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sir— couia you De good enough to inform me through the medium of your columns if the stationmen in the employ of the Central Road Rnnni nrn rnnaidoriw! na /*tvit cortranfo r*t fit*

uovernment and, if so, is there any of the £5,000 appropriated to our branch of the Civil Service, as I am informed by parties in other branches of the Civil Sen-ice that they have had their share of the increase a long time ago, and they say we shall get it I want to know if there is any truth in it Hope on, hope ever, they say; but hope deferred maketh the heart, sick, as it do me and others at the present time. If you could tell me that there is such increase to our wages these dear times, how gladly you would make the heart, and greatly oblige, a hard working STATIONMAN. November 25, 1865. [Our correspondent should petition the Board upon the subject.— Ed.] ?

Serious Fiee at Aidinga. — An inquebt washeldat the Aldinga Hotel, on Thursday, the 23rd inst, before Dr. Mackintosh, J.P., and a respectable Jury of settlers— Mr. Joseph Butter worth, miller, acting as Foreman— to enquire as to the origin of a fire which took place on Monday, the 20th inst, on the section of Mr. Gabriel Cox, farmer, and*Mr. Alfred Coles, storekeeper, Aldinga. From the evidence it appeared that the fire was first noticed at a few minutes past 1 o'clock p.m. among Mr. Cox's barley. It seemed to extend from behind Mr. Cole's store. There fortunately happened to be several labourers at work near at hand, so that the barley, which had been mown a few days previously, was protected frcm destruc tion, Mr. Cox and his men beating it out with bags and boughs of trees. Almost simultaneously Mr. Redin's servant discovered the fire from the sittine room windows of Mr. Cole's store, and immediately gave an alarm to Mr. liedm. who on hastening out found the fire extending along the adjoining field. He soon set free a young; horse tied up in the stable, and by active exertion prevented the fire from touching the stable, but he could not prevent it from reaching a shed, in which were sundry trusses of hay, nome saddles, a valuable set of plated gig harness, a chaffcuttiDg-machine, &c Some of these were rescued, the rest were de stroyed, as well as a closet adjoining. Numerous persons now being attracted to the spot, the fire 1TIW got Wrier,