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* EAST PERTH BEATEN. Swan Districts' Two-Point Margin. In an exciting match marked by a lot of vigour and little science, the Swan Districts team beat East Perth, for the first time in its league career, by two points at Bassendean on Saturday. Both teams were below full strength, but, while East. Perth had notable absentees like Cronin and B. Ryan, the Swan Districts Club was in the extraordinary position of having nearly all its line from goal to goal missing, the following key positions be ing without the regular .players:-Pu l back (Chandler), centre-half-back (Sin clair), first follower (Murray), centre half-forward (Hall) and full forward (Holdsworth). Rain, a strong and gusty wind and a greasy ball which eluded the fingers pre cluded good football, but what the play lacked in system it made up for in tense ness, stirring the spectators strongly. Faster and stronger in ground play, which meant most on the day, Swan Districts took the lead by 25 points in the first half. East Perth had been ineffective, but after half-time, faced with the pos sibility of being excluded from the final four, it became invigorated with a fierce determination. The Swan Districts team could increase the lead by only three points when with the wind in a strenu ous third quarter; then East Perth drew to within two points of it in the last quarter, but the tremendous effort had sapped its vitality and Swan Districts, finishing full of fight, deserved victory. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Easton, Andrews. Half-backs: McNamara. Hunt, . Me Innerney. Centrej: McMahon, Darmody, Krepp. Half-forwards: Park, Avery, Mosey. Forwards: Bartow, Hackett. Gore. Ruck' Randall, Pen berthy, Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: W. Smith (did not play). EAST PERTH.-Backs: M. Ryan. Sing, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas, Graham. Starr. Centres: Miller, Museman, GuhL Half-forwards: Broom, Dolan, CampbelL Forwards: H. Scresigh, Lock yer, Ward. Rook: Menhennett. Colding. Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Keeffe (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Swan Districts, opened with the wind, which was blowing into the right forward pocket and swayed the play, but, gusty and powerful, troubled both teams. East Perth, kicking badly and failing dismally in attempts at team-work, was on the defensive all the time. Swan Districts, instead of kicking to the left side of the goal, kicked wildly and the ball was car ried into the wrong pocket, producing scrambling play, with the ball being sent out of bounds frequently. Krepp and Darmody tried to direct the play properly from midfield and when Swan Districts attacked around the left wing two quick goals resulted. East Perth took the ball

among its forwards only once and a goal came from a free-kick, Swan Districts led with 5.9 to 1.0. When with the wind In the second quarter. East Perth showed a better idea of tactics than Swan Disticts had, but was not at all impressive. Faster and more tenacious, Swan Districts had the better of the play, although the wind en abled East Perth to decrease the lead a bit. Swan Districts played the wrong wing in defence. Despite Its faults, how ever, the team was in command and was on the offensive rather than the defensive, being held back by the wind. At half time it had scored 7.9 against East Perth's After half-time, East Perth made a much better showing, but the ball had become very slippery. The players were unable to pick it up and the play became very crowded and vigorous, flying boots and thudding bodies rousing the specta tors to a high pitch of excitement. East Perth, fiercely determined, was hurling itself into the game with abandon and, although Swan Districts responded gamely, took the honours for the quarter, which ended with the seores 9.9 to 4.11 (East Perth). East Perth scored 2.3 in the first five minutes of the last quarter, but then seemed to tire a little. Swan Districts, revelling in the hard going, made it fight every inch of the way. For the next nine minutes there was no score and then a goal by Broom made the difference nine points. Three more minutes and a be hind came from a scramble. Then Swan Districts attacked but was turned just in front of goal. East Perth gradually forced the ball down until a snap by Muss man produced a goal, making the dif ference two points with four minutes to go. The ball was fought for in midfield, with most of the playerz on it, tempers frayed and excitement running high. East Perth would gain a few yards only to lose them and the ball was in front of the grandstand when the final bell. rang with the scores: SWAN DISTRICTS . . 9.11 (65 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. .. 8.15 (83 pta.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Gorn, 5.1; Avery, 2.1; Hackett, 1.2; Mosey, 1.1; Ran dall. 0.2; Krepp, Sweetapple, Beastow and Andrews, 0.1 each. East Perth: Parry, 2.5; Golding. 2.0; Broom and Lockyer, 11 each; Ward and Mussman, 1.0 each; Menbennett and Dolan, 0.3 each; Scresigh and ,Campbell, 0.1 each. For Swan Districts, Zilko, marking and spoiling well, was a model of coolness and effectiveness in a back pocket. Darmody

and Krepp were driving forces in mid feld and Gorn, excellent in position. polished off the attack nicely. Mosey acquitted himself well at half-forward, Avery and Sweetapple were always dan gerous and Peaberthy worked solidly. Edston and Hackett were the best of the others. For East Perth, Parry was most active, handling the ball a lot and getting it away well. M. Ryan did well in a back pocket and Graham and King also shone in defence.- Guh was very effective on a centre wing, disposing with surprising accuracy, and Menhennett and Golding were sarong followers. Broom and Dolan were the best of the forwards.