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SUBIACO'S GOOD FORM. South Fremantle Beaten. Showing form which augurs well for Its prospects in the games in the final round, Subiaco won decisively from South Fremantle at Sublaco Oval on Saturday. The winner's only serious defeat was its inaccuracy in front of goal in the early

stages of the game, when it-goaled from only about 20 per cent of its direct shots. The team played well together, in the open and in the scrimmages, while its high marking gave it an advantage which alone would have been sufficient to give it victory. South Fremantle reached great heights at rimes and during those periods it held its own but it was beset with fatal inaccuracy in disposal of the ball, fumbling and lack of co-ordination. Two of Us leading players--Q. White, the captain, and B. Edgar-were unable to play owing to injuries. The teams were: SUBI&CO.-Bascks: Donovan, L. Daily, SWack. Half-banks: Davies, Roe, Fisher. Centres: Brophy, Richardson, Brewer. Half-forwards: Hambleton, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: LI Mills, J. Jennings, Merson. Ruck: Gilbert, Browne, Stehn (rover). 19th man: Toll (re placed Stehn, injured leg, in second quarter). SOUTH FR.EMANTI.--Barka: BkReirey, F. Brown,. Ditchburn. Balfkacks: Bach, C. Jen nings, If. Hayward. Centres J. Mills, whit taker, Lewington. Halforwards: Smith, . Jas per, Matthews. Forwards: E. Hayward, A. Metherell, Orr. Ruck: Beard, Richardson, J. Doig (rover). 19th man: Caddy (did not play). UIPIRE.-C. N. Cook. Although faster to the ball and more certain in handling, Sublaco did not score commensurately with its obvious superiority and in the first 12 minutes it kicked six behinds. An outstanding feature was the play of Roe at half-back for Subiaco. He worked all over the half forwards. In fact, Sublaco was rarely beaten in the air. Sublaco, playing cx cellent systematic football, scored , four goals in a few minutes. south Fremantle could not find its feet. It scored one goal early in the quarter but it had no means of combating Subiaco's sure and effective play. Quarter-time scores were: .-Subiaco, 5.10; South Fremantle, 1.L South Fremantle fared better after the change-over and in a series of rushes from the bounce it scored three goals. Its pace Improved, its defence tightened up and its centre line and half-forwards Improved. Sublaco, however, lost none of Its balance. Largely through the in fluence of Murphy, it played into the open, backed up well and shepherded solidly. It regained its four-goal lead. South Flemantie hammered away, mixing hard battling with bursts of free, open play along the wings. Its marking be came surer and two goals brought it within 21 points of Sublaco at half-time when the scores were 8.13 to 6.4. Scoring four goals in as many minutes Sublaco ran to a 44-point lead early in

the third quarter. The pace was fast and Subiaco's marking again gave it the ascendancy. South Fremantle's backs became careless and for a time the de fence was helpless. Rallying, mainly be cause of the hard work of the rucks the steady play of Whittaker and the fine forward play of Jasper, South Fremantle added three quick goals. L. Daily stopped attacks several times but the South Fre mantle backs, too, found great form and tore through Sublaco's attack at will. A goal by Hambleton eased the situation for Sublaco, which led comfortably at three-quarter time with 13.13 to 9.6. South Premantle lost a fine oppor tunity In the final five minutes of the last quarter. Using all its pace and vigour, it temporarily demoralised Subiaco, which was pinned down In its back lines. South Fremantle, however, frittered its chances away, crowding the ball and playing wildly in attack. Sublaco broke away to score a goal and any chance South Fremantle had of winning disappeared. South Fremantle made an other bid for victory In the closing stages of the game but Subiaco, playing well within itself, won without difficulty. The final scores were: SUBIACO .. .. .. .. .. 16.17 (U3pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE '.. 13. 8 (86pts.) Scorers.-Subiaco: Merson, 5.5; S. Daily, 3.4; L. Mills, 3.0; Gilbert, 2t; J. Jennings, 1.5; Hambleton, 12; Browne, 1.0; Stehn, 0.1. South Fremantle.-Jas per, 6.2; A. Metherall, 1.2; Mathews, E. Hayward, Orr, 1.1 each; J. Doig, Brown, Beard, 1.0; J. Mills, 0.1. In a team which was brilliant in dividually and collectively, D. Hambleton and Merson were outstanding, with L. Daily (in goal) almost their equal. Hambleton's roving was a vital factor in the success of the team's open ulay; Mer son was excellent in attack and L. Daily was rarely passed. Donovan played ex cellent football in defence and Roe was the best man on the ground in the first half. Gilbert, Browne, S. Daily and Murphy were also outstanding. In a well-beaten attack Jasper, South Fremantle's new player, was the c ie strong link. He and Lewington, the young winger, were the team's best play ers. Back gave good service in defence and J. Dotg roved well. Whittaker won in the centre. Others who played effec tively were J. Mills, M. Hayward (one of the team's soundest men) and F. Brown.