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Disneyland here next year

I . Two famous Walt Disney

television productions will delight Disney fans of all ages through TCN Sydney and HSV Melbourne early next year. Both shows have an immensely popular following in the

United States.

STATION TCN will telecast chil-

dren's programmes such as "Jungle Jim," "The Texas Rangers," "Hopa long Cassidy," "Rin Tin Tin," and


All these shows are on film and will be broadcast also by station HSV.

The Disney productions probably will be on the screen between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. They are the Mickey Mouse Club and Disneyland.

Disneyland, an hour-long programme tele- cast weekly, is in four sections: Adventure land, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and The

World of Tomorrow.

This programme introduced Davy Crockett to the children in America and sparked a world-wide craze for the frontier hero.

In the story of "Robin Hood and His Merry Men," Australian Peter Finch stars

as the Sheriff of Nottingham This is one of the Disneyland

serial features.

The Mickey Mouse Club also is in four sections and includes

a children's newsreel-the first 'in the world produced especially

for young people.

The film includes material

from throughout the world, covering the whole broad range

of children's interests.

Walt Disney has more than 50 roving cameramen-correspondents responsible for up to six factual stories or news features in each edition of the Mickey- Mouse


The newsreel has easily read captions, which remain on the screen for slightly longer periods

than is necessary for adults, and offers the inimitable blend of Disney fun, wonder, and enlightment to Disney fans.

Mickey Mouse himself introduces The Mouseketeers in every programme. They are a group of children who appear in novelty sone-and-dance productions dressed in

COLONGA IS COLOSSAL. The famous funny man is a guest star in the Mickey Mouse Club.

Vfouseketeer uniforms, complete with mouse eared beanies.

Singer, dancer, and songwriter Jimmy Dodd leads The Mouseketeers through their numbers and is also compere of the pro- gramme with Roy Williams.

The other sections of the I Mickey Mouse Club are the

Explorers' Club; the Foreign ' Correspondent section; the

Nature of Things; Book Club;

Fun with Music; and What 1 Want to Be.

This section shows how girls and boys may best prepare for the career of their choice.

The only "live" programme for children is scheduled to begin early in November. It is called Children's Fun Farm, and is a variety show designed to interest children through a wide range of


TCN programme directors say that puppets, cartoons (on film), and stories may be included in this show.

A trained children's teacher will compere the programme and it may have a youthful

studio audience.

But this point has not yet been settled.

All children's programmes will fulfil the regulations of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board.

! THE STORY of "Spin and Marty" is one of th i plays the part of Marly, a rebellious city boy |iAON>« Marty, somewhat reluctantly, meeting a

e Mickey Mouse Club features. David Stoflery spending his holiday on a ranch. This picture

new friend through ranch-hand Lennie Geer.