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EAST PERTH DEBACLE. G. Doig Kics 11 Goals. Expectations of a stirring contest drew a large crowd to the Fremantle Oval on- Saturday, when East Perth was ex pected to make a bold bid for victory against East Premantle. After the first five minutes, East Perth was outclassed byl the speed and all-round excellence of East Fremantle, whose winning mar gint was almost 14 goals. Of the East Perth side, only Lockyer and Crow held their own, and even these two players were not in the best twelve in the match. With every quarter, East Fre mantle's lead was increased, and in the last half it did practically as it liked. East Perth was badly lacking in speed, and handled the ball clumsily. Four Doigs played brilliantly on the East Fre mantle side, George, in particular, play ing havoc with the East Perth backs. Whenever East Perth attacked it was faced by a remarkably solid East Fre mantle defence. The match emphasised East Fremantle's fine form and strong claims to premiership honours.. The teams were: EAST FREANTLE.- Backs: N. Doig, Kenny, Skeahan. Half-tacks: Fordham, C. Jarvis, Munro. Centres: Seubert, Hutchinsona Migro. Ralf-forwards: tMcGlian, Daniell, C. Dos For wards: James, G. Doig, W. Doig. uock: Mar tiensen, Donegan, Truscott (rover). Nineteenth anim: Stingemore (did not play). EAST PERTH.--Backs: Boundy, J. King, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas, Graham, Oswald. Centres: Miller, Cronin, Gabl. Half-forwards: Broome, Keeffe, Ward. Forwards: Golding, Lock y er, Forden. Reck: Menhennett, Garnaut, Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Starr (replaced Os wald in first quarter). UIlPIRE.-L. McComish. After N. Doig had staved off an East Perth attack, a bad bungle by two East Perth backs allowed G. Doig to pick up and goal easily. W. Doig rounded a batch of opponents immediately after wards, and scored a goat Oswald was compelled to leave the field, his substi tute, Starr, soon making his presence felt on the half-back line. East Perth made a recovery, and some spectacular marking by Lockyer followed. Unfor tunately his otherwise excellent football raised only three behinds, and Brown also scored one. East Perth had been repeatedly thwarted by N. Doig, who was giving a faultless display. From this point, East Perth fell away and the pace of East Fremantle triumphed. Jaster to the ball, and with every player in his best form, East Fremantle began an ascendancy from which it was never shaken. Both W. and G. Doig were play Ing finely in attack, While East Nre mantle's reliefs were too cleverly executed for East Perth's cumbersome set of for wards, who, to make matters worse, were poorly fed by a beaten - entre line. A minute before the term ended, Lock yer, who had previously wandered too far from the goal to be really danger ous, marked in great style, and kicked East Perth's first goal. This made the scores:--East Fremantle, 4.5; East Perth, 1.4. While G. Doig was battling with King, James kicked the ball while it was ac tally bouncing, and goaled. East Perth was doing nothing cleanly. An injury to Parry's hand practically threw him out of the game, and took away East Perth's only rover worthy of the name. : For tunately for East Perth, it had in Lock ye{ a player who was marking bril liantly in attack, and this player twice goaled. For East Fremantle, W. Doig wts almost the equal of G. Doig in at tack. East Fremantle was now mark ing better and its team-work was almost perfect. Individually it had matters all its own way. G. Doig beat King badly, and Hutchinson, at centre, was well ahead of Cronin. In other positions, it was much the same, and the half-time scores of 10.5 to 4.4 in East Fremantle's favour fairly reflected its superiority. 4 free-kick by G. Doig increased the gaji. Truscott and McGllnn roved well in- turn, and with Martlensen gave a firit-clas exhibition of fast, strong rock work. Goals from Trtascott and W. Deig turned the game into an East Perth debacle. C. Jarvis was repeatedly cheered for coming through where such seemed impossible, and after 16 minutes' play, East Perth had only .acored a point Fordham, of East Fremantle, was show ing versatility by changing from half back to the ruck. East Perth had to be

content with a goal kicked by Golding in the last minute before three-quarter time, when the scores were:-East Fre mantle, 14.8; East Perth, 5.7. The play had long lost its Interest. In stead of rallying, East Perth became weaker and East Fremantle was able to exchange with ease and certainty at will. East Perth found it impossible to cope with 0. Doig, who led with great speed. His high marking was quite as good, and a palpable push behind by a desperate defender led to the first of his five goals during the quarter. Final scores: EAST FREMANTLE .. 21.11 (137 per.) EAST PERTH . . . 7.13 (54 pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 11.5; W. Doig, 5.1; James, 2.1; Daniell, 1.2; Truscott, 1.1; McGulnn, 1.0; Pord ham, 0.1. East Perth: Lockyer, 3.6; Gold ing, 3.1; Parry, 1.1; Garnaut, Menhen nett, Keeffe and Broom, 0.1 each. G. Doig was East Fremantle's best player, his 11 goals being well earned. No finer exhibition of full forward play has been seen in league football for several seasons, at least. Little behind G. Doig were W. James (back to his best form and invaluable in attack) and W. and N. Doig. C. Jarvis played cleverly and effectively, and cther fine players in a remarkably even and dashing Side were McGlinn, Hutchinson, Beubert, C. Doig, Skeahan and Martlensen. East Perth was best served by Lock yer, whose high marking was the one bright spot of the club's football. Crow also marked well in defence, but the remainder were badly beaten by immedi ate opponents, and none of them played even fairly well.