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The population has been again augmented by the arrival of 388 souls by the above vessel, which is one of the superior class recently selected by the Commissioners. She is 810 tons register, and from

the space in 'tween decks is computed to carry 333 statute adults. She has almost that number on board, having embarked 389 souls at Plymouth, and sailed on October 3, with Dr. C. H. Graham as Surgeon-Superintendent This appointment has also been a happy one, for under Providence his care and watchful attention have resulted in an arrival with a clean bill of health, no serious sickness having occurred, and but six deaths are recorded, entirely amongst the juveniles. On the other hand, there was one birth. On the usual visit of inspection the greatest satisfaction was expressed. It must be noted that Dr. Graham has been constantly in the service for 11 voyages, and consequently had considerable experience. His efforts were seconded by the adaptability of the ship to emigration purposes and the ready coales- cence of the master (Captain Wight) in carrying out the regulations. The ventilator of Dr. Edmunds was fitted to the Gosforth, and found fully to answer all expectations, keeping the 'tween decks perfectly supplied with fresh air; but the distiller of Normanby is not so well spoken of as on previous occasions. But this has probably proceeded from some of the machinery or tubes becoming defective. It is to be regretted that the old arrangement of the single females' compartment is still retained especially as it has been a subject of constant   complaint during the past few months. It would be so easily remedied that surprise has been ex- pressed that the fore-and-aft bulkhead had not been long ago condemned, for it only muddles the lower deck into a couple of long narrow strips of space, instead of affording the whole width of the vessel's beam. This, however, will doubtless

be altered in some of the next arrivals. The par- ticularsof trades and national classification an subjoined:— English.— Thomas, Jemima, Elizabeth, Jemima   and Harriet Alman, Bennett, Louisa, Bennett, and Mary Andrews, James, Mary, and Josiah Angove Richard Angwin, William, Prudence, James, and Susan Argall, Mary Barsby, John, Sarah, Elizabeth Hannah, and Sam Barsby, Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Mary A., Eliza, and James Bate, John Elizabeth, and Thomas Bawden, Thomas, Jane, William, Morris, Elizabeth, and Thomas Bawden, Benjamin, Emily, Eliza, and Noah Beard, William, Johanna, and Elizabeth Blackmore, Elizabeth and Tam Blake, Hannah Board, John Boase, Edward Bray, James, Sarah, James and Mary Bray, William, Mary, and James Bray, John, Jane, John, Sam., and Benjamin Brokensha, Nathaniel Brokensha, William Browne, inft- Henry Arthur, Selina, and Henry Burford, William Candy, Sam. Cheynoweth, James, Mary, Sampson, and Ellen Cheynoweth, William, Mary, John, and Thomas Cooke, John Collett, James, Mary, James, and Mary Collins, Fred., Leonora, and Fred. Colton, Joseph Coomb, John, Mary, and Elizabeth Coombe, Nichs. Cradick, William and Mary Crocker, William, Mary, and William Crocker, Ann Curtis, Henry, Susan, and Henry Dabb, Henry, Jane, and Anne Daniel, Thomas Daniel,   Henry, Temperance, Elizabeth, and Louisa Davey, William and Bridget Daw, George Dolphin, John Eastlake, Peter Eddy, Thomas, Jane, Thomas, and Mary Edwards, Joseph and Margaret Ellerway, Jane Elliott, Simon, Jane, and Richard Ellis, William Fricker, Albert George, Joel, Martha, and Lavinia Gill, George Goldsworthy, Charles and Elizabeth Gray, John and Susan Grose, Mary Hancock, Edward Hancock, Henry Harris, James Harris, John, Mary, Mary, and Ann Hardey, William Haswell, William Hawke, William Hawke, John and Keziah Hibber, John Hippsley, John Hiser, Richard, Edmund, and Elizabeth Hocking, James and Jane Hodgkinson, Harriet Holveady, John Huddy, John, Ann, William, Rebecca, Sarah, Emily, John, Edward, and Mary James, William, Elizabeth. William, and William H. Jenkin, George, Jane, Mary, John, and George Johns, Thomas and Joseph Jones, Jeremiah Jose, Ellen, George, Harriet, David, Grace, David, Sarah, William, Edward, and Henry Harkeet, Richard Kempe, John and Mary Kinsman, James Kuigo, William, Keziah, Thomas, Mary A., Charlotte, and George Lane, John Lawrence, John Leggo, Richard, Grace, and James Legoe, William Long, Joseph, Martha. Mary, Joseph, and Lavinia Longley, Richard Lowry, James Luke, Thomas Marshall, James, Elizabeth, Bessie, and Joseph Marshall, John, Mary, Mary, and William Matthews, John and Catherine Matthews, James, Maria, and Martha Merrifield, John Mills, Martha and Johanna Moon, Thomas Moyle, Mary A., Elizabeth, and Margaret Nankervis, John, Jane, Jane, and Susan Nan- kervis, Matthew and Grace Nettell, Edward Newton, James Nicholas. Samuel Nicholls, William Nix, Samuel Noel, David and Henrietta Norman, William, Charlotte, Amy, and Martha Norman, Joseph Northy, Jane Noy, William H. Oliver, Jane and Harriet Osborne, Edward, Eliza, Eliza, John, Edward, and Mary Parkes, Henry Parkyer, William Pascoe, Martin Pascoe, Ann Pearce, Catherine Perkin, Elizabeth Phillips, John and Elizabeth Phillips, John, Ann, James, Catherine, Elijah, Thomas, and Sam. Phillips, Benjamin Phillips, George, Helen. George, and Agnes Phillips, Emily Piper, James Polkinghorne, William Polkinghorne. Thomas and Ellen Price, John, Ann, Elizabeth, and Mary Prisk, John Rabery, Joshua Renowden, Henry Renowden, Rd. Richards, Jas. and Frances Richards, Wm., Elizabeth, Agnes, and D. Robertson, J. H. Rowe. James Rowe, James and Eliza Rowe, John and Mary Rowe, Zachariah Sanders, William and Mary Sanders, Reuben and Elizabeth Scrase, Henry Sewell, John Short, Elizabeth Sprague, John Stadden, Frederick, Elizabeth, Alfred, and James Stevens, Thomas and Sarah Stevens, Frederick and Louisa Tate, Francis and Jane Thomas. Samuel Thomas, Joseph, Susannah, Mary, and Joseph Trebilcock, Francis Trengove, Alfred Tresize, Ellen Trevarrow, Joseph, Ellen, and Joseph Trewartha, John and Jane Treweek, Nicholas and Grace Uren, Susan Veator, George Vowles, William Walker, James Wall, Walter Walters. Richard and Eliza- beth Walters, Catherine Warren, Mary Warring, Henry White. William Wilkinson, Elijah Williams. William Wills, William and Alice Wills, George and Eliza Wills, Thomas, Nanny, Francis, and Thomas Woolcock, Richard Woolcock. Scotch.—William Annes, Mary Carlow, George Carlow, George, Jean, and Margaret Carlow, Ro- bert Cumming, Simon and Alice Dalgleish, Cathe- rine Flause, John, Bannerina, David, and George Forsyth, John Forsyth, Barbara, Georgina, and Ann Forsyth, David Heddle, James Meldrum, Edward McKay, Fred. McLachlan, James McLean, Donald McLeod, Alison Robertson, David Robert- son, George Samson, Andrew Scott. Irish.— Thomas Gorby, Margaret Rayle. English — Adults, 267; children between 1 and 12, 75; infants, 10 ; total, 358. Scotch- Adults, 25; children between 1 and 12, 2; infants, 1 ; total, IS. Irish-Adults, 2; total 2. Grand total, 388; equal to 332½ statute adults. Bootmakers 3, miners 75, tindressers 2, servants 24. sawyers 2, labourer 42, blacksmiths 13, farm labourers and ploughmen 3, matron 1, dressmaker 1, masons 4, nurses 2, gardeners 3, collier 1, carpenters 4, plumber 1, hatter 1, chairmaker   1, cooks 3, joiners 2, porter 1, groom 1, plasterer 1, engine-driver 1, bricklayer 1, railway labourer 1, engineer 1, cabinetmaker 1, bakers 2, painter 1. Married males 81, married females 81, single males 100, single females 32. Children between 1 and 12— males, 41 ; females 36. Infants -males 9, females 8. Some of the domestic servants are very highly recommended, and will doubtless find immediate employment.