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A CLAREMONT RALLY. Perth Beaten in Second Half. After a poor first half, Claremont im proved considerably and was too strong for Perth on the Claremont Oval on Sat urday. After half-time Claremont was a team transformed, except that a suc-' cession of behinds was a reminder of1 earlier bad kicking. Perth had been making the most of its opportunities against a shaky defence and its pace, especially on the wings, and handling of the ball had been superior. Then Clare mont increased its speed appreciably, especially in the ruck; G. Maloney was given more support; and Clarke now de fended with good judgment. By three quarter time Claremont was eight points in front and it had too much in reserve for Perth in the last quarter. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland, Batt. Ed meades. Half-backs: S. Headon. Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Hough, G. Moloney. Morris. Half-for wards: Bee. Birmingham, Jones. Forwards: Cook, Hopkins. R. Moloney. Ruck: Reeves. Maitland. Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Dick Love grove (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald. Dewar. Walsh. Half-backs: Crooks, A. Brown, Wormald. Cen tres: Trainor. H. Grigg, H. Davey. Half-for wards: Hetherington, G. Beadon. O'Callaghan. Forwards: A. Grige. Gook, Burton. Ruck: OfN phant, M. Jarvis. Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Robson (replaced a Grigg. injured knee, at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.--O. Owens. Early in the game Claremont's passing was wretched and Perth, well directed by Jarvis, scored the first goal. At first H. Grigg was winning in the centre but soon G. Moloney struck form there. Gook was beating Clarke and Claremont was fortunate in having men like Hooper, Reeves and Maitland playing strongly in ruck. Claremont seemed to be over anxious and Perth, faster and surer, led with 4.2 to 3.3 at quarter-time. Oliphant's usefulness was obvious in the second quarter, when his kicking was more accurate. For some time the backs beat the forwards but the pressure coming from Davey's wing meant a break ing up of the Claremont defence and goals were scored in quick time. At half time Perth had scored 8.4 to 5.6. Bee's cleverness in getting away from his man provided Claremont's forwards with opportunities. The side had much more dash and Oliphant tried to rally Perth's players. The play went up and down and then Clarie began to keep Gook quiet. Perth changed its men about but Bee was still good. Behinds were scored quickly and several shots missed altogether. At three-quarter time Clare mont had scored 10.13 to 10.5. Perth added a behind before Clare mont's high-marking ability gave it an advantage. The play was exciting as Claremont attacked. Hooper was largely responsible for the first goal. Perth tried

to recover but, finding several positions too weak, faded before Claremont's fast co-ordinated play. Final scores: CLAREMONT.... 15.17 (107 pts.) PERTH . .. 1L 6 (72 pts.) Scorers.-Claremont: Hopkins, 5.6; Cook, 4.3; Bee, 3.4; Hooper, 21; R. Moloney, 1.1; Sutherland, 01. Perth: A. Grigg, 4.2; H. Griggs 21; Kelghiley, 2.0; Gook, 1.2; Oliphant, 1.1; Hetherington, 1.0. George Moloney was again the match winner for Claremont. He handled and disposed of the ball excellently and kept urging the side on. Hooper roved in good style. S. Readon was the most consistent of the backs, but Grieve and Clarke (sec ond half) gave good help. Bee, Cook and Hopkins (despite inaccuracy) were useful forwards. Maitland and Reeves were strong in the rack. Sutherland, H. Moloney and Birmingham did best of the others. H. Davey, on the wing, scarcely failed to kick the ball on and he kept up a fast pace. A. Grlgg did everything neatly and effectively. Oliphant and Jarvis battled hard and Gook was a great trier. Trainor played nicely on a wing and Keightley and Burton were useful rovers. Brown (patchy), Flrtgerald, Crooks, H. Grigg (until hurt) and Headon were the best of the others.