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AN UNATTRACTIVE 1MATCH. East Perth Wins by 38 Points. In a game which was removed from the commonplace only by the brilliant defence of the winner and the unusu ally poor forward play of the loser, East Perth defeated South Fremantle by 38 points at Perth Oval on Saturday. Both teams were below full strength-Cronin, B. Ryan and Parry were among East Perth's absentees-and the play gene rally was mediocre. East Perth marked Well and played reasonably well to posi tion but, for the most part, South Fre mantle seemed incapable of kicking the ball at all accurately and it fumbled a good deal. Its redeeming feature was its pacebut East Perth matched it even in that phase ,of the play in the second half of the game. The teams were: EAST PERTH.-Backs: M. Ryan, King, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas,; Graham, Starr. Centres: Miller, Broom, Gubl. Half-forwards: Dolan, Keefe, Ward. Forwards: Golding, Lockyer, Screaigb. Ruek: Menhennett, Garnant, Mussman (rover). Nineteenth man: Campbell (did not play). SOUTH FREMA.TLE .--Backs: Renfrey, Pol lett. M. Hayward. Half-backs: White, Jennings, Caddy. Centres: Mills, Back, Lewington. Half forwards: Brown, Jasper, Craven. Forwards: Ditchburn, lathews, Orr. Ruck::Beard, Richard son, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: Cole man (did not play). UMPIRE.--H. Hooper. Although favoured by a fresh breeze East Perth was outplayed by the faster and more resourceful South Fremantle team for several minutes. When East Perth found its feet, however, it domin ated the play in the air and, kicking better to the man, quickly scored two goals. The play was open but South Pre mantle's shocking kicking to the man and wild leading nullified much of its sound, effective play. East Perth established a 10-point lead but it, too, fell into errors and the ball swung backwArds and for wards between the half-back lines for long periods. In the closing stages of the quarter East Perth steadied and, playing along the wings, made its vigor ous, direct methods more effective. It led by 24 points at quarter-time with 5.7 to 2.1. With South Fremantle still playing un certainly and allowing the opposing for wards almost unlimited latitude, East Perth went further ahead at the opening of the second quarter. East Perth's backs gave the South Fremantle's forwards few opportunities and those which did occur were frequently lost through fumbling, crowding and futile passing. Two goals by E. Hayward improved South Fre mantle's position, but its football was such that it appeared to fight for pos session of the ball only for. the doubtful satisfaction of seeing chance. after chance ?rittered away. The brilliant play of Guhl on. the left wing gave East Perth a tremendous advantage and, after some desultory play, it re-established its Jead. A goal by Mathews reduced the lead to 15 points at half-time when the scores were:--ast Perth, 7.9; South Fre mantle, 5.6 Increasing its pace and kicking much better, South Fremantle harassed East Perth in the third quarter and aftei each team had goaled South Fremantle held the ball in its forward area without scoring. At times it reached to within a- few feet of the posts only to lose pos session or kick erratically. Beaten for pade, East Perth relied on its brilliant defence and was seldom disappointed. Its forward work, while at times inaccurate, was virile and resourceful and it was its ability to press home its advantages in attack that gave it command of the game. Getting the ball from- the ruck and playing in fast, short bursts, it added a succession of goals to lead by 35 points at three-quarter time with 11.13 to 6.8. Two goals in the first minute of the final quarter-one the result of a foolish hand-pass by Jqnnings--placed East Perth the. equivalent of. seven goals in the lead and set South Fremantle a well nigh hopeless task. East Perth was con tent to hold its lead while South Fre mantle fought on without much result. It had the advantage of the breeze and it found great difficulty in penetrating the East Perth defence. Mills and White goaled, the former after a lone-handed effort, but East Perth added further goals skid won easily. The final scores: EAST PERTH .. .. .. 15.19 (109 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE . 10.11 (71 pts.) Scorers:-East Perth: Lockyer, 4.5; Screaigh, 4.1; Mussman, 2.4; Golding, 2.1; Dolan, 12; Keeffe, 12; Menhennett, 1.2; Garnaut, 0.2. South Fremantle: Richardson, 4.0; E. Hayward, 2.1; Mills, 1.1; Mathews, 1.1; Craven, 1.1; Ditch burn, LO; Brown, 0.; White. 02; M. Hayward, 0.1; Orr, 0.1. Guhl and Graham were East Perth's best players, the former being a match winning factor on the wing and the lat ter dominating the play at half-back. Miller played excellent football through out the game, and Starr, King, Crow, Thomas and M. Ryan constituted, with Graham, a fine defence. Garnaut was a useful player and Golding showed fairly good form. In a beaten centre-line Back, who is not accustomed to the centre position, stood out and was South Fremantle's best player. Beard followed strongly and did much useful work when placed, while M.Hayward used his pace t6 advantage. Ditchburn fought hard and Richardson was an outstanding, but inconsistent player. Others who were up to form were Brown, Mills and E. Hayward.