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ilimien-i juts mai sim is» bv In« bundinie; ni the Loiifeiuitc, ind it will ptolnblv be found when the ti tie story of the pro eeidings become« knottn, tint ii At t« only Hi- nisistiiKc tint pi ey i lite I -v biciktlovvn li mole tli in one stit,i J he J Ince Vowel lieitv, wliicli iniplifioh uni nine- on the Washington j^itinitiit 1- the oiitsliiulm». ichievomcnt ot the unfit cm o nul while it ii louifoitiii), to 1 noiv tint tho -ile

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I France and Italy

Y\ lilli in othei tlum Jjibuiii null» then i vi»ts fu» doubt is to ill« «M-dom of Hu I input » i \ nilpie ol in ulm Hun is (pint «tti»*3< lum in the I mu I «-titi- itpiulv with tilt Jtuti»h n ia v Iii« in«, beni «von 1'iisiilent lloovn Iii« pionnsed lu submit Hie tieitv to the 'smite «eiv soon md it will bi mtdisting to hin Hu opinions upon it ol Hu 'big nnvv, -nhoeiles lipinisi iediug is it nil tunis didiiiilt t> !,iii}.i It is »ignificiiil hovvivd, tint the pöbln ii «donn tint nt oin lime tlncatencd ni 1 ohio bee msc it xvas thought Hut Ilpili «vis bomii iskid to mike too heiAv i s ici Hue Ins not m ol en Wheicis

lipni in I'lll hid 21)2 000 tons of uniseis I dcstioieis, ,md biibtniiinis, sin will now be entitltd undei the trcitv to 'ti" 010 ton» while Gitnl Buluin's tot ii till« from .111,000 to 111 700 Doton tin loiifcuncc met On it- Jil it un li id f foin nuisei- live sitbm ti mes mil some miuoi nnft. oi the 102«? mid 1020 piogiimme», tin] ]io-tiioiied the tinco limiiunn: sub minne? ol 1120 '-he lins since i"ned lo milli five lit Ule ships and to fmtlici le du«« bet (iiiisci -tlength fioin 70 xvhiib the Vdninully dciimd necessity m 1027 lo KI 'Ihcet ne di-luibmg; hgtiies A- fin linne ind îtilx, be«, omi »iib nutting tonn igi figmes fin be« omi thin lu ist ni cipmlv to build ttii ti ind Hlu-ni^ lo lhite one jot of linn di

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11 ned in rondón dining the list time I m Hillls tin In nell thc-is tlioua;li it nun ' - mid hi i toiin-cl ol pcitiction comiuends I t(«elt t- Hie nio-t thoiotigh ol ill the

liifthoil- of ^lining di-iintimetit tint li ixe ¡ been li-cus-ed I

Danger in India I

"Ai ill linn d indhl t non violent iniiip 111,11 id "(lvil tli»obedicnce ' Ins lui lo some

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limy mid the fisk oi holding them in 1 heil» iiiu-t hi 1 soAiie tist ol the nil «pi ni of tin unlit in mid pillie ptoteition at pi Chilli a If 01 tied in Inilii Hie full stiength of the mm ituludiu' Jtuttsh mil Indian iii-onucl, is ibout 2d0 000 at tin murnini When the tiotible with Vfghiuistui intuí led ni Itll'.l an irmj {40 000 stn nr« vv is iiiiissiij to defend Indi 1 norn mv i-ini J vei snin thin the tiu-ti

i-t of the folies have bein I opt 111 the ligion 01 tin pisses Avlnih ni ii»is it mon ihwiiiieting to linn tint Hu two Jviigh-h nun who lo»t thin hvis i iiw ilijs igj win Hil xiitniis ol 111 Indi in «,ci"nnl lïifoii Cr milln opemd his lillipilli he «j 1 oti to the \ neioA tleihting tint bo did not intend to lim m 1 single 1 iit,h»h ni in 01 mv legitimate mtinst Hut lu li id m Indi i I/oid Tin in, knowing hittei

îephed tint Gmdlu s piointed ninpii¿n «vas "iliiilv bound to involve dniifccr to public peiei ' 1 he G'ovumiiciit of I min is lo hi M inpathmed with ni its ittempts to 1 he«I« this (langetout, finutii without ippinnik us the tjunti th ii be so oftin depnts it to be hefoic 11 itivi iiudienics

The Hated Salt Tax

Hu minimini c ol the «-iiiiou tomlins nolls lepoit-it lins pionnsed foi pilbil lation -oon ittet I ittci-milco am sub teisive inov enteilt in Juill t d uiguoiisT} in oppoltune Ihcic is evcij lctson to think tint the icpoit will be ilisippomting to the Home Jttileis, und cut unit to the Congie- put} ot cxtienn-ts 1 lit} i«I

lot imniediitc and eomplete Dominion stitti« Hld ii this is not gi tilted the ] itsint distuibed conditions llitouglioul i ¡ni0e patt ol the comitiv will be ictdj to then lund foi piomotmg ainichv mil livvlc-sness. Gandhi has been relying so     far upon the so-called iniquity of the salt   tax in his attempts to inflame feeling against the “satanic” British administra-     tion. It is probably the only argument that he could effectively use in a country in which only a bare 80 out of every 1,000 Indians can read or write. The salt tax is really very harmless. Moreover, it is almost       the only means that can be availed of by the Government to obtain revenue from   the millions of Indians in the villages, and     its total yield last year was £5,000,000. The           burden upon the average native is negli- gible, yet the tax is being decried as op-   pressive. It is necessary that the produc- tion of salt should be highly organised and controlled by a single authoirty in   order that there can be an equitable dis- tribution of the supply over so extensive an area. If Gandhi’s plan for salt produc- tion as a home industry were adopted vast and densely crowded areas where there are no local deposits of brine would have to import salt from other countries at great cost. It is pertinent to the case to ex- plain the salt tax, as it has played the most important part in the campaign of     “civil disobedience.”  

Wall stieet, Kew Yoik, is dotlcd with young millionaires vvoikmg íor i danes of io a. week ind less \n \ustrian count mid 1 Aouth commonlv believed to be the son ot an J-nghsb did eue among them I lift buntem with a taste foi uossvvoids mnv imd a ' ihic m the iatt that the youngster who is tcpiifed to be the sou of in I nghbli duke is Hilled John Han in tin olhic