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Family Notices

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BIRTHS. MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS BIRTHS. ADAMSON.-On the 19th October, at Angas street Mrs. D. B. Adamson, of a son.   ANDERSON.-On the 9th October, at William-   street, Norwood, the wife of Joseph Anderson, of a son. BAKER.-On the 5th October, at Glenelg, Mrs. R. C. Baker, of a son. BALLANTYNE.-On the 27th September, at Unley, Mrs. James Ballantyne, of a daughter. BARKER. - On the 24th October, at Hindmarsh,   Mrs. William Barker, jun., of a son. BARTLEET.-On the 14th October, at Belair, the wife of G. A. Bartleet, Esq., of a son. BERTRAM. -On the 12th October, at the Parade, Norwood, Mrs. J. Bertram, of a son. BLENKISON.-On the 1st October, at Mount Eagle, Keyneton. Mrs. H. Blenkison, of a son. BURGESS.-On the 7th October, Mrs. R. Burgess, Ward-street, North Adelaide, of a daughter. BURGESS.-On the 14th October, at West- terrace, Adelaide, Mrs. Burgess, of a daughter. BURKE.-On the 12th September, the wife of Mr. James Burke, of Eden Valley, farmer, of a daughter. CHRISTMAS. -On the 27th September, at Gedney Farm, Port Wakefield, the wife of Mr. F. F. Christmas, of a daughter. Both doing well. DISHER.- On the 10th October, at Charleston,   Mrs. J. W. Disher, of a daughter. DRAPER.-On the 21st August, at Eyre's Flat, the wife of Mr. Thomas Draper, of a daughter. DUNN.-On the 10th October, at Myrtle Cottage, Mount Barker, the wife of Mr. William Dunn, of a son. EDSON.-On the 2nd October, at Prospect Hall, Beautiful Valley, the wife of Mr. Wm. Edson, jun., of a daughter. Both doing well. FAWCETT.-On the 10th October, at Kapunda, Mrs. Robert Fawcett, of Kapunda, of a son. FOWLER.-On the 25th October, at Mitcham, Mrs. G. S. Fowler, of a daughter. FUTCHER.-On the 16th October, at New Brighton, Mrs. Thos. Futcher, of a son. GOWER.-On the 14th October, at Guichen Bay, Mrs. Gower, of a daughter. GUNDERSON.— On the 27th September, at Port Lincoln, Mrs. Chas. Gunderson, of a son. HAMILTON.— On the 19th October, at Lefevre terrace, North Adelaide, the wife of James Hamil- ton, Esq., of a son. HASTWELL.-On the 28th September, at Port Lincoln, Mrs. E. J. Hastwell, of a son. HOLLADGE.-On the 26th October, at Gilbert- street Adelaide, the wife of Mr. James Holladge, of a son. HUMPHRIS.-On the 29th September, at Mac- laren Vale, Mrs. E. Humphris, of a son. JACKSON.-On the 16th September, the wife of Mr. R. Jackson, Fidler's Green, near Truro, of a daughter. JACKSON.— On the 17th September, the wife of Mr. John Jackson, Fidler's Green, near Truro, of a son.   JACOBS.-On the 30th September, at Palmer- place, North Adelaide, the wife of Mr. Charles Jacobs, of a daughter. JOHNSTONE.-On the 11th October, at Strang- ways-terrace, North Adelaide, Mrs. William John- stone, of a daughter. KILLICOAT.-On the 16th October, at Koo- ringa, Mrs. W. Killicoat, of a daughter. LANDSEER.— On the 19th October, at Milang, the wife of A. H. Landseer, of a daughter. LEAVER.-On the 30th September, the wife of W. Leaver, jun., of a daughter. LOUTIT.-On the 4th October, at Stanley-street, North Adelaide, Mrs. Andrew Loutit, of a son. MACNAMARA.-On the 9th October, near Saddleworth, Mrs. S. E. Macnamara, of a son. MALEY.-On the 8th October, at Hindmarsh, the wife of Mr. John Maley, of twins (daughters). MANTHORPE.-On the 20th October, at Glenelg, the wife of the Rev. C. Manthorpe, of a daughter. MASTERS.— On the 6th October, at Apoinga, the wife of John Masters, of a daughter. Both doing well. MEAD.— On the 18th October, at 4, Clara- terrace, Franklin-street Mrs. Mead, of a son. MOULDS.-On the 22nd October, Mrs. William Moulds, New Tiers, of a son. MULLER -On the 23rd September, at Woolun- dunga, Far North, Mrs. John Muller, of a son. PRIEST.-On the 1st October, Mrs. Charles W. Priest of a daughter, stillborn. PROVIS.- On the 28th September, at Streaky   Bay, the wife of Mr. C. Provis, of a daughter. RUDALL.-On the 19th October, at Gawler, Mrs. Rudall, of a son. RYAN.-On the 29th September, at Brown- street, the wife of Mr. P. J. C. Ryan, of a son. SLADE.-On the 24th September, at Padding- ton, Sydney, New South Wales, the wife of George P. Slade, Esq.. solicitor, of a son. TRAPMANN.-On the 29th September, the wife of Mr. F. Trapmann, of Hindmarsh, of a daughter. TUCK.-On the 29th September, at Gumeracha, the wife of the Rev. H. L. Tuck, of a daughter. WARRICK.-On the 26th September, the wife of Mr. Edward Warrick, of Hamilton, of a son. WELLS.- On the 1st October, at North-terrace, Kent Town, the wife of Mr. R. Wells, of a son. WILLIAMS.-On the 12th October, at Gawler, the wife of Mr. J. T. Williams, of a son. MARRIAGES. AYERS--MORPHETT.-On the 1st October, at St. Peter's Glenelg, by the Very Rev. Dean Farrell, assisted by the Rev. Thomas Field, M.A., Incum- bent of St. Peter's, Harry Locket, second son of the Hon. Henry Ayers, M.L.C., to Ada Fisher, third daughter of the Hon. John Morphett, Presi- dent of the Legislative Council. BASTIAN--ORME.-On the 4th August at the Parish Church of Hampstead, by the Rev. Andrew Campbell, M.A., of Dublin, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Gerard A. Harldots, M.A., Henry Charlton Bastian, Esq.. M. A., M.B., F.L.S., to Julia Augusta, daughter of Charles Orme, Esq., of 81, Avenue-road, Regent's Park, and niece of Mr. E. W. Andrews, of Adelaide. BATTLEY--DIX.-On the 27th September, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. T. Best, Bible Christian minister, Elijah, son of Mr. Elias Battler, to Hannah Priscilla, daughter of Mr. James Dix, both of Clarendon. BEEBY--WEBB.-On the 18th October, at the residence of the bride's mother, Angas-street, by the Rev. Silas Mead, M.A.. LL.B., Mr. George S. B. Beeby, to Miss Louisa Webb, both of Adelaide. BINNEY—ELLIOTT. —On the 25th October, by licence, at St. Stephen's Church, Willunga, by the Rev. E. K. Miller, Mr. John Binney, of Willunga, to Elizabeth Ferris, fourth daughter of Mr. Henry   Elliott, of Maclaren Vale. BOCKER—HOERBER. —On the 19th October, at the residence of the bride's uncle, H. L. Vosz, Esq., North-terrace, by the Rev. Lossel, Mr. Her- mann Böcker, to Miss Emilie Hoeber, both of Adelaide. BRANDON—DAVIS. —On the 1st August, at 76, Upper Harley-street, Cavendish-square, London, Moses Bramlon, of 78, Rundle-street, Adelaide, to Lizzie, second daughter of the late Alex. Davis, 33, Strand, London. DAVIDSON--MILLER.-On the 24th October, at the residence of the bride's mother, Belvidere, by the Rev. John Anderson, Mr. George Davidson, of Burnfoot, Angas Plains, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late John Miller, Esq., of Fifth Creek. FULLER--JOYCE.-On the 23rd October, by licence, at the Bible Christian Chapel, Yankalilla, by the Rev. J. Counter, William, fourth son of Mr. John Fuller, of Yankalilla, to Hannah, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Joyce, of Teignmouth House, Gumeracha. GOTTSCHALCK--REIMERS.-On the 23rd October, at Christchurth, North Adelaide, by the Rev. Archdeacon Woodcock, J. Gottschalck, of Eden Valley, to Miss B. Reimers, of Glen Osmond. GUNSON— LUCAS.-On the 2nd July, at St. Michael's Parish Church, Limerick, J. M. Gunson, Esq., M.D., to Marsella Louise, sixth daughter of the late John Lucas, Esq., of Cecil House. HEDLEY--MORTON.-On the 1st August at Morpeth Parish Church, Northumberland, by the Rev. E. J. Maskery, William Henry Hedley, Esq., Manor House, Medomsley, son of Wm. Hedley, Esq., Lands House, near Darlington, to Victoria Janet, daughter of the late William Morton, Esq., R. N. HOGBEN--BYERLEE.-On the 18th October, at Immannuel Church, Chinkford, by licence, by the Rev. J. B. Titherington, John Hogben, second son of Mr. Edward Hogben, Mintaro, to Louisa Jane Byerlee, eldest daughter of Mr. George William Byerlee, of Chinkford. HOSKEN--WEARNE.-On the 17th October, at St. George's Church, Gawler, by the Rev. Canon Coombs, Jacob John William Richard Treweek Hosken, son of Edward Hosken, Esq., Gwinear, Cornwall, England, to Elizabeth Wearne, eldest daughter of Mr. John Wearne, builder, Heyles, Cornwall, England. LEAK--LEAK.— On the 5th October, at Vine Grove, Yankalilla, by the Rev. Thos. Edmeades, Frederick, son of Mr. Nelson Leak, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. William Leak, both of Yankalilla. LIVEING--HAWKER.-On the 15th August, at Blendworth Church, Horndean, Hants, by the Rev. William Henry Hawker, brother of the bride, Robert Liveing, Esq., M.D., to Adelaide Mary Dorothea, youngest daughter of the late Admiral Hawker, of Ashford Lodge, Petersfield, Hants. LONG--COOPER.-On the 30th July, at Sand- ford Church, Oxon, England, by the Rev. W. H. Ranken, Robert, only son of Thomas Long, cutler, Newbury, Berks, to Mary, third daughter of Chas. Cooper, 215, Rundle-street, Adelaide, formerly of North End Farm, East Woodhay Hants, near Newbury, Berks, England. MAIDMENT--SCOWN.— On the 3rd October, by special licence, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. W. J. Dean, George James Maidment, youngest son of the late Charles Maidment, of Strathalbyn, to Fanny Selina Scown, youngest daughter of Mr. J. T. Scown, Bull's Creek. PERRY- WILD. - On the 17th October, at Trinity Church, by licence, by the Very Rev. Dean Farrell, George Henry Perry, of Payneham, to Lydia Wild, widow of the late Wm. Wild, of Hindmarsh. POLLITT--CARLETON.-On the 2nd October, at St, Luke's Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. James Pollitt, father of the bridegroom, the Rev. Henry Martyn Pollitt, Incumbent of St. Mar- garet's, Woodville, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the late C. J. Carleton, Esq. PROSSER--COPPIN.-On the 27th September, by the Rev. Charles H. Goldsmith, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Little Hampton, John, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Prosser, to Charlotte, third daughter of the late Mr. James Coppin, of Little Hampton. RATHMAN--ZIEBUHR.-On the 4th October, by licence, by the Rev. Mr. Maschmit at Adelaide, Christian Rathman, to Maria Ziebuhr. REECE--STEVENS.-On the 13th October, at St. Mark's, Penwortham, by the Rev. J. A. Boake, B.A., Ephraim George Reece, to Isabella Stevens, both of Clare. ROBIN—ADAMSON.—On the 4th October, at   the residence of the bride's father, Angas-street, by the Rev. J. Gardner, David Robin, to Maggie Maxwell, eldest daughter of A. Adamson, Esq. ROSSI--WALTER.-On the 18th October, by licence, at the Congregational Church, North

Adelaide, by the Rev. James Jefferis, LL.B., William, only son of Ralph Rossi, Port Adelaide, to Julia Emma, only daughter of Geo. W. Walter, also of Port Adelaide. SANTO—KIDNER.—On the 9th October, at the   residence of the bride's father, by Mr. Henry S. Earl, B. A., Philip, only son of Philip Santo, Esq., M.P., Clapham Park, Lower Mitcham, to Albertina, only daughter of Samuel Kidner, Esq , Dorsetta- terrace, Adelaide. SIMPSON—BORN.—On the 1st of October, by special licence, at St. Jude's Church, Port Elliot, by the Rev. Edward J. Howell, M.A., James Simpson, youngest son of the late Captain J. W. W. Simpson, R.N., to Mary Ann Born, only daughter of John Born, of Port Elliot. SUNTER—CLARKE.—On the 27th September, at Strathalbyn, by the Rev. M. Wilson, Wesleyan minister, Edward, youngest son of the late Mr. Joseph Sunter, of Swaledale, near Richmond, Yorkshire, to Jane Christian, second daughter of the late Mr. Angas Clarke, of the West Nappin   Farm, Insby, Isle of Man. TURLEY--GIESECKE.-On the 11th October, by the Rev. T. Allen, Mr. George Turley, to Miss Augusta Giesecke, both of Kooringa. WEBB— BENNETTS.— On the 13th October, by the Rev. S. Mead, Richard, second son of Mr. H. B. Webb, of Kensington-road, Norwood, to Susan, eldest surviviug daughter of Mr. John Bennetts, of Kensington. WELSH--HARVEY.-On the 18th October, by the Rev. T. Allen, lssac Welsh, to Elizabeth Ann Harvey, both of Kooringa. WILSON--HILL.-On the 25th September, at St. John's Church, Adelaide, by the Rev. D. J. H. Ibbetson, Mr. Thomas Wilson, miller, Hindmarsh, to Miss Mary Hill, of Adelaide. DEATHS. BAKER.-On the 18th September, at Port Victor, of phthisis, after a lingering illness, Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. Thomas Baker, sen., aged 17 years, deeply regretted. BAYFIELD.-On the 25th October, at Gilles Plains, Hannah, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Bayfield, aged 23. BEVAN.-Ou the 1st October, at No. 3, Dorsetta- terrace, Lucy, the beloved wife of Alexander Bevan. BLACKLER. — On the 10th October, Lucy Lloyd, infant daughter of R. and S. Blackler, aged three weeks. CRONIN.-On the 12th October, at his brother's residence, Franklin-street west, of consumption, Eugene Francis, second son of the late Mr. Jere- miah Cronin, of the City of Cork, Ireland, aged 32 years. May he rest in peace. CROSSLEY.-On the 14th July, at Weinterega, Darling River, N.S.W., William Crossley, aged 54. Sunderland papers please copy. FIELD.-On the 7th October, at his residence, Cherry Gardens, Mr. Henry Field, aged 57 years, father of Mrs. E. Broadbent and a colonist of 28 years' standing. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends. FLETCHER.-On the 24th September, at his residence, Portland Estate, Mr. George Fletcher, aged 39. FOTHERINGHAM.-On the 9th October, at his residence, Mitcham, James Fotheringham, aged 49 years. GARLICK.-On the 11th October, at Kermode- street, John Reginald, infant son of D. Garlick, aged four and a half months. GAY.-On the 7th October, at his residence, 107,   Rundle-street, of congestion of the lungs, Mr. P. Gay, sen., aged 51. GILLIES.-On the 13th October, at the resi- lience of her son-in-law, Mr. Robert Kirk, Spring- bank, near Auburn, Mrs. Agnes Gillies, relict of the late Mr. Daniel Gillies Glasgow, aged 73 years. GRIFFITHS.-On the 20th October, at Stepney- street, Stepney, Mrs. Eliza Griffiths, aged 62 years. Her end was peace. HANCOCK.-On the 15th October, at New- castle, New South Wales, where he had gone for the good of his health, Mr. John Hancock, late of Campbelltown, aged 49 years. HOMER.-On the 28th September, at her resi- dence, Thebarton, Ruth Homer, aged 76, relict of the late Mr. Wm. Homer. KELLY.-On the 8th October, at Port Adelaide, after a lingering illness, John Geo. Joseph Kelly, bootmaker, late of Dublin, aged 39 years. Dublin papers please copy. McCORD.-On the 29th September, at Mana- narie, North, Mary, the beloved wife of James McCord, Esq., and second daughter of Robert McCord, Esq , Maryville, Gawler River, aged 29, much and deeply regretted. McFARLANE.-On the 13th October, at Mel- bourne, John Horne, second son of the late Allan McFarlane, Esq. MITCHELL.-On the 13th October, at Moonta Mines, H. R. R. Mitchell, the infant son of Cap- tain Joseph Mitchell, aged six months. MUNDY.-On the 11th October, at Islington, Henry Mundy, aged 64 years. His end was peace. PUXTON.-On the 3rd October, at Brighton- road, New Glenelg, after a painful illness, Elizabeth Anne, the beloved wife of Joseph Puxton, aged 52 years. ROBERTS.-On the 4th October, at White Hut, near Clare, of consumption, Mr. Francis Roberts, aged 64. ROGERS.— On the 20th October, of consumption, at the Vine Inn, Glen Osmond, George Thomas Rogers, of Sevenhills, and late of the Clarendon Hotel, Hindley-street, aged 35 years. ROGERS.-On the 10th September, at Salt Creek, Yankalilla, of consumption, James Rogers, of Gwinear, Cornwall, England. His end was peace. SMITH.— On the 17th October, at his residence, North-terrace, after a lingering and painful illness, Mr. Francis Smith, livery-stablekeeper, Rundle street. STEAD.-On the 18th October, at Wright street, Adelaide, of inflammation of the lungs, William, eldest son of John and Mary Stead, aged 30 years. Sydney papers, please copy. THURSTON.-On the 19th October, at Cox's Creek, South Australia, Mary, the beloved wife of Charles Thurston, carpenter, formerly of Ashmans worth Hants, near Newbury, Berkshire, England, aged 72 years. TRIPE.-On the 5th June, at Laira, Plymouth, after a short illness, Cornelius William Tripe, M.D., eldest son of the late Cornelius Tripe, Esq., F.R.C.S..aged 56. TURNER.-On the 23rd September, after a lingering illness, aged 26, Esther Ann, only sur viving child of Mrs. Turner, formerly of Ken sington, near Adelaide. WILLCOCKS.-On the 18th October, at her residence, Brompton, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian resignation, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Richard Willcocks, aged 39 years. Her end was peace. WILLMOTT.-On the 7th October, at Dorsetta terrace, Flinders-street, Amelia, second daughter of Martha Willmott, aged 30 years. After a lingering illness, borne with Christian resignation, she fell asleep in Jesus.