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LONDON-Cherokec early. CALCUTTA— Atalanta, early. MELBOURNE-Aldinga, this day. SYDNEY— Amatfiiir. n:irlv.

NEWCASTLE-Comiueror, Fairfield, early. NEW ZEALAND-PakcUa. Uamilla. catly. ... . :? - - SAILED. May23-ALBERT, schooner, for Kingscote. - 24-EMILY SMITH, brig, for Fretnantle. jfl^AlVtATEUJ^thisq-Masted; sfcliooner, for 24-iILY, irig, Tor Newcastle. PURT CAROLINE SHIPPING. Arrived. May 14— Swallow, cutter, 40 tons, J. Lewis, master, from Port Adelaide. Passengers— Mr. U. K Richardson ami four others. May 21-Ai.dtnga, steamer, 291 ton.', J. Steuart. master, from Melbourne, with captain and crew to rig the schooner Boomerang. Bailed. ' ' May 17— Swallow, cutter. 40 tons, J. Lewi*, master, for Port Adelaide, via Victor Harbour. -Passengers— Mr. 0. K. Richardson, Rev. Basil Craig, M.A., Mr. Hack, and T. Mulligan. ; iMay 21-ALDitfCA. steamer, 281 tons, J. Steuart, - master, for Port Adelaide.

NOTICE TO MARINERS. Australia— East Coast. Rock off Great Palm Island. The following information has been received at the Admiralty relative to a dangerous rock recently discovered by H.M.S. Salamander, Acting Com- mander D. Young, off the north-east point of Great Palm Island, on the east coast of Australia. The rock, which has been named the Hayman, is in lat. 18° 43' 30" S., long. 146° 43' 30" E., rather more than two miles off the north-east point of Great Palm Island, and nearly in the track of vessels; when first observed, a slight break of the sea only was visible, but on a nearer approach the rock was distinctly seen. Its north-east part is awash at low water, and from it the centre of the     White Rock— off the south-east point of the Great Palm Island— bears S.E. ¼ S., distant three miles; the south-east point of Great Palm Island S. ¼ E., two and a quarter miles: and the north-east point of Great Palm Island W. ¼ N., two and a quarter miles. From its north-east part the rock extends in a S. W. direction at least 100 yards and about 20 yards in breadth, with three and four and a half fathoms water on it shelving to nine fathoms. Between it and the Great Palm Island there are 10 and 13 fathoms; and eastward of it 15 fathoms, mud. No landing could be effected on account of the sea. The approximate rise of tide at springs may be eight or 10 feet. When bound to the northward and closing the Palm Islands, bring the centre of the northern- most island to bear N.W. by W. ½ W., and steer for it until the north-east point of Great Palm Island bears W. by S. ; then keep a little westward to avoid the Zebra and other doubtful shoals on the north. [All bearings are magnetic. Variation 6' 55' east in 1 ? 66.] By command of their Lordships. Geo. Henry Richards, Hydrographer. Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, London, February 19, 1866. This notice affects the following Admiralty Chart :—Australia. East Coast, Sheet 16, No. 2349.   Also, Australia Directory, Vol. II., pp. 148, 149. VESSELS IN HARBOUR. ALDINGA, steainer (British), 291 tons, J. Steuart, master, from Melbourne. J. Darwent. Town; J. Pnrmby, Port, agetits. Company's Wharf. AMELIA, schooner (British), 4U tons, Osbome, master, from Kangaroo Island. Robin and Jxi Messurier, agents. Company's Wharf. ATALANTA, ship (British) Sttu tons John G. Ballingall, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. In the Stream. CAMILLA, schooner (British), 191 tons. B. Whyte, master, from Hohart Town. F. J. Beck and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. CHEROKEE, ship (British), i52 tons, Archibald Torrence, master, from Wallaroo. Philip Levi and Co., agents. In the Stream. CHEVIOT, barque, (British), 501 tons, J. Hender son, master, from London. Joseph Stilling, Town; J. Formby, Port, agents. Princes Wharf. CITY OF BANOOR, barque (American), KWtons, C F. H: Menzies, master, from London. G. P. Harris, agent. Prince's Wharf. CON'QUEKOK, ship (British), 543 tons, George Noel, master, from London. Hariold Brothers, Town; Clelaiuj, Page, and Co., Port, agents. Company's Basin. COUSAIK, barque (British), 410 tons, D. Roes, master, from Liverpool. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Levi' Wharf. CYNTHIA, fore-and-aft schooner (British), 65 tons, Heath, master, from Port Victor. F. B. Jones and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. DAPHNE, schooner (British). 55 tons, W.Crocker, master, from Streaky and Venus Bays. J. Formby, agent. Company's Wharf. EDINBURGH, ship (British). IM.»tons, J. Watt, master, from London. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Levi's Wharf. ELIZA KATE BATESON, brig (British). 103 tons, L. Castle, master, from Newcastle. Captain, agent. Queen's Wharf. P AIRFIELD, ship (British). SU tons, James J, Whiting, m-ster, from Newcastle. 11. Simpson agent. In thi! Stream. FIREFLY, cutter (British). *i tons, H. Coiley, master, from Venus and Streaky Bays. Com pany's Wharf. FREDERICK', barque (British), 171 tons, H. W- more, master, from Launccston. Robin and Le Messurier, agents. 11KM, cutter (British), .v2 tons, E. Lethaby, master from Port Victor. J. Darwent, Town; R. and R. Alain, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. GOOLW A, steamer (British). llUtons, from Port Augusta and Port Lincoln. Philip Levi and Co., Town; J. W. Smith, Port, auents. In the Stream. KANGAROO, schooner (British), 70 tons, T. Checsemau, waster, put back dismasted. Robin and Le Messurier, agents. Company's Wharf. LUBRA, steamer (British), 220 tons, McCoy, master, from Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. J. Darwent, Town; J. Stilliug and Co., Port, uecnts. Company's Wharf. MALCOLM, brigantine (BriMsh), LS-J tons, P. Anderson, master, from 'Hobart Town. J. Newman and Son, n.uenU. NANCY, schooner (British), '.{(I tons, Firmnonds, master, from Cape Jervis and Rapid Bay. Company's Wharf. OMAGll, barque (British). 352 tons, Robert Hodgson, master, from .Newt-astfe. T. Whin nerali. Town ; J. Formby, Port, agent. Queen's Wharf. PAKEHA, brig (British), 173 tons, Robinson. master, from Auckland, S.Z. C. L. Meyer and (to., Town: J.Newman and Son, Port, agents. Queen's Wharf. SOUTHERN CROSS, ship (British), 0'6S tons. C. McDonald, muster, from Pu^ct Sound. Win. Youughusbaud, Jim., and Co., agents. In the Stream. PIONEER, brigantine (British), 15S tons, Alex Hunter, master, from Belfast. A. F. Christen n ? Co., agents. Company's Wharf. SEINE, barque (French), StiS tons, A. Varringot, master, from St. Antonio Neuvo, via Sydney. Philip Levi and Co., Town and Port, agents. Levi's Wharf. EIMAC, ship (British). 503 tons, J. Johustone, master, from Liverpool. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Company's Basin. SPEC, brig (British). 25S toiiB, J. B. Sydaerf, master, from Newcastle. H. Simpson, agent. Copper Company's Wharf. SWALLOW, cutter (British), 40 tons, J. Lewis, master, from Lacepede Bay. Company's Wharf. SYREN, brig (British), 157 tons, R. McEachcm, master, from Launceston. (1. A. and H. Bartleet, Town; Anthony and Bartlect, Port, Agents. Company's Wharf. WILLIAM, brigantine (Kritish). 1S8 tons, Peter Dickson, master, from Newcastle. W. Youni husband, Jun., ami Co., agents. Queen's Wharf. YOUNG CHIEF, cutter (British). 15 tons, G. McKay, master, from Port Wakerield. F. B. .Jones and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. AT THK LlOHTSIUV. HINDOOSTAN. barque (British), 479 tons, T. Williamson, master, from Newcastle. F. Clark and Sons, Town; Scott and Little, Port, agents. VESSELS EXPECTED. From London. ALOHYMIST, Ahier, master, sailed Feb. !). BEATRICE, Markham, master, sailed March 6. BRITISH LION, Smith, master, sailed March '26. COON ATTO, Begg, master, loading March 2tf. CRESS WELL, Aitcheson, master, Eailed Feb. 9. DUSTY MILLER, Parry, master, sailed Mar.2i EARL OF SOUTHESK, Connor, master, sailed Feb. 20. ERNESTINE, Fillam, master, loadins March 26. JR8SIE I8ABELL, Ocliiltree, master, loading March 26. JESSICA. Williams, master, ssiled Feb. 22. LORD NELSON, Boyes, master, sailed March 20. OCTAVIA, Bristow, master, sailed March G. ORIENT, Harris, master, loading March 26. PEKINA, Orchard, master, loading March 2G. PERCY DOUGl_*S, Hanton, master, sailed Feb. 13. PHILIP NELSON. -Nelson, master, loading March 26. ST. LEONARDS, Franklin, master, loading March 28. RUMMERLEE. Hughes, master, sailed Jan. 13. THAMES, Clark, master, loading Match 26. FnoM Plymouth. CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE, Frazer, master. sailed March 13. with 443 Government and assisted emigrants. Fbom Liverpool. MURRAY (steamer), Johnstone, master, tailed Feb. 3. yiC.VP. OF BRAY, Barclay, master, loading March 26. From Adam Bat. BEATRICE, H.M.S., Lieutenant Howard. Fhoh Hobart Town. ADONIS, to sail May 15. UNION. Wi«. 8ailedMayl2. From Newcastle. BRILLIANT, sailed May 10. CASSINA, barque, sailed May 10. . '? Fbom Brisbane. PBAIBIE, brig, sailed May 3.