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* WEST PERTH FAILS. East Fremantle's Notable Victory. Pacing a Scrt-half deficit of 17 points, Eat Fremantle rallied with typical deter mination, and, bringing to bear on the 1 game great skill, purpose and traditional system, outplayed West Perth in the sec ond half of a stirring game at Leeder ville Oval and won by 20 points. Fight ing against elimination from the final round, West Perth had the game within its grasp several times, but it failed to withstand a brilliant third-quarter effort in which East Premantle, dominating the play, scored eight goals and took the lead. Then, finishing strongly, it made victory

certain by careful, effective play in the final quarter. Throughout the game the standard of play was high, despite the unfavourable weather and East Fremantle showed qualities as a team, which should enhance its premiership prospects. The teams were: EAST FREMA.&TLE.-Backs: W. Doig, Senny, Skeehan Half-backs: Fordham,--C. Jardis, J. Munro. Centres: Migro, Hathlnsaon, Seubert. Half-forwards: Mcinn, Daniell, C. Doig. For wards: W. James, G. Doig, W. Doig. RHck: Dane gan, Martiensen, Trnaott (rover). Nineteenth man: Stingemore (did not play). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavwna, Tetley, Flem ming: Half-backs: P. Walsh, Buttaworth, O'Neefe. Centres: Coward. Mcardy, L Walsh. Half-for wards: McDlarmid, Lewis, Gregg. Forwards: Pole, fyaon, oCatsa . NUCk: MNarikO, Bever. idge, R. Scresigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Ben. ton (did not play). UMPIRE.-L. McCamish. Although hampered by a gusty, vari able wind, East Fremantle quickly found its feet, but scoring was difficult. The pace was fast and the play vigorous. There was little to choose between the teams. Both defences were subject to sustained attacks and West Perth was the first to break through, Tyson gosling from a mark. East Fremantle's handling of the ball and kicking to the man was indif ferent and it was beaten in the ruck. West Perth, shepherding hard, using handball to advantage and winning easily in the air, gave East Fremantle little chance to settle down. W. James scored East Fremantle's first goal off the ground a few minutes 'before the close of the quarter, which ended with the scores at: -West Perth, 2.5; East Fremantle, 1.2. With an Irresistible burst West Perth scored two rapid goals at the start of the second quarter, and again East Pre mantle was in difficulties. West Perth's form was a revelation. Its pace was fast its marking brilliant and its system al most flawless. East Fremantle scored a goal but Tyson, who was in top form, kicked truly from a difficult position. Heavy rain fell, and East Fremantle fared better. A goal resulted from a fast, smashing attack, but West Perth's backs. notably Flemming, gave great service and East Fremantle's rally was checked- The play deteriorated in the closing stages of the quarter, West Perth making the error of closing up the game. Tyson scored his fourth goal during the-quarter, which ended with West Perth 17 points in the lead-6.6 to 3.7. Each team goaled within 50 seconds of the opening of the third term. West Perth was'no longer superior, and East Fremantle made desperate efforts to re duce the lead. Its ruck, however, could not ylthstand the West Perth followers,

and its forwards, W. Doig excepted. were below form. It fought on, relying largely on its team-work and amazing determination. Early in the quarter its persistence was rewarded., W. Doig ran around a scrimmage to goal and then G. Doig suddenly found form and scored two goals to bring East Fremantle to within five points of West Perth. It was a brilliant rally. Two points by West Perth, then a goal by James (East Pre mantle) and West Perth led by only a point. Play became congested and fierce. When W. Doig goaled the scores were level, and Truscott gave East Fremantle the lead for the first time when he goaled from a penalty kick. Plemming was an heroic defender for West Perth, but East Premantle held its lead at three-quarter time, with 11.9 to 10.8. After missing an easy chance Tyson levelled the scores again with a goal early in the last quarter, but East Fremantle regained the lead when G. Doig scored a brilliant goal with a left-foot screw kick. In blinding rain the players threw them selves into the game relentlessly, and fierce scrimmages were the tule, East Pre mantle gained the upper hand, and stead fly and surely it held fast to the advan tage. James made the game safe with a goal a minute from the end. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE 14.13 (97 pts.) WEST PERTH ... 11.11 (77 pts.) Scorers:--East Premantle: W. Doig, 5.2; G. Dolg, 4.3; James, 4.1; Truscott, 1.0; McGiinn, 0.4; Danell, 0.2; Seubert, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 6.4; Cashman, 3.1; Pola, 1.1; Marinko, 1.0; Screslgh, 0.2; Beveridge, McDlarmid, 0.1 each. W. Doig was East Fremantle's out standing player. He was invaluaole in attack, scoring five goals and contributing largely to several others. Jarvis played soundly at half-back and -received abl' assistance from N. Doig and J. Mu.1ro. Donegan followed strongly against heavy odds and Beubert was the best of the centre-line players. Truscott,C G. Doig, Martlensen and James were others who tood out in a team which had no poor player. Once Again E. Plemming, the veterazi full back, bore the brunt of West Perh's difficult task. He was the finest player in the game. Tetley-in goal played excel lent football and Pola roved cleverly. Against a determined and capable defence Tyson gave a brilliant display of forward play and Gregg was a useful player. Others who did well were P. Walsh, Mar inko fin patches), McDianrmd and Mc-, Curdy.