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Club News.


M(»t tie lieh n mi ehe-: the club« are lawn a slidt relavilinn (rrm (ramme, bit Thur-d-i

mil se-e Iii in"im in (ni! swinç a (run 1 (Inn! of the fir«i roird 1 ai Inn c\m]leteel ini team« aie sottlii c into 1 o it ons. Tile progianinic for

'»at ireh«. i« -

Melbourne v Collingwood, Et M c C grounu

FlUroy v Eitendon. at 1 ¡t-xo\

North Melbourne v. Carlton, at N-ortii Mel


Footscray v St Kilda, at ' ofsruj. Gcelono v. Richmond, at weelong

¡ II 111 THORN cvpecti to Inn even man ii: HI on «ulindi! «.crit Cithic The panie

rcot«ctvv on Mturvhv «is v rv ndctiuou« .. . |hi rs were ¡.hd to roi Hirris i« gut! ruc Horn a black eve ml a kicked shin, but will be

all nuit on .».niirl-n

?-OITH M1LB01KM his Coull' Rcvill and Brun suffirnij (mm leg injune«! while Hilliard son«; Knee is trotil Hilf lum Ml hope to be inilihlc on S-itmd-iv Hade Ins rcttimrd irom Vdel ile withe ut t cciiinK oin -«iti«factioii It h piohible thit MrVlahin, of tie Limcisitv, I nnv bo 11-tie 1 shnrtli

MH11UIHM' riiniiointfl it (he Inline at M hil li eil! onh «oil v,«t iln All «ire w II dnl I okii " torw ltd to tie initclt on «-iliir ein and iiiii«t Ciilton i week, later Conolc lilli 1 ai-nial le in . fort nish!

1«--1«MKIN iln r« lud onh licht t Mininer vc* toidi«, and the t ilk w k ill of the wondoiful Victore cn Mnnd.iv Inn min nu training .ind luv» c the «.titrnc«« rubí ed on! of bim Vloli Mor in! lohn«rn ia tnionip nc.iin, nnd llilliam non hopes to I pin rievt week

COLLINGWOOD restored ¡tselí in livonr hv Its lieton ove i North Melbourne It H wond rful how the ] coi lo who lal week saw jil «lorls of ien«on= foi the d ! ils of Hie team bj Geelong mid Fltnci now«e tin ii inl«tikes. The I tevra is well and fi! ilnl when 1. Coll iel, Clio-«

was, and Lauder line recovered lhere will not be a discordant note m the Mieplct,' no«t The IV) applications lor the .secrcUrvililp baie beeu

reduced to 30

GEELONG is bavins i bad rim is far a« ci«ual

tie« aro concerned ^s j icmiU of Mondai s milch at tssudon IlicV-cj ind Liana unalilo to raise theil anns above theil hcid« Hiclccj is suffering from a bniwd chest and «.boulder and Evans from a strained shoulder Mctherell is Bullering from an injured ankle TrouRhton is similarly affected Dill Is still beinjr treated lor an injured lrc I ollins re appeared at training vo«tcrdiv and will be avail lblo on laturdiv liaison will not be fit to phi} for another week, and it is doubtful when Grccies

will bo available


The «-1 Kilda committee last nicht frranlod a clearance to ! 1 Shelton, vvlio wished lo tmn«fcr to fcouth Melboumt, and to C. Hiker (lcsidcntul)

lp Richmond

BUNTON'S POSITION To Coach West Albury

It vías re-potted fiom Albiui ice-tcrd-ii (hit, befoic Mest Mburv took the fiel] igain«t Ut Alburv on Mondav, tlie captain ind coach (C Nolan) informed his men that Llnjiln Bunton, the brilliant rover of list jear, had been ippointed honorarv ooicïi Bunion nig cliared eailier In the veir to litzroj, but Ihe Victoinn I>eigue refused lum i permit to pin with tlnit club

Disappointment w11 o\pie»scd vesterdav bl the pocretorv of the Airiavilli club (Mi C G Carlton) at Die firt tint Bunion intended to slav nt llburj Ho understood that lhere would hue been 10 ob]cct on to Hunton pla} in««; \s«oc!ation football, but Bunton had told lum tint he Ind boen informed tint, while the Loiirue did not oDjrct to his pHving with the country club, it would in 110 circuui«! mees errant hliu a permit lo play willi an «tssorhlion club lAhon the League; iclu«ed Bunion «i permit lo ilij willi Fituroj, ho wai apiiroaelic«d bl Ilia \airaville club, and agiecel to play with that leim if tur mission could be obtained larravilli on its part, agreed to ti-in«fcr Bunton lo Htzroy next season If any chances weie mudo betoio Hie end of the month, Bunton said tint lie would

piny with Yarraville


Most Players Available.

Oakleigh, the leading team, is in tile Iiapp/ position of liming ever} plijcr on it«, list avail

able for selection Malier -lud O Neill were slight!} injiiieel on Riturdiv, but baie rccoveicd Camelon (North Melbourne) and Ihrtln (leith mond Second ) mij be seen ni Oiklclgh colours beloic long There is gioit t nt hu»! um it Oak lelilí, and ilieadj theie aie «.00 nieniber-i more

thin last jen

Port Melbourne hi« onlj one casu iltv-Brook* with a bioken ankle, hantig to be an onlooker for

seveial weeks

1'rc-ton lia« «eebeck on the injured list He may le out cf the mini foi two weeks: with a Kiel, on ti e ankle Mulei s knee is ».lill troubling hit«

"-.linville will iiobilli bo without Munhvra nevt ¡Mtiudu Hi shudder i«, very biuKcd snn1h, Bulletins horn a cold, did not train last

"undiingham it «atii-fled with Us display, and considcis that onh loi the unkindnc-a of the wind, which shifted its direction in the last ejuuter, it would luv defeated 11 llliamstovm Birin, Peluca, aid Dcckendorif hive recovered from ¡njuiies sustained list «»aluidiv, and the coach (McAuHlfe) will also b«. m the team again

on «»aturdjj

Brunswick ha« several cisuallios Blackmore has a seiiously stnined «inkle Murphy toie

muscle«, ou his back, mid wn»t, and I'annaiu vi is kicked on the leg It is not ejected that all will be av ulallie foi i-eleciion on «»lturdaj Heime, fccott and Cntem ti lined lost night

Tnliran hopes to bu,m io climb on bilurday. Nothing has gone right with the team mid its failuics have liceu th cause of long disciiseioiis. Osboroo is the onlj plaior who mai not be available on Sitiiuln lucas and lordan trained In-t night, lining lo.oiered from mjuiies l'anis

Beaumont and lleimie, new men, viere welcomed

last night.

Biighlon is feeling v eil sitistled with Its piogress O Huon, one c1 the new men, was mi

fortunate« honeici loi h> broke a bone in his ankle last nnjit it (riming Hock with an In Juki inkle mu not 11 ii on Satindn but Bor land and Wool«, who weie not pliving last batur

dav line lecovered

Cobuig ii poils tint Plant Mirtiu, Doiinelly. and bpeikmin are still on (he injured list, and uni not plav on «-itinliv 3 llnni«, however, Is well again, aid tiilncd list night

Noithcotc will piabiblv not line Briggs In the leim on "-«attir las Ile l8 suffering from an in- jured lun 1 «. nnour is well again, but Woods wis not allic to tram Int night

1\ llli-unstonn wis phased lo heir last night Ihit eouth Melbourne lias granted a clearance to linne-., the lorwiid Melville hint his head on Sundiij «eieral stitches being inserted in tile wound, but he inn pin on Satuidaj. Helwlg and Lurke Iriinod list night,

Brighton Club's Finances.

To dense means ol lmproiiup Iii« flnanchl ixisilion of the Hiirhton Icotball Club a public meeting w is held last night It wis decided to lum a wolf ire committee willi Mi 1 1 Cole channnn ind Mr C Berriman lion secietnrv It

il«o decided to foim a womens committee I following being elected-Heseltine« II liest woo,! L Hindus«, I 1 nindi I- Hilliard, C Miirpbv. ml I Minto mid Miss M Wood \n

ii_h mm conn dillon ».« oi-ganisicl C Lil t unie (ciptun) and Me sis. 1) Aleut wood md B bwinneitou (committeem n) have nominated


Tlie appoiutmetlK f r Sattuda« are -

Carlton » North M Ronnie at Carltou-1

Hirres boundary, PaMi- Sheehan, goal Brown Arnott ,, , , ,,

Ct Pinsw-ood v Melbo inn at i ollnii-wnou-1 leltl Woofian, 1 oundary Gould Join» teal snmh


t Kilda » loot»«a» at St KiWi - I ubi .ne buundan Pollaid owen, c ni lime» lieu


Hawthorn » «south Mi "bourne at lltwtlioiu I tell Ihotuwjn, boundm. Pinn narira uoal

Cos Tortlon

Itichmoii! v Cod np at Kielimon l-l leid Altlein houndaiy Joiiiih I uni«» stal lliuin-oii

I »intlon » lit?ti at r eiidon-I iel 1 11 lln¡_sen boiindan Paui on Si iai,ue soal Powell


otintr» ariiotutment» -

"lanioiul Talle» F T-Diamond Ct ck v Thomas« . n-ltifcb» Green»boionsli » All Black» - U Smith Utidelheri, » Mont morenos-Rile» Tan ton Hill T 1 ltlvim-Mitchell

Ita T illc» I A - Leongatha » Nyora-lmnc Ki runibiiira v 1'oowonc - Walker lodi v Tn

" ti-I mintimr Trawatba » Bena- A'eiai der

. irra Talle» FT - Iihdilc » Healc-rille Mel itchie Poitclltowu v Moot Jallook-roircr Wandin » Tarn Itinctlon - Giaee» larra GIcu

TT arhurton-( aro»

Wembee D K A - Tntcanina » Lavriton-Jlon-is Metripo itaii Fann v Altona- McLaclllin. Little

Blier r I *\ r-P Mitchell

Scort»b» DIA - Last Bunvood v Scoresby Watt« lcnitree Gull» r Belgrave- Shore»,

Gippsland I oothall league - Maftra, R v Bria Eolont-Boyle Boisdalo v Lambrook-Muline


Postponed Match.

:i Satur! i> the m itch between Dunlop and Bnrtni in the s-iturda» Momius Industnal loot

tall Lc«;ruc »ras postponed because the Port

Alplbourne ground »»a« too wet to lie played on I At a meetnn of delegates la»t night it was de

nded thit the match should be played at the I end of Hie »easou if it »ia» iicccsKary for premier

»hip i omi » 1

The penult mid umpire committee pxanled a learuien to S Watson frr Barnet Glass to