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Director From Hollywood

Mr. Arthur Greville (Jollins prob ably is called more names, affec tionately and otherwise, than any other motion picture director in

Hollywood. I learned this yester day, when he arrived in Brisbane on a holiday visit. In the film centre he is known as the 'hard-boiled genius,' and this although he is British-born; as 'a grand guy to work with'; as 'Colonel'; and as a 'son-of-a-gun worker when he gets started.' But somehow I think he would prefer to go ? down in the annals as a 'trouper' — the accolade he gives those actors and actresses upon whom he can always depend to in terpret an ides. Few can judge troupers better, for Mr. Collins began his career in the theatre. For years he was a stage director in London, with the produc tion of such plays as 'Fata Morgana,' 'No Man's Land,' 'Tarnish,' and others to his credit. He has directed stage plays in Los Angeles, and in Australian cities. Eleven years ago he heard the call of the film studios, and his career in the production and direction of films began as a dialogue director. 'I was with Warner Brothers for two years in this capacity,' he said yester day, 'learning the technique of film director. Then I was given a mega phone, a chair with my name on it, a script, and some actors, and told to go ahead and make a picture. I did. Since that time I have had the pleasure of directing such stars as Margaret Lindsay, Anita Louise, Edward Everett Horton. Glenda Farrell, Dolores Del

Rto, warren William, Arthur Treacher, and David Niven.' AUSTRALIAN FILM Mr. Collins came to Australia this year to produce and direct 'Seven Little Australians.' Months were oc cupied in preliminary work, but only a little more than five weeks was re quired to actually 'shoot' the film. This would be considered good going, even in Hollywood. 'The players did a fine job of work,' he said. 'I sought youngsters truly representative of Australian childhood, and the performances they have contributed to the screen are as finished as could be expected of even most experienced actors. 'They were happily natural in gait and manner, and particularly sensi tive to direction. I am confident that the film will find an enthusiastic re ception, both in Australia and abroad.' Plans are being formulated by Mr. Collins for the production of more local films.— TE PANA.