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WON IN LAST QUARTER. West Perth's Strong Finish. Finishing strongly, West Perth beat Swan Districts by 26 points at Leeder ville on Saturday. This margin was only built up in the last ten minutes of the game. After a powerful first quarter in which it obtained a lead of 22 points, West Perth had its system upset by Swan Districts' speed and was seven points be hind at half-time and three points be hind at three-quarter time. The Swan Districts team had set a terrific pace and, its stamina its chief asset, was in a bet ter position at that stage than it ban expected, but surprisingly it was Wesr

S. Clarke (Claremont) running to pick up the ball after A. Grigg, of Perth, had fallen during the league football match at Claremont on Saturday. Behind Clarke is another Claremont defender.

Perth which withstood the test of vigour the better. In the last quarter it returned to its best form and Swan Districts, un balanced by West Perth's sterling de fence and swift leading in attack, were completely beaten in the last ten min utes, when West Perth scored 21 points to nll The teasts were: WEST PERTH -Backs: Jeavons. Benton, Plennsing. Half-backs: P. Walsh, Buttsworth, Tetley. Centres: Drew, McCurdy, L. Walsh. Half-forwards: McDiarmid, Lewis, Gregg. For wards: Pole, Tyson, O'Keefe. Rack: Marinko, Reveridge, R. Scresigh (rover). Nineteenth maan: Coward - (replaced Benton, leg injury, at half trne). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Easton, Chandler, McInerney. Half-backs: Hunt, Murray, Ford, Centres: Mosey, Darmody, Ecepp. Half-forwards: Penberthy, Hall, Park. Forwards: Bastow. Holdsworth, Mefasmast huick: Avery, Randall, Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: Andrews (did not play). UMPIRE.-H. Hooper. The pace was exceptionally fast from the start. Although Swan Districts had a greater turn of speed, West Perth was stronger all round. The centre line was the only department in which Swan Dis tricts held an advantage. This team was passing inaccurately and the opposing backs had command over its forwards. Helped by Swan Districts' carelessness, West Perth was exploiting the loose-man system and winning easily in the air and with the ruck working well and combining nicely with the forwards it put on a handy lead. Tyson was leading out with great dash and kicked 4.1 for the quarter, at the end of which West Perth led with 6.4 to 3.0. The Swan Districts team maintained its great pace and, its ruck working bet ter and its forwards finding touch, it put on two quick goals. West Perth could not pace it with Swan Districts, but its backs heldand in quick exchanges the ball was sent from them and returned again for five minutes before a third goal too! Swan Districts within four points of West Perth. After Tyson had got a lucky goal from a scrum Swan Districts attacked again and with irresistible speed and vigour gained the lead by three points. West Ptrtl had been worried off its game, but towards the end of the quarter it steadied and levelled the scores. Then Holdsworth made Swan Districts 9.3 against West Perth's 7.8 at half-time. Benton did not take the field and Tet tey went in goal, Coward at centre and Mc~urdy (who had taken a hard knock) on a half-forward wing. West Perth, swinging into its system of the first quar ter, scored 2.1 to go a goal ahead. The Swan Districts backs defended strongly and clapping on the pace the visitors rushed the ball down to level the scores. West Perth began to labour again and, while It was comparatively slow and un certain, Swan Districts played its best football. The side's kicking had im proved and it was making good use of handball and was shepherding much bet ter. Chiefly because of strong defence, West Perth managed to keep within three points of Swan Districts, which led with 12.5 to 10.14. In the last quarter West Perth speeded up and playing solid, steady football marked by the quick dash and lead, went ten points ahead. Although having the worst of the play, Swan Districts, grimly determined, did not let up, but drew to within five points of West Perth. Swan Districts could not match West Perth's system, however, and when time became pressing the team-work collapsed. The team's play degenerated into individual sorties and it made the fatal mistake of allowing West Perth men to run loose. Cool and confident, West Perth finished as well as it had begun and was In com plete command in the closing stages. Final scores: WEST PERTH .. .. 16.19 (115pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS 14.5 (89pts.) Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 7.4; Lewis, 3.4; McDiarmid, 2.0; Screaigh and Mar Inko, 1.2 each; O'Keefe and Pola, 1.1 each; Coward, 0.2; McCurdy, Beveridge and L. Walsh, 0.1 each. Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 3.3; McNamara, 3.0; Sweet apple and Hall, 2.1 each; Bastow, 2.0; Park and Penberthy, 1.0 each. For West Perth Marinko was a strong force. He won in the rnck and strongly influenced the course of the game with his expert leading to the forwards. Tet ley and Flemming were of immense value to the team, especially when it was losing ground, by their unerring work In de fence. Tyson was in his best form at full forward. Gregg was prominent on the half-forward line and Beveridge, Pola, Screaigh, Coward and Lewis were the best of the others. For Swan Districts, Hall gave a cool and resourceful display at centre half forward and Murray played strongly at centre half-back. Mosey shone on a wing and Krepp and Darmody completed a strong centre line. Hunt, Ford and Chandler were often prominent and Avery, Randall and Sweetapple followed effec tively. Two new men, Bastow and Mc Namara, did well,