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STATE-WIDE SUCCESSES Five Licentiates, 29 Associates

RESULTS of examinations in the Theory and Practice of Music,   and in Art of Speech, held recently by the University of   Queensland, under the joint scheme of the Australian Music Evaminations Board, were announced yesterday.  

The highest distinctions which can be gained under this scheme are Licentiate in Music (L.Mus.A.) and Licentiate in Art of Speech   (L.A.S.A.). The following' candidates were suc cessful for the L.Mus.A.:— May Rolfe (Miss V. Parker, tutor, Cairns). Veronica Kathleen O'Hare (Mr. E.R. Btrceten, tutor, Rockhampton). Dorothy Murphy (Holy Name Con vent, ToowoohVba) . Kathleen Bollon (St. Ursula's Col- lege, Toowoomba).   Sheila Rickards (Holy Name Con- vent, Toowoomba) gained her L.A.S.A. The following candidates fulfilled the requirements for the Associate Dip- loma in Music; and are now entitled to use the letters 'A.Mus.A.': — PIANOFOHTE.— Carmen Dyke (All Hallows' Convent, Brisbane), Mavis Brandts (Lourdes Hill Convent, Haw- thorne), Lois Hope Watson (Miss V. Blakey, tutor, Brisbane), Colin Albert Robinson (Mr. P. Brier, tutor, Bris bane), Dulcie Elizabeth Binnie (Miss E. Mackintosh, tutor, Brisbane), Hazel Murray (Miss R. Robson, tutor, Ips- wich), Phyllis Ethel Petersen (Mrs. E. Innes, tutor, Nambour), Veda Wilson (Mrs. E. Innes, tutor, Nambour), Jessie -Gloria Reid (Mr. J. A. Stevens, tutor, Cairns)-, Delrdre Isabel Douglas (St. (St. Gabriel's School, Charters Towers), Joyce Evelyn Redman (St. Mary's C. of E. School, Hcrberton), Cecil Keith Thomas (North Queensland College of Music, Tow.nsville, Mr. A. McCristal, tutor), Joan McCarthy (Presentation Convent, Longreach), Joan Theresa . Fitzgerald (Miss T. T. Liddy, tutor, Rockhampton*, Olwyn May Lacey ' (Miss L. J. Wood, tutor, Rockhamp ton), Iris Elaine Thiele (Mrs. J. W. .'Kendal, tutor, Bundaberg), Vola Doro -thy Roberts (Mrs. S. H. Williams, tutor, Gympie), Bette Bourke (St. .Joseph's Convent, Stanthorpe), Pearl Eastwood (St. Joseph's Convent, Stan thorpe), Janet Campbell Horsburgh (Glennie' Memorial School, Too woomba) .   , VIOLIN.— Margaret Short (St. Ur- sula's College, Toowoomba).   The following students fulfilled the     requirements for the Associate Diploma in Art of Speech, and are entitled to use the letters 'A.A.S.A.':— Eileen Mary O'Donoghue (All Hal-   lows' Convent, Brisbane). John Alfred Hayes (Miss R. L. Mas   sey. tutor. Brisbane). Doris Villicrs-Brown (private study, Brisbane). Patricia Mary White (St. Hilda's School, Southpbrl). Dorothy Ada Nilsina Rex (St. Mary's C. of E. School. Herberton). Josephine Neville (Convent of Mercy, Mackay). Gwladys Evelyn Mills (Convent High School, Rockhampton). - Helen Linnoll Gower (Girls' Gram- mar School, Rockhampton). HIGHEST PASSES The candidates who obtained the highest passes (with honours) in the respective grades are: — Theory, Grade II.— Gloria Hulsh (Clayfield College, Miss I. Maalln, tutor), Keith Taylol ( M. Edmlston. tutor, Brisbane). Theory, Grade III.— Mary M. Cavayc (Miss P. Davey, tutor, Brisbane). Theory, Grade IV.— Patricia Plerpolnt (St Joseph's Convent, Stanthorpe I. Theory, Grade V.— June Speedy (LourdeJ

Theory, Grade VI. — Elizabeth M. Campbell (Somervllle House, Brisbane High School lor Girls, South Brisbane, Miss B. Frederick, tutor), Leigh Hlnrlchsen (Mrs. R. Htnrlch ten, tutor, Brisbane), Joyce O. Youlton (Mrs. B. Hlvirlchsen, tutor, Brisbane). Eileen Jones (Convent ol Mercy, Bablnda), Mavis A. Welsh (St. Gabriel's School, Charters Towers, Miss p. Underwood, tutor I, Eunice Hall (St. Mary's Convent, West Townsvillel, Sheila O'Rourke (Presentation Convent, Longreach), James Bourke, Heather Burns, and Elsie Dowdc (Good Samaritan Convent, Kingaroy). Pianoforte, Grade I.— Diana Drury (Miss 1. Barlow, tutor, Brisbane). Pianoforte, Grade II.— Jack A. Stevens (Mr 1. A, Stevens, tutor, Calms). Pianoforte, Grade III.— Moya Horwitz (Lor tlo Convent, Cavendish Road. Coorparoo). Pianoforte, Orade IV.— Shirley Jardlno (Holy Croat Convent, Wooloowin), John Berry (Mr. T. Slatyer, tutor, Toowoomba). Pianoforte, Grnde V. — Patricia Thompson (St. Joseph's Convent, Numdah), Elvira M darman (Mrs. Gardiner, tutor, Rockhamp ton), Alan H. Wilson (Miss L. M. Pollard tutor, Howard). :. Pianoforte, Grade VI. — Daphne MacLucas ? (Miss M. McKlnnon, tutor, Kingaroy). '? Pianoforte, Grade VII.— Margaret Whlto ? (St. Saviour's Convent, Toowoomba). Violin, Grade I. — Rena Thompson (Miss E 'Allen, tutor, Brisbane). Violin. Grade II.— Dclrclrc Kearney (St '.Mary's College. Charters Towers). - Violin, Grade III.— Gwen Wilshirc (St Joseph's Convent, Plttsworth). ? Violin. Grade IV.— Iun Harrington (Miss E. 'Allen, tutor. Brisbane), Athalie Graham '(Good Samaritan Convent, Ayri, Barrie Owen T(Miss A. Spear, tutor, Ayr), Shirley Beasley .iMlss H. Dooley, tutor, Plttsworth), Betty -Yee (St. Joseph's Convent. Stanthorpe!, 'Patricia Ryan iGood Samaritan Convent, ?Toowoomba). ' Violin, Grade V. — Doreen Concannon (Con 'vent High School, Maryborough), Walter 'Neale (St. Joseph's Convent, Plttsworth). . Violin, Grade VI.— Nea Pulsford (St. Mary'a „ Convent, Charlevllle). . Violin, Grade VII.— Lyndal Edmiston (Mlsi ? E. Allen, tutor, Brisbane). ? Singing, Grade II.— Iris Elaine Thlclc (Mrs ?J. W. Kendal, tutor, Bundaberg). t 1 Singing, Grade ill.— Mary E. Hannlngton ' (Mrs. B. Campbell, tutor. Brisbane). . Singing. Grade IV.— Patricia Gray (Good . Samaritan Convent, Nambour). ? Singing, Grade V — Peggy Short (Good ?Samaritan Convent. Nambour). Dawn Bent 'tie (St. Saviour's Convent, Toowoomba). ? ' Flute. Grade IV.— Kevin Krammcl (Mr. A H. Taylor, tutor. Brisbane). . Flute, Grade V.— Colin Champ (Mr. A. H .Taylor, tutor, Brisbane). ? Musical Perception, Grade III. — Betty M ? Shannon (Glennle Memorial School, Too ?? woomba). Musical Perception. Grade IV. — Dawn Rce- ' (St. Margaret's School, Albion, Miss N. Balrd I tutor). , Class Singing, Grade IV.— -School Choli . (Convent of Mercy. South Townsvllle). ? Chamber Music. Grade II.— Ensemble (St 'Ursula's College, Toowoomba 1. Art of Speech, Orade I.— Linda M. E. Hal (St. Hilda's School. Soulhport). ' Art of Speech, Grade II.— Sheila A. Sheddci . (Somervllle House, Brisbane High School fo: .Girls, Mies' B. Sisley. tutor). . Art of Speech. Grade III. — Margaret Ander ?'eon (Miss L. Ward, tutor. Cairns). r Art of Speech, Grade IV.— Clyde Low (Mis 1 R. L. Masscy, tutor, Brlsbanel. Art of Speech. Grade V. — Joyce C. Adam (Miss P. Stccdman, tutor. Brisbane). PASS LIST ? Individual results of candidates arc: — Theoretical ; BRISBANE CENTRE ' ?' Alt Hallows' Convent.— Kcrley, Margare -(Theory II— Passi; MacDonald, Jenn (II— P.) -TomllnBon, Catherine (II— Honours). - St. Anne's Technical School.— Wat*or ?Eileen (III— H.). ' St. Flnbarr's Convent, Ashsrove.— Bett! 'Glen E. (V— Credit) : Cowlcy. Joy (III — Cr.) 'Johnson. Marian (V— H.); Kelly. Maurcc: rilV— H.1; O'Carroll. Moira M. (IV— P.). . St. Hlta's Cnllrce. Clayflcld ? Bailey. Mar -(V—H.): Kelly, Rhondda (IV— Cr.); O'Han Mary (V— H.I. - Ursullne Convent, Gladstone Road — Soli 'Rachel (III— P.). „ Presentation Convent, Oracevllle.— Cunning Ll'«m, P&trlcla (VI— H.); Fanton, Miry (VI i- ,          

I..) ; Hcatncocic, Mary uv — ^t.i; ncm, n. VI— H.). I.ourdcs Hill Convent, Hawthorne.— Anthony osephlne (VI— Cr.); Blondell, Patricia (VI— l.t; Colahan, Mary (V— H.); Casey, Audrey IV— Cr.) ; D'Arcy, Theresa (III— Cr.; ; D'Arcy, ,conle (IV— H.); Davis, Lcnore (III— Cr.); 'orry, Teresa (III— H.i; GUI, Joy (V— Cr.); Mover, Patricia (III— Cr.); Klmmlns, Leonlo IV— H.i; Lchmann, Florence* (IV— H.) ; Lunny. oyce (IV— Cr.j; Mayer, Joyce (III— Cr.i; Mal jn Maureen (V — Cr.); Newman, Erin (IV— \-; O'Brien, Margaret iIII— H.); O'Brien, lell (III— Cr.); Peters, Frances (IV— H.); iimpsuii, Betty (IV— 1U; Speedy, June (V— I.i; Turley, Marie (111— Cr.i; Terry. Joan IV— H.i; Uren, Pete -IV — II.) ; Wallace, Oycc |V— II.) ; McLoughlln, Marie (IV— H.) ; lorrissey, Joyce (IV— Cr.). Presentation Cunvent, Hcrslon. — Doyle, relle |V— p.j; Gentle, Uarmel (V— Cr.). St. Joseph's Convent, Kangaroo Point.— lorrls, Mury (III— P.). St. Joseph's Convent, Moorooku. — Cremln, oanMV— H.j; Lyons, Eileen (V— H.); Mcll oy Carmel (IV— H.i; Rich, Joan (IV— Cr.); Ihelley, Mary (VI— H.). St. Joseph's Convent, Nundah.— Beck, Mar orlc (V—H.); Hcgerty, Cecilie (VI— H.); oyce, Pauline (theory VI— H.j; Lynch. Maur :en (V— Cr.i; Moynihan, Mary (III— Cr.); Shearer, Alexander (V— Cr.). SI. Joseph's Convent. Redcliffe.— Butler. Margaret (IV— Cr.); Comerford, Joan (VI— I.i; Curtis, Phebc (V— H.); Grant, Roy (V— Sacred Heart School, Rosalie.— Brown, lazel (IV— K.»; Maync. Mary (IV— Cr.); Thomson, Barbara (IV— P.). St. Icnalliis' School, Toowone.— McLoughlin, Silccn M. (Ill— Cr.); Murray, Julia M. (IV— - i St. Cnlumba's Convent, Wilston. — Dlckson, .lane (V— Cr.); McErlean (VI— P.). Holy Cross Convent, WooIoohIii.— Fitzgerald, iabrlelle (III— H.). St. Aldan's, School, Corinda.— (Miss J. Jarlow tutor); Bourne, Gwenncth (II — H.); 3ripp, Joan HI— H.); Mitchell, Berls (III— *St. Margaret's School, Albion.— Brldgford, loan D. (IV— Cr.j ; Dcllar, Nell iIV— P.); ??Yeoman, Phyllis (VI— H.i; Ham, Joy (V— :r.i; Kirk, Maureen (VI— H.): Miss N. 3aird, tutor; Clarke, M. (VI— H.); Grlce, loan (II— P.); Michle, Adele (VI— P.); Savlge, 3arbara (IV— Cr.i; Sccrrl. Joan (V— H.|; 3harp, Eleanor (III— Cr.); Southern, Lesley [V — H.); Ward, Joan (VI— H.). Clayfield College. — Miss I. Mazlln, tutor: Sulsh, Gloria (II— H.). Girls' Grammar School. — Curtis, Marie J. [Ill— Cr.); Goodwin, Beryl V. (Ill— P.). Morelon Bay Hiirh School, Wynnum.— Blon- :hard, Doris (III — P.): Hurley, Joan (III— Cr.), 'igram, Joan (III— H.); Westaway, Joyce [111— Cr.); Wilson, Eva (III— P.). Somervllle House, Brisbane High School for 3lrls.— Miss B. Frederick, tutor; Campbell, Slizabcth M. (VI— H.): Thompson, Daphne /. (VI— H.j; Ward, Mary V. (VI— H.); Watts, 31adys M. (VI— H.); Fowles, Margaret M. I VI— H.j; Heading, Margaret C. (Ill— H.|; Scaly, Agnes M. (IV— H.i; Miss F. Mlcheli, .utor; Chenowcth, Mary (IV— Cr.); Crawford, Shirley (IV— Cr.); Schooley, Barbara (III— Zr.); Miss M. Morrison and Miss A. Fielding, tutors; Browne, Janet H. (Ill— Cr.). Miss F. Robertson, tutor: Henderson, Betty (VI— H.); Lindsay, Jean [V— H.); McGlll, Nancy (IV— Cr.); Ross, Cynthia (V— Cr. i: Rutledge, Peggy (V— H.); Tail. Margaret (IV— H.). Miss E. V. Andrews, tutor.— Godbolt. Mavis A. I VI— H.); McKcnzle, Nancy M. (IV— H.). Mlas E. Allen, tutor — Swan, C. (Ill— P.); Thomson, Rona (III— P.); Frazer, Marian (III Miss T. Benson, tutor.— Smedlcy, Janet (III — Cr.); White. Gladys (IV— Cr.). Mrs. E. M. Blair, tutor.— Souwer, Shirley Mr. II. E. Brandon, tutor.— Clark, N. A. (Ill —H.i; Ashc. Mariettc E. (Ill— H.). Mr. P. Brier, tutor.— Graincr. R. E. (Ill— Cr.); Moffat, Gwendolyn (III— P.i. Miss V. M. Campbell, tutor.— Wilson, Daphne M. (V— Cr.). Miss A. M. Christmas, tutor.— Gllmour. Mar gnret A. (Ill— P.); Tipler. Ivy L. (Ill— P.). Miss W. Clay, tutor.— Selvage. Betty (V.— Cr.). Mr. II. Coulter, tutor. — Bcckmann, T. (Ill ? jj \ Miss M. Crablree, tutor.— Bcames, Margaret MacD. (Ill— Cr.). Miss F. Oavcy, tutor.— Cavaye, Mary M. (Ill Mr. A. Day, tutor.— Boasley, Dorothy M. Miss I. Ebbs, tutor.— Trlggc, Patricia K. (V— Cr.). Miss M. Kdmislon, tutor.— Clarkson, Jean (III— H.l; Hiley, Rosalind (III — H.I; Martin, Olive (III— P.): Taylor. K. (II— H.).

Miss I.. al. Lliwood, luior. — L.au55eu, Joyce III— P.); Lewis. Ailsa (II— P.). Miss IJ. Frederick, tutor.— Ham, Beryl E. Mr. A. II. Gale, tutor. — Burke, Marjorie (III —P. I . Mr. A. A. Grlcc, tutor.— McVlnlsh. Dorothy [III— Cr.). Miss G. Hardwick, tutor.— Benjamin, R. (V — H.); Gunthcr, F. A. (Ill— Cr.); Hannlngton, Mary E. (V— H.). Mrs. R. Hinrichscn. tutor.— Brooke, Ian (V — H.l; Hinrichsen, Leigh (VI— H.); McLaren. M. J. (V— H.l; youlton, Joyce O. (VI— H.). Miss E. Hodel, tutor.— Martinson, Joyce (V — H.i : Bllbrough. Arthur (VI— H.l. Miss E. 'Ij. Hosklnc tutor.— Bennett, Dawn (II— P.): Woodhcad, Margaret A. (Ill— Cr.). Miss E. Mclntosh, tutor.— Menztes, Dawn M. Miss i. McKcan. tutor.— Macdonald, Noel W. (VI— H.). Miss E. Mackintosh, tutor.— Ball. Dean (IV —P.); Blnnic. Dulclc E. (Ill— Cr.i; ' Lyneh, Gwendolyn B. (Ill— P.); Richardson, Wini fred R. IIV— H.l. Miss K. Martin, tutor.— Dart. C. (V— H.) ; Hodda, Veronica iIII— H.); Holyoakc, Ethel (II— Cr.). Miss I. Mar.Un, tutor.— Chalk, Marlon (II— Cr.); Lack. Joyce (II— P.). Mrs. S. Storey, tutor.— Clark. Eric (V — Cr.). Mrs. T. Slrnchan, tutor. — Slrachan, N. D. (IV— P.I. Miss A. Moxey, tutor.— Walker, F. R. (Ill— H.I. Miss L. Pares, tutor. — Ham. M. A. (VI— H.). Miss .. I. A. Pollock, tutor.— Gordon, Letltla (III— P.i; Hlnckley, Mavis (III— H.). Miss I'. Robertson, tutor.— Hulbert, Jean iIV— P.); Ravdell, Miriam (IV— P.). Miss n. Sewcll, tutor.— Pitman, C. (Ill— P.). Miss Enid Stuart, tutor.— O'Rourke-Brophy, Joan (III— P.). Miss M. Stuart, tutor. — England, Diana E. H. (IV— H.). Miss M. 1.. Zillman, tutor. — Brcnnan, Pat ricia (III— Cr.). Private Study.— Affleck. C (III— P.). MORETON AND SOUTH COAST BURLEIGH O.L.S.H. Convent, Coolangatta, — 'Cramer, Gwendoline (IV— H); Pace, Mary (V— H.). COOLANGATTA O.L.S.H. Convcnt.-^-Silvcrton. Heather (VI— Cr.); Sllverlon, Shirley (VI— H.). IPSWICH St. Mary's Convent,— Carter, Veronica A. (III— Cr.); Ditton, Jocelyn M. (III— P.) ; Schmidt, Thora (III— Cr.).,   Girls' Grammar School.— Carson, Mary L. (Ill— Cr.). Miss G. M. Fittock, tutor ? Foote, Edna M (V— H.). Miss D. Greenwffy, tutor. — Woodhead, Griselda M. (Ill— P.). Mrs. E. M. Hogan, tutor.— Evans, Daphne J. (Ill— P.). Miss T. Marlsh, tutor.— Bain, Mary (III— P.). Mrs. I. E. Pontl, tutor.— Campbell, B. (IV — Cr.). . ? ? Miss R. E. Robson, tutor ? Statham, Claudia (IV— Cr.). Miss N. White, tutor.— Burgess, Inez J. (Ill— P.); Dohler, Ruth A. (Ill— Cr.); John son. A. M.. (Ill— Cr.). Mr. F. E. Wlllesden, tutor. — Johnson, Mar garet (VI— Cr.). v MALENY Mrs. E. Innes, tutor.— Daley, Brenda (VI— H.); Grlgor. Iris (VI— Cr.); Grlgor, Rae (VI — H.); McLean, Judith (VI— P.). NAMBOUR Good Samaritan Convent.— Murphy, Eileen (VI— H.): Quartermass, M. (V— Cr.); Ramm, Althea (V— H.). Mies E. L. Hoskins, tutor.— Abel, Adeline L. IV— H.); Burnett, Ceclcla D. (IV— P.); Dar. Jean B. (VI— H); Kent. Myrtle A. (IV— P.). Mrs. E. Innes, tutor ? Buckley, Joan (III— Cr.); Chccsman, Norma (IV— Cr.); Short, Mary (IV— P.); Watson, Gwendoline (V— Cr.). Miss J. Ravensby, tutor.— Donald, Nonla E. (VI— H.i; Wilson, Mavis R. (VI— H.). SOUTIIPORT Star of the Sea Convent.— Gruhn, Mary (VI— H.); Golden, Doreen (VI— H.); Mitchell, Joyce (V— H.i; Reithmuller, Wilma (IV— Cr.»: Shcchan, Marie (VI— H.); Waters, Una (V — Cr ) St.' 'Hilda's School ? Booth, Mollle (HI— Cr.); East, Janet (III, P.); Fletcher, Dorothy N. (V— H.): Greenhalg ' PatricU (V— P.); Johnson, Margaret

!. (II— P.): Johnson, Patricia B. (Ill— P.); larkwcll. Isabel! P. (Ill— P.). Mr. F. Reslieaux, tutor.— Parr, Kathleen B. Ill— Cr.). NORTHERN ATHERTON Convent of Mercjr.— Andrews, Mary (IV— :r.). MIjs E. Ne»l, tutor ? Bishop, Alma (V— :r.); Lowrey, Florence (V— H.); Noble, Swenda (VI— H.); Pollard. R. (VI— P.); Pur ell, T. (VI— H.); Purcell, W. (VI— Cr.); Stun ners, Honor (VI— H.). BABINDA Convent of Mercy.— Jack, Valmal (VI— H.); ones, Eileen (VI— H.). Mr. J. G. llynes, tutor.— Brand, Olorla (VI -H.j; Lewis, J. (VI— II.); Pawsey, Joan (VI— I.); Reynolds. Sheila (VI— H.i; Satchwlll. oyce (III— P.). BOWEN Convent of Mercy.— Baker, Gloria (V— H.); lhamplon, Iris (IV— P.i; Cowan, Irene (IV— 1.1 ; Crouch, Lenore (V— H.I; Dallow, Ellza cth (VI— H.»; Edwards, I. (Ill— P.); Edwards, 'elma (VI— H.l; Folcy, Rita (VI— H.); For ythe. Grace (VI— P.); Handley. Heather IV— I.); Handley, K. (V— H.); Harrison, Beryl (VI -P.); Lawlor, Jessie (V— H.); Pantall. N. (VI -H.i: Ryan. Carmel (VI— H.); Wotherspoon, Elizabcth (VI— Cr.). Mrs. n. A. Stackelroth, tutor. — Cowan, Lucy . (IV— P.). CAIRNS Mrs. I). Donnelly, tutor. — Hicks, Olive (V— Cr.); Marsh. Adelaide (IV— P.); O'Brien, Phyllls (IV— Cr.), Miss V. Parker, tutor.— Gibson, Audrey (III -Cr.). Mr. J. II. Smith, tutor.— Wright, Mavis (VI, Jr.i. Mr. J. A. Stevem, tutor.— Fcnwick, H. C. Ill— P.i; Munroe, Dulcie B. (Ill— P.). Miss L. Ward, tutor.— Northgatc, Hazel J. V— H.). I'rlvutc Study.— Simpson, L. (Ill— P.). CHARTERS TOWERS Blvcklieuth Collesc— Crossmun, Beatrice III— Cr.i; Clarke, Jean (IV— H.) ; Eather, Margaret (VI — H.I; Elliott, Bessie (VI— H.l: 'owler. Nancy (III— P.i; Foggon, P. (IV — H.i; Jreenwood, A. IIV— H.); Hall, Jean (III— :r.|; Jones, J. (Ill— Cr.); LandsberK. Jessie V— H.l; Locke, Claire IIV— H.); Martin, Jorothy (III— Cr.); Rosevear, Lillian (IV— H.l; Taylor. Elvira IIII — Cr.i; Thompson. Beryl V— Cr.i; Trembath, Nona (V— H.I; Watson, leather (V— H.l: AVuolle. Ellse IIII— Cr.i. St. Gabriel's School ? East, Lorna G. (V.— i.); Gunther. June G. (VI— Cr.i; Hill, Willis :. (VI— H.l: Jackson, Allsa J.' (VI— H.I; Kohn, lean M. (V— H.): Lumley. Ruby P. (V.— Cr.l: ilartln, Jeannle R. (V— H.I; Schulz. Dorothy r. (IV— Cr.); Tier. Gwenda A. (V— H.). Miss P. Underwood, lulor ? Barton, Pamela 1. (VI— Cr.); Clarke, Laurel E. W. (Ill— Cr.); Jandley, Norma C. (VI— H.); Jones, Zeta H. (V— H.); MacPherson. Isabel H. (IV— Cr.i: Maxwell, Betty A. (IV — Cr.): Qulnlem, Lynettc ?. (VI— H.); Rlcscn, Matilda E. (Ill— Cr.i; 3haw, Joan (III— P.): Shaw, Hazel (V— Cr.i: StockriRle. Stella E. (IV— Cr.) ; Trltton. Joyce \. (Ill— Cr.); Trltton. Mary A. (Ill— P.); Welsh. Mavis A. (VI— H.). St. Mary's Cnllece.— Barrett. Effle (V— H); Brown, A. (VI— Cr.); Byrne, Theresa (V— H.1; lyrne, Maureen (VI— H.): Frlcl. May (IV— P.i: jowans. Doris (V— P.); Griffith. Patricia (VI —P.): Jenkln. Marie (VI — P.); Johnson. Pcecy IV1— Cr.): Mnidmcnt. Gloria (V— Cr.): Mlt :hell, Jonn (III— Cr.); McCoy, Marorle (IV— -.); Powers. Colleen (V — Cr.i: Ross, Maureen IIII— P.); Shannon. Colleen (VI— H.): Sullivan, June (VI— P.): Pllcher. Ellen (VI— P.-. Miss E. J. Kelly, tutor.— Mclllck. R. (IV— «.). Miss A, Sullivan, tutor. — Congdon, Joyce (IV -Cr.) . COM.INSVILLE St. John's Convent.— Jones. Irene (V— Cr.l; Lnngan, Kathleen (V— P.I ; McHugh, Catherine (V— H.); Morgan. Doreen (V— H.). C00KT0WN St. Mary's Convent.— Meade, Patricia (V— Cr.); Paterson, Joy (VI— Cr.). EDMONTON SI. Therese's Convent.— Corcoran, Owen (VI — H.); Nuclfora. Mary (V— Cr.). HERBERTON Convent of Mercy. — Ganora, Lily (IV— Cr.); Ganora, Eva (V— Cr.); Guerzonl. Eva (VI— Cr.): Hymus. . Melda (III— Cr.): Muwn. Patricia (VI— H.); Paslnettl, Rene (VI— H.): Tunnle, Joan (V— H.). St. Mary's C. of E. Girls' School.— Baker, Margaret. I. (Ill— Cr.): Cleminson, Ruth D. (II— P.); Gummow. Nancy R. (V — H.): Howe. Yvonne M. (IV— Cr.): Iggulden. Joyce H. (IV— H.): Maltby, June A. (Ill— Cr.): McConnell. Jessie Y. (Ill— P.); Nash. Lllllas G. (Ill— Cr.): Nash, Rosalind M. (IV— Cr.i: Ross. Jessamine T. (Ill — H.) ; Wallace, Joan M. (Ill— H.); Waller, Dorothy E. (Ill— Cr.). HOME HIM, Miss E. I.. Lane, tutor. — Jackson, Jean (IV —P.). ?????? ? ? HUGIIENDEN Good Samaritan Convent.— Bender, Mau reen (V— P.); Hunter. Ina (V— Cr.): Laistcr, Pamela (VI— H.); Napier, Shirley (VI— H.). INGHAM Lourdes Convent. — Doyle, Margaret (VI— H.); Gard. Betty (VI— H.): Gardner, Beth (VI— H.); Hall, Beryl (VI— Cr.); Ross, Mar garet (VI— Cr.). INNISFAIL Good Samaritan Convent. — Charchalls, Theresa (VI— P.); Coggiola, Aldo (V— H.i; Coghlan, Joyce (VI— Cr.): Craig. Ailsa (VI— P.I: Cuatero, V. (V— P.); Dodds. Mary (VI — H.); Graham, Joan (V — Cr.l; Kelley, Rose M. (VI— H.); Mackay. Beatrice (VI — Cr.l; Mellick, Thelma (IV— HJ; Plebanl, Lora (VI — Cr.); Quong Chong, Veronica (V — Cr.l; Quon? Cheng, Wilma (V— P.); Sue Yek. H (V— H.); Trower. Margaret (VI— Cr.). Miss C. M. Freelarid, tutor. — Athcrton, J (IV— P.); Butcher, A. (IV— Cr.): Edgerton Phyllis (VI— Cr.); Henderson, Hazel M. (VI H.); Proudfoot, Edith (IV— P.); Relchardt N. (VI — H.l: Rolchardt. J. H. Y.. (VI ? nr l

nison. urace (VI — h.i. Mr. J. G. Hynes, tutor.— Parks, Grace (VI -H.). Miss D. H. Kearney, tutor.— Barry, B. B. VI— H.): Barry, G. J. (VI— H.I. Miss V. Scott, tutor.— How Kee, Mllllccnt [. (V— P.). MAREEBA Miss E. Firth, tutor. — Kcnneally, Hermla V— Cr.). MOSSMAN i Convent of Mercy.— Bailey. Dulcie. J. (V— :.): Oallogly, Gladys (VI— H.l; Henderson, 'ranees M. (VI— H.); Osborne, Linda (V— I.);- Pelizr.arl, Ulanda (VI— H.); Stapleton, 'enetla (VI— H.). PROSERPINE Convent of Mercy.— Beck. Clarice (IV— H.); J'Donnell, Kathleen (VI— H.). RICHMOND St. Joseph's Convent. — Berryman, Cecily VI— H.l; Clark, Lorraine (VI— H.); Stewart, r. (V— Cr.). SOUTH JOHNSTONE Good Samaritan Convent.— Beevers. Joan Miss E. Turnbull, tutor.— Evcred, Chrlsstlna (VI— H.); Perry, Joan (V— H.). TOWNSVILLE St. Aunt's School.— Davles, Audrey J. (Ill —P.i; Gannon, Alma M. (Ill— Cr.l: Keane, Mildred G. (Ill— P.); Mawby, Evelyn J. (Ill -P.); Weller, Enid M. C. (ii-P.). St. Columba's Convent, Belgian Gardens.— Kendall, Doris (VI— H.); Rcndall, Enid (V— H.l; Valentine, Margaret M. (VI— H.). ? St. Joseph's ? Convent, Mundlncburra.— 2oyne, Elva (IV— P.); Dwyer, Mary (VI— H.); Egerton. Teresa M. (VI— H.); Freeman. Beryl (VI— H.): Haselcr, Virginia M. (VI— H.); Morris, Hazel J. (VI— Cr.l; Morris, Iris M. (IV— P.); Mclnnes, Bernice . (IV — Cr.); Rey nolds, Allsa (IV — Cr.); Sturgeon, Ailsa (VI— 'St. Mary's Convent, West Townsvillc. — Austin. Enid (VI— H.); Geaney, Joan (V— K.-; Glecson, Clare (VI— H.); Hall, Eunice (VI— H.); Hcbcr, Moya (V— H.): Ruffle, C. (VI— H.l; Watts. Evelyn (VI-H.l. S^. Patrick's College. — Carr, Eunice W. (Ill — Cr.); Carr, Audrey M. (V — H.j; Castel laro. Ines M. (VI— H.); Cochranc, Maybellc IIII— Cr.); Cutler, Mary D. (IV— Cr.); Davern, Olive C. (Ill— Cr.); Dempster, Margaret E, (V— Cr.); Flood. Mary N. (VI— H.l; Hansen, Dorothea (III— P.); Harrington. Mary L. (IV— H.); Hazard. Olga.E. |VI.— H.l; Hubbard. Mona T. (Ill— H.); O'Brien, Vera (III— Cr.); O'Sullivan, Carmel E. (VI— H.); Rooney, Noreen M. (IV— H.); Ryan, Cecilia C. mi— H.l; Scott, Marjorie (V— H.); Smith, Clare Convent of Mercy, South Townsvllle.— But- ler, Edna (V— Cr.l; Butler. Zonia (III— P.); Hosking. Gloria nil— Cr.); Hosklng, Fay (V— H.); Scown, Daphne (V— H.); Vernon, LUa (V^-H.). North Queensland College of Music.— Mr. A. McCristal. tutorl. — Brown. A. (VI— H.l; Brazier, Nancy D. (IV— Cr.); Illlch, Valerie F. (V— Cr.); Roberts. H. (Ill— P.); Sundstrup, Norma (V— P.); Sundstrup, Helga (IV— Cr.l. Mrs. M. A. Black, tutor. — Brookes, Lynette (III— Cr.); Merryweather, Carola (III— P.); Rankln. Joyce (III— Cr.). Miss I). Iinham, tutor — Robertson, Daphne J. (VI— Cr.). TULLT St. Clare's School.— Abdullah, Clare (VI— H.l. Mr. A. Abraham, tutor.— Thleme, Margaret I. (V— H.l. WINTOK Convent of Mercy.— Green. Norma (V— Cr.); Gillies. Cecilia (V— Cr.); Hutchcson, Margaret (V— P.); Hando, Margaret IV— Cr.); Lowth, Betty (V— Cr.): Lenton, ? Betty (V— H.); McGregor. Jean (VI— H.l; Shanahan. Mary (V— H.); Thomson, c. (VI— H.); currier, Betty (VI— H.). CENTRAL ALPHA St. Joseph's Convent.— Anderson, Agnes (V— P.); Brlttaln, Elizabeth (VI— H.) ; Kennedy, Norma (V— Cr.); O'Sullivan, Marion (VI— H.), BARCALDINE Convent of Mercy ? Burke. Dcsla (V— P.) McHugh, Mary (V— H.l; Ryan. Maureen (V H ) CLERMONT St. Joseph's Convent — Evans, ? Shirley (V H.K Faros. Alex (V— H.l: Harry, Beryl (V H.)i Lawrence, Judith (III— Cr.)j Mulrhead couey E. (IV— H.); Whyte, Bill (V— H.).

I.ONGREACII Presentation Convent. — Booker, Betty (VI — I.l ; Eyre, Hazel (III— P.i; Gallch, Mary III— Cr.i; Lynam, Brlgld (IV— P.); Mellefont. razel (VI— H.): O'Rourke, Sheila (VI— H.); haw, Mary (IV— P.I ; Tanks, Clare (VI— H.); oiling, Mary (III— P.). Miss H. McCulloch, tutor.— Ayllng, Daphne :. (V— H.). MACKAY Convent of Mercy.— Farrelly. Winifred ail -P.); Hill, Vivien (III— P.); Hughes, Audrey III— Cr.). Miss r. Wood, tutor.— Shepherd, Margaret III— Cr.). MOUNT MORGAN Convent of Mercy. — Draper, Mercla (V — !r.i; Glaney. Neville (V— H.); Rackham, Yllliam (V— P.). Miss J. McI.Hchlau, tutor.— Woods, Margaret III— P.). ROCKHAMPTON Convent Will School.— Devery, Agnes (III— '.); Marrlnan, Peggy (III— Cr.i; Mezger, Jathleen (IV— H.); Monk, Portia (IV— H.); donk. Vivienne (IV— P.i; Parkinson, Wilma VI— H.); Parry, Betty (III— Cr.). Convent of Mercy, Kooncal. — Nelsh, Patsy/ III— Cr.). St. Joseph's Convent, Park Avenue. — Royc.y Vinlfred (III— H.). SI. .loscph's Convent, Wandal. — BeaUon, Janicl (VI— Cr.i; Byrne. Joan (IV— P.); Crow, )esmond (VI— P.); Diamond. Sonia (IV — P4»; Jelehanty, Ethel (III— Cr.l; Johnston, .tnureen iV — P.); Wilson. Connie (VT — Cr.}. St. Patrick's School, Alma Street. — Coram, ;ollecn. M. (VI— P.). St. Peter's Presentation Convent.— Bollton, .eonle (VI— Cr.). Girls' Grammar School. — O'Sullivan, Lorna III— P.). Miss J. Hoffmann, tutor. — Brighton. Beryl il. (VI— H.i; Boase. Agnes Mary (III— Cr.): inssal, Jill S. (V— Cr.); Olsen, Joan E. (Ill -Cr.). Mrs. J. McKcnzle, tutor.— Coar, Allsa (III— M: Hosklngs, Betty (III— P.I ; Shera, Helen III— Cr.l; Symonds. Betty (III— P.). Miss M.. M. Morrison, tutor. — Burrows, Bar -ara (II— P.); Kelly, Peggy (III— H.) ; Wallace, 3ste11e (III— Cr.l. , Miss L. J. Wood, tutor.— Ingram, Iala M. Ill— P.). ' SPRINGSURE Convent of Mercy. — Haswell, Thenese (V— WOWAN Miss J. Chown, tutor.— Tengbom, Mary (III —P.); Pegg, Betty (V— Cr.). YEPPOON St. Faith's School. — Archay, Joyce (VI— P.); Ash. Ruth M. (Ill— Cr.): Beezley. Dorothy E. (V— P.); Benson. Alice W. (Ill— Cr.i; Blyth. Carolyn M. (Ill— P.); Cox, Gwynneth M. (V —P.); Creed, Marjorie L. (Ill— Cr.); Donald son, Noreen H. (IV— P.); Donovan. Doreen L. (VI— H.); Edwards. Beatrice V. B. (Ill — Cr.); Gray. Marie (IV— P.); Hallam. Daphne (III— Cr,); Hallam, Joyce A. (IV — P.); Holt, Beatrice (V— Cr.i; Kirby. Ina G. (V— Cr.): McNac, Allecn (V — P.); Nelson. Renee L. (Ill —Cr.i: Phccly. Norma J. (VI— H.) ; Purvis. Shirley C. (Ill— Cr.); Sinclair. Ruth E. (IV —P.); Tcmplnton. Jovcelyn E. (V— P.); McCal lum. Joyce D. (II— P.). St. Ursula's Collece.— Burns, A. (IV— Cr.); Clarke. Mary IV— P.i; Corrin. Marie (IV— H.l; Cooley. Frederick (IV — Cr.): Eite Pat ricia (V— Cr.; Freeman. Avonll (IV — H.): Griffiths. Winifred (IV— Cr.); Harman. Bery (IV— Cr.); Jenks. Edna (II— P.); McGovern, Jacqueline IIV— Cr.); Nllson, Patricia (IV— H.): Pulbronk. Ellen (IV— H.l. Miss J. Ross, tutor.— Stretton, Dawne (IV WIDE BAY BENAIR Private Study.— Thomas. J. C. (II— P.). BUNDABERG

Convent of Mercy.— Fleming, Erica (V— H.); Larsen, Elsie (III — Cr.); Sprcadborough, Lor raine (III — Cr.). Miss K. Greathead, tutor. — Gayton, Fay (V— H.); Gahan, J. (IV— Cr.); Hursthouse, Laurel HII— P.). Mr. A. Hlckman, tutor. — Stevens, Irene J. (IV— P.). Mrs. J. W.. Kendal. tutor.— Kavanagh. Brenda (III— Cr.); Thiele, Iris E. (Ill— Cr.). Miss M. Lindholdl. tutor.— Gee, Beth (V.— Cr.); Goodfellow, Beth (IV— Cr.). GUILDERS St. Joseph's Convent. — Ewan, Dorothy E. (VI— P.): Glimartin, Maureen (VI— H.) ; John son, Edith M. (IV— P.); Kelly, T. P. (IV— Cr.). Miss F. Kelly, tutor. — MacQulre, Jean E. (Ill— Cr.). Miss R. Lone, tutor. — Cocking, Elaine M. (IV— H.); Robinson. Enid D. (Ill— Cr.). Miss F. M. Walsh, tutor.— Robinson, Gwenda M. (Ill— P.). GAYNDAH Good Samaritan Convent. — Conley, Joyce (VI— H.); Eagers, Maureen (VI— H.); Kelly, Carmel. (V— H.); Kelly, Patricia (V— H.); Klllin, K. (VI— H.); Hull-Moody, Lennox (V— H.); Hull-Moody, Rhona (V— H.); O'Brien Maureen (VI— H.); Walters, Irene (V— Cr.); Wlllett, Norma (V— H.) ; White, Joan (VI— H.). GYMPIE Miss A. E. GIdley, tutor.— Moore, Prudence R. (Ill— Cr.l. Miss D. M. Sanday, tutor.— Leltch, D. H. (V— H.); Trudglan, Iris M. (IV— P.); Thomas, L. (V— H.); Thurecht, Elwyn C. (V— H.). Mrs. S. H. Wllllans, tutor.— Roberts, Vola D. (Ill— Cr.). HOWARD Miss S. L. Hardy, tuloi.— churcnett, Isabel M. (Ill— Cr.); Raffin, Beryl G. (Ill— Cr.). Miss L. M. Pollard, tutor. — Robinson, Thea (IV— Cr.); Warren, Beverly J. (IV— P.). IMBIL Miss R. Grainger, tutor. — Joyncr, Beryl (III— P.). KINGAROY Good Samaritan Convent.— Achilles, J. (IV— nv i. AK^Illitc .lnfiv, ITU ? P t* Tlnurtp .T. I'

-H.); Burton, raye (in— i;r.); Burns, .neainer [VI— H.); Burns, Jacqueline (VI— H.l; Con lolly, Doris (VI— H.l: Connolly, Beryl (VI— i.); Dowdc, Elsie (VI— H.); Feeney, Nancy [V— H.); Kamholtz, Lorna (V— Cr.l; Langton, \dell (VI— H.); Murray, Gwenly (V— P.); D'Nelll, Berenice (III— Cr.); Ronayne, Maureen IIV— H); Stevens, Ivy (IV— Cr.); Thomson, Charlotte (IV— H.); Weckes. Marie iVI— H.). MARYBOROUGH* Convent High Scuool. — Barbeler, Mary (V — 3r.); Connor. Gloria (III— P.): Dawson, Beryl (III— Cr.); Kelly, Carmel (III— H.l; Quinn, Patricia (III— P.): Quilter. Catherine (III— Cr.); Ravcrty, Gloria (IV— H.); Woodward, Joyce (III— P.). Miss M. Campbell, tutor. — Cunningham, Edna (IV— P.): Ncal, Gwen (IV— Cr.). Dr. R. Dalley-Scarlett, tutor.— Mahoney, Anna (I— P.). Miss M. Deighton, tutor.— Wode, Daphne (III— P.) . Miss A. E. Mahoney, tutor.— Wagner, Joan (VI— Cr.). Mm. E. F. Rosier, tutor.— Horsburgh, Judy (V— P.). MURGON Presentation Convent. — Coulson, Maureen E. (II— P.); Cutler, Fay C. (VI— H.); Homer, Rita (VI— Cr.); McMahon, Ivy (V — Cr.); Power. Kathleen (IV— Cr.); Sempf, Dorothy (II— P.). Miss M. E. Coulsen, tutor. — Johannessen, Dorothy (VI— H.); Latcham, Beryl (VI— H.). DARLING DOWNS AUGATIIELLA

St. Joseph's Convent. — Helton, Nina M. (IV— H.). CIIARLEVILLE Girls' Hostel: Miss D. Gataker, tutor,— Gillespie, Patricia (VI— P.): 1'Anson, Nancy VI— Cr.); Knights, J. (V— Cr.); Roper. Jean Mlee'li). Hoare, tutor.— Renkln, Joy (IV— Miss L. McQualler, tutor.— Boyce, Esther M. (IV— Cr.); Boyce, Olive J. (IV — H.); Espie, Rex (VI— P.): Helneman, Edith C. (Ill— Cr.); Herriman, Phyllis E. (VI— H.); Herrlman, G. (VI— H.); I'Anson. G. E. (VI— H.). CHINCHILLA St. Joseph's Convent.— Alnslle, W. (VI— H.); Goldsworthy, Sybil M. IV— H.). CLIFTON Good Samaritan Convent.— Hegarty. Wini fred J. (VI— H.); McOscnr. Margaret (VI— OAKEY Good. Samaritan Convent.— Curry, Clare (IV — Cr.); Fett, Neville (IV— Cr.). PITTSWORTH St. Joseph's Convent. — McNnmnra. Kathleen (V — H.); McNamara, Maureen (V— Cr.): McNamara, Thomas (V— Cr.); Ncale, W. (VI — Cr.); Walsh, Noelccn (V— P.); Wllshlre, Gwen (V— Cr.). x Miss H. Dooley, tutor, — Paterson, Thelma (III— P.). ROMA St. John's Convent.— Adrian, T. (Ill— P.); Brumpton, Margaret (IV— Cr.); Horn, Irene V. (Ill— Cr.); Munns. Susanne (V— cr.). ' ST. GEORGE St. Joseph's Convent. — Coonan, Dawn (VI — P.); Dendle. Norma (VI— Cr.); Jones, Joyce (VI— Cr.); Taylor. Mary (VI— H.); Yates, Heather (V— P.). STANTHORPE St. Joseph's Convent.— Croft, Joyce (IV — Cr.); Forrest, Betty (V— H.); Hilton, Mary (V— Cr.); Mulr, Rita (IV— H.l; Plerpoint, Pat ricia (IV— H.). TOOWOOMBA Glennie Memorial School. — Chenoweth, Crelna E. (Ill— P.); Warner, Silvia L. (Ill —P.). Glennie Preparatory School. — Gibson. Ailsa (VI— H.): McMaster, Jill (VI— Cr.l: Saywell, Leah (VI— H.l; Ware, Ann (VI— H.). Good Samaritan Convent ? Ryan, Maria (IV— P.): Lamb. Margaret (III— Cr.). Holy Name Convent.— Brady,' Joan (III— Cr.); Maloney, K. (IV— Cr.); Malonely, L. (V — Cr.); Walsh. K. (V— H.). St. Saviour's Convent.— Jones. Rita (II— Cr.): Kettle, Kathleen (V— Cr.); Ross. Joan (V— H.1. St. Ursula's College.— Beazley, Betty (IV— Cr.); Brody, Maureen (VI— H.); Corbett, Dorothy (IV— Cr.); Milligan June (VI— Cr.); Noonan, Patricia (IV— P.); Thorn. Joan (III — Cr.): Weir, Hope (III— cr.); Watson. Nora (VI— H.). Toowoomba Musical Academy: Miss D. L. Abrahams, tutor. — Anderson, Gwendolln

M. (Ill— P.); Hobart, Dorothy Y. (VI— Cr.);1 Smart. Norma (VI— Cr.); Squelch, Marjorie i I. (Ill— Cr.i; Squelch, J. (V— Cr.). - Miss M. Head, tutor. — Lobweln, Irene H. (IV - —P.i; Taylor, Joan M. (Ill — P.). Mf.-js T. M. Kennedy, tutor.— Jones, Lorna (V— Cr.). ' ? ( Mlos D. Mulier, tutor.— Muller, Betty (III . —CO. tola K. Murphy, tutor.— Moncrleff, Q. (IV ! — P/.l. ? ili»s I. Simpson, tutor.— Turner, R. (V— ' lilr. T. Slatyer, tutor.— Berry, J. (V— H.)i 1 WARWICK St. Catharine's School. — Donovan, Joyce (V — H.i; Laldlaw, Natalie E. (V — Cr.); Oake lej, Jane S. (V— H.t; Slkes, Nellie M. (V— H») . Presbyterian Girls' Collefe. — Angel, Cleo (IV— Cr.); Backhouse, Valerie (IV— H.i: Cox. , ioan S. (Ill— P.i; Cox. Bobbie (V— P.i; Graham, Dorothy (III— P.); Gibson, Marjory (IV— P.); McGuigan, Nancy (IV— Cr.); Walker, Nancy G. (HI— Cr.). Miss M. Lippold, tutor.— Clark, Dore (II— PRACTICAL BRISBANE CENTRE All Hallows' Convent.— Anderson, Rita (vio lin 111— P.); Dyke. Carmen (piano 1— H.i; Feain, Veronica (piano VI— H.j; Ferguson, Alice (violin IV— Cr.); Gralton. Carmel (vio lin IV— Cr.i; Hunter, Joan (piano III— H.i; Johnstonc, Betty (piano (IV — Cr.); Knudson, Sheila iplano I— H.); Macdonald, Marie Louise (piano V — P.i; Stunner*, Cyris (piano IV— H.K Watson, Marie (piano IV— Cr.l. St. Stephen's School. — Crowley, Patricia (piano V— Cr.); O'Brien, Patricia (piano II— Cri. St. Finbarr'n Convent, Ashirove. — Betts, Glen E. (piano VI — Cr.i; Cowley, Joy (pluno I— H.i; Cook, Elaine (violin VII— P.); Glynn, Margaret Ipiano VI— Cr.); Hannan. Joan (plnno VI— Cr.): Heenan, Patricia ipiano VI — H.i; Ingram, Shirley (piano VII— P.i; John son, Marian (piano IV— Cr.); Kelly. Maureen (piuno II— Cr.i; Kohler, Patriclu (piano VII— P.i; Maguire, Joun M. E. iplano III— Cr.j; Murphy. Phyllis (violin V— Cr.i: Nugle, Zita P. I pluno V — Cr.): O'Brien, Mary B. I piano VII— P.i; O'Carroll, Molru M. iplano II— P.i; O'Loughlln, Margaret (piuno VI — H.i; O'Sulli van, Doreen Iplano III — 11.); O'Sullivan, Maureen Iviolin VI— H.); Powell. Pauline M. (piano VII— P.); Price, Josephine (piano VII — PO- St. Mary's Convent, Ileaudesert. — Smith, Dorothy iplano II — Cr.l. I.orfto Convent, Cavendish Road. — Corbett, Loraine Ipiano VI — Cr.) ; crothers, Margaret (piano V — H.); Caldcr, Rosemary Ipiano III — Cr.); Fogarty. Myra (piano VII— P.i; Gregg, Joan ipiano IV — Cr.); Houston. Betty (piano II— H.); Horwitz, Moya (piano III— H.); Han man. Jill (piano VII— P.); Horwitz, Sonla (piano VII— P.i; Lutze, Yvonne (piano III— H.); Lahz, Denise (piano VII— P.I: Monoghan, Peggy (piano IV— H.); Molt, Nerida (piano VI— H.); McClelland. Joan Iplano IV— H.); McClelland. Joyce (piano V— H.i; Madden. Rita (piano VII— P.i ; Pelgrave. Mary (piano V— P.); Quilty, Claire (piano III— Cr.); Staley. Anne I piano VI— H.): Trotter, Pat ricia (piano VI— P.); Webb, Betty (violin II —P.I; Weeks, Shirley (piano V— H.l; Whlt takcr. Joy (piano VI — Cr.); Young, Marie Ipiano VI — P.i; Mongahan, Nell (piano I — Cr.l. St. Rita's College, Clayfield.— Andrewartha, Monica iplano V — H.) ; Bailey, Mary (piano IV — Cr.); Hammond, John (piano VI — Cr.l; Celly, Anthony (piano IV — H.) ; Langsford, Margaret (piano V — Cr.): Macdonald. Patricia (piano V — P.): McDonnell, Veronica (piano VI —H.I; O'Flynn, Clare (piano V. — Cr.l; Ryan, Marie (piano VI— P.); Slocock. Delrdre (piano VI— cr.); Stewart. Betty (piano V— H.); Stewart, Monie (piano V — H.l. Good Samaritan Convent, Coorparoo. — Mas- terman, Dympna (piano VI— Cr.i; McLaugh lin. Joan (piano V— P.i; Martinson. Beryl (violin VI — H.I'. Mer.hnln Vnlprtp ln(nr\n VI

— *»-/. tu^i^b, uiian -uinuu vai— r./, O'Keeffe. Mavis (piano VI— Cr.). O.L.S.H. Convent, Corinda. — Donovan, Valerie (piano III — Cr.); Cathcart. Joyce (piano III— P.); Cain. Joan (piano III— P.); Montgomery. June (piano III — Cr.); Thumm, Ruth (piano IV — Cr.); Fuller, Dorn (piano V— Cr.); Bath, Marcla (piano VI— Cr.). Good Samaritan Convent. East Brisbane.— Brown', Carroll (piano VII — P.); Bryant, Marie (piano VI— Cr.); Emellanoff. Agnes (piano IV — Cr.): Gunnls, Clare (piano VI — Cr.): Jolliffe, Gladys (piano VII— P.): Lee. Nancy (piano VI— Cr.); Marr, Jean (piano VII — P.); McWil llam. Margaret (piano IV— Cr.i; Clark. Marie (piano VII— P.). Good Samaritan Convent, Enogccra. — Daw- son. Shirley (piano V— Cr.l; Edwards. Mary (piano VII— P.); Kent, Evelyn (piano III— Cr.i: McMahon. Phllomcna ipiano IV — Cr.l; McMahon, Helen (violin VI— P.); Sheehan, Bettlna (piano V— H.); Sheehan, Barbara (piano VII— P.); Souter, Patricia (piano V— Cr.i; Stichbury. Beryl (piano V— Cr.). Ursulinr. Convent, Gladstone Road. — Murphy, Elaine (piano III — P.); Trovas, Ncta (piano III— H.): Rice. Maureen (piano IV— Cr.); Rowan. Mary (piano IV— Cr.); Neylan, Ruth iplano VI— Cr.) : Bigg, Valma (piano VII— P.I: Hume, Valma (piano VII— P.i; Mackintosh, Mary (Piano VII — P.). St. Carthage's - School, Gordon Park.— Clarkson. Patricia (violin VII— P.I; Jeffers, Brian (violin VII— P.) : Smith. Joseph (violin VII— P.); Clarkson, Josephine (violin VI— Cr.) ; Long, Fred (violin VI — Cr.) : Robinson. Nora (violin VI— P.); Sheehan, Helen (piano VI— H.. violin VI— H.-; O'Hare. Cecily (piano IV— P.): Rogers. Monica (piano IV — P.): School Choir (class singing IV — H.t. Presentation Convent, Graccvllle. — Cunning- ham, Patricia (piano VI— H.); Fanton, Mary (piano VI— Cr.): Faulkner, Francis (violin VII— P.): Hadgraft, Edward (piano VI — H.l: Hcathcock, Mary (piano rv— Cr.); Reid, Robert ipiano VI — Cr.); Sheppard, John (piano VII— P.). St. Cecilia's Convent, Hamilton. — Craig, Brian J. (violin VI — H.); Diamond, Joan G. (piano IV — P.); Diamond, Patricia V. (piano VI — Cr.); Falkenhagcn, Raymond (piano V — Cr.); Hen nessey, Patricia K. (piano VI — Cr.); Quinn, Margaret (piano VII— P.i; Stone, Rita O. (piano VII— P.); Webber. Lillian M. (piano III— Cr.): Williams, Mary M. Iplano VI— P.I. I.ourdes Hill Convent. Hawthorne.— Blon- dell. Patricia (piano VI — Cr.); Byrne, Berenice (piano III — Cr.) : Borger, Dawn (piano V — Cr.i; Custance, Patricia (piano VI— Cr.); Car ney, Margaret (singing V — Cr.i; Casey. Audrey (piano II— Cr.): singing IV— H.) : Cullen, Lor raine iplano III — P.I: Darwin. Yvonne (piano III — Cr.: singing III — Cr.); D'Arcy, Therese (piano III — P.): D'Aroy, Lconle (piano IV — Cr.); Doyle, Erica iplano VII — P. i; Forry, Teresa (piano II — Cr.); Jordan, Elaine (piano Til— H.): Keighran. Joyce (piano IV— Cr.); Klmmlns, Leonle (piano II — H.l; Lchmann, Florence (violin IV — P.) ; Lunny. Joyce (piano III— Cr.i : Mayer, Joyce (piano III— P.); Mal lon, Maureen (piano V— P.); Murray, Kath leen (piano V— Cr.): Mulcahy, Brenda ipiano II— P.); O'Shea. Patricia (piano VII— P.): O'Brien, Mary (piano VII— P. I ; O'Brien, Nell (violin V— H.; singing III— P.); Peterman, Margaret (piano VII — P.i; Peters, Frances (piano IV — Cr.); Ryan, Norma (piano V — P.); Simpson. Betty (piano II — P.); Simpson, Mar ory (violin III— P.: sinRlng IV — H.); Speedy. June (piano V— Cr.); Terry, Joan Iplano II — H.); Thomas, Patricia (piano VII— P.i; Uren, Pete (piano IV— H.); Uren. Carmel (violin VII— P.); Walsh. Patricia (piano V— Cr.) : Morrissey. Joyce ' (violin V — Cr.) ; Moran, Maureen (singing II — P.). Presentation Convent, Hcrston. — Cllmpson, Alma (piano VI — Cr.i; Doyle, Irene (piano V— P.); Gentle. Carmel (piano V— P.); King, Gloria (piano VI — P.): Lonergan. Claire (piano VII— P.); Ryan. Mary (piano VI— P.); Ryan, Betty (piano VI— P.). tlriKldiiie Convent, Indooroopllly. — Brooks, Marie (piano V— Cr.i: Brooks, Lorraine (piano

/ — ur.i; uiarea. uermce ipiano iv — n,t , 3aughan, Kathleen (piano VII— P.): Graff, -Ionna iplano V — H.); Jesson, Maureen Iplano m— P.). Nudges Junior College, Indooroopllly. — 3eebe, Grantley (violin VII— P.). St. Joseph's Convent, Ipswich Road.— Daley, :armel (piano V— Cr.-; Hall, Joan (piano V -Cr.); Hefferan, Blair (piano IV— H.); tfcGrath. Theresa (piano V — H.); McGrath, Hoira (piano II — Cr.) : McNce, William (piano fl — Cr.):' Noonan, Joyce (piano V — H.); tiding, Gladys (piano V— Cr.); Rochford. Rita [piano VI— H.). St. Anthony's Convent, Kedron. — Mills, royce M. (violin VII— P.i; Morgan, Patricia \l. iviolin VII— P.). Good Samaritan Convent, Kelvin Grove, — 3aldwin. Nanette (piano V — Cr.); Brown, Lola Ipiano VI— cr.): Chcetham, Pat (violin VI— S.); Derrick, Melodle (piano VI— Cr.); Do Voss. Ellen (violin V — Cr.): Gibney. Ina rviolln I— H.): Kingston, Don (piano VII— P.): Kingston, Peter (violin VI— H.i : Laidlaw, Douglas (piano VI — Cr.); O'Keeffe. Daphne (piano VII— P.): O'Sullivan. Yvonne (piano V— Cr.); O'Sullivan, Joan (piano VV— P.); Wands, Noreen (piano VII— P.). St. Joseph's- Convent, Moorooka. — Cremln, Mary I— Cr.): Cremin. Joan (violin VI— Cr.); Gallagher, Margaret (piano II— Cr.); John son. Betty ipiano VI — Cr.i: Kecgan, Mar garet Iplano VII — P.); Lyons. Eileen iplano V— H.i: Maudsley, Graham (piano VI— P.); Maudsley, Geoffrey (piano VII— P.): Mcllroy, Carmel (piano IV— H.i; McKcw. Kevin (piano III— P.); Quinn. Nell (piano VII— P.); Shelley. Mary (piano VI— H.l; Eostment, Patricia iplano III — Cr.i; de Dassal, Bernice (piano VII— P.); Quinn, Patsy (piano VII— P.). Holy Spirit School. New Farm.— Borland. Joan I. (piano VI— H.l; Ebbage, Phyllis I. (piano V— H.): Messinblrd. Dorothy M. (piano VI— H.); Messlnbird. Elaine A. (violin VII— P.); Rudkins. Philomena M. (piano V — Cr.); Strong. Kathleen A. (violin VII— P.); Talbot. Desmond J. (violin vn — P.). St. Vincent's Convent. Nudeee. — McLady. Mary (piano VI— H.); McLady, Celine (piano V— H.). St. Joseph's Convent, Nundah.— Bovey, Fay (piano IV — H.l: Cranston, Douglas (piano VII —P.); Cryan, Monica (piano V— Cr.); Camp bell. Allsa (piano VI— H.); Hegerty. Cecllle (piano V— Cr.i: Humphries, Merle i piano VI — H.): Jackman, Barbara (piano IV — H.': Joyce. Pauline (piano V— H.); Kelly. Moira (violin VI— H.); Lynch. Kathleen (piano VII —P.); Lynch. Margaret Ipiano VI — H.l; Maloney. June ipiano V — Cr.); McMahon. Barry (piano VII— P.); Rodsers. Dawn (piano VI— H.i; Smith, Olive (piano V— Cr.i; Snod tjrass, Mary (piano V— H.t; Thompson, Pat ricia (piano V— H.); Wallace, Margaret (piano VI— Cr.i: Dickens. Elaine (piano IV— H.); Lynch. John (piano V— P.I. Ursullne Convent, Duporth, Oxley.— Cain. Patricia (piano II— Cr.): Collins, Marie (piano III — Cr.): Casey, Noreen (piano IV— H.-; Dore. Patricia (piano VII— P.); Gordon. Patricia (piano II— Cr.i; Griffiths. Mary (piano III — Cr.); Jordan. Mary (piano III— Cr.); Johnson, Loyola (piano V— H.); McLean, Nona ' (singing V— H.); McLean, Patricia (piano VI— H.); McConnell, Margaret (piano III — H.i. St. Joseph's Convent, Redcliffe.— Clifford,

Winifred (piano VII— P.): Comerford, Joan (piano VI— Cr.); Curtis, Phebe (piano IV— Cr.); Madden, Mary (piano III— Cr.); Seary, Olga (violin II— Cr.). St Brleld's Convent, Red Hill — Cox, Norma aiano V— Cr.); Crowley, Pauline (piano III— r.i; Forde, Marie (piano VI— P.); Hogan, aan (piano IV— Cr.); Hayden. Pat (piano —Cr.i: Hayden, Margaret (piano V— Cr.i; tratford, Carmel (piano V— P.); Wallace, ean (piano VII— P.); Pullln, Catherine (piano — Cr.). Sacred lleurt School, Rosalie.— McDonald, lenneth (piano III— Cr.): O'Sullivan, Eugene piano VI— P.): Thomson (piano II— H.) ; /alsh, Joan (piano VI — Cr.). Sacred Heart Convent, Sandgate. — Shep- ard. Joan (piano III— Cr.). Convent of the Sacred Heart, Stuartholme, oowonf. — Murphy, Joan M. iplano I— Cr.i; lurphy, Paula E. (piano VI— H.); Sellars, oyce it. (piano II— Cr.l. St. Irnatius' School, Toowont. — Johns, letty (piano IV— Cr.l. St. Francis' Convent, West End ? Mitchell, sabel iviolin V— Cr.). O.L.S.H. Convent. Whinslanes. — Dcambrose, iiiwrence (piano IV — P.). Si. Columlia's Convent, Wilston. — Brown, 'alda (piano IV— Cr.i; Connor, John (piano V— Cr.); Dlckson, Marie (piano V— Cr.); 4cErl'-an, Lawrence (piano V — Cr.i; IcErlean, Fay (piano VI— P.I : Osbaldlston. lynthia (piano IV — P.); Osbaldiston. David violin VII— P.); Power, Frank (violin VI— ;r.i. Holy Cross Convent, Wooloowin. — Atkin, 'hcrese ipiano V — Cr.i; Berkeley, Margaret piano VI— H.l; Chorlesworth. Leila (piano IV -H.(; Cummlngs, Audrey (violin VI — Cr.»: Denmead, John (violin VII— P.); Endres, Jetty (piano VII— P.i; Endres, Peggy (piano ;il— P.); Franks. Pat (piano VI— H.) ; Fltz ;erald, Paul (violin VII— P.I ; Foran. Pauline violin VII— P.): Gillies, Valmal (piano VI— i.\; Hotham. Joseph (violin VII— P.); Hot iam, Michael (violin VII— P.): Hunter, Joan piano VI— Cr.); Jardlrie. Shirley iplano IV— 1.); Muller. Audrey iplano VI — H.i; Moroney. I'errance iviolin VII — P.i; Mackenzie. Joan -iano VI— H.j; McMahon, Joan (piano VII— ?.); Maguire. Betty (piano IV — H.l; McLaugh ln. Pat (piano IV — Cr.i; Phelan, Berenice [piano VI— Cr.i; Ryan. Molra (piano V— II.); Roberts. Kathleen ipiano III— Cr.l. Ml. Curmel Convent, Wynnum.— Burrow. 3etty ipiano IV— Cr.i; Chanter, Doreen iplano VI — H.i; Denzin, Margaret Iplano VI— [I.i; Morgenstern, Noela iplano IV — H.); VIcGregor, Peggy Iplano IV — H.i; Long, Shlr ey ipiano VII— P.); Tllley, Lesley (piano V— St. Aldan's School, Corinda (Miss J. Barlow, ,ntor).— Carr, Mollle Ipiano III— Cr.): Gripp, Jonn (piano II— Cr.i; Legg, Marlon (piano VI -Cr.); Park. Kay iplano V— Cr.i; Phillips, Patricia L. (piano IV— H.l; Phillips, Patricia M. (piano II— H.); Reye, Brenda (piano VI— ;r.); Ward. Valerie (piano VI— H.). St. Margaret's School.— Dcllar, Nell (piano [V— Cr.); Freeman, Phyllis (piano VI— Cr.), (Miss N. Balrd, tutori; Blanshard, Olive (piano IV — Cr.i; Bliss, Shirley (piano III— Cr.. musical perception IV— H.l; Cassldy, Mary Iplano VII — P.i; Deacon, Isobel (piano VI — H.i; Faroe, Ada (piano IV— Cr.l; Lyons. Erna (piano III— Cr.); Cork, Mcril (piano IV— P.); Michie, Adcle (piano VI— Cr.); Michle, Mar garet (piano VII — P.); Nosworthy, Pandora (musical perception III— H.); Pierpolnt, Esme (piano III — Cr.); Raymont, Gloria (piano IV — Cr.) : Recs, Dawn (musical perception IV— r H.); Savlge, Barbara iplano III— iH.); Scerrl, Joan (piano VI— Cr.): Sharp. Janice (piano IV— H.i: Steven, Mary iplano III— H.l : (Miss V. Blakey, tutori; Hedge, Joy (piano III— Cr.i; (Miss W. Leahy, tutor) Price, Iris (piano VII— P.) . St. Michael's School, Clayfield.— Salisbury, Daphne E. (piano VI— Cr.);, Foulger, Jean S. (piano VI— Cr.l; Murray, Patricia A. (piano VI— P.i: West. Elizabeth S. (piano V — P.). Clayfield College (Miss I. Mazlin, tutor).— Hulfh, Elaine (piano III— H.). Girls' Grammar School. — Donald, Mavis L. (Dlano III— Cr.i: Pittman. Irene C. (piano

li — f. i; wniimec, i^mriui: ipimiu in — u».i. Moreton Bay HIbIi School, Wynnum.— Sowser. Audrey (piano IV— Cr.); Crouch, Shir ey (piano IV— H.t; Davles. Shirley (violin II— Cr.); Greene. Joan (piano V— Cr.): Hur ey, Joan (piano III— Cr.); Kruck, Shirley piano VI— H.t: Long, Rae (piano V— H.l; .llchael, Cynthia (piano II— Cr.); Pooley, ?eggy (violin III— H.); Alcorn, Isobelle (piano n— H.l; Westaway. Joyce (piano II— H.); Vilson. Eva (piano III— H.). Somcrville House. Brisbane High School for llrls.— (Miss B. Frederick!: Watklns, Erica :. (piano III. Cr.); Scaly. Agnes M. (piano I— H.)r Shamblcr, Joan N. (piapo I— H.l; Jrowther. Jean A. (piano VII— P.). (Miss F. ilichell. tutori: Dobbie, Joan (piano III— P.I. Miss M. Morrison and Miss A. Fielding, utors): Gall. Marjory T. (piano VI— H.I; ting, Jill A. ipiano VI— H.). (Miss F. lobcrtson. tutor): Ross, Cynthia (piano V— ' Miss E. V. Andrews, tutor. — Debney, Rhonda r. (piano VII— P.i; Brenneke. Thcano G. piano VI — Cr.) : Macfarlanc. Dorothy B. C. piano VI— H.); Smout. Betty J. (piano VI— 3r.); Palmer. Helen R. (piano V — H.i; Robert ion, Beryl A. (piano V— Cr.l; Glese, Colin 3. (piano IV— P.); Baylls, Betty J. (piano II— Cr.): Godbolt, Mavis A. (piano III— Cr.). Miss E. Allen tutor.— Backstrom, David 'violin VII— P.); Brandon, Glen (violin IV— 3r.); Brandon, Keith (violin III— Cr.i; Ed niston, Lyndal (violin VII— P.); Fielding, Doris (violin V— Cr.); Harrington. Ian (violin [V— H.1: Kennel. Colin (violin V— Cr.i; Robin son,' Colin (violin IV— Cr.): Stewart, Valmal (violin VI, Cr.); Swan, Colin (violin II— H.l; Thomson. Rena (violin I — H.l; Flemming, Mavis (violin VI— H.). Miss J. Barlow, tutor — Chapman, Judith (piano IV— H.); Drury, Diana (piano I— H.I; aoadby. Joan (piano II— Cr.): Stark, Mar ;aret (piano V— H.); Whip, Lesley (piano Mrs.'E. B. 'Bendlxen, tutor — Lowe, Irene (piano VI— Cr.i; Whltten, James (piano VI— P.); Wilson, Josephine' iplano VI— H.); Sav age, Mary iplano VII — P.I. Miss R. Benson, tutor. — Collins. Selwyn piano V— H.); Smith, Frances piano VII— P.). Miss T. Benson, tutor.— Smedley, Janet vio lin I — Cr.); Dixon, Robert (violin VI— H.); Baker, Peggy (violin VI— P.) ; Baker. Gwenyth iviolin VII— P.); Pack, Margaret (violin VII— P.i: Battaglla, Gloria (violin VI— P.). Miss J. M. Binstcad, tutor. — Barber, Jean (piano II — P.); Barnes, Leila Iptano V — P.I; Hodgson. Alice (piano VII— P.); Hodgson, Beryl (piano IV — Cr.); Thwaitcs, Beth Iplano IV— Cr.i: Thwaites. Jean (piano VII— P.); Todd, Dell (piano V— P.I. Mrs. E. M. Blair, tutor.— Souwer, Shirley (piano IV— H.1. s Miss V. Blakey, tutor.— Given. Barbara M. (piano II— Cr.): Bell. Jessie (piano V— Cr.l; Edye, Valerie (piano V — Cr.) ; Edye, Rae (piano V— P.). Mr. II. E. Brandon, tutor. — Humphris, Eliza beth C. (piano III— H.l. Mr. P. Brier, tutor.— Gralner, Ronald E. (piano II— H.); Moffat. Gwendolyn (piano III — Cr.); Overend, 'Arnold A. (piano III— Cr.). Miss J. Buchanan, tutor. — Baskcrvllle, Amy G. (piano V— H.). Miss P. E. Burgess, tutor.— Mayne. Wilma J. (piano VI — Cr.) ; Murrell, Audrey (piano III — Cr.). Mrs. B. Campbell, tutor. — Benjamin, Rae (singing III— H.); Hannlngton, Mary E. (slng tns III— H.). Miss V. M. Campbell, lulor ? Charlton, Nancy (piano III— Cr.); Cheshire, Anne L. (piano III— Cr.); Fuller. Valma (piano III— P.); Kay, Dawn Y. (piano II— Cr.); Wilson, Daphne M iplano V — Cr.). Miss M. Cartner, tutor. — Boxall. Jacqueline L. (piano II — H.); Duncan, Alan E. (piano III — Cr.). Miss A. M. Christmas, lulor.— Grimmer, Pamela Iplano VI — P.). Mrs. E. Cornish, tulor ? Pryke. Allsa (piano VI — Cr.): Cromnton. Ailsn M. (ninnn VII ?

Miss M.. Crablree, tutor. — Beames, Margaret il. (piano III— Cr.l; Dlckfos. Marceine (piano I— Cr.): Rider, Charles N. I. (piano VI— P.); Vilson, Ernest G. Iplano II — Cr.). Miss S. Cralrs. tutor.— Affleck, Elspeth piano II— P.); Birch, Olive (piano IV— Cr.); 3rown, Elizabeth M. (piano VII— P.): Clark, loan (piano VI— Cr.). Hammond, Margaret piano V— Cr.l: Marks, Elizabeth O. (piano 'I— Cr.): Marks, Margaret J. (Piano V — Cr.); Smith, Vldo (piano IV— P.). Miss F. Davey, tutor.— Edwards, Margaret (piano VI— P.) ;. Michelson, Ailsa (piano V— Cr.): Litchfleld, Faith O. (piano VI— P. ) Mr. A. Day, tutor. — Boasley. Dorothy M. Iplano II— P.I. Miss I. Ebbs, lulor ? Bulger. Patricia B. piano VII— P.); Trigge, Patricia K. (piano II— P.I I Trigee. Hubert Paul K. rplano V— 3r.v: Trigjc. Adele K. (piano VI— H.). Miss L. M. Etlwood, tutor.— Lausscn, Joyce 'plnno I — Cr.); Walker. Olwyn (piano I— Cr.): kittle. Helen (piano IV— Cr.): Little, Beryl [piano V— Cr.). Miss I.. Fae», tutor. — Frcelcagus, Dcspena [piano VI— H.L Mrs. J. M. Ferguson, tutor ? Allan. Dcslcy Iplano VI— Cr.); Baxter, Allan G. (piano V— -.). Mr. A. II. Gale, tutor ? Magnus, Diana C. (plnno VI— Cr.). Mr. II. Gerhardy. tutor ? Richardson. Shlr ey E. (piano II— P.; musical perception IV — Miss Gladys de Grant, tutor.— Dray. Gab -lelle (olano I— Cr.l; Kashlwagl, Mlgnon (plnno II— Cr.l. Miss M. nreenbury, lutor.— Pitman, Cyril (pin no III— Cr.). Mr. A. A. Grlce, tutor.— Shewan, Cliff (plnno (I— Cr.). ' Miss a. Hardwick. tutor.— Astlll. Rov rviolln III— Cr.); Cooper, John K, (olano IV— P.); 3unther, Francis A. f piano III— P.): McLeod. Jenn M. (pi«no IV— Cr.): Worllng. Babette J. IV— H.). Miss v. ITorUtiorn, tutor ? Dodsworth, Cecily Vf. (violin VI— P.). Ml«s G. Hayes, lutor ? Lack. Wendy (plnno VI— P.) . Mrs. R. ninrlchtrn. lutor ? McCann Joy (nlano VII— P.) ;' Pollard, Gladys M. (nlano VJ1 — P.): MacDade. Colin J. (niano VI— Cr.). Miss I. Hlntnn,' lulor. — Topping. Rowena N. (plnno TV— Cr.l. Ml*« E. Hndel, tutor. — Bardsley, Anne (piano VII — P.). Ml«-i N'. Hodel, tutor.— Bllbrough, Arthur (Vlnlln V— P.). Miss E. I.. Iloskinir. tutor.— Price. Ronald W. (Dlano VI— cr.); Woodhcad. Margaret A. (Plnno II— P ) . Miss M. Hourslon. tulor. — Horn, Marie (piano IV— p.). . Mrs. M. Ilumphrys, (utor. — Biddlc. Jovce (Piano VII— P.); Cooper. William (piano VII —P.): Herd. Marian (niano VII— P.I ; Rankln, Patricia (nlann VII— P.). Miss M. Kennedy, tutor.— Bruce, Joan (Piano IV— P.I. Mlis B. McCullough. tutor. — Millar, Jean C. (piano IV— cr.). Miss E. Melntosh, tutor.— Menzles, Dawn M. (Piano V— P.). Miss E. Mackintosh, tutor.— Frame, Phyllis

[. (piano IV— Cr.); Lynch, Gwendolyn B. piano III— P.); Richardson, Winifred R. Piano II— P.). Miss I- I. Malyon, tutor.— Binnie, Margaret i. (piano III— Cr.); Pask, Moya C. (piano —P.); Pask. Vilma M. (piano V— Cr.). Mrs. A. Manj-hRn, tutor.— Sweeney, Erin piano V— Cr.). Miss E. Martin, tutor.— Adams, Gwen (piano V— Cr.); Brown, Estelle (piano I— P.i; Dart, :uth (piano III— H.); Holyoake, Ethel (piano —P.); Mawhinney, Betty (piano III— P.i: lulr, Agnes (piano II— Cr.); Phillips. Lyn all (piano V — H.); Salisbury, Esme (piano rI— Cr.). Miss M. Martin, tutor.— Victerson, Leonie violin III— Hi). Miss I. Mazlln, tutor.— Wyllle, Hugh A. piano III— H.). Miss F. Midgley, tutor.— Bavas, Netta (piano V— Cr.); Bechly, Fernle (piano IV— P.); irobman. Frances (piano IV— Cr.); Messenger, )orothy (piano IV— P.); Mimls, Lesbia (piano II— Cr.); Simkln, Leba (piano III— P.); West, )aphne (piano VI— P.). ' Miss D. Phillips, tutor.— Green, Ronald S. piano VI— H.). Miss J. A.-Pollock, tutor.— Beech, Nancy singing III— Cr.); Hlnckley, Mavis (piano I -Cr.). Miss A. Price, tutor. — Barber, Lcxle (piano /I--P.J; Follett. Colin (piano VI— P.): Fol ett, Norman (piano V— P.); Gardiner. Esme piano VI— P.); Pitt. Maureen (piano VII— P.). Miss G. Reed, tutor. — Weber. Llevellys [piano V— H.); Webber, Esple (piano IV— Cr.). Miss E. Rutherford, tutor. — Lord, Gwen lolyn (piano IV— Cr.) ; Wrigley, Valmal (piano IV— P.). Miss D. Sewcll, tutor.— Armstrong, Bever ey iplano V— Cr.); Talnton. Jean A. (piano VI— H.i: Leslie, Norma T. Iplano V— H.). Miss E. Slmonson, tutor. — Lovegrovc, Noel (piano VII — P.); Moorcroft. Elaine (piano VII— P.) . Miss M. Smith, tutor.— O'Sullivan, Patrick (piano VI— P.). Miss Si Smith, tutor.— Hill, Gloria J. (piano IV— Cr.). Mrs. S. Storey, tutor.— Carter, Cecil (piano VII— P.I; Gent, Corrine (piano VI— P.): Hal dune, Jonn iplano V — P.); Murphy, Mervyn (plnno VI— P.). Mr. A. II. Taylor, tutor, — Alexander. Lloyd (flute II— Cr.); Anthony. Nancy (flute V— Cr.i; Champ, Colin (fiute V— H.I; Cook. Horace (flute IV— Cr.): Grosskreutz. Wilfred (flute III— P.I; Krummel, Kevin (flute IV— H.); Lewis. Mervyn (flute ? V— P.); Morris, John (flute V— Cr.); Williams, Allan (flute V— P.I. Miss M. F. M. Todd. tutor.— Hamilton. Nola D. A. iplano VI— P.). Mrs. K. Ward, tutor.— Moffett, Molra B. (plnno IV — Cr.). Mr. C. Wcarne, tutor. — Anthony, Audrey E. (plnno VI— Cr.); Cannon. Gary D. (piano VI— Cr.); Deller, Lorraine E. (piano IV — P.); Pearson, Jean H. (piano II— Cr.l; Pearson. Kenneth M. (piano III— Cr.); Pearson, Phyllis M. iplano V — Cr.l. Miss E. M. Wclhcrcli, tulor. — Colenso. Dor othy J. rplnno V— Cr.); Daniels, Shtrlpv M. (piano IV— Cr.); Matthews. Daphne J. (piano Miss H. Woodland. lutor.---Nlmmo, Connie (piano IV — Cr.). Miss M. L. Zillman, tutor.— Smith, Una J. (piano III— Cr.l. Private Study.— Af Heck, Claude (piano ni —Cr.l; Affleck. Una (piano III— Cr.); White. Joyce (piano VI— P.). MORETON AND SOUTH COAST n JTTftV

Convent of Mercy. — Armstrong. Leonie M. Piano, VI— Cr.); Dwyer, Margaret M. (piano, — Cr.); Fitzgerald, Patricia M. (piano, VII— .); Hlckey. Inez M. (piano VI— Cr.i; Mead, E. (violin V— cr.); Mead, K. P. (piano —P.); O'Dowd. J. s. (piano IV— Cr.); 'Dowd, Mary M. (piano IV — Cr.); O'Dowd, t. G. (piano V— Cr.); Philp, Cynthia J. piano VI — H.); Ryan, Madonna G. (piano VI -P.); Schultz. Gabrielle H; (piano IV— P.); chultz, Pauline M. (violin 'VII— P.); Talty, largaret M. (piano VI — H.). IPSWICH St. Mary's Convent. — Carter. Veronica A. violin III— H.); Dltton. Jocelyn M. Iplano I—P.); Hoare. Maureen (piano VII— P.); oane. Josey (piano IV — P.); McPherson, Jill piano V— Cr.i: Nugent, Mary (piano VI— *.); Nolan. Gloria (piano VI— Cr.l; O'Keeffe, larie T. (piano III— H.); Rollo. Theresa piano VI— H.i; Schmidt, Thora (piano III— ?r.)-. Walsh, Kathleen iplano V— H.). Convent of Mercy. Booval.— Cassldy, Vln ent (violin II — Cr.i. St. Patrick's Convent, Goodna.—Evans,     Shirley (piano VII— P.) ; Guley, Frances (piano II—P.) ; Guley, J. (violin V—P.) ; Leslie, Ali- son (piano VI— Cr.) ; McGrath, Kathleen piano V— C ; violin V— P.). Convent of Mercy, Rosewood.— Wanka, Pat Icla iplano II — Cr.). Girls' Grammar School. — Carson, Mary .oamslde (piano II — Cr.); Hughes, Joan M. piano II— H.). Miss M. Carney, tutor.— Wilkle, Jacqueline piano IV — Cr.). Miss G. Fittock, tutor.— Foote, Edna M. piano III— Cr.); Wright, ? Frances E. H piano V— Cr.l; Cooke. Marie M. (piano VI— M; Hunter, L. A ipiano VII— P.I. Miss D. Grcenaway, tutor.— Vlckers. Pat Icia (piano VI— Cr.); Thompson, Patricia A. piano VI— Cr.); Woodhead, Grlselda M. piano III— P.). Mrs. E. M. Ilogan, lutor. — Evans, Daphne . ipiano III— H.»: Gee, Ellen (piano VI— I.); Honor, Nella J. (piano VII— P.); Hoggett, fhclma (piano IV— Cr.); Honor, R. G. (piano 'I— H.i: Street, June (piano VI — H.); Thom isson, Rita (piano VI — H.); Lawrance, Betty piano VI — H.l; Lawrence, June ipiano VI — 3r.i; Jensen, Ena (piano VI— Cr.). Mrs. R. E. Lear, tutor.— Beutel. Valma M. piano V — Cr.). IPSWICH Miss T. Marsh, tutor.— Bain. Mary (piano II— Pass): Marsh. John (piano VI— Credit). Mrs. I. E. Ponti. tutor — Bolton, Pat (piano 'I— H-): Cheyne, Gwen (piano VI — H.); D!ck Hargaret (piano V— Cr.): Harvey, Margaret iplano V— H.); Eckert, Lois (piano VI— Cr.); Day, Valma (piano VI— Cr.): Hasllngden, oan (piano VI— Cr.); Napier, Shirley (piano VI— Cr.j; Treagle. Mcrcia (piano V— Cr.). Miss R. E. Robson, tutor ? Blagonravoff, Valerie ipiano IV— Cr.i; Dclbridge, A. vipiano VI— H.); Edbrooke, Isobel (piano IV— H.); lano' V?— y (plan0 VI— Cr.): Wilson, Dorothy Miss E. A. Slcmon, tutor.— Shelton, Mabel V. (piano II — H.), Miss N. White, tutor. — Burgess, Inez J piano III— Cr.); Dohler. Ruth A. (piano II— Cr.); Johnson, A. M. (piano III— P.p Lawrlc, Annie (piano VI— H.). IV— 'cr )M- Wllton' t'tor — Cullen, Nell (piano LAIDLEY St. Joseph's Convent.— Carter. S. (violin V— Cr.); McSweeney, Carmel (piano VII— '.); Reynolds. Noreen iplano VII— P.); Zle Ijarth, Neville (violin VI— H.). ' MALENY Mrs. E. Innes, tutor.— Ansell, Eileen (slng ng IV— cr.); Ansdl, Ian (singing IV— Cr.i- Daley, Brenda iplano IV— Cr.); Grigor, Iris ipiano IV-Cr.); Grigor, Rae Ipiano IV— H.I; McLean. Judith (piano V— Cr.i; Thynnc Mabel (singing IV— Cr.). ' ' NAMBOUR Good Samaritan Convent.— Alsthorpc, Melda (piano III— P.); Armstrong, J. (violin V— Pi- Armstrong R. (piano VII-P.); Bean, En S»20 TTT~SrV v,iolln IV~Cr;i; Best, Irene (piano III—H.); Crawford, Ivy (piano IV P.); Currie. Mary (piano III— H.); Ferrar Veronica (piano VI-H.); Gray, Patricia (slng Jng, IV— H.l; Hawthorne. Venda (piano V^ Cr.); Hegarty, Moira (piano VI— H.):1 Henkey Heather (piano V— P.); Macintyrc, C. (violin V-Cr.); Murphy. El.een (piano V-Cr' Quartermass, Malcolm (violin V— Cr)- Quar »l£?a?Sli nhlr!?¥ (-?lano VI~Cr.): RammT Al thea violin III-Cr.): Short, Peggy (singing V— H.) ; Smith, Coralie (piano VI— Cr i ? Thompson. Douglas (violin VI— P.); Thomp son, Stafford (violin VI-Cr.); Vansleve, Aud '* (Piano VI— Cr.i; Watson. Frank (piano V— Cr.); Yarrow. Rita (piano Ill-Crr gawnnB7pTanoCCIC^P,lRnO VI~P-): YoUnS™n' NAMBOUR (r.Mi?s £v Ln Hosklns, tutor — Abel, Adeline L (Prr '?? 1V-rPt),: Burne'. Ceclela D. (piano IV —Cr.i; Day, Jean B. ip ano VI— H.i; GrlEB Beth (piano VI-H.); Kent, Myrtle A.' (piano }; ~Zi £??: McNab, Heather J. (piano III— Cr.)' ^ A bl i^?nOth¥iTS;» (plano IV~H-- : TalloA: 'piano 'f£?Cr.)n-H-r- Whallcy' Noela D' inMrw £' Inn£5' .tutor — Boland. Esme (slng fer»,XrCtl: iiBuckl71 Joan 'p'1'10 II— Cr.i; Fereday, Lurllne (singing III— Cr.l; Hewitt G-C-s. '»*''£ I'-?-' : Jakal/ Mavis 'piano ivf — Cr.); Pickvancc. Theo (slncine III— H i Schroder. Joyce (singing Ill-P ) ? Schubert A- (slnglnB HI-P.): Short, Marf '(plane .II- ^derWota0nVsSned0l1l'inic;.P,lan0 '^^ VII-P) Gray- 'ltor— Pr'ngle. C. (violin (v?olfn'vV-H-.,llilll'CS' '''--Orhart. Jane Miss J. Ilavcnsliy. tutor.— Donald Nonia E -H.'.° V-Cr); Wll5On' Mavl«R. (piano IV SOUTHPORT jgfig. jp«.n-' 4~cS?^c;*^5ri fvttor: ''HI— H-); Dalton. Valerie J. (piano III— Xiii' ='? Sneehan. Marie (piano VII— Pi- TUly^Fay (piano VI-P.l; Wafers. Una (piano 81. Hilda's School. — '? Burvill Fnnli-o vr -Pl»no m-cr-i; Davles, June M. (pTano IV ^J»,\abe'inVlpin0''tS singing IV-Cr.) ; Maunsell, Diana C. .piano ST. ??„ ..War'ai'i. Enid J. (piano I— H)' «? B,e'y,D- P- -Piano III-P.'' Wilson A1 #ni.Kn' ^aTnoJV-Cr-': wlIson' Katharine ?Pl.JTo'w-P?-*'5 W00d5' Cat««'ne A. (ptanoV-H.'' ''' '''-pa'' *.thle«n B. NORTHERN ATHERTON * Convent of Mercy.— Burke. Kathleen (piano IV— Cr.); Bryne, Carmel (piano VI— Cr i ? Chrlstl, June (piano IV— P.); Cottell Pamela (piano VI-Cr.); Cottell, R (Violin VI-H )' £a.r/*ellyTVPa£rl,cla.,(pl,ano IV-H. i; Long, Joan (piano IV— H.): Mackay. Yvonne (piano VI P.) ; Mackay, Yvctte (violin- VI— Cr.) ; Part

ldge, June (piano VII — P.); Wilson Norcrii piano V— Cr.). Miss E. Nc»l, tutor.— Bishop, Alma (violin V— P.); Blakey, Ruth (piano V— Cr.); C11I ord. Joyce (piano VI— Cr.); Crofion. Emily violin I—P.): Dawson, Beryl (piano IV— P.i- Jawson, Rae (violin VI— Cr.i; Ferguson. Betty piano VII— P.); Fredericks, Norma (violin, 1— P.) ; Glllman, William (violin VI— H i ? ,owrey, Florence (piano II— P.); Marnane! Ilizabeth (piano Vll— P.i; Marnane, Margaret piano VI — Cr.); Maclean, Nola ipiano V— ? -.); Paine, B. (piano VI— Cr.i; Pollard, R. piano VI— P.); Purcell, T. (violin III— P.)- 'urcell, W. (violin III— P.); Purcell, Mary piano VII— P.i; Summers. Honor (piano III —P.); Vance, Gloria. Iplano VI — P.); Vance /almal ipiano VI — Cr.j; McConnell, Estella [piano V— P.i. Miss E. Snflth, tulor.— Doull, Mary (plana /— P.I. AYR Good Samaritan Convent. — Breen. Mary Ipiano IV — Cr.i: Breen, Elizabeth (piano V— 3r.); Breen, Una (violin VI — P.); Buckby Uorma (piano III — Cr.l: Buckby, Patricia (piano VII— P.); Cllve, Teresa (piano IV— P.i; Shandler. Lysle (piano III— Cr.i; Chandler, June (piano VI— Cr.); Donovan, W. (piano VI— P.); Dal Santo, Angclo (piano V — Cr.);Evan;, Peggy (piano III— Cr.): Ferguson, Betty iplano IV— Cr.); Graham, Athalie (violin IV— h.i; Graham, Elaine (piano IV— Cr.l; Goulevitch, Joyce (piano V — H.); Hawkins, Eunice (piano III— Cr.i; Hay, A. tpiano V— P.); James. Betty (piano VII— P.); Kllcullcn, Daphne (piano VII —P.i; Laun, Dulcie (piano II— P.i; Laun, Joan, (violin III— P.): Lc Feuvre, Joan (violin VII —P.i; McDonnell. Marie (piano V— P.); Met, Marguerite (piano V— Cr.i; Mullins, Joyc* (piano IV— H.i: McLellan, Bronwyn (violin VI — Cr.); Petersen, June Iplano IV — Cr.i; Search, Audrey (violin VII— P.i; Skipper. Erna. (Dlano VII — P.); Taplolas, Carmen iplann III —P.); Taplolas. Olga (piano VI— H.i; Wight. Norma (piano III— P.); Wight, Vcrlcy (piano V ? p.); Hodklnson, Daphne Ipiano VI— Cr.i. Mrs. S. Leahy, tutor.— Adcock. W. (plana , VI— P.i; Cook, Beryl (piano VI— Cr.l; McNeil], Laurel (piano VII— P.I. r Miss Ai Spear, tutor.— Owen, Barrie Iviolin ! IV— H.); Sherrlngton. June (violin VI— P.i; Lee, P. (violin VI— H.). BABINDA Convent of Mercy. — Barrett, P. (piano VII, —Pi; Coffey, »F. (piano VII— P.); Gee Kce, Valmal (violin IV— P.); Holland, Hazel iplano V ? P.); Holland, Margaret (plnno VI— p.i; Hume. Dorothy (piano VI— P.); Jack. Valmal (piano VII— P.); Jones, Eileen Ipiano IV— P.); King. Joyce iplano VI — P.); Laurispn, F. (piano VII — P.); Laurlsen, P. (piano IV— P.); Malpass, Joan (violin VI— H.i; Pecver, Allecn (piano VII— P.); Polling, Joy iplano VII ? P.); Snunders, Kevin (piano VII— p.i; Thiele, M. (violin VI— Cr.j; Trembath. Gracs (piano VI — P.): Trembath, Margaret (piano VI —P.); Trembath, L. (piano VII— P.); Taylor, ! Valmal (piano Vlf— P.); Wright, Enid (piano VI— P.). ' Mr. J. G. Hynes, tutor. — Brand. Gloria, (piano V— H.i; Lewis. J. (piano V— Cr.i; Musemecl, Reno (violin VI — H.); Pawsey, Joan (violin VI— Cr.); Reynolds. Sheila (piano IV —P.); Reynolds, Betty (piano VI— Cr.i; Satch will, Joyce (piano I—P.); Satchwlll, D. (piano VII— P.; violin IV— Cr.). Miss E. White, tutor.— McMcllon. Iry M. (piano VII— P.); Pawsey, Eloise E. (piano VI— H.). BOWEN Convent of Mercy. — Baker, Gloria (piano IV— Cr.); Caldwell, Rita iplano VII— P.i; Charripion, Iris (violin IV— P.i: Crouch, Bar bara (piano III — P.); Dallow, Elizabeth ipiano IV — H.); Edwards. Imelda (piano III— Cr.i; GMn.arsIc Vnlma fniann VT ? U I* HI-imi.t..n.J

leryl iplano VI — P.i; f'orsytne, Grace (piano '— Cr.l: Handley, Heather ? (piano IV— H.i; larrlson, Beryl ipiano VI — Cr.): Lawlor, Jes ie (piano IV — P.j; O'Donohue, Dulcie iplano 'I— P.); Pantall, N. (piano IV— P.i; Schuh, :evln (violin VI — P.); Walsh, B. (piano VI— Ir.): Walsh. Ellen (piano VII— P.); Wother. poon, Elizabeth (piano VI — Cr.l. Mrs. B. New, tutor. — Asboe. R. K. (piano '— H.); Erlckson, F. J. (piano III— Cr.i; 3reen, Joan M. (piano V— H.l; Harris, Gwendoline M. (piano III — Cr.): Payn, D. V. violin IV— P.); Payn, K. N. (violin IV— P.i; Jualll, Elma J. (violin II— Cr.); Rees. Gwcn lolyn (piano IV — Cr.); Shardlow, Shirley M. piano, VII — P.); Teitzcl, Ina C. ipiano I— Jr.); Woodfleld, Audrey (piano IV— P.). Mrs. 3. Wilson, tutor.— Struthcrs, Joan piano V— H.). CAIRNS Convent of Mercy. — BonIK.ce. Clare (piano i'I — H.): Boniface, Edna ipiano V— Cr.i; 3oniface, Rita (piano II— P.); Capra, Betty piano IV— P.); Cappocl, Dino (violin VII— '.); Chay. Clare ipiano IV— Cr.); Druery. J. violin VII— P.); Eales, Joan (piano V— Cr.i; lanniffy, Delma (piano V— Cr.l; Koppe, An lrey (rjano VI— Cr.i; Harvey. L. (piano VI— Jr.); IV.ngsbury, Mary (piano III— Cr.i; Lees. Frances iplano V — H.); Levi, Mary (violin V -Cr.): Mallon, Patricia (violin IV— P.i; Mai on. W. (violin III— Cr.l: Manly, Margaret (piano III— P.); Moss, K. ivioiln V— Cr.i; McCarthy, Joan (piano V— Cr.i: O'Conncll. Shirley (violin IV— H.l; Power. Thdla iplano III— P.i; Reynolds, Joyce iviolin III— H.i; leynolds, Beryl (violin IV — Cr.); Sceler. -Ianc.v (piano V— P.i; Signorinl, Lunda ivlo iin V— Cr.): Signorini, Mary (piano II— Pi; 3tuart, Maureen (piano VI— Cr.l; Svend sen, Molra (piano VI— H.I : Tenni. ttazel (piano V— P.); Turner, Beryl (piano VI — Cr.); Twigg, Vilma iplano VII ?.); Undy. Heather (piano V— Cr.l: Vance, 3hlrley (piano IV— Cr.); Whyte, Eileen ivlo in VII— P.); White, Kathleen (piano IV— Cr.i; White, Lois (piano VII— P.); Wyer, Narellc K. (piano VI— H.); Barnacle, Betty (piano VI— Miss M. Burnett, tutor.— Burnett. Olga 0. (singing IV— Cr.); Norgate, Lorraine A. isin? Ins IV— H.); Smith, Hazel (singing IV— P.). Mrs. D. Donnelly, tutor.— Donnelly. Merl« (piano V— P.): Maule, Betty (piano VI— Cr.i; Marsh, Adelaide (piano II— P.): O'Brien. Phyl lis (piano II— Cr.); Smith. Althea (piano VI — H.); Shang, Isobel ( piano V— Cr.); Shaw, Patricia (piano IV— P.I. Miss L. E. Fox, tutor. — Bowers, Emily (piano V—H.); Coutts, Jean (piano V-Cr.f: Maxwell.. Helene (violin IV— P.). Miss V. Parker, tutor.— Adams, Annelti (piano VI— Cr.); Cattana. Franco (violin IV —P.; piano VI— Cr.l; Cowan, Isabell iplano VII— P.): Crossland. Gloria Iplano VII P.); Carmody, Alma (piano VII— P.); Donnelly, V. (violin IV— Pi; Glh son, Audrey (piano I — H.): Henley. Jessls (violin VII— P.): Ladams, Lillian ipiano IV P.; violin VI— Cr.); Leslie, Jifnc (piano VII— P.); Mallon. J. (violin II— P.); Punchard. \v. (violin V— Cr.); Rolfe. May iviolin IV— Cr.l Stewart. Joyce (violin III — Cr.); Tolchcr. Joan (piano VII— P.); Wlllmett, Joan (violin V— H.; piano I— H.i; Worth, Hazel (piano VII-P.); Young, Bettv (piano V — Cr.). Miss V. II. Plate, tutor ? Buckley. Violet (piano V — P.); Christcnsen, Edna (piano IV— P.i: Fletcher, Ethel (piano IV— P.i; Kelly, Allren (piano V— Cr.). Mr. J. H. Smith, tutor ? Wright, Mnvll (violin V— P.). Mr. J. A. Stevens, tutor.— Fcnwick. H. C. (piano I— Cr.): Koch. Joyce E. Ipiano III Cr.i; McLaughlln, H. O'M. ipiano I— Cr.i; McMahon. Laurel Gladys (piano III— P.); Munroe. Dulcle B. (piano I— Cr.); Munroe. Ina J. iplano V — Cr.); Stevens. J. A. ipiano II— H.); Hartvlgsen. Ethel Y. (piano VI— H.i. Miss E. While, tutor.— Cookc. Shirley A. (piano VII— P.); Humphrey. Joan A. Iplano VII— P.); Horseman, N. P. (piano VII— P.I: Newman. Eunice A. (piano VI— Cr.i: O'Brien, Violet M. (piano V— P.); O'Brien. Constance A. (piano V— Cr.): Renton. Joan E .(piano VI —H.I: Rolls. Emily M. (piano VI— Cr.l: Rice, Elsie B. (plnno IV— Cr.); Rice, Florence D. (piano VI— Cr.): Velvers. Ivy I. (piano VI— Cr.); Wright, Audrey E. (piano VII— P.i: Wnestaff. Alma (piano VII— P.). Mist L. Ward, tutor.— Gonkes. Bettie (piano VI— H.). Mr. A. A. Younrer, tutor.— Zammlt, P. (Vio'in V—H.). Miss M. Zammlt, tutor.— Zammlt. Francy (Dinno V—H.); Zammlt, Teresa (piano VI— H.) . Private Study. — Trucano, Lidia (piano III— CHARTERS TOWERS Blaekheath Colleee.— Crossman, Beatrlcs (piano II— H.l; Dawe. Joan (piano III— Cr.l: Fowler. Nancy (piano III— H.); Jones. J. (piano III— Cr.); Martin. Betty (violin III P.); Mott. Betty (stneing V— Cr.l; Parker. Heather (piano VII— P.); Siemon, Meryl (piano VII — P.); Taylor. Elvira (piano II— H.l; Thompson. Beryl (piano IV— CM: Wuolle. Elise (piano II— Cr.); Edgerton, Gwen. ncth (piano II — Cr.). St. Gabriel's School ? Chapman, Dulcie M. (plnno IV— Cr.): Gunther. June n. (piano VI — H.); Hill. Willis I. (nlano V— P.); Jnckson, Allsa J. (piano VI— H.); Lumley. Ruby P. (nlano IV— P.); Schulz, Dorothy J. (piano III— H.l ; Tier, Gwenda A. (piano IV— P.K (Miss P Underwood, tutor): Allan. Joan M. (piano IV— p.); Barton. Pamela H. (nlano V — Cr.); Clarke, Laurel E. W. (piano III— P.U Corfe. Doreen A. (nlnnn VII— P.I : Handler. Nnrma C. (nlano IV— P.): Jones. Zcta H. (piano III — Cr.); MacPhcrson. Isabel H. (Piano IU— p.i; Maxwell. Buty A. (piano IV— Cr.l: Qulnlem, Lynette P. (plnno IV H.): Shaw. Jean (violin I— H.): Slockdal», Stella E. (nlnno III— P.): Trlttea. Jovce A. 'olano II— H.); Welsh. Mavis A. (piano V H.1 . St. Marv's Collere.— Bailey. Shirley (pl»n» VI— Cr I : Baker. Marie (piano VI— Cr.l : Bar rett. Effie (plnno VI— H.): Brennan. PatrW* (piano VII— P.) ;' Burke. Violet (piano V P., slnelng V— P.I; Brown, Avon (plnno VII P.): Bunn. Noela (nlano V— P.); Byrne, Theresa (piano ? IV— P.); Byrne. Maureen (violin TV— Cr.l: Collins. Eileen (piano VII P.): Dobbins, Mova (piano V— P.; sinslne V —P.): Euan. Kathleen (piano VI— Cr.): Prlel. Mav (plnno III— P.); Gorvey. Mona (violin V — P): Glhbs. Marv W. (piano II— Cr.-: Gowans. Doris (violin TV— Cr.): Gregory. H. (violin VIT— P.l; Griffith. Patricia ' (piano VI — Cr.); Hackfttt. Nnrmn (piano V— Cr.); Hoajan, E. (violin VII— P.I; Isaacsen. Anne (piano VI— p.); James, w. (violin V-P.H J»nkln. Marie (pinno VI— Cr.l: Johnston. Valerie (Diano TV— Cr.); Johnson. P-w*f (piano VII— p.|; Koznnhuk. Hilda (violin VII — P.); Kearney. Dolrrtrl (violin II— H.l: Lr«. Kathleen (plnno V— P.): Mangan. PatriH« (plnno VII— p i; Mafdmcnt. Gloria (plnno in —H.I: Mitchell. Jnnn (piano II— P.): McCoy. Mariorle (piano Tl — cr.): Powers. Coli'en (violin V— Cr.): Powers. Shelln (piano IV H): Powers. CarmPl C. (violin TI— H.i: Rooker. Joan (piano III— P.): Rooker. Doro'hy 'Dlann VT— Cr.l: Ross. Maur*»n (Mnglni! III P.): Ryan. Euln (nlano Til— H.I: Schultr. Pcarlle (Dlano IV— Cr.l: Shannon. Colleen 'Dlano VI— P.); Sullivnn. June Inlano VII P.): Bweenev. Joan (piano IV— P.l: Tunnr, Maureen (plnno V— P.): wheelhouse. Alfred* (piano III— cr.: Pllcher. Ellen (piano VII P.): McLean. Norma (niano V— Cr.). Miss N. Dlrkln.nn. tutor.— Palmer, Joyce If. M. (piano VII— P.); Taylor, Earl J. (pl»nJ VI— cr.). (Continued on next page)


(Continued from page 18.) Miss T. M. Matthews, tutor.— Adair, Con Ftancc (piano III— Cr.); Adair, Pearl (piano TiIsi'm. Poole. tutor. — Baxter. Betty (piano VI— H.i ; Daren, Volma (piano III— Cr.); Hartnctt, Gordon (piano V— H.); Inglls, Joan ipiano VII— P.); Powell, Norma (piano VI — cr p; R6binson, Joy (piano V — P.). Miss A. Sullivan, tutor.— Bourke, Bridget ipiano VI— Cr.); Brooker, R. (piano V— H.); ConBdon. Joyce (piano IV — P.) ; Garvey, Eileen iniano IV— P.); Garvey, Mona (piano III— pi- Mahon, Margaret (piano VII— P.); Malone. Patricia (piano III— Cr.); Wright, Patricia '''''-'?'?aOKCUUT St Joseph'5 Convent. — Anderson, Audxy (piano IV— P.) ; Anderson, Ethel .(piano IV — Cr i ? Anderson. Ruby (violin VI— H.) ; Balllie, suiv'ia ipiano VII— P.); Chaplain, Rosemary miano VII— P.); Davcrn, K. (viollrt VII— P.); de Warren, Mary (piano VII— P.); Douglas. G (piano VI— H.): Evans, Hannah ipinno VI— Cr.i; Grady, Joyce (piano VI— H.); Hard Ine Patricia Ipiano V— P.); Jenkins, D. ipinno VI— H.) ; Llsson, Jocclyn (piano VI— Cr); MacCallum, lErica (piano VI — H.); MnrCallum. Estelle (piano V— P.); Moore, June ipiano VII— P.); McMillan. Mary (piano VII-P.): Rose, Bridle (piano III— H.I ; Smith. Norma (piano VI— HO; Stewart. Mary Ipiano IV-P.; Wing V— H.); Trenficld. Shirley ipiano V— Cr.); Ball, C. (violin VI— H.). COI.I.INSVH.I.E St. John's Convent,— Bulloch, Jean (piano VI— Cr.); Conway, Maureen (piano VII — P.); Henderson. N. (piano VI— Cr.); Herbert, Shir ley (piano VI— Cr.); Herbert, Thyrn (violin V— Cr.); Jones. Irene (piano V— Cr.); Laver combe, W. (violin VII— P.) ; Martin. Pay (piano VI— Cr.); McCann. Eileen ipiano VII— pV McGaw. Joan (piano V— P.); McHugh. Catherine (piano V— Cr.); Nattrass, June^V. iniano IV— Cr.); Searle, J. (piano VI— P.); Sweencv. Kathleen (piano VII— P.); Watson. Vera (piano VI— Cr.) ;' .Walters, Joyce (piano IV— P.). CO0KT0WN St Mary's Convent.— Eldrldge, L. (violin VI _H-; Kenny, Gabriel (piano VI— H.); Martin. S (piano VI— Cr.); Meade. Doris (violin IV — Cr)' Meade, Patricia (piano IV— Cr.) : Pater ? ion ' Joy (piano VI— H.) ; Stewart, Murlene (piano VI— H.). H EDMONTON' St Theresc's Convent.— Cantonl, Edith (piano VI— H.I; Devltt, P. (piano IV— H.l: Fallon. Pamela (plnno IV— Cr.); Murray, T. (Diano VI— H.): Nucllora, Mary (piano V— Cr)- Roberts, Erna (piano IV— P.) ; Shanks, Martha (piano III-P.) ; Spencer, R (piano VI-Cr.); Williams. Adena (piano VI— Cr.) GORDON'VAI.E Convent of Mercy.— Ebrlngton, Shirley (niano VI— H.I : James, Ann (piano VI— Cr.); Morabito, Gcninc ipinno VI— Cr.); O'Connor, Patricia (piano VII— P.); Skinner, J. (piano VI— Cr.). HERBERTON Convent of Mercy. — Anderson, Marlon ipiano VI-Cr.); Boccalattl, Tottle (piano VI— H.); Bombardicrl, Olga (piano V— H.I; Bvrne. Mary (piano III— Cr.); Elford, Dorothy (piano IIW-H.): English, Lurline ipiano VII— P.); Farrcll, Marjory (piano III ' _pr Farrell. Maureen (piano VI — Cr.); Gnne. Irene (singing II— Cr.); Ganora, Lily ipiano I— H.); Ganora, Eva (violin III— H.): Gucrzonl, Eva ipiano III — H.); Hanrahan, Joy ipiano VI— H;j; Holdcroft, Daphne (piano VII— P.); Hymus, Melda (plnno III — H.); Juides, Jacqulline (piano VI— Cr.); Martin. Lorna Ipiano IV— H.I ; Mathews, Olive (piano II— P.i; Mawn, Patricia (piano V—H.); McNamara, Thelma (singing IV— Cr.i; McQuald. D. (piano VI— Cr.); Molloy, Ver onica (violin IV— Cr.); Omodel, Blanca (plnno VI— Cr.i; Paslnettl, Rene (piano VI — H.i; Paslnetti. Eileen (piano VI— H.); Polettl. Stella (piano VI— Cr.); Remilton, Colleen (piano VII— P.); Scubla, Mary (piano V— H.i; Tunnle. Joan (piano III— H.): Wallwork, Theresa (piano I— H.; violin III— H.); Zavattaro. Dinna (plnno IV— Cr.i. St. Mary's C. of E. Girls' School.— Baker, Margaret I (piano II— P.I ; Glelis, Olive E. iviolin VI — Cr.); Gummow, Nancy R. Ipiano III— P.); Gummow, Shirley (piano VI — Cr.); Hollingsworth, Joan M. (piano VII— P.); Maltby, June A. i piano II — Cr. ); McConnell, Marcelle M. (violin III— P.); Nash, Lilllas G. ipiano III — P.); Nash. Rosalind M. (piano IV— Cr.); Ross, Jessamine T. (piano I — Cr.): violin I— Cr.i; Sinclair. Bonnie J. (piano VII— P.); Waller, Dorothy E. (piano II— P.). HOME HILL Miss E. I.. Lane, tutor.— Carpenter, L. (piano VII— P.); Dunn, Beryl (piano IV — Cr.); Goldlng, Barbara Ipiano IV — Cr.); Ingham, Joyce (piano VII— P.); McAllister, Barbara (piano VI — H.); Power, V. (plnnn n— Cr.): Shaw, K. J. (piano V—H.); Shaw. R. N. (piano V — Cr.): Woods, Dorccn (piano III— Cr.). Miss A. Usher, tutor.— Antonaldes, Jean (violin VI— H.); Baxtor. G. (violin VI— Cr.i; Donald, E. (violin VI— H.); Logethis, N. (violin VI— H.); Evans. Violet (violin V—H.); Olsen, L. (violin V— P.); O'Sulllvan, E. (Violin III— Cr.); Sopor, A. (violin VI— H.). 1IUGIIENDEN Good Samaritan Convent.— Anderson, Alma (piano VI— Cr.i; Anderson, Gay (piano VI — H.i; Corncy, Myrna (piano VII— P.); Dean, Valma (piano II— Cr.) ; Hanscn, Phyllis (vio lin VI— Cr.); Hunter, Ina (piano V— Cr.); Moore, Margaret (piano VII— P.); Napier, Marcel (piano IV— Cr.); Napier, Shirley (piano V—H.). IN'GIIAM I.ourdes Convent. — Bonncy, June (piano VI —Cr.i; Bird. Eva (piano VII— P.); Duffy, J. (piano VII— P.); Evans, Daphne (violin VI— H.); Gard, Betty (piano IV— Cr.); Gar dner, Beth (piano IV— P.); Garncronc, Paola ivlolln VII— P.); Hall, Beryl (piano IV — Cr.); Lee, Isabel (violin V.— P.) ; McDougall, Ina S. (piano VI— Cr.); Price, Beatrice E. ipiano VI— Cr.i; Ross, Margaret (piano IV— P.); Scott. Ruth H. (piano IV — P.) . Miss L. Dcnnlss, tutor,— Derrick, Beryl (piano III- -P.). 1NNISFAIL Oood Samaritan Convent.— Ah Shay, L. (violin IV— P.i; Ah, Shay, Loralne (piano V — H., violin VI— Cr.); Brlmm, Letltla (singing II -Cr.); Campbell, Elizabeth (piano V— P.I; Charchalls, Theresa (piano IV— Cr.); Coghlan Joyce (piano V— P.); Connolly, Mary (sing ing V— Cr.i; Covacevlch, Olga (singing III— Cr.i: Craig, Ailsa (piano IV — P.I; Dodds, D. iviolin V— P.); Durso. Salvatore (violin V — P.i; Ferrara. Nita (piano V — Cr.); Ferrara. S. iviolin VI— Cr.); Graham, Joan (piano V— H.i; Hitchcock, Enid (piano VI— Cr.i ; Josephs, Joan (singing V — Cr.); Kelley, Rose Mary (piano V— P.i; Mackay, Beatrice (piano VI —Cr.i; Maglll, Carmcl (piano VII— P.); McPhcrson, Jean (singing IV— Cr.); Moran, Anne (piano VI— Cr.); Paclnl, Theresa (piano VI— Cr.i: Plebanl. Lora (piano V— Cr.); Quong Chonif, Wllma 'violin V— P.); Sue Yek, H. Ivlolln V— Cr.): Sue Yek. Ida (piano II —P.i; Sue Yek, Marlon (piano II — Cr.); Tlerney. Mary (plnno V — P.) ; Trower, Mnr Baret (piano VI— Cr.); White. V. (piano III —P.I; Beutel, Patricia (piano VI— Cr.); Saracenl. Mary (piano VII— P.); Knezevlch, L. (piano VI— P.). Miss C. M. Freeland, tutor. — Andernnch, Lelda (piano V— H.); Andernach, Elli (piano VI— Cr.); Beutel, Nona Ipinno VI — Cr.); Ilms, Jean (piano VI— Cr.); Fraser, Nita (plnno VI —P.); Fraser, S. (piano (IV — P.); Henderson, Hazel M. (piano V— Cr.) : Klnbacher, Shir ley ipiano IV— Cr.); Kotaas, Mary Ipiano V —P.): MacUsblc. Janet (piano VI— Cr.); Proudfoot. Edith (singing II— H.I; Qulnn, June (piano V— Cr.l; Relchnrdt. N. (piano VII —P.I; Reichardt. A. (piano VI— H.); Wilson, Grace (plnno VI— H.). Mr. J. G. H.vncs, tutor. — McPherson. Joan (piano III— P.); Parks, Grace (piano VI— Cr.). Miss I). II. Kearney, tutor. — Barry, B. B (piano VI— Cr.): Barry. G. J. (piano VI— P. 1; Barry. K. D. (piano VII— P.); Tlerney, Monica T. (piano VII— P.). Mrs. M. M. McNamer, tutor,— McMullen, Dorothea F. (piano I— P.). Miss V. Scott, tutor.— Archos. Joyce H (piano IV— P.); Boulter. Josephine P. (planr IV-H.): Catchpoole, Elizabeth A. (piano IV — H.); Duffln. Betty M. ipiano VI— H.i: How Kce. Gwendolyn M. (piano III— Cr.l; Mayes M. G. (piano VI— P.): -Hayes. E. A. (vlollr VI— P.): Johnston. W. A. (piano VI— H.I Luitjens. A. (piano VI— P.); McLennan, Roya iDlano VII— P.I: Marshall. Merle B. (plane IV— P.); Mo.isom. Noela M. (piano VI— H.l. MARKEBA Convent of Mercy.— Ambrose, Moya (plani IV— Cr.); Bailey, Carmel (violin III— H.) Bailey, Patricia (piano V— Cr.); Connolly Mary (piano VII— P.); Davics, Vera (plani : VII— P.); Jebreen. Mary (piano III— Cr.l Kelly. Berenice (piano VI— Cr.); Newell, Belli (piano VI— Cr.l; Reardon, D. (violin VII— P.) ; Miss E. Flrlh, tutor.— Borgas, Beryl (plani V— p.): Firth. Josephine (plnno IV— Cr.i Kershaw, Hazel (piano VII— P.); Kenncally Hermla (piano IV— P.); Lees. C. (piano VI : —P.); Llllywhlte, Shirley (piano VI— Cr.) ; Mills, K. (piano V — P.); Mills. Verna (plani VII— p.); MacGregor, Dawn (piano VII— P.) ; Waddell, Ella (piano .VI— Cr.). : MOSSMAN ' Convent of Mercy.— Bailey, Dulcle.J. (plani III— P.); Christiansen, J. (violin VI— P.) '. Drovandi, D. (violin VII — P.); England, Riti ; (piano VII— P.i; Gallogly, Gladys (piano I1 i — H.i; Henderson, Frances M. (piano IV i Cr.); Kenny, J. N. (violin VI— H.); Martin :; Noreen (violin VII— P.); McAuliffe, Kathleei ( ipiano VI— P.); Methvin, Doreen (piano VII ; P.); Morrlsh, Rita (piano VII— P.); Osborcu Linda (piano III— Cr.); Pelizzarl, Uland ipiano VI— Cr.); Raldlnl, Mario (piano VI Cr.l; Stapleton. Venetla (piano V— Cr.); Two ; mey, Mary (piano VII— P.); Verrl, Louis (vio i lin v— Cr.). ! MOUNT ISA v SI. Joseph's Convent.— Beard. Lola (plan ? yi-P.): Beck, Ada (violin -VI— Cr.); CooJ Helen (piano VII— P.); Cottls, Eileen (plau :. VI— cr.); Kraser, Ishbel ipiano VII— P.I Holm. J. ipiano VII— P.I; Kennedy. R. (vio !'n VI— H.): Leahy, Jessie (piano IV— H.I McDonald. Kathleen (piano VII— P.): McRai Lois ipiano VII— p.); O'Sulllvan. Joan (plan VI-Cr.); Pattel, Elizabeth (piano V—H.] K«d, Thelma (piano VI — P.); Rodger. Jca (pleno IV— Cr.): Schmclla, Loma (piano \ —H.i; Schmella, Valeria (piano VII— P.I Stevenson, Mary (piano VII— P.); Tuttoi Lillian (violin VI— Cr.); Walton, H. (violl rnOSERPINE Convent of Mercy.— Faust. P. (violin VI —P-l: Faust. T. (violin VI— H.); Funnel Mary (piano IV— Cr.): Hampton, Lcnna iplar yl— Cr.); Ironside, Dorothy (piano' IV— H.I Ironside, J. (violin VII— P.); O'Oonnell. Katr Icon ip'ano III— Cr.); Rogan. K. (piano \ -H.J; Rogers, Marie (piano VII— P.). -

St. Paul's Music School: Miss M. Warren, utor.— Chandler, Betty (piano IV— P.); Fox lee, O. H. (piano V— P.); Gibson, B. M. (piano V— Cr.; violin VI— Cr.); Glew, Marie D'E. (piano V—H., violin IV— H.); Heathwood, Heather (piano VI— H.); James, Norma (vio lin V— Cr.) ; Ruge, Maureen (piano VI— P.); rhlelc, Joyce (piano IV— H.); Whalley. Joan (piano VI— Cr.). Miss D. McConnack, tutor ? Hinschen, Daphne (piano VI-S-P.); Kelso, Esme (piano V —P.); McCormack, Patricia (piano (IV— P.); McDougall, Audrey (piano III— P.); Nlelson. June (piano VII— P.); Pcrske, Delys (piano IV ?.); Walsh, Joan (piano IV— P.). RICHMOND St. Joseph1! Convent.— Berryman, Cecily (piano. VI-^H.); Clark, Lorraine (piano V— H.); Roberts, June (piano V—H.); Stewart, J. (piano III— Cr.). SOUTH JOIINSTONE Good Samaritan Convent.— Beevers, Joan (piano V— p.); Uarvcmza, Rajka (piano VI— Cr.); McHugh, Kathleen (piano VII— P.); Perry, Kyriaco (violin V— Cr.); Townsend Corai (piano VII— P.). Miss K. Turnbull, tutor.— Bennett, Winifred plnno IV— p.); crec, Elaine (piano VI— Cr.); Evcrcd, Chrlsstlna (piano IV— Cr.); Perry, Joan ipiano IV— P.). TOWNSVII.I.E St. Anne's School.— Corkln, Doris M. (piano 'I— P.); Coull, Jean 1. (piano VII— P.); Gan non, Alma M. (piano III— P.) ; Gannon, Ivy M. (singing II— P.); Handley, Gertrude (piano I —P.); Keane, Mildred G. (piano I— Cr.); Lambton, Roberta M. (piano VII— P.); Lamb ton, Josephine I. (piano IV— Cr.); Lewis, Marie 3. (plnno III— P.); Mawby, Evelyn J. (piano III— P.); McCall, Elizabeth J. (piano V— P.); Moran, Lotus V. ipiano III— P.); Mulllns, Grace S. iplano VII— P.); Stayte, Lilian R. (piano II— P.); Whalan, Dulcie E. (piano VI— Cr.); Wilson, Margaret A. (piano IV— P.I. St. Columba'i Convent, Belgian Gardens.— Rendnll, Doris ipiano V— H.I: Valentine, Mar saret M. (piano V— Cr.); School Choir (class singing IV— Cr.i. St. Frauds' Convent, Hallway Estate ? Bull. K. ipiano V — Cr.i; Binges, Margaret Ipiano IV— H.i; Houghton, Shirley ipiano V— P.): Sykes, Alleeu (piano IV — H.i; Slaunlon, Jewel (piano VI— cr.i: Tatty, Mary (piano VI— P.I. St. Joseph's Convent, Muudingburrii. — clews, Mary (piano III—P.); Coyne, Elva (piano II —P.i; Uwycr, Mary (piano VI— Cr.); Dwyer, Thelma ipiano V — Cr.i: Egcrton, Teresa M. (piano VI— H.); Farrelly, K. (piano VI— Cr.); Freeman, Beryl (violin V — II. i; Haseler, Vir ginia M. (piano VII— P.); Morris, Hazel J. (plnno VI— H.i; Morris, Iris M. (piano II— Cr.; violin VI — Cr.i; Mclnnes. Bernice ipiano II — Cr.); Nelson, Mary (piano V — P.); Pares, June (piano VI— Cr.); Reynolds, Allsa (piano II— H.l; Shadforth, LorrRine (plnno VI— H.); Shcrriff, Gloria M. (violin III— P.); Sul livan, Betty (piano VI — Cr.): Sturgeon, Ailsa ipiano IV— H.); Tunny, Marie A. (piano IV— P.). St. Mary's Convent, West Townsvllle.— Austin, Enid Ipiano V — H.); Boukascff, Eu genia (piano VI— Cr.); Brereton, Mary ipiano VI — Cr.); Flynn, Noreen Ipiano VII— P.); Gal lagher, V. (piano VII — P.): Geancy. Joan (piano V—H.); Godwin, Margaret ipiano VII —P.); Hall, Eunice (piano VI— Cr.i; James, Mary (plnno VII— P.); McCnnn. Mny (piano VI — H.); Treacy, Norma (piano VI — Cr.i; School Choir (class singing IV— H.l; Watts. Evelyn (violin V— Cr.); Watts, Edna (piano V— Cr.l. St. Patrick's College. — Baxter, Ethel (piano V — H.l; Carr, Eunice W. ipiano I — P.i; Cnrr, Audrey M. (piano IV— H.I: Carroll, Margaret A. (piano III — Cr.): Castellaro, Ines M. ipiano IV— Cr.); Comba, Evelyn M. (piano II— H.i; Cutler, Mary D. ipinno III — H.); Daly, Lenore ipiano VII— P.i; Delaney. Elsn M. (violin VII — P.i; Flood. Mary N. (piano V— H.); Hanson, Dorothen ipiano II — P.I; Harrington, Mary L. ipiano III — Cr.); Harrison, Maureen ipinno VI— Cr.); Haznrd. Olga E. (piano V— P.); Hub bard, Mona T. (piano III— Cr.); Jeffrey, Val mall (violin V — P.i; Johnson, Evelyn ipiano III— Cr.i; Nevlns, Alfred K. ivlolln VII— P.); Nicol, W. (violin VII— P.); Nicol, Doreen F. ipiano VII— P.i; O'Brien, Vera i plnno III— H.i; O'Sulllvan, Carmel E. iviolin VI— Cr.l: O'Sullivan, Marie K. ipinno I— Cr.i; Qulnlan, Margaret (piano V— Cr.); Ryan. Irene (piano I— P.i; Ryan. Cecilia C. (piano III— H.i; Soltzman. Gwcn M. (piano V— P.); Schmid, Peggy Ipiano III— H.I ; Scott, Marjorle (piano IV— Cr.i; Ufer. Dnphne O. (violin III— P.); Smith. Clare (pinno IV— P.). Convent of Mercy, South Townsvllle.— Chrlstoffersen Daphne (plnno VI — Cr.); Des mond, F. (piano VII— P.I; Hosting, Fay ivio lin V — Cr.l; Scown. Daphne (piano IV— Cr.l; Vcrnon, Llla (piano IV— Cr.); School Choir (class singing IV— H.). Good Samaritan Convent, Hyde r»rk. — Brcnnnn, P. ivlolln VI— Cr.l; Blumoke, Cnr men ipiano V — P.i; Brohnli. A. ipiano VII — P.); Carley, Kathleen ivlolln IV— Cr.); Crow ther, Mary (piano VI— Cr.l: Collins, Deslcy. ipiano VI— Cr.l.; Christiansen, Bcrnlce (piano VII— P.); Feeney. Shirley (piano V— P.i; Griffen, Maureen (piano VI— P.); Harding, Patricia (violin VI— H.l; Hayes, Patricia (piano, VI— Cr.): Rains, Margaret (violin V— Cr.l: Sharkey, Carmel (piano V— P.); Stoyles, Stella (piano VI— P.); Vesperman, Kathleen (piano VI— H.). North Queensland College of Music (Mr. A. McCrlstal, tutor).— Brown, Averll (piano V— H.i; Brazier, Nancy D. (piano III— H.i; Blacklock. Violet I. A. (plnno IV— P.); Illlch, Valerie F. (plnno ? II— H.I; Keys. Nita M. (piano V— P.); Leach, Alice M. (piano III— Cr.i; Ncwcombe, E. P. (singing III— P.i: O'Neill, G. A. (piano VI— Cr.l; Roberts, L. (violin VI— Cr.); Roberts, H. (piano I — Cr.); Sundstrup, Norma ivlolln V — H.l; Sundstrup. Hclga (piano II— P.); Wells, D. L. (piano V— Cr.l. Townsvllle Conservatorlura (Mr. K. Ken nedy, tutor). — Madden, Audrey (violin VII— P.I; Gray, V. (piano IV— P.i; Coatcs, Fay (piano VI— Cr.l; Jeffery. Dallas (violin IV— P.); Hutcheson, Jean (violin VII— P.I. Miss B. Anderson, tutor. — Chapman, Evelyn J. (piano VI— P.I; Chapman, May J. Ipiano VI— P.); Cooney, J. (piano VI— P.); Foran, Patricia A. (piano VI— P.); Menzlcs. Alison E. (piano II— P.i: Robertson. Jean (piano IV— P.); Wright. Betty D. (piano VI— P.). Mrs. M. A. Black, tutor.— Brookes. Diana (plnno VI— H.l; Chapman, Daphne (piano II —P.i; Jeffery, Alexa (piano VI— H.I; McNaught. Jean ipiano VI— H.i; Parker, Peggio (piano VI— P.); Rankin, Joyce (piano II— P.) . Mr. V. G. Foley, tutor. — McGovern. W (piano V— H.l: Niven. T. (piano V—H.); Reid, June E. (piano IV— H.). Mr. W. n. Hiinton, tutor.— Gnrtrcll. Jean M. (piano IV— H.); O'Donncll, W ipiano IV —H.i; Madden. Gwenda (piano III — Cr.i. Miss I). Incham, tutor.— Lyons, Enid M (piano VI— Cr.); Robertson. Patricia L. (plant VII— P.): Robertson, Daphne J. (piano IV— P.i; Tuttv. Eunice M. (piano V— Cr.). Miss C. Parsons, tutor,— Barclay, Ivy (plane VI— Cr.); Barton. Lois (piano IV— P.); Field R. (piano IV— H.l; Hughes, Valmal (plane IV— Cr.i: Johnston, Shirley (piano VI— P.); White, Eileen (piano V— P.). TULLY St. Clare's School. — Abdullah, Clare (vlollr VII— P.); Calium. Margaret (piano V — H.l; Casey. Reglna (piano VI— P.) ; Heldke, Estelle piano VI— P.): Hunter. Norma (piano VI— Cr.l; O'Kane, Josephine (piano VII— P.); Sin clair. Jean (singing III— Cr.); Swaysland Joan (piano IV— Cr.i; Unwin, Judith (plane Mr A Abraham, tutor. — Brosnan. Lilian D D (plnno VII— P.I: Clark, Alison I. (plane VII— P.); Ross. Mavis E. (piano VI— H.); Rle. necker, Elaine A. (piano VI— Cr.); Thleme Margaret I. (piano III— Cr.l. Miss B. Watklnson, tutor.— Byrne, Margarel (pinno VII— P.i: Erlksen. K. (violin VII— P.I; Hawke. C. (piano VI— P.i. WINTON Convent of Mercy. — Green. Norma (plane III— Cr): Gillies, Ceceli (piano V—H. I: Hut cheson, Margaret ivlolln V— H.|; Hando, Mar garet (piano V — Cr.): Lowth, Betty (plane II— P.); Lcnton, Betty (violin V— P.) McGregor, Jean (piano VI— H.l; Shanahan tfary (piano TV— H.l: Shanahan, Morns (piano VI— H.i; TIghe, L. (piano VI— H.) Thomson. C. (piano VI— H.); Currier, Belt; (piano VI— Cr.). CENTRAL ALPHA SI. Joseph's Convent.— Brlttain, Ellzabetl (piano VI— H.K Kenedy, Norma (piano VI H.i; Klnnane.- Audrey (piano VI— H.I; O'Sul livan, Marlon (piano V— Cr.); Vallls, Dawi (piano VI-Cr.,.BARcALDiNE Convent of Mercy. — Arthur, James (plani VI— H.); Burke, Desla (piano V — Cr.i; Devery Joan (piano VI— H.); Devery, Neville (piam VI— H.l; Johnson. Evelyn (piano VI — H.) Murray Patricia (piano VI— Cr.); McHugh Mury (piano III— Cr.); Ryan, Maureen (plam IV— Cr.i; Weston. Joyce (piano VI— H.). BILOELA Convent of Mercy.— Dlckson, Edna (violin 1 —P.); Evans, Patricia (piano VI— P.); Fitz gerald, R. (piano III— Cr.); Kennedy, A (piano VII— P.): Morrison. Maureen (plan VII— P.); Rye, Betty (piano VI— Cr.); Ryf Dorothy (piano VI— P.). CLERMONT St. Joseph's Convent.— Evans, Shirley (plan IV— H.j; Faros. Alex (violin IV— Cr.): Forrj Clcopha (piano VII— P.i: Harry, Beryl (plan III— H.); McCormack. Mary C. (piano VII P.); Mulrhend, Couey E. ipiano III— H.) Mitirhead, Jewell (violin VII— P.I; Sinnotl Jill (piano VI— Cr.); Webb, Constance (plan VII~ ?''' EMERALD Presentation Convent. — Alexander, Joa: (piano V— Cr.l; Doyle. K. (piano IV— Cr.) Campbell. Rita (piano IV— H.); CominorXett (piano VII— P.); Donaldson, Kathleen (plan V— H.i; O'Neill. Alma (piano IV— Cr.i; Philip son Clarice (piano IV— P.); Whyte, Joyc (p.ano VII-P... GLADST0NE Convent of Mercy. — Clapman, Barbar (piano VI— H.); Jackson. Barbara (piano VJ —P.); McCray, Shirley (piano VI— Cr.l. Mri. G. E. Wilson, tutor. — Farnswortr Daphne (piano V-H.l; Gardner. Es tell (piano V— Cr.); Greasley, Valma (piano II —P.I. I.ONGREACII Presentation Convent.— Avery, Ailsa (plan V—H.)- Bowman, Ursula (piano IV— P.) Creede, Molra (piano IV— Cr.; violin I^Cr.) CusMk, Joan (piano V— P.); Coade, Joyc (piano VI— H.); Comino. Thco (piano VI H.): Doyle, Agnes (piano V— Cr.»; Deasj Kathleen (piano VI-H-): Eyre. Hazel (plan I— P.); EUls, Gloria (piano VI— Cr.); Gib bards, W. (piano VI-Cr.); Galieh, Mar (piano m— P.): Hoffman. Marilyn (plan VII— P.); Johnston, Ursula (piano V—H.)

liowe, Freda (piano VI— H.); McGovern, J. ipiano VI— H.); McGovern, Patrick (piano H— H.); O'Rourke, Sheila (piano IV— H.); )ulrk, Alleen (piano V — Cr.) ; Rose, June ipiano VII— P.); Tanks. Jule (piano VI— H.J; ranks, Clare (piano IV— H.); Tabke, Joyce Ipiano VII— P.); Williams, Betty (piano IV— 3r.). Miss II. McCulloch, tutor.— Ayling, Daphne S. (piano IV— Cr.i: Swan, Marion R. (piano /I — Cr.);, Zorzl, Elaine J. (piano V — Cr.). Mrs. A, M. McPheat, tutor. — McPheat, Helen tf. ipiano III— P.); McPheat, W. S. (piano IV— P.) . MACKAY Convent of Mercy. — Baker, Dorothy (piano :V — P.); Bayer, Joyce (piano VI— Cr.); Bourke, vlarle (piano V— Cr.); Carena, Nella (piano /—P.); Carena. Nello (violin VII— P.); Copp, I. (violin IV— Cr.i: Dew, Marcia (piano VII -P.); Farrelly, Winifred (piano I— P.); Gee ion, Yvonne Ipiano VII— P.); Gibbs. Rita ipiano VI— P.); Hill, Vivien ipjano III— P.); riogan, Claire (piano IV— P.); Hogan, Patricia ipiano IV— P.); Hopkins, Margaret (piano /II— P.I; Hughes, Audrey (piano I— H.); Hur ey, Mabel (piano VI— Cr.i; Howland, Una ipiano VII— P.i; Latchford, Phyllis (piano VI— P.); Landells, Doreen (piano VI— P.); McLean, Eileen ipiano IV — P.i; Mclntyre, loan (piano IV— P.i; Obst, Marie (piano VI -Cr.); Petersen, M. ipiano VII— P.); Power, Mary (piano V— Cr.): Roachc, Maureen (piano VI— Cr.i; Rutland, Patricia (piano VI— P.); flynn, Pauline (piano III— Cr.); Simpson. Mary (piano V— P.); Teltzel, A. (violin V— P.I; Walz. R. ipiano V— Cr.); Wharton, K. (violin VI— Cr.): Walsh. Constance Mary (piano VI -H.); Walsh. M. (violin VII— P.); Walker, Margaret (piano VI— Cr.). Miss P. Wood, tutor.— Shepherd, Margaret (piano I— Cr.) ; Wallace, Jessie (piano II— MOUNT MORGAN Convent of Mercy. — Almes, Colleen (piano IV— Cr.); Barker, Patricia (piano IV— Cr.); Carew, Valma Ipinno IV— Cr.); Clark, Marlon ipiano VI— Cr.); Davics, J. (piano VII— P.I; Diaper, Mercla (piano IV— Cr.l; Jackson. Maisle (violin V— P.); Kelly. Noelene (piano IV— P.); Lennon, B. Ipinno V— Cr.); Lennon, Natalie (piano VI— Cr.l; Leigh. Marjorie ipiano V— H.I; Mayall, Sylvia (piano II— P.); Rackham. W. (piano IV— Cr.l; St. Ledger, Coralle (piano III— Cr.); Slock, M. (piano Mrs. T. Nutenl, tutor. — Bishop, Gwendoline (piano V— P.i: Glazebrook. Valma (piano VII —P.); Ingram, I. (piano IV— P.). ROCKIIAMPTON Convent High School. — Anderson. Norma (piano VII— P.); Arnold, Rita (singing III— Cr.i; Bolton, Anne (piano V — Cr.); Booker, Joan (piano V— Cr.); Bignell, Marjorle (piano V—H.); Blgnell, Veronica (piano IV— Cr.); Brcnnan, Anne (piano VI— Cr.); Brennan. Mary (pinno VI— Cr.); Carige, Dorothy (piano VI — H.i: Carlec, Norma ipiano V — Cr.); Cam eron, Joyce (piano VI— Cr.); Curtis, Phyllis ipiano VII — P.i; Dovcry, Agnes (singing III — Cr.i; Dempscy. Dola (piano VI — Cr.l; Dia mond, Joyce W. (pinno ?! — H.); Driscoll, Cor Inne ipiano V — H.j; Graham, Dul cie Ipiano V— Pi ; Hegarty, SheHa ipiano IV — P.); Hayes, Moya (piano III — Hi: Jackson, Patricia (piano IV — Cr.); Keen, Cecelia (piano V—H.); Kettle, Margaret (singing IV — P.I; Leahy, Margaret ipinno VII — p.i; Lcyden, Dorothy (piano VI — H.j; Mczger, Kathleen (piano III— Cr.; vio lin VI— H.); Mitchell, Joyce (piano V.— Cr.); McFadycn, Mnvis (violin V — Cr.); Mills, Betty (pinno VI— H.); Monk, Portia ipiano II — Cr.); Monk, Vivlenne ipinno IV — H.i; Mur ray, Berenice (piano IV — Cr.i; Murray, June (plnno VI— H.); Murphy, Patricia (piano VI— Cr.) ; O'Connor, Maureen (piano II — Cr.); Parkinson, Betty (piano I — H.; musi cal perception III— Cr.); Parkinson. Wilma (violin IV— H.) ; Ross Joan (pinno VI — Cr.); Robinson; Iris ipiano VI — P.); Rodwcll, Vnlmni (piano III— Cr.); Slce man, Mary (Singing IV — P.i; Shotker, Freda ipiano VI— P.); Senini, Isabel (piano III — Cr.); Stevens, Mary ipinno IV — Cr.); Shnnahan, Alleen ipinno VII — P.); Tighe, Jeanne (violin V—H.); TIghe, Mary G. (piano II— Cr.l; Walker, Lillas (violin II— P.): Williams, Marlon ipinno VII— P.i; White, Dorothy ? (musical perception III— H.); Dallcy, Marie (piano VII —P.). Convent of Mercy, Emu Park.— Adams, Thora E. Ipiano V — Cr.) ; Adnms, Dorothy G. ipiano V— Cr.i; Edmlstone, Jenn (piano VI— H.); Edmlstone, A. W. (pinno VI— H.); Hay wnrd, Betty (piano IV— H.); Hare, Colleen (piano VI— H.).. Convent of Mercy, Kooneal. — Florence, J. (piano V— H.i; Florence; R. (piano VI— H.); Mlllan, Kathleen (piano III— H.j; Nelsh. Patsy (violin V — H.i; Perrins, Valma (piano VI— Cr.); Ross, Betty (piano VII— P.). Our Lady's School, West Street ? Benjamin, Patricia ipiano IV— P.) ; Fay, Venus (violin VI— P.); Haigh, Ursula ipiano V— Cr.);-Stabe, Moyna (piano IV— Cr.). St. Joseph's Convent, Park Avenue.— Cona- ghan, Mary ipiano VI— H.l; Jackson, June ipiano VI— Cr.); Roycs, Phyllis (violin V— Cr.). St. Joseph's Convent, Wandal. — Beatson, Daniel (violin VII— P.); Diamond, Sonla (pinno III— Cr.); James, Gwen (piano VII— p.); Johnston, Maureen (piano IV — P.); Miller. H. (violin VII— P.); Phillips, Elaine (piano V— P.»; Smart ,Mary (piano III— Cr.); Wilson, Connie ipiano VI— Cr.). St. Mary's Convent, North Rockhampton.— Dowling, Patricia (piano V— P.); Doheny, Maureen tplano III— Cr.); Fane, Phyllis I plnno V— Cr.); Mahoney, Mary (piano IV— P.). St. Patrick's School, — Coram, Colleen M St. Peter's Presentation Convent.— Bolton, Leonie (piano V— Cr.); Diamond, Daphne (piano VII— P.). St. Theresa'* School.— Beck, Iolcne (piano IV— P.). Girls' Grammar School.— Fay, Yvonne (piano IV— P.i; Jeffries, Betty (piano III— Cr.i: O'Sulllvan, Lorna (piano III— P.); Trott, Betty (piano III— H.). Mrs. C. II. Heck, tutor.— Macdonald, Betty R. (piano II— P.). Miss 1. Brennan, tutor.— Gibson, Catherine M. (violin VI— H.i; King, Shirley (piano IV— H.i; Parker, Vera E. ipiano V — H.|. Miss I. Ksdale. tutor.— Stevenson, Elaine (piano II— C). Mrs. I. Gardiner, tulor.— Larman, Elvira M. (piano V— H.i; Neilson. Beryl G. (piano VI— P.); Neilson, Joan E. (piano VI— H.I. Miss J. Hoffman, tutor.— Brighton, Beryl M. (plnno VI— Cr.); De Mey, Jan A. ' (piano VII— P.i; Douglas, Gladys (piano VII— P.); Hassal, Jill S. ipiano VI— Cr.i; Lauga, Gwen B. ipiano VII— P.); Ohl, A. H. ipiano VII— P.); Rumpf, Valda J. (piano V—H.); Skinner, Shirley (piano IV— Cr.); Watklns, K. (piano VII— P.); Wlnn, Audrey E. (piano VI— P.); Jennings, Jean F. (piano VI — H.l. Miss T. T. Llddy, tutor. — Donaldson, Lorna D. ipiano VI— Cr.i; Campbell, Rona J. (piano IV— P.i; Hinchcliffe, Mary (piano VI— Cr.l; LImpus, Coral J. (piano VI— P.i; Ryan, Evon B. ipiano VI— P.); Sinclair, Phyllis (piano IV— P.) . Miss M. McFadycn, tutor, — Bird, Dorothy (piano VII— P.); Gill, Violet (piano V— P.); Hayes, Frances (piano VI— Cr.). Mrs. J. McKenzie, tutor.— Coar, Allsa (piano III— P.); OKeeffe, Patricia (piano IV —P.); Whltchead, Joy (piano II— P.). Miss M. M. Morrison, tutor.— Blanchflcld, Betty (piano IV — H.); Burrows, Barbara (piano II— Cr.); Collins, EstelUv (piano IV— Cr.i: Flockton, Gladys (piano II — P.); Kelly. Peggy (piano III — P.); Wallace, Estelle (piano III — P.); Thompson, Norman (piano IV — Cr.l. Miss I). Nafle, tutor.— Naglc, Patricia M. (piano III — P.); Bnrnos, Glcndon (piano VI -P.). Miss V. Raddeker, tutor.— Capell, Jean F. (piano VII— P.); RIgby, Llllnn F. (piano IV -P.); Semfcl, Marion (piano VII— P.). Miss V. Slmonds, tutor.— Campbell, Vivl enne ipiano V — H.j; Price, Joyce (piano VI -H.). Mr. E. R. Streeten, tutor.— Eastment, Nath alie V. ipiano II— H.); Jones, Olive V. (piano VII-P.). Miss I.. J. Wood, tutor. — Barnes, Ann B. ipiano VI— Cr.); Boyd, Glen B. (piano VI— H.); Huff, Betty M. (piano VI— Cr.); Dick, Enid M. (piano II— H.). - SPRINGSURE Convent of Mercy. — Coonan, Audrey (piano VI— cr.t; Coonan, Phyllis (piano VI— Cr.); Haswell. Therese (violin III— Cr.); McKenzie, Heather (piano VII— P.); Pappen, Joan (piano V— Cr.). WOWAN Mrs. M. Bartley, tutor ? Clarrls, Beth C. (piano VI— H.i; Duthle, Norma L. (piano VII —P.); Lamplough, Joyce M. (piano IV— P.). Miss J. ChoH-n, tutor, — Adams, George (vio lin VI— P.); Barnard, A. (plnno VI — P.); Beaumont, B. (piano VII — P.); Beaumont, Vivlenne (piano II — P.); Carter. Colleen (piano VI— Cr.); Donovan, Gloria (piano III —P.); Kearney, Ruby (piano V—H.); Klauke. Iris (piano III— P.; violin III— P.); Potts, Joyce (piano IV — H.); Walker, Stephanie (piano V— P.); Walsh, Joyce (piano V— Cr.l. Miss K. Gladwell, tutor ? Gladwell. Faith (violin VII— P.). l'EPPOON St. Faith's School. — Archay, Joyce (piano IV— P.); Ash, Ruth M. ipiano I— P.); Ben son, Alice W. (piano II— Cr.); Blyth, Carolyn May (piano III — H.j; Buckingham. Merle G. (piano I— P., violin IV— P., singing III— Cr.); Cox, Gwenneth M. (piano V— Cr.); Creed. Marjorie L. (piano II — Cr.); Diamond, Mau reen G. (piano I — Cr.); Donaldson, Margaret H. (piano I— P.), Singing II— H.;; Edwards, Beatrice V. B. (piano III— P.); Hallnm, Daphne (violin III — Cr.); Hallnm, Joyce A. (piano IV— Cr.l; Holt, Beatrice ipiano V— P.); Jones, Irene J (violin IV— P.): Klrby. Ina G. ipiano III— Cr.); Nalnby, Winifred F. (piano HI— Cr.); Nelson, Renee L. (piano I — Cr.); Pheely, Norma J. (violin IV— P.); Pownall, Hazel M. (violin VII— P.); Purvis. Shirley C. (piano III— P.i; Roffey, Honourine J. (violin VI— Cr.-); Scharf, Gloria N. (piano III— Cr.i: Sullivan, Monica E. M. (piano III —P.); Sullivan, Noela L. (violin IV— P.i; Tcmplcton, Joycelyn E. (piano III — Cr.l; Vaughan, Madeline F. (piano III — P. I. St. Ursula's College. — Barry, Joan (piano V — Cr.); Bartley, Myrl (piano V— H.l; Blan ning. Yvonne (piano IV— Cr.); Blackford. Dawn (piano V— Cr.): Brown, A. (violin IV— Cr.i; Burns, Alice (piano II— P.); Clarke, Mary (piano IDN— Cr.i; Corry, June (piano VI— Cr.); Corrle, Marie (piano III— Cr.): Cooley, F. (piano III — P.); Cooley, Betty (piano VI— Cr.); Dendle. Loyola (piano III —P.); Elte, Patricia (piano V — Cr.); Evans. Mavis (piano IV — Cr.):'Fahey, Aileen (piano V— Cr.): Fitzgerald, Agnes M. (piano III— P.): French, Cynthia (piano III— H.): Free man, Avonil (piano IV — H.); Freeman, Margery (piano I— Cr.); Galieh. Mary (piano VI— Cr.): Galieh, G. (violin IV— HJ: Glbbards, Dawn (piano VI— P.); Harman, Beryl (piano III— P.I: McGovern. Jacqueline ipiano II — Cr.); Melrose, Dorothy (singing V— Cr.); Mille

:. (violin VI— Cr.); Miller, F. (violin V— P.); [Iller, Audrey (piano III— P.); Murray, J. violin VI— Cr.); Myles, Patricia (piano 111 -Cr.i; Pulbrook. Ellen tplano IV— P.); Walsh, [argaret (piano III— Cr.); Wilson, J. (violin -Cr.); School Choir (class singing IV— Cr.). Mrs. A. E. Jenks, tutor.— Gatiter. Delrdre . (piano VI— H.); LImpus, Betty L. (piano [— Cr.). Miss J. Kosj, tutor.— Stretton, Dawne (piano f— Cr..l; Wilson, Jean (piano IV— Cr.). WIDE BAY BUNDABERG. Convent of Mercy. — Fleming, Erica (piano — Cr.); Greathead, Germaine (piano I— P.); ursthouse. G. (violin V— Cr.); Lahey, Lyle Jlano V— Cr.); Larsen, Elsie ipiano III— P.); Iclvor,, Theresa (piano III— Cr.); Spread jrough, 'Lorraine (piano III — Cr.i. Miss, E. Clement, tutor.— Cedergreen, Joan violin IV— P.). Miss K. Greathead, tutor.— Gayton, Fay jlano V—H.); Robertson. Janet (plauo VII ?P.). Miss E. Hefferan, tutor.— Cafferky, E. B. jlano VII— P.i; Young, Jennifer A. (piano II— P.); Young, Margaret L. (piano VI— P.). Mr. A. llickmaji, tutor.— Cocking, Betty Jlano VII— P.): Davidson, Elaine A. (piano /—P.); Gibson, Jeanette ipiano VI— P.i; ;nsen, Eric M. (piano VI — Cr.): Jealous, Y. piano VII— P.); McLennan, D. B. (piano VI -Cr.); Spearrltt, C. (piano VII— P.); Spear- 1 itt, R. (piano VI— H.); Stevens, Irene J. alano II— H.l; Winter, Amelia E. (piano VII -P.); Jensen, Pearl I. (piano III — Cr.i. Mrs. J. W. Kendal, tutor. — Tarrant, Dorelle piano VI — Cr.); Axam. Alleen ipiano VI — P.); trathdee. R. K. ipinno VI— P.) ; Strathdee, lorothy J. (piano V — Cr.); Kavanagh, Brenda piano II — H.); Turner, Thelma M. (piano [— Cr.); Johnston, Evelyn (piano n— P.); hlcle, Iris E. (singing II— H.i. Miss M. Kronk, tutor.— Schulte, H. (piano V— Cr.). ?'? Miss E. I.adncr, tutor. — Broom, Daisy (piano I— H.). Miss M. Lindholdt, tutor.— Brown, Phyllis plnno VI— Cr.); Goodfellow, Beth (piano IV -P.). Miss I.. M. Pollard, tutor. — Spotswood, laureen (piano I — P.I. Mrs. M. Sinclair, tutor. — McLlver, Daphne plnno III— Cr.); Heidke, Bethel (piano V — r.l. Miss J. Stewart, tutor. — Stewart, Grace piano IV— P.). GUILDERS St. Joseph's Convent, — Bcvan, 'Prlscllla violin I— Cr.i; Gilmartln. Maureen (plBno VI -Cr.); Shechan, Patricia ipiano VI— H.). Miss F. Kelly, tutor. — MncQulrc, Jean E. piano II — Cr.), Miss R. Lont, tutor.— Berg, Edna M. (piano II— H.); Chappell. Mnrlel H. ipiano III—.); locking. Elaine M. (piano II— H.); Cran, tainie L. (piano VI— H.); Mammino, San Ina A; ipiano VI— H.); Rlcmer, Stanley F. piano V—H.); Robinson. Enid D. (piano II -H.): Zunker, Gloria E. ipinno III— H.); tanker, Lenore M. (piano VI — H.). Miss F. M. Walsh, tutor.— Cran, Judith P. .. ipianoVlV— H.); Robinson, Gwenda M. piano II— p.); Robinson. Norma D. (piano II— P.); Stevens, Vera M. (piano I— Cr.). GAYNDAH Good Samaritan Convent.— Apel, Pauline piano IV— P.); Conlcy, R. (piano VI— P.; ?lolln VI— Cr.); Cbnley, Joyce (piano V— Jr.l; Engcrs. Maureen (violin IV— Cr.); Garn lam. Iris iviolin IV— P.); Kelly, Carmel piano V— Cr.); Kelly, Patricia (plnno IV— ».); Klllln, K. (piano VI— P.) r Lutvey, Zara piano VI— P.); Monsour, Malsie ipiano VI— :r.j; Monsour, Tofe (violin VI— P.); Moody, ^. Hull (piano IV— P.); Moody, Rhona H. plnno III— P.i; O'Brien, Maureen (piano V— ».); Rein. Follendlne (violin IV— P.i; Roome, lope (plnno I— P.); Seldner, Mary (piano n— P.); Wagner, K. (violin V— Cr.); Walters, rone (plnno III— P.; violin IV— P.): Willett, ?Jorma (piano III— p.); White, Jtan (piano /— Cr.) . GYMI'IE Convent of Mercy.— Brewer, Goldle (piano 'I— H.); Brewer, Norma ipiano IV— P.I; Sather, Margaret (piano III — H.); Glceson. Phelma ipinno VI— H.); Walker, Maureen Jjiano V— Cr.); Webb, Gabrielle (piano IV— Mi'ss R. Grainger, tutor.— Walsh, Iris [violin V— Cr.): Shaw, Betty (violin V— P.i. Miss D. M. Sanday, tutor ? Baker, Iris M. Ipiano I— P.); Cockburn, Betty ipiano II— M; Leitch. D. H. (piano IV— Cr.); Barclay, loyce A. (piano VI— H.). Miss E. Turner, tutor.— Archer, June (vlo In IV— P.); Jenkins, Daphne' (piano VI — M; Jamieson. Joyce (piano V— P.I. Mrs. s. II. Williams, tutor. — Hayes, Muriel 1. (piano II— Cr.). HOWARD Miss I.. M. Pollard, tutor.— Eardley, Betty fplano V— H.; violin VII— P.) ; Hogan. Daphne M. (violin VI— Cr.); Robinson, Thea (piano II — H.); Southern, Jenn M. (piano VII— P.); Warren, Beverly. J. (piano II— P.); War ren, . B.' H. (violin III— Cr.) ; Wilson. A. ? H. (piano V—H.); Weatherston, Myrle (violin VI — H.); Shaw, N. R. (violin VI— H.). K1NGAROY Good Samaritan Convent. — Achilles. J. (piano IV— Cr.); Achilles, Jonn (piano IV — 3r.); Bourke, Carmel Ipiano II— P.i; Bourke, J. (piano VI— cr.i; Burns, Madge (singing IV— Cr.): Burns, Heather (piano V— Cr.); Burns, Jacqueline (piano VII— P.I; Connolly, □orls (piano VI— Cr.|; Connolly, Beryl (pinno VI — Cr.i; Dowde, Elsie ipiano V — Cr.); Fecncy, Nancy (piano VI— Cr.i; Glecson, Vivlene (piano I— Cr.l: Kenny, Joslc (piano VI— Cr.l; Kamholtz, Lorna (plnno V— Cr.); Langton, Adell (plnno IV— P.i ; Murray, Gwenly (violin VI — H.); Ronnyne, Maureen (plnno IV— P.); Stevens. Ivy (piano III— Cr.); Thomson. Char lotte (piano IV — Cr.); Vollmerhause, B. (vio lin VII — P.i: Weekcs, Marie (violin VI— Cr.). Miss E. Boyle, liitor.— Cliristcnsen, L. (piano VII— P.); Cossart, Betty (piano VII — P.); Kit chen, H. (plnno VII— P.); Larsen. Jessie (piano VII— P.); Murry, Beryl (piano VI— Cr.): Nutt, A. (piano VI— Cr.); Radunz, Olive (pinno VI— H.l: stenbens, Dnwn (piano VI— P.); Bond, Diana ipiano V— H.l; Davis. Jean (piano V— Cr.): Davis, Heather (piano V— H.): Ellwood. P. (piano V— H.l: Greenslade, Audrey (plnno V— Cr.l; Noller, G. (piano V— Cr.); varcln. N. (piano V — Cr.); Hooper, Esme (piano IV — Cr.i: Kitchen. Noreen (piano IV— P.); Phillips, Daphney (piano IV— H.l; Keys, Nola (piano III— P.I. Miss R. Chaseling, tutor.— Embrey, Kath leen (piano VI — Cr.i: Flttcll, Aileen (piano V— Cr.l: Norrls. A. (piano V— P.). Miss M. MoKinnon, tutor. — MacAUlslrr. Norma (piano VII— P.); Harvey, Mirellc (piano VI — H.I; MacLucns, -Daphne (piano VI — H.); Thompson, Mary (piano VI — Cr.i; McNicol. Lillian (piano VI— Cr.i; Aboud, W. (piano V — P.): MacLucas, Marie (piano V — H.l; Deacon. Moile ipiano IV— H.I: Michael, D. (piano IV— P.): Truss. Audrey ipiano IV— Cr.); Thompson, J. (piano IV — P.): Davidson, Eleanor (plnno III— P.i; Thompson. Blanche (piano III— Cr.); Watts, Esme (piano III— Cr.). MARYBOROUGH Convent High School. — Barbeler, Mary (piano IV — Cr.); Barbeler. Rita (piano VII— P.: violin VII — P.); Barmes, Daphne (piano III — Cr.); Brennan, Lorraine (piano VII — P.); Concannon. Doreen (violin V— H.I ; Connor. Gloria (piano II — P.): Corser, Kathleen (piano IV— Cr.); Corser, Patricia . (violin VII— P.I; Davies, Patricia (piano V— Cr.); Gethlngs, Josephine (violin V—H.); Green. Wllma (piano IV — Cr.); Hansen, Molra (piano VI — Cr.; violin V—H.): Kelly. Carmel (piano III— Cr.): Perrett. Helen (piano IV— H.; violin VII — P.); Qulnn, Patricia (piano I — Cr.l; Qull ter, Catherine (piano III — P.I ; Ravcrty, Gloria (piano II— Cr.l; Ross. Betty (piano IV— Cr.; violin VI— H.l; Watt, Irene (piano V.— Cr.): Wlnkler, Patricia (piano V— Cr.); Coll. Mary (piano IV— H.). Miss M. Campbell, tutor. — Burrowes, Doro thy (piano V— Cr.i. - Miss J. Concannon, tutor. — Clarke, Hazel R. (violin VII— P.I; KamerlinR, Thelma I. (piano VII— P.); Mycock. W. B. (piano V— H.); Rosin. June E. (piano IV— H.); Watson, Merna F. (piano VII— P.I. Miss M. Delghton. tutor ? Connell. Shirley (piano VII— P.) ; Waters, Grace (piano VI— Cr.). Miss L. M. Dingle, tutor. — Andronlcus, Katie (violin VI— Cr.l: Hildreth. J. (violin VI— P.I; MunRomery. Joy (violin V— Cr.); Mungomcry, W. V. (piano VII— P.); Wardell, E. B. (violin IV— Cr.). Miss M. Huletl. tutor. — Barmes. D. E. (plane VII— P.); Birch. Dorothy (piano VI — H.): Bird Margaret J. (piano VII— P.): Dwycr. Dorothj J. (piano VI— H.): McCulloch. E. (piano VI H.): McCulloch. Avis (piano VI— H.); Steven Lenore (pinno VII — P.). Miss A. E. Mahoney, tulor. — Wagner. Joar (piano V— P.): Wagner, Enid (piano VII— P.) Mrs. E. F. Roster, tutor. — Andronlcus, Mar] (piano V — Cr.); Bourne, Judith (piano III— H.l; Horsburgh, Judy (piano IV— Cr.l: Mathe. son. D. (piano V — Cr.l; Taylor, Dorothy (plani IV— Cr.l; Williamson, Janet W. (piano II Cr.l. Miss II. Woodcock, tutor. — Churchctt, Deism: (piano III— Cr.). MURGON Presentation Convent. — Burke. Margarc (piano V — H.);- Carter, G. (piano IV— Cr.l Craig. Joan (piano V—H.); Cutler. Fay C (piano V — H.); Glabonskl, Anastasla iplnni VI— P.): Hodgson, B. (violin IV— P.); Homer Rita (violin V— P.); McArthur, Rita (piano \ — Cr.); McCusker. Rita (piano VI— Cr.) McKenna, N. (violin VII— P.I; McLucas. G (piano V — Cr.l; McMahon, Ivy ipinno III— Cr.l: McMahon, Noela (violin VI— P.); Mul laly. Barbara (piano VII— P.); Power. Kath leen (plnno III— P.); Smith. Rita (piano VII P.l. Miss M. E. Coulscn, tutorl: Johanncsscn Dorothy ipiano VI— H.). Miss V. M. Baldwin. tutor.— Devantler Phyllis (piano V— P.); Lee Warner. Mlrlan (piano VII— P.); Richards. June (piano VII P.l: Shelton. Nancy Ipiano I— P.); Smyth Joyce ipiano VI— Cr.); Warrener, Cynthli piano VI— P.). Miss D. Bowd, tutor ? Scott. Daphne (plani V— Cr.): Scott. G. ipiano V— P.i. Miss M. McEniery, tutor.— Hlckey, Shell! (piano vil— p.); Lochran, R. (piano III— H.) Olsen. D. (piano VI— H.l. Miss N. Shelton, tutor ? Smith. E. (plam V— P.I: Rattrnj-, T. (piano VI— Cr.); Toms, L (piano VI — P.). NANANGO St. Patrick's Convent ? Calder, N. (plane VII— P.): Cause. N. (piano VI— Cr.i; Downey Alleen (piano V— Cr.),- Gentry. Barbara J (piano V— i Cr.); Harrold. Patricia (piano V Cr.); Loughran, K. J. (piano IV— Cr.): McRed Q'e. Mary (piano VII-P.): Newman. Cecills (piano IV— H.); Nugent. J. (piano V— Cr.); Nunah. Elizabeth (piano VII— P.); Peters Dorothy (piano VII— p.); Smith. Eileen (plane VI;rHiV WaUers- Yvonne ipiano V— Cr.). Our Lady of Dolours' School, Yarraman. - Black. Jean ipiano VII— p.i : Cook. Jpar (piano VH— P.) ; Langford, 8hlrley (piano VH

'.)! Mornn, Alleen (piano VII— P.); McCallum, can (piano IV— Cr.i; Sullivan, Ursula (piano 'II— P.); Watson, Valmal ipiano VI— H.); Vhite, Valeric (piano VII— P.). Miss R. Chasellnr, tutor, — Bltesner, Mar ucrlte (piano V— Cr.l; Bull, Dawn (piano VI -P.); Green, Amy I. (piano V— P.i; King, lorothy (piano III— H.); Locke, A. (piano VII -P.): McCauley, Marjorle Ipiano IV— Cr.); icColl, Isobel (piano V— P.); Radunz, June piano III— P.); Scott, Muriel (piano VII— P.). DARLING DOWNS AUGATIIEI.LA St. Joseph's Convent — Butler. Adele A. piano III— P.); Fennell, Rosemary (piano VI -P.); Finley. Marguerite (piano IV— P.); Hel on, Nina M. (piano II— P.); Lapthorn, Eileen t. (piano III— P.i; Stafford, Ursula B. (piano V—H.); Ware, Norma D. (piano V— P.). CHAKI.EVII.I.E St. Mary's Convent.— Casey, Patricia (piano ril— P.); Connolly, C. (piano VI— H.); :reevey, S. ipiano VII— P.); Collins, Zitn piano V — P.I; Coorey, Joan ipinno III — Cr.i; Inyes, Dorothy ipinno VI — H.); Herrlmnn, ?race (piano IV — Cr.); McGregor, Mary ipiano V— Cr.i; McGregor, Mary (piano V— Cr.); ' — Cr.l: McGregor, Jean ipiano VI — H.); Puls ord, Nea (violin I VI— H.); Statham. Keith violin VII— P.); Smith, Mary (piano VI— Cr.); ieiman, Vnlma (piano V—H.); Steele, Maurice pinno VI— H.l. Girls' Hostel.— (Miss D. Gntaker. tutor): :oulson, Edna (piano VII— P.); Gillcsple, ?atricla (violin VI— P.); I'Anson, Nancy piano IV — P.) ; Johnstone,, Daryl (piano V — l.i ; Knights. Jack ipiano IV— P.); McDon ild. Mavis ipiano V— P.); Roper, Jean (piano t~ Cr.): Smith, Vnlerle (plnno VII— P.). Miss D. Iloare, tutor. — Dyer, Dorothy (piano 111— p.); Gadsby. June Ipiano VII— P.); jndsby. Noel (violin VI— Cr.). Miss L. McQualter, tutor. — Boyce, Esther M. piano II— H.i; Boycc, Olive J. (piano II— i.); Epsle, Joyce E. (plnno V— P.I; Helne nttii. Edith C. (piano II— H.); Herriman, ?hyllls E. (piano V— Cr.l; Herriman, Neville piano VII— P.I; I'Anson. George E. (piano /I— Cr.); Moody, Betty (piano V— P.). CHINCHILLA St. Joseph's Convent.— Bilsborough, Kevin plnno VI— H.l; Bourke, Dawn, M. (pinno VII -P.I; Brlndley, Keith (piano V—H.): Cun tlngham. Shirley A. (piano VI— Cr.); Downes, 3ileen A. (piano III— H.I; Gath. Lorna (plnno -'l— H.I: Goldsworthy, Sybil M, (plnno IV— i.l; Gentner. Lorraine A. (pinno V— H.l; Haskc, Etta (piano VII— P.I ; Reid. Marjorle violin VI— H.); Reid, Esmay (piano VI— H.l; lussell, Joan (piano III— Cr.); Zoller, Patricia H. (piano III— H.). CLIFTON Good Samaritan Convent. — Bell, Leonard S. [violin V— P.i; Byrne, W. (piano VII — P.); aegarty, Winifred J. (piano VI— Cr.); Kclchcr, Irene M. (piano VII— P.i; Keleher, Clare F. ipiano VII— P.); McGovern. Mary B. (piano m— P.); McOscar, Margaret (piano VI— Cr.). CROW'S NEST St. Joseph's Convent.— Austin. Betty (violin VII— P.); Carmody, Merlyn (piano IV— H.); Dalton, Elizabeth (violin VII— P.); Dalton. Margaret (piano IV— H.l ; Fitch, William ipiano VI— Cr.i; Graf, Joan (piano IV— P.i; Hnydcn, Thelma (violin VII— P.); Lalor, Doro try (violin IV— H.I; Lobb, Fay (violin VII— P.); Lobb. Shirley (piano VI— Cr.l; Petch. Patricia M. (piano VII— P.I : Sharmnn, Teresa (piano VI— P.); Talbot, Kathleen (violin V— H.i; Warfield, Lenore (piano VII— P.); Wll kin. Kathleen (piano VII— P.). Miss O. O'Neill, ..tutor.— Andrew, Keith (piano IV— P.: violin III— P.I: Bailey, Arthur violin IV — Cr.i; Gust, Ivy (piano V — H.; vio lin III— P.); Morrow, Joy (piano IV — P.; vio lin IV— Cr.); McNcarn. Heather (piano VI— Cr.); Williams, Mirth (violin VII— P.). MITCHELL St. Patrick's Convent.— Donnelly, Margaret (pinno V—H.); Dwyer, Marie (piano IV— P.I; Lansdown, Norma (piano V— P.) ; McCoy, Loreto (piano III— Cr.); Richardson, Elma ipiano IV— Cr.); Simons. Pntty Ipinno VII— P.); Webster, Harold (violin Vn— P.). OAKEY Good Samaritan Convent. — Curry, Clare (piano II— P.;. singing II— Cr.); Chicken, Shir ley ipiano VII— P.i; Dearllng, Shirley (piano VI— P.); Fctt. Neville (piano IV— H.l; Harth. Leon (piano IV— H.l; Kennett, Shirley (piano V— IJ.); Kingston, Iris ipiano III— Cr.: sins Ing v — P.); Lowry, Alfred ipiano VI — H.i; Lowry, Delphine ipiano VI — H.l: Mason, Shir ley (piano V— P.I; Sullivan. Mary (piano VI —Cr.i; O'Connor. Irene (piano VII— P.); White, Maureen (piano V — Cr.). PITTSWORTH St. Joseph's Convent. — Anderson, Colin ipiano VII— P.); Anderson, Daphne (piano VII — P.); Jackson. Audrey (violin III — H.); Kehoe, Myles ipiano VI — H.); Lindenberg, Forna ' (piano I— P.; violin IV— H.); McNamara, Kathleen (piano IV— P.i; McNamara, Maureen (piano IV — P.); McNamara, Thomas (piano IV — Cr.); Neale, Walter (violin V — H.); Searle, Delphine (vio lin VI— P.); Sullivan, Kathleen (plnno VII— P.); Walsh, Noeleen (piano IV— P.) ; Walsh, Yvonne (violin VI— H.); Warfield, Howard (piano IV— Cr.l; Whlttaker, Joyce ( piano VI —Cr.l; Wilshlre, Gwen (piano VI— H;; violin III— H.l; Wllshire. Valmal (piano VII — P.). Miss II. Doolcy. tutor. — Beasley, Betty- (vio- lin III— Cr.); Beasley, Shirley (violin IV— H.); Ferdinand, Alvic (piano VII— P.): Hamil ton. Faye (piano I — P.; violin III — P.i; McGrath, Veronica (piano VII — P.); McLeod. Thelma (violin VI— P.); Patcrson, Thelma ipiano I— Cr.); Reichle, Alma (piano VII— P.); Twidale, Glen (violin VI— H.); ROMA St. John's Convent. — Adrian, Thomas (piano II— H.); Brumpton, Margaret (piano II— P.); Carty, Michael Francis ipiano V — Cr.); Has ted, Colleen (piano II — Cr.) ; Horn, Redmond (piano IV— H.); McCormack. Catherine F. (piano I— H.); Mohr, Rlnda (piano III— Cr.); Munns. Susanne iviolin III — Cr.); Robinson. John (violin VI— Cr.). ST. GEORGE St. Joseph's Convent.— Arundell, Keith (vio lin VI— H.); Brown, Fay (piano VII — P.); Coonan, Dawn ipiano VI — Cr.); Conway, Betty (piano VI — H.); Dendle, Norma ipiano VI — Cr.); Graham, Francis (piano VI — H.); Graham, Lance Ipiano VI — H.|; Hcthcrlngton, John (piano VII— P.): Hetherlngton, Rode rick (piano VII — P.): Jones, Joyce ipiano VI — H.); McMahon, Kathleen (piano I — P.); Moore, Arthur ipiano VII — P.); OUphant. Ray mond (violin VI — H.); Smith, Patricia (piano III— P.); Taylor, Mary ipiano VI— H.i; Walmsley, Pamela (piano VII— P.); Yates, Heather (piano IV — Cr.). STANTHORPE St. Joseph's Convent. — Dent. Esme (violin III— P.); Dillon, Margaret ipiano VII— P.); Drohan, Marjorle iviolin VI — H.); Letters, Joan (piano IV— Cr.); Mulr, Marie ipiano V— H.); Morris, Kathleen (violin III— H.i; Ogden, Patricia (violin VI— H.); Petzlcr, Roy (violin III— P.); Plcrpoint, Jacqtillne iviolin II— Cr.); Starr, Kathleen (piano IV— Cr.); Yce, Betty (violin IV— H.l. Miss r. Eastwood, tutor.— Mathlson, Valleri (piano VI — Cr.). Miss C. Jones, tutor. — Best, Patracia (piano V — Cr.); Crome, Evelyn (violin IV — P.); Crome, Alwln ipiano IV— P.); Eastwood, Valerie (vio lin IV— P.); Green, Lorna (piano IV — Cr.l; Harrison, Melva (violin VII — P.I; Hopgood, Iris (Violin III— P.); Jones, Donald (violin V— H.l; Nelson, Isabel (violin V— P.i; Nagel, Val erie (violin VI — H.); Newton, Lewis (violin IV —Cr.i; Sellwood, Vivian (violin V— Cr.l; Thompson, Heather Ipiano V — Cr.); White head, Keith (violin VI— Cr.). TO0WO0MBA Glennle Memorial School. — Chenoweth. Cre lna E. (piano II — Cr.); Johnstone, Norma E ipiano I— Cr.; Musical perception III — P.); Horsburgh, Janet C. (musical perception III— H.); McDonnell, Sheila G. ipiano II — H.; musical perception III— H.); McMaster, Pixie P. C. (piano III — H.); Ramsden, Evelyn A, (piano II — P.); Shannon, Betty M. (musi cal perception III— H.); Watts, Madge (piano II— Cr.): Wright, Jess E. (piano II— Cr.); Young, Shirley T. (piano II— P.; musical per ception III— Cr.). Glennie Preparatory School. — Brewer, Dul cie (piano V.— H.l. Good Samaritan Convent. — Ryan, Maria (piano II — Cr.): Ryan, Patricia . iviolin IV— H.); Dower, Valerie ipiano IV— Cr.l: Scott, Patricia (piano IV — P.i; Lamb, Colin Ipiano V— Cr.l; Henschcll. Gloria ipiano VI— H.); Lawton, Coral (piano VII — P.). Holy Name Convent. — Arnell, Kathleen (piano V — P.): Brady, Joan (violin I — H.I; Crowley, Beryl iviolin III— Cr.); Fitzpatrlck, Patricia (violin II— H.l: Hobson, Peggy (vio lin IV— Cr.); Homer. Dulcie iviolin VII— P.); Maloney. Kevin ipiano IV— P.); Maioncly, Leo ipiano V— Cr.i; Walsh, K. (piano VII— P.); Walsh. N. (violin VII— P.i. St. Saviour's Convent.— Beattle, Dawn (sing Ing V — H.|; Brumpton, Doreen Ipiano IV — H.|; Ferling. Joan (piano IV— H.); Haniey, Roberta Ivlolln III — H.i; Hogan. Maureen (piano III— Cr.i: Kettle. Kathleen (violin IV —Cr.i; Kettle. Valda (piano VI— H.); Knight, Sylvia isinging V — H.); Mewing. Avon M. (piano II — Cr.i; Ross, Joan ipiano III — Cr.); Wright. Patricia (singing V— Cr.): White, Mar garet ipiano VII — P.I. St. Ursula's Collect.— Beazley. Ruby (piano II— Cr.i; Benzlcy, Betty ipiano IV— H.; violin VII— P.i: Corbett. Dorothy (piano III— Cr.: violin VI— H.i; Dray, Phyllis ipiano VII— P.I; Dittmer. Thecla (piano VII— P.); Greet. (Yolande (piano VII— P.i; Knack, Doreen isinging III — Cr.) ; Knack. Margery (singing V— Cr.l; Kirby. Margaret (violin VI— H.): Maloney, Ruth Ipiano VI — H.); Malone, Noreen (piano III— Cr.): Milligan. June iviolin IV— P.i; McQuillan. Iris (plnno IV— P.); McCon villc, Joan iviolin vn — P.); Noonan, Patricia (piano II— Cr.i; Price, Margaret (violin VI— h.i; Pedrazzini. Joan Ipiano IV — H.; slnsin? IV— H.i: Rocssler. Merle ivlolln VI— Cr.l; Short, Margaret Ipiano III — Cr.); Shear, Mar garet (piano VII — P.); Welsh. Mary Ipinno III— P.i; Welsh, Gabrielle (piano VII— P.i; Quirk. Tcssle (singing V— Cr.); Bolton. Kath leen (first violin I ; Thorn, Joan (second violin): Short, Margaret i viola); Warren, Prances I violoncello), (chamber music II — H.I. Toowoombu Musical Academy. — (Miss D. L. Abrahams, tutorl: Smart, Norma (piano IV — r.i; Squelch. Patricia (piano VII— P.I. Mrs. M. Baker, tutor. — Ivory, Nancy (piano V— p.); Tschumy, Beatrice (piano VI— P.). Miss F. Balrloff, tutor.— Apelt, Edric (piano VI— H.); Rlethmuller, Graham (piano VI— H.i. Miss E. Bayley, tutor. — Draydon, Coral (piano IV — Cr.). Miss G. Ctoake, tutor.— Loxton, Harry (violin IV— H.i. Miss M. Head, tutor.— Taylor, Joan M. (piano in— P.).

Miss T. M. 'Kennedy, tutor ? Jones. Lorna -iano V— P.); Drlemel, Leone (piano VI— Sliss E. M. Lewis, tutor. — Llnwood. Helen -iano IV— Cr.i; Linwood, Joy (piano VI— H.). Miss G. r. Meibusch, tutor. — Hamilton, ulcle ipiano VI— H.l; Hock, Nola (piano VII ?P.i; Horrigan. Dulcie (piano VI— H.); Wood nd, Connie ipiano III — Cr.). Miss D. Muller. tutor.— Hadland, Rachael jlnno III— Cr,); Muller, Betty (piano III— Miss K. Murphy, tutor.— Thomas, Allan jlano IV— H.i. Mrs. O'Sullivan, tutor. — Buettel, Jean M. jlano VI— H.|; Voll. Keith (piano VII— P.); ranks, Enid M. (piano VII— P.i. Miss I. Sampson, tutor.— Rub, Valma (piano I— H.); Stansble, Toinette G. (piano VII— .); Turner, Roy (piano IV — Cr.). Mr. T. Slatyer, tutor.— Berry, John (piano V — H.); McLennan, Joan (plnno II — Cr.); olllns-Ruble, Keith (piano IV— Cr.). Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Wrcdon. tutors.— mold, Maxwell (violin III— Cr.l ; McBryde, erenlce iviolin III— Cr.); Williams, Gloria violin IV— Cr.): Bouer. Joan (plnno V— r.i; William*. Dell (piano VII— P.). Mrs. M. Wright, tutor.— Becker, Eleanor piano IV— Cr.); Duthle. Olive ipiano IV— 'r.l; Hobbs, Betty (plnno VII— P.); Knight, lien (piano VII— P.); Nash, Marie (piano V -H.); Steinohrt, Leslie (piano II— Cr.|; Wll ams, Dawn (piano VII— P.); Hillocks. Dawn piano V— Cr.); Scott, Allsa (piano VII— P.). WARWICK Convent High School.— Ahem. Carmel (piano 'I— H.); Bradford. Olive (piano III— Cr.): :olllns, Joyce (piano IV— H.); Collins, Shirley pinno VII— P.i ; Connolly. Josephine (piano ' — H.); Connolly, Marcelline (piano II — P.); )alglelsh, Dulcie (violin VII— P.); Galvin. Jonica (piano V— Cr.): Gray, Beryl (piano 'I— Cr.); Kelly, Rita (piano VI— H.I; O'Leary. irih (piano V—H.); Roach, Betty (violin VII -P.); Ryan, Josephine ipinno IV— Cr.); Tur icr, Grace (violin IV— H.I. St. Catharine's School.— Dickinson, Marjorle A, (pinno VII — P.): Donovan, Joyce (piano n-rli.); Laidlaw, Natalie E. (piano V— H.l; -al:cley, Jane S. ipinno IV — H.l; Sheridan, 'ay. N. (piano VI— H.) ; Sikes. Nellie M. violin III— Cr.); Warner, Roma F. ? (piano rn—p.). Presbyterian Girls' School.— Angel. Cleo piano I — Cr.); Backhouse, Valerie ipiano HI -Cr.); Byerlee, Joyce ipiano VI— H.l; Brett, .larian (piano V — Cr.) ; Bryden, Jill (piano !I— H.l; Callow. Betty ipiano II— Cr.l; Jnmeron. Vera (piano VII— P.); Cox, Joan S. piano III— P.); Cox, Leslie (piano VI— Cr.); 3aly, Laura A. ipiano III — H.l; Davidson, .lerle (piano V— Cr. i; George, Patricia (piano I— P.); Graham. Dorothy (violin II— Cr.); 3rlgor, Doris (violin V — H.); McClymont, Jorma I. ipiano IV — P.). Scots College. — Cameron. Robert L. (piano 71— H.); Daly. William A. (piano IV— Cr.l: 3avidson. Malcolm (violin VII— P.); Field. Harold E. ipiano V — Cr.); Gibson, Ian R. piano IV— Cr.; violin III— P.); Keliock, Colin it. (plnno VII— P.I: Kirby. Normnn G. (piano fll— P.): McDonald, Alex ipiano V— Cr.l; Hclntyre, Iain D. Ipiano V — P.); Smith, Gor ion S. (piano VI— H.l. Miss D. Cross, tutor. — Hoey, Gwcn (piano [II— Cr.l; Hinson, Neil (piano III— P.I. Miss D. S. Grayson, tutor. — Hoffman, Pn nela J. (piano IV — H.I. Mr. G. Lcadhitler, tutor.— Clarke, Connie K. [violin VII— P.); Stevens. Agnes M. U. (piano if— H.); Rudd. Isobel ipiano VII— P.). Miss M. I.lppold, tutor. — Hicks. Barbara (piano VI — H.|; 'Lowe, Joan P. ipiano VI — Ft.): Stallman, Joyce H. (violin III— Cr.). Miss D. G. Spreadhorouch, tutor. — Evans, Beatrice (plnno III — P.). Miss M. Walt, tutor.— Topping, Marlon L. (piano III— H.). ART OF SPEECH BRISBANE St. Rita's College, Clayfield ? Corbett. Made elne C. (art oi speccn II — Cr.); Hlckey, Monica (art of spicch IV — H.); Matthews, Molly (art of speecn V — P.) ; Macdonald. Pat ricia (art of speech IV— P.); McLoughlin, June (art of speech IV— P.); OT'lynn, Clare tart of speech V— Cr.); O'Brycn. Margaret lart of speech V — Cr.;; Stewart, Betty (art of speech V— Cr.); Stewart, Nonie (art of ;pecch V — H.i. Ursullne Convent, Gladstone Road. — Donald- son, Joan I art of speech II — H.j; Kcogh, Maureen lart of speecn II — Cr.l. St. Carthage's School, Gordon Park.— Shee- ban, Helen lart of speech V— Cr.j; Egan. Mar |orie (art of speech V—H.) . Presentation Convent, Graceville. — Heath- cock, Mary (art of speech V— H.l. I.ourdes Hill Convent, Hawthorne. — Gunnls, Patricia (art of speech II — P.). Presentation Convent, Hcrston. — Climpson, Alma (art of speech IV— H.i: Hasselt. Valma (art of speech IV — H.); Ryan, Mary (art ol speech V— Cr.); Ryan, Betty (art ol speech V—H.). Brlgidlne Convent, Indooroopilly.— Hayes Betty (art of speech V— P.i; Jones, Elva (an of speech III— H.i; Mnrtyn, Elinor (art ol speech 11— Cr.); McCosker, Daphne (art, ol spsech V— Cr.); Muldoon, Gloria (art oj speech V — Cr.). St. Joseph's Convent, Kangaroo rolnt.— Brewer, Jean (art of speech II— P.). Sacred Heart School, Rosalie, — Corbet, Es telle (art of speech V — H.i; Mayne, Mars (art of speech IV— H-): McDonnell, Eilecr (art of speech V— Cr.); O'Malley. Eileen (arl of speech V — H.). Convent of the Sacred Heart, Stuartholme Toowonc. — Hawthorne. Patricia L. (art ol speech III— Cr.); Meehan. Elizabeth M. (an of speech III — H.); O'Brien. Cecilia E. (art o; speech IV— H. I ; Taylor, Winsome J. (art ol speech V — Cr.i. St. Aldan's School, Corlnda (Miss C. Clarke tutor).— Park. Joan B. (art of speech II Cr.); Robinson, Geraldine J. (art of speech IV— H.). St. Margaret's School, Albion (Miss B. Sis ley, tutor).— Mclntyre, Evelyn M. (art o: speech II— Cr.i; Whitehousc, Shirley M. (an of speech II— Cr.). Somervllle House, Brisbane High School toi Girls (Miss B. Sislcy, tutor). — Brown, Mar jorie V. (art of speech III— Cr.) ; Fraser, Ala thea A. (art of speech III— H.l; Harris, Bettj R. E. (art of speech II — Cr.l: Hopwood, Jll (art of speech II— H.i; King. Florence I (art of spaech I— P.); Llpsctt. Phyllis G. I arl of speech II— Cr.); Moore. Sheila W. (art oi speech III— H.i; Mulr. Betty B. (art o speech II — H.i; Robertson, Heather H. (an of speech II— Cr.): Shedden, Shcial A. (art o: speech II— H.i: Wilson, Mary (art of speed II— H.i; Winterbottom. Norma Shirley (an of .speech II — Cr.l. Mr. II. Borradale, tutor.— Lyell. Merle (ar of speech III-rH.); Solomon, B. lart of speed II— H.). Miss M. Mant. tutor. — Quclhurst. Rene (ar of speech II— H.); While, Gaynor (art o speech III— H.|. Miss R. L. Massey, tutor.— Debney. Elvi (art of speech IV — P.); Low, C. (art o speech IV — H.); Newman, D. (art of speed II— H,); Kcnyon, Ivy (art of speech I— H.I Pordyce, Dorine (art of speech II — P.); Grant Daphne (art of speech IV — P.I. Miss B. Sisley, tutor.— Cummings, Edna M (art of speech II— H.l. Miss P. H. Steedman, tutor.— Adams. Joyci C. (art of speech V — H.); Cramh, Dorothj A. Carruth (art of speech III— H.). MORETON AND SOUTH COAS1 - ? NAMBOUR Good Samaritan Convent. — Bean, Enid (arl of speech II — Cr.). Mrs. E. Inncs, tutor. — Buckley, Joan (arl of speech II— Cr.) ; Chadwick, Margaret (arl of speech III— H.). SOUTHPORT Star of the Sea Convent. — Newman, Sylvia D. (art of speech II— Cr.); Stewart, Heather (art of speech IV— Cr.); Tilly, Fay (art ol speech IV— P.I. St. Hilda's School. — Dulhunty, Mary L. (art of speech II— Cr.); East, Janet (art of speech II— H.i; Hack, Jean C. (art of speech II— Cr.); Hall, Linda M. E. (art of speech I— H.); Irwln,- Peggy M. (art of speech II— Cr.i; Johnson, Margaret B. (art of .speech I— Cr.); Johnson, Patricia B. (art of speech NORTHERN BO WEN Mrs. D. A. Stackelroth, tutor.— Erickson Daphne J. (art of speech III— P.). CAIRNS Convent of Mercy — Barrett, Audrey (art o speech HI— H.j; Barretf, Doreen (art o speech V— H.i; Capra, Mlna (art of speed V— cr.); Collins, Margaret (art of speed ?III— H.i: Cronln, Eileen (art of speech V H.i; Lees. Veronica (art of speech III P.i; Kingsbury, Mary (art of speech V— Cr.i McLeod, Peg (art of speech V—H.); Roche Joan (art of speech V— H.l. Miss L. Ward, tutor ? Anderson, Margare (art of speech III— H.); Munroc, Ina lar of speech V—H.); Trucano, Patricia lart o speech V—H.); CHARTERS TOWERS Blackhealh College.— Donald Joyce (art o speech II— P.). St. Mary's College — Johnston, Valerie (ar of. speech IV — H.i; Kearney, Delrdri (art o speech III— Cr.); McCoy, Marjorle (art o speech III— H.); McConachy, Joan (art o speech III— H.i; Tracey, Patricia (art o: speech III— P.). HERBERTON Convent of Mercy. — Delia, Vecchla T. (an of speech III— H.); Martin, Lorna (art o; speech IV— Cr.). St. Mary's C. of E. School ? Baker, Mar garet I. (art of speech II— Cr.i; Waller Dorothy E. (art of speech II — Cr.). INNISFAIL Good Samaritan Convent.— Axford, Dawr (art of speech IV— P.i; Peggy (art of speech V— P.i; Josephs. Joan (art of speech IV— P.); Sue Yek, Ida (art of speech V— Cr.); Sue Yek, Marion (art of speech V— Cr.) Reeldel. Edith (art of speech IV— Cr.). SOUTH JOHNSTONE Good Samaritan Convent.— Foster, Margarel (art of speech V—H.); Glen, Edwin (art ol speech V — Cr.). . a TOWNSVILLE St. Mary's Convent, West Townsvllle. — Watts. Evelyn (art of speech IV— H.) ; Watts, Edna (art of speech V — Cr.i. St. Patrick's College.— Cochrane, Maybelle (art of speech II— Cr.); Doyle, Mary M. (art of speech II — Cr.); Maltam, Violet (arl of speech II— Cr.): O'Reilly, Maureen lart of speech II— H.i: Patterson, Laura A. (art of speech II— H.l. Mls» B. Anderson, tulor.— Francis. Fay larl of speech II— H.j; Hasted, Inncs M. i&rt, ol

speech n— Cr.); Moore, Marlon J. (art of speech I— Cr.); Wright, Betty D. (art of speech IV — Cr.). ? TULLY Miss B. Wilkinson, tutor.— Hatten, Edna (art of speech II— Cr.). CENTRAL LONGREACH Presentation Convent, — Anderson, Desma (art of speech V— Cr.); Bowman. Ursula (art of speech IV — Cr.); Bowman, Olive (art of speech V — Cr.) ; Creede, Molra (art of speech III— H.); Fadian. Mary (art of speech III— H.); Galieh, Mary (art of speech III— Cr.); Lloyd, Ella (art of speech IV— H.); Lynam, Brigld (art of speech III— H.I; Perry. Bride (art of speech IV — Cr.) ; Shaw, Mary (art of speech IV— Cr.). ROCKIIAMPTON Convent Hifrh School.— Hayes, Moya (art of speech II — H.); Monk. Vivlenne (art of speech V — Cr.); Murray, June (art of speech V — H.); Slceman. Mary (art of speech IV — Cr.l: Arm strong, Fay (art of speech III — P.); Blanch field. Betty (art of speech V— P.); Bolton. Eugenie M. (art of speech IV — Cr.): Crau furd, Betty (art of speech V — fcr.l; Gallwey, Margaret A. (art of speech II — H.l; Gorman. Joyce (art of speech III— Cr.): Loth. Marie (art of speech II — Cr.): Monckton, Margaret M. (art of speech III— Cr.). Girls' Grammar School. — Gower, Helen L. (art of speech I— Cr.l; Mec, Margaret (art of speech III — P.) ; Paxton, Joan (art of speech II— P.). State Hhrh School. — Chrlstcnscn, Lorna E. (art of speech II — P.); Hoffman, Claire D. (art of speech II— Cr.). YEPPOON St. Faith's School.— Ash, Ruth M. (art of speech II — P.) ; Blyth, Carolyn May (art of speech II — Cr.); Fryer. Margaret R. (art of speech II — P.); Hallnm. Joyce A. (art of speech IV — Cr.l; Johnston. Diana N. A. (art of speech II— Cr.l ; Klauke, Marjorle E. (art of speech II— P.): McNac. Jean E. (art of speech I — Cr.); Nalnby. Gwendolen R. (art of speech III — Cr.); Templeton. Jocelyn E. lart of speech V — P.); Hallam, Daphne (art of speech II — H.I. S. Ursula'.* College, Yeppoon ? Ahem, Patricia (art of speech V — H.l; Bartley. Myri (art of speech V— Cr.); BlanniiiR, Yvonne (art of speech IV — P.); Burke, Marie (art of speech III— P.); Caton, Loma (art of speech III— P.); Clarke, Mary (art of speech IV— P.I; French. Olj?n (art of speech IV — P.); Free man. Avonil (art of speech III— Cr.); Freeman. Bonnie (art of speech IV — Cr.); Hall, Jean (art of speech IV — H.l; McGovern. Jacqueline (art of speech III — Cr.l: Pulbrook. Ellen (art of speech III— Cr.); West, Dorothy (art of speech V— Cr.). WIDE BAY BUNDABERG Mrs. .T. W. Kendal. tutor. — Richardson, Elaine (art of speech V — H.); Fleming, Patrician O. (art of speech II— Cr.l; Kavanagh, Brenda (art of speech II — Cr.) ; Johnston, Evelyn (art of speech II — H.). Miss D. G. Pace, tutor.— Parsloe, Wanda J. (art of speech IV — P.). GYMriE Convent of Mercy. — Dwycr, Cecllc (art of speech II — P.); Glasgow, Jean (art of speech II— Cr.). HOWARD Ml«s S. L. Hardy, tutor.— Churchett, Isa bel M. (art of speech III— Cr.). KINGAROY Miss M. McHujh, tutor.— Bond. Dlano (art of speech V — P.I ; Freeman. Arthur (art' ol speech V — H.) : Jackson, Mary (art of speech V — Cr.); Yappa, Woodleigh (art of speech IV — Cr.); Anderson, Mildred (art of speech V— Cr.): Blake, Shirley (art of speech V — Cr.); Vertlgan, Barbara (art of speech V — H.). MARYBOROUGH Mrs. M. J. Dlxon. tutor. — Cronk, Joan (art of speech V— P.); Stratigos, Cherrle (art of speech II— H.). MURGON Presenlntlon Convent ? McArthur. Rita (art of speech V — Cr.l; McMahon. Ivy (art of speech V—H.); McMahon, Noela (art of speech V — H.l. DARLING DOWNS T0OWO0MBA Glennie Memorial School. — Brown, Bonnie (art of speech II — Cr.): Fox. Dorothy Helene (art of speech II— P.); Francis, Maude I art. of speech II— Cr.); Lightbody, Joan (art ol speech n — Cr.); McMaster, Pixie P. C. (arl of speech II — P.); Ramsden, Evelyn A. (art of speech II — Cr.i; Sutton, Mary F. (art ol speech II— P.). St. Ursula's CoIleRC, Toovroomba. — Corbett Dorothy (art of speech IV— P.) ; Mlllinan June (art of speech IV — Cr.l; Dwyer, Moyt (art of speech II — Cr.); Klrby, Anne lar of speech II — P.); Mllligan, Delphine (art o: speech II — P.); O'Brien. Dorothy (art o speech III — P.); O'Brien. Moyia (art of speed: III— Cr.l; Walters, Chlorls (art of speech II— H.I: Brodie. Mary lart of speech II— P.I. Miss J. Eastgatc, tutor.— Duthic, Olive J. A

(art of speech V— Cr.); Maber, Lola (art of speech V—H.); Sampey, Patricia E. (art of speech V—H.); Tomkys, Lesley D. (art of speech V— Cr.). Miss M. G. Schumann, tutor.— Draydon, Coral E. lart of speech III — H.l; Dunne, Stephanie D. (art of speech IV — H.): Gilles pic, Noela M. (art of speech II— P.). WARWICK Presbyterian Girls' College. — Sutherland, Agnes J. (art of speech II — P.I.