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EAST FREMANTLE HARD PRESSED Determined Effort by Subiaco. Before a large crowd, East Fremantle and Subiaco met at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday for the third time this sea son, East Fremantle winning a contest that was always interesting by 1.3. Both teams were accurate in front of goal, and the general kicking - was stronger than usual. Subiaco held an advantage of 11 points at quarter time, but developing great pace after the first change East Fre mantle played like a premiership side and kicked the next six goals. This really won the match for East Fremantle, as it had something in reserve for the later stages of the game, when Sublaco fought in a determined fashion. In the third quarter Subiaco kicked five goals to East Fremantle's two goals, and led by a point at three-quarter time. East Fremantle, however, again outpaced Sublaco in the final term, and powerful in attack, finished too well for Subiaco. The winner was fully extended, and Subiaco's form was encouraging from a semi-final point of view. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: . Doig, Kenny, Skeahan. Half-backs: Fordham, Jarvis, Munro. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Senbert. Hilf-for wards: 0. Doig, Daniell, Truscott. Forwards: James, G. Doig, W. Doig. Ruck: Martiensen, Donegan. McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Stingemore (replaced C. Doig at half-time). SUBIACO.-Backs: Strack, I. Daily, Gilbert. Half-backs: Fisher, Bant, Davies. Centres: Brewer, Murphy, Brophy. ' Half-forwards: Hamble ton, S. Daily, Toll. Forwards: Mills, Jennings, Merson. -Ruck: Roe, Browne. Donovan (rover). Nineteenth man: Taylor (replaced Roe in third quarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. After Skeahan had repulsed Subiaco, some excellent combination between Mc Glinn and Hutchinson was completed by a phenomental mark taken by G. Doig who goaled. From this point G. Doig, was closely shadowed by L. Daily. East Fremantle was already showing its fine form, making Subiaco appear a team of stragglers. The long kicking was a fea ture, and the pace was almost at a maxi mum. Sublaco improved, and Jennings goaled with a long shot. Mills followed with another, and with the team now playing combined football Subiaco's third goal was kicked by Jennings. These successes vitalised the Subiaco side which held a lead of two goals. East Fre mantle's backs had not been clearing with their accustomed long kicking, and the result was that it was kept busy dealing with Subiaco's barrage from the centre lines. The play was marked by pace and determinatiop, with Subiaco the stronger side of the two. Played close G. Doig was finding possession of the ball difficult, and Subiaco's defence was sufficiently strong to check East Fre mantle's remaining forwards. For Subi aco, Merson was a great worker, and his goal placed Subiaco in excellent position -a three-goal lead. Subiaco was hand ling the ball with the greater certainty. both rovers, Donovan and Hambledon showing fine disposal, while Davies had been a power in defence. W. Doig goaled for East Fremantle, leaving the first quar ter scores:-Subiaco, 4.1; East Premantle, 2.2. Accurate handball by W. Doig resulted in a goal by Daniell, thus reducing Subi aco's lead to five points. G. Doig then -oaled and East Fremantle led after three minutes' play in this term. East Fremantle now dominated the play and the four next goals went to its credit making six goals in a run with Subiaco's score unaltered. The East Fremantle forwards were repeatedly supported by a brilliant centre line, Seubert, Hutchin son and Migro having matters all their A4

own way. Subiaco had crumpled up de spite some good service rendered by Mer son and S. Daily. Both goaled, but Donegan then increased East Fremantle's tally with a goal, making the half-time scores:--East Fremantle, 9.4; Subiaco, 6.4. Subiaco began a series of attacks, which were continiued almost throughout the quarter. Within two minutes of the resumption, Subiaco had scored two goals. Now in the ruck, S. Daily strengthened a division that had had decidedly the worst of matters, but an accident to Roe weak ened Subiaco and even play followed, each side scoring two goals apiece. Both teams were kicking accurately, East Fre mantle having gained 11 goals from 15 scoring shots; Subiaco, 10 goals from a similar number of attempts. The spec tators' attention was riveted on G. Doig, who was battling hard for a goal which would raise his century for the season. The football was fast and rugged, with Subiaco now showing the better dash and almost equal determination. Two goals were added by Subiaco, making the scores level, but rushing a behind before the bell, Subiaco led by a point at three quarter time, when the scores read: Subiaco, 11.7; East Fremantle, 11.6. Subiaco's chances were enhanced when Browne, marking close in, made its lead seven points. S. Daily was playing dash ing football. In goal, L. Daily was re peatedly cheered for brilliant reliefs. It was fortunate for East Fremantle that Daniell was in excellent form at half forward, where he did everything right. Reaching its best form East Fremantle began to get the upper hand, and the next three goals went to its credit. The last of the three goals was kicked by G. Doig, and made his tally 100 goals for the season. The 'feat was not allowed to pass unnoticed by the big crowd. East Fremantle finished in characteristic style, but Subiaco fought on with deter mination, and East Fremantle was never able to relax. Its pace had again been the deciding factor, but the last shot of the day resulted in a goal for Subiaco. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE . 14.10 (94pts.). SUBIACO ...... .. 13.7 (S5pts.). Scorers:--East Fremantle: G. Doig, 6.4; Daniell, 2.1; W. Doig, 2.0; McGlinn, 1.2; Migro, 1.0; James, 1.2; Donegan, 1.t; Truscott, 0.1. Subiaco: Merson, 4.2; Mills, 3.2; Jennings, 2.1; S. Daily, 2.0; Hambleton, 1.1; Browne, 1.0; Roe, 0.1. For East Fremantle, Dantell, Hutchin son and G. Doig were a sterling trio. Daniell marked in great style at centre

A South Fremantle defender being prevented from clearing the ball during the league football match against East Perth at Perth Oral on Saturday. The East Perth players are, from left to right: P. Lockyer, J. Dolan and H. Screaigh.

half forward, and his weight enabled him to push through heavy opposition. G. Doig showed remarkable grit against odds, and his leading out was fine indeed. Others who excelled were McGlinn, Truscott, Jarvis, Seubert, Migro, Done gan, Skeahan, and W. Doig. In Mer~on, Subiaco had a player at least the equal of any on the ground. His marking, power and kicking were ex cellent, and whether in attack or in the ruck, he was always a force. Others to show form were Strack, Davies (a great first half), L. Daily (brilliant. in goal), Fisher, and the rovers, Donovan and Hambledon.