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Vichy Group Evicted From Noumea

Dismissed from office because of their allegiance to the Vichy Government, a large party of earrison officials and civil officers

from New Caledonia passed through Brisbane recently. They left the French Pacific colony, which is 800 miles north-east of Bris bane, in a ship manned by supporters of General de Gaulle and will be taken finally to French Indo-China. The party was led by the former Aciing Governor of New Caledonia (Lieut.-Col. Denis), who resigned on September 20 after the colony had de cided to support General de Gaulle. As the Vichy nominee, Lieut.-Colonel Denis proclaimed a state of siege in New Caledonia after the de Gaulle ris ing, but retired, a prisoner on parole, niter the bloodless campaign led by M. Sautot, who now occupies Government House at Noumea. As soon as he took office. M. Sautot broadcast a pledge that Free New Caledonia would con tinue the war with Britain, and he de cided to evacuate the Vichy suppor ters. Uncertain Or Future In the evacuee ship with the officers nnd civil officials were their wives and families, including many young child ren. When the ship reached Brisbane officials recognised Lieut.-Colonel Denis as the formal leader of the evacuees, nnd had a long interview with him to complete outstanding details. Few members of the party had definite plans for the future. During the trip some of them spoke sadly about the uncertainty of their future, and admit ted that they had no idea of the con ditions awaiting them in Indo-China. Most seemed bewildered by the sudden ness of events both in France and New Caledonia. One woman, who was tak ing two sets of twin girls aged five and three, and a baby son to French Indo China. said in Brisbane that her hus band was carrying out the. .commands of his Government. 'f'-fi '.'.-. -'..2.;^ ?? The crew of the French ship wore the' de Gaulle emblem of Free France in their coat lapels.