Feat. FHIST APPEARANCE of the EDUCATED DOGS. First Time of Moss, and Madame Denie in ihe FRENCH RIDING LESSON. Together with the Grand Constellation of Stars in their Principal Acts. Do not fail to embrace the passing opportunity of witnessing this recherche entertainment. The chance to look upon the like may never occur again. Prices of Admission— Parquet, 2s. ; Boxes, 4s. ; Reserved Chairs. Gs. Doors open at 7; Grand Entree, half-past 7. x r?ONCERT~AT THE TOWN HALL. \J THE GRAND SACRED CONCERT in Aid of the Ougan Fund of THE STOW MEMORIAL CHURCH will take place on Tuesday, July 10, in the Town Hall, under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor, His Honor the Chief Justice, His Worship the ]V ayor of Adelaide, the Hon. Treasurer, the Hon. Commissioner of Crown Lands, and some of the leading Citizens. The services of Miss Emma Neville (Mrs. George Loder) and- Mr. George Loder have been engaged for the occasion, and Mr. J. W. Daniel, of Mount Pleasant, will also take part in the Entertainment. Fuller particulars will be given iu future announcements. letic TRADESMEN'S GRAND BALL X. AT THE TOWN HALL. PRACTICE This Evening (Monday), at the South Australian Assembly Rooms, at S o'clock, x 'HOTELS' AND LIVEEY STABLES? MR. HENRY WILLIAMS be«s to inform his Friends and the Public in general that he has Purchased from Mr. J. F. A. Peters those very convenient Premises, known a3 the VICTORIA HOTEL, TASUNDA, where he is prepared to accommodate Travellers and Farmers on reasonable terms. Mr. H. W. wilt always be careful to provide the best of Wines, Spirits, Porter. Ales, &.c, at moderate prices. The Stables are first-rate, as are likewise the Stock yards. He therefore trusts that by strict attention to business and reasonable term--, he will be able to secure the patronage of the public generally. Tanunda, July 2, ISM. ? 1S7'2O' rpHE ROYAL HOTEL, HINDLEY -X STREET.-Mr. GEORGE JOLLEY having Taken the above House solicits a share of patronage, and trusts by a due regard to the comfort of his customers to merit the same. N.B.— Ordinary daily at 1 o'clock. 185mwf211 rpANKARD'S TEMPERANCE X. HOTEL, Lonsdale-street, MELBOURNE. Established 16 years. First-class accommodation for Gentlemen and Families. 184 213 ? PROFESSIONAL. ? MDLLE. MATHILDA LINDSTROM, Pupil of Friedrich Smitana, Kapell-Meister to the Emperor of Austria, is desirous of obtaining PUPILS for MUSIC aud the PIANOFORTE. For terms, &c, apply at US, Rundle-street. 185''91 R. JOHN A. BRUCE, ASSAYER and ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, Kapunda. ? I10niwf20S MAIN & GEYER bes to inform the Public that ASSAYS and ANALYSES are Conducted under the Superintendence of Mr. A. Thomas, F.C.S., and Mr. W11. Ey, at their Labora tory, 9, Hiudley-street. ? lS5mh270 MrTrTg. THOMAS, ARCHITECT and CIVIL ENGINEER, Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Offices, Gresliam-buildings. ? 15mc S. PRICE, ACCOUNTANT, ? No. 11, King William-street. 171 c JAMES CUMMING, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, Temple-Chambers, 20, Currie-street, Adelaide. 59mwfc ANTED, a SURGEON to attend the.Members of the Loyal Reynella Lodge of Oddfellows. The Lodge, numbers about one hundred Mem bers. A good opening for a Medical Man in the neigh bourhood, on account of the recent death of a Surgeon. Applications to be addressed to the N.G., Rey nella Lodge, . Reynella. 173-'94vS8 EMPLOYMENT WANTED. RESIDENT GOVERNESS. -A Lady XV wishes for a SITUATION. She would give careful instruction in the usual branches of English, as well as Music and Singing, French, Drawing, and Needlework. References given and required, Address T. Y., Box No. 1, Post-Office, Port Adelaide. ? ? 187mw92 WANTED, by a young Man- of fife years colonial experience in a Country Store, and who has a thorough knowledge of Book keeping, a SITUATION either as BOOKKEEPER or ASSISTANT. Address W, care of McGiffen, Gilles-street, Adelaide.- ? 190c ANTED, a SITUATION, by s young Man of considerable experience ii ? the GROCERY BUSINESS, and has a know ledge of General Storekeepinp. Reference first : class. Address J. C, M., 93, Hindley-street, Ade laide, ? ? ? I&7mt91 WANTED, a SITUATION in 1 COUNTRY STOKE, by an experience! young Man. Apply G. H., office of this paper. ? - ? ' ? 187'91 WANTED, by a respectable younj Woman, a SITUATION as NURSE in i : Gentleman's Family; Country preferred. Thre years' good reference. Apply to Mrs. Phillips, 1SJ . Rundle-street. ? 187-'9O I PEBSONS WANTED. A T HUNT'S Labour Office, Practica xjl. Quarrymen and Stonebreakers Wanted. [ 3 rpo IRISH LABOURERS.--WANTEI il L Hands to put up Dry Stone Wall. Appl s. to H. Formby. John Bull Yards. ? ISV'90 WANTED, a WETNURSE. Appl this morning to Main & Geyer, chemist) Hindley-street ? ? ? x_ t \\f ANTED, Two Journeynie - TT HATTERS, rho understand the seven d branches of the Trade. W. Leaver, Jun., 2 Bindley-street. ? 131c WANTED, HORSE and'MUL DRIVERS. Apply at Whyte Park Statioi y Tothill's Creek. ? 166cv t TIT ANTED, an Experienced COPPE VV REFINER for New South Wales. App: to 0. Thomas, Alberton. lS8'9lvj - - LOST AND POUND. id rpWO POUNDS REWARD.— Brol X away from the Central Road Board Offi on the 21st instant, Bay PONY, branded G and mane, lame near hind leg. Whoever detains hi after this notice will be prosecuted. 149'69wfm Id OTRAYED, from Mr. T. Brewi th O Paddock, Monopilla, Maclaren Vale, :al Brown HORSE, belonging to the Moravi jtb Missionaries to Cooper's Creek, branded J n- side neck, two white spots near side back. A information about it requested to be made to 1 , Brown, or iL Walder, Moravian JUissiona Bethel, Kapunda. 167crl79

ELECTION NOTICES. | 1^0 THE ELECTORS FOR THE - LEGISLATIVE CuUNCIL OF THE I PROVINCE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. j Gentlemen— Being about to leave the Province, - ind a vacancy having occurred in the Council con- ? sequent upon the death of one of its members, I im induced, with a view to save the large additional jxpense which would be entailed upon the country \}j an additional election, to tender my resignation is a member of the Council, and have therefore placed the same this day in the hands of the Honourable the President. In taking leave, I beg to tender you my warmest bhanks for the high and distinguished honour you inferred upon me nearly six years since in electing me to fill so important a position ; and I assure you that 1 feel great pam in parting fiom a position of trust in which I have reason to believe my endeavours honestly and properly to perform my duties have met with your approbation. I am not , aware upon any one occasion during the whole time I have held the honourable position of one of your members that I have ever absented myself from a debate of importance, or shirked the re sponsibility ef recording my name upoa the division list. Again thanking you, and with the expression of a hope that I may, upon some future occasion, again seek to attain a similar position amongst you to that I am now resigning, I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, ? Your obedient servant, J. M. SOLOMON. Adelaide, July 4, 1S68. lS7m'9O ' COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GAS COMPANY. The ANNUAL GENEKAL MEETING of SHAREHOLDERS in this Company will be held on Monday, the 30th day of July, 1S66. at the Arbitration Rooms, Adelaide Assembly Rooms, Ban? William-street, at 3 o'cleck p.m., for the transaction of the following business :— To receive the General Statement and Balance-Sheet showing the state of affairs of the Company to the 30th June, I860'; to fix the amount of remuneration to the Directors and Auditors for the past year; to elect four Directors in the room of Hon. Henry Ayers, Hon. Arthur Blyth, Thomas Graves and George Peter Harris, Esqs., the retiring Directors [who are eligible for re-election, and offer them selves accordingly); to elect two Auditors for the ensuinz year. The Books of Transfer will be closed from the 23rd to 30th of July inclusive. JOHN PAXTON. Secretary. 23, Currie-street, July 7. IStSS. 190fui211vg09 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GAS COMPANY. NOTICE.— Any Shareholder, duly qualified by holding Fifty Shares in the Company, and in tending to be a CANDIDATE for the Office of DIRECTOR at the ensuing Election on the 30th inst, must give notice in writing of his intention to the Secretary by 2 o'clock p.m. of Monday, the 16th inst. JOHN PAXTON, Secretary. 23, Cnrrie-stroet, July 7, IStXi. ? 190fm'97 A GRICULTDRAL AND HORTI rX. CULTURAL SOCIETY. The ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH, SHOW of ENTIRES, and TRIAL of IMPLEMENTS will be held on the Uth August, 1SUU, at a place to be named. Persons desirous of offering Land suitable for the purpose should communicate with the Secre tary not later than the 1st August. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Advertisements for publication in the Society's Journal, at £1 Is. per page, will be received uutil 21st inst. EBENEZER WARD, Secretary. Victoria-street, Adelaide, and Port Elliot. ? July 7, 1S6U ? 190mwfcv A GRICULTURALANDHORTICDL X3L TURALSOCIETY.-NOTICE to ADVER TISERS.— The Committee have determined to allow Advertisements to be published with the Annual Report of the Society's proceedings at the charge of £1 Is. per octavo page. Advertisements may be forwarded to the undersigned until Satur day next. A circulation of 1.U00 copies guaranteed. EBENEZER WARD, Secretary. Victoria-street. Adelaide, and Port Elliot, June 30, lSCO. ? lS3c ADELAIDE GYMNASTIC XX AND FENCING CLUB.-A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Members will be held at the Gymnasium on Monday, 9th instant, at half-past 4. The attendance of Members is particularly re quested to discuss the propriety of wiuding-up the Ciub. _x ? M. H. DAVIS, Hoa. Sec, pro tern. PERMANENT EQUITABLE BUILD JT ING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY. Ths MONTHLY MEETING and SALE of SHARES will be held at the Office of the Society, No. 9, Uiudlcy-strcet, on Wednesday, July 11, at S o'clock p.m. 19f'l ? O. A. BABBAGE, Secretary. CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION.— The PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE will be daily represented at the Society's Cqmmittce Room, from 11 o'clock until 2 o'clock, at the Hamburg !!? tel, by 187c J. D. isOURAN, Secretary pro tem. 'PROSPECTUS OF THE AUSTRAL X ASLVN WOOLLEN iAULL COMPANY, LBL1TED. To be Incorporated under the Companies Statute Limiting the Liability of Shareholders. Capital- JE50, 000, in 10,000 Shares of £5 each. (With power to increase.) Deposit, 10s. per Share ou application, and 10s. on Allotment. No Call to exceed 20s. per Share, or to be made at a shorter interval than three months. Provisional Directory. Geo. Stevenson, Esq. (Messrs. L. Stevenson & Sons). James Graham, Esq. (Messrs. Graham Brothers and Co.) Gideon S. Lang, Esq., St. Kilda. James Wilson. Esq., St. Kilda. George Fairbairn, Esq., Mount Sturgeon. H. Selwyn Smith, Esq.. Melbourne. The Hon. Capt. M'Mahon, M.L.A. W. K. Thompson, Esq. (Messrs. Jame3 M'Ewan and Co.) John Coldhara, Esq., J.P., Grassdale. G. C. Levey, Estf., M.L.A. L. S. Christie, Esq. (Messrs. Christie & Co , Ballaarat). John M'Kenzie, Esq., Melbourne. Lloyd Taylor, Esq., Architect, Melbourne. Hastings Cuuingham, Esq. (Messrs. Cuningham and M'Credie). Joe Learoyd, Esq., Melbourne. With power to add to their number. Bankers. Bank of Australasia. Solicitors. Messrs. Klingender, Charsley, & Liddle. Brokers. Messrs. Gavin G. Brown &Co., Hall of Commerce, Melbourne. Prospectuses and further information can be obtained from D. Melville, Esq., sharebrokcr, or Mr. P. B. Fox, Adelaide, Agents for this District. ? 131c EDUCATION, ADELAIDE INSTITUTION for the EDUCATION of YOUNG LADES, Pennington-terrace, North Adelaide. Lady Superintendent, Mrs. J. M. BELL. The School will be Reopened on Monday, 9th July. Application for Boarders to be made tc Mrs. Beli. at the Institution. lS0mwf92v95 MRS. THORNBER, UnleyPark. The School will Ve Reopened on Tuesday, th- 10th of July, 1866, ? ISfomtf) NOTICE OF REMOVAL, OSSORY, PROSPECT VILLAGE, North Adelaide. MISS MITCHELL having Removed to thL healthily-situated and commodious Residence has increased Accommodation for Boarders. Pupils will Reassemble on Monday, the 16tl instant. ? lSScr90c NORWOOD GRAMMAR SCHOOL. The Pupils are requested to Reassemble on Monday, July 9.   187-90 THOMAS CATERER.     ? T EFEVRE-TERRACE, NORTH ' Xi ADELAIDE. ESTABLISHMENT for the EDUCATION of i YOUNG LADD25. 1 Conducted by Mrs. IVE. The Duties ef this Establishment will t Resumed on Monday, the 9th inst 185fin90 I l\/fARRYATVILLE, KENSINGTON 1 1VX Mrs. ARTHUR GLIDDON'S PUPIL 5 will Resume then- School Duties on Thursday, tli - 12th inst. July 1, 1866. ? 184sm9Q PLENELG EDUCATIONAL INST] . vT TUTK-The Duties of this School will L I Resumed on Monday, July 16. J. MORDEY MITCHELL, F 186-'92v95 ? Principal. * T7UGEN1E COTTAGE, A2Tgas-stkeei Y Hi VlCTORIA-SQUABE. - ESTABLISHMENT for the EDUCATION - * YOUNG LADIES. 7 Conducted by Mrs. FERNELEY. ' The Duties of thb Establishment will be Resume _ Monday, the 9th instant. ? 18T9Q ?} * A LADIES' BOARDING and DA II XJL SCHOOL TO be DISPOSED OF, ar *? entered upen immediately. Apply to Z.Y.3 . Post-Office, Gawler. ? 19O S rpo be DISPOSED OF, -svith imiqedial 1$ X posression. a Licensed FEMALES' SCBOOJ - average Fifty Scholars. For particulars, apply 1 Rp X Y. Z., Post-Otfiee, Echunga. ? xrtm pATHOLIC BOOKS, Just Opened = v^ New Supply Missals and other Prayer Books Walker and Webster's Pronouncing Di :e tionary, by Dr. Longmuir, with key, pri 'e -6s. 6d. er Colenso's Arithmetic m Leadon Journal, vol. 42 ct Leisure Hour, 1865 - Children's Friend, 1865 ib BIBLES, Family and smaller a Vvesley's Hymns in Enquire Within ?ar Dictionary Daily Wants ny PRIZE and other Children s Books Ir. Weale's Series, new supply ? . ' : . ry, - And other Books and Stationery, just openet B 1M-$ BQBHBK'Si-MiKingWiUiuiwtael

FPNEBAL NOTICES. GOOD SAMARITAN LODGE, A.LO.O.F.— The Brothers of the A.LO.O.F., and more especially those of the above Lodge; are requested to meet at Host Blinmau's. London Inn, Flinders-street, on Monday, July 9, at 8 o'clock i.m., for the purpose of proceeding to Mitcham to FOLLOW the REMAINS of our late Brother liEORGE AYLETT to his last resting-place. s WM. MALEY, N.G. rpEE Friends of the late Mrs. EMERY J- are respectfully informed that her REMAINS will leave her late residence, the Scotch Thistle, Kennode-strect, This Day (Monday), at 10 o'clock, for the West-terrace Cemetery. x ' WM. BUNDEY, Undertaker. EELIGIOUS NOTICES. COOPER'S CREEK MISSION TO THE ABORIGINES. The Moravian Missionaries— Messrs. Walder, Meissel, and Kramer— are now about to start for their destination as above. They will be glad to receive DONATIONS of CAST-OFF CLOTHES for the use of both Male and Female Natives in the Far North. Parcels addressed to Mr. Walder may be left at the Store of Messrs. Elder, Smith, and Co., Grenfell-street, in the course of the present week, and will be thankfully receked: as also will pecuniary contributions in support of their Mission. s . ? PUBLIC NOTICES. ? MEETING TO-NIGHT, AT THE HOTEL EUKOPE, of the CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION. A. Hardy. Esq., in the Chair. Shares will be allotted at its close. Meeting to commence at half-past 7 o'clock. Doors open at 7. _x ? J. D. BOURAN, Secretary pro tem. FREE VACCINATION.— DISTRICT OF NORWOOD, KENSINGTON, AND KENT TOWN.-Vaccination every Tuesday, at 2 p.m., at my Surgery. William-street, Norwood. HENRY SCOTT, 185'91v223 ? District Vaccinator. PARIS EXHIBITION OF 1807.— X The SUB-COMMITTEE for the Depart ment of MANUFACTURES being desirous of receiving SPECIMENS of every variety of COLONIAL MANUFACTURED ARTICLES request all who will be able to assist them to com municate by letter with the undersigned, giving particulars of the description of articles they are willing to contribute. In all cases the Coiumiltce will be glad to receive Duplicates for Exhibition in Melbourne. 1(2« ? W. TOWNSEND. Chairman. PARIS AND INTERCOLONIAL EXHIBITIONS. NOTICE. -Intending EXHIBITORS are invited to Forward Articles to the Depot, 75, King William-street, Adelaide, on the following dates (except those articles which have been specially advertised), viz. :— For the Melbourne Exhibition, on or before lsc September next. For the Paris Exhibition, on or bef 30th September next. SAMUEL DEEMING, Secretary. June 21, ISGti. ? ir.tcv Crown Lands Office, Adelaide, July 4, ISuU A PPL1OATIONS will bo received at -t\. this Office until noon of the 12th instant from competent Persons willing to act iu the capacity of a SUB-INSl'ECTOR of SHEEP. The Salary attached to the Appointment, which will only he of a temporary character, will be at the rate of j£300 per annum, with Forage allowance. Applications must bo accompanied by testi monials of qualification. By order. 187m90v E. T. WILDMAN, Secretary. TN the ESTATE of JAMES TYRIE^ X of Adelaide, Builder. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. 1 NOTICE is hereby given that all Creditors of the above-named James Tyrie, who were such Creditors on the 13th day of February. 1SU3, are hereby required, on or berore the 1st day of August next, to LODGE at the Oitice of the undersigned, William Kay, King William-street, Adelaide, full particulars of their CLAIMS against the said James Tyrie up to and inclusive of the above mentioned date. And Notice is hereby further given, that in default of such Creditors lodging the particulars of their respective Claims as afore said, they will be excluded from all paiticipution in the fund intended to constitute a First Dividend iu the above Estate, aud to be payable on the J Hli of August next. PHILIP SANTO, ITrusleesintheEsta e WM. KAY, / of James Tyrie. ? 177'9mh211v DUBLIC NOTICE.— I JAMES X STOBIE having resolved to wind up my Business in Kapunda, hereby cive notice that NO MORI-] CKEDIT will be GIVKN after this day, 31st May. All Outstanding Accouuts must be Paid before the 31st July next. Any remaining after that time will be placed in the hands ef my Solicitor for collection. Kapunda, May 31, 1866. ? 151cv NOTICE.— All PARTIES SIIOOTING or TRESPASSING on my Property, known as Dalkeith Farm, near Noarlunga, Sections Nos. 350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 355. 357. and 347, will be PROSECUTED. Any CATTLE TRKSPASSIN( 1 on the above will be IMPOUNDED after this date. ANDREW HARRIOT, Dalkeith Farm, Noarlunga. July i, 1SC6. ? 187-'94v!)5 NOTICE TO PARTIES TRAVEL LING SHEEP— In consequence of a number of the ISungaree Sheep beiug turned at large, Parties Travelling with Sheep are requested to giie due notice in writing at the Buugaree Home Station. Notices left at Anama, or by post, cannot lw attended to. 180-92v223 ? W. L. BEARE, Manager. I^HE CHROMOTINT. ART-UNION, - 18C6-100 Shares, at £1 Is. each. Prizes, 30 fine Chromotints by eminent artists, handsomely framed and glazed. Now on view at the Grcsham Hotel. Drawing will come oil as soon as the remainder of the tickets are taken. 12oc MINING NOTICES. T YNDOCH VALLEY MINING Xi COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that a GENEGAL MEETING of the SHAREHOLDERS of the above Company will be held at the Exchange Hotel, Hindley-sttcct, on Monday, tlie ICth July instant, at 3 o'clock precisely, fur the Considera tion of the Articles of Association of the Company, Election of Directors, &t\, and other business. WM. S. WHITINGTON, 18tm97 ? . Sec, pro tem. SIXTH CREEK GOLD MINING COMPANY. . The FIRST INSTALMENT of Five Shilling per Share, due this day in terms of the Prospectud, must be paid ou or l«fore the 3rd day of August, 1SW5, on Tuesdays and Fridays, between tho home of 10 and 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at tho Secre tary's Office, 2U, Currie-street, Adelaide. C, G, IVE, Secretary, Adelaide, July 4, I860. . 185c 'municipal and district . ? COUNCILS. ? CITY OF ADELAIDE, LICENSING OF PUBLIC VEHICLES AND REGISTRATION OF DOGS. All Public Vehicles plyiiw for Hire in the Oitj must be Licensed and all Unregistered Dogs mus be Registered before the 12th instant. , No Licence will be granted to any person pro posed as Driver of a Vehicle who may be con ? sidered unfit to be entrusted therewith, nor for an; . Vehicle unless hi 6trict conformity with the Publi . Conveyances Act; and no Horse unless able to d the work will be allowed to be used in any License Vehicle. The hours for licensing are from 9 to 12 a.m . and Vehicles sought to be licensed must be brougli for that purpose to the Inspector's Office. By order, W. A. HUGHES, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, ? July 5, 1866. ? IKTrnfiO e TDALANCE- SHEET of the BUIifl ' X- SIDE DISTRICT COUNOLfor the Hal . year ending 30th June, 1866 :— 3 Db. e To Balance at last audit ? £201 5 Rates collected to date .;. ... .... 140 17 Government grant in aid of rates ... 393 6 ] Private subscriptions in aid of Pen fold's and Burnside Village Roads... 50 10 0 Slaughtering licence-fees ? ill Dog legistratien fees ? 1 4 JCS02 15 ] Cb. ', By expenditure on roads as under :— Prescott's-road ? i33 12 0 if Packham's-road ? 50 12 0 Penfold's-road ... ... 51 19 .0 Glen Osmond-road... ... 144 11 0 1 Burnside village ... ... 87 10 0 Magill-road ... ? ... ... Gl 0 0 Fenn's-road ? 99 17 6 IT WaterhouseVroad ? 12 0 d Frew's-road ? 0 16 0 Shipster's-road ? 81 15 0 r 635 15 Salary, Clerk and Surveyor ? 50 0 0 Auditors ? 2 2 ? Rent of Council-room ? ... 3 0 1 Advertising ? ... 8 6 Printing ? 1 12 Stationery ... ? 0 14 Petty cash ? ... ? 1 10 a Balance in Bank- ? £94 19 7 Less accounts outstanding 7 16 0 . ' ? — ? 8i 3 c- In hand ... ... . ... 1511 £802 15 Audited and found corrett, this 6th July, 1866. JNO. HOWARD CLARK, \Anditn. xv JAMES SMITH, jAnditoi PORT ADELAIDE 'REGISTER AND 'OBSERVER' BRANCH OFFIC - NOTICE. -The BRANCH OFFICE of thi Papers hss been REMOVED from the Compan Gate to theCOMMERCIAIrROAB, between at Bouth Australian Bank and the Exchange Hotel . ? 78cv .:; ; F. H. BIX, A«ent '*'??? ? '? I -?? ' .. ... .

LAND AUCTION NOTICES. A BSTRACTof GREEN& WADHAM'S ?i-\. JULY LAND AUCTION SALE, To be held in THE LAND MART, ADELAIDE, on FRIDAY. JULY 13, AT 11 O'CLOCK i'EEOISEIit. Lot. TOWN PROPERTIES. 2. COTTAGES and LAND, WAYMOUTH STREET (near to). SUBURBAN PROPERTIES. 4, 5, and 6. Br Order of the Exioutobs or TllOS. S.YUNDEB8, DECEABED. 4. HOUSE, LAND, ScTHINDMARSH. 5. HOUSE and LAND, ChapmaB-street, HIND MAES1L 6. COTTAGE and LAMD. HINDMARSH. 17. BLOCK of LAND, U1NDMARSH. 18. BUILDINGS. LAND. &c, HINDMARSH. 19. BUILDING, LAND. Hi, ^INDMARSH. 20. COTTAGES and LAND, HINDMARSU. 21. COTTAGE and LAND, HINDMARSH. 22. COTTAGE aud LAND, HINDMARSH. 23. COTTAGE and LAND OJ Acres), HACKNEY. 24. NINE ALLOTMENTS of LAND, ISUNU TON. COUNTRYPiibPERTIES. 1. BUILDING SITES. ATUELSTONE. 7. SECTION 252 (119 Acres), GRACE. 8. SECTION 283 (120 Acres), GRACE, it. SECTION 284 (74 Acres). GRACE. 10. SECTION 2S5 (204 Acres), GRACE. 11. SECTION 288 (13S Acres), GRACE. 12. SECTION 2S9 (137 Acres), GRACE. 13. SECTION 400, part of (550 Acres), GRACE. 14. SECTION 401. part of (3(50 Acres), GRACE. 15. SECTION 1060 (18 Acres), O'UALLORAN Hllilt. For full particulars, see current advertisements in REGISTER and OBSERVER Newspapers on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. 185cv LAND AND HOUSES. GREEN & W A D fl A M, LAND AGENTS AND LAND AUCTIONEERS. LANDED PROPERTIES VALUED. LANDED PR0PKRTD2S SURVEYED. PLANS Furnished and TOWNSHIPS LAID OUT. Plans of Townships. Hundreds, &c, &c.| throughout tho COLONY always open for inspec tion. nt)USES STORES, LAND SECTIONS, &c, LET or LEASilD. EXCHANGE LAND MART And Laud Offices, King William-street LAND, LOAN, AND GENERAL COMMISSION OFFICES. OOVPRVMFNT ) Purchased in accordance with SIMONS f tho instructions of parties bhOlloas I absent from Adelaide. GOVERNMENT ^Purchased and Ixit on Lease, SECTIONS / with Right of Purchase. SPECIAL NOTICE. GREEN k WADHAM'S ADVERTISEMENTS appear in the ' KEtJISTEK' Newspaper ou MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, and m tho 'OBSERVER' of Saturday. lev GREEN & WAIMIAM. Land Agenta. FARMING LAND. *' MESSRS. GREEN & WADHAM HAVE FOR SALE BLOCKS OF LAND from FIVE HUNDRED FIVE THOUSAND ACRES. HUNDKED OF YATALA, 960 ACRES, Fenced and Subdivided, EIGHT MILES FROM ADELAIDE. nUNDllEDS OF POUT ADELAIDE and POUT GAWLEU 2,5)00 ACRES, on the GAWLEli RIVER, Subdivided into convenient Paddocks, Sheep-proof Fence. HUNDRED OF GRACE, 3,800 ACRE^. on the RIVER LIGHT, Fenced and subdivided into Paddocks, with Sheep-proof Fence. HUNDRED OP DALKEY, j 2,000 ACRES, well situated, SEVERAL PADDOCKS FENCED. j Messrs. (JREEN & WADHAM are instructed I by U. B. FISHER, Esq., to Kell the above- Lunda iu Blocks of Five Hundred Acres or upwards. CliEDITat EIGHT PER CENT., if required PLANS can be had on application. greenTwaduam have also SECTIONS OR BLOCKS OF LAND FOR SALE, a3follo\VB, namoly— \393 ACRES, _HUNDRED OF I1ALL. 1,808 ACRES (Green's Plains), HUNDREB OF KULPARA. 6,600 ACRES, HUNDRED OF BLYTH. 4,000 ACRES, HUNDRED OF HANSON. The above land will bo sold in si ogle Sections, if required, and on very easy terms. PLANS : can be had on application at the offices of Messrs. Green & Wadliam, Adelaide. 130inbcv IVER TORRENS.— RESIDENCE!' VINEYARD, &c.-This Property is situated at ATIIEIjSTONE, about seven miles from town, and consists of SEVENTEEN ACRES of LAND. i about Six Acres of which have been laid out anil planted with Vines and Fruit-Trcus now in full Ixsarimr, tho remainder being under crop. Tho HOUSE, which is substuntiallybullt of Stone and Brick, contains Eight Rooms with Cellar. Them I are also Stable. Shod. Well of Water, &c. It la mown as Mr. Beiln'ST s. GREEN & WADHAM. Land Agents. Exchange Land Ollicets, King William-street. 188rmh200 WO bo LET, near TOWN HALL, J- Waymouth-placc, adjoining Messrs. Hart and liniilies'.s Stores, Wayinouth-strcet. New WAREHOUSE, well finished, first-rute Cellar, 70 cct long, thoroughly drained; Sheda, large Yard. ; Separate entrance. Apply to John Bullock, or , S. R. HalL 157mwfc rpo be LET, tho Extensive STORES X and PREMISES in IUNDLKY-BTRKKT, - lately in the occupation of Messrs. Kelsey & Trcw. CHAS. ROWLAND, 137mhc 33, Kin« William-street. rpo bo LET, a GENERAL STORE, X with DWELLING and Garden attached, In 1 NORWOOD, doing a Jirst-rate Rising Buainew*. To a person having a capital of n few Hundred , Pound*, this would bo a splendid Investment. t Apply at the William-street Store. 185c TO be LET, ono or tho whole of tho WAREHOUSES now in thi occupation of f he undersigned in WAYMOUTli-STREET. b 163c T. REYNOLDS. 1 npO bo LET, tho GRAZING of JL LEIGH'S CREEK RUN, in the North, for - twelve months, or a longer period if preferred, with I the use of Huts, Stockyards, Wells, Troughs, &c The Run contains about 275 Square Miles ot Country, and has on it at the present time an abundance of feed and water. Possession may be had at ence. For further particulars, apply to lleriot, Fullar ~ ton, & Co. f' Adelaide. June 16. 1M8. ? 169''95v 1^0 be LET, for a Short Term. - ERSK1NE COTTAGE, SOUTH-TERRACE „ West, containing Six Rooms, Washhonse, and ,, Cellar; formerly occupied by the Rev. James II Lyall, and now by Mr. E. H. Simpson, to whom Q apply at tho South Australian Company's Oflicea, q North-terrace; ? _^ ? 188c 0 'FO be LET, a Six-Roomed HOUSE, , X with Garden attached, about two Acres, at 11 WALKERVILLE. Apply to H. Foote, Victoria Hotel, Hindley-street 142c Six-Roomed HOUSE TO bo LET, on LEFEVRETERRACE. Apply to 177c JOHN T. BAGOT. BUNS AND STOCK. STORE SHEEP FOR SALE in Lota to suit Purchasers. Also, Bemo Qrst-rato n young RAMS. 0 235cv G. BENNETT. Adelaide OR SALE, 2,000 Two, Four, and Six Tooth EWES, in good condition. toLamh 1st June. Proportion as follows :-l,000 Twc~. C tooth, 500 Four-tooth, and £00 Six-tooth. For further particulars, apply to JKJmwfcv LLOYD HERBERT, Strathalbyn. l0 . ? PRODUCE ? « T?IRST-CLASS Screw-pressed Wieaten i- HAY for Sale. W. Blactder, Port. 137-228 a. WOOL, HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, Ac, _ TV PURCHASED at the Highest Markit '~ Price by '' UTcv JOHN TAYLOR k SON Thebarttm. ?e WOOL, HIDES, SHEEPSKINS* y's VV SHANKBONES, TALLOW, &c, PURi CHASED by the undersigned in Adelaide, or by