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PERTH'EPS BIG SCORE. Swan Districts Easily ..Beaten. Perth won easily from Swan Districts at the W.A.C.A. ground on Saturday. Swan Districts led in the frst quarter. but was then beaten in-every phase of

the game and made a poor showing. Al though it did not have -to be good to win, Perth - gave a creditable performance. After scoring 9.4 to 1.1 in an impressive second quarter, it steadily increased its lead and was 11.9 ahead (more than double Swain Districts' score) at the final bell. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald. Dewar, Walsh. Half-backs: O'Brien, Brown, Wormald. Centres: H. Davey, G. Headon, Trainor. Half-forwards: O'Callaghan. Hetherington, Burton. Forwards: Robson, Gook, A. Grigg. Ruck: M. Jarvis, Oli phant, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Crooks (replaced Trainor, badly knocked, in last quarter). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Easton. Chandler, Penberthr. Half-backs: Hunt, Sinclair, Ford. Centres: Mosey, Darmody, Krepp. Half-forwards: Avery, Hall, Park. Forwards: Bastow, Holds worth, Mcamara. Buck: Randall Morray, Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: Mclnnerney (replaced Hall. arm injury, in second quarter). UMPIRE.--L. MfCmish .In the first quarter. the teams seemed to be well matched; both were fast and combining nicely. Perth was kicking more accurately and winning in the air and, aided by phenomenal marking by Gook, was first in attack. The Swan Districts backs had their worth fully tested in strenuous goal-front work. When they got the ball away. Swan Districts' strong centre-line led forward effectively. The forwards. notably Holdsworth. were scouting well and they made good use of their chances against a strong defence in which Fitzgerald shone. Playving a typical high-pressure game, short but powerful ft

and. marked by constant backing up. Swan Districts had most of the play in the latter part of the quarter and led with 5.2 to 2.3. With Oliphant and Jarvis winning in the ruck and its centre-line improved. Perth attacked persistently, but kicked poorly for goal and wasted many shots before it took the lead. While Swan Dis tricts lost pace, one of its nA'1 assets. and played badly. Perth found all-round strength. It played fast, steady football. taking full advantage of Swan Districts' many mistakes. and went to a 28-point lead when its seventh goal for the quar ter came in 12 minutes. This was in creasgd by another goal before Swan Dis tricts showed much resistance. Swan Dis tricts. however, was not effective and could do no better than a behind after several feeble attempts. Perth replied with a goal and then Holdsworth kicked a good goal just before half-time, making Swan Districts 6. to Perth's 11.7. Chandler. who had hurt a knee. went to a half-forward wing, putting Easton in goals' and McNamara centre-half-for ward in place of Hall. who had retired 'injured. Swan Districts could not get go ing and some of its players foolishly ran with the ball too much. A noticeable in fluence on the course of the play was the fact that Davey was beating SrePP on a centre wing. Chiefly through the tenacity of its followers. Swan Districts attacked several times and HoldFworth proved his effectiveness with three more goals, but Perth was playing a winning game and at no time looked to be in danger. It increased its score to 16.11 against 10.4. Lacking fire and accuracy, Swan Dis tricts had gone to pieces. Perth was easily the better team. There was no in terest in the game and it wore on to an inevitable result. The final scores were: PERTH .. .. .. 22.14 (146pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS . 11.5 ( 71lpts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook. 9.4; O'Calla ghan, 3.1; Hetherington. 3.0; A. Grigg and Oliphant, 2.3 each; Robson, 2.1; Burton, 1.1; Jarvis. 0.1. Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 6.0; Penberthy and McNa mara. 1.1 each; Chandler, Murray and Randall. 1.0 each; Mosey, Sweetapple and Hall. 0.1 each. Oliphant was very serviceable for Perth. being in the play all the time and the driving force behind many scoring moves. Gook was in brilliant form as full-for ward, and Fitzgerald was a dominating influence in defence, while H. Davey was the chief strength of the centre-line. Jarvis was one of the most effective men in the team and O'Callaghan and Hether ington did well at half-forward- All the backs were, prominent and Headon was woth his place at -centre. In Swan Districts' ragged bide, Randall was prominent as a dour. and tireless worker, not sparing himself to keep the team going. Sweetapple and Sinclair gave strong help and Holdsworth. marking and kicking accurately, showed again his natural ability as a: full-forward, and also that it was a mistake to place him centre-half-forward in the last quarter. Mosey played dashingly .on a wing and MeNsmara. one of the team's best, proved himself 'in a full-forward pocket and as -rover. Darmody handled the ball a lot at centre, but spoilt himself by hang ing on to it too long. Penberthy worked solidly.