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SHIPPING. ROYAL HOLIDAY. — PRINCE   OF WALES'S BIRTHDAY.—     FRIDAY, 9th NOVEMBEB, 1866.—   The favourite Steamer   ELEANOR, Captain Wells, will leave the Wharf on arrival of the 11 o'clock Train from Adelaide, and proceed on an Excursion to Glenelg, where the usual Amusements will be provided.   The Steamer will return in time for the last Train to Adelaide. Refreshments to be had on Board. An excellent Band is engaged. Tickets there and back 4s., or 2s. 6d. each way. 306 '10       FOR MELBOURNE.—The   favourite Steamship     COORONG,   Wm. McLean, commander, will sail   for Melbourne on Tuesday, November 6, on arrival of the 1.40 p.m. tram.   J. FORMBY, Port.   303 '10 J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street.   FOR WALLAROO. — The Steamer ROYAL SHEPHERD,   Captain H. Ward, will sail for     Wallaroo on Wednesday, 7th instant, on arrival of 1.40 p.m. train. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., } Town and Port.   JOS. STILLING & CO., }     J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. 307 '11 FOR PORT LINCOLN AND   PORT AUGUSTA. —The Steamer LUBRA, Captain McCoy, will sail for Port Lincoln and Port Augusta on Saturday, the 10th inst, at 4 o'clock.   J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. 309 '14 Lightship on Thursday morning at   daylight, the 8th November.   Passengers are requested to pay balance of passage-money at once, and proceed to the Steam- tug at the Port by the 1.40 train on Wednesday, the 7th instant.   WM. YOUNGHUSBAND, JUN., & CO. 304 '11vx FEBRUARY WOOL SALES. —The HINDOOSTAN'S Cargo being pro-   vided, she wi'l meet with immediate   dispatch in order to save the above   Sales. For freight or passage, apply to   305thsc E. K. HORN.     .-__.. 170R SYDNEY AND AUCKLAND. jflfflS^ L' —The first-rnte clipper Barque affiy NOVELTY, 'BBB&Hr A. S. Austin, commander, will sail for the above ports on the 14th instant. For freight or passage, apply to C.L. MEYER & CO., 310c ? 31, Hrenf ell-street. ~Ta-k T71IRST SHIP FOR NEWCASTLE. j3s53»U L —A 1 Barque JguEBy KING OSCAR *£XiXlistr win Sail for Newcastle on November 9. Cargo taken at moderate rates, fe Apply to Captain Gibbon, on hoard. 31O''1I 'jL-ii. 1?OR PORT WAKEFIELD.-The «B^ **» HENRY w»& will sail on Thursday, November 8. Apply on board, to ctwitt 310 12 A. SIFOLI. '~^7 1.1OR POUT CAROLINE. LACE jfflSS^ I1 PEDE BAY.-Tlie Cutter ajjfflHaPr SWALLOW' ?sXtirVXw j. Lewis, master, will sail on Thursday, November 8. , Fur freight or pnssase, apply on board, or to :U0-'12 F. B. JUNKS X CO., Port. -lA*. 17° R STREAKY BAY.-The jj^gSFES. _L Schooner ftSisife 65 tons, A. Munro, master, will 'sail on Tuesday, November 6. For freight --r passage, apply to WM.YOUNGHUSBAND. JUN., &(3n. jl3t^ 'I7C-R STREAKY AND FOWLER'S jSagts, I1 BAYS. -The Schooner WgSt FREEBRIDGE 'XtX/STar wjij sa;i on Thursday, November 8. ApP'yt0 H.D.DALE.or 309/12 ? P. MANUEL, Port. J.-&- T?OR YANKALTLLA,- RAPID jB§f&. r BAY, AND CAPE JERVI8. ?*Q3rjc£' The Schooner ?SUSSfei' ANALOISTA. is now Ioadinu. nnd will sail in a few days. 305c RIOH ARP TA PLEY. Port, Agent. TUPTAIN HANSON, of the Barque \J FRKY, will NOT be RESPONSIBLE for any DEBTS contracted by his Crew. 30iV'12 FvER MURRAY GOODS DEPOT. -TiiMUKKAY '-IIIPPERS nml OtJiers.— GOODS will be RECEIVED and FORWARDED bv the Undersigned weekly, or by EXPRESS WAGONS to M'LANtf, for the RIVERS MURRAY and DaRLING. care of Mr. A. H. _^UnI)SEER. Wagons nUo dispatched weekly to 'sftr.itlialbyn, Macclesfleld, Langhorne's Bridge, .andEchunga. ALEX, FKRGU?SON. N.B.— The Cheapest and Safest Route for River GooiIb. ? 270cv TO SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, AND OTIIERS.-The SHIPPING RE P- IRTER attends to Telegrams or Letters, and hia Boats are available for all purposes connected with Slupp ng in the Gulf. Boat flag. No. X RICHARD JAGOE, Bench Branch Olfice. Lcfevre's Peninsula. MERCHANDISE. ? ICELAND MOSS COCOA.— A Ship ment of DUNN k HEWETT'S famous ICELAND MOSS COOOA Just arri?ed. Immediate application is necessary VIRGOE, SON & CHAPMAN., 307th' 12 ? Gawler-place. EH^E COLONIAL MALT ON SALI 30-Uhsc ? No. 11, Curne-street. O R SALE, 25 Tierces Prime QUEENS LAND BEEF. Apply on board the Kim Oscar, Port Adelaide. ? 3lU'n

FOR SAL E— (Jawler-place— BUGGIES, Rockaways, Gigs, Wagons Basket Pony Phaetons, Perambulators 1 ALSO, Saddles, every variety of shape and price . ; Harness-Buggy, Gig, Carriage Harness-Express, Cait Spring-Cart , Bridles. Whips, Spurs, Platedware , Enamelled and Patent Leather . Manila Rape, Lamps, Axles, Springs ' American Carriage Material . Harness, Bridle and other Colonial Leather Coach and Saddlers' Ironmongery. ^ lQ5c ? JAMES A. HOLDEN. /\N SALE, by the Undersigned— ( \J MOREWOOD'S Best Lion Tinned IRON Morewood's Best Untinned Iron Smith's Best Horseshoe Brand Iron Eagle Brand Wire, Nos. 5 and 6. 277c PHILIP SANTO, Waymouth-street. ON SALE, Best Boston Machine-made FLOUR CASKS-a direct Shinraent from the States-with Heads, Hoops, and Truss-Hoops f0r8CttiDgUPPARR&LUXMOORK, 295c ? Exchange Auction Mart. COAL S.— English and New South Wales, for household, steam, and black iraitlu' use, of best quality, for Sale in any quantity at lowest price. , -? Mr. W. Paqoalin, Green s Exchange, is ap - PointedmySalesma^n Adelnide.soN( 80c Queen's Wharf, Port Adelaide. ? TEAM - ENGINES.— Horizontal High-Pressure Stationary 12 and 15 Horse Power Steam-Engines, with Cornish Boilers. Portable High-Pressure 14 Horse, with Multi tubular Boiler. On Sale^ ^^ & Q() Who are prepared to receive orders for Hori zontal, Vertical, and Portable Engines, of four horse-power and upwards. Locomotive Engines with Tender and Tanks, Marine Engines, Donkey Jjingiiies, and Boilers of every JescriptIon'195lh BUSINESS NOTICES. TJORSE-RAKES AND MOWINGt JO. MACHINES. -JOSEPH MELLOR has Seat pleasure in notifying that his Colonial-made ORSE-RAKl'S and NEW PATENT MOWING MACHINES have been TESTED by PUBLIC TRIAL, giving complete satisfaction. The Rakes may be seen at work at His Honor Mr. Justice Gwynne's, Payneham: Messrs. Rounsevell's, Ka punda; Poison's, Mornhett Vale; Forbey's. Riverton; Badman's, Umey and Light; and Washington's, Richmond. And the Mowers at MesBra. French'?, Sheaoak Log; Angell's, Free ling; andBudgen's, Noarlunga. ? a06''12vi HORSE RAKES. HAY TOOLS, ic. JAMES BROWN & CO., Waymouth-street, have cleared out a large portiom of their HAY TOOLS, but have still on hand a selection of Howard and Ransome's Horse Rakes Dray Rakes, tubular, iron, Hid wood Hand Rakes (English and American) Scythes (Fussill's and Sorby's), Sneads, Forks, &c., which they are prepared to offer on advantageous terms to all purchasers. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT AND GENERAL STORES, Waymouth-STREET. 302cv HORWOOD & ELLIS,   Successors to the Late Firm of Horwood and Sons, beg to state that having taken the commodious Premises lately occupied by the above Firm, they are prepared to Take Orders as IRON and BRASS FOUNDERS, ENGINEERS, MILLWRIGHTS, SMITHS and BOILER- MAKERS, &c, and to Execute the same on the Lowest Terms and with the quickest Dispatch. PS-Sole Makers of the PATENT RACK WOOL PRESS.     TEAM-ENGINES, Cornish Tubular Boilers, and Boiler Tubes, Wool Presses, and AppUancesforRai^Wa^on^ons. 2i2tfcv Bank and. Blyth utieets.

BUSINESS NOTICES THE PARTNERSHIP hitherto exist ing between JOHN WALD and WILLIAM   DOBBIE, known as the Firm of Wald & Dobbie, Watchmakers and Jewellers, Rundle-street, Ade laide, is this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent As witness our hands. JOHN WALD WILLIAM DOBBIE. Witness— John Penman. Dated November 6, 1866. All Debts due to the above Firm must be paid to John Wald, 60, Rundle-street, who will satisfy all Claims due by the same. J. WALD will Carry on Business as Watchmaker and Jeweller at 60, Rundle-street.       COLONIAL WINE, RED and WHITE. \J -FOR SALE, at Happy Valley, 5,000 galls, of Sound Colonial Wine, at from Is. 6d. to 3s. per gall. Apply to C.Sauerbier, on the Premise: otS. Goldaack. 98, RunJIe-Btreet, Adelaide. 31O''I6r PRAWFORD'S PALE ALE. \J HINDMAR3H BREWERY. 305t33 TOES. ICES. ICES. X AT GOLDSACK'S, ? ICES. ICES. ICES. mo ICE. ICE. ICE.— The Undersigned having obtained a Lease of the ADELAIDE ICE WORKS, is prepared to supply ICE in any quantity at moderate rates. Orders received at the Adelaide Ice Works, Franklin-street 3»€cv ? F. C. RUSSELL. A ERATED WATER AND CORDIAL A MANUFACTORY, GAWLER. T. J. MONRO in acknowledging past favours for the last 12 years that he has been in the above business, would remind his old customers and friends tliat they can be supplied as usual, at the lowcsf rittninCTBtive pricM^bjwgbpilaediffie^ mentioned goods are always on hand rnrt tor haie, viz., Ginger Brandy, Ginger Wine, Raspsberry, Quinine Wine, Rum Punch, Peppermint Cordial, Clove do., Lemon Syrup, and all other goods con nected with his trade. Orders by post carefully packed and sent to all parU of the cofon^ July 10, I860. ? J93° EAST-END MARKET.— The Market will be OPENED DAILY on and after Satur day, for Retail Business, from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m., for the Sale of Miscellaneous Goods. STANDS TO BE LET. Charges, 6d. per day each Stand, gas included. Eatly applications are necessary to secure Front St295c3' ? R. VAUGHAN, Proprietor. TNTERCOLONIAL AGENCY. X Land Bank-Chahbeus. No. 18, Collins-street east. Melbourne, October 9, 18C6. Mr. J. M. SOLOMON has the honour to inform the Public of South Australia that he has COM MENCED BUSINESS in MELBOURNE as a COMMISSION AGENT, and trusts his general knowledge of the business, together with the con fidence of the South Australjan public which a residence of above 20 years, in that Colony ha3 enabled him to acquire, will be a sufficient guarantee that any business with which he may be favoured will be punctually and faithfully executed. J. M. R. will be glad either to Purchase or Sell Merchandise or Colonial Produce, and will at all times be prepared with information of the latest moment as to the Victorian Markets. He will be prepared also to give any information to his friends visiting Melbourne. Orders by Telegram or Post will receive prompt attention. ? 29t),307tsm FN RE HARROLD -k JENKINS, X IRONMONGERS, INSOLVENTS. The Assignees of this fstate.are prepared to receive TENDERS up to noon of Thursday, the 8th instant, for all the STOCK-IN-TRADE of the Insolvents as IRONMONGERS, which may be seen on the Premises at No. IS, Hindley-street, and an Inventory of which may be seen on application at the office of the Official Assignee. Stock to be taken with all faults. Terms- One-third cash, and the remainder on approved bills at three and six months. The Premises, as above, are held on a lease, with two years unexpired, at the yearly rental of £101, the Assignees' interest in which may be included in the Tenders for the Stock, or be tendered for separately. m , ., Neither the lowest nor any Tender necessarily accented. I JOHN CHERRY, Official Assignee. Insolvency Court, Adelaide, November 1, 1866. ? 307thl2v TO be DISPOSED OF by TENDER, on or about April IS, 18f-7. the well-known DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT of the under singed, with or without Purchase of Leases; Fixtures. &c. at a VagK,nkoDGKigs&co Note.— Principals oxlt need apply. 3u7thcv TTTPS'S HOMOEOPATHIC UOCOA.— l-l Homffioprthic Practitioner?, nnd the Medical Profusion generally, recommend Cocoa as being the most healthful of all beverages. When the doctrine of horuieopathy was first introduced into England, ther§ were to be obtained no preparations of Cocoa either attractive to the taste or acceptable to the stomach; the nut was either supplied in the crude state or so unskilfully manufactured as to obtain little notice. J. EPPS, of London, Homceo pathic Chemist, was induced in the year 18311 to turn his attention to this subject, and at length succeeded, with the assistance of elaborate machinery, in being the first to produce an artiele pure in its composition, and so refined by the perfect trituration it receives in the process it passes through, as to be most acceptable to the delicate stomach. BREAKFAST BEVERAGE. For general use, Epps's Cocoa is distinguished as invigorating, with a grateful smoothness and delicious aroma. Dr. Hassall, in his work, 'Food sad its Adulterations,' says:— 'Cocoa contains a great variety of important nutritive principles— every ingredient necessary to the growth and sustenance of the body.' Again, 'As a nutritive, Cocoa stands very much higher than either cotlee or tea.' Directions-Two tea spoonfuls of the Powder in a breakfast cup, filled up with boiling water or milk. Tin lined. J Hi., i lb., and 1 lb. packets. Sold by Grocers, Confectioners, and Chemists. Each packet is labelled ' Epps, Homoeopathic Chemist, 112, Great Russell-street, 170, Piccadilly, and 48, Threadneedle-strect; manufactory, 398, Euston road. London.' ? 76* Q AMUEL MARSHALL,52,Rundle-st. O ORGAX-BUILDER, and IMPORTER

)I xtAKMUisiUiuo anu riAi-»-r»niir.o, aim other MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. A Large and Well-Selected Stock always on and. Large and Small Organs suitable for Churches nil Chapels. Tuning and Repairing properly executed. [M9tfc SOLOMON BROTHERS, Importers J and Manufacturers of SADDLERY and [ARNESS, have always ON SALE Saddlesand Harness, English and Colonial Whips, Bits, Spurs. Saddle Cloths Saddlers' Ironmongery, Brushware, &c. Wholesale and Retail. Repairs to Saddles and Harness neatly and cpeditiously executed, and at moderate charges. SOLOMON BROTHERS, 230-321 75, Rundle8treet._ ^K ELTON, CARTER, ~&~ CO., J IMPORTERS AND WAREHOUSEMEN. King William-street asd Gresham-street, ? Adelaide. ? 239cv A CARD. —CHARLES S. POOLE t\ (Late of the Bank of Australasia), ACCOUNTANT, COMMISSION AGENT. &c Gilbert-place, near Messrs. Younghusband, ? Jun.. and Co.'s Stores. ? 142c ELECTION PRINTING, and all other kinds of Printing, at 1 BALL'S Printing Office, 'J. King William-street. ? 307c Established 1839. U L ATT S'S BOOKBINDING L ESTABLISHMENT. Every Style of Binding executed on the premises -y the aid of competent workmen and new machi ierv at the owest remunerative prices. 255q PRINTING Neatly and Cheaply L Executed at ALFRED WADDY'S Office, Leigh-street, Adelaide. l!Wc PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS' t and every desenption of Musical Instruments, it greatly Reduced Prices, to clear out. Music 3alf-price. WOODMAN'S, 303''28 ? 11. HlNDLEY-STREET. PIANOFORTES, by the most eminent Makers. ALEXANDRAS HARMONIUMS. The largest Selection of Music in the to'ony. PLATTS'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE. No. 1, Hindley ar d King William streets. 93 ttstablisheii 1S39 pHEAP MUSIC. CHEAP MUSIC— kJ Five Thousand Pieces to select from) all at Half-Drice. 307thsc WOODMAN'S, 11, Hindley-street. fTU N N I N G H~A M'S U FIREWORKS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ? No. 31, Rusdle-street. 284thsc CO M E ,, A iff D S E E THE FINEST SHIPMENT OF BOOTS AN li SHOES that haa arrived this season per Goolwa; selected by M. Brandos himself from the largest and most varied Stocks in England. NOW ON SALE at 78, RUNDLE-STREET. ? 282c ? C/R I C K E T R Y . Jdst Unpacked— BATS, by Dark, Duke, Clapshaw, and Page, Polished, Dovetailed, Cane and Whale bone STUMPS, Balls, Leg-guards, &c. No. 1, Hindley and King William streets. £55q ? Established 1839. WANTED to PURCHASE, by the Undersigned, a CORNISH TUBULAR BOILER, about 18 feet by 5 feet (i inches. JOHNSTON BROTHERS, 305''ll ? Cox's Creek. ? EW TYPES ai.d N ew MACHINERY, for ECONOMICAL and ATTRACTIVE PRINTING, now to hand at the Begitttr Genera] Printing Offices, Grenfell-Bjxeet, 60cv

PUBLICATIONS AND STATIONERY HOICE BOOK S.— Marian; or the Light of Some One's Home, price 6s. I Vermont Vale, by the same Author, 6s. I Volume 23, Family Herald 1 Volume 13, Corahill Magazine ; Volume 1, new series, Once a Week Volume 4:1, London Journal | Volume 36, Reynolds's Miscellany Dr. Thome, cheap editions j Baxter's Louis Napoleon, 2s. Clater's Cattle Doctor, 3s. Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary, from Is. od. Ingoldsby Legends, cloth gilt, 6s. 6d. Sir Walter hcott's Novels, complete, 30s. / One Thousand Songs, Toasts, and Recitations, forls.9d. Masonic Envelopes and Masonic Books The General Reciter, cloth, 3s. Juvenile Books, a large Assortment Bell's Modern Speaker. 4j. The Argosy, the first Volume, just out, 5s. 6d. Married Life, its Trials and Joys The Quiver, 2 vnls., 123., contains the Chan nings. Mrs. Hallyburton's Troubles, W. Allair. Not Dead Yet. Mark Warreaand the World of School. 309q JOHN HC'WELL, Rundle-street. NEW BOOKS, NEW EDITIONS, (fee. Clater's Every Alan his own Horse and Cow Doctor, 8vo. cloth 3s., by post 4s. 4d. Ogilvie's Student's English Dictionary, 8vo. cloth, 15s. 6d. . Smith's Concise Dictionary of the Bible, cloth, 24s. _ , _ . , Henry's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, 3 vols. j£33s. Cassell's Family Bible, with 990 Engravings, elegantly bound, £3 10s. Family Bibles, large type, strongly bound. from 21s. each. Common Prayers, from 4d. each; Church Strvices, in plain and elegant bindings, at half the usual price, S.P.C.K. . ^ IheGeiieral Reciter, a unique selection, cloth Longfellow's Complete Poetical Works, cloth, 3s. Sir Walter Scott's Novels, a very superior edition, handsomely and substantially bound, 12 vols., £2 10s. Baxter's Louis Nupolnon, reduced to 2s. All the New Books of the Season, to be had at 2flO(| HOWELL'S, No. 4, Rundle-street ONLY A CLOD, by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret Millicent Legh, by Mrs. Marshall. The Confessions of an Opium-Eater, byThos. DeQuincey. Afloat and Ashore, by Captain MayneReid. Wilkie Collins's No Name, 3s. Wilkie Collins's The Dead Secret, 3s. . Wilkie Collins's Queen of Hearts, 3s. Wilkie Collins's Antonina, 3s. Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White, 3s. ? Essays Critical and Imaginative, by Professor Wilson. m , The Contributions of Q. Q., by Jane Taylor. Stevenson's Praying and Working. Gymnastics. Golf and Curling, 8d. ; perpost.lOd. Yauhting and Rowing, 8J. ; per post, lOd. Cricket, 8d. ; per post; lOd. The Handy Volume Shakspeare, vols. 1 and 2, each Is. 3d., or per post, Is. 5d. Stories Told to a Child, by the Author of Studies for Stories, 292q E. S. WIGG, 12, Rundle-street, rpHE PROFITS OF PANICS, X Showing how financial Storms arise, who make Money by them, and other Revelations of a City Man Always in the Way, by Thomas Jeans The Atlantic Telegraph, its History, &c. The First Alan and his Place in Creation, by G. Moore, M.D. Ecce Homo, sixth edition London Poems, by Buchanan Fire Prevention and Fire Extinction, by Braid wood The Lord's Prayer, its Teaching and its Spirit, by Winslow Smith's, H., Exercises The Palmerston Copy-Books Stokes's Pictorial Multiplication Table Charles Knight's Popular Histoiy of England, Parts Mark Lemon's Wait for the End Half a Million of Money Maxwell Drewitt, by Traflprd Sir Jasper's Tenant, by Miss Braddon. Per Overland Mail. PLATTS, No. 1, Hindley and King William streets. 2S5q Established 1839. RICE TWO and THREEPENCE. Marietta, by T. A. Trollope. La Beata, by T. A. Trollope. Doctor Thome, by Aiuhony Trollope. A Woman's Ransome, by the author of the House of Elmore. Tilbury Nogo, by Whytc Melville. Misrepresentation, by Anna Drury. Queen of the Seas, by Captain Armstrong. The Coming Man. The Prarie Hunter. The Star of the South. The Fiery Cross. Air. Stewart's Intentions. PLATTS, No. 1, nindley ami King William Streets. 30 tq ? Established 1S39. ? NEW. VOLUMES.— Family Herald Cassell's Family Paper Bow Bells Keynolds's Miscellany Femily Friend Cornhill London Society Englishwoman's Magazine. PLATl'S, No. 1, Hindley and King William-streets, 2?6q Established 1839 ? NEW BOOKS, SUPPLIES, &c— Albert Nyanza, Great Basin of the Nile, Baker Cobbe, F. P. Religious Duty Do. do. Studies, Ethereal and Social Buzzett's Mission Life in the IslandB of the Pacific Contributions of Q. Q., Jane Taylor Critical tnulish Testament, vol. i. Gould's Birds of Australia Presentation Book of Common Prayer Vaughan's. C. J., D.D., Characteristics o) Christ's Teaching Strickland's Lives of the Seven Bishops Maxwell Drewitt, by Author of Guye Goth. 293q \v. C. RIGBY, Importer. PRICE ONE and THREEPENCE.

How to Manage House nnd Servants. The Management of Children. PLATTS, No. 1, Hindley and King William-streets, j 314q Established 1839. ? ( '' VERMONT VALE, by the Author '' of Marian. 292q At E. S. WIGG'S, 12, Rundle-street. OORSTER'S SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ! 1- 292q At E. S. WIGG'S, 12, Rundle-street j T ETTS'S DIARIES for 1867, ' J-i Office and Pocket Editions. 300q At RUBERTS'S. 5S, King William-street WYLD'S GLOBES, Terrestrial and Celestial, 12 inch, corrected up to April, ' 18'!6 . 1 Walker and Webster's Pronouncing Die- j tionary, by Dr. Longmuir, with key ! Dictionary of Difficulties, Daily Wants, Useful Knowledge, .Enquire Within, &c. , Fern Leaves and Fanny Fern's New Stories Irish - ational School Books ? ! Ampluboloirical Conversation Cards, and ST A TK -NE R Y of every description , Morreli's Scarlet Ink, Registration and Copy ing Ink; Stephen's Blue-Black Ink Draft Paper and Parchment of superior quality, 30Gq At ROBERTS'!*, 5S, King William-street. OAILLIERE'S 'SOUTH AUPTRA J3 LIAN GAZETTEER,' Compiled by R. P WHITWORTH, with a new Map of the Colony specially prepared for the work, and corrected up to the latest possible moment, will be published in November. ?Jrders and Advertisements received at the office, 79,_King William-street, Adelaide. ! Price-Half-bound morocco, with coloured map, ; 31*. Cd. ; cloth, with plain map, 2ls. 289-318 j NEW VOLUMES JUST TO HAND— Cornhill, 13; London Society, 9 Churchman's Family Magazine, 7 j Family Friend, Midsummer 18b't5 Argosy, Boys' vol. 1, British Controversialist. ! 293q W. C. BjGBY, Importer. FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS. 292q At E. 8. WIGG'S, 12, Rundle-street. , PASSELL'S BIBLE DICTIONARY. \J 292q At E. S. WIGG'S. 12, Rundle-street PLUNKETT'S AUSTRALIAN -T MAGISTRATE. New Edition by W. H. Wilkinson, Esq., Barrister. 293q W. C. RIGBY, Importer. Price 3s. 6d , per Post 3s. 10d., CCAB IN SHEEP AND ITS CURE: ^J A Practical Treatise on the Cause and Symp toms of Scab, and the Appearance, Detection, and Eabits of the AOAKua. With minute Directions for the Dressing and Care of Infected Sheep. To which is appended an account of I 'r. Thornton's Experiments on the Vitality and Propagation of the Acarus, and an Analysis of Colonial Tobacco. With Engravinps. Second Edition, revised nnd greatly enlarged. By Alexander Buuce, Chief Inspector of Sheep, New South Wales. . W. C. RIGBY, Tmoorter, 291q 53/Hindley-street Second Edition. THE COMING BATTLE. Price Cd.: Posted 8d. PLA.TTS, No. 1, Hindley and King William streets, 276a Established 1839. LOST AND FOUND. LOST, between Adelaide and Gawler Town, on November 1, a COUCH BACK covered with Hair Seating. Whoever has found the same, and will return it to C. Henning, 66, Hindley-street, or to the Gawler Police Station, will be rewarded for their trouble. 3W1Q C. HENNING,

AMUSEMENTS. i pRINCE OF WALES'S BIRTHDAY. PROGRAMME OF THE QRAND GERMAN PICNIC on November 9, 186S. j ; The Ground selected is the Section of J. ; Burrowes, Esq.. near the College. . j The various Clubs will start in Procession from ! the Hotel Europe, at 9 a.m. sharp. I Amusements to commence at 10 a.m. with tne Prize Shooting by the difl'erent Clubs. A Pool Target is erected for All Comers. At 11 a.m., Gymnasti: Prize Demonstration, by the Members of the Adelaide Turn Verein. At 2 p.m., the Liedertafel will Sing several Select , Pieces. . . . | Dancing to commence at 2-30 p.m., and to be | continued at intervals to the close of the Picnic. | A large Variety of Games for Prizes are arranged j for by the Committee. ? ,. At 3 p.m., Gymnastic Performances by the Members of the Turn Verein. At 4 p.m., Choruses by the Liedertafel. Distribution of Prizes at ti p.m. In the evening, Illumination of the whole i Ground. i Return Procession at 9 p.m. by Torchlight. : Admission to the Grounds— Gentlemen, Is.: Children, 6d. ; Ladies, and Children accompanied ( by their parents, free. . I Tickets to be obtained at the following places:— Gerke & Rodemann, Armbruster & Uhlmann, ] Wills & Co., Biack Honse, Hotel Europe, King of Hanover, Maid and Magpie, Main & Geyer: h. Lellman. North Adelaide: and on the day of the Picnic at the various Entrances to the Grounds. For the convenience of those who wish to fire at the Pool Target, the Committee have provided two Prussian Needle Gun?, with ammunition. Schrader's full Band is engaged for the day. 3j9thfl3 ? C. BALK, Hon. Sea |T- ERMAN PICNIC on November 9, VT 1866.— PUBLIC NOTICE— The Drivers of all Licensed Vehiclerare informed, that to prevent any confusion on that day, the oniy Stand to convey passengers to and from the ground will be the large Paddock adjoining the Company's Mill. The entrance from thePayneham-road will only be opened to private vehicles. The strictest measures are taken to enforce compliance with this arrangement. 309thf 13 VU H I T E'S ROOMS. PRINCE OF WALES'S BIRTHDAY. The COMMITTEEE~of the SOCIAL QUAD RILLE PARTY, in honour of the Birthday of our future Sovereign, have much pleasure in announc ing that the Officers of H.M.'s 14th Regiment, just arrived from Mew Zealand, have accepted invita tions and signified their intention of being present. Refreshments of the most recherche description will be supplied by Mr. T. Coruock in the Masonic In consquence of the numerous applications for tickets, the Committee have decided to extend the number to 150 couples, but on no account what ever will that be exceeded. No expense will be spared to make the evening's enjoyment complete. Tickets, exclusive of refreshments, will be issued on Tuesday evening at 7.30 to those who have already applied. Double Tickets. 6s. Gentlemen wishing to be present must apply by letter to G. J. SHANKS. Hon. Sec., 310 v ? Clarence Hotel. PRINCE OF WALES'S BIRTHDAY. -A GRAND BALL will be held at the HAMBURG HOTEL, in commemoration of the above, on Friday, November 9. The Concordia Band is engaged for the occasion. Dancing will commence at 8 o'clock. Admission, Gentlemen, 2j. Gd ? 297,307thfl3 QOUTH AUSTRALIAN SWIMMING O CLUB. GRAND ANNUAL SPRING MATCHES will take place at City Baths on Saturday. November 24. No po^t entrance. Intending Competitors will be allowed to Practise twice a week i ree, and must enter their names and ages with the Swimming Master at an early date. By order of the Committee, xk H. FOALE. Hon. Secretary. DRAPERYAND CLOTHING. /GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER DRESS. VT JOHN HOD: KISS & CO. respectfully invite the attention of Purchasers to their Lauoe, New, and Fashionable Stock, which they are nnw offering at considerably Reduced Prices to effect an Early Clearance, owing to Mr. Hodgkiss retiring from the business. The TAILORING DEPARTMENT is unrter the management of an efficient Cutter, and a good Fit can be guaranteed, with workmanship equal to anything in the colony. The Stock of WOOLLENS, embracing Tweeds. Doeskins, &c, &c, is excessively large, and will consequently be ottered at extremely low prices to etiect an early reduction of the Stocks. In MADE-UP GOODS of every description the Stock is greatly in excess of our requirements, and far the reasons above stated will be ottered CThe' HAT, SHIRT, and OUTFITTING DE PARTMENTS will be found well assorted, and the whole will be ottered at prices intended to effect an immediate clearance. Kote-JOIIN ilODGKISS & CO., 307cv 26 and 28, Rundle-street pENTLEJVIEJS'S CLOTHING VJT AT A GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE, AT WINNALL'S, 30, Rundle-street. J. W. (having decided on RELINQUISHING the above Branch of the Trade) is now CLEARING-OUT THE ENTIRE STOCK GENTLEMEN'S SUPERIOR CLOTHING at a Great Sacrifice. 286c ADIES' DRESSES, made in the Newest Style, and a Perfect : Fit Guaranteed at WINNALL'S, 30, Rundle-street, Adelaide, where a choice variety of the Newest Drest Fabrics may be seen. ? 277cv T ADIES' YACHTING JACKETS, 1J MANTLE3. &c. Made in the Newest Style, at v WINNALL'S, 30, RUNDLE-STRKET, ADELAIDE. 277C1 IMPORTANT TO PURCHASERS OI 1 DRAPERY. j JOHN HODGKISS & COMPANY respectfully . inform the Public of South Australia that on ant

after Monday, Novemner otn, me wnoie oi ineir STOCK as LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERS, HOSIERS and OUTFITTERS, will be offered at an IMMENSE REDUCTION in PRICE, with a view to a speedy Clearance of the same. The Stock (as is well known) consists of Goods of First-class quality, Isiported by the Advertisers for their own Trade. The bulk of the Stock con sist of recent shipments, and will be found on inspection to contain Goods of the Latest Fashion in every Department ' The Stock embraces an almost unlimited choice in every description of DRESS MATERIAL, suited to all classes of the community. But the Advertisers would call particular attention to the following, viz. :— Coloured and Fancy Silks, 23. 6d. per yard and upwards. Rich Black Silks, from 2s. lOJd. Coloured French Merinos. 21id. (good). Fancy Dress Materials in Grenadines, Mohairs, Alpacas, Victoria Clotlis, Alexandras, and other Fabrics, too numerous to particularize. Purchasers of SHAWLS are requested to in spect this Department, which is unusually large in New Grenadines, &c, for Summer wear; also in Paisley Long Shawls, from 25s. to £5. The latter form part of a large Lo' purchased considerably Under the English Cost, a-.d will be offered Decidedly Cheap. owing to our Winter Shipments arriving rery late in the season, our Stock of WINCEYS, SKIRTINGS, FLANNIL3, BLANKETS, Inc., &c, will be ottered at extiemely Low Prioes. The GENERAL DRAPERY DEPARTMENT is largely supplied with Calicoes, Linens, Tick?, Huckabacks, Sheeting, Counterpanes, Quilts, &c, all of which will be ottered at prices most advan taThOeUFURNISHieNG DEPARTMENT is well s- polled with every description of Carpets, Floor cloths, Alats, Rug3, &c. : also about 250 pieces of the Newest Designs in Uhintz.Furnitures. (Note— A further reduction in these goods tJ purchasers by the piece of 30 yards). India Mattings (by the piece 40 yards) at a nominal price. Muslin Cur tains, Swiss embroidered Curtains, and Lace XnA^fNERY^nd FANCY DEPART MENT8 are well stocked with NEW QOODS. per Murray, Goolwa, and Yatahvall of which have been marked with a view to effect an immediato Clearance, and all old Stock will be sold regardless ° LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING of every de scription; Infants' Hoods, Cloaks. &c, &c OBSeRVE the Terms -Under £20, cash;flover JE-20, approved acceptances at three months from ^^ttrCLEARINGSALE. JOHN HODGKISS & CO., 307cv 26 and 28, Rundle-street. ? ? MEDICAL, ? F ELTON'S QUININE STILL CHAM. PAGNE combines the excellences of tha Finest Liqueur with the mo3t veritable Tonic at present discovered by Medical research. As a Bitter it will be found the most concen trated and the most economical yet offered to the Public ? ' iST Observe it's special points— 1st The most reliable and invigorating Tonic . 2ucL The most elegant and refreshing Liqueur. 3rd. The most economical Bar Litter. CAUTION. -Beware of Imitations offered by unprincipled vendors, trading on the reputation of this unequalled Tonic and Restorative. Ask for FELTON'S QUININE STILL CHAMPAGNE the only genuine and onciual brand, aud observe the name and address of the maker on each Lottie. Sold wholesale in Adelaide and throughout the Colonies by the principal Wine, Spirit, and Pro vision Merchants. Sole Proprietor and Manufacturer — ALFRED Feltos, 41 and 41a, Swanston-streCt, Melbourne. Cards of wholesale prices on application to Messrs Virgoe, So.v, A: Chapman, or the Manu facturer. ? 215tKS2tt50 FLEURO-PNEU:.IOJS'IA.— The Medicines needed for the Cure of this Malady in Cattle, with directions for us use, extracted from Moore's Veterinary Homwopathy, sold at £. 8. WIGG'S Homceopatbic Dispensary, lil, Rundle IttMt 312q

COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES. .nHRISTCHURCH LITERARY \J ' ASSOCIATION. The YEARLY ENTERTAINMENT of the above Association will lie held in the TEM PERANCE HALL, .NORTH ADELAIDE, on Tuesday, November 0. LKCTU1IE by J. H. Cl\rk, Esq. Subject- 'Shukspenre's Jesters.' Recitations by Members, and Music by Lady and Gentleman Amateurs. Chair to be taken at 8 o'clock by the Yen Archdeacon Woodcock. Ticket3— Reserved Seats, 2s. : Unreserved, Is.— may be had of the Members. 303m'94-I0 /1HAMBER OF COMMERCE. \J NOTICE. The next QUARTERLY GENERAL MEETING of the Chamber will be held in Insurance-buildings, King William-street, on Tuesday, the tith day of November, at 3 o'clock precisely. 303hsO0 ? D. MELVILLE, Secretary. C~ ITY PERMANENT BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY. The MONTHLY MEETING and SALE of SHARE:, will be held in the Society's Office, Gresham-chambers, No. 17, King William-street, on Wednesday, the 'th instant, at 8 o'clock in the evening. jUO-'ir CHAS. HIGGINS, Secretary. TENDERS. Resident Engineer's Office, Goolwa, November 2, 1866'. A LDINGA JETTY AND AP J\. PROACHE5. Readvertisetnent in consequence of a Change |of the Line of Road. TENDERS for the CONSTRUCTION of a JETTY and APPROACHES at ALDINGA will be received al. the Office of the Engineer and Architect, where Drawings and Specifications can be seen, and all particulars obtained, uutill o'clock on Friday, the 23rd November instant Drawings and Specifications can also be seen at Mr. Butterworth's Store, Aldinga, after Wednes day. November 7.*; , .,, , Neither the -lowest nor any Tender will be neCeSSari^^epWGEO.E. HAMILTON. 307ths26v21 Resident Engineer. Oilice of Resident Engineer, Goolwa, October 24, 186(5. QTRATHALBYN AND VICTOR O HARBOUR RAILWAY. CONTRACT Ne. 7. TENDERS for Supplying 11.600 SLEEPER3pn the Line of the Railway will lie received at the Office of the Engineer and Architect, Adelaide, where Specification can be seen, until 1 o'clock on Thursday, November 8. Specification can also be seen at this Office. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will neces sarily be accepted. GEO. E. HAMILTON, 298ths312v307 Resident Engineer, Goolwa. Office of Resident Engineer, Goolwa, October 24, 1866. r- OOLWA AND VICTOR HARBOUR VJT RAILWAY. TENDERS for Supplying 18 TRUCK-BODIES for this Eaiiway will be received at the Office of the Kngineer and Architect, Adelaide, when! Drawing and Specification can be seen, until 1 o'clock on Wednesday, the 7th November next Drawing and Specification can also be seen at this Office. Neither tin: lowest nor any Tender will neces sarily be accepted. GEO. E. HAMILTON, 29S3th3l0v307 Resident Engineer. Goolwa. Engineer and Architect's Office, Adelaide, November 5, 1800. TENDERS for the ERECTION of a -I- BATH-HOUSE at the MILITARY' BAR RACKS, Adelaide, will be received at this Office until 1 o'clock p.m. on Thursday, 8th instant, where Drawing and Specification can b: seen. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will neces sarily be accepted. W.HANSON. 310''12 Engineer and Architect. Engineer end Architect's Office, Adelaide, November 2, 1866. TENDERS for ERECTING NEW J- INSOLVENT and LOCAL COURTS in Victoria-square, Adelaide, will be received until 1 o'clock p.m. Monday. December 3rd, at this Officf, where Drawing and Specification can be seen. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will neces sarily be accepted. W. HANSON, 3'37ths'35v314-35 Engineer and Architect. Engineer and Architect's Office, Adelaide, November 1.18n(i. _ TENDERS for ERECTING DOTUVII JL TORUS and making other ADDITIONS to the LUNATIO ASYLUM. Adelaide, will be received till 1 o'clock p.m. of Tuesday next, «th instant, at this office, where Drawings and Specifi cations can be seen. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will necessarily accepted. \Y. HANSON. 300''10 Engineer and Architect TO BUILDERS, (be— TENDERS will be received by the undersigned until neon on Saturday next, from persons who may ba willing to Oontiact for the ERECTION of a GRAIN STORE at PORT ADELAIDE. Plans, &c, at this Office. The lowest nol. necessarily accepted. WRIGHT, WOODS, & HAMILTON, Architect Imperial-chambers. Adelaide, Novembers. 1S66. ? 310hsl4 . INSUJANCE NOTICES. NEW SOUTH WALES MARINE ASSURANCE COMPANY. 215*347 JOSEPH STILLING & CO., Agents. THE SOUTHERN INSURANCE X COMPANY, LIMITED. Marine Risks at Current Rates. JOSEPH DARWENT. Agent 32c Grenfell-street. UEEN FIRE AND LI FE INSURANCE COMPANY. CapitalTwo Millions. 285c WM. YOUNGHUSBAND. JUN.. v CO. COUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE O COMPANY, LIMITED. DlEECTORS:

Hon. Thomas Reynolds, M.P., Chairman. J. M. Linklnter, Esq., Deputy Chairman. G. P. Harris. Esq. J . C. Verco, Esq. J. P. R. G. Bowen. Esq. I F. W. Thomas, Esq. James Hardman, Esq. FIRE and MARINE RISKS taken at REDUCED tATES. Losses paid promptly either here or in England. Money Lent on Mortgage. Agencies at every Township in the Colony. Central Cffice, King Williara-strsat, Adelaide, 275cv202c R. E. TAPLEY. Secretary. Imperial fire insurance L COMPANY OF LONDON. 93thsc EDMUND W. WRIGHT, Agent. F I NIVERSALMARINE INSURANCE U COMPANY (LIMITED) OF LONDON. EDMUND W. WRIGHT, Aeent ' Imperial-chambers. I3thsc HENRY 60WIE, Broker, Gilbert-place. 17QUITABLE FIRE INSURANCE Hi COMPANY, LIMITED. Directors. W. Main, Esq., Chairman. F. J. Botting, Esq. H. L. Vosz, Esq. J. Pulsford, Esq. O. Rankin, Esq. Secretary-O. A. Babbago. Office-!*, Hindley-street, Adelaide. The Directors are prepared to receive applica ;ions for Insurances. Risks taken at the lowest current Rates. Money Lent on Mortgage. ' 216thst33 I IVERPOOL AND LONDON AND Li GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital, Two Millions. P.BKS accepted at the REDUCKD RATES. CLAIMS Promptly Settled in the Colony. 36'273thscv K. J BECK & CO.. Agents A LLIANCE BRITISH and FOREIGN xi. IJFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Insurances effected at the Lowest Current Rates, md Losses paidinCg^ MQKpHETT- ^ Gresham-chambers. ? 220c Fhe only Office whose bonds and policies of guarantee are accepted by the Treasury, Cus toms, Inland Revenue, General Post-Office, War, Admiralty, Home, Colonial, India, and other Government departments in Great Britain THE EUROPEAN ASSURANCE JL SOCIETY. FOR LIFE ASSURANCE,F1DELITYGUARAN. TEE, ENDOWMENTS, AND ANNUITIES, mpowered by Special Act of Parliament, 22 Vic., Cap. xxv. Capital— A Quarter of a Million Sterling. Annual Revenue, £{60.000. Forms of Proposal and every other information may be obtained on application to Adelaide-R. B. COLLEY, King William-street; Port Adelaide-CLELANI) PAGE & CO. 23SW8C oTaJj fire and lj,fe INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital, £2,01)0,000. Annual Revenue over £600,000. Increase of Fire Business last year greater than hat of atiy other office in Great Britain. FIRE BRANCH.— Insurances granted at Re uced Premiums, Claims settled in Adelaide. LIFE ERANCH.-Moilcrate Premiums, liberal onditions, and undoubted security. No extra charge for voyage to England. Medical Referee— R. W. Moore, Esq.. Colonial SUrge°ACHAMAN MAIN. LINDSAY. & CO.. 24cv Acents. PHURCH OF ENGLAND AND VJ GENERAL FIRE AND LIKE ASSURANCE AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION. Capital, Ose Million*. Fire Risks taken at usual premium. All Claims promptly settlpd in the colony. Loans grasted on personal security, on Land Grants, and on Freehold Property unen cumbered. ? JAMES HTT.T., Agent, GrerJell-street, S80cv21«c Next door to blder, Smith, & Co.

ELECTORAL NOTICES. PLECTORAL NOTICE. LEGBIiATIVE^OUNCIL, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ELECTORAL DBTRICTOF THB PROVINCE. iYrit 'For the Election of One Member to Serve in the Legislative Council. Nomination. Vt the Town Hall, Adelaide, at 12 o'clock at noon on Saturday, November 10, 1S6G. Election. On Monday. November 26, 1S66. WILLIAM R. BOOTH BY. 305''14v Returning Officer for the Province. PUBLJclfOTICES. f GENERAL HOLIDAY.- The Public VJT are respectfully informed that the WHOLE SALE and RETAIL DRAPERY and IRON MONGERY ESTABLISHMENTS will be CLOSED on FRIDAY, the 9th November, being the Anniversary of the Prince of Wahs's Birthdiy, 307xrl0'12 L O W E R S HO W . WEDNESDAY. November 7. ADELAIDE TOWN HALL. The SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORTICUL TURAL and Fl.ORICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SECOND SHOW of the Season. By order of the Committee. 301fmtwll W. HACKETT. Hon. Sec. DEL1CAN ROWING CLUB.— JL Members wishing to Row in the ensumg REGATTA are requested to send their Names to the Secretary immediately. x__ ? T. N. TURTON. WP.— All arranged ; return at once. . ? 310c FN the ESTATE of GEORGE ROGERS, JL Deceased. The Undersigned, as Executor to the late George Rogers, holds a quantity of OVERDUE PRO MISSORY-NOTES, apd he would feel obliged if persons owing them will please forward the respec tive amounts as early as possible to save further trouble and expense. Also particulars of any pro perty belonging to the late (Jeor^e Rogers, and now in the possession of other people. Claims against the Estate will not be recognised after the 10th of November. ' 307'I3xvj JOSEPH E. BLEECHMORE. TN INSOLVENCY. —TO JOHN 1 CHERRY, EsQOinE. Official Assignee. NOTICE is hereby given that by Indenture, dated the third day of November, one thousand eight hundred and Fixtv-sx, made between JOHN THOMAS CRESS'WELU of Paracombe Park, in the Province of South Australia, Wine grower and Merchant, of the first part; THOMAS EATON BURY, of King William-street, Adelaide. Agent, and RUDOLPH W1LIIKLM EMILIi HKNNING, of Rundle-street, Adelaide, Hotel keeper (who with their Heirs, lCxccntori, Admini strators, and Assigns are thereinafter included under the designation ' the saul Trustees'), of the second patt; and the several other persons and bodies corporate whose names aud seals nre sub scribed and set to the first schedule to the said Indenture, being severally creditors in their own righr, or in copartnership, or being agents or attor neys -of creditors if the said JOHN THOMAS URKSWELL. of the third part; the said JOHN THOMAS CRE8WELL did CONVEY and ASSIGN all his REAL and PERSONAL ESTATE and EFFECTS unto the said Thomas Eaton Bury and Rudolph Wilhelm Emile Helming, their Heirs, Kxecutnrs, Administrators, ahd As signs, upon trust for the equal benefit of the Creditors of the said John Thomas Creswell, pursuant to the provisions of the Insolvent Act, ISiiO, with respect to arrangements between Debtors and their Creditors by Deed. The said Deed was executed by the said John Thomas Crcsswell, Thomas Eaton huty, and Rudolph Wilhelm Emile Henniug, on the third day of November instant, in the presence of James Penn Boucaut, a Practitioner of the Supreme Court, and now- lies for inspection and execution by the credi tors at our offices, Penn-chambers, King William street, Adelaide. Dated this third day of November, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six. BOUCAUi' & WHITBY. 309''10 Solicitors for the said Trustees. MINING NOTICES. THE WHEAL JAME- MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that the First Ordinary GENKRAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the SH ARIiHi iLDERS in the above Company will be held on Wednesday, the 7th of November, at 3 o'clock, at the Offices of the Company, td receive the Directors' Report and Balance sheet, and for such other business as may be brought forward. By order of the Board, JAS. S. SCOTT, Secretary. Temple-chambers, October 31, 1S6U. 305twllv HEAL HUGHES MINING COM PANY. LIMITED. A GENERAL MKEHNUof Shareholders will be held at the Office of the Company on Thursday, the 8th inst., at 2 o'clock p.m. H. 15. COLLEY, Secretary. 92.1, King William-street, Nov. 1, I860'. 309-'12 UKO MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that a CALL of Twc Shillings and Sixpence per Share has been agreed upon at a Meeting of the Directors of this Com pany; and all Shares on which the said Cal remains unpaid after the expiration of twenty-om days from the date hereof will be absolutelj forfeited. JAMES HARVEY, Secretary. Gilbert-place, Adelaide. Novembers, ISO'J. Friday, November 23, 186ti, is the last day foi payment of this Call. 30!i'27vl4 INSOLVENCY NOTICES. f THE Undersigned, PATRICK L O'BRIEN, of the Gilbert, Fanner, d- hereby declare that I am unable to meet m] engagements with my Creditors. Dated at the hou: of ten minutes to eleven o'clock in the forenoon this fifth day of November, in the year of our Lore one thousand eight hundred and sixty- six. PATRICK O'BRIEN. Witness —J. J. WHITBY, a Practitioner of the Supreme Court of South Australia. Filed in Court this fifth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred

and sixty-six, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. x JOHN CHERRY, Official Assignee. IN THE COURT OF INSOLVENCY. South Australia.—WHEREAS Adjudications     in Insolvency have been made against the under- mentioned persons. Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner has appointed the following days for Meetings in each Estate to be held at the Town Hall Buildings, King William-street, Adelaide; at the date of which meetings the Insolvents are required to surrender and make disclosure of their estate and effects, and the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and vote in the choice of an Assignee or Assignees, and at the last sitting the Insolvents are to finish their examinations :— WILLIAM OLIVER, of Copperhouse, near Kooringa, Stonemason and Publican, on Tuesday, the ninth day of October, at eleven o'clock, and on Tuesday, the sixth day of November, at eleven GEORGE WILLIAM HOLDERNESSE, of North Adelaide, Clerk, on Tuesday, the ninth day of October, at twelve o'clock ; and on Tuesday, the sixth day of November, at eleven 0'clock.     JOHN CARRICK of Riverton, General Dealer, on Tuesday, the ninth day of October, at twelve o'clock; and on Tuesday, the sixth day of November, at twelve o'clock. GEORGE RUBENKONIG, late of Mount Gambier, Storekeeper, but now of Adelaide, out of business, on Monday, the fifteenth day of October, at eleven o'clock ; and on Monday, the twelfth day of November, at eleven o'clock.   MARY McGUINESS, of Adelaide, Boarding- house-keeper, on Tuesday, the sfxteenth day of October, at twelve o'clock ; and on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of November, at twelve o'clock. CHARLES SIMEON, of Adelaide, Agent, on Tuesday, the sixteenth day of October, at eleven o'clock ; and on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of November, at eleven o'clock. SAMUEL WHITE. of Aldinga, Merchant and Shipowner, on Tuesday, the sixteenth day 0f October, at twelve o'clock ; and on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of November, at eleven o'clock. JAMES SYMES, of Gawler River, Farmer, on Tuesday, the sixteenth day of October, at twelve o'clock ; and on Tuesday, the thirteenth day of November, at twelve o'clock. SOLOMON MEYERS, of Adelaide, Dentist, on Monday, the twenty-second day of October, at eleven o'clock ; and on Monday, the nineteenth dav of November, at eleven o'clock. HENRY JAMES STAUNTON EYRE, of Port Lincoln, Storekeeper, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of October, at eleven o'clock, and on Tuesday, the twentieth day of November, at eleven o'clock, CHARLES HENRY GRAY, of Stirling, near   Port Augusta, Brewer, on Monday, the twenty- second day of October, at eleven 0'clock, and on   Monday, the nineteenth day of November, at eleven o'clock. FRANCES RYAN, of Adelaide, Licensed Vic tualler, on Monday, the twenty-ninth day of October, at eleven 0 clock, and on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of November, at eleven o'clock. JOHN MOODY, of King William-street, Ade- laide, and Wellington-s uare, North Adelaide, Grocer, on Monday, tl e twenty-ninth day 0f October, at eleven o'clock, and on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of November, at eleven o'clock. JOHN NELSON, of Riverton, Farmer and Bailiff of Local Court, Riverton, on Monday, the twenty-ninth day of October, at twelve o'clock ; and on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of No- vember, at twelve o'clock.   HENRY CHARLES HARROLD and CHARLES JENKINS, both of Adelaide, Ironmongers and Commission Agents, trading under the style or firm of HARROLD & CO., on Tuesday, the thirtieth day of October, at twelve o'clock ; and on Tuesday the twenty-seventh day of November, at eleven o'clock. WILLIAM HENRY THOMAS, of Rundle-   street, Adelaide, Livery Stablekeeper, on Tuesday, the sixth day of November, at twelve o'clock, and on Tuesday, the fourth day of December, at eleven o'clock. EBENEZER WARD, of Port Elliot, Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor, and formerly of Ade- laide, Journalist, on Tuesday, the sixth day of November, at twelve o'clock, and on Tuesday, the fourth day of December, at eleven. MARY BRYANT, of Normanville, Publican, on Monday, the twelfth day of November, at eleven o'clock, and on Monday, the tenth day of December, at eleven. JOHN CHERRY Official Assignee

MUNICIPAL AND DISTRICT COUNCILS.   TO C. E. TIDEMANN, Esq.Sir We the undersigned, Ratepayers of Gawler     Ward, respectfully request that you will allow yourself to be put in nomination as Councillor for   the above Ward at the ensuing Election.   Andrew Jones Josiah Williams Joseph Mellor John S. Bagshaw D. Edler John A. Bagshaw Fnedrich Hellmann A. C. Greer JamesSmith Wm. Sinclair J.CWaite Ad. Osserlode H. Bickford Lewis Irving John Baker Chas. Wadey AY. Berroingham John Kennedy Jas. Parsons Thos. Cleff John F. Mellor Geo. Curtis William Lee H. B. Rao M. Fooks Joseph Smith August Klauer Wra. Isbister Charles J. Williams W. M. Sandford James Anbury M. Nicholls Chas. Parks- W. (J. Blades Saul Solomon E. H. Grafc Sftinl Wetherall E. Brooks 07 N. Jones Fredk. (Jerner W. Hooper W. B. Moor C. Gaeth John Knox B. F. Mellor Peter Lane Jas. Ooleman A. R. Sewall Henry Schrader Kd. Cox Matthew Raven Patrick Con way W.M. Grant Geo. T. Taylor Thomas Searle Henry G. Jenners Wm. lipson G. H. Herring Jean David Theophilus Rutcs Peter Rowe John hincock James Davey Jas. Mullins W. Fickert Horace Brown   F. C. Curtin Thos. Cahill J. Harris Albert Stephens Robt. Train Win. Ilewish T. FilzgeraUl F. Goodman T. Witkowski Chas. Cbrnwell L.Voullaire John Nash J. S. Carvosso Robert Simcoa John Benningham Jas. N. Bryan J. Laycock W. Birkenshaw David Gall Wm. Cullen Win. Ware. Henry Swan James Frown P.alph E. Lucy E. Alcock Thos. W. Phillips Henry Thomas F. l-ane Daniel Davis A. Borchird Alex. Ferguson . C. H. Johnston Edgar Chapman Robt. Gull Johu Galvin Benj. Ellis Thos. Forestal John Grant Chas. Jennings Wm. Frayne Wm. Hodges Alfred Stuart Chas. Gordon John Cahill Wm. H. Nonis Peter Savage John Grason Win. Nelson James Langlaud Win. Strapp3 Chas. Glndvrin Thos. Nelson T. W. Bourne J. Ayrs W. Whiteford Wm. A'Cmut W.Kcrr ( W. Hazeal John Ca-ss *' Joseph Gason Saul Solomon G. O Bricn James Jones ? W. Bock C. Iknuinc Wm. James Join) Jjunl) R. Carroll W. Hock W. F. Lawrence S. A. Fotd D. McDonald Win. Jones F. Deacon. Peter Jameson November 2, 1866. Currie-street, November 5, 1866. Gentlemen— I am in receipt of a requisition, signed by 140 of my fellow-citizens, soliciting 1110 to become a Candidate for the representation of Ganier Ward at the approaching Municipal Election. I assure you. Gentlemen, I appreciate the honour you would confer on me, nnd I sincerely regret that, owiii'4 to the urgent demands made upon my tune by business engagements, I am unable to comply with your request. At some future period 1 trust 1 shall have more leisure, when I shall be happy to take a share in the duties of the City Council, and especially as Councillor for Gawler Ward. Again I thank you for the expression of confi dence conveyed to me in jour Requisition, And beg to ciubscrihe myself. Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, O. K. TIDKMANN. To Messrs. Andrew Jones, Joseph Mellor, and the other Gentlemen signing the above Requisition. ? _?'£_ AYOR FOR THE CITY AND COUNCILLOR FOR GAWLER WARD. Wei the undersigned, Ratepayers of Oawler Ward, respectfully l«g to (JALL a PUBLIC MEETING at the SHIP INN, Curric-street. on Thursday next, at 7 o'clock, to determine who shall Represent us as future Councillor; also who shall be the futuie Mayor. William Hall W. I. Holmes John Barrett Peter Green. Candidates arc respectfully requested to attend. ? x_ A PUBLIC MEETING of the ELECTORS of GRKY WARD will be held on Thursday evening next. November 8, at the Prince Albert Hotel, Wright-street, to considei who is the most fit and proper person to Represent Grey Ward in the City Council. The chair will be taken at naif-past 7 o'clock. All Candidates arc invited to attend. ? x 'protessional! ~ qtammering cured.-mr. O OLIVER (from England), now at the York Hotel, will leave Adelaide at the end of next week, ? 3i)i-'14 CONVEYANCES^ pOBBA CO.'S COACH will leave the \J Stand Daily at 2 p.m. for tbe BAY leaving there on return at 5 p.m. 293c HOTELS AND LIVERY STABLE8. HOCKIN'S COMMERCIAL AND Family hotel. The above is one of the oldest and best iu Melbourne, and contiguous to the Exhibition. ? 30it'35 RIGBY'S COUNCIL CLUB HOTEL, Corner of Ouecn and Lonsdale Streets, MELBOURNE. First-class Accommodation foi Gentlemen, Suites of Private Apart i ents foi Families and Wedding Parties, Baths, &c. ? gMthstlOl T IVERPOOL HOTEL, GLENELG. ±J THMK IIPTflN hprru t.n inform VISITORS

to the liAx mat every accommodation will tie 1 afforded them at the above Hotel. Refreshments , at all hour?, including Tea, Coffee. Ax., &c. Charges Moderate. Ales, Wines, and Spirits of superior quality. N.B.— Bjats, with experienced Boatmen, always convenient for Pleasure Parties. Best Port Lincoln Oysters. Stabling, &c, &c. ? 305c NORTH STAR INN, at MELROSE^ FOR SALE, by Tender, to Fati.-fy the Moktgagee's Claim for Principal, Interest, and Ccsts. the FREEHOLD of the above PROPERTY; together with the COTTAGhS and LAND adjoin ing, containing in the whole 2 acics 2 roods 6 perches, or thereabouts. For partic ilark, apply to W. M. SANDFORD, Adelaide, 2S3cv ? Mortgagee's Solicitor. I^O LIVERY STABLE-KEEPERS. JL UNDERTAKERS, AND OTHERS. To be i-OLD, in confequence of the death of the Proprietor, who carried it on successfully for upwards of 20 years, the STOCK ami GOODWILL of SMITH'S LIVERY STABLES. Runflle-streot, comprising Hearse and Plumes, MoiirningCoachcB, Wedding Carriages, and other Vehicles, Hoicim, Harness, &c. For farther particulars, apply on the premises. ? 310;'16 TO PUBLICANS, SPECULATORS, &C.-FOR SALE, a Bargain, the well-known ST. LEONARDS HOTEL. GLKNELG, Holdfast Bay. Apply to John McDonald, Glenelg, 2fiS)-318v.U4 EMPLOYMENT WANTED. WANTED— To Families proceeding to England.— A steady respectable young Person wisles an ENGAGEMENT as AT TENDANT on a Family proceeding to England or as STEWARDESS. Can be well recommended. Address M.F., office of tin's paper. ? ? 300c WANTED, by a Married Man, a SITUATION as MANAGER or OVER SEER on a SHF.EP 0/ CATTLE STATION. The Advertiser would have no objection to take* a Share in tho Business as remuneration for his Bervicea, or else a fixed salary. First-class re ferences and testimonials can be given as. .to ability; charaiter, &c. Apply, Experience, Post Office, Lyndoch. ? 310'lii WANTED, by a Married Man, without children, a SITUATION as GROOM or GROOM and COACHMAN; Wife as House maid if needed. Seven years' character. R. S. T., Post-Ottice, Bowden. 307'iavxj ~~ PERSONS VANTEU ~~ WANTED, in Adelaide, a CORRESPONDING CLKRK of superior qualifications. Apply by letter to X. Y.Z , office of this, paper. ? 310'4v WANTED, a good SALESWOMAN. »*? Apply toy James Whiting, CC. King William-street ? 3Q7-'1O WANTED, a thorough SERVANT. » T Apply to Gerke & iJodenaann, Rundto street. ? ? ? x ' WANTED, a, HOUSEMAID; good T T referencj* *equired. Apply to Mrs. Russell, Exchange Hotel, Port Adelaide. 310c , WANTED, a good GENERAL SERVANT. Apply at the Eose Inn, SJujrt-streeji. ? . x WANTED, a LAD accustomed to ? Butchering. R. O. Fox, Sturt-street. 310c WANTED, an active LAD for a Country Hotel. Enquire Victoria Hotel, x WANTED, a steady LAD, about 16, to Milk two Cowb, tale care of two Horses, and make binnelf generally useful. Apnlv to Mra. Giles, Beaumont. . 3ioh'2 WANTED, au active LAD. Ipriy »t the Blenheim Hotel, *

LAND AUCTION NOTICES. GREEN & WADHAM'S NEXT MONTHLY f AND AUCTION SALE Li will be held in the LAND MART on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 18GG. Particulars of Propcittus intended for this auction ire requested to be forwarded on or before the Is. November. 28-fcv land'and'h'o'uses. &REEN -fe WADHAM, LAND AGENT8 LAND AUCTIONEERS. LANDED PROPERTIES VALUED. LANDED PROPERTIES SURVEYED. PLANS Furnished and TOWNSHIPS LAIC 3UT. Plans of Townships, Hundreds. Ac,, &c, hroughout the COLONY always open lor inspeo ion. HOUSES STORES. LAND ? 8BCTIOK8.Sc.. LET or LEASED. EXCHANGE LAND MART And Land Offices, King William-street LAND. LOAN, AND GENERAL COMMISSION OFFICES. finVKRNVRVT ) Purchased in accordant* with SECTIONS t the instructions of partie. sections f nbsent from Adelaide. GOVERNMENT 1 Purchased and Ijot on Lease, SECTIONS / with Right of Purchase. SPECIAL NOTICE. GREEN & WADHAM'S ADVERTISEMENT appear in the ' REGISTER' Ncwunaper on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, aud iu tha 'OBSERVER' of Saturday. lev GREEN & WADHAM. Lnnd Agent*. rPO BLACKSMITHS, MACHINISTS, X and Others. -OLD-ESTABLISHED BUSI NESS in AUBURN TO be LET, tho proprietor changing his business on account of health,— Those well-situated Business Piemises, in the Main-street of Auburn, known as Mr. Jamkh Field's, consist ing oi pood Substantial BLACKSMITH'S .sHOP and SHOEING SHED, with convenient Out buildings and Office, first-rate Well of pood Water, and all other conveniences for carrying on a largo trade. There is at the present time over two months' work on the premises. Also, with or without the Business Premises, the comfortables and well-built Dwelling-house adjoining, contain intr Four Rooms and Outbuildings, in capital order (having l*cn recently erected). For terms, Ac, a-ip'.y to James II. Field, Auburn, addressed tot lav cure of Joseph E. Bleeehinore. Auburn, Octol-er 311, 18DU. ? 304cr 'I70R SALE, that Substantial Resi I- dence MOOROOROO HOU.SE, with all Fixed Improvements, at i',\) peracre. The Premises are situated one and a half miles from ANUASTON. anil the Gawler Kivcr runs 011 one shlo of the Pro per I y. The House consists of 11 well-finished an 1 lofty Rooms Underground Tank, good Well of Frush Water (with Patent Force-Pump), seven acres of Garden, with choice Fruit- Trees and Vines : Stable, Coachhouse, nnd Gnncry over (covered with Slate); al3o Cultivation Puddock. The whole area-7th» Acres— wall fenced. Terms-Half cash and halt credit if required. Title— Real Property Act, to ho seen on the premises by applying to the pro prietor. ?3O9''Hv331 ? NIC] lOL AS PLAYER. I7OR SALE, a BUTCHER'S SHOP J- and DWKLL1NG-H0USR containing five arge Rooms and Passage, with Cellar, btablu, ml Outbuilding, ull subntuntinlly built of brick ml Stone, ami d'nug a good trade, al-out seven miles from Adelaide, in one of the most thriving Townships in tlmOulony, andsuitablufor a Public House, and can lie bought with or without tho llutchcr's busincu olieuu. For particulars, apply o_EvM._BaRot, NttJJ, Hindley-atreot. 300c v F'^oiTsALSilEDEN' VALLEY, a New and Stone STORE, with DWEL LING-ROOM, siluuled 011 an Acre of ground-the bent position iu Mm Township. 303c JAMB A. HOLDEN. Gawler-plucc. hD UNDLE-PLACE, ItUNDLE ! JAj STRKKT.-TO te LET, thoEO excellent PREMISES, formerly occupied by V. 8. Dutton, V^, comprising lame Store, Shed, and con venient OIHcch, all in thorough repair. Apply to 1 HENRY RYMILL. I 251c Imperial-chainlier*, Ring William-street j n EGISTfilt CHAMBERS,~next to tho 1 i-«J Jlctmter and Olanver OtticcB, Graifell 1 Ktroct.-TO be LKT, OFFICES suitable fot BROKERS or ARCHlTECrS, and CHAMBKKS. with Fireproof Rooms, suitable for SOLICITORS ' andCONVkYANOERS. 2&cv ANDREWS. THOMAS, & CLARK. WAREHOUSE and ExtemiTo CELLAR in Grenfell-street, next to the . JlcpUlcr and Observer Oflices, TO 1* LliT. Private Road at the side, and good Htable Iu tha 1 rear. Apply to 225cv ANDREWS, THOMAS. & CLARK. STORE and CELLAR in Wntern Wins of the Ikoistcr nnd Oiuerver Buildings, Urcnfcll-strcet, TO 1ms LKT. 2J5cv ANDRUW S, THOMAS, & CLARK. pELLAR iu 'Eastern' Whig of tho vy fieaister and Observer Buildings, Grenfeil strcet, TO bo LET. 1 225cv ANDREWS. THOMAS. & CLARK. p LENELO, NEAR THE JETTY.— 0' TO bo LET, Furnished, for the Season or otherwise, a comfortable HOUSE, containing Five I Room*, with BtablinK, (fig house. &c., nowoccu ! pied by tho Rev. J. Pollitt, to whom apply, or to Mr. Stevenson, at the school adjoining. Also, for I Sale, several Allotmorits of Laud adjoining the 1 above. ? 305stlQ n LENELG-TO boLET, BE VERLEY VT OOTTAGK. close to the Pea. Apply to J. Peacock. Orunfell-strcet, or Glenelg. Q89thno 1?OR SALE, on ea*y terms, four iniler, - from Adelaide, a Superior FAMILY 11EK1-. DLNCK, with every convenience. Si2tho ? ADAM JAFFREY, Enfield, FOR SALE or RENTAL, a Now . HOUSE in NORTH ADELAIDE. Acre 7IW.

by letter to F.. K. Horn, Adelaide. 3O3thBo ' A Six-Roomed HOUSE TO be LET, on LEFEVRE-TJJRRACE. Apply to 177c ? JOHN T. BAGOT. If ENSINGTON.-TO be LET, LV GROVE HOUSE, containing Nine Rooms; food Garden. Rent moderate. Apply to E. 8. Lipsett. ? aiOftfl) HMO bo LET, in GAWLER-PLACE; J- Two HOUSES, consisting of Six Rooms, *n«i large Shop. Apply to SOLOMON BROTHERS. 310''3 ? Saddlers, 75. RundJe-Weet. rPW0 Commodious STORES, uex.fc -L Jlcgutcr and OUtrver Offices, in OREN FELL-STREET, TO Im LET. Apply to HENRY RYMlLIi. 2alc Imperial-chamber*, KingWilhaia-fitreel. TO bo LET7^^o¥'FTDELAiDE, th» STORES now in the occupation of Messrs. R. & R. Main. Lipson-Rtrect, Port Adelaide. These Stores will be vacated on tho. 31st December, Apply to 302c flALL & CO., Port rPO 'be~LET~or SOLD, TIMBER ± YARD, NOKTH-TERRAOE. Adelaide; aUo a GENERAL STORK, SM1THFIELD. Apply to Mr. D. Garlick, Register-chambers, Adelaide; c* to T. Garhck, Smitlifield. fijfic TO bo L E T, one of those New aud Substantial WAIJEHOUSES in St. Vincent Btrcet, PORT ADELAIDE, with HydraulicLifting Power. Apply to W. Illacklcr, Britannia Hotel. ? ; ? 30(iC WO be LET, a CELLAR, in GILBERT J- PLACE, late in the occupation of Mr. Lower. Apply to Messrs. Lawrence, ICnox, aiii Thrupp. ? SM4,. rpO'be LET, ROCKVILLE HOUSE! -L NORTH-TERRACE, containing Nine large and lofty RoomR. Apply to 303c JAMES A. HOLDEN. QawlerpUce. 'HO ba LET, a HOUSE in OSMOND X TEIIRACE containinR KiKht Rooms, Cellar, Yard, and Water. Apply to D. Finher. Norwood. ? 4fotc BOABP AND LODGING, SUPERIOR BOARD and RESI -J DENCE for Gentlemen at Mrs. Biarkman's. Osmpnd.terruce, Norwood. Ucod. Stabling aad Coach-house accommodation. W''lCi ttJTANTED, BOARD 'and RESI t!L DENCK. within a short distance frera Town. Separate ISodroom and use of Bath. Address R S. T.t ottlai of thig paper. x RTTHS AND STOCK, C*OR SALE, after Shearing— L1 , 6,000 Wethers 2.000 ilaiden Ewes _ . ' 2.000 FuU-mouthed Ditto. Can be delivered about Kith Noverabor. EARDLEY HEYWOOD. t- \ n i. 1 «n ,^ Portee, Murray EW«; Portee, October 10, 1866. ? . 285cv T'O be SOLD immediately after shear 1 !8t ^.'W. WBTHEB3 and 800 EWES. The alwve Sheep Mill be ready for delivery early in tho bird week of October. For particalare, applv to THOMAS THOMAS, ' Orchard Farm. Skilopoloe Crtek, 2G2cv Nearl^easinihara. H^Ei__^W^^S__Si__]&^ SOUTH AUSTRALIAN wiU Serve Mnres this Seafinn, at the Britannia Hotel, Old Adelaide Racecourse Terms, jCIO 10s. Mares paddoetol without 'ffiffijjjlfa Kanid Bay, n SiOtasc JAS! JENKINS. Adelaide.