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8HIPPIBG ? ; ^^A. QTEAM TO LONDON— ORIENT 3™^^, O LINE.— The Magnificent Full ?3pBSBw- powered Steamship LUSITANIA, 3,825 tons, 3,000 horse-power effective, belong ing to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company, is appointed to leave the Semaphore for London via Suez Canal on 20th September, FOE NOVEMBER WOOL SALES, affording Shippers an opportunity of placing the ?First Wools of the New Clip in the London Market at a time 'when it is bare of wools of that description, thus ensuring its commanding Jfull prices. This fine Steamer has seven watertight com partments; is rigged for long ocean voyages, and is noted for speed. The whole accommodation Is beneath a spar deck, thus securing complete protection from the ?weather and thorough ven tilation. The 'irst Saloon, 90 feet in length, 5s provided, with an apparatus for heating with steam ?when necessary ; and the arrangements generally, which include Bathroom, Smoking room, Icehouse, Cow, &c, are such as to secure ?fte greatest comfort. Both First and Second Cabins axe furnished -with every requisite, including Bedding, Linen, '?rt^**c. An experienced Surgeon and a Stewardess fttill be carried. Fares— First Saloon, 60 to 75 BrJneas; Second Saloon, 30 to 35 guineas ; Third ?class, 20 to 22 guineas ; Steerage (for men only), 16 guineas. To be followed by the s a Chimborazo, about 20th November, and s.s. Cuzco, about 20th December, both similar to the Lusitania in power and appointments. JOSEPH STILLING & CO. 178mwfYev HENEY SCOTT. ^3i-i mJE PACIFIC MATL STEAM SfRfcf$v.JL SHIP COMPANY. — OVEE- aBeSS? k^ND Kouto to Greafc Britain through America. — The ZEALANDIA or other Steamer will be dispatched from Sydney for Auckland at 3 p Jn. on Friday, 27th -July, 1877, carrying Mails and Passengers to Honolulu and San Francisco. For further information and rates of passage, -apply to ? ? FBEDEEICK WRIGHT, Agent. Graham-Chambers, Adelaide. 171c ^j^-v itylTESSHS. MONEY 'WIGEAM f#fR^vlTJL AND SONS' (of Blackball afefe&£r Yard, London) LINE of STEAM and SAILINGr PACKETS will be dispatched 'from the Sandridge Eailway Pier for London Direct, as follows ; — ? Ship. Commander. 'Will Sail. ~' 1877. ijnrcoufSBXBB ... Ed. Davies ... July 7 6.S. Kent ? G. F. Gibbs ... August 4 Yoekshibb ? G. O. Sladdea August 18 6.S. Somebsetshibb H. F. Holt ... Sept. 15 S.S. Durham ? F. Anderson .. Nov. 3 Tbtje Bkiton ? G-. M. Miller. Nov. 10 «S. NoRTHUMBER- H ^ SMnner Dec- 8 zash ? I The Accommodation for all_ classes of pas sengers are unsurpassed. Provisions e£ the best quality are supplied. Each vessel carries s duly-qualified surgeon. Passage-money, £16 and upwards. A liberal allowance to families. Seturn Tickets issued at reduced rates. Passage-Orders are issued to persons desirous of sending for their friends at home. For all particulars, apply to 27c JAMES tttt.T,, Grenfell-streek_ ^3^-v 'OEGULAR STEAM OOM fflfXoS^XI' MUNIOATION from KING TWllllll GEOEGE'S SOUND to CHAM PION BAY, via the Vasse, Bunbury, and Ere ?mantle. — The s.s. BOB BOY leaves Albany (King George's Sound) as above, on arrival of the Royal Mail Steamships from Europe and the Colonies. Adelaide Agents, JOHN WEBSTER & CO., U4c . 'K'iTig 'William-street. ^3^3. T710E MELBOUENE DIEEOT. *2!!/K1^.-**'- Until further notice the new ggffir^ Steamships SOUTH AUSTRA LIAN and VICTOKIAN will run regularly between ADELAIDE and MELBOUBNE, ?leaving each Port on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS, except the last Saturday in each Month. N.B. — Bedding is provided in the Second Cabin. For the Adelaide Steamship Co., Limited. HEEBEET EVANS, Sec, 4, Ourrie-street. JOHN FOBMBY k SON. Port. 173cv ^2k^v X?OR MELBOURNE DIRECT.— SJfS^^w-'- The new f88* Steamship *3mBES!&' VICTOEIAN, 656 tons, G. Colder, master, will sail on Satur day, July 7, at 3 pjn. The SOUTH AUSTEALIAN, 656 tons,T. W. Lockyer, master, will sail on Tuesday, July 10, at 3 pan. Passengers by 2 p.m. Train. For the Adelaide Steamship Co., I HEEBEET EYANS, Sec, 4, Ourrie-street. ► JOHN FOEMBY & SON, Port. 185*8 ^=J^^ XT^OE MELBOUENE, VIA 35m^swX? KINGSTON, ROBE, RIVOLI JSftffffliftfz- BAY.AND MAODONNELL BAY. —The Steamship PENOLA, F. P. Snewin, master, will sail on Tuesday, 10th inst., at 3 pan. - Passengers by 2 o'clock train. - GEOEGE YOUNG, 23, Currie-street, or Prince's Wharf. Goods for the Outports received at any time ?free of storage charges if delivered at Prince's 'Wharf. 1S5-91V ^Jv^ OTEAM TO MELBOUENE ?!SfAl3R^^ DLRECT.— The S.S. ?tSBSsS&Zt ALDINGA, ?Captain McLean, will sail for Melbourne direct, ?on THURSDAY, July 13, at 3 o'clock. , Passengers by 2 pjn Train. Saloon passage, £2 5s.; Eeturn, £3 10s. Steerage .passage, £1 5s. ; Eeturn, £2. L. A. JESSOP, Grenfell-street. 186c JOHNTUENBULL, Port. ; -h^:L ~OOE YICTOE HAEBOUE, ^ffl^^^JC POET MAODONNELL, ^'Ijj^fiffij!^. POETLAND, BELFAST, WABENAMBOOL, and ; MELBOUENE. — \ ' TheS.S. ' . . ! O M E O, I ?Captain Ghatfield, will sail for the above ports on or about MONDAY, July 9. ' L. A. JESSQP, Grenfell-street. 181c JOHNTUENBULL, Port. ; ,.ihik-'V IT?1011 POBT AUGUSTA ,33fT^^ JD DIBECT.— The Steamer ; «3HCSlSS»» FLINDERS j will sail on Saturday, July 7, at 10 a.m. \ Passengers by 9.30 ajn. Train. ; N.B.— Only Fruit and Vegetables will be re ?eeived on Saturday morning. ? She will leave Port Augusta on Wednesday, uly 11, at 8 aan. \ For the Spencer's Gulf Steamship Co., Limited, HEBBEET EVANS, Sec, 4, Ourrie-street. JOHN FOEMBY & SON, Port. 1858 /-ibCj. TlOE POET LINCOLN. fraKgs. JLJ —The Steamer ; jjjgp^ LUBKA 11 sail on Tuesday, July 10, at 12 noon, i Passengers by 11.30 aan. Train. j For the Spencer's Gulf Steamship Co., L&, HEEBEET EVANS, Sec, 4, Currie-street. JOHN FOEMBY & SON, Port. 187*9* -d3^:k XnOE MOONTA BAY AND flUs, JO WALLAEOO.— The Steamer 3fflj&Mt KANGABOO irill sail on Wednesday, July 11, at 3 pan. sharp. Passengers by 2 pjn. Train. ; Skippers are requested to note the sailing at 3 Jj.m. sharp. ~ ? . For the Spencer's Gulf Steamship Co., Left, HEEBEET EVANS, Sec, 4. Currie-strtet. JOHN FOBMBY & SOX, Port. 187^2 ? ?^j^K-v QTEAM TO EBITHBUEGH and auRfL^V© STANSBUEY (Twice a week). SSmSwZr'— The Steamship GLENELG ' Btarts every Wednesday and Saturday mornings i from Port Adelaide at 9 o'clock, from Edith * burgh and Stansbury Friday and Monday : ioonitngs at 9 and 11 o'clock. ? - - No Cargo taken for Stansbury. ? Freigirt or passage, appb? Steam Tug Office fort 74cv

___ ? SHIPPING ? . r j-k -v 1VI'OONTA BAT- WALLAEOO,' J^^^llLL AND POET PIEIE.— The d£@Sr Steamer ! EMU, ! Captain Osbome. Cargo for Port Pirie only, i ' MOONTA BAY AND POET PIEIE. ? ' The Steamer EUEO, Captain Creer. j After the current week these favourite Steamers will commence running for the above ports regularly once a week. Euro, Wednesday, July 11, ' i Emu, Saturday, July 14, ; ; and thereafter every Wednesday and Saturday until further notice. ? HALL & CO., Port Adelaide. 187'92v GILES & SMITH, Pirie-street. , .^3^ ivirooNTA bay ^^^ pokt . TO^^vi-T-JL PIELE.— The Steamer , Wednesday, July 11, at 3 p.m. J iVb Cargo received after 12 on Bay of Sailing. , HALL & CO., Port 187-92v GILES & SMITH, Adelaide. ; — ^ — — — — — — — — ^ — 1 --!£hi5^ TCTOE EDITHBUEGH AND ^^^^Jj STANSBUEY.— The Siissi^ OEBES i starts every Tuesday and Saturday from Port Adelaide at 9 o'clock ; from Edithburgh and - Btansbury, Monday and Thursday Morninge at 9 and 11 o'clock. j Freight or passage, apply I 864mwf ov G. B. SELTH. Maclaren Wharf. ' ^3bsi- 'TT°'R P0RT VINCENT, : ^^^^Jj YORKE'S PENINSULA.— . «B&d53»* The Steamer STAE OF HOPE leaves Port Adelaide every Saturday morning at [ 10 o'clock, and returns the following Monday, F leaving Port Vincent at the same hour. Has splendid accommodation for 20 Cabin and 50 Steerage Passengers, and is well adapted for I the conveyance of Horses. '; fargo Stored at Port Adelaide Free of Ci£AIIGE. Apply to ; W. E. CAVE & CO , Port ; or j 177cv F. W. LUXMOORE, Surveyor's Pointj. i&5K ~E?OK LONDON DIEECT.^ jf^ll^Jlj MARY MOOEE, j iisgggg^ 565 tons register, Al 17 years. This fine composite Ship is now loading, and will have quick dispatch. ; For freight early application is necessary. I 159mwfYc ELDER, SMITH, & CO.' *^2K 'tn0E SYDNEY DIBE0T. «#«^^._ij —The Al Barque I 5i^^ PHCENLX j with dispatch. I _174c ? JOHN FOBMBY & SON; A&a^ rilHE Begular Trader \ jg^g^J, ANNIE LISLE, } ?aEiMaaisS is again on the berth for Western Australia, calling at King ? George's Sound, Vasse, Fremantle, and Bunbury. For rake: of freight and passage apply tc- ? : JOHN WEBSTER & CO., Town. 169-98 W. E. CAVE & CO., Port. A&^v 'I70R COFFIN'S, VENUS, AND ^SSSi^JD STREAKY BAYS.— The Clipper GRACE DARLING ; is now receiving cargo, and will sail with dispatch. al86-7 ELDER, SMITH & CO., Agents. *3t*v '1710R VENUS, STEEAKY, AND ^S^,JD FOWLER'S BAYS.— The ? ShXpZ, FANNY WEIGHT will sail for the above ports at an early date. Cargo taken charge of and stored free of cost. Apply to ? 1 187-90 B. HONEY, Lion Timber Yard. i2KV T?0E POET WAKKFTETJX^ ^S^,X? The Ketches ? j 3MJMZ SEABIRDandPEECY \ to sail with dispatch. J C. E. COOKE & CO., t 184-7 ? Agents for John Stylej X&a. XT^OE POET PIEIE DIEEOt!— gg^^ BRONZEWING \. will sail on Friday, the 6th instant. ; 184-7 J- M. SINCLAIR, SON, & SMITH; iS^ TTOR PORT PIRIE AND POET «p*Sb,JL? AUGUSTA.— The ^^^ ULLIE MAY, now loading, sails positively Friday, July 6. 180-7 ? A. LEMESSURIEB, Agent. tiS.-^ 'I?OR PORT AUGUSTA AND #^^ Jj PORT PIRQJ.— The ^^ LOTUS will sail with dispatch. 179c G. B. SELTH. ?±&?k T?0B' LACEPEDE BAY AND ^^^^,-BJ VECTOR HAEBOUE. — The ?ISwfesi?S, Schooner LILY will sail on Saturday, July 7. Apply to ORMEEOD & CO., Kingston. 183-8 H. MUECKE & CO., Port. j^^ '17^ o:R PORT VICTOB.— The ?ra8^^^._Ij Regular Trader , /' imm£ VICTOE, I' 1U0 tons, will sail with quick dispatch. i' G. S. READ, Port Victor. ? &' 186c JOSHUA EVANS, Port Adelaide. ifr A&Sv 17^0R MOONTA BAY, WA&- ^a^rJD LAROO, AND PORT VICtr w3^Z&r TORIA.— The . .' ' ECLIPSE, . 1_ now loading, will sail with dispatch. Apply on board. 185c jStSK XpOR AEBBOSSAN.— The ^^»ga--«- Regular Trader ®^& MAYFLOWBB Bails from Port AdeL-.ide every Friday at 5 p.nL, and Ardrossan every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ! a95whfo J. M. SINCLAIE. SON, & SMITH. X&&. 'ST^OR FREIGHT OR CHARTEB.*. ^^^k.Jj —The Barque : *XEX£&r FLETJR DE MAUEICE. f 16b'-8 Apply to Capt. Walker, on board. .ilk-k QTEAM-TUG FOR SALE.— The ^^^^k3 Tug TIPAEA, now lying at fcSSSSJggjTMoonta Bay, suited for the put ports. Length 37 ft., Beam 9 ft., Depth Amid ships 5 ft., Draught 3 ft. 6 in. Engines, 6 h.p. nominal. Boilej fitted with Giffard's Patent Injection. Completely found in every respect with Mast, Sails, Chains, Anchors, Awning, &c, kc. Apply to Wells Bros., Adelaide. lSlmwfc '¥7I0T0E HAEBOUE AND GOOLWA.^ V GEOEGE S. BEAD, Ottstohs, Shihpins, akd Gekbral Commission Aghmt. 333o HD. C E U T T END E~lf ,' ? SHIPPING AND COMMISSION AGENT, 'WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. : Goods Stored in Bonded or Free Warehouse at current rates. Wines, Spirits, Beer, and Tobacco delivered f.o.b. as Ship's Stores. The Trade and Families supplied with best brands. Maclaren WTiarf, Port Adelaide. 176mwfcv ILLIAM McOULLOCH & CO. GENERAL CARRLERS, INSURANCE, SHIPPING, AND CUSTOM HOUSE AGENTS. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BRANCHES: ADELAIDE, GOOLWA, and POET VICTOR, HEAD OFFICE: MELBOURNE. ? 244mwfcv ., W'lCKSTEED BROTHERS, ADELAIDE and PORT ADELAIDE. The Undersigned beg to inform their Friends and the Public that they have commenced busi ness in Adelaide as Merchants and Importers, and at Port Adelaide as Custom House, Shipping-, and General Commission Agents, under the style or name of WICKSTEED BROTHERS. W. P. WICKSTEED, Late Salesman to Messrs. Francis Clark & Sons. H. J. WICKSTEED, Late of Messrs. Elder, Smith, & Co.'s Shipping _^_ ? Office. ? 170cv WICKSTEED BROTHERS,] MERCHAJSiTS and IMPOETERS,' \ GRESHAM-CHAMBEBS, ADELAIDE. ? 170cv WICKSTEED BEO THE E S CUSTOM HOUSE, SHOPPING, j AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS, LIPSON-STREET, PORT ADELAIDE. ? 170pv -OIVEES MURRAY AND DARLING JLl/ FORWARDING AND SHIPPING] AGENCY.. ? ??'? ! H. D. GOUGE, opposite Union Bank. 152-243V Pirie-street, Adelaide. i

_I SHIPPING ? ^O CAPTAINS, OWNERS OF VESSELS, AND OTHERS. Hie Undersigned are PUECHASEES of Old ^VAS.EOPE.MUNTZ'S METAL, OOPPEE, 4 SOBAP LRON _ S, Db YOUNG & CO., HMPSON-STEEET, POET ADELAIDE, ? Opposite King's Timber Yard. al44c IENEY OOWIE, AlFEED-ChASTBEBS, CtTRRIH-STEEET, ^GENCY OFFICE for the foUowing COM GpERIAL MARINE INSURANCE COM ^NY, LIMITED, OF LIVERPOOL AND QJPON. ? 158mwfc ^O SHIPMASTEES, MEECHANTS, AND -, OTHERS. The SHIPPING REPORTER attends to legrams or Letters, and his Boats are available ' all purposes connected with 'Shipping in the ilf. Boat Flag No. 3. RICHARD JAGOE, Beach Branch Office, Lef evre's Peninsula. bfsiitess~it6tices ~ [A CARD.] - OBERT GETHES'G, MJD.,begs to intimate \i that he has This Day TAKEN INTO lRTNERSHLP his Brother-in-law, JOHN tESILLIAN TOLL, L.R.C.P. and M.R.C.S. July 2, 1877. ? 184c 1HE AGENCIES of the following COM - PANTES have been EEMOVED to TCVERSAL BUILDINGS, Grenfell-street :— IE UNIVERSAL MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. THE MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE ? SOCIETY. IE SOUTH BRITISH FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY. IE QUEEN FERE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. BEUTEB'S TELEGRAM COMPANY, LIMITED. L. A. JESSOP, 114c ? Insurance and General Agent. TEE OFFICES of the undersigned are - EEMOVED to 1, UNIVERSALBUILD iGS, Grenfell-street. 159c M. C. DAVIES. ? MEUCK&gTDISE ? LLE') M. B. Foster & Sons, Jeffery, Byass, and -Bass, Allsopp, Coombes, Bridges, :OUT J Guinness, Johnson. Hhds. Ale, Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Booth's n, Champagne, Claret, Sherry, Port, Cider, irks. oss & Blackwell \ Fruits, Pickles, &c. hybrow & Morton's J Salad and Castor Oil. Linseed Oil, Colman's Starch, Blue, Glue, ibacco, Hops, Malt, Cadbury's Cocoa, Choco :e, Galvanized Iron (G.O. and Braby's), Sheet ad, Fence Wire, Tin Plate, Sheet Zinc, Brush ire, Millstones and Silks, White Lead, Black ad, Woolpacks, Canvas, Twine, Paint. 141mwfcv HENRY SCOTT, Adelaide. ENGLISH ALE.— li ASHBY^ BULK ALE, in Hhds. Ashby's Bottled do., in cases Tennenfs do. do., do. Shipments of NEW BREW, Just Arrived. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., 193c Adelaide Agents. VROADWOOD'S PIANOS.— ON SALE, by 3 the Undersigned, Superior PIANOS and ANETTES, received direct from the Makers, sssrs, John Broadwood & Sons. ELDEB, SMITH, & CO., Sole Agents for South Australia. ? 159mwftl56v DYNAMITE.— ON SALE by the~^ndeT J signed, NOBEL'S PATENT DYNA [TE, with suitable Detonators and Fuse. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., 164mwf253v Adelaide Agents -YNAMITE. ^his rfaperio? Explosive is now being used i n the Principal Mines in e Colony, and will be found very effective in ?rooting stumps even in the softest ground. Its use is very simple ; and parties wishing to instructed in its application should apply rly to Mr. Edward' Thomson, Travelling structor for Nobel's Explosives Company, re of ELDER, SMITH, & CO., 159mwf248v244 Adelaide Agents. ~ ITHOFRACTEUR. — This very safe and A powerful BLASTING COMPOUND is -w used at most of the Mines in this colony, d is too well known to need special recom eDdation. It is available for ALL BLASTING JEPOSES, and has given general satisfaction. S' SALE by the leading Storekeepers and by e undersigned. ? j D. & J. FOWLER. 170mwf253v FRANCIS CLARK & SONS. ^ E NO I N G~WIEE. TO FAEMEES AND OTHEES. 100 TONS (SLIGHTLY DAMAGED) JOHNSTON and other WELL-KNOWN BEANDS. DEAWN WIEE,Nos. 6 to.l0._ SHEOPSHIBE BOLLED WIBE, : Nos. 4, 5, and 6. ?: B EOWN & WOOD ; are now offering the above at A GREAT' BEDUCTION IN PBICE. 3BICULTUEAL STOBES, WAYMOUTH STEEET 181cv -XT & A. GEuBEY^ WINES AND t\ ? SPIRITS. Ctrets, Hocks, Sherries, Ports, Sauternes, lampagnes, and Spirits of all descriptions. ?dera taken for one case and upwards. Sole Agents for South Australia, FANNING & CO., Adelaide. The above Wines and Spirits can be obtained any quantities at printed list prices from our ib-Agents — Assorted Cases made np— le Import Company of Australasia, Retail Stores, Grenfell-street. J. Lammey, Tynte-street, North Adelaide. H. D. Cruttenden, Maclaren Wharf, Port lelaide. ? 52c_ )N SALE.— HOPS (Tasmanian, 1877), Bulk Whiskies and Bums, Sherry in qrs., aree and One Star Brandies, JDKZ Geneva. 103c ? FANNING & CO. r-ENAULT'S PALE BEANDY, in Bulk ti and Case. 185c FANNING & CO., Sole Agents, 'a LJINNESS'S STOUT, Bottled by O'Brien X —the celebrated DAGGEE Brand. Solo eents for South Australia, M. MABWOOD & CO., g27o Waymouth-street. |JB'ARRIA2^S ALE, New Brew, on hand and y$_ to arrive. J9S-21S JAS. ROBIN & CO. -pOR SALE by the undermentioned, 30-lb. '? '. TEAM EAILS. I57fra-n-c_ ? D. & W. MtTRRAY. \EE BAGS O~N SALE by / 29mwfc ? ' ELDER, SMITH, & CO. DBAPEBY AS3 CLQTHINQ j 4^. KING WILLIAM -STREET. ~ 9 A NEW IDEA, THE EUKLISIA RUG. - ANEW IDEA, ' THE EUKLISIA BUG. A NEW IDEA, THE EUKLISIA EUG. .' - A NEW IDEA, . . .-..' THE EUKLISIA RUG. A NEW IDEA, L' ? THE EUKLISIA EUG. - - ' A NEW IDEA, |.. .THE EUKLISIA RUG. j''' A NEW IDEA, THE EUKLISIA RUG. I - GEO. P. DOOLETTE, 1 VOBT AND OLEBICAL TAILOB AND I- GENEEAL OUTFITTER, W: 6c 40, King William-stebet. c . ?

DRAPERY AJH) CLOTHiyo , JNO. HODGKISS & OO. HATH NEW AND FASHIONABLE GOODS IN EVEEY DEPARTMENT ; NOW BEADY FOB INSPECTION. The Eecent Shipments to hand embrace — EEAL SEALSKIN JACKETS, from 20 to 50 guineas ? ? | All the NEWEST FUBS in Muffs, Boas, Ties, &c. ? COSTUMES in varied material and novel iesigns ; in short, this Department must be seen to be appreciated. (Note. — The abovemen tionsd are not exhibited in windows.) ; DRESS FABRICS.— The variety of Dresi Fabrics this season exceeds that of any previous year. Colours are new and arranged with great affect ; the neutral tints predominate, but in Morning and Walking Costume their graceful iff ect has rarely been equalled. In SHAWLS the Novelties this season eie in striking contrast to those of former seasons, exhibiting as they do improved taste on the part jf 'designers and admirable skill on the part of manufacturers in carrying out the designs. The recent depressed prices of raw material (wool) has had a marked effect on this class of goods. We are consequently enabled to offer the same at Reduced Prices IN SILKS of every description the market has had during the past six months an upward tendency, so much so that raw silks maybe quoted at 60 per cent, (sixty per cent.) advance. Yet, notwithstanding this advance in the raw material, we are enabled (by having purchased at the rates of six months ago) to offer to oar customers the Largest Stock of Bich Black Silks ever yet submitted to the Public of South Aus tralia at a very slight advance. The Prices range from 5s. to 16s. 6d. per yard. Lower qualities in stock at market value, but we wish distinctly to state that it is in the higher class of silks that we can offer the greater advan tages. HOSIERY.— The Winter Hosiery this season is well deserving of notice. We make this Department one of special consideration. The luxury of good hose can only be appreciated by those who use. - GLOVES. — In this Department the caprice of Fashion has introduced much that is new. The colours particularly call for the highest admiration, whilst the increased length and faultless cut combine to add elegance to the form of every hand. MDLLINERY.— This Department baffles de scription. Inspection alone can convey an idea of what it is like, therefore inspect. FANCY GOODS in Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, and Lace, we now exhibit in profusion, as well as many other Novelties most difficult to classify under any heading. GENERAL DRAPERY.— Our Stock of all classes in Cotton and Linen Fabrics ia well assorted. The Table Linen is well worthy of notice in Tablecloths and Napkins of every size, both in Scotch and Irish makes. WOOLLEN DEPARTMENT.— As usual fully supplied with the productions of English, Scotch, German, and Colonial looms, ranging in prices from Is. 6d. to 27s. per yard. For Ladies' wear there are many new things in Imitation Seal skins, Beavers, Autobedons, &c, kc Note Address — JNO. HODGKISS & OO^ 26 and 28, BUNDLE-STREET, STEPHENS-PLACE, Adelaide i lOOcv And 22, Basinghall-stbbet, London. TOHN W. PARKIN, 30, BUNDLE-STBEET. . i ANNUAL CLEAEANOE. {' ANNUAL CLEABANCE. . j ANNUAL CLEARANCE, j ANNUAL OLEAEANCE. \ ANNUAL CLEABANCE. ; ANNUAL CLEAEANCE. \ ANNUAL CLEAEANCE. ? ANNUAL OLEABANCE. ANNUAL OLEAEANCE. . ANNUAL CLBABANCE. ANNUAL GLEAEANCE. ANNUAL CLEABANCE. ANNUAL CLEAEANOE. ANNUAL CLEAEANCE. ANNUAL CLEAEANCE. ; ANNUAL CLEAEANOE. i . ANNUAL CLEAEANCE. ANNUAL OLEAEANCE. UNUSUALLY HEAVY EEDUCTIONS ? ON I at.t. THE VAST STOCK OF NEW WINTEB FAB BIOS During the Present-Month, ; . AT THE ABOVE HOUSE. ^° Fob Pabticttlabs, see Cibcuiabs. i ' ; : ' i'V; 187mhc J' MILLEE ANDEESON & CO. ? ''? ? __^. ? ' ? ?- ' WE HAVE NOW COMPLETED OPENING AND ABEANGLNG OUB WINTEB SHIPMENTS, Importing Direct from Manufacturers, and having the services of an experienced Bayer, we are able to offer great advantages to Pur chasers. DEESS GOODS— All the new shades in French and Norwich Fabrics. ULSTEB TWEEDS in Checks, Stripes, and Mixtures. MATTELASSE and other New Jacketings in great variety. FUE TRIMMINGS in Eeal and Imitation Fur. We have a full assortment of these in the most fashionable kind and colours. JACKETS and PALETOTS, including Eeal Sealskin, Real Astrachan, and Fur-Trimmed Gocds in the newest shapes and materials. ' MILLINERY.— In this Department we ara showing a much larger stock than in any previous season. FLOWERS. — We beg to call special attention to a small assortment of French Flower Garnitures for Evening Dresses. The CHOICEST THINGS ever shown in the colony. Also Flowers for the Hair — a large variety. LADIES' and CHILDREN'S HOSIEBY.— In this Department we have our usual large and well-assorted Stock in the best makes Also the newest styles in FANCY HOSIERY. BOYS' and YOUTHS' READY - MADE CLOTHING:— A Full Stock of Seasonable Goods in the best Wearing Materials. The assortment of Knickerbocker Suits is ex ceptionally good in style and finish. ULSTERS and OVERCOATS in all sizes. GENTS' OVERCOATS— Very superior goods quite equal to anything Made to Order. j. amr.T/RR Anderson & co., 125CV HlHDLEY-STBEBT. TV A B Y LINEN UNDERCLOTHING MANUFACTURERS. - CEAIG & CO., 151,EUNDLE-STEEET, Two Doors East of the Yoitx. LADIES' OWN MATERIALS MADE UP. Ladies' own Patterns accurately Copied. WEDDING and TRAVELLING OUTFITS made up on the shortest notice. 148mwfc . 3tU¥8 Affl) STOCS FOR SALE, 100 MILES of COUNTRY with Permanent Water, 50 miles south of Charlotte Waters and 30 miles west of Tele graph Line. Apply to 185-7 BEYNELL & REINECKE. Adelaide.

AMUSEMENTS ! m HE A TEE B O Y A Li Lessees ... ... Messrs: T,a^»-r & Aixisok. Stage Manages ... Mr. J. H. Rainfobd. LAST NIGHT LAST NIGHT (But Three) t . Of the Charming Young English Actress, ' MISS ADA WARD, . THIS (FEIDAY) EVENING, JULY 6, i FIRST AND LAST TIME, THE HUNCHBACK. Master Walter ... ... G. D. Chaplin. Sir G.Clifford ? H. N. Douglas. Modus ? J. H. Baint'ord. , Lord Tinsel ? A. Elliott. Master Wilford ... ... C. Brown. Stephen ... ... ... J, Hasker. Fathom ... ... ... J. South. Gay love ... ?.... ... J. Welsh. Thomas ... . ... ... G. Carey. Julia ... ... ~ ... Miss Ada. Ward. Helen... ... ... ... Miss M.S. Young. TO-MOEEOW (SATUEDAY), JULY 6, For the First and Only Time, ' MACBETH, , Introducing the whole of LOCKE'S OE1GINAL MUSIC. Last Macbeth ? Miss Ada Wabd. Macbeth ? Geo. D. Chaplin. MONDAY, JULY 9. ; (By universal desire, and for the Last Time), THE NEW MAGDALEN. 1ST Box Office at Woodman's, Bundle-street, where seats can be secured in advance. Tickets for all parts of the house to be had at Annbruster's, No. 9, Bundle-street. 'YKT H I T E ' S ROOMS THIS (FEIDAY) EVENING. SILVEE WATCH . SILVER WATCH SILVER WATCH For the best Conundrum on the TRAPEZE PEEFOBMEES. A Present will also be given for the worst Conundrum. In consequence of the legitimate success of the Anglo-German Hamorist and Vocalist, MR. C. H. LAY has kindly consented to appear again This Evening and introduce his celebrated Character Songs — 'LAGER BIER' (Localized) AKD 'THE GOOD-TEMPERED DEUTSCHEMAN.'' AMERICAN PANTASCOPE. ! TWIN TEAPEZE PEEFOBMEES. VOLTAIEE Will introduce his Funny Old Folks — Voices in the Air, Cellar, and on the Roof. The Wonderful ; TALKING HAND, which will smoke and drink ; and last time of SYDNEY ROCK OYSTEES. ! Cards of Admission — 3s., 2s., and Is. LAST GEAND MATINEE ! .On Saturday Afternoon at 3 o'cLwS sharp, on which occasion every Lady and Gentleman and all the Children will receive a Parting Gift. Admission— Adults, 2s. and Is. ; Children, 6d. and Is. 'Baasa&H SATURDAY EVENING, POSITIVELY the LAST ENTEBTAINMENT. TIT HITE'S BOOMS. Business Manager ... Signor O. Nobuj. Stage Manager ... Mr. Mabte* Fobdb. FIBST APPEAEANCE OF THE EMINENT ITALIAN TRAGEDIAN, SIGNOB EDUAEDO MAJERONI, The acknowledged compeer of Salvini andEossi, and the charming and talented Actress, SIGNORA G. TESSORA MAJERONI (Niece of Ristori). NEXT MONDAY EVENING, JULY 9, Under the Distinguished Patronage and in presence of H13 Excellency the Acting-Goverhor, First production in Adelaide of the new, original, and successful Society Play in Five Acts, translated especially for Signor and Signora Majeroni by F. Morrel, Esq., entitled JEALOUSY; OE, MISTAKEN EDUCATION. In which those clever exponents of histrionic art have created such furore in their respective re presentation of the . MARQUIS AND MARCHIONESS OF ST. ELIA. And never has an occasion offered itself of such an interesting and attractive character as that which will be presented — an event which is being looked forward to with pleasurable antici pation, not' only by the ordinary playgoers^ — but by the general public. All the great actors who have previously appeared in this city may have had specialities, but it is quite new in the history of the colonial stage for foreigners to have successfully mastered the difficulties of the English language, and to have met with the hearty appreciation of the playgoing public like THE REIGNING FAVOURITES, SIGNOR AND SIGNORA MAJERONI, Who have * DRAWN CROWDED HOUSES, ? CEEATING GENUINE ENTHUSIASM By their POWERFUL AND BRILLIANT ACTING. They will be assisted by A FIRST-CLASS DRAMATIC COMPANY. Doors open at 7.30. Overture at 8. Prices of Admission : — Reserved Front Seats, 5s. ; Second Seats, 3s. ; Third Seats, 2s. 12 Family Season Tickets, front seats, avail able for any night, 42a., 12 Family Season Tickets, second seats, avail able for any night, 30s., To be had at Mr. F. Armbraster's, where plan can be seen and seats secured. Carriages may be ordered at 10.30. ? 186,7k THOMAS & OO. PULTENEY-STEEET (Next door to Wilcox's New Premises), HAVE OPENED A BILUABD SALOON Furnished with TEN OF THEIE FIEST-CLASS TABLES At 6d. per Game. Also, Tables and Fittings on Sale. Manufactory — Billiard Saloons and Show rooms of Thomas & Co., Nos, 83, 130, and Lower St. George's Hall, Bourke-street, Melbourne. 115cv SPOBTDTO ADELAIDE HUNT CLUB.— The HOUNDS will meet, by invitation of 'W. TO'WN- SEND, Esq., M.P., at PELLAT VILLA, MITCH AM, on SATURDAY, the 7th instant. Luncheon at 1 o'clock. ' 187,8 CH AS. H. T. HART, Hon. Sec. SHABES ADELAIDE AND SUBURBAN TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. Applications for a limited number of above SHARES may be made to the undersigned. M. KINGSBOROUGH, Company's Broker. Corner of King William and Currie streets, Adelaide. 181c fTi LENELG AND BRIGHTON TRAMWAY XX COMPANY. APPLICATIONS for SHARES to be made to Mr. W. S. Douglas, Pirie-street, Adelaide. For Prospectus, see daily papers of 30th and 3. 1st May and 1st and 2nd June. 178c

EDUCATION     ADELAIDE EDUCATIONAL INSTITU- TION.   The Next Quarter will Commence on Monday, Applications for Boarders to be made to Mr. John L. Young, Parkside. 181-8jr83,5,7 NORTH ADELAIDE GRAMMAR SCHOOL will REOPEN Monday, July 16. JOHN WHINHAM & SONS. 181-8r87-90,2-5 ? LANCING SCHOOL, GLENELG. Duties will Commence on Monday, July 23. _187-204 ? J. W. BILLIATT. MR. W. B. CHINNER will RESUME his MUSICAL DUTIES on Monday, July   1. Address Hart's-Buildings, Franklin-street. ? ? 186-8 MR. JAMES SHAKESPEARE, Professor of Music, Franklin-street, will Resume   his Duties Monday, July 9. 1S4-90 PROFESSOR A. BALK, Charles-street, will OPEN, on July 18, a GERMAN CLASS for LADIES. Instruction will be given at his Residence every Wednesday morning from 9.30 o 10.30. Terms, One Guinea per Quarter. 185mwfc YOUNG LADIES' COLLEGE, HARDWICKE HOUSE, KENT TOWN, Conducted by Mrs. SHUTTLEWORTH. Boarders are requested to return on Monday, he 16th July j Day Pupils on the 17th July. lS6,7,90-5 NORWOOD GRAMMAR SCHOOL.—     DUTIES RESUMED MONDAY, July 9.   187-9,2 THOS. CATERER. DOWNSHIRE HOUSE, NORWOOD. The MISSES CATERER will RESUME their SCHOOL DUTIES Monday, July 9. Vacancies for Boarders. 187*90 A N ENGLISH Lady, Sister of a late Colonist, C3L offers Two Hours' DAILY TUITION English generally, Piano, French, Drawing), in eturn for Board and Residence ; Country pre erred. B. K., Register Office. ? 185,7,90 MRS. W. HARCUS'S SCHOOL, PALM PLACE, HACKNEY. The next Quarter will begin on Monday, ruly 23. Afternoon Classes for Drawing and Painting our times a week. Mrs. Kelsey's Class for Painting and Per ipective Drawing on Saturday mornings. Vacancies for Boarders. 185mwf204v ANGASTON HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT,   Buxton-street, North Adelaide.   Mrs. E. EVANS will receive her Pupils on Monday, July 16. Boarders are requested to return the same day. Vacancies for two Young Ladies as Boarders. ? 187-97v202 THE MISSES McMINN, Molesworth street, North Adelaide.— The next Quarter will commence on Monday, July 23. A Preparatory Class for little Boys. A Class for Dancing and Calisthenics. Vacancies for Schoolboy Boarders. 180tf98 YOUNG LADIES' ACADEMY, MAGILL ROAD, NORWOOD. Conducted by Mrs. Hipwell. Third Quarter commences July 16. French md German Classes. Vacancies for Boarders. ? 1S5-97 BUCKLAND HOUSE, WILLUNGA.— Mrs. BASSETT'S PUPILS will REASSEMBLE on Monday, July 9. 181:8r3,5,7 GLENELG GRAMMAR SCHOOL.— Duties   \JC will be Resumed on Tuesday, 10th July. 184cv FREDK. CATERER. WOODSIDE HOUSE, FULLARTON ROAD.— The Rev. W. H. MUDIE will RESUME his SCHOLASTIC DUTIES on Monday, the 9th July. 187,90 THE CLASSES of the MISSES SHERIDAN REASSEMBLE on Monday, July 9.   English, Music, Drawing, Languages. Mackinnon-parade, North Adelaide. ? 187-90,2,5 ST. VINCENT-STREET, PORT ADELAIDE. —MISS SWEETAPPLE'S Pupils will Reassemble on Monday, 9th inst. 187'90 THE MISSES BURTON'S SCHOOL, Elizabeth-street, Norwood. — Duties will   be Resumed on Monday, July 9th. 187,8 MISS MILLER'S PUPILS will Reassemble on Monday, July 2, Friendly Societies' Hall, Cambridge-street, North Adelaide. ? 171mwf90 SEMAPHORE SCHOOL. — Duties of the above will be Resumed Tuesday, July 10. 185-91 S. McPHERSON, Principal. CHRISTCHURCH SCHOOLROOM, NORTH ADELAIDE.-TO be LET   during Week days. For conditions, &c, apply to Ven. Archdeacen Marryat. 187,90 BOA&D AlfD LODGING COMFORTABLE LODGING for Two Young V^ Men, with or without Board, near York Hotel. Apply O. M., this office. ? 186-8 . /COMFORTABLE BOARD and RESIDENCE. \j Apply to Mr. Thomas, Grocer, Grenfell street, Adelaide. 186-8 O BACHELORS and SINGLE GENTLE MEN. — VACANCIES for several BOARDERS. Mrs. Beddome's, next German Church, Flinders-street. Current Terms. al85mwf97 OARD and RESIDENCE.— Accommoda- tion for One or Two Gentlemen at No. 3, Hay's Buildings, opposite Institute; terms moderate. al79c OARD and RESIDENCE for Two or Threa Gentlemen, opposite Messrs. Brown and Woods, Waymouth-street. 184c SELECT and Comfortable BOARD and k3 RESIDENCE at Haivey's Buildings, Hurtle square ; Bath, Smoking-room for Gentlemen. ? ? 185fmw97 NE or Two Large FURNISHED ROOMS . TO be LET. Partial Board if required. Gentlemen preferred. M., Register Office. 187*90 T6~~LET, severai^ell-Furnished~EO'OMS, with Board and Attendance if required. Locality central. Addresa Nero, Register Office. ? 185,7,90 LOST AEB FOTOD ipAUTION.— A Crossed CHEQUE, No. 639, XJ dated June 15, for £139 17s. 5d., is Missing, and is stopped at the Bank. _ 187-90 ? ALFRED HALLETT^ LOST, either in the Town' Hall Exchange room, or between there and the Kent Town Hotel, on Wednesday evening, a LADY'S GOLD LOCKET and NEGLIGEE. Finder rewarded on delivering same to Mr. C. Pearce, KenS Town. al87 -8 T~0ST, a Lady's Grey SHAWL (Pallium), 1 i with striped border. Left in White's Room on Thursday afternoon, June 28. Ten Shillings reward. Apply to Rev. F. W. Cox, Wakefield-street east. 186,7 ~B~ OST, in the Glenelg Train, on Tuesday JU evening, July 3, a POCKET-BOOK, con taining Money and Papers. Any person return ing the same to the Police Station, at Adelaide or Glenelg, will be handsomely rewarded. 0 ? a!86-Y ONE POUND REWARD.-LOST, from W. L. Reid's, Glenelg, Bay COB, star, one white hind foot, slightly reach-backed, branded W over h off shoulder. Above reward will be paid on delivery to R. N. Colley, Morialta Chambers, Victoria-square west. 185,7,90 LOST, one Brown Trap HORSE, white stripe down face, branded like heart on neck, shod all round. One Pound reward will be given to any person delivering same to Mr. D, Teakle, Mount Barker ; or to E. Teakle, Noar lunga — the latter preferred. E. Teakle. ? ; ? 186,7v95 ONE POUND REWARD.— LOST from a mob of cattle, on the South-road, neat Maid of Auckland, on June 13, one black and white COW, branded like JO with 2 under ofl ribs. The above reward will be paid on into** mation that will lead to her recovery. 181CT THOS, OULLEY, WiUunga.

? PROFESSIONAL ? GREEN & O O., LAND AGENTS AND AUCTIONEERS, LICENSED LAND BROKERS and LICENSES SURVEYORS, Are prepared to act on behalf of persons wishing to secure LAND in the GOVERNMENT AGRI CULTURAL AREAS ; to undertake SURVEYS in any part of the Colony ; to negotiate Loans , for large or small sums at Lowest Current Ratei of Interest; and to transact all business eoa» nected with the Real Property Act. EXCHANGE LAND OFFICES, 182cv Klnq William-stehbi. ? WASTES ? WASTED, a CLERK. Auply to Stock and Pater, Solicitors, Temple-Chambers, Currie-street al87o WANTED, a JUNIOR OLEEK; oue v ¥ acquainted with Customs and Shipping Business preferred. Apply by letter to Box No. 332, Post-Office, Adelaide. 186c AN Intelligent Young Man (writes a good Commercial Hand) is willing to GIVE HIS SERVICES in return for an opportunity of acquiring Office Experience. Argosy, ibia office. ? 187*90 WANTED, by an active Young Man with business experience, position in & Country Store with a view to Partnership or to Purchase. About £300 capital available. Apply to D. k J. Fowler. . vjrmwf ipi OVERNESS to Three Girls, eldest eight. \W English, Music, Needlework required. Musical domesticated Lady preferred. Refe rences, &c, to E. M. B., llivertou. 185:8 WANTED for the Country, a NUESEBY GOVERNESS; one competent to teach Music. Apply by letter to Mrs. Fercival Gaylard, Onetree Hill. 185-7 LADY is willing to ADOPT a little GIRL between three and four years old. Address Agnes, office of this paper. 185*7 /HOMPANION TO A LADY.— A Young \J Widow woulil find a COMFORTABLE HOME as above ; one willing to assist in light domestic duties. Apply Delta, Register Office, ? a!85c WANTED, on or before 1st August, 6 Young and Experienced GROCER'S ASSISTANT. Address 'Grocer,' office this paper. 178mwfc WANTED, active young Man as STOBK MAN for the Country ; one with expe rience in packing and accustomed to horses. Apply G. C. Knight, Messrs. D. & J. Fowler's. ? 185,7 WANTED, a MASON. Apply D. Grant, Terminus Hotel, North-terrace. 187,8 MASONS— Two WANTED at onco for Kingston. Eleven Shillings day ; three months' work ; passages paid. Hunt's Labour Office. ? 187,8 W 'ANTED, a MASON accustomed to Boiler Setting; Town job. Apply to J. H. Horwood, North-terrace. 185c ANTED, for the Country, First-class MOULDER, BLACKSMITH, and WHEELWRIGHT. Apply to Mr. John Church, at Messrs. Harrold Brothers', Hindley-street, Adelaide. ? 185*7 WA N T E D , for the Country, a good GENERAL BLACKSMITH. Apply lo Geo. P. Harris, Scarfe, k Co., Gawler-place. ? a!86-8 W 'ANTED, a Competent HAIRDPtESSEB. 19, Rundle-street. 18J-90 W^ ANTED, a SOLE LEATHER STRIKER. Apply W. Peacock & Son. x WANTED, a Single MAN, a Gardener, who can milk, to attend to horses and make himself generally useful. Address W. B., office of this paper. 186-8 ANTED, a First-Class WATCHMAKER at W. Becker's, 10, Hindley-street, next Beach's Dining Rooms. 159c ANTED, a good JUNIOR ASSISTANT for the Drapery. Apply to E. J. Pittard, 140, Rundle-street. 185-7 YOUNG~MAN wishes a SITUATION as Boots and Ostler in a Hotel. Can milk if required. Address E. R., Register Office. ? a!8g-8 WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT. Two in family. Mrs. J. A. Lyons, North-terrace. x ANTED, an active Woman as GENERAL SERVANT. Apply, morning or even ing to Mrs. Harold Addison, Whitmore-square, Adelaide. 187-90 -y&J ANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT; small Y V family, good wages; references required. Apply Mrs. Benjamin, Tavistock-street. x ANTED, MARRIED COUPLE, without encumbrance — Woman, Cook and Laundress ; Man, generally useful. Mrs. Phillips, 32, King William-street. x WANTED, respectable Young Man as GROOM, and who will make himself generally useful. Must be able to Milk. Good character indispensable. Apply at No. 1, Register-Chambers, Grenfell-street. 186'8 WANTED, by respectable young Man, SITUATION as GROOM and GAR DENER, or Ostler. Address T., office of this paper. ? 187,8 ANTED, a BUTCHER immediately. W. ? Kither, 117 Rundle-street. 187-90 ANTED, First-class SLAUGHTERMAN^ Apply G. Sargent, Butcher, Hindley street. 187-90 WANTED, a Strong LAD for the Farm. H. Chambers. Royal Horse Bazaar. 186-8 CTIVE LADS and BOYS WANTED. ? A. Simpson & Son, Gawler-place. 187-90 WANTED a respectable BOY. Apply Hudd & Co., Gilles-arcade, Ourrie street. * ' x ANTED, a respectable BOY in Photo graphic Business. Apply 113, Rundle street, Adelaide. ? . ? 186c ANTED, a strong, active BOY. Adelaide Dyeworks, Rundle-street east. 185-? IJORT ADELAIDE AND SEMAPHORE— .1 WANTED, BOYS as RUNNERS for Evening Journal. Apply to A. J. Bleechmore. Office, Port. ANTED, LEMONS and CITRONS in any quantity, at F. Wigzell'e, 23S, Eundle street. ? 187*90 ?OTANTBD to PURCHASE an Eight-Roomsd T f HOUSE, with about an Acre of Land, ia the suburbs. C. H. Matters & Co., Waymouth street ? g ? 187inwf99 WANTED id PURCHASE, several Small SUBURBAN PROPERTIES. G. MUMMB & Co., 185mwf97 ? Grenfell-strest. ANTED KNOWN.— Mrs. H. D. HYAMS (late of Ballarat), 10, Bobe-terrace, Waymouth-street, opposite Aerated Bread Com pany), begs to inform her numerous Mends and customers that she is prepared to PURCHASE LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S LEFT-OFF WEARING APPAREL in large or Email quan tities; also Boots or Shoes in any variety; Furniture, &c. Highest prices given for aay of the abovenamed ariiclea. Ladies and Gentlemen waited on at their own residences, All letters promptly attended to. ? EMIGEANTS' LUGGAGE BOUGHT. ? 34Qg WANTED at Mrs. S. CEONIN'S General Outfitting Establishment, Waymoath street, opposite Eellet's Marble Worka, all Eds of ^LADIES' ar.d GENTLEMEN'S WEAE ING- APPARELL in good repair and suitable for being renovated and made saleable. Highest prices given. Terms Cash. Mrs. Oronra waita on Ladies and Gentlemen at their own residences. Transactions strictly confidential. 163o ? mEN SHILLINGS REWARD.— LOST, from JL North Adelaide, one Whit© NE WFOUND LAND DOG, yellow spots on sides and ears ; no collar on. James McCord, British Tavern, Finniss-etreetj North Adelaide, 16Q'& 33