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On the western side of King William-street, nearly opposite the Railway Station, Messrs.   Padman & Co.'s new premises are approaching completion. These consist of four large shops with rooms on the first floor, which are being erected by Messrs. Lang & Roberts, under the supervision of Mr. D. Garlick, at a cost of £3,000. The fronts, which are to be finished in Glen Osmond stone with cement dressings, will have a substantial appearance, and the buildings will much improve the neighbourhood. In Rundle-street west Mr. Wedler has had handsome new premises built in accordance with designs by Mr. G. Joachimi. The new building has an imposing froniage to Rundle-street, and has many points of interest in the interior arrangement. One half is occupied by Mr. O. Hartitzsch, photographer, whose atelier is admirably constructed, and is very roomy, being 26 x 18. Iu Mr. Wedler's portion of the building there is a square hall or covered court in the centre of the building which permits of every inch of space being taken advantage of, as the windows of the interior apartments open to this court. The shatters on the shop windows are also new and convenient, as in the daytime by a very simple arrangement they fold back into the pilasters on either side. The cost of the structure was £1,700. Mr. Hornabrook has made several additions t s the York Hotel which will add to the comfort of that well-known establishment. These consist of two new billiard-rooms, 60 x 20, containing three tables, and three sample-rooms for commercial gentlemen. He has also begun the demolition of portions of Dr. Moore's old residence previous to the erection of a line range of shops on its site. The architects are Messrs. Woods & McMinn. Opposite the East-End Market Mr. E. Charlick has had very extensive alterations made to his grocery establishment, which has now quite a handsome appearance, being two storits in height, finished in Glen Osmond stone and cement dressings. Near the Jewish Synagogue Mr. W. Jones has erected two neat shops, 40 x 18, with six and four living rooms. The structures are two storied and aie faced with cement. In Hindley-street the principal new work is the Theatre Eoyal, which is being re-erected by Mr. Edgar Chapman at a cost of about £20,000. The wslls of this fine new structure are up, and tie huge beams for the rcxii are being hauled aloft. It is expected that the Theatre will be rearfy for occupation in March. Miller Anderson. & Co. have had a neat new shop erected under the supervision of the Hon.T. English, the design of which i3 in con formity with that formerly in occupation by the firm. The cost of the new building was £1,300. Lower down some of the dilapidated old shanties which have disgraced this street have been demolished, and new and substantial buildings are poing up in their place. The Royal Admiral Hotel is being rebuilt, to designs by the Hon. Thomas English, by Mr. Charles Farr. Tne new house, which will be in the Italian style, finished in stone with cement dressings, will contain 19 rooms, and will cost £2,000. In Grenfell-street two very extensive ware houses have been erected at the corner of 'Wyatt-street for Mr. 'W. T. Foster, at a cost of £4,300. These are really fine substantial -buildings, which would be a credit to any city. Mr. D. Garlick was the designer and Mr. J. Crocker the builder. Mr. J. Siebert is building, to the order of Messrs. Park & Chambers, a large new horse bazaar and livery stable, next to the Sturt Hotel. The building has a depth of 135 feet, with a frontage to Grenfell-street of 32 feet. The front will be finished in stone and cement, and will have a fine arched entrance 9 feet wide. The cost is to be £1,000. The fine block of buildings, the Universal Chambers, mentioned in our last year's report as being in progress, has been finished. They have been built on plans supplied by the Hon. T. English to the order of Messrs. L. A, Jessop and M. C. Davies, at a cost of £4,150. In Currie-street the improvements are very marked. Messrs. Acraman, Main, & Co.'s old premises have beeen demolished, and in their place a handsome three-storied building has been erected. The front is finished in tooled Teatree Gully stone, with cement dressings, and has a very light and handsome appearance. A very handsome and substantial building has been completed for Messrs. E. E. Priestly and Co. by Messrs. Brown & Thompson. The new store has a frontage to Currie-street of 32 feet by a depth of 19 feet. It is Gothic in style, and was designed by Mr. John Hannagan, of Melbourne. The front, which is all of cut stone, ia decidedly ornamental, and is somewhat a novelty in our street architecture. Off thi3 street at the head of Gilles-arcade is Messrs. Formby & Co.'s extensive new horse bazaar and carriage repository and salerooms on the site of the old Victoria Theatre. Of these ?we lately published a full description. At the corner of North -street and Currie-street is a handsome new shop erected for Mr. 'W. Wadey, butcher, which is a decided ornament to the neighbourhood. For this we understand Mr. E.Rees, M.P., was the architect. There are also a number of smaller buildings in Carrie street which have been erected within the year. In Pirie-street Keidel's National Hotel has been almost entirely rebuilt and another story added with a neat balcony running the whole width of the front. The house now contains 26 rooms, and beside the large bnli a new lodge room has been added 30 x 20. Mr. Clausen has had two neat two-storied dwelling-houses of seven rooms each erected in this neighbourhood, and there are also several small shops and cottages either finished or in course of erection. In Waymouth-street Messrs. Virgoe, Son, and Co.'a handsome new warehouse is nearly com pleted. It is extensive and substantial. The front is finished in Manoora stone, with cement dressings, and presents a light and elegant appearance. Messrs. Bickford & Sons have made con siderable improvements to their cordial factory by building additional stores, for which Mr. D. Garlick was the architect, at a cost oi £700. *' In Flinders-street the principal building is tbe new public schools erected near its junction with Hutt-street. This school ia built in con formity with the general plan of our new public schools as designed by Mr. E. J. 'Woods. A handsome manse has also been completed in this street, at a cost of £2,236, for Flinders street Baptist Church. There are also several villa residences and one or two places of business which have been bailt ?within the year. In Angas-street a fine new two-storied dwell ing- house has been erected near the Old Colonist Inn, and several roomy cottages have been built near the junction of Hanson-street and in Gouger«-street west. Mr. T. Eule has been building several neat cottages. In Carrington-street a fine new building from designs by Messrs. Woods & McMinn has been erected for Mr. J. Todd. The ground floor includes a roomy bakers shop and two living rooms, of which there are six in all on both floors, and in front is an ornamental balcony. The Horse and Jockey Hotel has been partially rebuilt, and now presents a good front to the Two well-finished two-storied dwelling-houses of six rooms each have been erected nearly oppo site for Mr. G. Prince. . In Hurtle-square Mr. Harvey has just com- pleted four unusually large two-storied dwelling- houses, which are named Darcy Lever-terrace. They are provided with deep ornamental veran- dahs and balconies. On the eastern side of the square two large dwelling-houses with balconies are also in course of construction. We have already mentioned the great number of cottages and villas in the quarter beyond Hurtle-square and bounded by South, and East At the comer of Gilles-street and Hutt-street Mr. C. J. Farrow has entirely rebuilt the old Arab Steed Hotel, whicn is now a fine two storied house of 16 rooms. The exterior is Mitcham stone ronghly tooled, with cement dressings. The contract was carried out by Mr. TidsweU at a cost of £1 ,200. Next to the hotel in Gilles-street is a rowof four two-storied houses of six rooms each, with balconies. These were built in keeping with the hotel at the comer by Mr. Tidswell, and when completed were sold for £2,700. Iu Gilbert-street the improvements consist of a number of cottages built for various persons. In South-terrace west two very superior family residences are being completed for Mr. H. Boucaut. Each heuse contains eight room3 and is beautifully finished, and both are pro Tided with balconies. The architect is, we believe, Mr. B. Eeea, MJ-., and the builders are Messrs. Almes & Jansen. A handsome villa of two stones is being erected at the corner of Sooth and 'West ter races for Mr. Shierlaw. Mr. Nimmo is the builder, and Mr. Gumming the architect. In Whitmore-square are a number of new cottages on the west side, and some two-storied dwelling-houses on the east. The whole appear ance of this once neglected square is greatly im proved, and throughout this quarter, as in the south-east, a great msny cottages have been bnilt during the year. Between Start, Norman, and Eussell streets, with extensive frontages to each, ia Mr. Tid jE&rsh's extensive new soap and candle factory,

which has lately been completed- from designs by the Hon. T. English. The building, which is of three stories, is 56 feet high, and is' 100 x 60 in length and width. It is buiit of Glen Osmond stone with brick dressings, and, if not strictly ornamental, is at least thoroughly sub stantial. The cost was £3,400. In Light-square a handsome new Mission Hill has been erected by Messrs. Brown and Thompson, at a cost of £2,000. On 'West-terrace, near the corner of Gouger street, six neat cottages have lately been com pleted for Mr. Condon ; ard further north, on tbe same terrace, Mr. 'W. T. Foster has had a handsome terrace of six two-storied houses built from designs by Mr. D. Garlick. The houses contain seven rooms each, and have balcoaies, verandahs, and all convenience's. The con tractors were Messrs. Lang & Ivoberts, and the cost is £5,000. A splendid bridge has been constructed across the Torrens, connecting the northern and southern portions of the city, in place of the old City Bridge, at a cost of about £11,000. North Adelaide. In this divisioa of the city the improvements are also very great, but naturally are not of such an extensive character as those in the southern portion. For the most part the new buildings are dwelling-houses of various sizes, and there is hardly a street in which several of these are not 1o be seen. The most prominent of the new buildings is the Model School in Tynte-street, which U capable of accommodating 800 children. We published in advance a full description of this p'cturesque new structure in our building sum mary of last yesr. Mr. A. A. Huddlestone has had a good shop with dwelling-house attached erected in O'Counell-street at a cost of £9C0. A handsome villa in the Italian style is being completed for Mr. Beaglehole in Brougham place,. North Adelaide. It is two stories in height, and is built of white Teatree Gully stone, with cement dressings. Mr. Cumming is the designer, and Messrs. McClory & Gerrard are the builders. The price is £1,782. Close to the Park Lands in Lower North Adelaide there has been a very large amount of building during the year, and also in that quarter lying between Irish Town andMedindie. Iu. the former place mentioned near Mackinnon parade a number of elegant cottage residonces have gone up, and there are also some neat little cottages in the latter position, all adding to the attractions of the neighbourhood. Norwood, Kensington, and Stepney. In the eastern suburbs the increase of build ings during the past year has been an unpre cedented one. In every direction new tenements — many of considerable preten sions in size and design — have sprung into existence, and at the present time the work of building is being busily prosecuted on every hard. Here, as in North Adelaide, the principal structure is the new public school, which is one of the most beautiful buildings of its class in the colony. It accommodates 800 scholars, and was erected by Messrs. 'W. King & Co. The Trustees of the Prince Alfred College have taken another step towards the completion of the design of their fine school buildings, and have this year erected the southern wing of that e-'ificeatacost of £6,000. The Architect was Mr. D. Garlick, and the contractors were Messrs. Brown & Thompson. A hard«omeand commodious hotel has been erected for Mr. E. T. Smith at the corner of Kent-terrace and North-terrace, Kent Town. The Hon. Thomas English was the architect, and the builder Mr. W. Dickin. The house, which has a good appearance, is two-storied, contains 25 rooms, and cost £3,000. Mr. T. Pitman is building two fine family residences at the corner of William-street and Osmond-terrace, facing the hills, of which a fine view is obtained from the balconies. The houses will each contain eight rooms, are well finished, and cost £1,600. In this immediate neighbourhood there are at least a dozen beautiful cottage residences all newly erected. In Kensington-road Mr. J. Crocker has com pleted a fine eleven-roomed two-storied home with balcony, detached kitchen, and outhouses and is reefing two other houses of eight roonn each close by. The cost of the former wai £l,100Jandof the two latter £1,200. 1 In Kensington the extensive sheds of the Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company attract attention, and there are also many neat new cottages. In Nelson-street, Stepney, Mrl H. Linde has built a fine private residence for himself, and is now erecting two pretty villas. There are also many cottages in this now rising place. Coiizgb To'wn, College Pahs, Hackney, Medindie. The land in the fashionable suburb of College Town was so nearly occupied with fine villas that there was not much room for improvement, but two or three new houses in keeping with their surroundings are to be noticed. In College Park there is a marked improve ment, and the place is filling up fast with really handsome villas, and in the lately laid-out township of New College Park preparations for extensive building operations are to be seen oa a large number of the allotments. From their delightful surroundings and convenient posi tion these north-eastern suburbs must neces sarily become more popular daily. In Hackney the site of Bailey's Garden is now occupied by numerous handsome residences, and a new street has been opened at the back off the Hackney-road. At the corner of North-terrace Mr. Vaughan has a very extensive building in course of erection, which is intended, we under stand, for a ladies' college. From appearances it must contain about 25 rooms. The architect is Mr. McMullen. The site of the old ' Company's Mill' is now a thriving little township of neat villas and cot tages, and even boasts its store. Gilberton is filling up with good buildings, and Medindie hill is gradually becoming covered with beauti ful villas and family residences of the best class. Nailswoeth, Prospect, Ovlnghaji, Bowden, HlNDSIAESH, AND TheBABTON. In all these places the signs of prosperous times are plainly manifested, particularly in Ovingham and Prospect, where a great number of buildings large and small have been erected ; and Thebarton so loDg at a stand still has now joined in the march of improve ment, and is becoming enlarged to the north and west by the building of numerous neat workmen's cottages. Goodwood, Unley, Mitchaii, Glen Osmond, and Paekside. In Goodwood a more wonderful change has been made within the year than in any portion of the city and suburbs. This is due to the action of the National Building Society, who having purchased a large block of land near the junction of the Adelaide and Glenelg Railway line and the Goodwood-road have erected thereon a new town of workmen's cottages. Of the:e there appear to be between 70 and 80 now completed or nearly so ; but we are sorry that we are unable to give any particulars,a3 the Secretary on being applied to for information stated that he was coo busy to afford it. There are also two chapels — one belonging to the Primitive Metho dists and the other to the Bible Christian denomination — whilst a place of worship for the Baptists is in course of erec tion. Three stores and a butcher's shop are in the immediate neighbourhood, and Mr. E. Eyles hps. just completed a twe-sfofied hotel of 13 rooms, built of Mitcham stone, with cement dressings, the cost of which was £1,700. A railway station will shortly be erected by the Company close to the crossing. In Unley andUnley Park there has also been a large amount of building during the year, principally villas and cottages. These are espe cially noticeable on both sides of the Unley road after leaving the Park Lands, At Mitcham the first building which attracts the_ eye is Mr. Chas. Mallen's new brewery, which is now in course of erection. It is built close to the junction of the two roads in Lower Mitcham, on the side of the creek. This site was chosen on account of the excellent supply of pure well water to be found there, which in : summer-time is never higher in temperature than 60°. At one end of the building fs a tower of five stories, 48 feet in height* bailt of wrought Mitcham stone. The establishment is intended to produce 100 hhds. per week. Breweries are not usually picturesque buildings, but from the style, surroundings, and good atone used, the Mitcham Brewery is an excep tion to the rule. In the township there are also a number of cottages and residences which have been erected during the year. At Glen Osmond a neat Institute has been built, of which we have already given full par ticulars, and there are several other new private buildings. At Parkeide a new addition (by no means ornamental) has been made to the Lunatic Asylum. This new wing, which is three stories, is plain in style, and is built of Glen Osmond stone with cement dressings ; but the pointing is so dark as to give the building a very sombre appearance. On both sides of the Glen Osmond road a number of fiae new residences have been built, amongst which ia a very handsome villa ; and a considerable addition has been made to the Parkside Hotel. In the eastern portion of Parkside the number of new cottages built during the year is very large. '.'..'

GlKNKLG. At Glenelg during the past year a great diffe rence has been made in the appearance of the place. The new Institute on the seawall, of irhich we lately gave a full description, has been ?ompleted, and was opened by His Excellency sir William Jervois on October 20. The cost of :his fine structure was about £6,000. Two large family residences, semi-detached, ire being erected for Messrs. D. Murray and G. 3. Fowler on Albert-terraci*, facing the sea, of vhich Mr. Cumming is the architect and Mr. Chapman the builder. The cost will be about £6,000. A fine house is in course of construction 'or Mr. W. K. Thomas on Albert-terrace, for vhich Mr. D. Miller is the contractor. The new raildiBg, whieh consists of a basement and two itories, will contain 20 rooms, and will be very 'legantly finished. In Byron-street a handsome villa has been :reeted by Mr. D. Miller, nnder the supervision )f Mr. Cumming, at a cost of £1,375. Mr. F. Caterer has also completed a fine school building xi the same street, and Mr. James Champion ias completed two good shops, with dwelling louses attached, on the Parade, near the Con gregational Chapel. Messrs. J. S. Scott and A. G Chapman have jointly erected a fine row of roomy two-storied louses, with balconies, in Sussex-street. The Wesleyan body have built a fine new :hapel at a cost of £2,600, and a parsonage at New Glenelg at a C03t of £700. In New Glenelg also there are a great number jf new cottages of different dimensions, but for the most part of respectable size, and on the Broadway Messrs. Chambers & Blades have erected a house of 20 rooms intended for an hotel, but for which a licence was not obtained. At Brighton the new Blind Deaf and Dumb Asylum has progressed so far that it will be ready for occupation early this year. The architect was the Hon. T. English, and the builder Mr. Chai. Farr, whose contract was for £4,289. Port Adelaide and Surrounding Townships. Building operations at Port Adelaide have increased considerably during the past year. One important contract which will be in hand for some time is the new Marine Board Offices, which will cost over £11,000. Several private residences and some small shops have been erected in addition to those hereafter mentioned. In the suburbs new townships have sprung up like mushrooms, and on Lefevre's Peninsula the number of houses is daily increasing. At the Semaphore the nearly completed railway communication has given an impetus to the erection of homesteads, the great number of which has increased the value of property to a surprising extent. In Port Adelaide proper Messrs. Burge and Kestel have completed their contract for the erection of the new public school, which will accommodate 800 children. The building stands on the Junction-road, and in style is uniform with the other structures erected by the Council of Education. Forty-four sleeping-rooms have been added to the Sailors' Home, which now affords accom modation for 100 seamen. Mr. Burge was the contractor, and the cost about £450. A large and handsome store has been com pleted for Messrs. Harrold Brothers, of which we recently gave a full description. The Hon. T. English was the architect, and Messrs. Williams & Cleave the contractors, the total cost of the building being £7,500. Messrs. Harris, Scarfe, & Co. have added a new store to their premises in Port Adelaide. The site is between Quebec and Cannon-streets. The building includes one side of the older store, and is 186 x 56 feet and 27 feet high. The external appearance is plain, but the structure possesses immense strength. Messrs. 'Williams and Cleave were the contractors. The South Australian Stevedoring and Dump ing Company, having purchased the necessary machinery for loading wool ships and other vessels with greater expedition, have had erected a galvanized iron shed 100 x 50 feet, adjoining one well known in Timson-street. The former Wesleyan Manse on the Junction- road having been sold to the Council of Educa tion for a school teacher's residence, a substantial building has been erected by Messrs. Burge and Kestel in Dale-street from a plan drawn by Mr. W. Beattie. It is two-storied and contains nine rooms, excluding the basement. Cost about £1,500. Mr. H. C. Ford is erecting an extensive and handsome hotel in St. Vincent-street, Port Ade laide. It is in the Italian style, built of Dry Creek stone with cement dressings, and contains on the basement floor summer bedroom, kitchen, servants' bedroom, and commodious wine and beer cellars ; on the ground floor, bar 24 ft. x 17 ft., dining-room 22 ft. x 15 ft., billiard-room 24 ft. x 17 ft. 6 in., four large parlours, and com mercial-room ; on the first floor, 13 bedrooms, drawing-room, bathroom, &c. Cost, £3 500. Hon. Thomas English, architect ; Mr. R. Honey, contractor. Mr. Russell, the proprietor of the British Hotel, Port Adelaide, has had his house rebuilt. The new building consists of two stories with balcony and verandah. Messrs. Williams and Cleave were the builders. The Exchange Hotel has been considerably enlarged since the lease has been renewed to Mr. Williams. The Hon. Thomas English was the architect, and the cost £1,100. The public school at Lefevre's Peninsula has been enlarged by the addition of two wings on the eastern and western sides, and the erection of classrooms. The new buildings will pro vide accommodation for 500 children. Messrs. Williams & Cleave were the contractors. At the Semaphore the neat little Gothic church in which the Wesleyans have worshipped for the last 10 years has had a transept added by Messrs. Robin & Hack, after a plan drawn by Mr. W. Pett, of Kent Town. A description has already been published. Considerable additions have been made to the Semaphore and Jetty Hotels, and several new residences have been erected. One for Mr. J. C. Lovely, to the north of the jetty, contains 17 rooms, and is provided with a deep verandah on three sides. There is a fine wide entrance-hall, and the whole appear ance of the house is highly ornamental. The architect was Mr. J. Macgeorge and the builders were Messrs. Robin & Hack, the cost being £3,500. Mr. Charke has had an hotel built for him at Birkenhead, consisting of two floors and com prising 22 rooms, for which Mr. R. Honey was the contractor. The Shipwrights' Arms Hotel at Alberton has been greatly improved, at a cost of £1,136. The Hon. T. English was the architect, and Mr. S. Burge the contractor. Mr. White has had a large two-storied hotel erected for him at Paddington, and has appro priately named it the Royal Oak. Mr. 'W. Beattie was the architect, and Messrs. Williams and Cleave were the builders. Though not strictly coming under the head of ' buildings,' we have thought it worth while to include a short account of wharf improvements that have been made at Port Adelaide during the year. The disgraceful erection which was called Mundy -street 'wharf,' at the end of Mundy- street, has given place to a substantial structure built by Mr. Wishart for the Government. It is long enough to accommodate a vessel of about 300 or 400 tons, but has not been utilized owing to a difficulty presenting itself in the fact that it is erected upon a street frontage belonging to the local Corporation. The Copper Company and Prince's Wharfs have been rebuilt piecemeal and the decking reduced to 20 feet in width. The work was satisfactorily carried out under the superinten dence of Mr. H. Hargrave, C.E., and Mr. Pur chase, the foreman. The Commercial Company's Wharf, knows as Levi's, has been extended about 300 feet, ending at the South Australian Company's new wharf. Only a part of the necessary filling-in at the back of the wharf and dredging alongside remain to be done. Meanwhile a galvanized iron goods store is being erected upon the property, which is to be fenced in. Country Bthldings. We have particulars to hand of some building improvements in various country townships, but the information is by no means complete. A commodious ana handsome hotel has been erected by Mr. J. Fitzpatrick at Port Pine for Mr. Thomas Magor, from designs by the Hon. T. English. ItisbuiltofNapperbystonewithcement dressings, contains 32 rooms, and cost £3,800. At Port Augusta an hotel — the Eoyal — baa been built by the same contractor for Mr. S. 'Wills from tbe Hon. T. English's designs. The material is Point Lowly stone with cement dressings. It contains 23 rooms, and cost £3,250. At Hamley Bridge a fine hotel has been erected by Messrs. Sara & Dunstan at a cost of £1,320. The Hon. T. English was the architect. At Solomon Town an hotel has been built by Mr. J. Fitzpatrick for S. Wills, of Napperby atone with cement dressings, at a cost of £2,000. At Mount Barker an additional story to the Mount Barker Hotel has been erected at a cost of £1,200. At Yongala an hotel has been erected for Mr. James Pearce, containing 13 rooms with large cellars and stabling, at a cost of £1,450. For the above buildings the Hon. T. ^'glkb was the architect. Considerable additions have been made by Mr. Lawson to bis hotel at Clare at a cost of about £1,(300. At Eu dunda a good hotel baa been built, con taining 16 rooms with commodious cellars.

at a cost of £2,210. Messrs. Sara & Daasta:. were the contractors. The English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank's handsome premises at Ciare h&ve been completed. The front lias aloid appearance, having ornamental triplet windows. The cornices, pilasters, and dressings are cemented, and the whole is sur mounted by a massive cornice and pediment, with a neat chain balustrade on either side. The contractors were Messrs. Baker & Humbley, and tbe cost was £4,036. At Caltowie the National Bank has erected new premises, at a cost of £1,000, for which Messrs. Bills -fc Hoar were tha contractors ; and at Port Wakefield the same Corporation hive built a neat branch Bank, at a cost of £2,400, the contract being undertaken by Mr. J. Knowles. Mr. T) Mundy has had a very handsome villa residence erected at Lochin Park, which has a fine commanding appearance, and is provided with every convenience. Ifc is surrounded by a spacious ornamental verandah, and has a lookout on the roof. The contractors were Messrs. Baker & Humbley, and the cost amounted to about £3,000. A spacious shop and dwelling house has just been erected for Mrs. H. Whiting at Two Wells, the cost of which was £1,500. and the contractor was Mr. John Chappell. A large buildiDg, including stables, loose boxes, &c, has been erected for Mr. C. H. T. Hart at Beefacres, at a cost of £1,800. Messrs. Farr and Trudgen were the contractors. Mr. D. Garlick was the irchitei t for all the buildings mentioned in the paragiaph. New Public Schools. During the year public schools have been erected or are in course of erection by the Council of Education at the following places, the cost of which is also given : — North Adelaide, £7,577 :Eedhill, £1,135 6s.; Jamestown, £1,422 11s. 9d.; Yarcowie, £1,262 Is.; Crystal Brook, £1,142 7s. lid ; Caltowie, £1,274; Laura, £1,322 5s. 3d.; Port Victor, £683 5s. 10d.: Balaklava, £1,090; Smithfield, £1,200 12s. 6d.; Salisbury, £789 10s.; Saddleworth, £794 2s.; Barrabba, £799; Gawler Eiver, £56 L 5s.; Alma Plains, £789 10s. ; Moonta, £5,496 ; Willunga, £1,170 8s. 10d.; Burra, £6,983 12s. 6d ; Koolunga, £1,047 ; Mount Barker, £2,671 13s. 9d. ; Nor wood, £7,291 ; Gawler, £4,605 ; Wallaroo Bay, £3,849; Wallaroo Mines, £5,807: Mount Gambier. £5,300; Port Adelaide, £5.292; Lefevre's Peninsula, £2,820 ; Kapunda, £4,941 ; Tarcowie, £808; Yarrowie, £798; Terowie, £825 ; Stone Hut, £790 ; Mallala, £936 ; George town, £1,050 18s. 6d. ; Port Pirie, £2,325 ; Port Wakefield, £1,260; Edithburgh, £1,236 6s.; Nangla Springs, £708 9s. 6d.; Blyth, £740 3s. 9d.; Coromandel Yalley, £787 19s. 10d.; Narridy, £750; Belalie East, £875; Maitland, £938; Tothill's Creek, £920; Moonta Mines, £6,788 7s.; East Adelaide, £6,985; Greenock, £l,0S9 ; Windsor, £844;Stansbnry, £801 ; Hind marsh, £7,294; Mount Pleasant, £1.020 ; Blum berg, £1,050 ; Millicent, £820 ; Ardrossan, £830 ; Minlaton, £868; Eudunda, £1,098; Sturt, £825; Houghton, £809; Wilmington, £999: GIpti Osmond, £1,744 ; the total cost being £128,730 18s. lid.


Nothing more accurately marks the advance ment of the colony than the number and charac ter of the buildings erected year by year. If these be' taken as a test, the inmrovements made

during the year 1877 point conclusively to a most satisfactory state of progress in the province. In the city and suburbs the amount of building which has gone on and the character of the structures erected show in the most striking manner that South Australia has taken a decided step in advance. In the city itself there is nof; a single 6treet in which some alteration for the better is not displayed, and in the south-eastern quarter particularly numerous new cross-streets have been formed and lined with neat cottages onboth sides. It is in this por tion of the town that the greatest amount of filling np is manifested, though the erections are for the most part comparatively small. There are, however, some hundreds of neat new cottages, and also many good-looking villa residences. As giving some an idea of what the improvements in the city have been, it may be mentioned that the increase in the number of tenements in the various wards, as shown by the Corporation books, is very considerable. In December, 1876, tbe number of buildings of all classes, except churches, schools, and Govern ment institutions, was 7,237, and the value of the assessment £263,73.. This year the number of tenements, still not including those men tioned, has increased to 7,612 — an advance ef 375 — which of course does not show buildings that have been erected on the sites of older structures, of which there have been so many during the year. The increase in the value of the assessment is £25,006. Of the different classes of buildings we find that there are 5,897 dwelling-houses, 959 6hops, and 756 warehouses, offices, breweries, and workshops now standing within the city boundaries. Adei \ide. Beginning with the central thoroughfare — King 'William-street — the most prominent new building is the beautiful Bank of South Austra lia, designed by Messrs. 'Wright k Taylor and erected by Messrs. Brown & Thompson. A full description of the fine structure appeared in our last yearly article, published on January 1, 1877. 'We are informed by Mr. 'Wright that the cost when complete will be £31,CD0. Another prominent building in the sama neighbourhood is that occupying the site of Mr. Muirhead's old establishment, which has been erected for Mr. E. Cohen. This was also fully described in last year's report. It is now finished, and comprises a basement used as a restaurant, two fine shops on the ground floor, and handsome suites of offices on the first and second floors. The cost was about £3,000, tho architect Mr. D. Garlick, and the builders were Messrs. Baker k Humoley. Between Grenfell and Pine street, close to the Clarence Hotel, Messrs. Good, Toms, & Co. have had a very handsome warehouse erected. It stands upon a piece of land on which were offices, which have been pulled down. The breadth of the frontage to King William-street is 45 feet, and the depth about 90, while a con siderable amount of space is taken in at the back of the next building on the south. The space will be undivided, both the upper floor and roof being supported on pillars. The front, which is plain but not unornamental, is built entirely of cut Teatree Gully stone. The new building has a most substantial and imposing appearance. The same firm have also erected a commodious bulk store and stables in Wyatt strtet. Extensive additions have been made to Messrs. D. & TV. Murray's warehouse at a cost of £1,710, for which Mr. Cumming was tho architect. In King William-street south, at tho corner of Wright-straet, a building containing 14 rooms with two shops is being put up. The fronts, which are plain and unpretentious, have bal conies in each street. They are in Glen Osmond stone with cement dressings. Th? builder is Mr. J. Eowe and the cost about £l,C00. Further down, on the opposite side of the street, next Dr. Davics's, Mr. Tapley has had a residence of six rooms built by the same con tractor at a ccr,t of £950. M-i Hubble's fine hotel, the Crown and ticeptre, which was opened in September last, has already been fully described. It cost about £5,000, and contains 25 rooms, and is now one of the finest houses of entertainment in Adelaide, It is a decided ornament to the street. In Victoria-square Mr, I{. 0. Baker has been making very extensive additions to hf* block of buildings. Morialta and University Chambers. Paii of the additional accommodation will bo required by the University. In the Square on the southern side of Grote street Mr. Henry Hussey has completed a two storied building intended either for two dwelling-houses or suites of offices. There are ten rooms in all. The front ia plain but sub stantial? being Sniehed in Glen Osmond stone with brick quoins and dressings. On North-terrace a number of new buildings have been erected or* are in course of erection. At the corner «. East-terrace Mr. E. Vaughan has had a splendid terrace of houses built. On the corner is a three-storied private hotel 50 feet in height, which contains 25 rooms ; in North-terrace are seven fine family residences of 12 rooms each, with balconies ; and in East terrace are three shops with living-houses over head. The whole block, which is uniform in style, is highly ornamental, and makes a w mder fnl difference to the approach to the Gardens. Tbe cost of this new block of buildings was about £13,000. The architect was Mr. McMulIen. Near the residence of Sir Henry Ayers a pretty little manse for Chalmers Church has been erected from the designs of the Hon. Thomas English at a cost of £2,600. Messrs. G. & 71. 'Wills & Co. are making an ex tensive addition to their fine warehouse on North-terrace. The new building will be in the same style as that now standing, but will stand forward about twelve feet, so that the line will be pleasantly broken. Mr. D. Garlick is tho architect, and Mr. Chas. Farr the contractor. The cost will be between £5,000 and £6,003. Off the_ terrace in Stephens-place Mr. John Hodgkiss is having a fine range of stores erected on the site of the cottages which stood behind the Globe Hotel. Tiie new building, which will be three stories in height, is to consist of four rooms each 92 x 50, one above the other, tho basement 10 feet high, the ground floor 16 feet, the first floor 14 feet, and the second floor 12 feet. The building will be fitted witn a hydraulic lift and all the latest appliances. The front is to be Glen Osmond atone with cement dressings. The architect is Mr. Garlick and th.3 contractors Messrs. Baker k Humbley, the cost being between £5,000 and £6,000.