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BASEBALL DANCE. Large Attendance at Karrakatta Club Hall. TO celebrate the visit of the Victorian and Eastern Goldfields baseball teams, a dance was organised by the Wests Baseball Club and held last night at the Karrakatta Club hall. There was a large attendance of members and their friends as well as visitors from Melbourne and Kalgoorlie. Faith Court's orchestra sup plied the music. A profusion of flowers composed of Iceland poppies, mauve stocks. ranunculi, anemones and pansies, adorned the tables in the winter garden, where a buffet supper was served. The committee responsible for the suc cess of the function included Mesdames W. Dawson and W. Briggs, Misses Wynne Palmer, and Jean Hughes, Messrs. W. Dawson, G. Dunstan, and C. Adams (social secretary). Among the guests of honour were Messrs. R. R. Hindson (man ager of the Victorian team), H. Parkin (captain), A. Logan, T. Ruddell, H. King, C. Boulton. L. Smith, E. Melling, G. Heron. C. H. Johnson. J. Middleton, J. Ferguson. C. Scott, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Well (Kalgoorlie). Many picturesque frocks were worn, and bright colours predominated. Mrs. C. P. Smith wore a frock of black crepe romaine attractively relieved with peri winkle blue; Mrs. William C. Davies (De troit, U.S.A.), midnight- blue taffeta dotted with fine silver threads; Mrs. C. Well (Kalgoorlie), white georgette with skirt of frilled net; Mrs. W. Dawson, lilac taffeta; Mrs. W. Briggs, black georgette ornamented with gold and silver sequins; Miss Wynne Palmer, black and silver French mousseleine finished with posy of silver rose; Mrs. G. Day, navy blue cotelle and lace; Miss Jean Hughes, black floral georgette; Mrs. S. H. Firmin, deep purple striped satin touched with gold lame; Mrs. O. K. Battye, periwinkle blue georgette over satin: Mrs R. Halcombe, petunia georgette; Mrs. F. H. Taaffe, lav ender lacquered satin; Mrs. Andrew Olney, green floral .georgette; Mrs. E. Williams, Patou pink roubaix; Mis# Jean Bateman, Kenya red lace and georgette; Mrs. D. C. Barbey (Melbourne), black georgette; Miss A. Carroll (Melbourne). eau-de-nil changeant taffeta; Miss Mavis Brennan, black satin skirt and blue floral tunic; Miss Norma Morgan, white stencilled satin; Miss A. Considine, mulberry chitffon velvet; Miss Trixie Plenberg, ranunculli floral ninon; Miss Kathleen Brown Cooper, cornflower blue georgette; Miss Jean Sabine, daffodil ripple crepe; Miss Vi Blythe, apple green pleated georgette; Miss Kath Cullen, Algerian red sandara crepe; Miss Nancy Markland, white pique and black taffeta coatee; and Miss Ber nice Hill, peacock blue lacquered .satn. Others present included: Mrs. C. Wilson, white marocain; Miss M. Lucas, powder blue organdie; Miss E. Pen berthy, white lace; Miss Jean Merritt, amethyst georgette; Miss Sadie Hyne, white satin; Mrs. R. N. Denford, lilac striped crepe; Miss Myra Brown, mauve floral georgette; Miss Dorothy Harris, black Chautilly lace; Mrs. H. Henley, blue taffeta; Miss K. Mulhall, black shirred georgette; Miss J. Allsop, black moire taffeta; Miss G. Haynes, black changeant taffeta; Miss P. Jolly, eau-de-nil georgette; Miss V. Kell, coral taffeta; Mrs. G. Bowers, rose pink satin and green floral tunic; Miss Win Randell, black and white floral romaige; Miss Mytyl Barton, mid. night blue reversible satin; Miss Gwen Lewis, white floral taffeta; Mis B. Jury, black and floral satin; Miss Zillah McCaskill, black floral georgette; and Miss Betty Black, black lac quered satin. Messrs. H. Hocking, 0. Kervell, D. C. Bar hey, L. Smith (Melbourne), William C. Davies, R. Courtney, A. Wegner, R. Black, S. H. Firmin, E. Penberthy, S. Stephens, Ken Edmondson, Keith Murray, Errol Andrews, George Day, A. Olney. Mervyn Jones. R. N. Denford, W. Briggs, H. Brrnnan, J. Woodams, C. Scott, H. Henley, B. Thomas, George Day (junior), A. G. Bowers, J. Nicoll, O. IL Battye. E. Williams, B. J Kortlang, K Coughlan, F. H. Tsaffe, R. Hal combe, Cyril Johnson and T. Merritt