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AN UNIMPORTANT FIXTURE. Perth Too Strong for South Fremantle Perth and South Fremantle finished their league fixtures at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when Perth won an uninteresting contest, spoilt by heavy rain almost throughout. At the end of the first quarter Perth led by 2.4. and was never afterwards in a doubtful position. A strange feature of the second quarter was that only five behinds were scored, Perth being credited with four of them. Both sides played greatly Improved foot ball after the interval, South Premantle's attack approaching league standard. The advantage, however, was still claimed by Perth, which added 5.11 to South Fre mantle's 4.1. An even last quarter was marked by a tame finish and Perth won easily. It had, however, scored only 11 goals from 83 scoring shots. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald. Dewar, Crookt. Half-lacks: O'Brien, A. Brown, Woonald. Centres: itvey, G. BDeden, Trainor. Halffforwards: O'Cal -hau, Betheringtte, Barton. Forwards: Robson, tiook, A. Grigg. Ruck: M. Jarvis, (llphant, eightle- (rarer). Nineteenth man: Ransom ~did not play). SOUTH FREMATLE.---Backe: HEgall, C. Jennings, M. Hayward. Half-backs: Pollett, Rich ardson, Caddy. Centres: Orr, J. Mills, Lewing. ton. Half-forwards: Anderson, Brown, .Mathews. Forwards: E. Hayward, White, Craven. Rock: Beard, Ditchburn, J. Doig (rorei). Sineteenth man: Jasper (replaced Richardson - at half time). iUmpire.-G. Owens. Aided by a strong wind, Perth was, quickly seen to advantage in general play. Heavy rain set in, making the ball and ground heavy and greasy, and in these untavourable conditions tae Perth players adapted thazr:lves much better than their opponmz.:. Guahs were kicked by A. Grigg and - .:_toi and, with the Perth ruck serving tLe sf-e well, South Fre mantle was seldom in a pozition to score. Perth apparently had little difficulty in handling the greasy ball, but South Pre mantle was fumbling badly and its for wards were no match for the solid Perth backs. A third goal -to Perth was sig nalled before Ditchburn initiated a Southern assault on organised lines, which ended by J. Doig running in and scoring South Fremantle's first goal. Perth. was entitled to its lead at quarter-time of 3.3 to 1.2. South Fremantle continued to play at a low level apart from its defence, where Beard, Caddy and Il. Hayward did much fine work. The football was of an even poorer class than in the first quarter, and neither side was able to score a goal. South Fremantle used its physi cal powers to the maximum, but without co-ordination, and it fell away before the defence set up by A. Brown, who was one of the few players in the match to play with the slightest degree of bril liance. A point was the sum total of South Premantle's strenuous. eort for the term. Perth had done little better, and a quarter of poor football ended with the scores:-Perth, 3.7; South Premantle, 1.3. On resumption, South Fremantle showed signs of Improvement. Orr was Instrumental in beginning a successful attack and some good play by Jasper and Lewington preceded a goal by P. Brown, which almost levelled the scores. Goals by Jarvis for Perth and by Doig for South Premantle followed on a series of behinds for Perth and made the dif ference seven points in Perth's favour. Perth had been astray in kicking for goal, and an excellent goal by A. Grigg from a difficult angle was almost unbeliev able. Two goals by Jarvis and another by Gook left South Fremantle a long way in arrears, .but a free-kick to Doig was fully availed of before the last change-over, when Perth was in a strong winning position---18 to 5.4 Little importance attached to the last quarter, and If possible the football was of a drearier nature than that which marked the earlier quarters. Towards the fiplsh, South Preniantle improved, in its cohesion and in individual play, and goals by Anderson and E. Hayward were the main incidents in the closing minutes. Final scores: PERTH .. ... .. ..11.22 (88 pts.) S. FREMANTLE .. 8.6 (51 pts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 3.6; M. Jarvis, 3.5; A. Grigg, 24; Robson, 1.5; Burton and Headon, 1.1 each. South Fremantle: J. Doig, 32; B. Hayward, 2.2; Anderson, 2.1; F. Brown, 1.1. Perth's best player was G. Headon, whose work at centre was marked by sure ground play, and he made many dashes into the forward lines. A. Brown was the best of the backs, and M. Jarvis,

aided by Eeightley (roving), made a strong rack. Gook's marking was often brilliant, and in shooting for goal he was unlucky enough to hit the post three times. Others to come frequently under notice were Wormaid, A. Grigg and O'Brien. South Premantle's leading player was Dltchburn, who battled hard against a stronger ruck with little effective assis tance. Lewington ended a successful season with a fine game on the wing. Of the others, Beard, Caddy, Anderson, J. Doig and Orr were most prominent.