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ABRIVED. Friday. April. 6.

COORONG. Steamer, 301 tons, W. McLean, master, from Melbourne April 3, via Warr- nambool April 4. J. Darwent, Town; J. Formby, Port. agents. Passengers— Rev. Mr. Millard, Mrs.

Millard, family (6), and servant, Rev. Mr. Rigg, Mrs. Rigg, family (2), and servant, Mrs, Miss, and Master Bagot, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wathen, Mr. and Mrs. W. Currie, Mrs. Reynard, Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Wheeler, Mrs. Ward. Miss Clyde, Miss Bab- bage, Dr. Mayo, Messrs. Wooldridge, Auld, Lang, Allney, Stevens, D. Nesbitt, and Hart, in the cabin; and 21 in the steerage. . . , ABBIVED COASTWISE. ? Friday, April 0. FLINDERS, Government schooner, J. Melville, master, from the lighthouses. ENTERED OUTWARDS. Friday. April 6. _ _. FREDERICK, barque. 171 tons, H. W. Wig-, more, master, for Melbourne via Port MacDon nell. R. Tapley, agent PKINCK PATRICK, schooner, 123 tons, Henry Patching; master, for Melbourne via Port Wu lunga. Bobin and LeMessurier. agents. COORONG. steamer, 304 tons, W. McLean, matter, for Melbourne. J. Darwent, Town; J. formby, Port, agents. CLEARED OUT COASTWISE. Friday, April & DAPHNE^ schooner, 55 tons, W. Crocker, master, for Venus and Streaky Bays. peojectedIdepabtures. LONDON— Harwich, Cherokee, Clara Noyello, MADRAS— Trevelyan, early. MELBOURNE -Cooronz. this day; Prince Patrick, Frederick, early. NEWCASTiiE-Reindeer, early. SYDNEY— Prosper©, early. BRBBANE-Iaabelfa, early. SAILED. April 6-ALWYNTON, barque, for London. e-PAClFIU. barque, for Sydney. 6-FIKE QUEEN, ship, for Shanghai. tf-DAPHNE, schooner, for Venus and Streaky Bays. IMPORTS. COORONG -From Melbourne: 3 bdls. marble mantelpieces, 3 cases marble, Robin and Le Mes Burier; 50 boxes, 13 cases, (Whyte, Counsel), am Co. ; 2 bags corks, 1 case, Ktpley Webb and Co. ; 7 da sardines, W. Morgan and Co. ; 1 do. haidware, B. Hall; 31 do. cheese, 10 bags oysters, Wiyzell; 1 tub, Main and Geyer; least, Bickford and Son; 3 bag* oysters, T. Mill; 3 do. do., F. Lawrence; 1 case, Donaldson, Andrews, and Sharland; 1 box, A. Ban; 8 pkga. boots and shoes. F. W. Lower; 4 do. do.. J. M. Stacy; 4 do. do.. Bean Brothers; 13 empty hhds., J. Newman and Co. ; 1 truss, S. May field and Son; 3pkgs., 1 parcel, Me Arthur, Kings borough, and Co.; 1 case, J. Scott: 2 hhds., B. Dodgson; 2 cases iron, Pad man and Co.; 1 do., Faulting and Co. ; 3 pkgs., J. Stilling and Co. ; IN wine baskets, W. J. Bailey ; 2 cases, G. and R. Wills and Co. ; 2 do., D. and J. Fowler: 52 empty hhds., U and KPitt; 1 horse, Cleland; 14 do., Alston; 10 do., Stevens; 6 do., Nesbitt; 1 parcel, Howell; 1 do., J. Harvey; 1 do., Platts; 1 do., Commodore Wiseman; 1 do., Lyall; 1 do., Duryea: 1 do., Skelton. Carter, and Co.; 1 do., A. Malcolm; 3 cases, 10 casks tallow, Order. From Warrnam booh 1,338 bags potatoes, 63 bap onions, 32 kegs butter, H. Haussen. VICTOR HARBOUR SHIPPING. Arrived. April 4— Alexandra, brig, 297 tons, W. R, Stevenson, master, from Port Adelaide. Cargo— 200 bags flour, Giles and Smith. Same Day — Crinoline, schooner, 60 tons, O'Hara, master, from Port Adelaide. Cargo General merchandise and settlers' stores. MELBOURNE SHIPPING. Arrived. April 2 -Flying Squirrel and Jet, schooners, from Port MacDonnelL Same Day— Exonia, schooner, from Willunga. Sailed. March 30— Ad Bevoir, schooner, for Adelaide. Cleared Odt. March 28— Pilot, schooner, for Port Mac- Donnell. March 29— Catherine, barque, for Guichen Bay. Same Day— Gulnabe, schooner, for Port Ade- laide via Port Fairy and Victor Harbour. SYDNEY SHIPPING. Arrived. March 28-Schah Jeean, from Wallaroo. March 29— Adolfh, brig, from Adelaide. Same Day— Meander, from Adelaide. MISCELLANEOUS. Omitted from the manifest of the Benvenob 49 pkgs., J. M. Anderson ; 102 do., Goodi Brothers. The Bed Light on the Semaphore Jetty. In answer to a paragraph in our shipping news or this subject, a conespondent writes :— The fiwi red light consisted of one of the Lightship's Argand lamps and silvered reflectors. The new light consists of three of the Stutt lights, lamps, and three reflectors. In fact, the lamps and reflec tors, though not of the newest description, are ol excellent quality and of sufficient intensity. J colouring lights there is a greatSloss of power. In red shades four-sevenths of the power is lost, in green more than five-sevenths; but as it is not intended that the jetty light should be seen more than six miles, the loss of intensity is therefore of little consequence. The commander of the Flinders saw the liftht on Thursday night at six miles, although it was very hazy. Probably your correspondent estimates the intensity of the light b- viewing it from a boat at a short distance, con sequently oelow the plane of the focal centre.' The Coorong arrived on Friday morning at day ' light, when Captain McLean steamed into a capital position close to the jetty end. and courteously waited several minutes to allow the boardin officers time to pull off. The passage from Mel bourne has been quite a pleasure trip, smooth water and fine weather being the orders of the day. The Government Schooner Flinders returned on Friday morning, and cruised about the anchor age while the master landed for orders; and on the afternoon's tide she sailed into harbour. THE Fire Queen —The adventures of the beach rangers would form quite a readable book if taken in hand by some nautical writer who could enter fully into the spirit of the amphibious existence passed by those erratic creatuies. There may be uarkboisterousnightsto contend with occasionally, but there are also some pleasant recollections awakened by dwelling on farewell entertainments, where the masters and friends pass a few happy hours, as on board the Fire Queen on Thursda night. Captain Duggan was here many years bock in the Truro, when he married an Adelaide lady: and in consequence became somewhat identified with the interests of the colony-so much so that the intention of the Fire Queen's voyage was to have laaded for London; but finding homeward cargoes not availrble, she was hud on for China. When ready for sea a few choice spirits visited the ship, and after a cold collation proceeded to drink the health of Captain Thomas Duggan. The response was that of a sailor; and, a few other matters pertinent to the occasion being discussed, the guests left with a round of cheers. Early the following morning the ship sped on her way, to return again at the end of the year. VESSELS IN HARBOUR. ALBERT, schooner (British). 30 tons, Swiggs. master, from Kangaroo Island. Company's Wharf. BANDA, ehip(BritishX 481 tons, A. Morris, master. from London. W. Younghusband, Jun., am (X, agents. Prince's Wharf. BENVENUE, barque (British), 414 tons, J. Harris, master, from London. Harrold Brothers, Town ; Cleland. Page, and Co., Port, agents. CLARA NOVELLO, barque (British), 512 tons, J. Hingston, master, from Wallaroo. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Prince's Wharf. COORONG. steamer (British), 304 tone, W. McLean, master, from Melbourne. J. Darwent, Town; J. Foimby, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. CYCLONE, ship (British), 595 tons, Alex. Bruce, master, from Port Angelos, Puget Sound. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co., agents. Com pany's Basin. ECLIPSE, schooner (British). 63tons. Greenslade, master, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. ELLEN LEWIS, barque (British), 336 tons, S. Hellon, master, from Adam Bay, Northern Territory. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co., agents. In the Stream. FAIRFIELD, ship (British). 634 tons. James J. Whiting, master, from Newcastle. H. Simpson agent. Fletchers Slip. FREDERICK, barque (British), 171 tons. Henry W. Wiamore, master, from Circular Head. B. Tapley, agent. Company's Wharf. FBBBBBliKJB, schooner (British). 99 tons, J. Mesaeiry, master, from Streaky Bay, Company'* Wharf. OEM, schooner (British), 99 tons, Dawson, master, from Brisbane. Kobin and Le Messurier anc H. Crawford, agents. Company's Wharf. GEM, cutter (British). 52 tons, E. Lethaby, master from Port Victor. J. Darwent, Town; B. and B. Main, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. GOOLWA, steamer (British), lib' tons, from Port Augusta and Port Lincoln. Philip Levi and Co., Town; J. W. Smith. Port, agents. In the Stream. HARWICH, ship (British). 613 tons. Edward Kitching, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Basin. HEVERSHAM, barque (British). 489 tons, W. R. Pearce, master, from Hew York. T. Graves, Town: J. M. Sinclair, Port, agents. Queen's Wharf. ISABELLA, barque (British), 194 tons, W. Walker, master, from Bird Island. H. Haussen, agent. Queen's Wharf. LETTY, schooner (British), 150 tons, G. Coleman, master, from Port Augusta and Franklin Har bour. In the Stream. MOUNTAIN MAID (British), brig. 193 tons, William Peverly, master, from Sydney. H. D. Dale, agent NANCY, schooner (British), 30 tons, Simmonds, master, from Yankalilla. Company's Wharf. OMEO, Khooner (British), 40 torn, H. Wills, master, from Tunby Bay. PRINCE ARTHUR, barque (British), 544 tons. Thomas Thompson, master, from Liverpool. PhUipLeri and Co.. agents. Levi's Wharf. PRINCE PATRICK, schooner (British). 128 tons, Henry Patching, master, from Port Frederick. Kobin and Le Messurier, Town and Port, agents. Company's Basin. PROSPERO. brig (British), 198 tons, J.Couteur. master, from Jjoocuow. J. Darwent, Town; J. Formbv, Port, agents. Levi's Wharf. EEINDEKR, ship (British), 964 tons, Alex. McClelland, master, from Port Ancelo, Puget Sound. J. Stilling, Town; J. Formby, Port, agents. In the Stream. EOYAL DIADEM, barque (BritishX 474 tons, Walter Thomas, master, from London. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Levi's Wharf.. SARAH, cutter (British), 15 tons, Mackay, master, from Port Wakefield. ? Company** Wharf. SEA NYMPH, brig (British), 129 tons, Joseph Griffiths, master, from Port Louis. T. Graves, lown; J. M. Sinclair, Port, agents. Queen's 8T. MAGNUS, barque (British), 259 tons, Joseph .FaUn, master, from Newcastle. H. Simpson, SmpaSwharf11 £lackham- T0TO- ****** T™&. fip &'*$&)? WO tons, Le Pipping. ££& Trom. §efle- Ew«. Smith, and Co. gMnta. In the Stream. ShL^S'.8hJp (Brirtuty 1.042 tons, Edwin :%$%& fttDyTwhagder' *'*-

rOUNG CfflEF. cutter (British), 15 tona, G. McKay, master, from Port Wakefleld. C. Lamb, agent -Company's Wharf. VESSELS EXPECTED. ;-. '' ? From London. ; CHEVIOT, Henderson, master, sailed Jan. 1. . CITY OF BANGOR, Menries, master, sailed December 15. ..- Vi, .. '-'? CONQUEROR, Noel, master, sailed Dec 7. _. CRESS WELL? Aitcheson, master, loading Dec. 558. EARL OF SOUTHESK, Connor, mastery loading December 26. , EDINBURGH, Watt, master, Bailed Jan. 15. JESSICA, Williams, master, loading Dec. 26. PERCY DOUGLAS, Hamon, master, loading December 26. 8UMMERLEE, Hughes, master, sailed Jan. 13. From Plymouth.- ? -.- -— ATALANTA, sailed with Government emigrants January 23. From Liverpool. CORSAIR Bees, master, sailed Jan. 5. PEERLESS, Flavin, master, to sail with 340 emigrants; loading December 26. From Glasgow. MURRAY, Johnstone. From Pdoet Sound. SOUTHERN CROSS. From Auckland. SEABIRD, brigantine. sailed February 19. ? From Hobart Tows. CURACOA, H.M.S., Sir Wm. Wiseman, to saiL March 26. From Newcastle. PHILLIS, brig, sailed March 27. Ihoii Melbourne. CLUTKA, schooner, sailed March 22. From Adam Bat. BEATRICE; H.M.S., Lieutenant Howard. From Port Fairy. AU BEVOIR, schooner.