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?Milppiwa. rORDENT UNE. % SQYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO tOXDON, '??? C'-'-n Jfi COLOMBO, SL!EZ, PORT SAID. ,; NAPLES. TOULON, GIBRALTAR, AKD ' m PLYMOUTH. SbramtM. Tons. { Commander. 19il. , OTEAVTO . 20,000 H. G. Stanntoa Uar. 10 OHIAOXDE 11.553 h. V. Juies Uir. 2t OttONSAV. 20,000 A. L. Oft em AprU J OSTERLEIT 12.15* L J. Haj-es. -ipt 21 OSAKA 20,000 VT. S, StaeUord May 5 OHSOTA. l?,0tl H. V. Cameron _ June 2 FABES—ADELAIDE TO LONDON, fal"-"!. Single, Irom £91; Return, from £165. arhird Class—Single, £38, £40, £11; Betsm, £6S. £72, £79. HOIJDAY EXCUBSIOS TO COLOMBO. for S6 days, and interchangeable tritfl ! P. * O. SJT. Co. ? i U. Q. ANDEBSOS & CO., Agents, 11 8. g?; William-street TeL B?VS, 3?76. 3J6ae!oae P. & O. BOTAL StAII. STEAMERS FOX MXDOX. r(a) Calling at Colombo, Aden, Egypt, Marseilles, | Gibraltar, and Plymoutn. . Xa) CaUing at Colum'jo, Port Sudan, Port Said, ! Marseilles, AUriers, and Plymouth. First and Secmd Saloon only. > Steamer, Tone. Commandex. P*BB* ) ? Thursday ' (h) CMtral 15,218 C. G. Smith liar. 3 <i) Narinmda 1C.227 B. M. M. Collyer War. 17 I tb) Cathay 15,101 E. B. Bartlett Mar. 31 ?(*) Hooltau 20.547 S. Findu April 1? 1,1b) Comorin Ip^lC 1. M. Borland April 28 iia) Maloia 20.837 S. C. Warner May 12 ! Comorin omits A'.ciers and PlymoiHtu ' Narinmda and Btoolton call at Bjmbay. ' Special Holiday Return Tickets to Colombo and 1-HU-ions tours. General and Befri^erated Cargo. ' ELDEB, SSirrtt & CO^ TJMITFn, Agents, j 396 c ; P. &0. via the Cape Service. ! TO DURBAN, CAPE TOWN, AND LOSDOS. ; One Class Passengers only. Taking Geneal [fcnrl Befri?erated Cargo. JTJALRASALD. .[W. Toa-nshoia (13,100 iMar. 1? /IBIBaABOOL.. H. R. Rhodes 13,100 April 13 jIiORDA 13. Holland 111,100 lifay 11 i FARES—LONDON', from £37; Round Int, jxttomins via Su?. £112 .11/; Airioa, from '" GEORGE tTTLLS & CO, LTD, Agents, , 31. Grcnfell-Btreet, Aielaide. 16c ! ABERDEEN, BLUE FUNNEL, !: AND WHITE STAR LINES. i- Joint Service to South Africa and England. Calling en route at Fremantle, Durban, Cape Town, Canary Iflasd?. ASCAXIUS ta) 10,0*8 tons, safli Jlar. 9 BUXIC (c 5) 12,663 tons, sails Mar. IS ELRIPIDES <?>) 13,000 tons, slQs Mar. 23 2TESIOR <a) 14,629 *??. **"* ? <L'L * CERAMIC (c) -16,495 tonaj sails Ami 9 THEMIETOCLESta) 11,250 ions, oOsJJay 4 FLTSSES (a) 14^52 tons, auto May 18 SUEVK! (c) 12.C80 tans, tails May 31 it) Ist Gan only. (b) Ist and 3id Glass. (") SifaCai W- ? CaUs Albiny, ofnitKng Fremantle. Fartiai'-irs T'lirl Cla?s, ?c Aavertuonen* ; lielow. FARES. TO AFRICA. —First Class, Single, Irom £SS. Cab'n Class, Siugle, irom £37. TO ESGLAND. —First Class,, Single, bom I£PS. Cabia Claa, Single, from £58; Bonnd the Wcdd Tours, and Betnm Tfcset? ?ria Suez, America, and the Far East; also Tooa thno^oot South Afncx at Reduced Kates. GEORGE HILLS & CO, LOOTED I Joint ? : DALGETX b COMPASY^ JUMTTED J Agents. I ABERDEEN UNL '? KOTTCSB TO THI3D-CLASS PASSESGERS. ,' EURIPIDES, 16,000 tons. Man* S3. TIIEMISTOCLES, 11,250 tons. May 4. TBSeSteimars. in addition to Ftac SOoon, b?ve eieellent accommodation tor T!uid-<iasi Paseentea- Bertiis in large and airy 2. 4, and ? ? ? iSofa ?? available at the fellowine TtTb"ioCTH AFRICA, "£26, £22, £21. To ENGLAND, £43. £39, X 37. iuSaar-W'saxeAsr, ltmtted, currie-at, . *aeUaie. Central 4960 to 4868. AUSTRALIAN ? ? ? COMMONWEALTH LINE. Oae-diss -Passenger and Cargo Baviix to IjOSDOS, Tia Fremantje, Colombo, Port Said, Soothampton, .or Plymouth, transhipping U Calombo for Tniian Ports. ?LARGS BAT J 13.550 *k=-l? ?HOBSOVS 8AT..... 13.550 April 2 KSPEHANCE BAT 13,650 April 16 limmvuiT...... 13.E50 Apnl 30 -?is=no7-^uLL -*. LONDON. FAKES TO MNDOS. from £38 Ho £*S Bingle. £66 3/ to £*1 Retam. Also limited imnb? of Deck Cabin Berths at ? £65 Single, subject to terms, condffloiis, TeL Central 2?21, 2922; Semaphott 204. MAN BUCKNALL SA CO., LTD. CITY OF CORINTH wiU be dipatebed from Port Adelaide ABOUT lia MARCH, 1927. FOR Bnnkirk, Hall. London, Antwerp^ Hamburg, Bremen, via Snez. Taking tnH, general and rrfrigerated eargn. Subject t? the terms, exiditLms, and etoepUora of the Oan?pany*a 831 of Lading. ELDER. SMITH & CO., UffITED. 57c ' (^ITUASnIIMC AOSTRAT.ASIAH CXiNAKU Unb, eebvice. COMMONWEALTH AKD TX>MDHO^ mCE. DUNKIRK, HULL, ANTWERP, BREMEN, HAMBURG, LONDON. Ala Suez CanaL FAST SEW STEAMER, PORT BRISBANE, w2l be dispatched from Port Adelaide MARCH 12, 1927. V^Ling Wool, (leneraj and Refrigerated Cargo cmbject to terms, conditions, and exceptions o BOii of Lading. GIBBS, BRIGHT & CO-, Agaits. Adelaide enc Port Ad?'-i^e. fs7c E.&A.LINE THUBSDAT BLAND, SANDAKAN, ?*VTT.?, HOSGKONG. ASP JAPAS. I LmT" Steamer. I Tonnage. Sydney. JUS. A&AFCBA 16,000 tons Mar 12. &S TAKDA J 7,000 tons April 14 S.S. ST. ALBASS '6,000 tons I May 14.* ' Return Tickets available by N.T.K. or A.O Iliines. i War fall tnrtientan apply, I: GIBBS. BRIGHT * CO., Acents. '?' S7. GRENFELL-STREET. ADELAIDE. SlTioiC , WHITE STAR LINE. 1 FOR LOSDO3T AKD LI\~ERPOOL, vi? DUBBA2 anS CATE TOWS. S.S. RUNIC, 12,?*8 tons, J. B. BCTJMAK. Coounasdcr. .?<& sail from tile; OUTER HARBOB ITHAKI on 12th MARCH, 1327. Taking WOOL. GESEBAL, and R3FIU CERATED CARGO. Bookings of Cargo are subject ta tie terms mnrfifliTiF, and executions of the Company's BU ?rf Lading. Tor Freight snd full parHcn^rs, £o, *VP"-: DALGETT k COMPANT. LIMITED. t S4^o, Cozrie-street. AHpT^q ?mi Port . _ Ad-Uide. Thones Cenirs! 4960 to 4966, Port Adelald WOl. S9aine TflOS. COOK & SON, TODRTSr ASD STEAMSHIP AGENTS. PASSAGES BOOKED BT ALL LJXES if TARIFF RATES. TRAVELLERS' CHEQUES ISSUED. PASSENGERS' BAGGAGE INSURED. SPECIAL PROGRAMME. Cook's Travel Service" *SHHG\PARTICrjLARS OF TOURS IS EUROSK3 AXD AROCi? SHE WORLD. ' ? Apply. THOS. COOK & SON, 4?A. GBENTELL-STREET. ADEIUAIDE. Iff our Printing I Just the Job yo= want I executed on the shortest ? sotice to yocr satis&ctloti H ) ADVEBTTSEtt PMHTIWG OFHCE 1

SHIPPING. THE ADELAIDE STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED, Coastal Sailings. PORTS UXCOLJf TUMBY. ARSO, VAI.LA?OO, OOWEIi. lIEIUj. H.JI.E. WASTJAJfA j Tuesday | Men. 1 j 3 pjn. PORTS WXCOLX, GEKMEIK, PIRIS, AUGUSTA. S-S. PABIXOA ?? ~- I !>i*. I *'c!l- 6i - P-""- PORTS JJSCOUS, SIIIELDS, liOUTH CCargo oalv). £.5. O.UORSA .. .. f fai. | Men S | noon Cargo Booked Through to Eyre Peninsula Railway-stations. Vo Car~j received after 8 sjn. on saCing day. Freight rreraid to Tmnby, Amo, Geimein, Shields. Louth, SeOL THE ADELAIDE STEAMSHIP CO., LTD, Adelaide and Part .ArtrinHe 9=g INTERSTATE STEAMSHIP SAILINGS. (Circumstances permitting.) Car ro f:w Geeloaff aad Tasmania iranifcippeil at Melbooroe. Steamer. Sill*. AechU-_ FOE MELBOURNE. .ECMSEALLA jHo^g^. *&_ FOE MELBOI-'EXE, SYDN"EV, NEWCASTLE BiUSBAXE, AXD BOCKHAMFTOX. (Transhipping tor other (Joeenslani Porte). (Booked Car^o only accepted for Sydney)., So Cargo received after nooa on Siilicj; Day ?MACUMBA Tues, IA.U-S.Sf. Co.. LteU, Mar. 1 Adelaide and Port. *TOtE lues, Howard Smith, LuL, Mar. 8 Adelaide and Port " FOE 3*EIJSOCaSB AM> SYDNEY. tEATOOMBA, Tiars^ EcllSralS. McEacham, 4 pjn. MardT3 Ltd, Adelaide; fiaw linjs, Port. *IIUSDALLA Sat, Adelaide &S. Co, Lt&, Mar S Adelaide and Port. tZEALAXDIA, Thins, Huddart, Porks; Ltd, i pjn. Mar 10 Adelaide and Port fEAEOOLA, Thnrs. Slcnsnaiai, McEadurn, 4 i).m Mar 17 I^d^, Adelaide; Eay li?g£. Port. IDIMBOOLA, Trnrs., G*o- Wills & Co-, coon. liar "1 Adelaide; Meloonnie SA Co, Ltd.. Port. FOB ALBANY AXD PREMASTL.E. tKATOOMBA, fSat^, . McllxTaiUi, McEacbamT icon I Mar. 19 Ltd., Ad?la!ie; Ei.v- 1 I '.ings. Port. FOX FREMASTLR (Caryo not received on Sj3ing ??Ti.) ?<mr<nS rues, Adelaide Steamekip Co^ Ma& 1. Ltd^, Adelaide and Port. tKAKOOLA, Sat^ Mcllwiaith. McEachim. no^c Mar. 5. Ltol, Adelaide; Easr lin^s. PDrt. IDDEBOOLA. Fri, Gej. Wflls & Co, noon. Mar. 11. Adelaide; Melbcnmc SiS. Co^ Ltd^ Port. tZEALAKDIA, Sat, Huddart, Parker. Ltd., noun. Mir. 26 Adelaide and Port. "Cargo only. JCarryinj Ist and 3rd CUes Pas3engsrs. tCanyins Ist, 2nd, and SrJ CHaa Pasengn?. SJle NEW ZEALAND. HUDDART, PARKER LINE. 3TDXET TO WELLDTGTOS.-, TiS. ULIMABOA. 4th Mirch. STnSET TO AUCKLASD, TSS. ULISLiKOA. Sainrday, 19th Uarca HUDDART, PABEER LTD^ D. & J. FOWT.EE, LTD, Asenis, 11, Kiss WiHiain^tieet, Adelaide. siao INTER-STATE PASSENGERS. OXK CLASS ACCOMMODATIOX. 13,55&-Toa Twva-ecrev Steamers. For ITEXBOCENE \ EEPERAXCET BAr, " STDSET I MartSi 6. I MOEEIOX BAT, "BRISBANE J Marci 22. 1 LAEGSBAV. ForFBEHASTLE I Slanii 19. f HOBSOX'S BAT. ? - ) April S. PICKFORD'S TOURS. TAHITI. 2?h 34sr=h. trcm Evdaer, £851. Tour fit months. Xew Zealand. San ttan cisro, Panama, *> Tew Tort. Continent, Britain. Optional iUnerary nil across iearing Sydacy by SOSOMA, 9th April, rii Honolnln, San Franrhco. Uttam ticket. Talid lor 2 EDHIProES, 23rt Mard). £198. Tour 5 months. English and Csnciaental trareL Be ram ticket valid via Panama, &C. Av?flJbi? for 2 7ears. . Aratralian 'Commonwealth Line, £165 mini boh live persons, four rtiTnHiV tonr, England and Continent. Setnm ticket valid for one year. Independent Toms arranged to suit indrridnal requirements. Full particulars from tin Agents, DALGETY & CO, LTD, 54-SO, Corrie street. Adelaide. "Phone 4960. lOae JAVA AND SINGAPORE. rer.T,ri?\r?x- fc BUCXXAIi. S.S. CO., LIMITED. AUSTEAL-EAST DfDIES LKES Hfijmlar Saloon Passenger &nd Cartco* Sjilings to and from Java msln ports and Singapore— as. CITY OF PALERMO, 6,000 tonsi, saJs 14 th JTani; S^. CITT OF SPARTA, 6,000 tons, ?Oi llli April. FiTM Sjloon Fares—Jain, £35; Singapore, Fnrther partteulars Ejg?!r to WILLIAM CROSBY &"CO, PIX, LTD., Unity Chambers, 32. Carrie-street, Adelaide, asd at Port Adelaide. 'Phone Central 4770, J. 2422. 3Sl{ WAS.N. COMPANY, LIMITED, OCEAN S.S. COMPANY, LnoittJ. FBOM FBE3UATLE to R.W. PORTS, JAVA. . and SPfGAPOBE. Steamer. Tom. Sail* about CENTAUR 1 3,066 tona I Mar. 11 CASOOTXE 3,650 ton* April 10 JIISbEEOO 2,720 tona April 26 COBCOy g,885 tana May 8 Itc-auttd tuea to Java and Bingapoic Brand Toms—lloand Australia, ria Java and Eiaeipor*. and via Jiva. Singapore, and Hongkong airangtd. For fail partim'^a apply to DALGETT & COMPACT, LIMITED. Adelaide and Port Adelaide. Itixc PISE POIST.—AXNIE WATT Ssila Monday, McLaren Wharf.—A. E. Lc UesEnri?r, LuL, Port. 57-3 POET PIUCE. —HECLA bi3s this day. He cei\-jig Copper Co.'s Wharf. H. FSICKEH & CO, LTD. CONSIGNEES' NOTICE WILD. BTILHELMSEN- AGEKCV. LTD. SORWEGIAS-AL-STKALIA USE. TUECOIKO. from Scandinavian ports, due Is! March, 1?27. CONSIGNEES are requested to PASS CCS TOWS ENTRIES pnmpili-. BILLS OF. LiDUKG must be presented dalv ?n cori&i and ireisnt paid at oir Port Adelaide Office before aay goods wUI be delivered. All Goods impeding disciarje will Sc srr.rct ai. Coa&ignee£ risk and expense Trithaut notice, Tile Reamer "Till nat be responable for an? ]uss or damage to cargo after it leaves ship'i . * Cattain J A. HASSE&" will NOT be KEBPOJf. FIDLE ior ASV DEBTS contracted by anj SlkiTkt of his Crew \rithoai his ?written anilio rit-r. DALCCTV *: COJIPAST. LTD- Agenis, . Adelaide and P-Jrt Adelaide. 69-6] CONSIGNEES' NOTICE KESSAGEKIiiS MAEITTMES. ' ?.S. "COJIMISS-URE E.?IEL" irjm COXTt ? KEXTAT. Pom's, cv? e?ii FEBRUAEr. 19ST * COXSIGXEES are requc?t?J to PASS CUSTOM: . ENTRIES promptly. Bn.LS OF LADISG rniti be presented duly en^ors-jd snd freighr paid al cur Port Adelaide Office before a*7 £iW;5s vrii: v be delivered. All jraoas impeiinp diicharj;* ?ftill br stored at Coasisnee's risk and expensf ?uithr.ut notice. The ttcamcr v-ill no! l*o rcsi>o3Fib]'S t^yf tnv lass or ddini^ £j csjs?" afic-r ll TK-snt (Jiip's clings. Tne CAPTATS will . XOT be RESPOSSIBLE f3T AST DEBTS eon trafted by any member of b!s crew without hii ? v/riiicn au^horiry. I>AL?ETV & CO^ LTl>^ AGENTS, Adelaide and Por: Adelaide. 55-6^ WANTED TO SELL. A—l,ooo NEW MILITARY BLANKETS. Sizes approximately CO x 90, in Fawn? Browns arid Greys, warn] end ceniceable, a: 6/11 10 'IK 12/0 each. TTcig'nt paid anywnere COOK, SON, CO., LTD, HISDLSY AKD LEIGH STREETS, ADELAIDE- m3Ba!i SALVAGE (LIGHTLY WATER DAKAOED Df FIRE, PORI ADELAIDE. Or. --r, i.' -?". ,'C ).-r 100 jupcr. Paiiu^i, ,Lrol, 5 !z.. at 3;/6 pfr 100 court ? Falin-K Jarra!;, 6 f^, st ST/5 per 100 conr.: " l'.>l;ns?, Ijnnceiccn, 6 ft-, at 40/ per 101 \Vti::e V]t\?. frcra **.'?> T*r If-** sujirr. ?ijk. ?.?.u^rr:.!iaii. a; r.!."r?r f;?ji. ?\MI..-,v P'.v,-- at ?i p-T !.>o:. Jar:-aj rioorli,^, a:. 17; p. r 100 run. F. HETZ&. , TIMBER VILL>. ?Ji;- ?-t>""'l'--'—-t, l'?i? J-?Z~~ ' m59-Sl/

DRAPERY AND CLOTHING. . j Moor es) LOWER PRICE SUPREMACY. jVWWWWWVUWAVMWWWVg I 8/11, 36-k Black | i Dnchesse Moasselene ?: I 5/11 Yard. | ?I A Very Special Offer in Black Ji Ji Dnchesse Moasseicne, full 36 in. i" i' wide, beautiful finish and nice ?' i ? weight, very suitable for frock coats ?, 'J and trimmings. Usual price S/ll "i 'i yard. t i 11 MOORE'S SPECIAL. PRICE, .' \ 5/11 Yard. | MUVUVVMVUVVVUW'.VWVVVUW wwwwuwwwwvwwww j: 3/1 L29-30-k Coloured I i; Pore Silk Fuji. ji i J 100 Shades- to &oc*e from (m- % J 12/9 id. yd. I ! 11 i jlsalvagel SALE I I OF GOODS 5 Er. 6.5. BERWICKSHIRE. j! Some Damaged by 03 Only, j! STARTS Ito-morrow! p (TUESDAY), I ? P > 9 o'clock Sharp. > ? "S £rfWWsVWWWVUWUVyVWWW!S iNWUWVUVWWWVVUVWWsVI I; 29-30-in. Natural Pore § SILK FUJI J 1 ] Kew Shipments arriving every ? 1 ? wee>- of Heavyweight Superior ? | ? QuaUty Guaranteed Pure Silk Fuji, a very even weave, an ideal weigh* ? * for Men's Shirts, Boys' Jumpers, < i Underclothing, and Frock?. ' ! MOORE'S SPECIAL PRICE, 1/11 yd. ijwwwwtrVuvwwwuiMMrV | 3/11 Striped Pore ji Jf m SILK FUJL | { J 3/11. 29/.-M in. Striped Pore Silk > -i ?t *?"J' £or !""ro<!ts> a'so suitable fw % ?I ? Boy 9* Jumpers, Men's Shirts, % vI V Pyjamas, &c. % % MOORE'S PRICE, 3 |2/9 id. yd. 5 ?saasww.v?uwJvuvrWVJftflsV

[ Sample Novelty China. We have just opened a most Exclusive Kanga ECnt out br by pno tlie large Producing Potteries on tbe ContinL-nt oi Sample Piece* Xoveijy dim, qaiie Kxclusive in Design imd Coloring io an ytliiny ye have hitherto seen. Onr Con : tinentaj baycr -eras instrumental in Lav ins this shipped. The assortment consists of "Honey Pots. Sugars, Mnsia rds. Salts, Peppers, Jugs, Puff Bowjs, AsU Trays, &c. in addition to ?vr'uijx there arc many trataoronsly-des^ned pieces, in bright, briiiiant colorings These have all been roiked on a keen basis for quick disposal. In your own interests we eugjsest early inspection. Clearing Prices Range from 1/11. Fashions for Autumn and Waiter. Many Thousands of £"s Worth o£ Brilliantly Attractive Xew Season's FasWons j end 'Merchandise have been opened daring the past few -weeks, and now bems Fpeciaily featured for selection and parcbase in all departments concerned. i Tiiese Stocks comprise not only tip most Exclusive productaMS in fashionable ?trear for a:! occasions, but a complete range of Press AcceV^arics, ffldi as HOSLEK.T SHOES, GLOVES. iffLT,INERY. FCKS, BDTTONS, XBOI^IENGS, SILKS NECKWEAR DRESS SIATEELM.S, BASTGLES, An Hour or Two Spent in Examining the Various Sections at tne Moment Shoold Prove Intensely Interesting and Informative. Maids' and Girls' Frocks Finally Gear. £8 8/ One only Maid's Engliih Model Frock 39/11 1 only Maid's English ilpdel Frock, fashioned from Bine Silk <md Wool Marn cairu attractively finidied ?witn fancy b nitons, featuring I^athnraad Braid trim mings; lengta 42 in. Harked £8 S/, for the Early Buyer this morning 39/11. 25/ Maids' White Vo3e Frocks .. .. 4/11 2 only Maids' White VoHe Frocka, tri-mmed Colored Pipings, length 45 in. "Marked .md worth 25/. for the Early Buyers this morning 4/H?ach. Up to 21/ Maids' White Vo3e Frocks ~ .. 10/11 C only Girls' White Voile Frocks, smartly fashioned garments, trimmed trith In tertion, lace, and Hemstitching, B^es 3S in. and 39 in. osttal prices ranjs i;n to 21/. We clear right out this m crning, oue price. 10/1 L Up to 49/6 Eight Only Maids' Frocks .. 8/11 S only Maids' White Voile and_ Colored Georgette, also Silk Fijji Frocks, vari ous trimmings, including Insertion, litce, and Smocking, sizes range from 39 in. to 46 in. The marked prices range up to 49/6. All one price this morn- ? inS> S/U" 4A /44 Up to £5 15/6 Rack of Maids' Distinctive Frocks, |U /1 j In a Variety of Attractive Designs Gear One Price lOj 11 5t Frocks in this lot for Jlaids. in smartly distinctive styles and designs, in o -wide range of materials, including Plain and Fancy Silk Georgettes, trimmed v.-ith shirrmc, oraid, flonnces, and fancy stitching. Silk Crepe de Chene ai?l JlarocaJn Flicks, in at rn&e range ot styles and shades. Also Silk Fuji Frocks and Crepe de Soie. There is also meluded in this group liJ dainty %VTjite Voile Frocks of super quality, trimmed tvith fine tuctj insertions, and Medallions. Cost price has been wholly disregarded; we musVmake room for .Autumn and Winter Goods. The si/cs "range from 39 in. Ip 4S jn., , T^e marked prices range np to £5 15/6- We clear the lot this morning one price. 19/11. I Up to 46/9 Rack of Maids' Frocks, Fashioned in 1C /11 Varions Materials All Smart Styles, Gearing .. ..- IU/ 11 35 only in this group. Maids' Frocks, fsfV^M fr^-n mlierials, indufins Linen, Silk-finished Marocain, Cotton Ceorgette, also JTatoral and Oilored Si:k Fujis. The range includese most a'-ti ,-. c i-.-iUge cf smart styles, wi.h Tan oi:s trimmings, such ss Frills, Piping. Buttons in self and contrast, aieo a-fe^ diinty Wuiie Voiles. Sizes range from 29 in. to 45 in.. tM marked range" np to 46/9, clearing all one price to-day 15/11 each. , 27/6 fcinW SaSb flK^g^ Eyening Shoes, 16/11 Pair. VHH^^^^K \ 36 pairs only Ladies' Blonde Satin \^^sSS^Btgr*^T^^*>-. one oar Evening Shoes, pump IBT^^BB^^^^^ soles, full Wnrt. heels, style as *5 illustraied. Easf.y trorth 27/ C. C'earin£ to-day 16/11 pair. 45/ Ladies' Engliih Made Patent Court Shoes .. 29/6 Pair. 18 pairs only "Southalls" English-nvidePatent Court Shoes, pump soles, trimmed Grey Elastic Gusset, smart long vamps, sizes 2J iq 7. C?ual price 45/, clearing this morning 29/6 pair. Clearing a big ijuitiiase received <Jii-ec£ from the Coniinent, fancy LiUe Gloves, 2.0U0 pairs al] told in the shipment, in three distinctively effective designs, as illustrated, superfine Lisle, the quality is the finest Tub shrunk Glove with a beautiful soft velvet finish. KO illustrates a very smart scalloped circular enff, -worked on edge with as eorted colored f=Uks and sc^ contrast design on calf, rich heavy pointings, t-olors include Sunburn, Pastel, Cliampagne, Lielit Jlodc, Light and Dark Grey. KOI illustrates a fancy Vandj-ke circular cuff with inset in centre of cuff o£ sell contrast material, stitched on edge, with contrast silk Em broidery, colors include Sunburn. Oak, Beige. Putty, and Light Tan. KO2 dip plays the newest turn-back cuff with neat scalloped <?dge, with smart Kose design worked in S3l? colorinsp, rich corded pointing, co.ors include Partcl, Champagne, Bois de Rose, Beige, and Jlatic. j We offer die whole consignment, afi designs, at this genoineiy at tractive price >_._ 2/11 pair. For the Coming Season, Felts and Velours. 3'any splendidly attractive styles, correct ajid distinctive in sliape, Roady-to- IVearp. reasonablT" priced, and noix- availaHle for inspection. illLLtK TERV SHOWIIOOIIS-FIRST FLOOH—TAKE THE LIFT. HI iQastrates Ready-to-Wear Felt, afi colors - - - 16/11 This is a. most becoming comfortable saapo. with pleats Etitdied in the crown, trimmed with Petersham Ribbon Band and Bow, and the ed^e hound to match, priced most attractive, 16/11. K2 iiiustrates Ready-to-Wear Felt all colors 12/11 The Hat here illustrated has an adaptable io";ded crown, which may be adjusted as desired, and is trimmed and bound -with Faille ri6i>on in sell <;ol?rs. Oenniue value 12/lL H3 illustrates Ready-to-Wear Felt, ail colors - - - - 14/11 This illustration portrays an effective and unusual Crown trimmed with ribbon band and bow, features a plaiu cut eOge brim. Xuie the price M/ 11. All three shapes illustrated can be supplied in Black, Tan, Navy, Nut, Tomato, Potty, Mastic, Champagne, Burnt Orange, Almond, Lettuce, Mulberry, Wine, Amethyst, Saxe, &c. MAIL ORDERS IJEOiIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. 1 JAMES MARSHALL & CO., LIMITED.

I DRAPERY AND CLOTHINQ. NEW MILLINERY VAGABOND" SHAPES. Featuring Tall Crowns and Short Roll Brims. So Smart — So New. Most Inexpensive at 25/11. NEW FANCY BRAID, Only 25/11 each. Kits. TSS6, 7529, and 7?3S :!!u=ir^ie some dc. liphtfnl New H=:f. in Pbiu and Fancy Braids. ?catming llic Hirrh Crnsliible Crown and S-ft Flexible .Short Brim, uliidi may lie rolled as flic mawr d&sircs. In ill the n?rcrt suaces stui colorinrs of the Sew Season. Two '.Xh-1 fit Hags, es illnstisici ?i -4 _^^^^- ' ?? CHIC FELTS. Deep Crowns and Rippling Brims, Only 25/11 each. ?"ell Hats oi jrrr-sisiible charm in Koatbenvcljfci, with Deep Cwk-ds ami JiippliTip Brims, tiiuz wining they afe—cute little finishing touches to ione or of contrast Tlip new shades jp: most boojininz, an-i '-n^'.udc Oak Bnff, Rjv - ?ii ?d, Ked ).-..if, MuliiTrv, X'.tt C'nnam.-i', ;U=T'bc-irj. R.? ?i-eu, P.'tunii>. Sa^-r. F?-.v:i. Raisin, 'MkU'-. 11-d. <ir.v, ?lolc, Charoi'icr,.!,, Anil Hra-r. a^4 !?3>*- TVo head ?t - cli ttyius, ti II Insisted. [ Dirks ! y DAILY SPECIAL LINE 0 y y P TAILORING. y ff ii^asure Suit?. ff L Final Stocktaking Clearance. M PI Ir.di"O P<tc<*, Gut Woret*ds. ? I] Blue Tout- Cheriott, and I] Q Your Choice for £7 7/. R ff Tailorir.? I—Ground1 —Ground Tloor. pB ?This price for today only.l yCOUriTOYOROERS^BYRETURNPre^I

DRAPERY AND CLOTHING. MILLER ANDERSON, LTD, ARTISTIC FURNISHINGS. A "wise choice of Furnishings is .essen tial to the successful accomplish- j nient of any ertistic scheme of home | decoration. J 2Jsiler Anderson's are showing a, most delightful collection of Fabrics ideal {or CURTAINS. CUSHIONS. CHAIR COVERINGS, &c CRETOKKES, art printed, in beauti ful designs and colorings, Preltr small pattern BETERSIBO: CKETON^-E, 31 inch, 2/9 yard. Useful and handsome].- designed CRE TONNE, in dark colorings, 31 inch, 1/11, 2/9 yard. Hind "ulo.tod FIGURED MXESfIS, <i(v: "ic-nidtb, exclusive designs, 19/6 yard. SHADOW TISSUE for upholstery work, pretting coiorinss. 31 hch, 4/6, 5/ yard. roil HEAVY CUKTAIXS we hare some BEAUTIFUL SILK VELVET, ' In rich shades of Brown. Blue,, and Kaa-n, ', 50 in., 22/6 yard. ! SHk-finisfc. plain-ribbed VQTfX&IB. 54 *"AJ>ELESS GOEOHS. -^eaxS1 - Fawn. Bine, Rose, Brown,-" <3o]nV Grey, Helio.. and Black, 50 in., 7/6 yard. Double-fridtli COLOBED I.IXEX, in Fadeless Colors, Helio., Blue, Fawn, Hose, Brown, 50 in., 7/9 yard. FASTCY BROCADED POPLTX, very pretty for Curtains or Furniture Coverings. Fadeless Shades of Bine, Brown, Gold, Tango, Rose, Fawn, 50 in., 10/9 yard. \ FANCY STRIPED POPLINS, Biscuit, Helio., Itose. Blue. j 50 in ~ 7/6 yard. j HesryiiYigbt DYTED COLORED j LINEX, oxtra good quality. Suit able for Table Coven?, Cushions, and Furniture Covers. Grey, Terra Corta, Tango, Jaue, Amctbyst Saxe, aud Blue. ! 59 in., 9/6, for 5/6 yard. Hoavy TAPESTRY and JIOQJJETTE tor chair and couch coverings, in. rich col-ornjgs. BEAUTIFUL BUNKERS, for Piano Tops or Table Centres, printed Vel vet, trimmed with Gold Tinsel Brail, 21/ for 13/6 each. WOOL RUG FRUCGS, in Blue, Gr?n, Brick, 5 inches deep, 2/ for 1/6 yard. CREAM WOOL FELT, for polished tables, 50 in., 17/6 yard. BEDSPREADS. riUXTBD CUETOXXI3 BED SPREADS. Indian designs, 2x3 yard?, 19/0 and -32/ ?oath. PRETTT COLORED BEDSPREADS, embroidered -witU T!iebe!ieu effect, Pink, 110.10., and B'.ue, Single Bed 21/ each. special wnrn-; bedspreads, Madeira. Lsnd-enibroidi-xcd and eml loped. on IRISH LINEN, lovely de- Sincle Bed size. £5 5/ and £7 15/ each. Double Bed size. £8 15/. I'IMiOW SHAMS to match, 29/6, 45/ pair. Hand-made Jjiueu and Lace Bed spreads, very clioiee and select, tingle bed s;z?. £S 10/ each. Italian Linen Bedspreads, c'iaraiing!ir hand-worked on special Cream linen in colors— Sinale Bed Size, £5 of. Double Bed Size-, £7 10/, Blaekuood Tea. Waggon, solid ttoo<l, highly finished and poliEhed, 33/6. Oak Tea Waggon, with drawer, 75/. BEST VALUE—ALWAYS, MILLER ANDERSON, LTD, 16-26,HINDLEY-STREET. __.

BEAUTY PARLOR. AN ANNOUNCEMENT. J MADEMOISELLE j Norton (LATE TOTH IHSS ALMA. WELCH* " - bcr clientele fiat she bn jcbug 4K z *xp.rr. f.s£ in the HaJriseafeiE cad BwAf ?*" CHARLES MOORE & CO, * YICT0BI&-5QCUBE. ' * Teiepbone Central 6C50. t

Striking Value Offer in High Grade French Silks. Large Purchase Disposal, 17/6 to 25/, for 9/11 *M This big purchase of douKe-Tridtli Silks on 'sale today and frhiie it lasts at 3 marvellous price reduction."-. Three kinds of fifllr_ as foUotrs. "Mai-lr?*t at One - icSajl Special Price. Group L.—-Beautiful Heavy Quality Reversible CREPE IMPERIAL SILK, in Tan, ' 3j| French Grey, Cfeamois, Sunset, Havauui, Beige. Jfew Marron, Urown. CHam- jSjj pagne. Fawn, also Gazeiie. Suitable lor all rfyies of Frocks. Usual price. _*-~5 Group 2.—Heavy Quality Xavy (txvo shades) OHAESIANTE, Crepe Back. vncriiA-' £3& able, one of the finest wearing Silks manufactured. Usual price, 19/5 S*ld. *? "?gB Group 3—Heavy Weight Black MAROCAIS" for Coats, Dresses, &c. Usual pricey r^M 37/6 yard. AU the above SILKS to go at OSE SPECIAIi FRIGE, -"3B 9/11 Yard. 1 Jnst arrived—"lleCALL XEEDLEWOBK AND DEGOKATIVE ARTS,** Spin*- iS*sB Number. PEICE. 1/6 COPY, also ifew Shipment of McCall Printed Vatttom ~Jsm find Transfers. ... , ji On eale in MeCaCl Pattern Section—Dress goods division. ?' 318 Gearing To-day a Huge Purchase of I Pf Real Hand-made Chefoo Lace. To go on sale this moi-nlns. an extra hig a^S^^^^^^S^aSESff^^mtr^^^ purchase of superior qnility, real HAND- Vl^AZ!:i^S£Ba?E3^SPSfSa^^M'£ * MADE CHGFOO LACE, bought under lpi??S§E§9gi3fi??Ki9H^'*"s>?| most advantageous trading conditions, YZzSSzO&MIiSSSxCSBEBSOBfMM&Z&Ki&M enabling us to seW at this exceptionally }*S^KlSip^3BSSg?H^gsSiS?'? =?Ss low price. Lace and Insertion to matcfa K^lSS?'£i3^^KE&£!BX&!*B?s* * £S& in various widths. Lace, 1 inch. 11 UH&?/MMMi^^^M?^HSiM??jf>"-t^W inch^ and 2 inches iride. Inwrtiou, 1 WGt^j^^^^^^^^^^EKnS^^MiM'ieSSk inch, and 11 iuclieu wide. Fine and Wi^BHi^BBBiBUIiBBBi^B^i^H medium freights in several designs, in- ' - ? ? -. -j^^^^^^^^^^^S?y jHjjS (iudlnp those ilustraicd. Beautifully iFBPIPP'KJSBMSJBPB^BBWBWWfe^'-i^fjjlSi made iace, strong and durable. "Worlji sSjjga?i|KMS^^^jJmml/|^S|ffl- * *^TSSA 4V 2 d.Yard. B^^-^s-ji^rTrv. White Dainad: Oottit, €?*? i i^H /^l^s^^J=gf ncr" Price, 2/11 e?cL / ?y.ttit "*v!' > JV**^ SV<?*—^£sl Tlicse arc excellent quality, doUis, t "1 Js*.^P- *. ?* *, - I . heavy weight, strong Treat*.; *S- * r> **?**"$> "r?r self psttem iriOi atcactive ~ * * \MrJZM\\ borders in Gold. Bed, also aijtti ,4 £*i&*s>^-^ ' *J' >ffi'i Mw/AA "a which is a neat AVhite design. „ ?& \&*t^^o*£WX' II l-'seful and ceniceable dot&s. -1 V-..* yZ^^&WKpL^O BABGAIX COBSfiU" PRICE, * J ""?'"?? : rij White and Gold China Cops and Saucers. Usual price 1/4| | Cop and Saucer. "Bargain Corner" Price, 1/ Cop and Suiter. J On sale in the "Bargain Corner" To-day, a huge quantity of English Sluro-. ?1 faetured. superior!ity White and Gold China Cups and Saucers, fine ? -'j p.aze. excellent lin.^h, fill! size. "BAKGADC CORNER" PRICE, 1/ COP J Ladies' Fine Ribbed Cotton UndervesU. lisozl Price, 2/11 f 1:1 each. "Bargain Corner" Price, 1/7 J each. ' "-1 I'uli iuad-.\ soft Oitton, ribbed Vests, *"V" and round necks; tnbiuir and *^ lace strap finish Rod strong makes. KI!KK VALUE "TIARCFAIJ!' '% CORKER"' PRICE, l/7i EACH. ? - -fl Monday's Manchester SpeciaL Ye netian Lace Edge Trayclotfcs, 2/11" fi Each. ????'. ' -*a Dainty Venetian Lace Edge TRATCLOTHS, irorked centres, -prtSl aade and'of *J excellent quality. Oblong. IS Inches x 24 inches, and 14 inches 139 indies. "- OraC. 14 inches i2O inches. AVonh 3/U each. SPECIAL PRICE TOitAY, | 2/11 EACH. | Fashionable, Exqniate Hand-Embroidered S3k Shawls at Special % Prices! ! * I rX>E DAXCE AND DIXKKR WEAK. 4 6TUIKIKG, EFFECTIVE CHINESE SILK SHAXOjS. 5a iIi:TAL LACE SHAWLS. GOLD TISSUE SHAWLS. "> NOVELTY IiJIBBOIDEIIED AKD BEADED GEOUGETTK r?HAWT?. * UviautiCul Han^- i Jjjul JPTSI Colored Tissue Shawls, and numerous other Novelties. One oajy o! etch stjie. All the Latest Colorings. Prices range from £10 10/ to £IS' 18/ T according to style and quality. We cordially iirriie your inspection,, s^"les to lilease <rery tnete—an immasw vari-jty io select from. ,~* m THE BIG STORE, | 5' "WHERE TOCK MONEY GOES FARTHEST."- /^ [ [JOfliV Mi4CTW & CO., LIMITED, "J

AMUSEMENTS. "ABIE'S IRISH ROSE." A SENSATION. ON SATURDAY SIGHT A PACKED DOUSE PAID TBLBUTE TO THE FD.T2JT COMEDY * BVEtt SEES IS ADEL.VIDE A OTORiI OP JVPPU.USE GREETED THK iRT!.-?TS AT THE FAIJi OF THE CDRTAIV SELDOM HAS SUCff SCESBS OP ENTHUSIASM BEES WIT . '3gggro_iy Ayr theatre. FOR TO-NIGHT: 750 TICKETS AT 2/6. ; 600 TICKETS at 5/. " Available at Theatre from 10 a.m. To-day. Also at Doors To-night. THEATRE ROYAL Direction .. .. I. C. WIUJAMSON. IM. Mua-inc DirEctorj .. Sir Gcorga Tallis. E. J. Tai^ Prank S. Tait. Adelaide Keprwentativ B .. Hermit Mien. TO-NIGHT AT 8. Matinees Next Wednesday and ?' Saturday. I ' J. C. XTILLrAJISOy, L^ present "Or ?rran£cmeofc with Sir Rrriixnrr* and JTAc I Fuller) "ABIE'S IRISH ROSE." ? 'Tke Record-brealdng Comedy of y; Anw. , ZtXMnled by an Entirely Xew Company of Intrmitional Stars, includinjr ? Once Stafford, Georse Dtnrw, J(rfin McCibc, Ber&a Walden, Henry Martimn-, Jack Trainer, David Wall. Alired Cordon. FIVE YEARS 1\ XCT' YOKR TES HOSTHS UT iret,T!OURSE AXD 6TOSTEY, . ASD HOW. AI THE ZESnH OF lIS POPC .. ? iiAErnr, rr has takes Adelaide by STOEM. f=EB "ABIE'S IRISH ROSE." j THE WOKLD-BEATEE. >? , trrra a laugh a mxdte V ' BOX-PIiAXS AT ALLAYS nnta S p.m.. ther i-/ ?i TJuatre Office. Popular Prices—D-C. ?nS %'? OS* 8/; Stalls, s^; Gillery Party Tictrte, 8;-. Erriy GaUery, 2/6; laa Gallery, 1/C (?U '-: : AT 8-30 TO-NIGHT. f A MAN WILL BE SAWN ):?; IN HALVES ;i By Frofenor RUnPEHTOSKI, the Fjuoonf Bnra'an Stntcon, and Dismal . ' DMino?d via oiler big tody on the ' ; ilttT it (ncriflce in the interest o( ; tdaue ?;' At tbe | GARDENS THEATRE. &??. Direeriea .. J. O. wnUaaHon, Ui * :: Orga?bins DlreCor .. Hertert Mycn. ?r;~ -&!?? ?nrrK Jfe1 BBiLY HALOSEY, ECPEST HA3SELL, ft COUN CKANZ, E&SIE DAY. "fe? the scare at favorites comprisias 5:^4 - Hiv Tenalile organifiaticn. Si *EW StoBEKS ASTt KOTELTIES, . ' And Cditsme Opcratu ticenj, v-J 1 '? :'?' "BLCE DAXUBE BLOTS," ,;' "THAXEB FOE THE BUGGY HIDE.? r' "CECILIA," tc, && ? ? Plans at Allan's until S pj?., there ? < after dndy Store. After 7, 'Phono :. Ocnt. 302 Beserratioaa Gardes Theatre. i FRINGE OF WALES THEATRE. V lessee—Harry Sickardi Tirall Theatres. Ltd. By snansemeot vith UnEsrore's TheatrM. UST FOUR NIGHTS. SO MATI3TEB OS WED3TBSDAT; GUY HASTINGS $ TAIi ATKDISOy A>T> BEESAKD i COLMAX'S rrodnction THE AURM CLOCK by AVERT HOPTVOOD <ftotiuir o£ *TTie SBest People.") Plan at Allan's and the Theatre. THE OLD, OLD STYLE UANUE. A, CALEDONIAN HALL, KING WILLIAM-STREET, ? MONDAY, MARCH 7. MONDAY, MARCH 7, atLDA HASSES. Adelaide OU-timc Dane* PSanlEt, -wltli Full Orchestra, will tender popn * |ar Mnric AH praatnt popular Old Dancea, inclndinc ?berts. T^"~~ WiltE Cotillon. Ko Jut. Strictly Select. ; Direction and M.C.. FEAXC EOWE. LEARN DANCING. ' ADHLAIDE'S IEADPHI PHOPESSIOSAL ' TE.KTHEK.S. RfaTilifhel a Ypira. MR. AND MBS. AUBREY HALL, rho jnsi returned to Adelaide, are teaching tbe litest Dances beins danced in London and Kcr terk, inehidins the Black ShnB>, Flat CharV* fm, new Tango, 1927 Tox Trot, V*"iltx, and !>no Step. We 4cfjr contradiction to our method* of leadline. GRAND OPENING OF NEW BBGKSER6' CLASS. TO-MGUr, 8-11 P.iL ST. rBTEE'S TOW'S HALL (BAXftUETKG BOOH). ; No. S Car to djor. Each Clan noddy, ladies, 1/6; Gents, 3/. tpec-al Utuic. i THEBA3TO3T—Town Hall. To-morrow Evening. TJXLEY—To*ii Hall. Wednesday Jfexi b' POBT ADELAlDE—Oddfellawa* BaU, Dal<-t. nrsday. March 17th ne?t. CAWLEE—^Forester-s Hall. Murray-streei. Fri . lay. March 4th next. I NOfiWOOD—ReciiaVie Hjll, ParaJ^ oppotite ! . fonreud O??I. Saturday. M?rcb SOi next. , Prints lesson* at our Eundle-ctrect Studio, immnenrfm i-arW next month. S/ YE OLDE STYLE DANCE CLASJ CALEDONIAN HALL, SING WILLIAM-STREET SOUTH, TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. pLT> STYLE DAXCDTG OXLT. NO JAZZ. % 3E3T ANGCS^S St.PjairJ? ORCHESTRA. W. MacGKBCOK. Proprietor. B. A'SGVS. M.C. A. HTSAVOOD. Hon. Src. 90 DANCE IN THE" ABOVE HALL NEXT MONDAY. _ B' . TAKE A TURKISH BATH. The Turkish Bath mns Lumljaro. ]the.muri=m. piuioa. lon*s up rtmd)r-n Nerrmn f.v-'.fn Hthoat likins dnj'-'t CUV BATIIs. "Op? Jlil^. Sinsle Bath, 4/. Six T:cV if, i 1 ?di? Day—All Day WVdn-sdavs. and Monday ? - irmJBF- SasJay aiomiruff, r to ZO, lor i;*?nt.le. ~ km ?/8- 'Phone 3683. 559.t1.3Z

AMUSEMENTS. fig Majestic |h! Sa^s mrJ'SpI.* ?it u?Ji^J, ffi FAHhWhLL TO .- A - ft - -- B - -.^ RFfIRRF WfIRD UI_UIIUI_ SSKHvIJ Snapshot Revue Co. In anoUicr Mirttaful Rnue presented by i2i: clerer and popular combination, iiK-luriing Geoise Ward &rt Jx- Bi^c Carlton Chase En Deleval.. William Bcrrsfonl <Vracie Sarirri Lily Vockler Winnie Edffrri^n TO-MORROW, TUESDAY, AT THE MATINEE, Fuller's Superb Vaudeville For Tea Days Only. SEW AKmTS. SEW ACTS. ?EW XOVELTIES. ? iip nnFllllltl Illr RRrNNAN JUL Dntlilifllif 7 Assisted by Ida Newton, ??j^ M dffitf,e p^^S"^t^TsrcSnS Dl-iTr'CM DDATUCDC mcLAlilLlN DKUIHEiKD BriOPDT t i 7i1iofnTrT eDts" DfcKl fcLLlUll LondorTs Favorite Cjmefly Jugg'gr. JSKA.ISSSL TAYLOR & SUMMERS la Sonss and Impressions. THORNTON &O'SHEA Tte u^-^ ?g >?? chicken D Orii DUKEEN MAY, Tb<? Ghaimiw aai Popnbr Adf'iid* Soabrptie. DDATUrDC t AXI Hi BKOI HSutt Io OopfJr. Sonp?, Talk, anff DmciTV^ LESLIE & PITCHER, Brilliant Mawcijns in a Plsas-np Offering. CD ACC 9 VI7ATC IjIVnVfC CC IV—lAllJt ~ Two charmmfr voices in a plensing tuna. Pricps—3/, 2/. aai 1/. Matinee, %J and I/. Caildrm, 6d. FUna at Theatre. Thans SSgfi; L

AMUSEMENTS. |d^jj|HSl^ new DRAMATIC SEASON. commencing Saturday nexi COMMENCING SATURDAY NEXI wiluamandersons ninMiTin OSGANISATIOK. Aits, by E. Milton Eorlc s B^JPJBH^^^HH^H'Hr H>f ? V ?[#IV^^^^^V^^A * * j a^.^AH^H^l^^R W m ? i Bk^^^^^^^B H W * J V[^V A 111^ m-A J L^uMSBl |^g?f/\ fJT^ I W^mWjJm^mW^mLm I ll^.l Issms^Sm93s£ssm£2 "THE SQUAW MAS" mjAs an ea in model P^y A k: of intense hs^3a pr =übmti? distin^isl> thU mori Re s t,ry. t'jo mc dente of are iwrfcslly wldrf into dramatic episoi? -nliidi thro-j^hoat ia di^cles:* %?<£%£?s&?"*** by its tadaati? Box-plan wifl Open To-morrow. Box-plan wffl Open To-morrow. Preferential Bookings To-day at Prince of Wale? Theatre. Box-Plan at Allan's and Theatre. I^^M^^W^^^MM^^'^ MR, AND MRS. GARMJCHAEL'S ADVANCED CUSS, OSBORNE ha^ gouger-st TOPSY-TURVY NIGHT. tonight. Mn- c- vouxgs oeoiestka. n c . CAEIncHAEL Mc _________^_ Sl7oac xlcor euchre aus crego begal oafk. cHEXFEii-STaEET, cut. fiememier TO-XIOHT, Etirtinj Xigat of £: asgregate of 4 nigUts and 8 pri?s r jmd Dane" 10.30 t3 11.30. Eachre PUt?ts can jrln Ade Ijiide'i oldest and largest Ea<irc Cln'j any Sit or Uonday nfebt. Uinj Ceni. SS9j for parti rnlam. s/

"Home of the Best Pictures." CONTINUOUS FROM 11 A.M. TILL 10.30 P.M. PRICES—€d. AND 1/, DAY OR NIGHT. TWO THRILLING FEATURES. COMMENCING TO-DAY (MONDAY), C_^d^ /^ Tann lri^i love, C^X m^m^m^L^m m i throlhbiDff' ?jJfCD- -^ JR^^l^l 'm^m^^mW M "^ VI i^^*^BiHi^H?^ tore; "that** rapid -y t^^^ft SECOND BIG FEATURE. w| 2 ZH^snF mWF*mtS&iwlml\ A PARAGON OF SKILL AND DARING. Comedy, News of the World, Gazette. nTatch for "The Term of His Natural Life."


AMUSEMENTS. i |WEST'S] ?S£m?SW?S£ r Matinee, 2.15; To-night, 7cc "THE BARRIER." I RFY RFAfH'S NnVFI nf Fai^j -^ the Alaskan Wilds, a mighty action drama of titanic NORMAN KERRY, LIONEL BARRYMUKt, HENRY B. WALTHALL, % A ? ?ek [ ? LOWELL SHERMAN trruc invc mvn THE LOfE TOY. ON THE STAGE, FOSTER and NEEDHAM, ? , —-^ S-'ift -. ? A SKI ABIE A DANCING. ; mr. ieo. thiselton : MISS RITA TmSELTON, luicmetts DanyTfrom ii"tm ?"">?, CLASSES FOE BEGINNERS O.VLY. TUESDAY and thubsday, at s r.v. pbivate ixssoxs by APPorsxiiK; r. *,£? *2. *?£? S£S? -ST^f aiS LU^^t^t^t^d'^^d^i for the finst time m Adelaide the latest, dances. THE BLACK SHUFFLE. THE FLAT CHARLESTON, THE LATEST TANGO. 1927 FOX TROT "*' *"A '""*? MODERN WALTZ, &c STODIO, 16A, RUNDLE-ST., ?pioae6l67- s ======= MR, AND MRS. CARMICHMTS t ADVANCED CLASS. nuinnubu uinvui Acnnnur' niir OSBORNE HALL. TO-NIGHT. MB. C. TOUSG'S OBCHESTBA. H. G. CA2JIICHAEL. U.O. siT9><- DANQNG TAUGHT. ?^BS^. Tnfdav Wedncsdaj-, and Saturday evening;. Waltzin=. iazz, and all luUroom dancea taug^u —Mr ll Headxns. Instructor: Mr. W. An^s, Assistant, ladies 1/6, Gents 2/C. £/

I AMUSEMENTS. ?? 'madman MUCH, CHEATED HER OF Jamwccc HER BABE NAMELESS „ , DENIED. the years brought a new PROMISE . . THE CHILD GROWN TO EARLY MAN | HOOD HK dditicu cdidit rmvn "fflsg?ssff iD ENGLAND. ONE WAY LAY HER WHOLE HAPPINESS . . THE OTHER WAY MEANT ALL TO HER HE WAS BEGINNING UFE . . ONCE MORE SHE SACRI such a mighty drama of mother love andtsacri <<the MARRIAGE LICENSE" , s A FOX g^ DRAMA ilf ?. lM . lMMfc?iMr . m _ _ _ Made hy fte "East Lynne People, bat made infinitely —-? "FASCINATING YOUTH/ Offering just the contrast nppjpj i n a nerfort ?T>niv Ail neeaea in a peneci snow, jui the Paramount Stars, Dix, Menjoo, Meighan, &c, helping fneYoongsters to entertain yon. j.? -_I__ J; J ? w ftssP!en^- WONDERGRAPH OPERATIC ORCHESTRA. p^'--!^ =y ?T*?t. sw^t-on* from -no. >?. XASETTE," and "TEU- ME MORE." rJJns *??? c??- ??? _ .. Infc Mfll&UH, bLt?bUi. I Dancing each Evening at P(P|Br mm prices< £ox"J rol p J3CS? 1 Pexl Monday, rebrq||y 28. Post Entries. No Eotry Fee. j . TCLEFJIOXC GLEMELO OQA for Particulars. O^^ ' ntHnKT Trt Mir*UT 1/AnLlnu itl-Wlvini. fKOM-fcLi hall. GRAN? OPENING NIGHT. DAXCIKG. 8-11.SO. I.VRIC JAZZ BAJvD. Sub—Ladies 1/3. Centi 1/9.


AMUSEMENTS iITHEYORKI ""ELKS? 11" T , PROGRAMME. .^^^. JagUffigh 15?>w A M // }r* ""^*SbT^ /^ // ? J^'iPf v^"^nJ //m*m JH^f/k *§Jl SP^p^-A^Jnl I */^LCHRISTIF\ I iiX c" itnti H/ / &/^a/|jfli!L\ / MflfilU" \ Ta/IVK ! iJ/flliJL**/ \ 1/^ *** -_ / V*"*^? / (\ pemnington / Cor.nnc m iiic most eutnr*tuou? of s'l Lc;r roles, wherein ttRT proves her *>?,' he??"???-?? mo *ver^t-ic? :re^- I ifflmMjlll fSfjBHJf I KLin "^w^H^tt^tH I XL I^VMl^Hk I ITOaf fgga?Hy ? I JSBamm / t^ft V^'\ TR I J& JBj VP &r Mm fe^, I JW** i I JBBlil^kJssfJ j 1 Fli^wy/ ! W, / I JH|i< S |fJft^^p{9 W|||drflfii& J^tl^ I*^1 *^ w a first national picture I iiKAriU MfWrnUrii orchestra. cm^dx. signer Lom^rfL I on- the stage vightly. \ uieo eiinr ohdvc [ llllOU ALIUL OUIilVt IS_ ILT.USTR-XTED SOXO FCESKS ??"""?"?? "? -???'?—?"??"—?—?? ZZZT3ZZ S^i I"" A B "S 9 Bl^ fl I | rlg|l|||| 1 ?Lfl I 1111 l ? l|^ BH S^* THEATRE H^. Miwiini. w. *—. ' )i^w ~_^^ TO-NIGHT. THE BHuWn DERBY. *n? dizziest. iusX^i, snippiest wliirlc-jid THE WSLO BULL'S LAIR, fres Thomson ~?BW?rr THK BLKD <;01>UKS5 and WUv'GrELS GO c CX ?OUE „., _~„, „. , OTROPi L n ? c^^S??"PM JJ!S S.1?^!?^?-" 3 oKnicsr!!A- Laiii.f. I '; ?:~!l?. ?_''? s

Direction .. D. CliEord Theatres, Ltd. GoMral Ifinascr .. .. \V. G. 'Morgin. I" UNLEY AND GOODWOOD I I CAPITOL, ST. PETERS, and STAR, PARKSIDE I TONIGHT. | j TO-NIGHT. TORRENSVILLE AND HINDMARSH. I ?u??*n?:o, WEDNESDAY NIGHT. | RUDOLPH VALENTINO'S ??"""^"^^^^^^^"""^^"^^"^^^^""?"^?~* IAST iXD CSI^ITIiSI rEODI.VTIiIS. THE TEEUEXDOUJ SUCCESS. XIIP AAII f\f Tf?P PliriV A SOLDIOJ S STOIiY 0? TITE WAB, filTcd -?-::h 1.- JT .>r a:.i r^ :?. j||^ JflN Ol TIIL SHIIIVj ni[ A rVT7K/|/'\TQC<| fl7 ! A 'r?~:?'^ Komiaa? ia '??- I:i;it "?- U->? *?:??? IVIAI/tilVlV/K>EjlJLel^ SECOXD ATIIUCTION- AT <T. TV.Tr.a-L FROM CONSTANCE TALMADGE A"BnBB iniiu Oa l-.e fi3ic T'orr.i^irce a; Cn>? and Cx>i-xoii. Tir Camc-'v Kiu:. -OIT, BABY." ati-i VauJckillc. "THE 3 HOlhl^d ir .. T; . THE FAMfLY UPSTAIRS. B.wi, Thane Vrky IT. 1472,GjDd*JO-i U. 140 C. Tnrr.:^v::'.c C. 6012, Hitimar^ii C. STS. C).V:, Tlionc 3(. Pcic^ C. Tmt1, ?!li.-k'.:i? C. S.'.l?. ko vnvs. lists. rui:n iists sLsri:\r>ED. ifATfIeTRE, NORWOOD. PQRT AND SEMAPHORE. STAR THE4TRE, TORRENS- T.?c. S. 1953. T^M J- ;i';S. T:.-? S. ?S. VfLLE. TO-KWHT, By Sreilal Rrq-J^t PORT—TO-MCHT, TCLS., ajJ WnDXESDAi*. 'f.iinc C. 6ul=. -, vr -ni'Y'S IMIIOKTMi EI'IIU OF THK EED SEUAPHOKK—VEDXE3DAY. 10-MGHT. REGINALD DENNY RAYMOf|D GRIFFITH ' THE vmm MCE- anS^m jpjsf Si:cOSD AITK-\fTloy— tuin FjinnreTi: .?=:..?.??„ 3ro .? t^c?n- jackhokie mile. rflO?iSlt. i tommix - HIBBEN LOOT. w?*v- NQ MAN'S GOLD, *??*?*?- TH,: TALC OP THE CANAMAV WOODS. % _ VAUDEVIU .^ ~,,, to .. w MADEMOISELLE FROM MANTRAP. .r^^THESMLLivcKOLWi' " ARMENTIERES. £J3 i

AMUSEMENTS. i EMPIRE TO-NIGHT AND TUESDAY. All-Star Programme. WILLIAM IOX l'Bli-ESTS BUCK JONES A MAN FOUR SQUARE, Th- lunnnn slrai- <.f a -.sterner who iroi:^ cvi off jn .-inn i<r a fr>nJ. "| ALSO TIN BRQNGHS -M.1.-STAR CAST. william. rox toiiF.nv. A-l SOCIETY. .irAVEL. CJIAPTEIt rl..\Y. THE PERILS OF THE WILD. LAURA LA PLANTE BUTTERFLIES 1 THE RAIN. HOOT^GIBSON THE MAN IN THE SADDLE. WEDNESDAY. 1 MR. AND MRS. ARNOLD HALL'S DICE TO-NIGHT. GOODWOOD INSTITUTE. (CLARENCE PARK TRASf, 2 SECTIONS). To-nizlit is tlic Ec opeiiin;? Night, Sec our Decorations. Boar cur celebrated KIT KAT CLUB BAND. LADIIS, I/O; GENTS, 2/. DANCING — B-12 P.M. GRAND OPENING TO-NIGHT. ST. PETERS TOWN HALL. MR. AND MRS. AUDREY HALL'S CLASS. SO. S CATS TO DOO3. 6:h Grana OrenJnj. Social Decorated HalL L:phrin- Effects. &c. Tidies, 1/6; Cents. !/. Black Shuffle and l"a; Charleston Lessons T.."<> ;:!l S p.m. Xt> Mtra cliarje. POST ADELAIDE—Town Hill, Ttoirfav, March Sr.J nert. NORWOOD—Totth Han, Salnrday, March sti r.cst. S/ LEARN TO DO THE GHARLES TON. MAURICE J. DONLEAVY, dinner of snATTLE 1926 FOX TROT CHAW- PlOSSmi', Trio las just returned from .America, ?Ritii tiie nil 01 Ills Pirtncr, MISS ELOISE MARTEN. ho cuaiaatccs iJ I?aca j\>a any kind of modem Ballroom or Stj~<^ ltencini. iIEGISNT.RS' CLASS ao-^lfinT and every ni^iit. Priv.i:c T.rssanE-'o? appoiiitni'ni:. S;uiU3, 139, Aletoria-sauire. Tb-juc Vo*7. S/ GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS. Sonth Australian Government. GOVERSVENT TOUIUST BUREAU. 11QTOR EKCUESIOSS. irill conducted this vct-k as under (circuJEsracces perrallting)— TUESDAY—II.IS, Uouud ihe City, 3/. 2.15. SlJunt Lofty, 7/0. WEDNESDAY —11, Watertall Gully, 3/G. 2.15, Mount Lofty, 7/6. THCSSDAV—IO.IS, Slomt Lofty, C/ 6. 2.15. Clmaitm. 7/C. FEIDAY—IO.4.-., Morilta Falls, S/C. 2.15, Maont Ldf^-, Y/6. SATUKDAT —2.15. Torrons Con-o. T'6. Fare ior Afternoon Trips indnlc EcTrcih ments. Tours on t";ie Coupon Siitcm 1o Hip SOUTH EAST. KAS'CAKOO ISLAND, TOIiT LIXCOLX, and SPESCEE IXLF. rarliralarn on .-ipiilicaiion. GOVKRMIFAT TOURIST BUBE.W, KING WILLIASI-STEEET <OPr. G.P.0.). VICTOE 11. KYAN, Uircctor. Tbonc Central 2037. I-LTimG PLANT. PIKNAKOO WATEtt SUPPLY. TENDERS will be rectivei it die Offic? >?'. tiie Uvdra'Jic Zr~in^r up Ji'J nooa on Twxfav. L.he Sth MarA, for Hie *uppiv, io., or I'umjini Plant for Piniiaroj. I>ra.^viugs and Specifications can Ni seen, and forms of T-Tidrr o'jLiiced at the Offices of the Ilvdraulic Engineer, Adelaide. Copies oE ilie diav,i:iss ir.d ejxwlilcations fjn !? obtained on pa.>mc-n^ of lie mjid of ill T'C? fal Se;i3crcn!, ivho liave tent in a bons li--l? 4i::on*TKiUiia ou? wct'i ftoai date oE notice oi Tender 6h?id be <-nduricd ' for Pump ing Ptant, rin-iaro)." tiie lowest n3r acy TcitJrr neccsarily ac=c]>ttj. JOHN M.-JSXIS. 0551: CMimissicner of T\a:cr.voris. \XD TENDHJt HOACP, SvA. TESDEHS \w.l lie- recrivrf bT ih? abDvt a* Fiinders-strcft. AWaiJt, Mr. t"l ? I>-m. on liio oa:es sp'^ilie.l for the supply anj -ielirery o: the undcrm^ntiun{:i. XOTE. —Mtctric Motors —Intending ten derers are hereby nDiiSod that CiU aivcrtiw meni lias hren -xithdrj.ra:— MOSDAT, 2Stli Fctiruiry. 1 Srarificr. S:umn JumnL-u? ?iTf, to sketch. TOESDAV, Ist March. r.50 tons Quarry Spall*. 6 000, ."-plv. 1* x H i i in. ihick. i WEDNESDAY, 2nd March. SI Stool Wir.d.-iw Frames, to drawiae. A^brstos Mattresses far Boilore. 4i Steel C'jstincs for Mlka-i-i Enjrincs. WilJea o r other Stcn! Omeri-.-ilr^a r:i?s. 1,000 Hiank'-'ts for Aborigines, to tami'lc. .r..00U 11.. 2nd anility Tea. OH, Asjiialt. and Pmrle Tar. TUUBSDAY, 3rd llarth. FOU SALT;—C.>ppor TuV En is. fc,-. WEDNESDAY, Dili Jlar.-!i. JI.S. Tbl.v, Channe'.i, Aiis'.Cf, &c. Mild ~lce! rlates nnd SlKa.'ts. Foundry Ace writ's. 30 Best S^?^l HillcU for A:i]rs. l'unt for >\irrui:s, Riv''r Sumy. TO liolls 50 ;"n. Crockotta Dm-ic. n.OOO Lin fl. Kalian Pfjtinc. tj?; "O." R S'tel A\Vs, for ruder v'.icoK 1-2 Sl.^-1 AxJe Korjinis. 1C Wiic^l Ci-afr^i. i-v trader -Jilirrls. WEHNESUAY, l?h March. 1 Manin; Jlaciiinr-. M.S. Bits aui r:a:-i W!;dNF.>DAY. esrf Man-h. 6 C.'sis -S1 (o[.p.r Tub'- TUu-h. WICIO'ESDAY. r.Oth March. M.=. P?m. Tc^s .-.nd Cor.^. M.S. Bars mil Kstruiud Urast. 2O? SfiM S:c<-! Bars. S-iiii <Ira?ii C..^r;r Fipff for "Mikico" En- WEDX!:St>AV. 6!ll April. Jt'.-tirrri. —St-H Tyrrs. Klpririr! Spot Wclior. 1 Hani Say.-. \\TDXr>nAY, ISih Apr.:. Koix-at-T-ic jr.i'-hino. Hor;zoniaT Mil-ins Martin-. Too'-room S-urfar? Orin-Icr. Pur.Jei: MiKinK ITjcliine. ?! T&->:-racim Lai ]-.'<. Dj^-hlnkin^ Machirc. 1 IS.iiiil Driil. T)oiiHlfr-h*?ad nt Dry Cr.njcr, 1 £!isn;ii~ Vacliilie. 1 Thrba.i Millinc Machine. Univcrea! Grinder end Ftral?litcrinj Press. WEDNESDAY. C0;!i April. lICFt Vorksh:re Ir.TC. 1 Impart Toirins- il:rh:n". to -Tio.-jfisitian. ] Universal Testing Miriiire. S.onn ft. Silico Sprir.? Stoi 'so"Bcst''iind St^el Platc=. WEDNTSDAY. 4;h Mjt. Or,c 15 <"?1. H:cli Ppeel St-aal Haaunw. WEIINEHUY. ll!h Mar. , Ijo3(Knotivc Aile Tuminir I^rl:". I (2195) 11. J. DAY, Ecmlary. | POULTRY. BIRDS, &c. ; CELL Mobmvv rrakc, livi> liiy:nE Du'As. Ar-ply 0 51. Bl>-t>;-st.. rarVriJ---. Pf PULLETS. Tnn S.A KABMEILS1 ( O-OITHAIiVE VNIOX. LlJlirnD. ??"! off'T a- ill. ir t^>ro..:n_s in 11..J -l.;.::-.s:ri(!. cv TIXSUAY. Mircu 1, a: 11.lj ViHITE LEGHORN Tt iiETS. I fPadrrun Stnini. 1 v to 4 TnQ'a'.'at old, B I

AMUSEMENTS. '*^"_ EVER WILLING TO PROVIDE THE BEST OBTAINABLE TO I GET THE BEST VARIATiON, THE MANAGEMENT OF THE I NEW PAVILION TAKE PLEASURE IN OFFERING THIS GLAXT I OF SUPERLATIVE ENTERTAINMENT. WEEK BY WEEK I THE NEW PAVILION CLIMBS HfGHER ON THE CREST OF 1 PUBUC ESTEEM. I : C^cfeMdes /keafesttzni!/Cosiest 9fi&tfte^^^M COMMENCING TO-DAY, MONDAY. I 11A.KI. TO 10.30 P.M. CORTIIIUOOS. I ; 3Tc sis a. bi£: man frjai - ?. -~£ tZir 1l'?st v jn£ vented a. - * i "wild time in titt city. '????? JV&KHKB^B Tiid be get it—-Wax. ? - a ft I I rctaiy showed Mm ?k ?ay ? ? ? V^mH A I ? I f ?at 'witll ?^iT- Its cot H - - jJe l? I lit v^ a bsspfT s-'- 111" t!>3a * ?" ' FORD STERLING %^_^^*^fll^^^ LOROTHV REV/E?U ANO BIG CAST ZZ^MBm Ton RkLcu. : A Dramatic ff^ f^S^*jjrcpE|^sfc^ ? -: u^__M What A Time! \"I SECOND SUPER FEATURE, I j ~ M A Rip-roaring M | i^*^^firfin Meiodg^! 1 'i ILtl*- "** ?r jfc "" SEBVICE LIMITED II j A ZOOMING thrOl and foo draw for die ?ntire ' familjr! Izns^inc Lclly Flyim ftimflnig bcftalony mto : one of Chase goofy Soatti American revolatian*! Bid' lets wbizsng past hi? bead -—daggm?u&ung pmm fab heart — ted hot ?enotifin ? >'} ?.. % - —;- - I? ? Surprise follows surprise in duTapDearal of maid' ? less fun and thrills! ? FULL SUPPORTING PROGRAMME. I Overture — Comedy te Luxe — Gazettes. ? POPULAR PRICES—Circle, 1/; Stalls, 6d. (plus Uxet). | THE MAISON, GLENELG. FOX-TROT COMPETITION TO-NIGHT. (XO KXT EY FEE). RESERVES, 'PHONE GLENELG 890. MARCH CARNIVAL. Under liic auspices of the Eoral Asr:<;ul turai and Horticultural Society of S.A.* Jncorp. * SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1927. Full l'r^raramc of Hic-sc-in-Au-tioc I'vtiiis, Juuipiiijr. Trotting. Section FoiOTV Uarnoss and Siidd!-? (.'laij^s. DAY AND NIGHT PROGRAMME. ENTRIES CLOSE TUESDAY, MARCH 1, AT 4 P.M. HAUOLD J. FIXXIS. B?cret?rr. 23, W'a?Tiioiitli-stT?>.;t. A-?f:.i:dr. 6SB ' THE MAISON DE DANSE, I FOXTROT COMPETITION TO-NIGHT. ; ; LATKJ:XIEIi;S. Tor BescnaUoa, Telephone denrie S3O- * I &?? ! ,

AMUSEMENTS. _! ' TOE ELITE PALAIS, PHUE-STREET.j * 5! TO-NIGHT—ANOTHER HOVEL SURPRISE—TO-NIGHT. \ -*'? Aimi WFI) ANIs KIT ass odk daxce mdsio speciaiists. ;... AUU TTEI/. Anl/ 9AI. Doa't forpt, Join oar biff cr^rd. Get the '" llnil UflftllOPUFllT ?rar?rise tbriii. A vast floor, with plenty of; lirW MBnalirMrNl dWiom A really cUJo danse. .- llbfl I I So other cbarges-^adies, 1/6; Gena. V. '?'^_ - ? . ? S

iX PUBLIC NOTICES. JT^OLOXEIj LIGHT GASDEXS WEST PR( I \J GBESSIVE ASSOCIATION, t ' -MUMHUBS of tbe above Association are beret ! aatjaed and summoned to attend GEXERA i MEETKG. irbich vill be held at th? Method L ' Halt, Goed-TOBa-roadj TO-SIGHT. at 8 o'clxk. BOSEfESS—Adaption of Rales, Election < Officers, and other General Cosiness. .Any person residing in tlie district desire: 1 tit ioSninr CIS Amg^t^ntirv^ can do BO at th Trrlnr : V. 'L. COLLATOX. Hon. Secretary, ' IQOUTH ADSTBALIAX RAILWAYS HOSPITA O FTJSD. MEETKG of the abovs-ame Rmd vm be held in tbe S? It. ImrtitTTte, xi< laide, SblUon. ea TUESDAY, Ist March, 192; at J. 45 pan. Easiness: 1. To noeSre the Annnal Report and Bulinc Beet. rr^ : * 2. Eection of Officers for the ensuing year. . 3. Tj consider proposed increase of sub'%ri; | - O. 6X. A. IODDiLETOX, 1 ? XjQ-fiO ? Honorary S?Jgtary. ' TT*3E YORKSHIRE SOCIETY ,'? _ I sy X. ScmiSi Australia coiauuy i *??' j§Bk> Titn Members and Membc jfMsEBL Friends to WHIST DBKS, to Mijii* fadd at Squirrel Cafe, T. & JHKLCISL Bnadmff, GrcnfeU-strKt, SATU WL&Sibji DAT> M^ cb stn. at 8 p.m. Hai JftVaWvy some prizes and pleasant si H^^^^py Ues- HEMSLEY, En. Secretary NpRTHUMBERLAND AND DUR ? HAM ASSOCIATION. ". *7 ? ? ? - ' I TTHIST DRIVE anJ DAXCE on SATOSDAI ! Hirti sti, in the TSIPLZ ICES HAU MDTOS^STKEET. at 8 pjn. Social Evening o Hires '19th. Coed proeiancne. Animal Soca ?as Daaae?t Tbe Groive?or on MaTch 23rd. Ge your tickets from tlie Committee a? early v pos aSk. 2/6 each. . - ,' i _'-9f T* BOOTH, Hon. Secretsry. , THE BRITISH IMPERIAL GIL ; CO., LTD.. WISH TO NOTIFY CLIESJTS . TrTAT THEH OFFICES. DfSTAIiATIOV. AND : DEPOTS A' ADELAIDE BIREXNHEAD, AKD" CLASTTLLE VOL BE ' * CLOSED : SOURDAY, sth iyiari 1927, i OS THE pOCASIOJf OF THE . BiPLoyEs* mmL picmg, IT^: BE HELD AT XATIOSAL. PARS. BELAIS " * 559,634 ;, i MYPONGA SHOW. - ; |" * THUBSDAY.-MARCH 17th, 1927. : SEPARATE TESDEKS at* anatei for tbe fol .{J. EBUTT, ' '-SWEETS, sad COOL BEKK fjIALL. ;..?' /a. PCBUOAys booth. Envelopes to be marked ?^Tender," ani to reac Secretary not later than Saturday, March fit! Successful Tenderers -a ill be notified by post. We; nasaantMacdi 6th. : ?y *- A.*P: STOCK, Secretary. Wattla Flat: rti?E NATIONAL MUTUAL LIFE ASSOCIATE li, QP AUSTKAHSru.UMmSD. ? *j LOST POUOY. tU -Js^tbe cintentioD. of *^** Acc-?r**?fi?m on g, aftertae 26th day of March to itstie Epecu Pdicies in lin of PoUdea Kod. 194581 an 18TS5S, on tbe life of ALCESSCX *JOH LlffifEL CLAZBROOK. ?4ica are cHeged to hai Hatel at ?J?T^M. thi 28th <taj of Febraarj 1827. \ a?2J>r -??? ? A.XAiiCSFOaD. Manager.. T^B. W. H. CAEDES, late of Bet?, has can X^'c menced practice at 74, Moseiey^txeet, an PaaTg Hiarmicy, Jetty-road, Glenebr. >'56-9 Bhittcw tngrg?l.T>v n-ttni. pf-trwtT-| 0 ; :, ASSOCIATIO.V. LIMITED ffS UQV&A s ? tiox). < - !.-' LOST StTARF, CERTIFICATES. '.s:?: —^^~ ipplicaiiom have been made to- feae 'res' C<Sifieate? in BIUTISH ACSTRAIIAST WOOO ftaLBATIoy ASSOCIAHOX, ? i-iihtkii _^rj iSirCn>ATIOi"), in Ben. ?t Share'Certiflcatc^ m ??/ "? ? ;.: ' ? I " ' x -;? ? : : a-. 4 I I = '. - „. 4 | % : £ Ji ""' ?£ O3 02 -?? 3 l * s ~ Ji . "* & 1 S S g "? |,| | | * s ' ;???-. s - s " : : ; -'? Hi. ?£;?-. ' : f? 1 I 1 : :: |EE S - ? ' "D ,S ?? S * :- 5 >=- -1 S"-" g v???'; ????? ? . |?f";'£*?§? U ? D?K S X S <= ? -^ S " TO O &? 10 iO CO m The applications are supported I>y Stainior, Dedaratiom that I've Original Certiicitet La\ been LOST. STOUCE IS HEEEEY GIYEK THAT cnle? within One Calendar Month from Date iicreo some Claim or Representation is made to Uriiis ?in<Trrta? -Wool Bealiisa^on Aswciatiyn, L^site (in Liquidation) in respect of tbe said Origins CertSoLteo tne liquidators of the said Vs-< ciatian ?rill proceed to deal wiia tie applia tiona. Sated this SSrd day of February, 1927. C. F. PAEEES, . SSB Secretary to the liajnidatof?. PDBSJJAST to the Land Agents Art of 19 2i I, CECIL HESEY GREENXAKD, of 10! Hinanuish-squire, Adelaide, hereby give notic that it is my intention to apply to the Loca Court, ndi-igiifo, on my own behalf, far a r< senl of license to carry on the business.ot Land .Agent at the above odilres*. DsteTthio 25th day of February, 1027. S/?-'- C. H. GBEESLASD. .ET TJS <JUOI£ YOU for House B£<onattons ! Paintins, Fence* Erected. Gardens Lai Cut. .Day or contract. —HEWETT & RECTEE 10, -^ateniorough^t^ Eni^itsbridge. Sis; Sasr.?JBg" - 2Sf HOUSE 8, Blyth-jt. Poxkside. vHhiraTn a>. jggmt?.—-G. Tj.Tropperirein. Sf Menus forlthis Week. ???????. 'I ?>? . (From -S?s?coHc!ot>k'!rJ' Boei-) Tu?sday<—Sson^s, Baked Meat ud Tegetsbles, Bawra Betty, Wai rut Idjer Cake. - & ?Wednesday.—Scones, Trast Eaism Bread, Amass, Seed Cake. Thursday.—Stones, Sharp Steak, ' Pineapple and Cornflour Meringue, i Kiss Cakes. Held fn DemanrtraHon _ .. Roam 35-39, Waymonth- (ft t^ . street, X 2.30 pm. 7^^^ "_ " KS3LLCO DENTIST GROTE'S HEPSESESTATTVE WHi, VISTT— FBEEUSG—Mon., Feb. 2S. 10 to 3.30. rrWEBDVALE—Wed., Mch. 2. !) to 11. WOODSIDE—We.I.. llch. 2, 12 to 1. AMBLESIDE—?>?!., Mch. 2, 2.50 to 3. KAPUNDA —Tours-. sl~b. 3, 10 1o 3. TBI:RO—Mon., Men. 7. 2 to 5. CAMBRAt—Tuc=.. M_li. S. Jl ;-j 1?. SEDAX—Tm? . M-!l v f. i to 3. SWAX HliirH—V, ??!_ M:h. :?. 11 10 I. PALMER —Tliiir-., MSi. JO. <(.3o t. 10. MAS-NTM—Tiiur.r.. 10, 11 1:? ."?. LUMEEOO —??=.. M li. 14. ::. :o 1 Mr:.. 15. nWAROO —TU'.-H.. Mc'j. 13. 4 an! all dj Mdv 1?. , MURRAY BRIDGE—TJars., Mei. IT, 230 to Mch. 18. PODTT PASS —Mon-. Veil 21, 12 la 1. JtOBEBTSTOWr—Iion^ MA 11, I W r rv .. -. -. -.-_. -'? — - .-.: ' XS*m

PUBLIC NOTICES. j J- f RESCH Polishinsr. —Old Fursitnre Eecolorefl X? and Bepolished, good Jol>.—"Handwork," >y ;bis office. X56-CO/ 1 lirY Propeny, 3, Etoc-st., Malvcrn, WTrH <* jJJ. DSAWi from aU agaia. same bavins teen sold.—E. R. KEELAy. ? " TX THE MATTEEOF "THE COMPAME3 ACT 36 X 163S TO 1411" MOTORISTS IXDEUXITY, LUUTED. X NOTICE is liereuy giyen, pursamt to The Companies Act. 1892." that tno Besistered Office or place of business in the SUtc of Sooth Ans- tralia of MOTORISTS ISDEMXTTY. LIMITED, g. where all proeeedlass may be served upon,: ?^ and all coaummiaiiions and H3tices may be i "' addressed or siven to tb<! Elid Ccmpan?, is situated a: Liberal Onb Buildings, 175, _ Aildaida, fa the said Sate, and is accessible to the public on all days of die Tv?t (ei^nt SirardaJ-s, Sonday?, and I>ublic Holiiiys), 1>? -_. tsreen the nonrs of 10 a-m. and 1 P-m-, and tie hoars of 2 pjn. and 4 p-m, and on Sutur dd.v? (except -alien poblic holiday*), between Uii hours of 10 a-m. and 13 noafl - Dated this 2*Si day of Februjry. 1327. . C lv ABBOTT, . Bemingtoa House, 29, Granfeli-strcet. Adelaide. m; Solicitor for Charles Harry Ucanes. the Artor rN ney for Motorist Indesmicy limited, 31 the J? Saite ol South .Australia. K56-9 TTARD Wear. Oilskin Aprons, 5/, 7/. — rt Heminsvay, Oilskin Maker. Port. ml ??- ? ?? I_L : y46'73/ s~^ ARAGE and Repairs of all kinds -at Morris \T and Horgan's. IS2. Gagler-piace. X4JC r. "afOQUETTE Dining, Bedroom SaUcs, utmost JJX valnes, r.isli or terms. —Harper's, 39, r Coager-sjeet. . X55-S9/ " ALL persons trespassing oa Part Seetiaas 96 J\- and 97, Bandred of Adelaide, or Part Section 391, Hundred of Yaula, sitnated at Underdale. or an the liiver Rinks adjoining f, Tk-iH be prosecatei. All dogs, poaltry, ie, L, will oe destroyed.—^R. J. Holirjofc, G. Jenninss, 2 A. E. Phil?. *L?I;?/_ ?1 ?DUBSDAXT to die Land Agents Aer, 1925, I, 5. JT HAROLD ARTHUR PERCIYAL ? LEAKEY, '?- of Bovmus Building, Adelaide, hereby give natice - ? thai it is by in^ition to apply tofte Local Court, ?^J?i^?. <ci behalf of A. U WYLY AXD " CO, LIMITED, for a Renewal of, licaise to carry on' the business of Land Agents at ilie ? above addreffi. Bated this 2Sth Aiy rf February, 1926. ! HAROLD A&THC& PEBCTVAIj LEAXEY. X 57-9 | R T EATIIEU BOOT-aEEAIBIi'G KEQUIRE- T XJ MEXTS, 3, POUSSES, KIT BAGS, SCTT CASES. F. FISHES t. SONS, 23, leigb-street. X57-CO/ ALL persons Trespassing on Section 220% part Sejcijn 2200, Hundred Yati'i Xvrlh, uithont permission, -will l>e Pros?nMd n<ss? , trJi. be Besttoyed; Poisaa Tjvl—Wa E. Sainr. 1 . _J K5;,7-3/ - * T AXD Agents1 License Exam. Pass guaranteed; JJ . one tee, by man, anywhere. A course of training ihat £rres you 10 jejrs" prjetical ex- C perience in si few months. Wrile or -call.—The Hsarard College, Ltd, Ha, Flindew-street. - X 57-9/ TT : V. CHAPPEILI Caiider a"< Otntractor; 9J estimates for all classes of **&&- —Bake- [. g.-Tljt^ Tnminra Csrdcns. Tcorak ;32. r ys7-CQi C* ET YOCR BOOM PAPERED by tift fTABRT V3T ? LYONS Quality Paperhansers and Sigu b vriteiE, .Klpg Wflliam-stieet. *Pbone 109 L. la a. and out of your home as onickly as w can. i- _ ' " >~lS4aiae ? rpo - THE REGISTRAE OF . COMPANIES, . X ADELAIDE. . ; X Xotice ia hereby given in accordance with : ?Tlie Companies Act, 1892," that the. registered ~ office of CLARE FEUTT PACEEBS, UMTTED, is X ciruated at 49. CommomrealtU Bank Chambers. ?I Adelaide, a the' Stale of South' Australia, and li is accessible to the public on every business X day of the year as follow:—On every ireek re uv esccpttnr' Siturdays, from 10 ajn. till 1 p.m., and 2 pJn. iill 4 pjn-, and on Saturaays F. from 10 iunu ti" 12 noon (holidays ckeepted). Dated this Eth day sf February, 1927.'.. ,_ . GEMJEES. WILSON & PECLSST, i- Solicitors for tbe Company. SeUwrne Chamber*, ,J * r ... Pirie^treet. Adelaide. S / qOBtCB %uued'fnr Partition. —Fumiss, 1?2, jf X Fu?arton-road (Unley 2074). Apply L- evtningi ?Sl9-CO/ mo ALLTO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL - J- COME GREETTXGS. ' WHEREAS by Power or Attorney given under the Cmnmon Seal of thia Company ARTHUR 4 lATTREXCK ALESANDER, of Adelaide, in the L State: of irouth Australia, vaa duly appDinted V Aged of Uie Company in South Australia ?na=r a and pnraumt to "Tbe Companies Act 1882" ; and AgeniJfor certain oSier purposes specified in such l??<rerrf, Attorney new tnis is to gire .", notice lp dl to*) M'iis ~iidt9 niay7*3]C^ jutcrested ;. in thejantioriticsjconierred by Eoclt^Eewer n( ... Attorrj-y aiat sneb. Poggr ot Attomey'iss beet' by ELBtTTROLUX,. UTSnTED. dnly .renfted and is tlvrefore ot no effect whatsoever. Hated this tuenry-siifli day of FebmarT, 1527. E. H. WEEK. . Attorney 'far ElecrrcliLE, Limited, in South Australia. ; SS9-60 J- MORRIS. Dental Surgeon, 37, King William-street X49ua!e E. A. EASTWAY, DENItST, Srd FLOOR, YORE CHAMBERS, BUVDL&ST ?? SS9IJM ?Mr. and Mrs. ARTHUR BRITim DENTISTS, IS, CCHRIE-STHEET (Upstair;, cpp. Saving Bins). Tei. C. 2233. y46c , H. MALLAN, Dental Surgeon, Ma!lan House. T 7a, King William-streeL '?: HOURS OF ATTEXBAXCE: U am. till ? p.m. „ f, Fridays, 9 till 0. f, ? Saturday, 9 till 1. ,U Trf. C. 285. Xl9e t J. MALLAN. B.DJS^ Surgeon Dentist. 7a, King William-street Te1.~C~295. 5, . ST4BC 5 ALL TRIMMED CRINS. TO GO AT 5/n. MADAMEJEANETrE. JAME.S.PHCE, s, 2 DOORS 3DE OF GRAM) THEATRE. i X t. „ ? ?_ ' —^ fJ S\TO)NS & SYMONS, MIRSOIC MAXCFACTCRERS, CUAS3 EEVEL- Iias, AXD SILIEBEUS, 55, LS STR.\XOE^STBEET. KXOXVTLLE. 'PHOXE XOB. 2361. i y; i : _ i I Perfect Bath Soapl BURFORD'S (borax! j SOAP j K186?o v i SPLENDID 1 ' i VAKIETY. ! 1 i ( AI>ELAJV?ES CHKAPFiT BABY STORES. ift T mCiC^ 14- side of Jobs JU? J. VIA-tVJ, lUrtin-.. 'Ph. O. Bi7?-

FUNERAL NOTICES. WILLIAMS. —THE FRIENDS of the late Mr. CHARUS \cir.T.T>M<s are respectfully in formed Tn?r his Funeral is appointed to jsar* his late resiienee,. So. 52, Younz-street. Pari side. on MOXDAY, at 11 a.m., for the West-ter isoe Ccmeierv. {Motor funeral). JARVK. SO2f & MILDRED, Funeral Directors. 'Phones, Unley 1332 and 2377; Hjda ?ari tind. Einjswood- STUM CRICKKC CLUB.—Tlie DEATH of Mr. CHABLES WILLIAMS.—MEMBE&S of ite above ire hereby officially informed ibai tie It<> wnina of their late Commirteoman (Mr. Ciaries Williams) will leave his late residence, 52, Youns-sireet, Parkside. oa MOXDAY, at 11 a-m., tx iutermeni in lie West-terrace Cemetery. E. W. PAISTEtt, Secretary. GODFREY. —The FRIEXDS of the lite Mr. BEXJAMIX GODFREY ara respectfully in fjrmed that his Funeral (Motor) n-Cl leave his late Residence:. Margaret-terrace, Eosewaicr, oa MONDAY, a£ 3-45 P-?-. for the Chelicahaai Cemetery. F. W. MOORE, Undertaker, Military-rjad. Semaphore. 'Phone 147. WATERSIDE WORKERS" FEDERATION", PORT ADELAIDE BRASCH. —MEMBERS of fre abore are Lerobv notiSed that the Re mains of oar late Brother, BEXJAMQT GOD FRET, Trill be rcaioved from his late rcsidencs, Margaret-terrace, Rosyirater, at 3.50 p.m. on MOSDAT. for interment ia the Cheltenham Cemetery- S. A. CABg. Secretary. TTEM3OX.—The FRIEXD3 of Mr. HERBEKT XX. RUSSELL HEMSOX are respeetfnllv in formed that the Remains of his late SOX "(Her bert Russell) -rare removed frem h!s Besides .x, XeTr-etreet, QseensttKrn. on SUNDAY, and peace fully JaM to res: in the Cheltenham Cemetery. JLitor funeral F. W. MOOSE, TTnacriaVer. Military-road. Semaphore-' 'Pjoao 147^ SYMOXS.— THE FKQ2SDS oi tie lale i\XVS. JOHXSTOS SVMOXS. M.D.. of "Lisclu den.** Palmer-place, 3?ortl? Adelaide, are rssjwt ful!y informed that his Hfmain? -mere prjv^ely laid to rest on SDXDAY. 27th instant, in the Mi?<^mTn Cemetery. PEXGiaiEY & EJTABE. Undertakers, Central 496. 210. Hcaflle-sgoet..^ OOPMAN" (uee Grae'bner). —THE FSIKNTJS o£ F*EDERICK WILLIAM HOOPKAS, M.8.8.5-- of Xnriootpa. arc respectfully in-; formed that the Funeral of his late WIFE (Ague* S. 3LI Trill leave the residence of her lather. Mr. C. F. ? Craeoner. 47, CJieltonham stree^ JUlvcra. on MOXDAY, at 4 pja, lot ths West-terrace Cemetery. PESGELLEY & KXABE. Undertakers. Central 49G. 310. Rundlc-si.egi. REDDIXC— THE FJUEXDS cf Mrs. Sa?a? (and the Me William) REDDING, of SrrcaVr B*y, W.0., are respectfully informed that the Funeral (motor) c£ their lane SO>" (Xonnaa) trill leave 47 Wakefield-street, City, on MOXDAY. st 3.45 pjn, for the Catholic Cemetery. West-terrace. FBAXK i. SLEBERT. Undertaker, ?Phone 413. 47-49, TTakefeld^trwt. T? lE3SEX. —THE FBIEXDS of Mr. AXDBEW XV UIESSES xie respectfully informed that the Funeral (motor) of his late WIFE (Anna SophU) Till. leave his residence. Eathirine rrreet, Fnllsrton Estate, on TUESDAY, at 11 *jbli tor the Glen. Osnoad Cexneterr. FEAXK J. SCEBEET. Csdertaker, _^Phone 413. 47-49, Wafcefieid^street. TITAK3.—TfIF FWEXDS rf Ut. J >V^S ?T WAfil) are respectfnUv infsrmed fiat tie Remains of i 5? late WIFE CAnn Benav) wal be removed from his -residence, 119, Coglm-Eircer, Bromptsn. oa MOSBAY, at 2.30 pjn. for inter ment in the Cheltenham Cemeterr. Motor ftmersL BRtJCF A. EAXDAJX, rndertaier, Part-raai, JlhidicarEli and Eilkeinv 'PSicae Cent. 59.3. WoodviUe 71. * C- HAHLES.—THE EEOXD9 of die late Mrs- XAOMJ CHAELES are respectfully in- Tonned that her lt??n?i>ie -n^g privately intorcd at Hie Payneham Canetery. February 27. TT. "WILLtAMSOi'. Undertastt. Haynelum. 'Piippe yonrooa- 1707. qpUE FRI£M>S of FESGILLY*S and Puslic an X informed they can procure Floral Wreaths and Wedding Banquets, Porcelain Dome Glasj Wreaths. Cspe and Artificial Wreaths, veiy rea sonably. We. renovate artificial wreath 3 to look Iflte new.—PEXGILLY'S. Florits and Seedsmen. Fc-iend Bniiiirngs. Grote tercet 'Phone 2108. __^ 20 4e ADSnVS Wish to natifv the pnblif that riey can prsenre FLORAL AXD ARTrFICIAL WREATHS and WEDDKG BOOQOETS at MODERATE PRICES. OrJers delirarei to any adireS?.—Bert -AiKtjn, King WiUiam-strcet, S dooa south Majestic Theatre. Central 480. 48-59/ HAR2IS, SCARFE, T.niTTED.—Wreaaa End Floral Xtibctes, from 5/, delivered to ny adiiass ?i shortest na^ce.—Harr*. Scarfe's Arcade, Bundle, and CrenfeU streets. Phone C SSOO 9*uaie "FLORAL NURSERIES," ?Phane Hyde 3316. Artistic Fioral Work. BOUQDETS from 7/6; POSIES from 2/4; WEEATHs from S/; AETIFIOIAL from 7/C. MISS E. SOLOUOS, Florist and Karserywoman, Francis-street, Hyde Pari. t*U?Lie NO I ICES. rf^ISTOS _- ' TROPaiETARY~ UMTXEB.. The jUTXUJIL MEETIXB of SHAREHOLDERS mil be held1 at the SCHOOL PHEMISES, comer of HOLDEX-STREET and PA3E-ROAD KEV SXGTOS PAHE, THIS ETEXIXG (UMdav), February 2S. at S o'clock. Frienis of the B;hool are also invited to attend. X SETTLLE B. KEWLAXP, Secretary. LF £a!iortk>ra Cow, depasrared on ov property, is not Claimed, and expenses paid, vithin tea day*, same will be Sold to defray expenses.— Harry Bell. Maant Barter. S_ OULD Persons xdn witnessed ?>vi.)cnr gun day nonuiig betoaca cv<je and Automo bile, Cawler-road, kindly coonmmicatc T. SAVD LAXT, lIS. Fianklnnstrect. Adelaide? S/_ IwrrUUHAW from all Agents xSm Sale oi my Propertr, Colozel iijit Ganlens same having been Sold.—J. A. POOK. IT/ ALL Beal Property Act Doesnnents prepare! promptly by Baxzett fz Barrett, lacen£ea Land Brokers, Industrial Building, Sin? William- Btr?ct. 'Pfaont Cea. 135. 3Tj9,C1,4/ I WITHDRAW land from £1 agents, AllotnK-nt 5?. Malams-avenae, Mellor Park.—W. KELSEY. y; T HEHiSBY Withdraw from ail agents (eieept A EJson £ EJsod) the sale of ay Property, Ko. S7, comer Gf Xelson-strect and Ua^ill-road. —W. g. BOWIXR. SI Tl|~Y Land oa Irish Harp-road irithdra-m from iIL ajrents, earns havimr bcea ?.Jd.—F. lIAWKSBORrH. Xf 4O UHMBERS -wanted, join Tailoring Club, 2/ : weekly.—Tembv Bros^ 257, Rundle-ft. y594i4/ "llf 5i3- ADUISON MSLLEK, Hcriul Speeiali&t, re- J3M. Gamer practice for a fliart period ?nit1. Intending patrons to avoid disappointsnent d^it delay.—Tivoli ChamicE. C2A, Grjte-rt. JJS9-63/ I WISH to WITHDRAW my proprty at Cnley from all aircnts. the same having been cold. —BERT MARKS. X£_ COLUXS i TEMPIE, Kithcr's Builiinss, Jiavinc sold my. Business at Ru£nnon£, With too iroai all Agents.—M. Freeman. J>"/_ SEIVTKG Macbiaes —I Eepair or Buy—-CoomTte, 18, Centrsl Mariet Arcada Cent. 5310. N59-<i4/ C* IGARbI. t- Smokinir can be carei; 7/6, -prsi agc 1/0. —T. Gibbs. 4!, Bealah-road. Xjr wooa. S33.ct; GABAGE at A. E. Terrys, 105, Pirie-st., and 15, Tt'avmonih-st-." near ?.P.O^ nandy y.irtli-tfT- Handle. Grenfe'.l stre-H?. &c. X/ T. THOMAS X. DWIAB. Trill SOT be BESPOX- X SIBU2 for AXY DEBTS coatracted in my zuaie of this date. THOMAS X. DWIAR, 24, JiimPs-st.. Prospect. T tITLL XOt Ik? RESPOXSIBLE for any DEBTS JL "onirscicd in my name tiitiiout ?vrrilten an thori:v. W. If. TAYLOR, Xo. C, Lcicester-st., Parts Me. yj_ MARTTNDALE RACES. REO SLX BUS (HOLDFAST) IESTES C.RESHAM COaSKR 8 A.?. FARES; 12/rt RETUBV I/EA\TXG AFTER LAST RACE. S7_ H. W. A. BARRATT, DENHST, i 62, West-terrace. 'Phone 5844. x; HELIGIUUS NOTICES. "iriiTUODIST CHURCH OF AUSTRALASIA SOUTH AUSTRALIA COXFEREN'CE. PIBIE-STEEFT CrTUEOT MONDAY, FEBRUARY iiih." 3.50 a.a.—Devotional Address, Rev. P. C. W. EckerJey. B-i. Representative Session. 7.4 ~> i?.3i- —Sunday-school Dcaionstratior, Pirie^trwt Cliurdi. W. A. DUXY, Cc Secretary of Cj:ifcren;e. liii, llllT-st.—Divine fcpirituil Tirc^, Tu? davs. S p.m. Messaged. M?l:um. !4rs. Allwi. -T-a MISSING FRIENDS. ADDRESS aiiiiou-ly require! oi Janiu-i Mo- Oai=honn. IWievcl coaii; Australia lpii;. Any.'mo knowiii;^ ?nii'Teabouts please coaiuni'^ite "Srvhsifor." ibis nffi^. l__ F. A. WILLIAMS, ]jte of Oaea and StociyarS Creek, or any one knotting Ills whereibj:j:s, G.P.O^ Adelaide. iij-S/ MINING. T>RAUU£ GI)IJ> MIXING COMPANY, X XO 1, Tie STXON'n OEDIXAUV GENERAL MEET- T^'C til rMiaivlioliicrs v^iJl 1?? > t Uro t.*' ?"* I>jnv-= oSii-:\ NJlbsa! Mnnyl ?n:!.|:i:a<. Kiiu j Vv-ni:=B::=:r. ?:. ??:? MOXUAY. :.>. i IVre";. ' I Ucfor: i.ij "b..^:k---^"v..: an.i ';rJ^:iit jr^ir.Jr.-- j i ""l^r^. r, I ' <;::<>. %\'. LANE. **;.rc:-ry- ' J A^U:<lo. 17;j F.liru^ry. MACHINERY, HARDWARE, &c O"-H-P. .">rEA>l Pljn:, L'nderlireii Maltitubultr <V BoHcr; tec it ?ortinc —Guymer't Joicery, Eilxns/. I ,

MOTOR TOUR NOTICES. "IKAVEL BY CAR." ir T f A (Motor Travel and ToTirist jM-?X?-?-?-tX? A~eacy), Grosvenor, Korta terri^e. Central V 406. Baakiap Office ior ALL passenger Motor Ser vices. (Ko Boki)? Fee.) Destination. &? and Day. Sennoe. MAXXU3I —7 to 3 Daily (BiroWve). YOKKETOWX. ifIXLATOX—S "Daily (Son., C a.31.). <B:i=ti3.) -- TT. AUGUsTA—S a.31-. Daily (Sjaiiy iscL). (Birdseye.) JAMCSTOWX—£. Djiir f?or^trom). YAXSALILLA, XOIUIANVILLE. DKLAIIISE—S a.m. ani S. Ssr., 1.45 (Pen^o-Baidwin). ia". GAiraiE. BOE —8, JlorJsvi (Bond). POBT PIBIE— S, Daily (HsUec). WAISEKIE. LOSTOX—?.3u a.m, Mm., Tcss., Tburs., Sit. (BobertsDE). TTtrgrnrr —, lloti.. \\~e4-, Fri. <Kir.=>. LOSTOX—S.SO a.m., ilar;, Wei., Fri. (BLrii. SEXHABK, BEKR1 — a.m.. San.. M?a., Taef., Fri. (alsa m;dn;fbi iiat.), by IT.irpliot-, FrienJ, Pcndie. and Turner Services! MJLDUSA—S.SO. Tnos.. Fri VICTOB. HAB.BOUK—S.3O tni 2.30 (Ail Ser vices). EWAX BJUCH—9, Tncs.. Wed., FrL, Sit. KUIBA—IO z.m.. Moaiay. STBATHALBYX—IO a.m.. 4.50 p.m-, 0 p.m. ?MILAXG—IO, Tues.. Tb-ats, Sit. ASDROSSAX, MATTLAXD—J, Daily, Sunday inc. (llitcbea). KADIXA, WALTAKOO, 3JOOSTA—S.IS daily. PT. BROrnTOX-RLTE—4 p.m., dj;!y. BALAKLAVA—S.3O (Sat.. San., S p.m.). MEADOWS J. 45. Daily (Barr). HUB3AY BniDGE^4.45. Mon., Wed.. Fri. Ml. BABKC2—S (Sii., 1 1.30 aad (J.SO). AXGASTOX—S (Pl:s.. ?\. iUHI). LAXGHOBXE-S CHEEK—S, Mon.. Fri. VICTOR HARBOUR. TTatdiovr's Packard Esrvix. 10/6 Sisj'.e, 17/6 B?tnm. ! M.T.T.A.. Gra=venor, Xortii-temce. Cent. _. 74HS. Xigjt. Waoavflle S7C. MT3ISe; ADELAIDE—VICTOR HARbOLE. WEBSTER'S PACKARD CARS IEAVE C.P.O. TWICE DATLY. S.SO a.DL, 2^o p.m. Sunday. £.30 a.m., 8 p.m. Farw, 10/G single-: 17/6 day retains. Pass engers called for. Meet G.P-O. or book Andersm Porter's. Florists, Kins W3]iam-£ireet. Phone C?atral 1070. MTS7-60/ DBIYE TOCXS ELF—Latest model Stnde bakers, Baicks, and Hups., £-7 passenger csrs, for hire to approved li:eus?d drivers. Palace Garage, Moore-st, off Angas-a., City. "Phone Cent. ig?. MT33OC ADELAIDE—VICTOR HARBOUR AND PORT ELLIOT. liEXIKAX-S WTTLLTS-KXIGHT SEBVTCE. CAES IJ2A\"E G.P.O. WEEK-DAYS S^O a.m, lEAVE YICTOE 2-30 pjn. Sundays, leave GJ.O. S.SO ajn. Leive Yirtor C p.m. BooJcn- 'Phcsie W. Jjen?ian, Prospect CIC, or Victor IS7. Single, 10/6; Betnm, 17/ C. Passewrara CaHeil for. MTS3/ HOUSES AMD LAND FOR SALE. <Conanned from Fage 4.) A IjL Uome-seeiers and Investors are requested -CX to tee us. We havj Propartis in City and Sabarbs, nr:ti and -wchaat asres. Prices rigai. Btposit, £50. sipoaris-—HOOK, Greafell Buila i=gs (.baEfzneut), cr. GpeafeH^t. sail Cawler-pl. _^__^_ ' _t,' BEALIii'LiL Five-raomed Bnasalow,~large return vmmkli, Doaltos basin, b:tb, heater, wardrobe, lbienpress, wood, gas stoves, sink, cop per, tromrns, grille, fancy ceilings, sleep-out, nne black.—Haastord, Builder. Picrce-st., UndcT dale (off Beadi-roai). JS 1,250. 159-01/ AT Hartle-street, Croydon. ani Hobbs-streeT. FSadon, Kew Bumjalows, 4 room-- depo^i' weekly payments.—J. Lamb, Builder, Kassd2 terrace, Woodville. 'Pione WooJvflJe 173 t59-64/ A —LET Home Decorations renovate, decorate -£jl yoar Property beiore sellinj; vmt sale will be quicker; profits ni^ier--r-Cent. 11CS. ; 1,3/ A^BELTJLH Park, £095, owner leaving State, cabrincin^ Sungiisn?, S toosss, State Bank mortgage.—Menkjg. 14, Waymonth-st- t/ ABSOLUTE Gift, dotf: nrisi it- lns?eit t> day. Bna-alow, Prospect. -4 rooms, \oih room, tiled apa, earase. laasJrr, teleplixie, use car: £Sso.^-Sellr & Mjytc. T. fc C. t/ Cmr — SUie Bank Souse, five good rooms, ?U conveniences, £775.—20, Lowe-etrcet <oB ?n'rigbt^treet). t/_ 17VY.CBAXGE 10 Bail din? Blocks. £1,000, for JLJ House Property.—?lfarhinprv.** tbis office. . t/_ JUST Comp-etinis-—Four Booms and conveni ences, deep drainage, dome ceilings, gas, tlectri; li~ut.—Braiohaw, Builder, "Pioae Pras peet Sl9. tSB-04/ T/-IXGSWOOD—4 ainates from car. Freestone J3^ Ban^alair, conveniences; deposit, £200; P'iM, £1,340; this is absolute!?- cieap.—Central 5519. t/ T^Eft" Bunsalow. elaborately Snished. beaatifally £3.-- rooss, igpdeL.Jdtphen. tSei bathrooni. pandled Ba?. -oositrrel?- nothing better sootbern soourbs; J! 1,625.—Ke11y & Aloyse, T. and ft. [ '.??:? t; VEVf Bonsalaw, Clarence Park, 5 rioms, Jeld- J-l ing doors, Eerverv. tEei bathroom, lovelt kiieben, decp-oui, garaco, laarulrv, beaatiii home; £200 deposit.—Kelly & Alofse. T. t G. t/ TM"EW Bungalow, J"ullar:in. 5 rooms, Doaltan -1.1 bath. Lwely kitchen, idiii^- doors, beanUfal position; only £200 deposit. —Kelly 4: Hovse. t7_ "VTEVP BungaTow. Unley Park, close car, 5 -W rooms, tilci batbroom. loitSv titcben. lancy fireplaces; £1,450. —Kelly sue M?yse i __ t/_ "KTEW Bangalsw, £150 dcpjslt, eontbern A^l eubarb, 5 roams, conxeaijnKc. cbeap.— Kelly & Masse. , tj_ "\TO3WOOD. £150 deposit, £725—Bangal'inr, J.l uear Paiaie—Londrigan's. 113, Cr?a£ell etreet, opposire Artade. t53-*JI/ "I>EOS?ECT. £50' deposit, naa- 2nd ecction.— -IT Lonurigan & Co., 113. Gn-nfell-st- tSS-CI/ TBAXSFEH Sbldier'B Home, UroaJvlew, aesr rar, 4 rooms, con-, la^r-? block.—'*K<lat/* tliis rUS^f. 150-fil ' HOUSES ANU LfINU WAH';£D. ABE YOU WINTINC TO SELL OB EX CHANGE YOUR PCOPEEIY OR LAXDT If Ej.'eee as. It will par you. Immediate stten- JSou RSvea.—I.OKDMCAX & CO, 113, GiiEX FELL-STBEBr. opp. Arcade, a 4732; Port. 235*. 0255 C ABtfCT 3 Acfjs land, suioiljl'! (or -irjenir-j, . Quccartown or Albert Park; ease prico per acre.—H. CSiei-alier, Uolbrook'a-road, Undc-r -dale. v[_ A—FVBSISBEO Uouse r?iuin.-j, 4 aialis, reasonable; can fur-ply own lineu, it Con. 7977.—Sjnders & Co. vj_ ALWAYS Bas-ers Wsiianj-—BDm-rt fc Bamptt, Industrial Buiiding, 55, Kin? \i :'.iiam-st. yM^il A UVAYS Buvcrs Waiting.—BiiTvtt i: Barrett, J\. Industrial Building 55, Kins William-st. ?S3-9/ ASOLDIEB wants Uomv, sri-d Part, give cash. ? —"lijnfc Preferred." t'-ii< oSce." pS3-<il/ AST\IOUS Buy or consider Bentins- House. 4, 5 tiwiils, g;^ ca^b; -want honest ocaj.— l-'l'Tffer Buying," tills office. y59-01/ AT nil ttnes enquiries for H->u?*s to Ij^t.— J\. Barrett £ Barrett. InJastxiai Baildins. pri9.Cl,4 / \ FEW good Exchjmre Propositions oa haad, ! -i?- City. Sabarba;? Honset. Gardens. Farms, Land. Mor^asc*. —Hook, Orfnfell Buildiiisf (basi-mcnt>. cr. Ore-jfr-J-sf. aal Gawler-yl. p/ All waiting Bjy saiall Cottage, about 4 roams; . ilo^'t zaizil out repairs; ray prompt cash.— **Coiiki>." this office. p/ A3JOI.T 5 rooms, ."3.-.y ttra<s. any rabari.— P^tsot L Co.. Qj. Cirri?->i. t.56-3' BTJOCK wanirri, on Torres-road, mar On'n? - liam station; sTa'.e price, block number, &<-_.. U> "Yonzi," rb:s office. 71.1i> 00 ' BUY fOT rasli. Ct'llai'.-f or small Uoinf. for investment —^"tji-Farmcr," tliis Oiiit-*. Tija-r.l I OVER for I\l=.r ?:-Jttau^-. a:iy !.!?? M £. 1,300. —"Agi-i Msid," tbis ifli .<: tILDIXG Mock, tvirii ranvfnienrr-s 17ass;njr. ca?b buyer.—Particulars to "Hums" this oflioe. i)57-i) / TJLT. House, Inley or North AOejide, anon: JL> '.tr>.->o.—'?Xcar Car." tliis offlct. yod-'ll 17V. Xorwood di^tric-t prefcrrt-d. comfortable 5 rooms. —"Con P-iy Cash,*1 ibie> ofliee. .-?r Toorjk ;v,.;(<-m-'.. S-lVvs \i\-i^- craiaiaai-Tiu 1 ?t>:::i Alf.Tj C. <jlt. r-jli i; <-'0.. Lt 1.. City | C-:u?nTi<TS._P;r;.^:r-iT. p.".7-l,o_ BIVmS for fi-r^niV.l luodcm H.ildcro ... ?I?-?"Tc -ir.d TurTcusvi:!." ?i-itrif-: I'uil ??~ifjli.-s to jUmi^-i *? 'j.-jrs-, 112. Kiug wiuism-st. 'I'lior.e 7^r?*i. pr.f>-*:o COTTAGE7~about~4~f)oms. "r J urfurnUhed room.-. Xortb. Adelaide- jir^feirvd —*"llc?nit-,'* Ijiisjiffirc. ti."-7-:> ?' COTTAUU. Suull, wautei. Cj*y tt-nus. Prasncct -direction, or nortli.—**i:2o,*' this office. y! CASIIIEX —Wanted Purchase, Cottase, quanpra fir ettble lads. PartieuTar?, "Track," ihip offire. pf F~ OK ?s:i, .~ni.i'.l Hrae. ro-.vnwat F-j'vjrb!^ -l'at-Ts-jn ?'; C.-).. :<4. fjrr>-sr. 1.58-3/ Vtn: lU'.zr.s =r.l c-juvtnlji.-is. watli sab-jri, X? £00 deposit.—"Tcraii,** tiiii ofliT. p.-> 7-3' G"ooiTTV.y rro;i.'r:y wanr^l f;r -nvottm-iit, sjowiiij fair rii'jra.—"C.ein,'* tL!s office. 7..13-C1 / GOaDV.Oi.)}). imait-ri-.alv.y. :. jt R.n^n Car'io lie ciiuj'v'.i, 4, o ro33i£> —Lruii.rv, Central 391. 7. ? HILIx1 -;—tt'ar.icii'Snia'.l CirlJ.ll sn-i s:-.a:k. fx ptusioii.-r. Jt-a.-^ *>r vur^":"l>ti- i^ruis, ehedji, <-ld r'j:ce.—?tirambl!'." this pay. p/ HOUSE, live rooms, pood locality; lc^o sired. —X. Jcnkin. Brilisa Hotel, Xorth AMflrlf;. p^_ H'OCSK. 4 ,->r 3 r>n^v-. any sabjri), £7*l d.-iwn. —"ifarlnrr." this ngir". pS9-fil/ HOL'SE. 4 or 5 r.v-.m*. <-asr<-rs suburb. £7>. ."i.-j?>*ir.—"P-nnatli-Cl thU_ofliPf._ii.\7-n.' SMAT.I/llr^u-v. Monn: Is.? S:;i:jn, eai; i; r,j acfii:*.—"Es:^,"' Mi.u:.t ;^.;:v. " j-.-.r-flO.' ' I ' ' ; j j jrL\c.l\\i:y.. ?;?];.piMrii iif\";:M.ol.v a: : I 111 :i::li;llTil\. i -a!- ... j .::,.! sra:;..n 1.-.-! I SMALL ;I|-N.';\:.U\V nr V.II'.ISV I.ANiI, !?: <? ; "t\ LANGMAN. LIMITED, HIIEBATj <XC3 BinLprNGS, Xonh-terrscc. Adelaide. P57-S

HOUSES AND LAND WANTED. __ SOVTITESZS Sabarb-—1 or 5-rooniei Hdus.? WMLei; in!-;i-:jti3n with tiii-at at onot; nr:cr-i a')OJt il 1,000: particulars.—UstLCTS. 12. Wiynioiithjst. p£. 7-H/ TO Buy, House,- five rooms ani convonieacM, s.-ulkern. suinrb, £50 deposi:.—'Ti-rm-:,"' xu^jfli^. vj_ TISTANTZU Hint, Smal'. Oan Uc-aw, i.-.i.-n t-ni ?V Marcl,. in or n-iar Kilisnr.;.-.—Mrs. W^!:?r, P.. "TK-.r.'-te.-rjre. 3t:^tniiy. p/ TSTETAM'EU in t-a?em saburb ( afura7bti: W' l-'la:, 2 b.-:.-irjoms., k::dit!i, fai-:lity ior ileoplng aut- Ai-i>lv *Bni oi, <;.!???>.. Ad.-laiJ.-. " ;..".7-fl/ vvrAMrLi>rs.'::-r M .t;.i, :t , i rrrrTT^i.r.-.rF^: ?? n:abci JhiMun^. City i-rLierruU—"Jjvdn- v " this otfif-o. " -,1.%7-Cu/ \ \\TAIiTLU lo i.\ni. clo^- to liaiL-ii, <iiui), suii- I ? ?' -We ior t&i and cool dri^k ki.^jk. B^piv ' -W.8.," this oaicc. ,-i.r.ri-Ul " | T^T'AX'l'EO, l.y r.-ji!T.:-d adults, c<-.-Ji.'"ri.-.'jiy 1-ur. j ?? riSu'd Houic for Tt-iin, liir <? iwdnviais,' i'ariiculari, ircluiiis tt-ixs, l!-.x J72C, G.1'.0. _^ !?/ \7ITANTtD, E.nt Hou>e 4 roluL?, :-ui?b"m ,VV suburbs. —--rc-n," tiu\ -pale.-. f.jn-iiu/ "t'ST'AXTi.-D by^narried couple "Jkiilcat ?? crcuentia'.s. Four or Fiie liD..tDf-d MoJera U ?u?c, for term, &c. —"Braemar," this onice. Pi ?HTASTKO, i;j3-I liailjits Block at Kilkenny. <T —"Uu:!i at Pace-," :hia onjc?. ;iS9-il7 £700 HOUSE wanted, investment. i"."i4U ca^ parr:cu!a&..—"Bjlancc boon," tu^s office. Or I-1 Cta, WMrifcl-JOUStLb. ike, IU Ltl. CContinued from Page o-) CLBaiE-f-irctt. TilJi~Sb3<r^ui~Jis3ro, 22 i 14. all conveniences, lease.— XL JJcrns:ein, 2i?3,_lUnson-tr. o/ GAHAOE. Offices, lii?uim.-o^ wjm>' or pir; -rcasoaabN^-r-Torn.^loj. Plrir-sr. mi HOUSES AND LAND TO LET. —AT JTuller-st, Xor?'Md, 3 rooms, 17/ C; . 33. Light-terrace. Sou-Jivrark, 4 rooms, zj: ; i'irst-street. Brompron. S ro-jms. l*j'.— tJeorje Harrold £ Co.. ?beial Clu'j iinildings, Xortli-tenaee. qsa-a / I'i.iii, all new lumituro. !iionnl'j?e iMisi^ssiin. 1.--* :o i^ven roiinia.—7rt-J Stjno, Iti^okman Bnildinyi, URairil-jtree^ q57-<;0/ HBLESIDE—2 lafse roamT iiTSTenT I acres. 12/. —10, Biil-avoJu:, Cabrj. q56-9/ t-T Wiij'vUlt—3-roo_icd Fara^hoi Ujase, _U XIl conveniences.—Barroit Barren. Jndus irjl Baildiag. AT 17. Mtlbounie-stree^ 2Tonh Adclaide-^Un furnKhed or Partly Furaisbed 6-rodmed Stone Villa, 'phpne and: o>uve-it*ices. Armly ii. Cardon. c,'o Ciias. Moaiv's. * T Brooker-terrace, fi:dim?nd—^lljjcfu J'ivc- JTi. raomed Bungalow, trery convenience J2/ti v-cek. Also, Itankel-avenue, 3iensin*:on TUree Sotms, il 1/ week.—Sred Stine, Brookman BiTildings. q57-(<0/ I S-JuUi-ter., Ciiy, ? rooms, 35/. —I. San- dory, 'phone Prospect c:ii. qST-CO/ A l-"U_\la_ED House 9 roams, Keil-itreet, Glejie'-s, 31st ilarch, end ApriL—Jacket, liicittstrial Bid£s n £ing IVilliam-st. qsfi.9,<:i/ AXICE larac c?>l Sbap in Huufs UuSilnST. Epleniid Mixed Bi^'mess fc:and :jr liie peri-n. App-y \\\ £. Hunt, plumber, Rcuniirk av.. Iknaurk. . q r>7-9/ AD£UID£, Harray-lane 4 rooms *>/ii Eobde & Swausoa, Ml. Kinj WiUiam-su . o/ AT Soasir.gtoa burdens—7-r^oai-id Ban-alow saraje.—ilamp, 105, King WilliaaiV.. ? qoC-9/ ADELAIDE. Blaekbura-sl-. 4 rooms. 27 ,'C. — Itohde & Sv.anson, 91. Kiuj Wiliiam-sL - q/ AUJtRTOX —Xictly F_rnish<d Rrixxs, every convenieae-?, i-T nice iiomc.—-Booms." co Mr. Brown, ycu^aynt, Albt-rton. q A '£' HOVE, 7 rjoms, lialcouv, connnicnow -T?- 25/ per week. Apply 1*6.5, Brighlon-ri . . q59-61/ AUA3X, 3. Listun-fct., ParksJ-ie, four rooms, 23/. —Owner. 10 o'clock, first street, east tiii.fy tram step. Eieatrie, gas. q/ —POSSESSIOX nlco 7-roomrf HoasT, C:tv. central, io buyer I/mof, C_ Stave, &;.. £40.—M. Deuq-artie, 9. C-rrie-st. q/ AT Henley. Beach—S-roomei Uoose. conve nient. S5/. —Barrett & Binefct Ind_rtrial BaiUillg. q:i3-GO/ ADELAIDE— Gillai-strc-?. i Raoms and con veniences. Su/; Coslia-str^et, S £uxs, 17/ pCT week.—l. Isaacs. 36, Carrie-st. q/^ BRIC3TOX —Farnisiied Haase la Let for lons or sbDrt term, best pesitiaa.—Henry Slvage, Cawler-plu?. 'Pioce Cent. 396 . \ q59-60/ BUXGAL.OVVS. T-mmece. K?aiinst?3. all con reniences, 34/ week. —''Jlavfair" Agency, ilagHl-rd-, Hobnesdale. q/ TJBICK" ilouse, 4 roonis, conveniences, two X> minutes train, -hns passes. Eobert-street, Petcriead.'- Apply ??Glenbumie," Esplanade, Lugs Bay. q "OirXftALOW.'Sijiaaait^tairenienjes, 30/ week. 3J —Soowien, £hlemw-sL, Bichmond. Hilton ten-ino-i.ii \ r. '? . .-.?:_ , q' BOWDEX. 4 rooms, OJ?/C; Eastwood, 3 room?, IS/; Norwood, -Prcoiaii, 27/ C; 'Mile-End, 5 r>3in% 3S/6; St. Psters, 5-roomed Bungalow, 30/. —John. Enichiaes, 14. Cnnie-st. q/ TJBIGHTOX —^Superior Furnished Flat, of <i X> rooms, quiet, self-contained, rental, £3 10/ ior teem. —Ja-i-ini & Treloar, limited, Brirfitsa. q5C,9/ TJLACK Forest Estate.—E.L, gas, jni h??tcr, X? ie, 30/. —Souti-ri., 2 Joons X 3& Ih^rbtvn Crwjjng. ? . ? q-ifi-a/ COTTAGE, tiiree rooms and enclosed back, to let. Apulv 6S, Kanile-street, Kent Towa. q.V7J^O/_ CIIY —? r&aais, 3S /; Suburbia Bulk Store, Workshop. SO/. —94, Currie-s:. qaC-9/ CITY. House, o rooms. fbDi> front, electric li;bt, gas stove, Isrze yard, thetls. Ap- T)!y 19. Loru-stryet q.Y7-OJ_ CITY —3 rooms and 4 rooms; Kensington, 4 roods, modem conveniences; Torrcnsville, Tcr.i'incJs; Glcatlg. 4 rooms, com^niences; Black wood, S rooms, modern conveniences.—Chas. rricst & Co., 17. Flinden-gt. city. qj7-f.U/' CITY. 4 Room-, iitciien. sas, bitb. 24,'. St. Vet^re. ilrfem Five fi^jms everj- conve nieiir-".—<.~\ipaun A Cx, Piric-st. q/_ CITY, VTakc-Seld-stroefc. Hnuse, fi rooms, ie.— Knox & Bsrsrave. Ware Ciambers. US, King ?ff-Jliam-stTr-er. Adria id-'. qJg-?7 EVAXDALE —0-roonied Bmw, modern coi.von: encjs.—CUas. Piies-t li Co., 17, Flindc-is-st. q'?7-CU/ I^ASIERX iuburb—Mod*i-j Bi>n?aloM-. C rooms. XL* ?*ver>- posri.Me roni-oni^ice, 55/, or -with bjo.-k ndjoinias with tennis ijurt, S/ w^--lv <-=:tra.—Jackm=n &. Ti-eloar, L:J-, 75. K:n^ I AVi'.ii3ni-^trw?r. Adf'.a':*!*-. qiij-y? FLUViSHI>D~"Hmisc, 5 rooms, t.rra, splendid iwsition. Prospect, 42/. —1". Sandery, "piiOno Pmspe^t f.."*. q57-O<i/ TG'Uiuflsii!;!) ll^ufo. 4 ro.mi ITj^i ?oag'T-e^, X 1 C:t.'-. r.7;?. —B.for>- .". or o v .?a:nsK q.' I^i;B.Vl!Sa^l7TlouT, Kl-ur~To--vn, u-.-ar -^i- -tc l 1 tio-.i. ? ri-.m--: T.--rm. £4. .v!^ soi--al( r.::i<r Fum:-'.i.-.l Hoas. j in >u'jiir'u.—.iarkrvu anj Trelcar, UniiK-d, 7j, Kin; \Vi!liam-s'. iisrco/ FLATS, Rnrliv^n^ion-—T?o-<-roiio"rials \-=cai;t love furaijii'.-il). Jjil'iy Scam lu-?!I, Ilirdy i Skipper, Solborrie Cliaml^rs, rilT:ft^. _ q?c FUKXISHEfI llouijs. \or?o.xl <?/: Bnrns:d~ L'nli'v. 43/. —"ii^riair"" ' \gcne>- JlariU r.l-.. nalnif-^aK ' q. rSL".WI!J.E, 4 rjoais; KOT^-iiiirioD. a rooms; B?wden. S r?om-; Iliudmirsli, Shop ani 1 10.-.a;.—Ol!i;-.-. T4. Orenftll-^t. q; F" CBXISUED. Superior --i Rooms, every convi aicnec.—l-.U. OsmoaJ-ro:-., Xoi'U'<>ud. Car! "|r<';nXlSUED~llous?. BlackwoodTr^mlmThs "or 1 X 11-ss-—-Particular*-," ci. Stuan-road UcTwirfi. qi.-..^:! / FLRXISHKI* licjsr-. >or:ii I.'ni?y. "rjv iivo months. 5-2 ?; adidis: v o'clock iVliit ;.-i^._;:S._Eoi:ri-s:.. l[li!;v._ ?; I^OLl^r.Wj-d "o;ia~.-r"tirr^oSrais fiimibSJ, FUSMS"iKU li u?, >i roo^i-, aJul'-~, -.??nn. B-f.-nwyj.—l?. llu-.:-^. <~ GOOIAVOOR— I Km.;., Vi:c!i.-n, '...irj, aJu!t.<. 2<i,-.—iJl, Y-jung-s:., Xonk fnly. Q._ GLENELG —Vt-rj- S.lxt >O. Flar, s-para(<! enu-anc'.', :j roonis ;tijd all conn'i:iT-nf;i.s, Fara^e. aiinlis. t<-nn.— l, Nile-st. q.-?7-;i.<;i; GLI^EIX! (Sjli:;:). <:. SJ::r2m--J —s r rr- U nisbr-J V??uirv Yi..i. * rjjius. ii coaveni- J^;s?;"T sj^"V':,.>^V?: £' wl"^i7-rT' GIJTVELfi —T.'.o ,-j.s I":it ir;iU'ii-.l 7; u,:ni (~>~Ooiitt'<Kiri— (i irriiiT ;n7l r'li^iiS^i-." ! T r.ntal ::u/. —llii^-.:- i. (.-.... Aibi .:l^l!.^ ?, ! < t LJ;M;LG :-.-u.jiu S.-lf-f.-oii'.aTuTirT'nic-r.isiii'd I VI Flat, t"=ra?e. —Pri.-M .-; Oj., 37. riinjrn,- ' I I^UiXKLU —S.-:f-i.-o:i:j:iied Fia;, (i rconir-, wi:h j W^Tiai-itrc:-:, "!lsc]aijv, SO, Jo:ty-l roi l :.''mfn-:l/. qs':.:).?n .' /"ILEXELG —Houm-, 4 rooms, kitclieuc-tt.- all VT conronii-ncos.—McXvil, Millars Comer. 'Plionp 4>-'. q5O-<)a,' TTEXLEY" <;>, ?,.ii lurii:^^. ! ,iaiio, H" iCKSIA'. 4 r^-ffl=~:cctr> }:-!::7TP"in= liolid.i & Swaasr.a. !H. Kaij K-::I:am-'.:. tXl.EY—r'umi-lieJ ilou*:, al*. KJal, TTorslT"!r> Lie. <i rooiji. rjyn.-lijni.rd.TTrli XX f^:iio:i, 2i,0 per wti-k. Aj.i>ly li. I)k>d. mana, lli'ctorvilly. '<|.'.7-i;o/ HOUSE, fi rr>-jnis a:-,,: l>-l nart l=outh-tcr.-irr.. tirni U Jo^vi -\v, r ,;v 111. S"otli-Tfr.. Aiirlnii!.-. a.-i7-in// " HOL j*n, mi rooms, kitflicn ciu-'o^'d v^nin dali.—Woodward. Choaii'it, UC- L rm--s:., Xr.-.-ili A<l?laidL'. <jj7-'i/ HOI" ?K io J.r-E. I. ruor.^ fc V." r.—t'-'v, _;-;.-r.. r.ustna:.-r. ,|:>;-:t,' HlNl?l.Vn<ll— llou.-* to I-"-. w.EI, ill c^TiTtTT. _-.-.-._ .v.- : !y_:;: 1 ._M-., ;L -.: .:. q' | Ki;.\.-.l\::ri3.\. 4^ I.,") ij:. .- ?..-! ?-?..????.??..?'.-?????',-, -?.'??"-'":-. -:-?--. J< .-r!.-.;..!'". I Ki:\-IM;'i<i\ <:.-. ~'."".: .:.,..". , -;::?_;.:.?: :i::r'--.;: : ::-. . i :.,.,^. . jr ---.-.—-li..-:.? j I-~4EOr.~a-....!t-:? S,. .;. .-inj li?-'lj;. jNTcT-- J :Ar--, 4 rooms K-is:-;.:i7jii<" f Kfaojieto:;- K.-.t Tom. N>?- !.o:k.^t S>i..;v. csr-ji-T Ken- ;*irmce and Kun.ile-strecr; l.ciry-road, Ma-dcm lack-up &op; Gaoger-strpet, Large bTiop aaJ B?onu. —Stria, Janus-jlsw. qSJ-?0/.

I _ HOUSES^NDJ-ANDJ-O^LET. I T>^£XSINGTON—S roonis. 25/: Xortii Ade^iidi 1 ia. 3 rooms, IC,'. —i'ssrso, Slutual Life Chan) bf-.-s. 44. Crenfcll-rt. qSD-Cl/_ JB^ TcafKiabl" rcr.z. —9o, Taylor's-rd., Thcba: ton, oppasi:?? Oval ff.iics^ q/ LET, S^roduir'd il'riie. 254, Wr:pht-str? west. —is, rja'jer-ic-rrace, M-lc-Enil. '|57-fifl,' Ml". L<)rTY—'i Kioas. el?-lric !igu% 4 mas _s:.r. :o:i.—Silrlir.j ??<>. qjT-i/ I "!ITAYLAM?<—4' rwn*. ronvonieni-es, £I.— i?l- ?,Ij.iL-iil<j i; Co., 7, L'ommoiiwcalili Jianl i fnsmlTrs. <jT,--V/ "VOltrn ADELAIDE, Park frnntape—Fumishc Jier Wi-vk, apr.rov-.J 7i-na:H. T. STEPItUXS & SOX. "V^OliWOtH)—S.x H^mms. remal Ivi"* -?-> ilunday. 12 to 1, S3, Kensinsion-tir. * '[-">^-' lf "V'Oltril A:oiuiJ._ —Mirija-slroe:. a itjoivs J-> J7,0. Urjmpt-^Ti—Coglin-str.x.-:. 3 Booms 17/;'j-plj?-.-. 3 Koonif, 17/0. l'jrt AJe 1-iiie—Ho'.>e-slrKt. BaUiin^ suitable for i'actorv . SO/. *or.k Aj?.laidc—i'inniss-stnx-t. 5 KooDis 21/ and 2:f/. Adelaide —Gr.berixAreia, :? iloom-5, 53.-'; !ijne!asJ-? 2 Hoonis, 10,'.— I. Is-Lief, 20. Carrie^i. . q/ OM; 5-roomfd Housi-. iiil mitomos Ltsiit-iJlaci^ Ponlana. —Tlione J. 2J44. ?r.-:-co/ IJUOSPJCCT. 7 tjums. iucui^c-u, gara-o, £4 10/ -weekly.—R. J. Velhan, T & C B;:;;dinc. qsfi-Cl/ PliO.-?ECT— 5-roomed Jlungalou-, Labrhia-av. minute frcai Prjtpe-t trim line. Appy -><J, Cjricr-strcet. Pngpect. q.'ir-f' - POiiT Ad^aiue. StjrJi lar-^e pk-cc Ijiii— IX:?-:? A: Lipsou^t.. ?ijC-i JL Johnson's Siorc, cr. ti n i?ort!i-r*i. s Prosppct ' qSC-?/ KOSC i'ark, 47, Wotijn^ivenue—Five Bourn? ' tvery ooa^ai.-nce, garage. 33..'; key S4 ??'um^y-r.tad, Dulwicii. " qst.'-?;9/ Sll'Ji* and Booms, bctt positiDn, SDnvojd Ci:y, off We=f-:?Ta;e, 3 rooms. IC/C; ol <;rot->=treet, 3 rooms; off Flinders-street, i SHOP and One Jtoora, 12/ C, suit mixed bus! ness-—37, Rnndlc-st.. Kfnt louu oj SELECT TrelMnm^bcd. 2 Beirooms, dining rasm, kiteh=u, all eonvenjfinMs, earas' adults.—44, Kvnc-ter., Xonvooi Thore Cent ii72l. ' q57-3/ CI. I'ETEKs—Lnfurnished Flat, 4 rooms am 5436. q57-CQ/ SEVEX-roomi-i House, 7S, King William^troe: Kent Tovra; {.-is vlcslric iigiii, batli, liea:er Mi=btrough% briA stable, ani sbed suitable fo garage: rCTt £2.—Central 1702. q57-9/ QIIALL Shop, first ssction. rent 10/; suitabli kJ Hat or Fancy or Dressmaker. Apply Jlr Silver, 3 daars ?asi o£ Siyal Hotel, Hackney. . : q57-M/ SHOP, Dwelling. Port^road, Hindmarsh, c?n tral position, double -wiadows, convenien ess. £3. —Kulide & Sranson, 03, Kins iiirect. nl SOUTH Esplanade. Semaphore. IVell-Furaishec 21 on so. Leo rooxo£, oil convenience?, ap proved tenant.—"Unique," Boi 394 a. G.P.O. SEMAPBOBX: —Yajsnt in renaed private iosoe Doable Bed-Sitting Rojai. use Mtchen, al convcaiences.—^ilrs. Broan-2, Scwman-Et. qs7^iO npo Let. 3 Rooms and Kitiita, aU eonvouien;xs X —2. MeLaren^st..- Ciry. q/ rw* o let. IX THE ESTATF. OF RICHARD MITCHELL, DECEASED. ALFRED CHAiIBRS. CCEBJE-STRET. ALTEBXATIVE TEXDERS are :nvi:el ann -n-Jll lje received by the undersigned for a lease icr 3 or 5 yeans, of those portions of the above, 1. JJasemenr. 2. (i)*Sfaop, east of Archway, at present oc copied by Mcsst3. Bayly & Speirs, Ijicruro framers and art dealers, oi alternatively. <b) east of Arehrc-ar, occupied *s pied by ilessrs. Parsons &. Vi&cix. 3. (a) Shop, vest of Archway, at prc-seni occttpiei by Mr. A, G. Parker, tailor, or alternatively. (b) Shop, west of Ardnvay, togs-flier -wSa Shop a3;o;nins on. vest, occupied by AU Men's Bcotery. t. Extreme ?uvs-.ern Shop, ocenplrf by AU Men's Bootcry. Possession <m lEt July, 1927. TEXDEBS CLOSE XOOX o£ 21st MARCH, 1027. Xo Tender necessarily accepted. Fnrthc-r particulars and firms and conditions ol tender from ELDEE'S TBUSEE AXT> KSECCTOR COSH>AXY, I.IHITED, 3j, Cunie-rtraet, A&laife. . q59,C1,4.5,71 fiAO L*t—^Sin^le Room, place for motor car, -X s* eirtrance. Apply 50, Margaret -street. Xorta- Adelaiaoe. q57-?/ ' ITVO Let, Eix mlaotes from Olapham station, 4 ~L roomed Cottage, 50 acres land, con-sheds, Btables ir., suitable daur. Appl^ Alfred JAndirson. Bchir-road, MilcLain. "q59^30/ tTV> Let, Comforlable Hms^S roonts. all con- X venieacis. i>er!crt ordnr^ 3 .mia from traai aTid Parade, Xorwoodf rent 32/6 wecilr; -nill I c -t for tcrat.—B. Terguson & Soa, Dean Chambers, Kl^j William^treet, City q56-9 fT>O Lot, Fnllartoa Esaare, S Rooms, labby, batb- X room, paatry, gas and wood stoves, E.L.; r-?at 3S/. G!on Osmond, 3 Booms and kit chen, rrat IS/C. Apply \V. Hart, Butcher, Glai Oanaad. 'Plioae Ilyde 3653. q56-3f rpwO Unfuraisaed Hooms. use oi kitcaenTlSy. X —70. Sturt-st- Chy. qS7-9/ f|TO Let, ia llUliriTood EsLate, a ?rv niw X House of sir roams, sll modern coDveni faces; unmediat>? pnesession; weekly tenancy ol lease. Apply 39, Xottiasbani-av., Keswick, aftei C_o"dpet ; q5O-9/ W" OOD.VTLUS Estate—O-roomwi^Tlonse, al] oonveaiences. —Norman. Osbjme jvenne. q_ IS/6, 4-ro3med House, tncloEed back. Appl _Cb!c;!ro P. 0.. coar Islington. q/ i ,000 ACKES w:th itn;>r3i emeati, with in ?0 JL miles Adelaide, soji nlnfall, ti let re iiaMe limner ca t'uare swteai, panicaiii? trom —Jj'an UutchLg-. 11. Carr"e-;i. q57-9/ 16 IMOJIS, Eliop. £0 - x~S<>, and S ? sms'a, all c-onv^aieiiccs, can earn £500 a jvar rlear. rent £C per iveek. p<tjd po^tian, Yirt-^r Har'.ior. nrr.—BS. Hi-?irl.-av.. Toorak. <|57-<"f',- SOiJJIS iaJ tcni-?-ai;-acc.=. rjci" of iLoji.—A. iica^, Xottingham-avenue, Ricbmj^d. (j Ti^Ol rr-ROOMI> Corta^c, pli, J3. ILslit. £1. 74, V Kit;; TVilliam-rjaJ, Hvdc Park. . „ q3i?-S] / X-ROi>llED Jlousv, Plvtn?uij..awnn? Dud't'v *f I'ai-fc. Apply Mr. F-ast^aie, Uarrov-T?d; or it. Art'iur-srrret. Prospect. qSO-Sl/ MISCELLANEOUS. AYOI.NC Wcnun. iJ, would like to m'.-oi anctber. fesi uf dancing.—'"A-W.," this office. v;' El^ it at U:ibutnV. King rt'iiiiam^-.rtet, riansou-elroct. Uiilcy-roaJ, aud Henlc-T Dearb-in^.l. y3CSa GEXT woul; liio I^ir pal. o^tiSjs "IcTTvT^ in=s, between IS anj -5. Apply -Bert,*" ?lli-i cfiirf. vl /^EXTLEJIAX would lite to n?: ur c-or- r?pti;d wi:h youn-,- Ijdy.—"lxjyal Pal," ihL?_o?|?. j7_ MBS. ii Williaais —Letter waiting G.l':O. . y! T^|"BS. I). —Call rof-.-offie., lct--r.—TTon:.;." PLEASANT. —^Majic a Pi ->oj:nient to suit *3i:di self; sorry missed.—-M.3.," t^iis office. ?P?"O Vjuii-.' ??ijie ik-sTc t-ampany wiib I?.-i X yuu:is Lidi<-= 2U, 2j. Uej>!v '-4.V.. i:,U o?!i?-. r.i:.'-<il /TWo~Vvui.^ l!i :.15 ::1~,, ;.. t -^nv?: P ;aJ :vio v.-ju:i- JL t.:-:^..:—"Tj--;.-/- thi- oaire. V^J rJT.VO Vou;.i M.-n, S3. tnvii (-Jr, liie ;o m<vT X f.vr> fiorty y^unT I^id:*-~; pliotogra^bs ?_v^. ar.jul. ?~Au.-"'i<yl" tiiU cffi?i;. y/ X laiiy iV; A.'.elaide " UsrU. Sin 3 \hnto. VlflX—^.>rry 1.-ur.- :oo late. ivrlu; ajiK. ?? m:ki:i.' appointment.—"Dinkum,"' :hb cff^.-- y--.?-?I - WILL Mr... ll.Kvrs :ii"(", l>-.'i:. roniniiiiii.'ate ?aill 11:^ To.icy, SO. rdiin-t-r.. air.Kr ?V^Y-N^^fHAXK In, a VOI NO~SI~TPvuhJI? " !TTr7"7m.-,":?;lSTeVvCur-? I .-niajiayy oi j-ioili'-r.—"Haiiway I:.-. " I:J:^ .-fi:---'. ' '_ s^l-.:oj "VOlN'r <-Ji:ca;(-d llaji. sj. ;on.-ly Tlirourj P.O. a33rcss.y---!l<-':!ian:cal Engineer,' 7" itiis oflic?. X7"OL"NG G<yp:. nioans;. w"-='n"s roaip.iny nice J- yrung I^i'ii*. oav or evo?in^s. W riio, t^l-. TfTOU>"G Man wish?-s to mert sensilve Ijidy, \Va:en-aie. Bos 24. ~y "' 1 WANTED TO SELL,' For a Car? Severs Pi ano?| | Conze and Sea ii"! r f | II C€rirg7'^4-,(3iin^iT^'usijdjyoaaboalg| ' - ??? ? ?<Etmc)iP4??

TENDERS AND CONTRACTS. c, nHEMiESS invited nn:il noon on WEDSTESDAV, i- X 2nd March, for EHECTIOX of JL"XIOU DEPABTMEXT BUILJMXC (wood and iron), r PIXXABOO METHODIST SUXDAY-SCHOOI... '-'. Flans at my Gffica and Methodist: Manse, -. Xo tender necessarily accepi&j. :t J. H. LAITY. F.S.AJ.A.. Architect. M-37. Pirie Chambers, Piricsirat, City. _ Fio.C.l- .50,0,5,7-9 '? rii ob v i~iTb c k s. TEXDKRS .-ire invited until XOOX of TOlS l; DAY. JIAKCiI 1. for Luildms tlirec additional storeys at the Vaymoutb-sireet OSos of the South Australian Gas Company. '1 Xeiiber the lowest nor any tender Decessarilr i ' actx-ptod. WOODS, BAfiOT. JORT S; I.ATBOUEXE SIUTn, Mr.S.A.I.A. c Architects. Steamship Buildings, Adela'd". yj?-5?,4,7-9 . rpEXDESS will bs recc-vvd until nj.u MdX i, JL DAY. 7th March, for building A PB.ES i, BYTEHY at POBT UNCOWf. Xo^r n?c-:?£sarilv accepted. , Pbiis obtainable irDm Rev. father, Port , r.<ncoln, jel at oar offit". f WOODS, BAGOT, JOEY & LAYBOUBXE-SMITH, FF.S.A.UU Ar;h!i?ts. ', Steamship Buildings, Adelaide F5!!.4.7-9,C1.? TO" BEJIOLISHE B~S. TEXDEB3 wi'.l be received Tinltl :ioon o! t THCUSDAY, 3ri March, 192 V, frir tie PCB . CHASE and BKUOVAL of .SKGLE-STOBEY ULILUIXG, PIRIE-STKEKT, CUT. Particulars at my Office ' X* twirlf-r aeeessarilv accepted. ' E. H. McMICHAEL. F.S.A.F.A.. Architect, Brookmaa BJildiaits, Adelaide. - ~ F.-.7-9.C1 ' rpENIJEns '?* receired by tie uxiers-fined " JL up io 5 p.m. <ra the Srh March. 1027, - for the ERECTIOX oi a BEIXFORCEU COS . C3ETE COAXD STAND Et POST PIRIE for :, the Trustees of tie POET PIXIE SOLDIERS' , MEMORIAL. Plans, &c, available at Messrs. Knjrlisa and '. Scmard and Jackmaa. CowTa Chambers. Ade (T Ui3e, or at my office. Tort Pirie. 5 Xo tender necessarily accepted. J. FIRMIX JEXKIXS. F.SJU.A.. Architect. Port Pirie. F54.<i,9.f.1,3 OF PORT ADELAIDE. f DECK CUAIHS—SEMAPHORE BEACH. TEXDEHS are invited by the City Council ? d nntil 4 pjn. on THUBSDAY, the 30th MABCH. ? for tire SOLE BIGHT of LETTIXG OCT DECK 11 CUAIfiS on SEMAPHORE BEACH (mcludins ro claimed area) lor a. perioJ of five <5> years, ?> Lummencuiir Ist Jfovcmber, 1927. V Tenders to be eniorsei "Dock CSjair Eights." ' r and addressed to th- un<l£isigned. frsm whom further particulars miy !? obtained, c By order. E. IiDADWEIi, Town Clerk. _ Ssih Fe'.troarif. ia?7. . {yi~X OF PORT ADELAIDE. ALBEBTOX OVAU I OFFERS ad-IrcE=ed to tic nnicrs;inieJ, rcturn -1 ao"e not !at?r than 4 p.m. on TIIUfiSDAY tbe . loth MABCII, are invited for the SOLE BIGHT OF SELLING COXFECTIOXEHV, COOL DRISES. FREIT, CiaARETTES, it, at ALBEBTOX , OVAL, at ail engagements controlled by the j Council for 12 months from Ist Slay next. E. BRABKIXL,, Town Clerk. S6*h Fejniary, 1927. F50.C1 1 T) ISIHICr CODXCIL OP WALKERVILLE. TEX3EE3 are inrited np io S p.m. of MOX ? DAY. March 7th. for tlie XRECTIOX of a SHELTER SHED for the CHILDREys PLAT ??OUXI> at WALKERVILLE. and an IROS SHED ia tlie COUXCIIi DEPOT. Plans and Speacations may ~ae inspected at the Council Office. WalienriDe HaiL. So-ten da- necessarily accepted. 1 By order. ; THOMAS E. XOTTAGE. District Cieri. , Fehrnary 2C. 1957. F57-60 J-JISTBJCT CODXCDj OF WEST XOSitESa TEXDERS FOR XEW EOADWOHES. r TEXDZ3S are iercbv iavitei f^r the FOiliT . IXG and METALLIXG 'of about 260 CHAIXS * '. i"E\V ROADS ihiwighoot the District Spceiflcation may be seen aad full oarti-ulars i oblaiiied at tie DisMct Council Office. ? Tenders marked 'Tender for Xw BoadiTcrk^," ' ' azu ta be lodged triti tbe undersisned not later , than 5 o'clock p.m., on WEDNESDAY, March \ 10. 1927. TEKXOX S. SHEPHARD, ? I F50.01.0 Diftriet .fcUA. Tkisnucr colxco, of west tobkexs. TEXDEE FOR BUILDIXG OOXDUIT.. TEXDE2S are hereby inritei f3r the HVIVB f IXG of a COXDUrr in the KESWICE CHCKK, at £rcrard-avcnce, Ke^Bick. , Spec!Scatioa may be seen anS foil piri?rri!ars obtained at the District Council Office. Tenders marked "Tenders for Kcswirfc Creek Conduit," are to be ladjed ivith the wiler ' s:'smed not Ister than 5 o'doi p.m.. o! WE'J ' XESDAY. Marei IC, 1927.' YEaXOX fi. SHEPHARD, r58.?1.C . Diitrict fi^rk. ' : ,-.:: l -1708 SALE BY "* ' TESDER. - X? ZSTATK Ute HEXRY BACLDE2STOSE. liC3=? of TWO FLOORS iv tbe busiest part; > of KIXG WTLLIAM-SraEET, liarinj? 2i veara ? to run. Tenders c:ose at noon ou Tuasdav, gth Slardi, 1027. Xeitlier the lushest nor any Ten der nec&sarily accepted A copy of the liease ? may l>e seen, and Form* of Tender obtained ai ; Xae office of the undersigned. SUOUS & HARRIS. , Au^lza^asia. Cliambers, K:ug WiHiam-iftTftet, Adelaide. , ;_; F/ ." TJBICIi wanted I'jui'.in;,- t>-ltooaie2 IJcuse. ?JL 'Phone J. ?ii\. K_ r- TJiIMJON Crave!, Sharp SanJ, Bed Sani, Dresf J? ins far Lures, ani Killing, delivered all' I Eubarbs. —p. fitair. Jims Woodviae iO2. . Fl7e ; GLEX OSMOM) ri^rccninss far concrete, g?rden-pitiis, &c At fluarr;-, or prompt delivery. SIM BBOS., Coairal 4925. day or ai?lit. i ; FSC-G2 WfAS'TOJ, Prico Eroction 5-B>uni?i Buiija , *? _'ot7, at Sefton rart. Plans imi be s?n ? afti-r 5 p.m. —27. Joslin-ftTPet. WarviU?. F/ STOCK AMD VEHICLES. A .LARGE Assortment of Vehicles of all de- FcripttanS. Xtiv a:ii Secondhand. !jrge*i s:oc-k in Adelaide. Ail kinds BaniKa, pen a'jc! £*co?daana'. Saddlery, great variety, prices it: 'kjiui. Hoists. Trips, Trol':cs to Ui.-?.—IV. AJams 78 CErric-?r. Tiiooe Cenlial ISli ' V 57-68/ ABEAUriI-CI. Rubber-Ijxed Governess Cart, bonny Bay Pmy and llamess, T\-ill separate, IVayrillf. licar S\mw Crjund.-!' V,' ABHAUTU'CL UubUor-tVred Dog Cart, Qnict: Poav. ~:\i Harness i;J2 ljt; any? tiisl; i Kejuritc.—^os. i;caiss-iirt.-c(^ liower Xonh Ade-j "A IMR.GAIN—£9 Buys Ktrons JU=bcr Dray, I J\. Stsiui Hm:- and llirnow; =ny trial.—OS. l":i:ni=s-slr?'T. Kowcr Xorlb Adi?la:do. V/ J iiEAtTlFrL~jlniiber-rywd Am.>ri3a3~Run abour, 4juict Poav, anj ll.inh^, dx?p; trial; or exchange—US, l'jiuisi-slrcct, Loivtr ;__ V/ ASTKOXG Midier Uray, S?:iaale-Pony, Har seitf. £14>: separatf.—ia7. Start^t. \'J ~\ I'ICK of 4 ilodium Drjush.. SlarM, trials. J\. —Crown and Am-ltor Ho;J. Grcnfell-s- V.' AVVKUi b-Jilt Eiprc^ Biig^r. also Pony Dray, r lnr calf, or rxdiansc for sulky.—sS, Soonna-ar.. Seitou Park. V; BUY HorM: ?gvyl mover, tjulct. suit b3l:oT^ sart; trial.— lST. Start-arw-t. V/ BEACTIFL'L B.T. Suliv, £iluc?vd - I'ony, liar iiess. £15 turnout. —3a, Wa-nhouie-st, ' Torrpn^villo. V/ /~IO'.VS. —I am a uajcr (.Vii, al! desenptionr:.—? ?— ? C. llal;. SlasilL 'Phou-> Xonrood lioG. . . V 52-7-1; i^iCHAXCE, ll:>-hie Bu:r?y, tf?ll .-hod foT i-J Sall-y.—OS, Third-iv-Vik'flo-a Pjrt. vj'.i-r.if TT'XULIsU. Do~ Cirts, Kokls fiansbouts, i;;c ili bjr.-. Ex-pnw. Sfflkii-s. Hmslkt 11.-jys, varieiy Harces*. Ri-liabV- I'Mies.—V. ilacirty, yainhoniip-a.. Torr^^stilir. Vj 1 TpOil Sale, six Ilorsw,, and Harne^. A;>- J- r'y 27, Ellen-n., Prj?j)t<a. YSfi-a; | T^OK ~al.\ Mr Jlum Draugb: Hare, tuitablo dn; A nr far^i T.ork: a'Jv~Erial.—RoJt. Low a'..i , Sja?._Ka<r ; ]:n.s_M ? :kc?. V/_ j : TXOBME wauted :or carting- tLi.her ffom j XX O'j'.-li.* Esiatc.— VJ, IJsk- t-'ir-m:);.^, I I'int--::. 'i'i;o:.r. c. Sit. -Vr.J>-<;4 / < T IUIIT Ttollv. tiiry"3'J~av.-t.; licTMTtnd'Uir iU -f ia ; via -~i,lr 3u .— 02, N :nr.-:-iU <..S ] Mjirt-*..*.^:.^ Xj_ 'i T OVELY xani^iici siv?!-lyr>:i Eiaiabuut. ?i;'il ! A-': i -iMi;>f. .'-!); c-r lura?-, sli lv, : feu:. ] f: rilvrrWav'hl'r-.'i'ii'j^V.Vr.yiirjuri'j-.""''" V*'"* j" ADV Jus Hunter ior >?::!'-',, )h.t jLi ie~z jumper. vc-U r?-rtilitato, vo reasonable ? olfer refused. Biur Wocnlville S7y, or vrite . K. Languid, IVilpcnna-terracc, inl^T Y57-CO/ OXY. strong, sound, rolia'ole; boodod Bust?, rubber ijtcs. S.M. Harness, tiptop .-ond:-1 iinn.—?. Gilb.rton. Y57-CO/ SELL, new Delivery Trolly. \ritU erai and iirake; £25.—Dodd. Morplicrt-rd.. Xlor plirffi-ille. Y57-tti/ i OIXL si-vrrai SccondlianJ KiJine Saddk-.-, 20 |O S.-U Hm-k;. Coiiar.s W"ilik*TS. Wlnnc-ckv < IS; ir"e, 20 f-'-T' Bu.'^y Latn]i;. Koppirs, Hirso >:>?:?, ToL-ivriihis. —G.-'or.-c Laudrrf, 2:!2 Kund:t .-:rw:. '_ Y5M.?i1.3/ S" ELL, On.- Liilit <irc.-ni.-rj-.i-* Van. jroji ori-J. ? —l?s <;ovtr--t., North Ait'-al*-. V 59-0 !> /__ SZJ-U l.^:-.: I'roliy, I'ony, Ham-is, t.iesp. Mv:: s-li.—lj.'Mayfair-nm-:, Jlav]ai>i?. isv-eot SELL. T^roe v.iy ca^ie" lrnxy~C:m-srii'*ie~i 3 calvins. —Dodd. Morpbett-rd^ llorj^cttville. /nWO GOIII> MKUIITM KItACOHTS" \VAXTEO. X. Apply REID BROS., LTD., T.'mber Mills Xotr Doti, l'art AlcUide. 'Phone J. 2031>. V3T-?>0 rpjIOLLIU-f, Wa^gass, TipJrays, Vans. Bu?i;<?s, X jii-w and ?-':::oajjaai; casli or Terais.— v?-i-fr\ l" V."J;rt: | j VSTAM!::).~^"iVr" ianKr~C.)T<. M^vTli J. "cjll.— I I VV |-ii = l,rjcl 11,.-,!, V.-j-.-reou-.h-l. ! '_ '_ a.-.--, o: \\X llsni-,-. .'.vai.. l\ir:k U iar>. -.~-lic-ol KiiJJ.*." :!i:s rHii-e^ _ Yiu^liU/j £rll~—KV??EltEll ilr.a, Ponj, ami U^rr.fc?. if Mjshor liny. £2 10,.—52, Soraian-aU <ofl Slima.), Ciiy. V/ £12 BUYS Runsuoui, Pony, and flarccst; any trial; ?-iU cepfcraie.—s2, Ksrma?-st. <off Stnrt*.). VI

AUBERT. MR. M. MdNTOSH, M.P. mr. f. m. McMillan, m.p. WAIEESIE—Mon, FeJ>. 26, S Astral ALAV.OOXA—Tuk.. Mar. 1, S pjn^ lv]]. ! PARUSA—Tnet. Mir. 1. S p^c, li=3L ! KEW RESIDENCE—Wed.. Mar. S, 3^o v.m, 1 I.OXTOV—Wed.. Msr. 8, 8 r-?^ lialL I COOKE*3 I'LAiXS—Tflurs., lUr. 8, 8 pjn.,! TIXTIXABA—Fri, Mar. 4, S p^n., haX j ALEXANDRA. MR. P. T. HEGGATON, M.P. Mr. H. S. HUDD, MP. Mr. G. R. LAFFER, M.P. InXOK—Mob.. Fel). 2S, S i>.m. ECHUXGA—iIon_ Feb. 2S 8 pjn. ALDGATE—Tnes., Mar. 1, S pjn. STISLIXG WEST—Tnes, Mar. 1, 8 pja. in. COMPASS—Wei, Mar. 2, 3.30 pjn_ School. XOAKtCXCA—Wei, Mar. 2 S p.?T^ ALSINGA—Wed, Mar. 2, S pjn. IYMAN VALLET—Thnrs., Mar. S, 3.30 p-m. LOWER EOUS VJU££E—Thnra, Hat S; 3.30 p.m. VICTOR KASBOCB—Thnrs, Mar., 3, Spaa. MIOIILETOy—¥?., Mar. *, 3.30 pjn. PORT ELUOT—TrL. Jlar. 4, 8 pjn. COBOMAXDEL VALLEY—Sat., Msr. 5, S PJE. CHERBV GASSEN'S—Sat., Mar. 3, 8 p.m. BAROSSA. ' i MR. H.B. CROSBY, M.P. | Mr. H. W. LYONS, ! Mr. R. J. RUDALL. OKETREE BILL—Moo, Feb. 28, ? p.m^ In- Etitn:o. ABATTOiaS—Tnes.. Mar. 1, 6 JfeOlodi?t Chnrob. ESTTELD—Wei, Mai. 5, S p.m., InsUtste. KORTHFIEU)—Tbns, Star. 3, £ pjil, 4>nards* Hal). . Vmcrsn—Fri, Msr. 4, S pjn, Ti.rfis.l. SMITHFIEU)—^Sst, Mar. S, 8 p.m, Institotc. GAZA—Mon., Mar. 7. S p.m.. Institote. SAUSBU&V—Tnes., Max. S, 8 pjn, Institnt?- LOOS—Wed, Mar. 9, S fim. Curler Eiver i _____ BURRA BURRA. Mr. R. J. CARTER, Mr. G.R JENKINS,, Mr. F t.^JEnWEit WHTTE-YABOOWEr—M<kI, Feb. 28, 6. -pis, Institn^e. - - . - .. TEROWIE—Moo, Feb. 28, 8 pjn.. Xnstiiaie. PABXAROO—Tnta, Mat 1, 2.30 pjn. .' PETERBOROUGH—Tofs, War. 1, £ pjn. Town < HalL . " ' CCOr,TA—Wri, Mar. 3, 6 pjn, llemorial HaTL OODLA WIEES—Wed, Jlar. 2, S pjn. In stitute. I XACKABA—Tbors, Mar. 3, S p.m. HalL ' DAWSOS—Fri, Mir. 4. S pjn, HaTL ! HD. OF MORGAJT—Sat., Mar. 5, 2.30 pj?. YOXGALA—Sat, Mar. 5, S, Institote. j JAMESTOWS —Mon, Mar. 7, 8 pjn.. Institute. EASTI^RENS. HON. F. W. CONEYBEER, HP. MR. W. A. HAMILTON, M.P. MR. A. TJSDTTON. ATHELSTOXE—fri.. Mar. 4, 6 pjn.. Institute. PAKKf?IDE—Won., Mar. 7, S p.m. Institute. HACKNEY—Tues, Mar. 8, E pjn- Sraid^ Ball, Park^t. .' . KEST ToWX—Toes, Mar. 8, 8 pjn, .MetbodiKt Leciure EalL ST. J4OEBIS—Wei, Mar. 9, 8 p.m, 'BecreaHon Hall. . ... .. EKIGHT3BSIDGE —Thnrs, ilar. 10, 8 pun, 'tJJivoli Hall. ??" ?!? ?-'- e£~?c IBCfcs . .OSHOXD^-IW, Star..2l.. 8 fun., rnsfi tntc.:.'-* . i jbi .iZ':.. ? ~ ' ; **" FLINDERS. Mr. E. COLES, Mr. J. G. MOSELEY, M.P. CHAXDADA—Wed, Mat 2. II aan. PETDfA—Thnra, Mar. 3, 11 ul, HaO. MORAT *AY—Tburs.. Ma^ 3, 8 p.m, ? Ctdnna IlalL ' ?: MUDAiICKLA—Fri., MaT. 4, 3 pjn. . j SIAI-TES^-J^i, Hit. 4. S pjn. CHAERA—Sit. Mar. 5, 11 ajn, Woolshed. ?EKOSG—^Sat.. Mar. 5, S pjn,- w^i! STItEAKY BAY —Mon, -Mar. 7, S pjn, opai -:"-aJr. >^ CitCA—Tmv.. ilar. S. ? pjn. COLLIE—Wed..' Mar. 9, 11 a-m, HalL SnE?rSGA—\red. Mar. 3, 4 pjn. TAIJA—Wed.. Mar. 9, S, Institute. COLTOX—Thiirs.. Mar. 10. II jlhl, Schoo'-. KUJSTOX—**tire _ Mar. 10, S jun, HalL MT. HOPE-*rL. Mar. 11, 11 aan. CflCLTA—Fri_ Mar. 11. 4 jijn. Hall; . PORT LDtCOLV—FrL, Mar. 11, 8 pjn, InsU tur^. # YALIX"XHA FUX —Pjt.,,Mar. IS. 11 a.m. YEEI^ANVi—Sat, Mar. 12, * p.m. CCSIMKS—Sat. Mar. 12. S p.m? Hall. NEWCASTLE. MR.P.A.McBRIDE. MR. S. B. CASHNE. WARCOWIE—Tri.. SUr. 4, S pjn. HOOKIXA—Sat., Mar. 5, 6 p.m. JLUVKKcW-Mon, ilar. 7, S p.ra. WIUSDX —To?_ ilar. S, 8 p.m. CR.H>OrK—WtJ, Mar. 9. S p.m. fU)ltnO\—^Ttiurs., Sar. ]M, S p-m. QtOBX—FrL. Mar. 11, 8 p.m. SPECIAL COU Mr. R. L. BUTLER, MJ., -^-ni Address itc .Qwiois ?t i XAURACCOErE—Wed, Mar. 2, S r-m, *n- , MOITXT GAMBIEH—Thnte, Mar. ?, 8 p.m, BOKDEBTOWA'—Tri, Mar. 4, 8 pjn.; lDsatnic. A SPLIT VOTE IS A WASTED TOTE. j POLLING DAY, SATURDAY, W Ast'jDrlied by Wm. B. Page =ad X. *od4 LIBERAL FEDERATION. district of east torrens. St. peter¥branch. j A SIEimNG of tlie al.o?? B.nndi 1-31 ha lidd in Hie COIXCII. CIUUBEIt. SI. PETEBS TOWS II \U, on MOXDAY, 2?Ui F-Jmiaiy, 19-27. =t S p.m. J'.LSIXLSs: FOItTIICOMIXG^jLECTIOS^ -V.I n:?n'iM'rs ai^rf iUom; iiSSHVj in tte ' Bioiinnff.l are ei:i)ia!l?- iuvi:sd to Wr rwi??s. j A. HANXAFOIUJ and M. SCTTOX, SMS j . = Continued from Page 20. BUSINESSES. PARTNERSHIPS, fa. AIiKAUTIKUL Up-tOKlale Frviz and Florisi Business and Bound, picked posicion, ??—b- Yi&ed 20 years, lease, ?eietllait dwelling; beaa titul -a-indoir and lUtiass; vrill ?11 at first 'eight; no £s:en:s-—^Genuine Darcain, 7' this office. bSC-9/ AN authorifed Xev^agency Business required, dwlliig; inspto^, immediatclv.—J. A Sanders &. Co., Alijioa Honse, 2?, TVarnuwrth-sS. ?>/ HAH sad 1..11, Quick LiraJi Cafe, gaod ?>nnd conr.c;r-:nn, t:::y; K-e it wort; moderate fr-?i?. —PC. Fii:);:or;->;reft. b59-61/ T OCK-ITP Stiop. well fsublitheJ, Trait ?ni Aj Buet. Coufectinnerj-, vreU ? Stttfd. with t?-o Urrr- :;e ch?si. 4 siaw csises, 3 ?ts biiii*, p'.e o?-:n. ?jb"j -y^ drjincr, la creim s.Txcrs. —~Chc3T> It'^ir/* This office. b/ LEASi: Scrvico S'jtioa. Ten: ?;l week. Hack iud plant ibjut Ji:oo.—loorak al. b/ MIiUJ liusiscss, A rooms. If?c £10. ¥<*? t':r. 3 <!oir 3 - fr.<m King's Theatre. b59-61/ llfriXEli Uusine.^, Ir^tn terminus, excellent JjL position, rare opportnnhv; savi rczsans for telling. Ayply "Mart." this*office. I>S9-Cl/ Sf.hV.. Pennine Uixi-d Bluing, e^ncin? £O>] pT<at. Rip; William?. C^tTal H67. bf lITILIj sive JCIO IP/ pi^lnn Jor decent V^ Mrk Kounl in -4~xA InraV:ty. JlB-t s?e o-.vr i-v\-"i:t^td —"L-ostinr* this ofSce. ! ." j b/ [ (jTvitn j;| ys 1.-*1; ~aV ?!! Milk I! t;m3 rxec' >?? In: ?;:?iTi"!" c?>n:-ij,-\ :!?:???;. rar;. haired, jj.u? in s..c-i ,?.,:.'iili-,:..— "Mlli-.-sL." :hi? offi?. h/ (Continued from Page 19.) cycles. OENf*S Cycle, £2 18/. o^iiear offer: faugal?. —Jlr?. Jlflln, 81, Hindnurab-aaaa-k ?/

. ELECTION ADVERTISEMENTS. i*a^ ? THE S.A. LIBERAL FEOEfiftTKW . M '- AND :- ? ??? *' THE COUNM P/IRH ASSOCIATION OF Si. (Ipc). : STATE GENERAL ELECTIONS, MARCH 26, 1927. | ; The .liberal Federation and Country Party Candidates w9 A-fitM] the Eiet^ors as under— $| ! HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: ?l

NORIH ADFJJHDE. -'M MR.S.W.JEFHUES. 5 MR. V. M. WEWLAND. ;^ WAIXESTILLE—Wei, lln; S, .6 jita*4Ml|j XAILSWOBra—binnL, Mat 10,<S pJB,4EtmSi ScbOQl- Main &OlUi-XDKdL JSS_SJ PBOSPEOT—Fri, Mar. U, 8 jun,^g STANLEY. -iS Mr. J. A. LYONS, lIP. Mr. it D. WCHOLLS, M^l WASDEAHAH—Von-, Feb. 26, 8 pjn.r HUNDRED OF PffiTC—Taes_ Stxr iTs WAKXEBTOWX—Wei, Man? 2. 8 pau-^af BEETAUOO VAI2XX Xlnzrs, Hir^S 4siaa£ NAHJtIDY—Thiro, Mar. S. £ pa. " ir-aSfi SEDHO2.—Fri, Mat 4. 6 pjit - 3fi§ BRISKWOBTH—Han, Slar. 9. S IwL-j!£93H KOOUSGA—Toes.., Vac 6, s (ijn. ,>>r|H BLTTH—Wed.. Mac 9, 8-pjn. . . :' HS^? STURT; lM MR.E. ANTHONEY, UK^m MR. a c richards, msM MR.EC.VARDON/HAii CLESELG—Hon.. Mar: I*. E njn_ XaniSSj PABKSIDE-EASrWOOD—Tnes, Mm. 15 £ fcsi Institute. ' ? ? ??s!ai HAWTHOBN-MTCHASI—Wed, Slu IS *B _)S9 Dmidtf HalL *-?tS3 GOODWOOD—Eri, Has. lE. 8 ?.m, laxS?J|| v^ggjiA. Mr. V. G. PETHERICX^*! Mr. P/RETOY, MP. %1 COOXiWABBA—Toes, .Slat 1.~'JB*ip£tL-9J XABBACOOBTE—Wed, Mar. 2, 8 JUojiS^H HOIST CAMBIEB—Ttars. Mas. 3, £ JT*ani9n| AKLAKDACE—Fin, lUr < E pjn. ~_§_9_ FOBS' MeDOJTSEUi —Sat, ?r~ STs-nSiMH UK3HDAIE—Mon, Slac S, £ pa. ~lfSg|S| FEAKCES—Tufa, Mar 8, 8 pja. ?? -^^M KTSCSrosr—BmrE, abz. 10 3339 BOBE-^rrL, Ul 11, 8 jun. , r SSafl MT. BEXSOS—Set, Mar. 13, S ?.n. v Jg=|| WOOROTRA.; 13 Mr. R. L BUTLER, JOJP^ Mr. A. €. CAMERO?^ Mr. J. McLACHLMi, W||i| HAIBDBV —Man, Feb. SB. 9 fa, 3*fL_j^| BAIAKLAVA—Toes, Sat. 3U ?* Jpan^JS^^ ?sa** 1. *^ <r3p5NH| JUlZA—Thara, lbi, 3, 8 *Jn- EOBEEISrOWX—&, Mai. A. $ *>jb_ MBl XEAIfS FLAT—-Sat, ~Xat 6TS3D iudT j^S BETOOK—Sat, Mar 6, S pan. School. —*^B BOWEE—-Mon_ Mat V,gtSt> Jim, Ball.* "*?| MT. MAEV—Man, Mar.-*.:* pan, ScnOoL *| CADEtL—Tnffi.. Mar. 8, S|ii, OnntJi -SID: MORGAX—Wei, Star *, S^un, anabtsi£~j3 Toi!i*ij^if^— ir^nfp-, £? 6 .fun, MeMDB THEBARTOSr-Wrf., iSLvr i, ?<VJn^ HEKtET BEAdH—'ttnm.-aiir. 10, B 'Vja^liD* HalL - PBOS?BDT—Tii. Mar 11. ? pan, iJutUc.^ CEAKGE—Sit, Star IS. S pal, Imttete. s I CENTRAL IH^M^v Wo. ' HON. G H.PROSSER> M?Ct, ATIIELSrOSE—Fn-, Blar. i, 6 xjdl, 4aond pi?panr-jf T v.- T, B jm, JmH>a>ggg HiCKSKr--TtafeS Mar. fi a 8 jpAa^ftaidatt'^ial KEST TOWS—Tina, Star. E, S fm, aTlffl^^S ST. SIOEEIS—Wed, Ihx. 9, S Jin, Bciata^g KSIGHISBBIDCE —3hnic* 3tac IC^" ?v^^S Kinti HalL #^b! CLKS OSMOSD—*H, Star. 11, * pJB, *"gjs Hon. W. !!ANNr*ORD, rilW@| Hon. T. PASO>E; MIX. "I BOBEHISTOWJf-^lmu, V&^t?. t-tK#f ECl>U>T>A—Tnes_ Mini 3,*S pa, InlJ. CiDEtL—Wei, Mar. 2.5J80 *ur- WOEGAX—Wei, Slaz. =, ? pal, SidLsx^^S GBEEXOCK—TtoIs., liar. ?. 2.30 vafAotK FHEEXJ\'C —-TSars- War. 3 S pjrn. Jagffi HOSEWOETHT—Fn^ Jlas. 4, g-gBj"!?UB . NORTHERN DISTRICT. M HON. A. P. BUSING, N&&1I HON. W. C.J.MUS, KL&M SADDLEWORrH—SIoa^^ai^ 2g,i^B M>^ MAXOOHA—Tnet, Sl?r O. ? taat. _ SEBILDEK —Toes, 5Ur. 1. S pi. i^SB FARRELL-S FEAT—Toes, Mar. I, 8 JJJB. BOOBOEOWIE—Wei, Jlar. S, 2 pan. >^ BUEEA—Wei. Mtt S' 8 !>?. *gj STT. KBXAS— lhnn^ Slar. 3,11i??l SW*§ HALLETT—Thots^ Mat 3. 2 i>? , ? jffl| TEKOWJE—Tinre, ?at S. 8 pjn. r T.USOOWIE—Prt, 3>*t 4, 11 aan. -aH J4SESTOWX—iir, SUk. ?. ? I?J? ? S^ C-UjTOWIB—Sat, Slar * S p.?. -^S I'ETEEBOBpECH—SaU SUr S. 8 V*L -Jm NTRYTOUR 3 Mr. R. L. BUTLER, ?IP^ Mr. VL MdNTOSH, Mi^J W3l Adurea the West Coad namr BA\V-313a, Star. S. * ji^ffi ABKO BAV—, Max. S. 8 pjn^JaSiW CIX\X-^Wci, SUt 9. E pan, anaatate^ COWEli—Thnre., Viz. 10 8 pA, I*g?£ rOET USOOUk—To, Mar. 11. 8 ivaUa? ARCH 26ft, 8 a.m. to 7 pm. % 175. Xorth-tciiac^ Addaidc. (Continued from Page 19-1-1 ? ? WANTED TO ?01. A? OoUapsSbte m&aut, 3>9b?t?rtj Vy price £1 15/ —Si. QjdMbfeVTOK T7-IIOHES Foanq, JJJT *?4B?>. ""STl** IV. odcr by U G TBtgaier. ISO, Bate Beidi-ra_ Torrenstil'e anlas JT-aOBES Dreesas, Horn £.9. 10/J ??? Ja- lailes. fcrai 29/6 ?aA--^L ?. W?*?S? I,'ib, Heuity Beadi-ri, Torranwilte. ??w3i PUKOLA, new. very IaI?EU ?nr leasaoclfeWeti iuiticclirs.-^^?k, oa Sores. Vrnftt. i|B nSMWaS EBAUS. SalkiM, Hicter Fanutant. LatjgQ and best; caab or tenao.—PojadxVjw Cental Mariet Arcade Vietoria^a. caba^^g OEWDfG Macbine. "OeoaAe," apcchUy.t?d^ O ihc Naam>a? 6e?inc MaAfne:-4Ci?]^a? best <as>larjcacd -Gctnuii sted, fmara^K bi^-nid Ritci. bMmHhdly TMjidwl. SO-^maS written eaanntee. Prices fcdoir otbers. -;tS|*l or terms. £abecal aUnmnse <m 3OTS?! machine. —Coambe. IT, IS, 1?, mJ SSM?! Market .Arcade. Vigtoria-tqnatE. .nSt-WK^ SEWIXG— -Wertijeim Inailt IbaU?Cu'^V^iHS goarantce. £3 18/. caA m ~\r£s£ SEWBG— Singer Tnadle Machine, 'IVJgjMg enarantM. JC? IS/, each ?.ttpa?— Coambe. IS. Oentral Market Anade. SDHPLUS Fnralbirc-^Dmrfajr-naoi .'.-SaW^B pieces, imported -salmit. m&oisiate? cOk 4flpestrr; Disins^oem Suite. ? pSeo*:;*g lulsteial leather: Coo 3 BmHt "Blidtivaai Nidiel lledstrad and Wire. Central ?6W.%?Ti SIX Baogalov Blinds, nearlj sew. =0 ta.atyM in, chcjp.—to, Ea*a-st, .?Cooairadt-laj?y SEVnsi; Machine. 66. Uiapbead. on <rtt3? —Connie, IS, Ccotjsl M?itt,iraae; ; .?? '-. mB9-61f--j \riOlJS, Bow, camajete. good order: cta'Jjffl Clen Osaiond-Toaa. FarfaMe.' ?af TITEETaEBI Stud Sewing WbOOUe. nUit W order. *S S/.^-Oooadie. IE ?Sata? Maitet Anatflc nS9j?Jfg9 WTBS Doors, tat-dia Bed fine, -W.?S??E OJ x S? loci, at S9/6 ?ek^*t^ VlegaiK. 154b, Henley Beaea4l, Vo?esan?b.' . f ?tfgSj FOOTBAL.I- WOTiCES.t..- - jp^ XT<)ETn ADEIAIDS JMbTBICT SOOTBWJt 1% ASSOCIaTIOS.. - ". Mj UMPIRES WANTED. AVfLICATrOSS wm lie Rceiveg V AeJ^^BM ?tzned to ail Maieb 3(3, **>???<r£fc?S? _. a. ?. tnOO^ Haau|Bee^A^^aH|

~( MOUSES AND LAND FOB SALE. 3. lA? "?H^?!S d""**l**. Pert line. Properties ?f. f J3L <—Jfr??sOe. Kilkenny,- Port, far inspectioi * -_BR tSSSI/ >. iAT WoodTfUji ?2 x MM. 75/.—ifc?o*S '- UV. ?pp. Kilkenny statioa, Coaunercial-nln r? ***? tw-oi/. "- i iA * ~tir?ptlnn?l' Prcpojirion—Flats, self con 1 , ?**? tatoed. modifrn. showing ?Ti?fji??i^ returns jOHsr lanrlng Fnglanii r—"Bwatlfql 6outh Ter f .^f— f* thM <^cc- t6B-?/ | r -"-lAT Prospect—t-roomed Cottage. £?B0; it ft &? itX. posit, £50.—PatanoB's, 84, Onais-st. $^jS.JS ~ t6Sl)t tef-iA*' BARGAIN A 1 ??: j^J**. PAB.KSIDJC. " . ?J*J??—DEPOST~*IOO. tt Freajtoos- Villa, s roams, bathroom, wood and gu stoves. Vote price, HATTERS ft CO.. It, Waymouth-street. IS 6-9 ?&' '??'- on Biver. 63 Acras, well improved fir"* <*o?dant _water supply, engine, 4a. Douu aand trade. - Tsams. Plant, Busmess, &c ?fel^-.gft^jf. -walk tat; £SJSO; terms. i~~~i ?..,-;, ? I 11^ Hobs*.—itod. Stone, Braokmai I?'' 4o*"*?ol*ll Triole-Froat Bangaiow rf 2 ,tSr, m* ???" *?vice, latest la bame c_struc ;!? I?*%??? Co.. ?*. Oarrie-st. - ts<Wg/ flir 'j Aj~C Valvcm ..lijaero FtvMDomed Bangabw -Fi Jr**,^"*f <"~~wteioe. axmge, fay dooo twa . ? asdooed price^-Jpho_ Daley 1008. g x^r.-^,, L t8?.7.g/ %?< AAyOJBSVS GABDESS. near PorUoad and We?i fc;s9?.,aoj4ni Station, £116 deposit, past Ml '?a*B Bank, Four 800ms. new. Doulton bath, Pc *?BPor, troughs, back verandah, good block; 1 WU j~BS~DO~r-PABK, near car, ?V?0 deposit. Con 3jKjJ??gg?? ???, ?tw? and brWt, pooltan bath ami ?fuj SJX-IS9 4t? near PottJd.; £110. Dozens o; Ml fSSJS^^? *? *"??? *—?-+' O. * C. T Sifl 19MB0t t "Waa?.BulMins;, Hfadley-st. or op A".| jfca?*>avgylon Station. 'Phone 783. tB7-t ? f A fUtor attractive House at Pmsneft. G rsonu, W.Twnmx.^ahit order taroughout. well-kept gar. iZfrMtJltmikmm t57-60/ ygfJ* -iV -s< _'i- . . tS6-9/ Ts%£i A* W*st ttaydon—lt Ad_ma- Blocka, snii f^ai^feUJder. *I^oo~lSftosas, Kflktuny ?£^ ?5-Cl/ ? J'*A"?jBeatn?— U BuildhnT Blocks, dose sta 3&jWLp~pm, sntt boOder.—lloHasrle, KUksasr, jKi-IJS,"?-.^l" xUstdet, dose station, it AorS ?j MJairtm. "Jnmraved; Staaa House, 7 zooms, out ;P^^__VJ:^._* la ' *?i4_f e'> **?"* : Bt. ji?iiaM?Stf lor OHy or Suborhan Property. I ir^'3tar—er' particnlara. Fred. Stone, Braokmai] qK~SJ'jSpTTT Itffngi..*Q?enxeU-*~-. -Otty. ..>??? t57-60/ i s& ~gy~|~rjiy^gy a?M^^y| -I—afo^p^^ 'xS?nsnny, Fort ' fenjj Jgltwondj 'proper Oenaeman's BrfMi-nrf. (; t3! I fc , 'w'Utttt TihtssiisV 'UK "VUlSwdu COBWll' Apply ?w?er, X "eUar, 35, iSP^S f? I'lllHj THini'. IOS, ' Ktchmnnd—Pretty 4-roon?-Bungalow, wltt ~^J?~9JMB jMdr £180 deposit, fcalane* weekly ?oSt bus this.—CAM. Priest * 00, -*?50 deposit, ..Hsdem Bung* S@§4sVlK .WoodVoie . Bark— t minutes statioa. c <lenoatt,i Mc?wrtfe. KJlkeany. ?? denosit—Stodata W>od and Houas, Used with fibraus plaster. S ats£lElS&'l^f^.* t's??J?fe?wPlfe. Foll p** 08 * Trea Steal* Hrookman BaSSnga, G?a- s^Sae^B^ 1^ "-*--*>* tandf'^ad "k'jaaW'ySrdess ?? CHoae fana. school, sta- Bnmtatow; jS complettog: |B^a A>ah?i* ,4-Snamed Bgagalow^ <dose Cmydoi ?b^WS!US3.*'_S& So, £?t jjaggl?aiibe^ tS?.<M j^^ff L./jMjN^wekiy.-—jlc?asga. Pott, t58^61/ -;'VaO?Jtills Oral.: Bangalow, .4 moos, *?? dejosit.—^fc?asUe, opp. KUkenai WmS£Sjl&]&sLJff*'*ir' S^per cent, investment— iftr-iSkT'**'' JB^osib—Booses In Payneham, toS, EMS9^£tl!B>te*- "V^Pa** "1 *T JB"?"?mf. 109! 1" ***> * MUd'S^ooMA 4?obto [iE^t|alk^'~fTfflifTg Sagtdenee, T^<^t Hf^t^_ sjyi a^T'Oie fti—' * pmxbase price la -onlj tm&mtjSJjtili the terms are £100 deposit, bai mg&mice tepajiblo either quarterly or weekly, U |w~~fiy*tf jjfi^^fr fibat iKCiect to make an BB&ya^^<isjiii?stf??, as ?_Bcopsrl7 aacb aa this it HOi-ED'P"U' fll'yun otvgenaw Harrold & Co. Pfwsal <3tab^uadia??. S?3b<?ra?. t53-ay X U HOUSE*? 5 rooms, B-U, aal convtni- IS ' JOk awes, M fl, f?wl bouses, opposite Islingtcn Oodtriy. Hapetnaramuu- A3V £100 deposit, eitttavsxk—Solid DoabU a?,ScSLi*ir!sjt, 5 Booms, EJj.. gas and woai storW K5 sstt^copper. *c; tyiTC*'". £77&—Hicks; '3Si -jSTiiSf <Jo*tt. aittan—BAUgalsW, oobvs- ilTws.—Hicta, 32. Wayauoth- .fS^SKstTlxriXL Baagalaw, £75 deposit, "s£ Iff JBt^^qPeters, fnasUna, ? looms, Donlton baric EP -SSkflSs*, faati?. altep-oot, laandry; wsoderial p-^sot^ ?j3*bJ-SS?? KnlaS," this office- UjL&A-—??? nl*o3*' i-** l-? Bar-road, Pi?tta S^EflL BsagSlow, ? XKoauu battTTamidrv, largi [ .^ilyTB?-.-?iK3t Treea,- thisoi?ce. ?"0 Deposit, jh*rieh--?j?Wa*ooJ Stow m?3a? "-onse. * rooms, bath, B_, gas storti ggj <_>?y ssd. good. £T"S. £?0 Deposit, bj tjnley ear. Sad ssctto?— t^-flSdiil Sane House. S rooms, bath, &_, wasa gUf'r'uue; low wttktr payacnti for long tons Ifgilnof £BS6. X' ' £50 Deposit—Modem Freestone and Brtca rf ' Souse, minute Prospect-road, 4 rooms; bate, If Ltrilar, IJU, en, copper and troughs. A snaa, HOESEBt HOBSTER, sp^i *- ? QommonweaUh Bank Obambera, Usvt KW William-street. 'Phone 1332. IjKD Uj jjj Second Section, TorrensvQla—FiS %^£* *a^a g*p^u awrt BricSc Bungalow, 6 rooms, molern W' ?ODnoleca*. wins screens, garage, enclosed back, % , A itti*- fair Bungalow Cottage^ on tram 4f SOL Jiaa, not* £4 week, pdea £1,400, ai&f- stMD dspoatt-^Jonnle Homes Oo- AUrei ffi, js^smlimTcnTrlMt. ??.?_._. 5p ifA~S ??" deposit, Payneham—Bangalow, 1 Jj*- JOL rooms, conveniences; bargain, £875^ fe Hlcka. WaymonSnt. t59-6^,*/ If? lAT Prospect—Bonny House, .4 mm, conve fcvd*\-;iSSd?rftad section; £BBoTl^ic_, M' ;; :^a??nawfc tswi^i/ jvi-'-'.|A:*."*l? deposit, FuUarton—Bangalow, re ,?>'-i£\. 'torn veaadab, S ism, bask venndab, W;?s?otar garage; ?1^S?; inspect to-iay.—Hicks g|-"; VsOTiouth-*^ t59-Ct,4/ *A_£loo DEPOSIT—WEST OHOYDOS, a Wfiy'-IA.--- ma. statim Upstanding Double-fronted ?£v '?** ??> 0* 4 esod roams and brge Usdmi, tft-' fcsHwom. .M* *t; ??rage. wjoashtd. shads :'<--*.lioa*. deep 4_mage, rvrrllrnt garden back and ?'?S er -';' ibant.* Frica- only £770, balance weekly not, <-^i SenttuoUy wel-kept home, and a bargain tot ?H- Sn.Sie. Situated Vtwecn P?irt-roa4 and rail ,f -j; ?". j?s3r:'S&fta, :Sda affenta. ' I}-":' "'JtIQO DBPOST. SOUTHES-V SHBCHB—Ap -???'- "??'mm.'th —Q?* bom dty—9ild TiUa Home, -? VltUitmx front. - S full todtm, and wide bad* '*<.. Ve?jndah. bath and heater, gas and -wood staves, v;; ?????> lamuJry. cjnveniencea; large block. ?stal> "*'-'?:??"* Olden. Price only £986. Eiriy p? ?^ ? aesfon- * ' ;7> ;. XU) DEPOSIT, PBOSPECT—Pleasing Bun *£ "? *gisWf 4^ S '"Tosnu, btthrj3Sk and laundry nndei 1-' nsria xaosV XX... sink in kUchen. gaa stove,' cop , j?>d"twagli?, garage and shod, gardea, well g;: 5aM- g_, gnvd paths. Price,' £995. ";- ft!'H*^ sear car and bus and school. A res: <?:.: . cms ham*. w?n situated. *JSO DEPOSIT, CLABESCE PABK—Sup* j:, zbr Frttstaoe-Inrntod Bungalow of 6 ram* - ?; ? is??Miua glass doors, every poarible convealence, . -. ihadc vanadah and girajt, gardan well'laid " ? ?n~~ price only £I^4o. Owner now in Syd - JBty, and nroperty must bt sold. Immedtati " - sUMsSsSoii. \?V ;. CIOO DEPOSIT. NORWOOD, close Tonal /? ? ,?r—A Satty Solid Hoaie, S roosa, Utehen jtoS enclosed back verandah, all conveniences, anc ': '-, in good dean order througbjut. Price foi ? ,:??' ouJck sale, £585: balance ea?y rent. X; OHISPE & SVTTH, ? ' Tiirpnvj Land Brokers, ~ . Bank Chamber., 116 Gawler-plaue, cscier t'-- ?- ? r!rle*treft *'{.- -- a ?0B; or ring Henley 430 or Glenelg 732 'J. after hours. t59-Clj ?^" 111 £160 DEPOSIT. PHOSPEOT.—A Itssiin :. ? UJI Ifoiem Freestone and Brick Bunniow - ; witi substantial freestone tapered pier*. Then ~.?;?' ?re ,5 larre rooms and sleep-out, and ejr.vrnj £'.~;r . ?nc?sf indiade frlass folding doom off sitting ;?;.. 100 m, git* fundM front door. DoaUon bath ftj- wasnbaain. nickel" gaa heater, sbaving csbtoe h with mirror, gas store, kitchen sink mi train '-?- *otrd, dresser built in, cupboards, power p'.nire Ur sjas c^per, compartment trosgUt, tiled fcsarthr \*. \: mbA grates. Tbe kttcUen and bathrn^m sn i&- "jtantifDiJy flnljbed in wli:? enamel. Tm r-ro <* perJy *s rilaateJ right in the centre of tfci \%sf' ''-^st^ct, a mhiuto from the Pro^pec^ car. f.?< IK .'office, pfcinte stow, school, shops, <tc. ac.l i- on IS"- ? ?i tSe '-?le3<?t barcares ever off^reJ in ??> nipi: Kg.^^ laTsniurb. Don't m:s? this opportunity nf >?ciir B;" '-^inff a really c'jsap in the be*t o?. t c ?<- 'JTrotpert. ro3 pnrc^aw price onlr £1.?£.. m.r. ''-'"< EBSTBST SMITH fc CO_ fc - Jjfred Chambeis. 3To. 1, Oorrie-itreet. E:\ Tboae OentnJ 7281. - * Us' t A —flQi take Csr or smtll deposit, a room! Ufe .;£L -jl mtmitei beach, train, bus. Glenels 11% ;jfsiM??.—Ctaorge Frands. J>s, Clenelg. t57-i

i HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. L AT £50 deposit, Hitcham—Solid Freestom I XX. House, 5 rooms. E.L., gas stove, bath, large block; only £575. —Hicks, 32, Wavmouth, street. t59-i>2.4 1 , AT £5O deposit. Devon' Park, Prospect— XjL llslem Bungalow, every np-txlate conve . tiiwife; fall price only £SSs.—Hicks, 32, Way. L manth-jtreet t59-62,4/ ' ill GOOD HOMES . £150 DEPOSIT—BIack Forest Estan?, Sa L perior Xew Modem Freestone ud Brick_Bonsa low, 4t ro^ms and kitchenette, all conveniences near bos and train. Seasonable price £960—WESTERN SUBURB. Compact Homi ' of 4 large rooms, bathroom, pantry, Ei., gas ' all other conveniences. Easy tetms. £150 DEPOSIT—EVEBARD PAKE, sea: Anils Highway, Modem 4-roomrd Bungalow, al UXLEx" PABK—Superior Modern Freestone ani Brick Bangalow, 5 rooms. aU lircst convenkacea . 1 mln. car. Terms arranged. ; £100 DEPOSIT—PARKSTOE. FreeKaoe am ? Brick House, 5 rooms, sleep-oat, bxrhroom, pan c try enclosed ho**, all other conTenicnces. Price i ciJy £900. J PHOSP£CT—S-roomed Bungalow, all conveni r ' ences tnis passes door. Price, only £995. Term :.,arranged. ? BAEHETT ft BAEfiETT. ? DTDU3TEIAL BUILDISG, KKO WILLIAU jjniBEr. t ? t59-60/_ ' A T Eingswood—itbdem Freestone Besidence,? ? jC~L Bpacioui rooas, every possible convenience ? gauge; only £1,450; terms.—Hicks, 32, Way [ month^it. ? tS9-62.4/ A —PKOSfPEOT, modern 6-roomed weU-btnlt ' jt\. Bonja'.ow, every convenience, high erottni, i gauge. Cyprus hedge; for quick sale; £993; , terms.—Hamp 105, King WUliam-dcrcet. 1 ' tS9-61l > A "=~W A V V^ 1^ E £ E. ' ,/~L Excellent positloiL adiAtning Sbtm Qponndi ? and carline. Beaatiful Solid Bet. Ver. Modern ' j Bangalow. 6 nice rooms and sleep-oat, linenpress, | cupboards, cellar, and every ?modern conveni -1 ence, motor gaiage, large grounds, well estab lished graden back and front, cement paths, - perfect order, vacant. This is something special. i. Bargain, £1,490. Terms arranged- J. L POTTEB & CO., Verco BoJldinga. liarth-tesTace. t C. 5934, 155e ? A LDGATB—For £ab> or to Let, Five-roomec House, eight a^ro of gaol land, cleared, - abundance of water, partly planted, clover aad , Irait trees; ?rea minutes from atatian; good TDad.—H. MnTiaw^ 5, King William-sL Central ; 895. tSSo - tl Mylor—Six acres, good 4-roomed Stone . X*. Bouse, 50 mixed Fruit Trees, euitable foi . onions and potatoes. Price £700; terms, ball i ca*a.""-~Fred Stone, Brookman Tfajidiiga^ Grenfell treet. City. t5?-fl/ ?, A DJOQJDiG looiak Gardens, Land, 50 ? . XX. 100 x 230, part fenced. tree% £5 ft— ??Ajax," this office, or Korwood 2177. r t57-9/ -'A BACHIFICK, most detbable S-roomed Bun , galow, at Black Forest; every possible 1 convenience. large allotment, owner leaving- dis trict; price £1,175, easy terms. Bet 5570. ' —Matters A Co, 13, Waynurath-st. tS7-9,61/ L A T Oanidnn. close ftatita —Superior Stott. and [" Brick Bunoalow. five rooms, ejaipped vith , (11 mortem csnveniences. Large comer iilact. £IASO. Vary ?aay tanns or will accept Block at Land as deposit—Fred' Stone, Snokman Bufldlnga. t57-tfO/ . ATCamden—Sew Briafc House, four roant and A sleep-out, all conveniences. Full price, . £775; deposit £75.—Fred Stone, Bntionan ' BnCdhigs, Grenfell-st. . t57-FC/ A" T Glenunga—WeU-ditnated. FreestoM and Brick Bungalow, 5 room* and sldep-gui, i fUied with every w?n<i?ffi connsience aiid la'jnr saving devio*. £1,200, £lpo d?p*rit—TKED ; tTTOXE, Bnokman BolMlngs, Qrenfell-st. . . t57-60/ A CHEAP PBOPEBTT, Korth Wa^erriKe, £75 deposit, elevated .position, ? orerlook iag the easton sabnrhs, one minut? from car, modern rock-faced freestone and brTak. DJ"-, - lourre roof, * good ro<n? and enclosed back, EX.. : gas-and wool atom, bathroom, wash troughs, land SO x 180, splendid asphalt street. Ifete > price, bargain, £775. Sole agents. 4 v MTTER & CO.. [ Verco BolUings, XoEtb-temce. ?C. £934. ? ' ? ts7a . A OPP9T Home at Kirknaldy, minnte tooni ' jOL tain and beach, Modern Banldence. equal ' ?even rooms and all conveniences. Fully equipped ; sew fumitore. £1.800. Terms arrangefl _Trsd Etjne. Brookman B"'T-<'"C t57-CO/ I A V Oowandni*. ckue tram—Seat Bongalosr, S . A moms, all modem conveniences. Bcrfain at £1,020; £200 deposit and SO/ per week. — gied Stone, Brookman Bniaings. t57-00^ j . AT £100 Deposit—Handy first section. DnlTy -C3L Solid Borne, S rsbms, convenSences; J=n flpporhmity; inspect to-cay; £900.—Hick*, ??JtFaymoudi-st. 159-62(4/' ACTTY GESUISE BABOATX, 6 lirga rooms, only £675. situated main street, . racecourse, well,bunt, perfect order, E.L, gas , and wood stores, bathroom, right of way ai . Ceac [ DrvEsratEXT. £3 3/ vteisvy fob , a>M"S—Three Solid Oottages, firet section, , eic?Uent testnta. E.L. and gu stoves, perfect I onler, 14 per cents absohitaV safe. r- J £16. DEPOSIT. EiSTEBS BOBDB&—Good Borne, 5 rooms, conveniences, cheap, £650. ; GLADSTONE t CO^ | 7, Commowrealtb Bank Ohamaen. Krn^ AViHiam-street. . - ?Phone 4?88. ? tl ;iT £100 Daposit—Close Pari-tar.. Parksii^ ? '.a.. Bouny Double-front, 6 roams, convenience*. ? nice Uosk; bargain, £850.—Hicks, It, Way I amount. iio-e£,t/ . AT Torrensrille, 2nd sectian —Pretty tUmra low, freestone and brick, fire rooms, clee ? trie light, eaa, bath, laundry. Land, (0 x 150. Good buying at £1,080. On ecU on.£l£o de ? pout.-t-^'red Stone, Brooknun BmUdisgs. I ttT-60/ TJLAOK forest—BwoHfol Froastone "and X* Brick Dwelling, £ rooms, every conve nience, £1^25; terms. —S. J. Pelham. T. and f G. Bu?dingi t3S-CO/ S T>I~SGALOW, Ualvera, Sevan well-appointee JLP xDoms. all conveniences, garden; — ' Hyde 3304. t56,9/ , TJLDCK. situated close to. South-road, aear , "3 Bichmoftd 6c&ool Bandy to bus and train. 1 *Dea3 Cheap." th'-s omce. 157-9/ BY Kiig?wood tram, S saw Bungalows, f rooms, conveniences, stone fronts, £1,375. - £1,195; terms arranged.—"ParwaK" tbii - office. tSB-9/ BUNGALOW. 5 large roosts, freeSone, brick front built-in pantrs', modem conveni- L ences, almost new; large comer block; lawns, ? garden; about £100 deposit; full price £1,000; ? balance easy terms. Homeseekers, - inspect this bargain. JEtandy school,' I*. si mi" Mm i iiij comer Turner. Jenkin. streets, Oowandilla. 455,7/ CJULK Store or Factory; £ 450'; deposit, £25. ?P —Pjteraon & Co^ 94, Cnrrie-rt. t56-9/ " TJUTEBS of large fint-obu Sesidence. please JJ note we have for absolute sale one of the f most desirable Big Besldences now ottering. Full pifmiju from Join Hnti-hings, 14. Onrrie-??. ' __: tfi7-9.81/ [ T>AEGAIS—Family House, 6 rjoms, large back -IJ endsmre. nssal cmvenlenoes, garden, caji -5 tal positun, close car, facing hills, ideal borne . fir retired farmer wanting sound property; £1,200. —John Hatchings, 14, Ourrie-rt. . ' t57-9, 61/ , TJElGHGTOS—Attractive S-roamel Freestone, X 9 Brick Bungalow, enclosed back, sleep-out, _ patnry, bathroom, laundry; eevry appointment; £1,150, terms.—-Jackman & Treloar, Limited, ' Pier Banding!. Brighten. tSd-9/ ' I TJDSGALOW, WayviUe, 6 rooms, bargain, ? ]-a-> £1,000; terms.—Hamp, 105. Kins WB | liam-st. ; t59t61/ 1 |>AIOJAIS —Bluestone Besidenoe, Kensington, c ? JJ large lofty rooms, gai stjve, troughs, copper : cellar, £I.o6o.—P—sons & WflcM, CurriST^ 1 t59,?1^/ 1 IfIjUCHS, Plympton, iOJ; Ovmshim Park, ' X> 47/?: JlitcheU Park. 25/; cash or tenn7 —IS, HardyVroad, TorrensvUle. Cen. 4292. t57-60/ TDLOCKS—Two for Sale, near school, Su Morris, ' X* ?a*h or terms. Apply ?'Gooi Value." this ogee. t56-9/ '. TJAEGAIV, Modem Bungalow, 5 rooms, c:n . X> veniences; £890, £75 deposit.—>*Bl?* Forest," this office. 156-9/ BLOCK Land, 64 x 150, Richmond cheap. Apply 53, Carltsn-paraie, Torrensrille, . \alxr S. ? ?/_ 1 fi\JT Freestone Bongalow, 5 large rooms, fold ?A \J ing doors. Doulton fitted bathroom, best I I fittings thnrarfroct; a real bargais, £1,350; I taks good Block part payment.—Palmer and -1 Palmar, Bowman Bnfldlnga, tSG-9 ? ! -OtiTX, east—? Rooms, every convenience, snail ; \J street, good letting proposition, £875.— 1 "Perfect Order." this office. 150-61/ " rf^lTY—Solid Built Double-fronted 4-room j V House, modern conveniences, in good re ! pair, only £725; terms can be arranged.— c i Priest & Co.. 17. Flinders-st. t57-9/ I JOOTTAGE Properties—We have for Sale City r \J and Soborbaa Cottage Investments, equal tj any offering. There is no hotter or safer iavest nwnt than tpod Cot^se Properties, which let readily and give good returns. Buyers should moke immediate appointments to inspect onx big list of g>jd value Cottage investments. Ap ply John HntcMngs, 14, Currie-st. ( t57-9,61/ LARES CE Park—BeauHM Ban-alsw 1 rooau, ideal kitchen, enclosed back, gtrage, ~ | 21.555; £200 cash.—Cropley, Ualvern anc - iOHOyDOJ; —COJTVESIEXT CAB AKD TRAIS ?- , V> £ISS DEPOSIT. v I 30/ per week, interest aoi principaL Ken t ' Stone and Brick 4-roomed Superior Home. In . , eluding Doalton bath, shaving cabinet, bath ;, ' heater, basin, drainboard, sink, nmtry, Hnen. r, ! press, power plug, gas stovp, copper snd troarUs, c ; biek reranioh. galvan^d ir,? fence. Jeep i. dMiai??, E. 'lAt. An!a:e ?ift. S!3s: c I Mil '.mmediat'iy YuV. p:;w ouly £fIUO .- ! Apply rarlr. A." C. .-.nd C. T. Adrai-C, Pjrlnu c Bailiin;, Hindlcv-rtrn-r, or oppo?:tc Crovio: ?- ? S?tJt:oa 'P!iont '"..'? E\..nin'_', Cnt. 231 '?. I [ t.'.a oo if j fMa-iH. Glen tir. FM>toae aid Buck Bunjti parade; price for quick sac. £1,175; terms.— B. J. Pelham. 1. & C.Bniliing. t?l-03/ T\ULWloH—Modem S-rpomed Bungalow, everj i. JL~ posatble convenience, £250 deposit.— r, E. J. Pelham, 31, X. fc O. BnUd:cg. C. 1495. S I 141-6S/.

HOUSES AND LAND FOB SALE. ? X\EPOSIT £ 125. Prospect Gardens, oulj ? -L' £995. Bungalow. 6 rooms, sice garden. - stables, great bargain.—Venkins, 14, Way i aouth-st. t/ - |>A.CHAXCE considered, 3 Cfcy Cottages - JCi £1,600; weekly rental, £2 12/ C - son's. 91. Carrie-st. t56-9/ ? TOASTERS Suburb—Bungalow, S rooms, all era- Hi veniences, large yard; £823; £75 tie posit; easy weekly payments.—"iSodac," thU . ogee. T59-01/ EXCHANGE, Torrens Park. 11-raomed Stom Houss, £2,750. —Paterua's, 91, Currie-st. [m tSC-9/ .-< TJVrZHOV—6 rooms, all stsne. every conveni ,|X" ence. excellent position. £1,150; £5? deposit.—Clark. Builder, Prospect. Frosped (] 1530. t56-9/ v j "pAEMIXG and Grarui? Property, improved IJC 3,500 acre*; fortune in this property. I' Particulars from Join Hntehlsgs, 14, Currie-sL 1' t57-9,61/ i'pOBEST GARDEN i.1 X near Bay-road. , Dainty Freestone and Brick Bungalow, flw i ? excellent rooms, Donlton bath, hejter. basin, ? j lanndrv, F r-. gas. Owner leaving for VngJnryA ', will take leu than be paid (or it. £150 DEPOSIT. £150. :- Price £1,195. Bet 6105. d MATTERS & CO., 12, Waymoath-Gtroet. ' 155.7-9 FOB Sale. 650 Acres, excellent Farm ire Land. Stone House, S.P. fencing, watei laid on. Price and particulars, apply Hiyleloii 10. tS6-9xr64-7S/ IfULIiiETOX —Fine Freestone-Brick Bong* ! low. 5 rooms, nicely fitted, latest con veniences; large Block; garden laid out, m_d? , road; only £1,135; terms arranged. Guaranteed ? workmanship throughout.—Palmer & Palmer, '?>_ Bowman Buildings. t£6-9_ GLENELG —Sew S-roome£ Bungalow, close bos.' £*O deposit. £3 -seek- —Bonnie c Homts O:>, Central 1939. t5?.?1.4 ? /"I LENIJSGA, triple fronted Freestone Bans* ' VJT low, t3ed root, 7 rooms, sleep-out, tiled bathroom, 12 x 8; every modem appointment, £3,550; terms. —B. J. Pdhain, T. & Q. Build ; ing. t56-78/ ' /GOODWOOD Park. John-street. Bluestone , VT Villa, 5 rooms ud vestibule, bath, pan . ay. EJk. gas stove, all Jn eood orier, verj . bssdy to first seettsa, £150 deposit, fall , price £1.150. —Win, James & Co*. SeQomf Chambers. Pirie-st. t67-?/ GOOD High Block of land and 8* tons Blue stone and 8.000 Bricks for Sale; cheap. Apply A, Inwood, Hopetoua-avenne. Chicago. I J^ILEXELQ—ZdeaI Building Allotment, coma , \X Broadway and Partridge-st.; owner's ordens, t cell quickly.—Pateraai ft Co, 84, Currie-st. [ t56-9/ 1 TTEVLET—House, subdivided two Bats, rentals JU. £3 Will exchange suburbs.—Central 6650. > t57-80/ ' TTELMSDALE, Glenelg—Twn beaotiful Bunga -1 ?*? low,, £1.700. £8,100; terms.—Green ? land, 109. wfauim.Tainqnare. tSS-61/ TTESLEY—B-roomed House, prominent position, ! U sacrificing, good return. —Telephone Cen ? tral 8145. t57-60/ T [VESTMENT, 15 per cent^, 4 Stone Cottages, ? rooms. Rood order, rent £3 3/; £1.125. ? —VKent Town." this ogee. t5?-61/ I HAVE 1 sice Block* of Land for Sale on easy team. Apply "Land," this office. ? 4 tf IV A N H O E, D D I. W I O H. Facing Victoria Park Racecourse. This Attractive Home. Eolidly bnilt of brick, ??< roofed with French tiles, containing nine zooms ?"* conveniences, with garage and ex tensive shedding, for immediate eale and pos session at ££.600. ; Apply at ones to owner's ? Agents, JOES WTLES & CO.. 17, Pirie-street. ts4inae NOXYILLE. easy terms, Lovely Freestone . Bungalow. 6 rooms, sleep-otu, ess, light, drainage, £I.2so.—Greenland. 109, Hindmareh. square. tSS-81/ "I^ESSKOTOK Oarlent (near) — Kew Five- XV. roomed Bungalow, gas, &o, £1,135. £75 deposit, ?2 -wok, close tram.—-Bonnlt fftwyipff Co. 23, AUred <TJ?^t?h*^ Carxie-ct. : 4. . t?9^M tTtXtySr PABK—Msdem S-roomed Cudjoiow, , JV seU-contained, kitcaen, Dwltcn bath, heater, lusin, sas heaar, bundtr, nice garden; hiuiy to car; good value at £ 1,460. Terms axra-ijco.— fcttra Jc Co.. IS, Warmooih-it. Bef. 6100. ? tjc.o.oi Luxn in various snboriw, particularly miit able for inveatnsent, ideal for bone sitee. prices to suit all clients, from £6 deposit and > JO/ monthly.—Hatters ft Co^ 12, Waymontb-st. : t54.6,?/ HtLLSWOOD Zautc—Ownti leartng Bute, must tell modem Brick Bangal^ir. near tram and train: every convenience; gard-ai l?a ' ont: terrna. 'Phone Hyde 3403. IS3-3/ 1 TirYETLE Bank, 55 ft, £4 5/; last block at ' Jl-L this bargain price; £50 deposit, balance - S years, 6 per cent —Fniniss, 162, FuHarton-rd. , TTnley. 8074. t57-9/ 'i TIfALVBBS —Srick Bungalow, 6 roams, tited ',4U- bathroom, folding doors, dniiabsacd, dresser, lianje ?afe, gaiage, garden, £1,760. —Dropley, ? Unley-road, MilTera, and GrenteU BnOdhur, City. I T|i"OD?U]lV —40 Acres of excellent land, eujt" -' JH. able for dairying, gardening, *c nice boose, gJod imprsvements, plenty of water, ad . jrfrfns town and adraol; must sell ttis weet; Very cheap, vrill give easy terms.—Owner. Vck I 797, G.P.O. 150-9 ?*f-ILLSWOOD —FreestDne-Brick Bunaalcw, ? ? JH. ?sns. ?leep-oot, every convenience, gar- I arc handy bawlins green, tennis courts. Oner anxious sell. land &5 x 160. Price. £1,450; ttnns.—Jackman, TreJoar, Limiled, 7S, Kins WiJlum-Et- - t?7-?/ UITALVEKK—7 Booms, return verandah Villa, ill. good style, eood position. £1.400; easy terms.—Greenland, 109. BJndmareh-squur. : t . tss-?i/ MAtVEEK. CEO3S-BOADS—2 Lovely Free stone ast Brick Homes, one of S large rooms, extensiva return verandahs, all modem . conveniences, ample land for tennis lawn. Oliei C lar^e roims, spacioiis verandahs, cellar, all conveniences, doable block, . garden, lawaa, | Epac* for tenslc lawn. ? HORACE CHAPMAN ft CO., 1 Selbsma Chambers. Pirie-etnet. I C. 2971. t?7-9/ SAIiVEBN, £1,325, 1 lyoms, battoootn, laundry, gaiage; consider block part pay j meat—Ring Unley 1111. tS7-60/ . TtfEW MUc-End, corner Block, well-built 6- I JLX room residence, modern conveniences, also large workshop, stables; oarsain; must sell; £850, offer; t**nnu eca be juxanged.—Pries* and Co.. 17. Flinders-st. t57-9/ ' XTEW SUle-End —5 rooms, lobby, cellar, laan ?l J3 dry, erase 20 z 12, garden, auick sale, ! i £1,000, only £150 deposit.—S. C. llacCormac, ? ! ??. King Wllllam-streel. J59-61/ XTOBTH Adelaide. 5 rooms, batoroom, gas 1 J^l stove, garage, £695. easy terms. —s. O, ? UacCormae, 89, King William-Street, . j | t59-61/ ! | XTOETH Norwood, Freestone-Brick Bungalow, ' l J3| 5 rooms, return verandah; land, 73 x 140; 1 £150 deposit—X. J. Pelham, T. ft G. tS6-TB/ ?\TOETH Adelaide. 7 rooms, beautifully decora- O^l ted, every conceivable convenience, excel . lent position, minute car.—Clark. Builder; Pros . pect- Prospect 1580 t56-9/ PRIVATE Sale —S-roomed comfortable Home, all conveniences, large cellar, bathroom, garage, room, tennis court, close Girton, King's Colleges. Telephone Xonrood 1068. tol-60/ [ TJKO3PECT —5-roMned Freestone Bangalow, ; X complete, baihroam, laundrr, and kitcnen, , s'idlng doors £1,450. —Parsons & Wilcox. Cor rie-strcet. t59,C1,3/ , TJAYXEHAM —6-roomcd Dwelling, conveni - X eoces, land 132 f. lSi. well planted with fruits, £1,500; terms. —B. J. Pelbam, T. & G. ; t4l-6S/* ; T>AIR Cottages, freehold, tacriSca ready money. MT £850, offer: Kensington, near Parade. Particulars from £llis & Co. O. 3768. t57-9f BOSPDCT—Beatrice-strest, new Fii-e-roomed Baagalow. gas and every coovebiensc, £1,200, £100 and £2 week. —Boaaie Homes Co., Alfred Chaaiberg, Cnrrie-st. t59,<1,t i ?pEOSPajT— £ 130 deposit, modem brici XT Bungalow, 5 room£. every convenience, . £975.—^"Brand Sew." tbi? office to 9-61/ PAIK CVttagef. Ujd^ P.iri rents £2 i/6; £850: terms. —Hic^, 32, WarmDa-ii-st. ; lio^?'*l , TJEOSPBCT — £1,50 JepoM:. modern Banjalo*-, JT 5 roams, every pDsnble conveak^ice, on^ . ? £1,135. —Ivan Belcher, Trustee Building, "phone t EI7S. tSiMil/ : "ijICHMOSD— Modern Freestone Brick Bunga? >MX low 5 rooms. all cons, lar^e block. £1,000; £180 deposit.—Greenland, 109, Bind- I marsh-square. tfis-61/ ' OrOSE Cottage, Gladstone, 6 rooms, wainhJrae, O and baxbrooa, on half acre allotment; i fruit trees and met in full bearing.—G. D3?n . ing. Gladstone. *57-71 - CJOUTHEBX Bun£alow^ gix rooms, beautiioilf O fitted perfect kitchen, every convenience, r excellent view sulf. bills; ipsay occnpailon; i bargain £1,625. —Fumiss, 162, Fullorton-rd. . L-pfev ?07i. t55,7-9/ ? CT. PETERS —£150 deposit, attractive Free [j3 s'.one. Brick Bungalow, every modern ccn ! venienw, on!y £1,050. —Ivan Belcher, Trustee - Building. Thono 8175. i5O-Cl/_ SELL, Plvmpton, near Bay-road, Iron Cottase, large'block. £290; terms, suit old couple, i —^"Ort-rdne." this office. ~1 ? OEACUFF —Uriok Bungslovf, 4 rooms, everj 1 *J convenience, pantry, copper, troughs, bath room, heater, &c; clsse beach. Price, £875; ' easy terms; bargain.—Jackman & Treloar, Limited, BrigMon. 156,91 v QEACUFF —£30 deposit and 30/ weekly - O buys 5 room Hons? and sleep-out, solidly " built, lets at £3 per week summer time; full " pnrd^ise ££50. —Harry Lyons, King William . street tsa-ci/ ? FI^WO exfvllfnt l?n.p,isitions. genuine, Tio op " i pt,'i:ion.—Funii-5. H".-. Fuilarlwi-TOid. ; VnU-y^Jli^J. tSS-f^f. '_ l fnHRKK-r-i!i:'J lion-*, kitf;i.. : i, M ti-i:v.;ii. . X .n.--. —Nj. I'"'. HMiir...iiJ-st.. K.-nsjiKtou. - fpO?KtNft"l r_OtK. NVu- ,-X.iii- Jnl~Brlik~Biir.iT '- positiMi" Jmi;i df;?>it. —(';<-<>. Waterford. Wiiows1 Fund Buiiding. a?. Greiift-'.l-at. tifi-B/ r ITMISMOKE Brick Bungalow, 6 moms, evcrj - A modern conven-enc*: laud. SO X l&S: . £1,135 £25u lieposlt.—^K. S. Pelham, T. * <J. t5?-67/

HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. r rpoO?AK—iiodera Home, 6 rojms. Apply ,J. A?hur Britten, Dentist, Cturie-ttreet. . t55-66/ , ?T"EXI>ERS ars invited and -will be received1 by . X the undersigned up to S p.m_ ca SAIUE DAT, 6th March. 1927, for the LEXSIXG OF BLOCK 810 W., HUNDRED c£ YACKOKOOKUN . DIE, consisUas of 371} acres, or thereabouts, . for a term of three or five years, (rent the Ist April,. 1927; ISO acre* fallow on property, and half interest in 40 acres fallow on ihzrzs ? near by. Full particulars from tb? under signed. Neither the highest or the lowest ten der necessarily accepted. a &. SERGEANT. 'Phone Brinkworth 9. > i5O-6l3ctfi? fc TTSLEY Park —atodera Bungalow. 5 rooms, U dome ceilings, dividing doors, gas store ' and copper, beautifully fitted kitchen, £1,525; , terms.—B. J. Felham, T. & G. Building-. . 138-60/ UXLEY lark—Bungalow, € rooms, garage, everything jnodem; most sell; £1,5£0; , easy terms. —15. BeUevne-pTace, Unley Par*. t£6,9/ ! f¥7OODLEY ESTATE, magnificent build ins ? T* block. 70 i 158, fiae view of city and ? gnif. First-lass houses in vicinity. Deposit £150, balance three years, no interest—Owner, C. Fiegert, 9, Moseley-s;., Gleaelg. to7-CO/ Q ISO DEPOSIT. 26/ weekly, interest, piincipal, 3J 7-roomed house, solid, suitable appartments. boose, EX., wood, gas stove, bath-heater. Full . price £875. Apply 12, Payneiiam-rl., St. ? r Vettn. tjC-0? [ 0 50 DEPOSIT, Dalwicb, fcound Double-fronted cb Stone Home. 4 rooms, bath, EX., pas stove; price, only £775. —''Pre-war,'' tMa ' Offite. 155-6.9/ £5 DEPOSIT, 5/ weekly, free of interest, Build ing; Blocks, Dudley Park, Devon Park, ' Payneham South, Hitcham, and South-road Estate; full price from £85; interested purchasers ! motored to inspect.—WATSON & CO.. Trustee ?? Building. 22. GrenleU-st 'Phone C. 7411. t t59.61,3/ ; <?5 DEPOSIT. 20/ monthly, excellent aUot -1?V ment. 58 x 172. near Rove (Brighton), ' for immediate sale; inspection arranged — ' ? Matters fc Co.. la, Waymouth-st. t54,?,9/ ! 0100 DEPOSlT—Prospect, between car lies, i <*rfc rooms, must sell, bargain for £990.— ? P. Sandery. 'phone Prospect 632. t56-9/ !? l? 500 . DEPOSIT, SEMAPHOBE. !Sm Stodera Borne of 7 large rooms, with all conveniences, bathroom, pantry, laundry, gas and . wood stores, electric light, deep drainage. Large . blocs: of land, 63 x 211. Price, £1,650 W. L. HOLTHOUSE & CO, 55. Brookman Buildings. t55-60 ? i? 150, BUNGALOW. 5 rooms, kitchen, lobby, ,3J sleep-oat porch, laundry, electric liaht, IRS. —"Obeavious.*' this office. 157-60 > £"100 DEPOSIT. Norwood, near 2nd eeetijn— New Bungalow, freestone, S rooms; £1,200. . —P. W. Bun act Co.. Pirie-st. t[_ £150 DEPOSIT, Dalwich (near) —Bargain, Sew Bungalow. 5 rooms, falling doors; £1,150. ? —F. *~T. BnUxfc Ca^ Pirie-st. t/ 160 DEPOSIT. Prospect—Xe? Bungalow, S roans, excellent Stttagg, best bathroom, Mtsaen.—F. W. Ballodr Co- Pirie-st. t/ K-&OOHED Double-fTDatei Freestone Hasidenee, ?? Prospect, all modem cMveniencea, cellar, garage, £I,lso.—Parsons fc YTilcox, Cnrrie-st. . t59,61,3/ A. L WYLY & Cb.. UMITH). Another Qieap Clover Property, wxw.o. ACBES freehold, 1,500 acres heather tfUVu flats, . balance uniulatins rises, with mallee and desert .gum; 600 acres rolled anS ready to bum. The property is situated only five miles from a railway. Rainfall S2 in., ani water can lie obtained anywhere on the property at from S to 10 ft It is ideal country for eubter rmein clover and locera. which ie now well establishei in the district. It is fenced with new vennln-prosf fence on two sides, and material is on the property f.-?r the completion of boundary. Iron ho<ise and Aei, 2,000 gallon tank, new All is Chalmers tractor, scrub roller, plough, tnl lr, 3 horses, harness and chains. Price £1 per acre, w.Lw.a. Half ?^ch, balana 6 yeans at 6 per cent. Well^mproved Mallee Farm. 1 At R, ACEES freehol-f, all cleared, situated1 -1-r*-I'*' only half a jnilc from school and tidhur, and in a 15 in. rainfall Babil ?viaai into 5 sheep-proof paddocks, cyclone mni netting. Abmdsnce of water V bore mill anl tank. Bed flats and dark loamy soil, mostly free of stone. Building!—4-roomed Stone House, man's roam, -wash house. ktaXie ani implement abed, bam and motor garaec The sve- Tage yield is about 16 bushels, and is all tsooi erasscoontry, at present carryinj ?heep. Price £? 2/6 per acre. Terms arrangei ; A Good Mallee Farm. tPkdS Jke?ESiTll "deared, Iwmuary ehet-p. -T-**/F*'_ jP?* half netted and EnblirWei >nt? 8 shecp-proH paidocks. Splendil supply of water, windmill, tank and troughs. Seven-rgome-2 fi^ouose. usual sbeJs and **}***?- . GiT:ne in 260 acres of good lallow. 9 hoiscc with all harness 3 ni eta ins 1 cow. 1 calf, 1 phj, aboat 200 head of poultry, and abojt 2 mOes of cyclone -nire, a quantity ol barb and plain wire, ani a quantity of cralvanized iron saitsWc lor building. Bis E harvester, tr n. Siearec ?tripper, 2 drills, disc cultivator, tyne cul tiratjr, plough, harrows, hay rake, fire rake 6 b.p. eacine, chaffcatter, winnower, corn aosher, tip driy. rprlnp; dray. bng?y. 6 ft. ba*J?r, waggon, roller. Host of im dnes, 45 tons new bay, SO bars eats. Price on freehold basis, £4 10/ per acre w.j.w.0., about £2,000 casli required or clean title home accepted as part pav meni. Lower North. QfiA ACHES freehold, dose to towiuJi!p sn? CTOV railway, 200 acres tallow, sajiiii ? . ?dea into 7 sheep-proof paddocks, watered by dams anrt well equipped with mil^ and tasks. Tea-roomed Stone ITcrase with Bice frait garden, men's toss, siearar shed, yards ad dip. Price £S, about Mil cash, balance 3 Tears at 6 per cent. A Good Clover Property, widiin 30 miles of Adelaide. OiJRJ ACEES freehold, boundary fenced and , &W*r subdivided, permanent supply ol water. Six-roomed Stone House, stables. *c These are some exceptionally pood flats suitable for potatoes, Insern, maize, i &c. The balance of the coantrv 13 slSgntly hilly, bat all pood clover "cotra ; try. Some of the clover cow on ihp pro perty is ed'jjl to anything in the Uaunt Barker district Price £10 per acre, £500 deposit or near offer. , KOTICB —We harp a good assortment of farms, the owaers of wMeh are prepare! to I deal with on the exchange basic. It you , have any property to exdunfe call and inter view as. We may hare jast the property you are seeking. ; A. L WYLY aTcb., LIMITED, IJCEXSED USD BBOEEES, BOWMAN* BUir.DIXGS. KDTG Wn-UTAM-STREET. ?Phones C. SSIS and'C. 5192. ani WAR-nCK HOUSE, St GeorgeVterraee, PERTH. . t54.6.9x0~ ALL LOW DEPOSITS. ; £50 Deposit. Close to Creydon oleeiric car and Dudley Tart station, a New Bungalow. 4 good rooms, every convenience, £785, 30/ week. Mitcham—£2oo Deposit. An absolutely New Attractive Freestone and Brick Bungalow, 2 nice rooms, with every pos sible labor-saving device, good block. 'Price, £1,095. Prospect—£7s Deposit. ; Sew Returned Verandah Residence, ol s lanre rooms, well mjuipix-d. bathroom ami kitchen, ? back verandah, laundry, 4r*\. larjrf* blook, tlirpi' ' minutes car and bus. Trice. £1,005. L'asv weekly payments. Eldwardstown District—^£7s Two minutes from Woodlands station, a Sew * BnnfraloMr, of verj* attractive com .' prising 5 large room? and all convouiences, larjrc block. Ac £930 this ii a bar-^ain, wceklv paymente, SO/. Reade Park—£loo Deposit A Modern New Wen Built Residence, 5 ferce i-oome. every possible convenience, excellently situated, immediate possession. Price, £1,285. y Clients motored to inspect PARSONS & PARSONS, O. 1759. ST. KLSTG WILLIAS[%TREET. . > __^ tSCuaic , A —£49s—Prospect—Solid Stone Cortve. ?* ?£?. excellent rjomi, modern appointmen-.s; sood a'.iotmt^nt. IVrfeet order. A bargain 4? C Krt—MILE-ENU District—(substantial o????""Lf stjne and Brick duelling. 4 nice 1 ru-.ins, good appointmen:s, nice yard aad rsi-ieni let 25/ weekly. Sjileudil i-alue. i?KQK—CITy, near Butt-street—l ?plendki ot'tOtf rAoms, all cgnvcnionMs; good a'lot ? wnimtz let 56/ weekly; a eacrilice. : fdT^L —'X^—Pretty Freestone Hbu?e, 4 ' w" 4 v well-arranged robins, modern c^^veni erces, trood grounds; near first section. O/J/Jfk —ADJOINING Tranmere—St-rce and *w?v Brick Hdosc, S rooms; ap?:oi. J atreland; good garden. Firs; to inspect will f'Qnr.—EAST A3?!aUe—Snbstantisl 6 Wl/U rnnmM E-!h!?t<', al! miiVrn c-on vfuVnc-s; spli.T.'li.i sJTi 11'"; L-aTly in--r)ec".'oa ai i*QS.<|—"Vi'H JMrk—?;.!?:?. I:J C.Tpr,^l R* X?7*Jlf t :,; ~-... ni: ,.1., n , :, Pr .,in?Tnci!: = ; lan;. -""*""' ''^'X;. .£;;,; ??'?"!?:???:"??>? i CHERITON & RASHLEIGH, r Licensed I,ind Hrjkcr?, 43, Grenfe!! Builiirisfs. . 61, CumJell-sfrcet, orposiie Y.JJ.CA. Photies 10. BSI4. Af.T t:ur3, C 4ilO '?530

HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. A BUNGALOW RESDDEKCE AT BOSE-TEBRACE, WAYVILLE. SIX FXSE BOOM 3, bathroom, pantry, aad all usual appointments. Huilt by a most reliable builder, the Louie is most excellently construstea, and is within easy walking distance of the city. Price. £1,450. Terms if desi-ed. fief. 5576. MATTERS & CO., 12, 'WAYMOUTn-STREET. . 157-9.01 ATTRACTIVE HOMES, I EASY TERMS. I 5-ROOMED BUNGALOW. I £SSS—£75 TJEPOSIT. A rare opportunity, close to railway-st&tioE, tires 3/1 weekly ticket, modern conccnieuces. such as bath and heater, copper and troughs, gas steve, electric light, &c.; good sice allotmtut. Just completed. Immediate pa&sessijn. luapecs NEAR "BAY4?OAD. A rare bargain. Owner leaving Adelaide must sell hbi fine Bungalow Hjme, containing 5 splendid rooms and large enclasei back, wery jnodem ?bor-saving convenience, and ev£rytbj>s is in perfect order. Well situated 2 miiuttfs lytm Bay-road, in Everard Park. RaloccJ £H)0 17 effect quiet fa-.e. Only £1,195, £159 de pjsit. GLENUNGA. £1.150 —£150 DEPOSIT. A most attractively designed Bung_7uw. S vrci'-sppjinted rooms, two divided by fjlding doors, linen press, modem, well-fitted bath room, laundry, and a btiutifuily equipped kit c'jen. with built-in furniture and white ceiling*. Ijirge corner a]l3tment. Best of aMjatunSa Glenussa. Only £1,150; £150 deposit kensingtotTgardens. £300 DEPOSIT. ? delightful Bungalow Home, choice tuition, Kensington Gardens, near car, 5 beantifollj ap pointed roomi, all white tiled bathroom, kit chen well furni&bed, large- sleep-out, gang*, etery conceivable convenience, perfect order. Only £1,150. £300 deposit. FULLARTON. £1,135 —£100 DEPOSIT. A tlnnnnrUy vell-bnQt Bungalow &i Fullar trrtL, S minntcs from 2ni section, 5 laiye rooms, 2 divided by folding1 doors, every modern con venience, splendid order, *3tmd and toli'J; lrrje Uoelu Only £1,135. aJVRENCTPi\RK. £1.12.5 —£150 DEPOSFT. Exceptionally good value. Freestone .fronteS Eoogalow. 5 splendidly-appointed rooms, every conceivable convenience for comfort and labor saving. I—nd 60 x 160. Handy ts car. HIGHGATL Situated three minutes from car, genuine Clinker Brick Bungalow, "viiU wide Tetum verandah. 6 sparisus roims. 3 rooms divided with double folding d?rs. There is every modem convenience for comfort and labor <3V in?. Beautifully fitted bathroom <?H white ti!ed walls). Well laid out _?r -don, garage, &c Tbis is an lieul home, occupying a prominent vo.tmst p-Mition 'midst charmin.-y fuirnmdinfs. W? have instructions from the cwner for immediate sale, and the v*ry low price of £1,750 lias been fixed ERNEST SAUNDERS & CO., 101, King William-street ALLENDALE (KAPUMA)^ 270 ACRES. choice Land, main nad, school, 'phone, TVicer laid on. Stone Uoose. C rooms, stone stable, shed, barn, 100 acres fl?sw, engine, cntter. Price, £18 10/. Term, £950 cash, balance S yeais at 6 per cent. Also 120 acres, with 40 fallow, being worked on shares. SJL FARM & ESTATE AGENCY. PIXIE CIIAMSEHS, PIBIE-SIREET. tS7-9 A. LWYLY & CO.. LIMITED. DEPOSIT £150, PROSPECT, just over the second section, in a good street. Freestone ud Brick House containing- 6 large rooms. Tha home bis to be satined, owing to 31-health, and is the cheapest offering. Full Price, only £1.000. ROYSTOST PARK—Freestone snd Brick Bm jralow of s large rooms * and sleep-out. It is in a good avenue and has all modem co= t'-i^ierjces; also nicclv-la!d-out garden, good (rarage. The owner is leaving for ?he West aad must selL Easy terms arnnged. Price, £1,350. A. L WYLY^TCO., LIMITED, BOWMAN BCIUHKCS. KIXG WTLLIAM-STREET. ?Phones C. SBl5 -cd C 810 S. is6c BUILD YOUR HOME. The average man pays away £2,000 in rent The landlord still ouns the house. Oit the right to call it yours. Yon paid for it. If you own a building block or can pay a reason able deposit, we will build your home snd you can pay for it in instalments. PARSONS & WILCOX, . 1, CURREE-STREET. t3lc CITY INVESTMENTS. HTXDLEV-SIBEET.—Three Isrge Shops, with six-roomed Dwelling to each. Will rapidly en fcance in value, snd meanwhile show 7 per cent, en present rents. Terms; £7,000. WRIGHT-STBEET.—Sii Double-fronted Hous *, rttuminp; £392 present r^nts; 195 ft. frontage Price, £4,200. The land alone is nearly worth OFF GOUGER-STBEET.—Pair Stone 4-roomM Cottages, returning £91 per anaum. An I_ cellect Pair; £670. Also anotiier Pair, returning £60 per annul*, for £780. WE MAKE A SPECIAL STUDY OF SEAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS. SEE CS. PARSONS"* 7" WILCOX, 1, CURRE-STREET. . 136 c EASY TERMS. 4?y___lAr-PUOSPJXT—Good. Solid Stone <^'*4? S.l\ Uoiise. 4 large rooms, all thorough order, usual conveniencea. Deposit. £100. ? r "T?^S_ —HTDE PARK, Opcy-avenue—Modern **" ""' * rooms, S.F^ every convenience, pararr" Deposit. £. 125. £"TO X—KF.XSISUTOS, Bculali-road—Ssund "!f ? ***~ Home 4 rooms, fiery pos i-i Ho convenience, lovdy position, earden. &c DeiKkrit £i:s. $Q*i(\— TOBREXSVILLE, naruyi-road — ?^>/?*V Snund Unmo. C lar-s rooms, all conveniences, 72 fi frontjtrc. Deposit, £130. <-'Q?-M|—CXLEV-KOAD. close nret sectiMi— cw<7f>Vr c.nod S>;id Homr. S ro^ms, ?very Land 200 ft. deep; room to erect shop in front. Dciwsit, £130. tO^K —PKOSPECI, south etd—Solid Stone, ? * 5 roonj?, every possible c^Dvenience, pood pesit-on. Deposit £50. PQJ_||r—PARKSIDE, Cearse-streel^-Solld c-£ft?V AH-Frc?'.oae VUIa, 6 good rooms, all ranvwiienscs. lanrn block. Deposit £175 i?QS:f_—PARKSIOn, Montpelier-street — <WUIJ Xatiy Mjiem Hoaie, 5 rooms, and a.i conveniences. particularly eotfd- Close Pxrlc tcnuce. Den.-wit £100. A harcain. DAWE BROTHERS, KATIOXAL MITTAL BnLDI>.*OS. KING K-)LT.TAM-STREST. t47hne FOX, EY & THOMAS. LTD., BUILDERS AXD CONTRACTORS. 106. FLINDERS-STREET. Homes of every description bailt to clients' ovra y'.sas or to ?Uus submitted by us. If yon own a block of land or have one par tially paid for, consult us regardirg building en it. WE WILL FINANCE YOU The following Houses are now being erected, and are for Sale on £50 deposit and weekly re pavmcats equal to Bent. COWANDILLA -. .. .. .. £975 EOWARnSTOWX £975 lII.ACX KORCST £975 DlDl.nV PARK £II7S wnonvir.l.!: whst £o:.o coi.oNi.i. 7.:<:mt <:aud;::<~s .- £sso ISitOOKLVN PARK £BTS If vo-j jirrfer soiac other ]u?j!i:y we vrtll buil-3 "for y.'U on tl:? terms. Call snd let us explain -cvhit -we ota do for you. ?PHOSTE C. 54 S9. Open Friday Nights, 7 to 9 o'clock t25-fl.Balnc


_ HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. EASY DEPOSITS. CHEAP MODERN HOMES. IN EVERY DESIRABLE LOCALITY. Modern Bungalow Home!, la ercry desirable locality on £50, £300, £150. £200 deposits, with easy weeUv repayments to suit your in conu>. including interest ?nd princi pal. Prices ran;e from £000 to £1,350 Inspect our ?xt?nsive property register before purchasing elsewhere. Sedrock values. Write. call, or ring Central 5541, and we will forward yon our list for your perusal, or our representative will wait on you with all particulars. We can arrange for you to inspect any of thefe £tipcrior homes immediately, privately or otherwise. Procure an order io inspect several of our charm ing bonus. If you have a block ef land we can arrange for iiie value of same to be placed as a deposit on tbe borne you are requiring. Sote.— We motor interested purchasers to inspect or trill arrange, for you to ispect privately. BUYEBS CONSULT A. S. WINDOW & CO., Auctioneers and Property Specialists, 111, Kin; William-street. Cent. 5841. Note.—Nearly opp Majestic Theatre. . t5 EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITIES. FOR LAND SEEKERS. KORTH OF ADELAIDE —251 acres Freehold, all arable, good fences, t -roomed Stone Home, enclosed verandah, man's room, barn, motor garage, diaffhouse, euble, engine-room, fowlhouses, &c Price only £2,700, giv ing in 60 tons bay, 0 horses, harness, plongh, combine, waggon, engine, and chaff cutter, circular saw, fowls, pigs, oows, and sundries. £600 cash. Will accept House Property ac part payment. An absolute BAKDVTO ABATTOIBS—3SO acres Freehold, beantiful 7-roomcd Stone House, verandah on S sides, telephone connected, implement ahed, shearing-sheds, drafting yards, dip, fences netted, subterranean clover growing in abundance, running water. Water laid on to bouse aad sheds. Tbis property is in perfect order. Pries £6,650. giving in 474 iambs, well bred, bone, cow, alt household furniture, wireless set- £3,000 j cash. Price lor land only. £11 10/ pat acre. Owner wltt accept one House as part paynwnt- HJDDLE 2JOBTH—7SO acres, all arable, 200 sens fallow. 6-roomed Stone House, at tached verandah on three sides, U.O. tank, iron tanks, bam, implement shed, &c All ahsep-proof fencing, divided into 6 paddocks, 1 watered by S bores, mills, and trougbing, j also 8 dams. Price only ?8 6/ per acre.! £1,500 cash, balance far a term at 61 per cent. Wonderful proposition. ' HASDY TO ADELAIDE —(00 acres Freehold, | handy to town, 100 acres fallow, 6-roomed House, stables, all usual outbuildings. Well watered- Is ones from school. Price £1* 5/ par acre. Terms to be arranged. FABU, in sura rainltll—l.lBo acres Freehold, adjoining railway-statoin, practi cally all cleared. SOO acres fallow, nice Stone House, large stables, bam, bore, mill, tank, and troughing. WX, W.0., giving in 10 horses. 2 cows, 85 tons bay, 200 bags ?eed wheat all necessary fanning imple ments. Price £3 10/ per acre, on excep tionally good terms, or will exchange for House property. PISKAfiOO LINE—2,I6I acres Freehold, 2,000 acres cleared, 150 acres fallow 4-roomed Stone House, washhonse, &c., stables, sheep proof fencing, boundary mostly netted. Handy to station. Watered by bore and null. Price £* 15/ per acre. Terms to be arranged. MALLEE FARM ADJOINING STATION—I,2BO acres Freehold, 750 acres cleared, iron House, good horse stables, implement-shed, chaflbonse. a nice garden. Wattred by bore and mill- Fencing good. Friee only ££ 10/ per acre. £ 1,500 cash. Will Exchange for House property. WEST COAST PROPERTIES. HANDY TO CLEVE—I,O3O acres, 1,200 acres cleared, 14Q acres fallow, Peep. Lease, 5- Taomej Stsae Honse. imp. and chaff sheds,. blacksmith shop, horse yard. WX, W.0., giving la 1* horses, 4 cattle, SBO sheep. Sun header, binder, plongh, harrows, combine, 6-fnrrow plough, engine and cnaScutter. waggon, spring-dray, Ax.; 6 paddocks. Good -water supply. Price £10,600, which in cludes stock, implements, and fallow. Terms to be arranged. Will accept House pro perty as part payment. i ?XSSISEE DISTRICT—I,7BO acres, adjoining! railway siding, Bjoo acres cleared, good shed j and t^nfrg. otnenrise no build ings. About *i miles fencing. Well watered by Tod River scheme. Price £3 7/6 per acre, on freehold basis. Terms £3,000 cash, balance ts remain on mort- We ISiall be plessed to forward particulars of Properties that we have for Sale on application. JOHN COLES & SON, KATIOXAL STOTtTAT, BDIUSKG, HKG WOiUK-STBEET. ADELAIDE. ALSO AT PKKAEOO. Cent. S7IO. t47iuacxtsOc EASY TERMS. CITY—I rooms, kitchen, EX--, D.F., £575, £76 deposit Q961 HINDMABSiI—I rooms, kitchen, £150, £50 deposit. RBlB KOETH ADELAIDE—S rooms, D.F.. main street, £625. £75 deposit. 8996 SOUTH SUBURB—-Just completing, lovely Bangalow home, 4 rooms, sleep-not, every up to-the-minute comfort. Only £57 10/ deposit and 32/6 weekly till completely paid for. Look at the wonderful terms. R516 INVESTMENTS. This is a special list which m have very carefully compiled and comprises exclusive in vestment lines second to none in tbe Oity. NORTH ADELAIDE—iiin thoroughfare, 4 magnificent Double-front Homes, returning £12 10/ fortnigbtlv The owner instructs —*Sell for £3,200. take £800 down." R976 crn Property, in one of our widest thorough fares, where value increases daily, 7 Double Fronts on i acre land. Big frontage, back entrance; rents, £19 2/6 monthly. £1,000 cash. Full price, £6,500. E975 CI.XEY-BOAD—I fine shops, fct. let for £10 10/ fortnightly. Price, £S,lOO and £800 cash secures. R971 GLEN OSMOND-ROAD, 2 pood Dwellings <which could be converted into shop sites). , Rente, £105 yearly. Only £265 cash re- I quired. Foil price, £885. R97S MALLEE FARMS. Splendidly improved Farm of 1,400 acres, within Govder Line of Rainfall, with 430 acres fallow given in. Good bore, excellent water, tank and mill; C-room concrete house, also 4 room iron shack, all necessary sheds, &c Stable (or £0 bones, ring-fenced 5 Si', paddocks, big red fiats, euidy loam. Held under Covenant to Purchase. Under 1 mile to school, rail, P. 0., &c. Good roads, excellent rail service TCiis is m. really food proposition. Owner re tiring. Full particulars on application. 827 Cheapest tiling ottering for nan irith email capital—l.2so acres, cleared and arable, 160 acres fallow. Bore, mill, tanks, excellent water; 4-room house, smitliy, man's room, &c; 7 pad docks, Covenant to Purchase. 1 mile to station, P. 0., school, aud storr. Excellent roads, safe district. Only £4 10/ per acre. £1,500 cash, balance i years at CJ per cent. Imme diate inspection essential. BSI Further particulars from and inflection ar ranged by W. E. COLLINS, LICENSED LAM) BROKER, 14, GEENTELL-STREET. ttSahic Glenelg. 2-sre>Bmr residence kow tjsed AS 2 FLAT 3. AXD SUITABLE FOE BOARDIKG-HOUSE OR PRIVATE HOME. In Sussex-st.. close to Anzac High way, sfassively-bnU: 2-storey Semi detached Residence, recently thoroughly renovated, and in excellent order, con taining 8 larg? rooms, bathroom, pin trv, cellar, laundry with copper an? '.riag'js, E.L. and power, wood and gis stoves, Ac This is a graoi property, inspection of which can be recom mended. About £1,600 cash is re quired. FnU purchase money being £3.000. WXW.O. Wilkinson. Sando & Wyles, . limited, Glenels Office: 1 Mosdey-st. (Tel. G. 1001.) t [I ffour Printing I {? Just tha Job yon want I '? smec?tad on tha ahorUat ? Im -oticato yoorasHsfacHon ? If wnEgnsM MUHTnie ofhce |1|

HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. GOUGER-ST. FREEHOLD. TESDEH3 Will be rerslved ca behalf of Mr. C Edwan]s for the Purchase of P.T.A. 401. Land 35.7 frontaje to Cougcr st. by 90 ft dee?, tliro-jgh to Thonuc- Ef. at near, together with Pair of Shops and Dwellings thereon. (Sod. 127 and 129). Tjis property is on tie t oath side, a few doors east of Brown-street, and in a fast advancing chopping centre. Tflnicrs close Friday, the 4th day of Uarch. 1927. l?o tender necessarily accented. PARSONS & WILCOX, 1, COEnIE-STREET. tS7-0 Glenelg—£93s Cash. Shuited In Partridse-st., adjacent to "Woodlands." and the fine resi dence of Mr. W. B. Carr. v-ithin 1 rain, o! SAB has. about 3 mlns. of train, and 4 mlns. of beac!i, Has eively built Freestsne and Brick Resi dence, fa excellent order -(recently re novated throughout), containing 5 rooms t8 being very large), well equipped bathroom, laaairy with cop per and troughs, pantry, good kitchen with gas stove, sink and dralnboard, dresser, fixed table, &C-, E.L. and power. Neat garden full purchase price. £1,035. Xow vacant. Immediate possession available. Wilkinson, Sando & Wyles, MMTTED. Glenelg Office: 1. XOSELEZ-SZ. TEL. O. 1001, M~^~**~~****~~~~~~~~~~~"~~~~~~~~~~~~t_ Kent Town—£2,sso. ABOUT £800 CASH REQUIRED. Particularly siest and substantial Freestone and Brick Residence, con taining 7 rooms (one SO x 16), com plete with all modern conveniences and fittings, occupying an excellent residential position at Kent Town, handy to car and within easy stroll of the city. Nice block of land, with frontage of over ISO ft. to the Ter race. At tie price asked, £2,(50, this property can be recommended as good buying. (No. E1649.) Wilkinson. Sando & Wyles, limited, JO. WAXIIOOTH-Sr, OHT. KNOXVILLE. £100 DEPOSIT. Situated in a splendid position, close' to electric car, and all conveniences, a new Freestone and Brick Bungalow of 5 rooms and aleep-oot. All rooms are of a convenient size. Bathroom, bath, basin, and heater, linen press, cupboards built in. electric light and gas stove, Giiias. laid ont. Price, £1.195. £100 deposit and easy weekly pay "*---? iur. en. AIiRED C CATT. SON AND CO., CUT CHAUBEBS, PDEIE-STEISn'. MODERN PAIR. £1.300. Southern Suburb, Sew Freestone and Brick Pair of Bungalows, ?ach 4 rooms, bath and beaters, pastry, electric light, gas stoves. Laundry, copper and tub* built in. Good block of land. Situ ated clase to electric car and let to splendid tenants. BESTS 35/. OSUC £695. KENT TOWN—Splendidly built pair of Cottages, all stone, each 3 good rooms. Electric light, baO, -wash house. dose to first section and City. Cheapest offering. PRIEST & JAMES, GRENFEIt-STRErr. RARE CHANCE—CLOSE CHY. 101 Acres of finest Lucera Idnd, within a few miles of Abattoirs, with a delightfully new ITome of Bnngalsw design, admirably siaiatsd for a retiring farmer, in a bitumen road clou to X light, copiously watered, and tbe district is such preferable to Jiving right in tie City, as you haw conveniences in a country atmosphere. A bargain at £4,100. TTfll consider other pro perty si part payment or about £1,000 cash. THIS IS CHEAP. 6 ACHES, with goad 4-rooroei Hosee, *nS situated -within 12 miles of Adelaide, in *he plains, in good locality, with bus service within half a mile; has sheds and stables, and good out buildings; -watered by mains. Ehonld fm>K luoem. The price is notoriously low at £390. Make no mistake, this is to be imrificfd In cash aL this low figure. CHEAP NURSERY. 31 ACHES, sHoated ia an Eastern subarb, fully planted with fruits, and as a going con cern, with a handsome turnover. There U a 6 rooaied Stone Bouse, in good order. Well of ?water, also tap water laid extensively over the praprrtv. Sheas and stables. && Price low at £1,860; and only about 4 miles from G.P.O. Wow cash required. SUBTERRANEAN CLOVER. 870 ACRES of good Clover Land, snd has a good growth now established oa the greatest por tioa of tbe land. There is a 6-roomed House, with a Cottage on the property; is permanently mtered by wells, is at present carrying three sheep to tbe acre, and is subdivided ints IS slieep-prool paddocks; is well situated, within ac ham's ride of City. Tbe price is ridiculously law at £12 10/ per sere, and about £1.600 cash. CLOSE TO HILLS LINE. SO ACRES of splendid land, and a comfort. able i -roomed Staae House, sheds, stables, &c Splendid garden land, and aboat 6 acres of dark soil, fully planted with vegetables. Engine, pump, and piping, sprinklers, &c An immediate return can be nude off this place, and crop alme slioald return £500. The full purchase is only £(?00, ani we can accept a deposit of about £550. Don't miss tbjs opportunity. Inspect ?ariy. ALDGATE. 8 ACRES and a C-roomed Stone noose, fa goad order, splendid black soil, abundance water. surface springs, sheds, sublet, fowl houses. Fruit tiees, assorted. This property is being sold on a walk-in walk-out basis, including' functors. The very low price of £600 is required, and a <s?posit of £250, balance long and easy terms. This 5s a real snap. Inspect to-day. BADGER & CO., , ALBION" HOUSE. WAYMOUTn-STEEET. THOKE 2515. ts<e THREE CHOICE HOMES. ST. PETERS. Well-unflt Freestone Hesldence, 6 larg? and lofty rooms, bathroom with Doulton bath, basin, and gas bua iiea:er. gaa and rood stoves. l'jsen press, laundry with copper find troughs, motor garage, electric ljui a^id power points. Land, 60 x 170. Price. £1,500. Only £500 rath re quired. EDWARDSTOWN. Here's a cheap Lame. Solidly bui't Brick Bungalow, 6 rooms, batiir>3ia> gas and woad stova. electric Jiirlu. Land 54 x ISS. In first-class order. Only £SBS. Terms arranged. NORTH ADELAIDE. With park frontage, 7-roomed Eeri dence. boilt of *u>ne throughout, large cellar, drearer, cupboard*? and I'nen press bnilt in, laundry with capper and troughs, bathroom, electric light Uirougiont. Full price, only £1,750. Terms arranged. Bnycrs motored to inspect The S.A. Fanners* Co.-op. Union, Ltd., Ji FBASKUX-ST.. CITY. Thouc C. 3550 (12 ;:nc-). rVB APERS* PBISTIN O.— \J The ADVERTISES GENERAL PECTTSa OFFICE, fiend orders tor Postera sod Advertise nents. ,

HOUSES_ANPJLAND FOR_SALE._ WILLIAM HILLSON. £2,OOO—KENSINGTON PARK. £500 Deposit A superior Color ISiend Itnck Bun ealow built onder supenision o£ one of Aceia:dc's leading Artiitccts. coa tain:ng c large and lofty rooms, box licam ceilings snd fibraus plasler. buiii-in robes and linen press, tiled bathroom with Doulton bath, p?? heater, nickel fittings, obicet rnii £ive open blqe^iiek fireplacet, kitchen complete with pantry, *!eetro plltcd gas 'etove, cupboard accommo dation, triplo dre?er, fjaimtlri- com plete. Motor garage. This property Is ridiculously cheap. Inqiert early. £1,400-FULLARTON. £100 Dq>osit fiuptrior clinter br'ek Bncgaloir Residence of 5 rooms and slccpsnit, elaborate fibrono txilingr, pictnre nils, all rooms, iarrah floors thnxigh out. folding gbiS doors, J>at!irwm \rith Doulton bath, heater, and basin, rtavins cabinet, nickel nttlngs, linen press, eervcry, pantry, dram sad fink, C&5 range, wire doors and screen*, laundry complete. Motor crape. Nice pardea front, side, and rear. Land 05 x 180. Thia is a cheap property. £I,2SO—GLENUNGA CENTRAL £100 Deposit A charming; freettone Bmtgaloic Beeidence. containing C Urge snd lofty rooms, elaborate £brona plaster ceilings, open brick fireplaces, bath room with Donlton bath, heater and bum. cabinet, very elaborate electri cal fitting!, costing t:5, linro pres*, gas stove, dram and sink, cupboard accommodation. Land £0 x ICO. Situated dose to car. Tfte choice of three. £I.2SO—EVANDALE. £100 DEPOSIT. Freestone Basgilar, with brick sides, built on a comer black, contain ing S rooms, with entrants ball, fibnnu plaster cc-ilings, E.L. and domestic power plyfr, open brick flrepkees. foli iag d-tir- betmen Eittine-raom ani <UnujK-rc>om, linen press, tDed bath room. Tith Daulton bath, heater, basin, shaving e~'->in?t, all enimellel white, kitchen with compartment dresser anl dns&proof €osis, sink anl dcain, with latest UarbeUa top, copbaordt, electro plated gas ftove. pantry with wire doors and ccreen, cellarets, lanndry eoanplete -with espser and troughs. Nicely lald^ot gsrien. Situated S minutes from car and bos, £1,050-MALVERN. £100 Deposit A "deUgbtfnl Bungalow home rirn aUd close to car. Built of frcesLjn? and brick, contain'mp 4 nice rooms, fibroas celling*. E.L. and power, Donlton bath, neater and basin, drain and sink, pa* stove, pantry. lanndry complete. land 60 x 140. £995—PARKSIDE* £200 Deposit Very substantial O.F. "recidence, built of freestone and brick, contain ing; 5 sice rooma, mantels and grates, tiled hearts, bathroom, bath and heater, gas Etare, '**?T-. Uironghout, cellar, lanndry complete. Assorted fralt trees and vines. £980—PROSPECT—£980 £100 Deposit A comfortable Home, double front, uaQt of bluestone, containing 6 good rooma. EX., mantels and exitea. bath room and bath, gas stove, cellar; land 60 z 136. Only 1 minnta from Pros pect car line. Situated in very handy position. WILLIAM HILLSON. AUCTIONEER, LICENSED VAUJATOR, ~ SEAL ESTATE AND FKASCIsI - AGENT, KATIOKAI. aUJTCAI. BUTLDWOS (Ground Floor Offices, next Bank of Adelaide), SI. KKC WHUiIC ISTRFIKT. ?PHONE CESTBAL 5390 (TWO USES). JUTEH OFFICE HOT3BS—Prospect 872 anl Glenelg 71. n/JAP —DXLEV, Upstanaing Modem Bouse cuOJ/tJ 4 rooms and all convcniencce situated n??r Park-terrace. A bargain. jPAQKL —CITY, by fiturtstreet, Tidy Cot 3&t*O?> tare. 4 roims, nice block land, entnnse Ist vehicle. £75 deposit. aP/'sQnL —PKOSPECT, 4 rooms, in s?K cvl?7r> order, up-to^ate appoujtmenta nice vani, Terr chejp. API KAfl"ll^" 1^21 BEACH- aax **** c&J-OW Efplanade frontapr, 6 Toocnet Bungalow, all m->lem appoiritmentf, in first class orier. full price £1,500, cash or term! arranged f?A£*X —KENT TOVTS. Double-fronted Cot- ArJtXf*} Usf. * room?, near first section. ?Phone C. 3SOS. GORDON SHORTS EXCHANGE. Mutnal Chambers, 111. King Winiam-stree) (opposite Hajeslie Theatre), ffw Aoaa north a! Wavmjuth-strec:. tSBc £50 DEPOSIT. BOLD OV YOUR OWX I^AXD. A Charmitur. Medrm. Substantial Bnns?lo? erected on veur owa land for a>c^e d?pc4il. balance as ira:. Srf our p!aas. C. H. GREENLAND. SEC. HYGIEXIC BLIUHVa CO.. 101>. ll:adaiarsh-squaTT. I £3.600, MEDINDIE. 1600 DEPOSIT. IASD 67 x 290. ArPKOX- In one of the beM positions in t ji? suburb. A Gcntlemiu'i Soperijr Kesi dencc, el! Irici Bungalow, built un der supervision, eight roams, *V. b^an tixuHy doc^ruted, b?K beaai ceil iap-s, jamb floors, E.L. and p)wer Points, bells all r>3:ns siadbive ?pen Iwici fireplaces, triple linea press, irailt-in ro'.?SM. sumerjus cupbaardf. bathr?ai, with D?nl:oa bub, ps hooter, basin, soa:dT3 b^thrsom, cellir, eerrery, scullery, drain and sink, woad and pas stores, sltpp-aut Ison^e far Fix beds, end drcbShi^-rJoms, laundry complete with cxnpartmcnt tnafbs ani copper. 3 rain-water ranks, tool *Ued, boi-room, aijtor garage; assorted fruit trees and trellis of vines. Ei tablished garden and tennis court, and drying This property is in an excellent state of repair. Situated one 1 minute from bui aai four minutes trxn car. Immediate p3ssc?>3n can be arranged. We thoronshly recDni mend ismiwliate inspection, as this prsperty is reduted in price from £4.000. WILLIAM HILLSON. ACCTIOXEER. UCEXSED %-AIX'ATOR, IlEAli ESTATE AXD rXANCLUi ACE-NT. Xatiioal Mnrual Buildings fGround FlMr Offices, nert Bank of Adelaide, 91, Eiaj? Vfllfaaj-strce!. 'Pione Central S3OD (two lines). After Office Hsurs. Pri^eC. S7S ard UVaels 71. t.TO-61 £150 Deposit Attractive and eoandiy-built Free stone snd Brick Residence in Tanapon ft, Kile-End, containing 6 nice-f!zed tooxbs. batbroom, laundry -with cyppcr an£ troughs. E.L. end precr, gas and wood stores, deep drainage, parade, ie- Fine Hack of land, aboat SO s 150. Xcat garden nith brick-paved and asphalt paths, variety of fruit trees, ie Owner having removed to WoodviTle. desires 'mmedUte ea3e. and has reduced the price ta bedrock. Immediate application advised. (Ks. 89056.) Wilkinson, Sando & Wyles, Limited, JO, Wayimrath-st-, City. _____^___________ t_ £100 DEPOSIT. CLARENCE PARK—£93O. MODESN 11EICK BUXOAIjOW. * nice rnonH and kitrbpnfU"-. fijraus ij"u£ttr wiling*, picture r^:!% lilcil h?irli? and KTatci. bathroom, ?ni.ij ans pas stove*. K.L. aad jiowcr, laundry ftlcd copper ani iruu^j^, al>o out*ide joara. I^iud io x ISO. iJcly laid ou: garden. Full rri?, txily £9"0- Srate Back mortgage. I'irst to inFJwct -aril! buy. S.A. FARM & ESTATE AGENCY. li-u pnuE-aaiMBEHS. piErasi?EEr. *59.-gft .

HOUSES AND LAMP FOR SALE. _ TWO CHEAP HOMES. SontLera Suburb, at at low price A *dl built All-brick Bungalow, of i rooms and |dt chen. The property !? in l good M<tjfr* dose to tram and lias. Finance csn lie aj raneed. Price £776. x 625 CLARENCE PARK £625; Speculator's: dance to purchase ? run mill Brick Hook, needing a little repair. It I in a fcoxi position, and will chow prott. ?t can molar yon to inspect. SHUITLEWORTH AND LETCHFORD. 41, CE. KTKG WILLIAM ASP BOTTOM flf& a. ' *? OKI-ICES. WAREHOUSES. *fc. TO LEB did Offices ta Let.— *&££& ?n*Bi Poprt. a. Bnnilf-f- OsQsT A jjblA Unambers, Commercial place—T? Ol -ci. uces. strongroom, ground floor.—Snap) James-place. OS7-OP WlOi-Lithted fourth Fjior (Mice, T. ?TS Building, Urenfell-sfxret frontage, to Mte lor term. Immertlits pomttntm^JoSS WXXBi AXD 00.. 17. Pirie-street. Ofte Let. ISTrSBA.-BMnTtoiSZ.. Of 7<#S/ . |>JLA. HIMKE, Jtaoomarah-spwre, nnk'^'i^ .13 Suite Offices available.—3ms, Tr Ji.ii oHr3STr QSf^ op jpyartT* OFFICE TO I£T—EAGU CHISm." ?'?' lara as to rent*), to, cm I* obtained ai a? H. P. BEAVER. Tnra Oejfc." ; CIEJfTEM, Premise., mlmgid ??hi=-j|Sj= ' frontages, suitable warehouse.^uUrnS showrooms. Apply Sew & OldTll, ObjSST pDMESiT-S Buildlnc, —ihmdte?t.—iK^Lh ?Li Basement oiitabla cafe; ate (NtaTlC at oar amce.—Sum. James-al. OHMJtI GAtoitt^a^-Aop. 80/;~?ia; uSniii and 3 workrooms, BS/} o£e/?5 room, and terse. Storeroom, <50/v-S?5; &S place. OS74M a, f^jpuoiafcstreet, Hew a. cm, and ateo??v*B XX available; term.—Swan, Tiain iiliTJ '^ -PUBOUXD floor Sunple-roojnl, -rrTllnil Taaf pt.fx^i^ c .. —?*. niiiiinniir ijTHa^ ? rema, M^^lffg LET. flood Dry Basement, neMdrtoTlSa mately So i inn "*—n It Stt *ISO in amnmb—-Motor Serrioe I*4, jStf T-ABOK Shop —-*-*t-imfi tirst Wsailisi isaJL XJ Kanrooa. n.SS3^*gJ!r*igg tgffi MEEOIHTILE : Or:?HJ?a - A SplmdM Suite ?( Om* &!?*££ to tet in seat fustian ol VnaSUS Anllable from Ist April ttaE^tl^Smm necessary. w^^ 1 ." FnU particolaci-icom ' ' - ? "? JOBS WliSB * 00, - IV, HMMimr - M?:?m ? Writ O. RIDEUBDS, >Jmt*B|> S*"? 1"* T — t--f f it'muim war oSaraj-ttatia?. AjnSta 'iriaan? ?H all fitaas?.—J?BooS?a^?^air<£e^?^ 057?7^ jCjUOP, Warehonce, and-fimnnt Aiate^tect SHOP. 40 x so ?mtabie taiirdmao; .nod opeiifle, tnactlcdWiiovppodtiaa^-^SabVl this office, ? ? . o/ - SALBBUEV ebambera. Xlmj WiUtemj^reet— Offices fan 17/O ntt-Sim Amec?l, - STUDIO to I*t, top "Soar Aipsy 2S, %nHum<treet <??W5 fflO ICTi SHOP. Wlffl SBUWBOUI^ X OS GBODSD rtOOR. ' ~ ADELAIDE ABCADE, wmwjmpiwa', ?; - F. VT. BOIXOOK * CO, .' I- £?" cut fWAvmaa> n?iui?K?c -: OSSaaie. rnwo Soopi, witt woom, Gairicrrtann, nrht X street, term.—Snum, Janea^daee. ? - __^__sW?£^ ORESUOPS, SiOTeroosu. Oarace, WarAdOH ooitxaUy aUnated>—Stv * OHVv SI, ?? rieJt. OSW/; ABEaoDSE, Piite-autei, ? lloorm, at jesS; also, good! lift; tocm.—Sno, Tiniifi - - 057-W?f - mmrARBUOUSE, enrage, ttuienmaua, aroosd. U IT flpor, 130 x 50 each.—Sma, TiinjiliTu obtotjt; ABEHOUSE, 4 floon, 80 x VO. bnt don Granteil-^treet—SaM> JamaifSaot, JD PCSPOSKSt PANMURE CHAMBERS,"rrT, <nWi< ?% ft?T? Tbc ts?;iP3t craosd Unr of tMa -?~"^*jt titsated BaSdias. Vfc&nte xenM to fid tcsxnt <m lftise. JOHN WYIES & CO. If. WWE-STREET, ama-jmat ?il? TD LET. GRENFELLSIREET. CflTt. Commodioas Business "^""i—y AtMODOXO MKSSBS, HAMBS, 9OUOX UHnTD. Suita>!e for Wtraocxae. Chowraoa, cr Mn rmrpOM*. : F, W. BULLOCK & (30, PIBOC-STBEBX O*?? TO LET. TWO WELL-LIGHTED OFFICES, AiatON HODEE. WATHOuru-siHui: s?, vrAXMODTs-snxEr. TO LET FOR A TERM OR 7 WVRfi: FREMISES, compristng three floont citoated beimeen EJk. EOTgL anl nai AXDEUSOVS Premisa. iritli a fmataa* to a print* Tight-al-my. Th? liMsors of the SJL. Hotel in inmnl to make OXESSVE AL7VBATIOS6 to tnt:M?. n?H to cnit the connvience of *?c *-?-?* aaJ to ax a MODBBATE ESKTAI. after SlSit 4t tie alterstiorj ha? been aicertxined. WANIED TO SHARE OFHCE. WTTH C.PJ? BOX. and ose of experienced Tjplat oatOooaOy tat csmspmaaux. SUte temu to ?TSTISrSTAT*r tbb office. o (Continued on Pag* J,> PUBLIC COMPANIES. -^X&IfDOKIAK OOIJUEBZEB lAoXbb\ KOTICK IS HEKBBT GIV^ Oat the aS/Uol TBAXSFEtt BOOKS of the aborcneatbaaa O?B? pur trill be CLOSED from, the lOfli ?Mf <at March to the Z?th diy at Harck, lSZr7*Mk dxvs iscladTe. J. O. HcCASK, AcHnt Ifcmlauw txowabd surra, umnn. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVB9T that ?a HU?? TBAKSFC& BOOKS of the abonmenrlo?el OMav puy xvfll be GUMED tram the Iona ?ar ?? UADC? to the SUb day ?( aUBCB, itt^taA da.? inctastj. j^jj,^ jj^ajhtji,

I 'PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENT*. !; A . Si ti__VS Uotor ScJuwL 105, PiriM'-, I IcjL-: ?ndcr the distinguished patrouage }*r--*'"*e : jircfeaKWa AH**Ttt:da University. r/ I i A W>ERS & IV^soa"* Motor &_aol, equipped tp I XJL-' to the xninnte for Driving* and Running . Bepairs Tuition. Adc_ide's most highly reco_ | angn—d poetical £cho<>L —Chancery-lane, a& y?ke—M-<t. M lt_r Wire Brigaie Station. t43j |,A>I>ERS _ Wilson's 4lo:?r SAoiL Si^ut f iti- Classes Tuesday and Tin—day Xights, 7.30 ito 9.30, and Saturday afternoons, 2 till 5.— I Ring 4U9S, or call for panic—us. Chancery , I??g- _f 39_ A- E. TEEKY, abiola_;v Ciaajpion Motor ? I—tractor o! _A- First, foremost ever I ?_c_ Djt or Evening C_ss_, Tech's, Jlj_, ' .Wed, Fri. digits, 7JO _ O.S0; Sitnr—y ai_r teoon, 8 to 6. —IUS, I'ine-st. r/ "{A MBHIOL'S i"o-jns U?a and Wumca wantedTt Ji\. once to ca thrcu^li quick cpctual trainins ito qualify for positio— to in laled by us at early date. Frcscnt occupation ——laterbl, iuccward education can be remedied. Distance ?no obstacle. Results absolutely guaranteed. i Part—i—a supplied without charge. Applica. ttions must be made immediately, r^ii write to-day. . THE HOWASD COLLEGE LTD. OK, FL—BERS-STEEET, ADELAIDE, '___ T57-8/ ljA. E. TJ_Ull'd -otor school. Kight Classes, I_L Tuesday and Thatsday Xigits, from 7JO i to 0.30, hj appointaien^—los, Pirie-st. t/ jtA? *? TKHBT'S Alotor Sijo:, eqaipyed up j __. ta the mtnTifp lor Driving and Runnias _en_ a Taitisn. Adelaide's most higjjy recom mended pra_lc_ Fcl-0i.—105, Pirie-et. v/ i: A KOHITECTUitAL Dcawing and Btuldiug Con 'i£—. —ruction.—Learn by mail in your (pare ; time. Hvery contractor and" building tzades lanan can benefit greatlr. Write or ?-i'T —The Howard Collese. Lti, ?S, ri_d_vstreet. I V 57-9/ A. E. T__E\"*S Motor School has no CDnnee tiaii whatever w—? auy other School, njt ?v—as_ndias om ads. are always copied. In ten—ng Students please note this.—los Piri£ ?_; : W_ . * _nsilo —airdi—sing, _arcel Waving. Shins >fl ling; Hair Tint—?; 5 ___1 operators, all instrument; _<_—s_. ?Ph—_ S7IC. Frank ! -rOaffin. 30, _ins Wflliam-st. Sooth, opii. Hsl ___: . T56-3/ . , A SDEBS _ WILSOX'3 Motor School hasTnj -t?- connection whatever with any other SciioJ^ notwith—aadinjr o_- a—. are always cojied. In. -; trnrtinp Stpdents please note this. vs3c T>AC_\VAHI) Education never I—Lps you, —if tJJ Iteeps yon. down every day. Overcome it by private cjrrepoorfence lessons In ycur owe ? home _ spare time. Writo or call The Uowara ' Cal—ec I— _, I>s. Fiinders-Etreet. vS7-?/ BOOKKEEPCiG, SHO2T_AXD. TYPEWKTX- Efo. i—a_s~ by posr^aou srorrs, <9. F—iders-street. Adelaide. r/ CtA_ Owners anil Prospective Buyers da well J take tew nest-_—; lessaas from A. E. Terry, 105, Pirie-st. D—ies —osnt. ' r/_ rVXEXA. OPERATKG.— We can. teach jju \J persmaUy, by -mail, anywhere, -or "at "the College, and qualify you to pass the License Bom.- Great scope and high pay. Write for rwccnlat_—Tie Howard O. _ V. "College, Eld, oa. t'Undcrs-sa—t. Adelaide. !?____ ?J-KRESSSS Cot. Fitted. Hade, Bemoaelleo. — XJ Mrs. Byrne, Ru_lle-street <opp. Foy and Oibson's). T57-9/ XPPERIENCBD Pianist and Violinist desire to -K_ tDnn a. sixnx Daoce Hand, players ot any instrumi—t interested may —m—n——te with "Eldo—do." this office. v. Tj__SCH.—Wj_zed* yjon? llaa join anoUicr~to _. oom^letfi Clas6, ?to co—mence sow.— — "Ceofge,** this office. - v/ and Farmeni' Sons and llanghl—s c—mld I_u_ ilitor Driving from A. _, Terry, - _/ "E'UED SAi?\"6 Orchestra, open for engasc _? ment any evening coming season. Apply "P—feet Time," this offlce. V 57-60/ EI—CTKIO Wiring.———_ Hi home _ yoar spare _v; ho_e aud motor cars, <_, Tvrite cr calL—^The Howard College, Ltd., 35, nmdernstrjct. r57-9/ '. WHirE, Tailor, has Eemjred bact — the Old Spat. 108, Gze—eU-street cast. Cob t—des of S—ts zroia £6 6/; ont QK^yf^i wtqrf<? op. £3 31. ______ ISXEttJIEDIATE AXD _EAVBtt F.v ms STDDir BY POST WITH SrOTTS, *9. Flinders-street, Adelaide. r/ I _—___(>_—'£ and _atric—Ejpid coai—in; by maiL anywhere, or personally. &> timt to lose. Call or write at once-—The Howard College, Ltd., 95, Flinders^treet, Adelaide. _^ _____ T ADIBS, w__. _ town visit "V_,;!e" TjUet U Rooms. _mdle-strest <iwxt Singer's); —Unglinfo l/?; _arc?V2/6. 'Phone 1459.— _i_ Milan, Expert Waver in attwAilcc t/ f|" AX>_S, —__ _otor Drivins at Anders __ ?aJ , Wi—_'&, personal instruction.—Chancai —ne, off W=_e_—-—. Cent. 4093. t43j T EARN Ebow—rd and Window Ticket Writlnj, J_ and earn, several pounds weekly extra. Taaght by j__- _. your own home, in spare time, a _ or write.—The Howard College, ltd, g?. Fl—dec-—rcet. —_________/ V ECERARY WORE. X< -_Cf—s I HATE STASXED SOUS B>rOTT*S COURSE STOTT— I have tai 10 Short Stories _ia STOTTS Ait—t_ accepted, ea yoa see the STOTTS C—_e has more than pail for itself." STOWS Write for lite—tore. —STOTTS, 49, feTOTTS F_—ea—reet. t/ MADAM SOXU.4 exves Sci__3c Reading, Yarabei.-cor—r 3or_-_r-, HaikEey-ra—. Taoag C. 148— ? v/ TITAJvE Kjney ai Home Writing Showcaros. ——- Earn 5/ t_> 10/ an hoar in your spare time. 2.0 ?rS_ic abaitr Teqajred. We Bbow yen h-?w- Become sn expert Showcarf anl Tick— Writer. Master Postal Ooorae. with. Free Workin? O—St. !*a_ for bjoidet, _L —Showcarf Serr—e (A_t.), 38 Com—mwealth. TtowV chambers, Adelaiae * T59.6S PU -OFOEIiS and Theory Taught; . pupCs visited, city, suburbs.—'"Fees Hod—ate," ._ia office. t/ 'TJIJ__T, Male, wants engagements, read an; JL music sisnt. —67, Cremo—e—, Malveni. T/ )|>OLJ(JE r^. m _,d _i o _ec?. pcrsmaUy or _T by ??ji _tywhere; gulrantee pass.—The Howard College, Ltd, S5, Flinders-street. ? ? V57-S/ ,"T>___T wanted. A_i €00—s Tonrins Paato :JL mime Company. Apply 101, Angas-strect, City. v/ ,*r>RACTIC_L BOO———PD.U Taught by Mail, ._. _iyw_re, by professional Public __ova- ,;_—. 1 B_——l Men advised on accountms and 2abor-ssTUur bystems installed. Candidates c_ched ior all acconniancy e__9 j . All negotiations and instruction private, —a- *rTpnHjl rapid, and thoroogh. : Quality, and. so ct_ losses and increase you income. : Write or call to-day.— _ie Howard College. ? It—. 95, Fl—ders-—reet. City. ? ys*-9/ ;T>AILWAY Clerk* want—. Start Training fowl X\i personally or by niail, _r lish position: '?Qii immediate ar>po__—it. Write or __— Tif Howard College, ?il. 95, Flinders-street. T57-9/ SOARS &de——l Wanted at once, issue Re cerred Share* in -w<_-es_bl__d concern. .Preferable to ha_ own. car. aiust be experienced 'and be able to produce i_ereacea. Liber_ terms. Address Box 69E, G-P.O ! YS7-9/ SBOWCARDS, Tuition, person—, mail; no pre pay——t.—Wilson, 307, Augu-sfe 'Phoo* 'aO7O. I V 55-60/ STEAM and Internal Combustion Drivers in con stand iff"*?? at £5/ per day and upwards Ko need — be oat ot work or get less. W? jcoach _T ?__, by mail anywhere. Guarantee pass. Write or call.—The Howard College, Ltd, ?S. Fli—Urs-st, Adelaide. V 57-9/ |FpE_—T*S Students are the only students re ,!X celving hlg—st honorg and gold medal1 vberaver examined,' absotatelv outslassmgr al otSets. | ladies txnzh-—lO5, Pirie-st. rf WER'KD by louug —an, -well c—i—ted a— —perie—cd Accountant, three yc_s' pas toral experience in bash, Typewriting, Secretarial . PoslHar., in or near Adelaide, able drive car; suit ?Asiness man —Quiring confidcntisl clerk. ?ree end April; referenceb. Apply "Persistency," ; this office. v?9nai63f 'i A OOOUSTASOY —i. A CONGENIAL, EESPOXSIBLE, AKD WELL-PAID POSTITON" IS OPEN TO EVEBT ACCOCSTASCY STCDEST. Qnr r_mi; Stujy Course, perfected over St experience* is a profitable -investment. Call to-day or write for a Ccipy of our - Illustrated Pnbl—l?ion, -ACCOTISTAXCY" fPast Free). i HEMINGWAY & ROBERTSON. ) The Accountancy Specialist, iDELAIDE: "Dbtjb ns—e," SB, Pirfff-strert. ; MELBODaS—; "Bank Home," B—'-r-pLice. tS9-60^ ?r* eosctess tkjusing for girls —V Compr_ins Shorthand. BooUteepin?. Type ? *Ti4i— _f, B_s_a&£3 Correspondences- qpmi Oi__s Boo:ine. , MUIRDEN COLLEGE. LTD., .~ Eundie-street (opposite Foy - Gibson). ' * As we ore not interested in the sale of au< particular .typewriter, students are taught t< lope—te all leading.mates oi machines. Day 'Evening, and Postal Tuition. Special Classe ' Toe—ay ?nd Thnra_y Evenings for Intermedlati '.and Leavina; F^.TMsh aikl sfathemat^s. . ;_J TS3C CHARTRES BUSINESS COLLEGE The only Commercial Training Institution Ir Sooth Australia exdosively for Girls and Youn: I*di_. r>ay and Evenimr Instroction in all Com—_? ei_ Subjecte. Private an 3 Postal Tuition. 2few Stuicnts may commence at any tune Terms date from first lesson. CHARTRES BUSINESS COLLEGE BE—DfGTOX HOUSE. 29, GREXFELL-ST—EET. T57-63 STOTTS SERVICE TO ITS ETCDEXTS X ITSAPPROACnED. Established 41 \ears in Anstralii. 3?ne STOTT CoJlegrs, filling nearly EIGHI THOCSAiD p_)tious annually in AdeJaUe —?Ibource, Sriney, BrijMue. ana PcrUi. Tl>ll is the STOTT record. J-TOTrS _ th? onl; A—trallan Bnsimsi Colloge v.-:;h a ?BASCIi and ?a EJIPLOVJIEXT DETAiTTifEXT il EVERr Car.ical Citr. Wiiy limit your <ip ?portnnitjes by ijiuinz a OSK-SCHOO'Ii nrjar.i aatJOD when, by enriillin^r with STOTTS, roi caii pariicip^te in tli? full and. complete privi Itjis cnioynil Ly STOTT itudo:iU in all part ?of Aostralia. It PAYS to liare baA_t Of STOTTS. C_l or write for frc* Prospectus. STOTTS BUSINESS COLLEGE, " LIMITED. UT—SPOOL BU___ifl, *'?>. FUSUEBS-ST. ----- . ' ? m

PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENTS. SAXAPHOXE Plsyer op?n for CDisqc-ments, *iaob!e ca -oboe; *35?erksct:i. —"lioubU'." this_cffice. . rr*7-tjO/ IHJOOICLAStIXG taught by mail, ani-Khcre; ?T fipert efficiency pays, SDOd mci always :n demand. ETiqaire particnlars.—Tlie Howard College, Ltd., Ua, Flinders-eireet, Adelaide. PERSONS WANTED. AUOMKSTIC Help for Mrs. Trcw, S? Wall; all duties. *nash and char woman kept, mo acolU.— it. aca Wall, Glenclg. 'Phoae ? Cales, Gkr.elg o(i. u'Sii-n A PERSON" to <io Laundry Work a: c-m Iliome. Ap^ly by Ictfw, Mr?. Ilolden, "Kalj-auia,'* Dequcuevflie-tcr., Kent Tosni. diC-Of AX eiperiencjd lluuc.nuid wanted. Apply Wy^it Uousi, St. Pe:e;'s Coilege. } c 56-9/ j A CAPABLE Girl for housework and plain J\. cooSin-r. —Sirs. Cheek, -Glca Avoa," Staa lev-st, Waodviilc-; 'plione Woodviile 159. d3G-3/ ?AUELAiDE HOSPITAL EXTEaiESCED WARDSJiAH) reqnirei Wages, 22/ per ftttk, v'.ih Board- R?terenc36 requirciL Apply Housekeeper, Adelaide Hospi;iL (SSlii) dJ7-C0 AT Oane. temjiorary Uoasemail-Waitress cr Kitchcnmatd. Apply Hiosckeeper. "W'oad ( lm-.d^." Sciiojl, <iiene*g. dS7-a/ AWOMAX io -Rasa, iroa, Mondays. Apply afternoon.—; 7. Bajot-av., TorrenfvUle. dja-6.9/ ANGASIOX DISIHIOr UOSPITAL. CHABO3 MJKiE (doable certificated) re . tfuired. Salary £130 per anantn. Fare paid. . C'niforai- rro*"ideil. Three -weeks' leave an raally. Lmtiti to commence llardi liih. 1627. Apply Secretary. S_\- Hispitab Asiociatiiia, Ilarrin Baojing* anndle-=tr<i.t, AieUalde. . d5?,6,9 AT 302, Xotth-terrace, lJutible Room, also Single, modem coDvenieuces, clean beda, d 57-9/ GOOD home offered Girl under 30, house- Trork and plain cooking, no vrasajns: evec iags free. SO/. —3, Ch2tsworth-srove, 13 car. <1?9-61/ AT "Professional,"' SO, Coauaonwealtli Bank Chambeis.—Cooks, coantry hotels, <JO/; I Chef, Uoust;m_ids, Kltchenxnaid (station), Lann ilress (daily). Resident Generals. d/ A T Minaie Wood's Agency, Evans Builcing!, : XX James-piace (dose Grand Theatre) —A long . 1-t good positions to-day, tovrn, cooatrv, , be-ch<s. Office open 9. <i/ AT JlcS?ree_y'*, GaH-leriETe—Jfotier, Sngh ter, 2 adults, C^Te; U. ilaids, suburbs; Help?. 30/, IQI. _/ ACOMPAXION" Help, two ainl^ in family, every evening and Saturday and Stafav ii irrnMTii and cvcnin_£ £ree. Apply 221, GorrV road. Benlah p__. j/ T Hunt's. Peel-street—Tractor Driver, _?f_l Farm Hand. Married Farm Hands. d/ AWOSIAK, to do Wash, tiis momins.—7S, ffojjarwg-rj. Gaodyopa. _/ ' A VOCTH Striker wanted, for Coachbnilder'E ?£\- Siiop. Apply Xownsend & Co., Uma Hifc ; oam. d/ AT Arcadia Cale —Beginners -wanted. Apply 10 o'clock. ?dsa-gl/ ' A T* Arcadia Cafe —Kitchenmai. ?_3ted. able [ -C - to cook. Apply 10 o'dodt. da 9-61/ AT oikx. Prise far Roof (Ironwork). labor only, joo ready.—Wcfland-av^ WeJland 1 Soaik. _/ AT ilcSweeny'^Cooks, SI/. 45/; Mjn Cook; ? Waitresses, 35/; Friends, H. Haids, conn ' trj-. hatels. ciry. <i/ A MAN" to Erect Fence. Labor only, at Xor- Jj-^vr&od. 'Phone Central 4<ilB. d/ AGttOD OSce Cleaner, at oace, -wort with -Staff." this offiie. d/ Auatr EegJsny, open 9.—^Lanndresses (2), MonJays, Tuesdays; Cooks, Honsemaij, ' Csok-G^accals, Honse-Parlomialds; Family, to 1 work oa staiio?, interview 11; Coik-General, farm, interview 3: Probationers. LaiyheJps re ' fined youn- Girls to tain; larje list. 14, King ? William-street C. 12*3. 41 A DOMESTICATED Help.—Sirs. i>>f-l*<?-. 10, Ciifton-st, Goojyood. dJ9-60/_ A CAPABLE Wonun. fee Bouse Dmw, farm, rtr-> adnlta. App]y Box IT, Owen. _59-Clf ASSUKT Boy for messiffes. Apply G. W. Robinson _ Co, Anster-avcnae (off Way -1 mooUi-atreet >. aj AT i lt_>ace H y'£-^Hotd. Msio'Cw^asiae, Pirl?, nortb (üborbs, Murray, Victor, ; Atjmt Barker. &z. . Aj_ I A B&XTE3.Y Impraver nr Mechanic, e_it iai- XX m?d_tejy. Apply P. k B. Bat-^rr Co, L?C SO. AAlaad-st. d/ ABOV for Fastory. Apply S-A BrusJi Co^ Flmders-rt- d/ AT Country, i 5 miles from Adelaide, good capable woman for kitcficzt. private bense- I —Mrs. -lianett, Yaitalimga, Smii?fieliJ- 'Phone Gawler 2461; or Gienels 1011: interview Satur -1 day_ moraing. 30 to 12, if telephoned. dsfi-9 BttEAD Cuter, experienced, energetic oblls '"C- no otheis; i_£rexiacs essential. Apply between ti-9 ajn., W. V. Daebler, Ilealfif Beacn road, Lockleys. <!/ BEICKLA\-EES. Piece cr ?ay Work.—Oramp, Main ouno?ite Windmill HoreL I , ?t/_ | "OUTCHE3—Gwd (laaf'iiteTmaa. cunstatit; state .J3 tail yw'i^ii^, iraseji, &<x, G. S^on^, MerQaJ. iaQSII \ BUTCUEitS A smart all-Kmnd Man, used to cart wort, must be aile to kill; Rood cages to aiitable man. Apply A. E-Clbbett, . Qoora, Of L. L. 3aase. Ljrg Uitcnam. dj6-g/ ? "|>OOr Trade. Marhni'U End Girls, first, second,; ? -13 tMrd veais; also good Clicker, light work. : i —Adelaide Baot Factory. Cnley. I BRICKLAVKS and Hodcarrier wanted.—rFonn-! tain Inn Hotel, Fuliarton; £. Barron and I I S^ ? . ij__ | BHiCKLAYEIfci' Labarar, good, iranied; topi wage?. Apply SJolinsoroke-grove, Toorak r Gardens- W. Donnon. d£ ' BEIOKLAVERS wanted, good, toy, vragts. An-* ply Bolingbroke-grove, Tourak Cardens. i : W. Danaon. ' d/ I : 001, 15. fox Foundry.—{Vheatley & Williams, JO K'.iza-st.. Adelaide. d 57-60/ ?>(IOKKKKf*F.R t.-tr l\'fvg<?rn An^Tjii.-iw .?.-nrirtn~ | Jt> —Stockjwnejs' -s;i<-irii g Cov_ Gilbert-place, ' 1 _£; d/ BLVII HOSPITAL. PROBATIONER reqnired. Salary ? £50 per .Tnmni -ta conuneace. Fare pail. Uniform j provided. Three weeks* leave annually. Oppar tusiry to do part-tiny? training and tuun triiiis fsr C 3 the Adelaide UKpiai, Apply Secretary, &A. Uoi?itah Assodatim, Martin Buildings, gnadic-st^ Adelaide. d 54.6.9 : TJOV wanted at oaee. Apply A. O. Vonns. JJ Chemist, Hagh-street, Kensington. ? d 57-9/ yjOYS, for ham diop, start at ocie.—Black ; JL> Cat Cafe. Cawler-plata. <;,' i ~f> O O T T R A. D L - JL> __PEETEXCED JUNIOR AffiISTAXT. FOR GESTS' DEPARTMEST A. W. BAEDOW SHOE STORES, . Bundle-street. d 1 T>OTS WASTED. UP TO AOE OF SETTEES ? X? YEARS. Apply A J. SWATS & CO, - 100, GrenfeU-street. s a BOOT T R A I)~E. EaTERIESCED LADT AISSISTAVT, FOR LADIES' DEPAHTMEST. > A. W. BARLOW SHOE STORES, > Bondla-street. . ________ B^KKB —Goo. Improver or Sn—U Gc^ds Slaa. —W. trr^TP*. Port-zoad, Cheltenham. I ______ 1 "DITCHER, manage country business, boose, , M-> wood and meat to right man; refattires j esscntisl. Apply __ter Botchexs Limited, 150, . W-ymJuth-st. d 57-60/ ! T>LACKSSai_ wanted, pood general smith; i JL? state experience, canstani job. Ap?>iy C. IL l Plowman. Kairne. ",150-r/i BOY wanted far Foandry, abon: 14.— S. Str-gps, 153, Carrie-. d 57-60/ " TijIHCEIiAYES'S Laborer, must be sood. —Feci- JL> ncr job.'Whyte-s-- Peterhead- J BAKER, knowledge Smalls, married preferred. Apply after 1 p.m., a Barry. Cent, 5404. UROKKX mv. reliable Man required to lani.e JL* . jroo-i mancy-niakimr conoem.—^lnvestor." this -j_a_ <W7-60/ B ARMAS, ytrang, e_perw_ce3, retereoces. Ap ply -Bar," _is office. d 57-9 j piHARTrARLE I3tsillU_.oK VV Eeqairea t_c _ervie<s of a CAPABLE OOUUECTOR. Applications, with conies o! refeiecces, to ' BOX 1227 K. C.P.O. 4_ !. A rPLICATIOSS ABE INVITED FOE i'ME X_ POSITION OF MANAGER of a leading ADELAIDE RETAIL FUBMSHKG E-TAB f LISHMEST. 9 Appli/uuitj must possess wide knowledge of \ the trade, have co-sidendrie ljnyin^ experience, s and bo men of undoubted intejrritv. c LIBERAL SALARY TO SUITABLE APPttCANT. Apply (in strict confidence), with crpdent:.:s. .. and etati^^ a^e, experience, and whether mar ried or single, to : BOX494E,G.P.O.,ADELAII?L I COUMKY SALESMEN ? WANIED. Cjjntrj Eepr=sentatives. with in^Trledge o? district, offered opportunity make bi^ money. ? Xj experience aec_ury. Every assistance e'?J. Uator Care, _c. f JOHN QUINN & CO., LTD., Salisbury Chambers, King WUliam-s:reet, cr. COMPETENT MALE CLERK~ 5 REQUIItED. Preierecce riven to oac used to I-ediir and Costing Work. r Apply in first instance, in v.Titin~ only, ttat , j ing age. previous erperienM. with rtfereaccs, \ JOHN REID & SONS, LTD., J GBtSriAJISTBEET. ADELAIDE. d.-.7-g I GOOD CARPENTER WANTED S FOE 1-nRT I.INCOr^-. FAKES PAUL . Awc ~ S. J. WYAH. jf_%_. PORT LLKCOUX. 4?7 ?a

PERSONS WANTED. COOK, flrs-.-cliis. rciisSV-. vjiitsi Apply W_.*—ii li.m.-i. \\—.rfll-i-ri. -l/_ CAPABI.B Scnc-r.'l win":.-! iwlucdhtvly. two aduks in l"am:Jy. no wasim-'. Awl* Jir-.-. J. S. BuiiiT, ron-rolJ. Wootlwm', wsr ?.-bo d, atlV-r 6 p.m. dj9-<i-)/ /"^Ai'A?Lii UIHL l.<?ui: uui.i.-. ptaiii cookinr. Kj jio \va__;, S5/. —Mrs. llciJ, ll)T, Aici ander-ar., Toorak. .15!>.C0/__ /"tAPABLB -is — Ueei-rai. Aw£y~;i's,"fjf..—3F *-/ s:rcct, Ci:y, „ tcltpao&i til—i-ls H7. .. . ri .-,?;.9/ COOK-Uflicrii t'.-.r i ttiu'.l? no U-ii-.ury >r np slaini wjrk.—s'rs. Willc \. ili-.vk'i-r's-ra'l, Medindii-. 'I'hxf I'r *;<Tt IUO3. isa-C'J_/_ COCK-Uecera!, h.->u--?n_ii I;.;-:. Hi-j-ii raps io —pay.-; =irL C. 2ioi.—uu, Jetfc'itt s:.. Xor-H A-ie'.ai.l.:. __ <ij GiKPEXTKItS i Job. UaCasia avemi.-;. Pra-peet. <i/ CAREXTEHS. trs-ic smca, ?>rnn.l lixir. ? , Orang£ Grove. J_i_sgu_,—Morris Uros. <T *"tOOK-Gcoerai. hotel. Port live. r^' *-/ tion: Cook, hotel, near; Kajsoauii, Hills hotel; Waitress, hotel. Bam; Waitress. s_;i.ic hotel; Vardaun. hot<?l, IV_r Cnisf. £i—T.Sv tive Service Borcau, 14. CouiniiKro.jaltli Hank Chambers. C. 4245. il CARPEKTEBS, roofci?. c-.ioj job, smart"—in.— Corner Droara-s-, Soa'ii-ter., 10 a.31. d/ CLEAN Worian?: lliaseietptr. lir V.P., own mistress. —'I'hoii_Kr>r?ooa la7S. d/_ fIAPABLE, reliable Maid, tor 2 ac!?l_. Apply _/ or write, Mrs. Sus—_, 110, Graut aveiin", Toorak, near Giles-sTrc^r. Toorak buj passes door. TeL Norwood 1 700. d£ C^OOK. Apply Mr;. \l. <;i-.ber:, 2t>. l-cffvro- terrace. 3Tor— Adelaide. T,->'.erao=s Central iQj?. < I _ f^UBPEXTEB, pood Man. iirrmanenl positie.i, \J Clare. Apply Lion Timto Mills. d/_ jfXAPABLE Girl, all duties, ttr? .-.iniis. t tiil :> V 7 daily.—3o.% W_^i-st^ Xprth A_]_—. Car stops Bt door. Apply Monday m.traing. ?/ jptOMPAXIoy Help, capab'.e, a!l dntioi. rxo KJ adaltf. D enter-ining.—Mis. W_ksteed, 12S, ChQ_rs-st.. ocst corner Jcffcoti-st., 3>"ath Adelaiiff. 'P!ion<! lias. B^ereneqs. o/ rXHASCE for Triable man to handle sisd V-A raoncv-nakinir proposiiioa at Port Au^inta. —*^[ash," 'this ogre. djT-00/ /XiPABLE Gir!, assis: trii lunisevrork. no \j Tt2£hinz. SJOd liZjerai oatiD^rs. S:n^r 2>'ortrood_26lS. d3?-3/ COOS, i^er?ac€s.—Miss ltymiU, 30, U^tt-ftL, Cicr. To!. C. Ig9T. J37-CO/ CAPABLK Hip, lian-1> pnod r">?io*'ti.?u. big monc, rijrbt mail.—^**Kadnw,"F ?lu& ] .j.-,7-<iO/ COMPKTEXT PIF.ES. AMBITIOUS AM) OF GOOD ADDKESS RECJUIRKD. Good salary Trill be paii to jiticccsaul appli cant. O.Qaiified *f.^tm t nn* preferred. Ecply io "ADVTKISTRATIOV' Th^ Office. . e.-?7-co C~"OMTETENT Salesmn;, for bij niosey-autliis proposXlon, Vorfcoiovm or Mialaton -iis triets.—^"Oppartmiitr," this office. daJ-C o.' CtAirTASSIXG Salesmen, bip laowy for eoii > -aorkcrs, Mr. Thompson's old hands pre ferred. Apply Sir. Lewis. hh r Grote-st? ap ttairs. da<il3/ ' CIOOK-GeDeral. Xorth-Eas: station (Echo&l child / taken). ?iic mother, tsefnl dau^btcr, soad ?wages.—Working Bee Agency, C. 3*30 Ji6-0/ CtABPESTEBS wanted.—Elder. Smith job, Port ' Adelaide, *nd James Kinr & So=, o:nd marA. ? |AJLY Help \ranted. Apply 12S, Fisicr-" i-' Follarton. ' dSG-O/ BOMESTIC SiTp^ no^ xrashins.—Jlrl Parson^ S7. Prospeet-rf. 'Phoa? Pros rggt^ 1635. d 53-61/ DOHESTIO Help, pjjd hjme. Apply ilrs. Fair. 23. HjisSnry-av., King?r.aoil. d39-cif DAH.Y Help, St. Peters. Lonsework cookJEi. Apply Uos 15Sc. G.P.O. ds7^iQy T7?SEKCETIC representarive, Jameston-n oi JLt Balaklava distrji, offered gooi eeUltg proposition, tenne, il— "Staight* this ofire. . <3.-.7^;0.' I'ttCrr-piekius £hed, Clb.lo=Ja. reouiei 2 good Men. Apply Yooug; St3<-et;ep<:r, S7, Magill-rjad. Stepney. iis7-3 "E^OR 3 weeks, experienced Houa*-niald^ about J ilarch 1. Kent To^n. C?n. 5153. Jj7-?/ T^UIUOL.S ceiling tixers, gooi mto.—Anstri X Ceiling Woiia. Xoraood. d 57-00/ I7?ARM Hinds (2), together, Maiaand. 40/, - keep.—^"iliyiaii" Asc-ocy. MajiH-rMd, HcunesdalgL d / FIABM Hands. Painiroo, Alerlbal, Balaklaii, 40f, keep.— "llzTfzii" A=cncj-, Kajnl-Td., ttalmesdale. J/ FnJKOUS P^s;?r Bcndi Haujs and FLrers. Kitson & TlioniDscs, Swaa-terraca, Clan vOe. g Fr&br-class Coat Iland utanted. tppiv Mr. l'arkes, Priders, TaiUirs. King Vl"illin-st. £/_ for two adults, evenings frse.— VT Sirs. Bandinet, Vicior^-ri, Birkeahcad. ?Piiane J. 2725. d/ G??-. for Iloms Duties.—Mis- &raiton, la. , 3, Broajliam-pl., Xortii AdeUide. <i/ OEXERAL. country lonian preiensi* must be stronsr end .clrsn, for privzte goest home, permanent position, evenings free, good traces; ntfi?fenoes of **T^^^ r^ar. Apply 155 t £splaZLiae, Henley Hearii.- d59-(i?/ /"^ESULiL, tor 3 adnlls. plain ockiaz, no Of lanndry work. Apply Mrs. Kryj 12, Portntah-road, Marrjatville. Toorik 3us" T?r minus. t *Paope yonrood 1C57. d/ GI£L, for luin ebop, start at ddco. —ltlack Gat Cafe, Cawler-place. d/ /^>IBL (General), sleep home. Apply evenings after 6. Sirs. E. K. Tapp, Jlelboomt-pUoi, Alberton. <i GOOD General, no wasLlnir. Teferemc!*.—Mrs. James Ha". 157, Be'jan-rrf.. Konvoad. dS7-oEd£7/ J^tOOD HoasemaM?.—Snreiiig Sister? Xcrth \X Adelaide Hospital. Xo. 3 car. d57-<5l/ GOOD ? jl ior ii3U3£-?ori. Apply 137, West ter_ Adelaide. d37-fiO/ GIBLS —Vacancies lur Juniors atj Espn-i -?sccd Girl? in oar Euvelopc-makin^ and Binding Deparanssnte.—E. S. Wise & S^n, Hi, raetory, l'ort-rd.. Sactlnrark. d57-Co,' I /"^IHLi for I!=ht house datte?, sleep borne. —! XX Mrs. Kidi. George-strtet, ESkuniv. d 57-9/ GOOD Coot, sccastam-jd to country hole's, i TCiges 15/. — SnoTcle^s Hotel, Blyti. ! Tdepaone 4. dj<i-9/ ' GLEXELG —Waited, capa'jit Uomestic att;>,! family two adults. —Mrs. I. H. Atfcins^n, 32, Sas?ex-st. 'Phone 527. d5?-fl/ f* SOCEfiS—Wanted, first-slass Comtcr Hand; als-7 a good Counter Hand, sole drive moioz. Apply, by letter. Cental Provision Stores, Ceti tral Markc-t. d 56-9/ i GENERAL Mechanic Wanted, lirst-class man,' good was*. —Patersoa & AUes, Bnte. ' d 55-9/ | HUTT-striKt Hospital—An experiecced House maid wanted, -nraffes 27/6 -reeei. Apply Matran. C. 4233. ?357-9 HOUSEKEEPE2. Widoiver. two children, a?e 5 and 2. most ac cook. Apply Bos 13, Blacku-ood. or 'rlwne 12 between 7-S pju. H"i~W "X" E~K H~O~S~"P I T A~~L. PKOBATIOKER required. Salary. £S0 per anmmi to coTnmea^*i- Fare paM. Uniform prorideil. Tiirec weeks' leave nnuslly. Op portunity to do part-time traaias- and then transfer to the Adelaide Hospital to complete train ingi Apply SECEETAKF, S.A. Hospital* Associations, Sfcrtin Buil'Jiags. Kundle-street, AdebWe. HAJTDT Man. de?i?n, erect Wcodirort, Meny- Co-Eounii, connrry.—Knight, Peel Cbsm bers. d/_ TTAMIY Man, to he'.n Carpenter, floorinr *c JO- Apply Wallie Lewis, Frcderiok-a:., WeiUnS Sonili. Al HEALVS, Gilbcrt-plicc.—Wanted, fcidcii ticnt Slate, Procpc-ctor; so'Xid proposition. Sicct 11 o'clxt- to-day. AJ__ HEALVS, Giibert-pU;CL—Uderly Slaa, sood horae; Farm najids. Yoatif. C. 2536. d/ H"""OUSEUAIb a'.-;o Kit-i-i-n-rTiM. Apply Park wyna Private Hospital, WakcSeld^t. east. HOUSEMAID; ruierenevs-—Mfe Cvnull. 30- Hntt-?L. City. 'Hli-inp C. li<'7. <156-B/ HOITSESIAID wanted at Crystal CoSeo Ta'ace, Hindley-street. &!_ LADY CLERK REQUIRED fok J:i:llc?llA^"T?s office Experience in Ledger su-l G'.ncrii Offire dutic?. R^y. "with fullest references and ?jlary rc quirei, to BOX liC. GJ?.O. SALESMAN FOB. INDIES' IIAXD BAGS. FOR STDXEV. On 1? a"S!e io (leilzn. order anlrrlal?. and con trol i*rjducrion. "Wri:^ full parricTjiars. saJaix required. &c in conGJc-ace to tlic Sscretatr, FORD SHERINGTON LTD.. Mannfactn.-trs. KIPPAi-STIIEET. STDXEV. SHORTHAND TYPiSTE. MISS ?"IM.IASI>. H. C. RICHARDS, LIMITED, tticuARDS ncirj^rxcs, CUUUB-STULEr, AUfUUDE. d_ STRONG BOY FOE OFTrtE AND DELIVEEY WITH CVCLI: TRUCK. C,,Ki Prj?;vK>ts ??-* Advcr-CeTiK-nt. OFFICE EQUIPPERS, LTD., i>irAnM.\r-v* niriLniNo, CR RUXIILE-STREET anl OAWXER-rLACE. " 'V, SALESMEN WANTED, With x>r r-i i'?Tis p-llinff ?'Trk7rivnr(* prtf"rr^l -IIIGII "COMMISSION ~PA:I?. LASV irEI.LISO rROPObTTIOX. Apsly. ??SLICK,- FRA.VCIS RAW.* SERVICE. &^ey Ciumbcrs, fniuilin-str'<:t, A<frla:"rfe.

PERSONS WANTED. ITOLSEMAID, rcfcrcr.Tra rpqu:n.-d.—Mr.-. DavVl- X 533, 11, lljbc-w^ ii£diidj=. IV~c Ea *_?_*__*?____ ci-.-.1-.]!/ JL"i>'W2 Aaiiaat ?j;:?.i, i:,?-iied;e mjror ar cesiorres. A;;.;v Box SIOG, G.P.0., Ade i_ii~. '_ d.-.r'-f.l J""tST a f;-.v £rom our b? Jk,-.—Ucusekectw, an.l li.tle suburb; Pjrior tioni. ii'?!s, and suburbs; Cook "Cnisht), coun try, 10.30; LaGvhelii, a real home for nice homely girl, 2.30; vacancies fur Broken HII3. Alice Sprfars. and far iinrrh, eevcrjl beach..*, STi'i Viu:t>r: in'.erkiews all day.—cScairor. Th-'-mys, O. !>.S ._B'i|W inz;. ' _!_ ft^IUE -tor WJioiesale Uracerv ? I Va:fncuse, ?J I-j.-iiii^ I>ept. Appiy, with roft-n-:ijvs, (j lies: iO^J'orr. Awlsi^r. _ ?137-tfO J'CMOII TYPISTE ASIJ Bdt?SKF.El'£B. ?;eod opportunity lor smart vo-jng 2aJy. r'""VK\TCKEY EtTTiBEK COMPASV, I i I^l-5, Grc-ufoll-?trcet, Adelaide. ,15?!-!>/ T OM?0S —r:oven?ps.s Ft^lioa. £100; Lady- XU licJp, 35/ (:iice hoxc); Cook. &i; Hd^.- maid Waitress, rl-jUK-aiaiJ. L&u^lrcsa (lri?JJi>, Cxi. Ho-ixzn'ii itjxslsil). —Loaioc, Buildinirs.^-i^ 4£_ LOSUOS —^Triined Sukc, £.3 3i (excc'Jrat post).—London, Cin-j-run Biildmss, Bjnk streei. d/ LOXTOK HOSPITAL. ?UOUSSUAID 3c-qu:rcd. Wasts 27; C p3r week. Fare -paid. Apply fcf-ore:."ry. S.A. Hospitals' Ai=oclat;oc, llartin Buildings, Sundle-strcct, Atfelaij?. diO-Cl T ADi (0), light jobs, countn-, 40 L&ry. XJ — "Hii-ah" Arrcney, Masiil-ro.. 'nolmcs dalc. " a/ LAB, IG, lhinjr "Mavlands prtlem-J, io, lrec-k.—??ila.riair"" Agency, Mj-fHI-voaJ, Holmreiiale. d/ T ADVIIELI" wanted, s!o-p home.— Sir*. He-pr, XJ ]??!., Esplanade Sorth. Ijar-J... (iSS-OIT ABORESS. Apply Foreman, ?a job, Slarf "borja^h-st.. College l"ark, ilonjay znorninf. J/ LAli Orchard, Sortou 2summir. iufai couul lions. Apply "iiayfair" jSjency, Jtai'i; rd^ Holracfdale. d/ _ LAU, livais jiorwood district, 50/ week. Ad ply "Haviair" Asency, iJasill-rd, Holmts dale. ? til AltY Canvatsers, stsrt immediitelv, salary.— Fisher & U'ood. il. King- William-st. <!/ EAD, for Frait Bljck, Bivor Murray, ao/, keen. I —??Jlavfair" Agency. Sla~iU-rd., Holmes-1 dale. * d^_ LABOIIEa, for cncavi-,Lii-. —Flint's, Banl-st- | " 3l__ I I' ICHr Doaicitil or Ladyhelp, snail family; ] -1 no -aaiiln-j; 30/ week.—lS, Godfrey-teir., I Lcabrook. Tdepnone Toarak 103. dSC-*9; MA3BJED man wantei on farm, mast be -asc.-_ to all kinds machinery; close to £cb:ol, station. Etore, end pas), mail each day. Apply rj R. F. SighoUs. Santawarra. d 55-60/ MES. between the z_vs or 17 snd tS wanted, for the follo-A-in^ branches of the Boyal Australian Savy:—Seamen, Stokers, and Coaks Good pp.y and conaitions. Full particulars front the District Saral Officer, JSlrkenhead, cr Area Ofliccis. .. _?ll§? I Ti|"AS, -elderly, able milk, odd jjjs. Willnnsa. 1 ill. —-Maj-fair" Agt-acy, Magfli-rd., Halnv.-s-l dale. d/ "iTfES (IS). Woodcutzmg, Summertown, Belai". ill Ald^ate. M-adows. —"ilavfair" Agr?ncv, Magin-rd- golcicsdale. " 4f ' j MAX. to Cut. 100 Cord Green Saplini W7^^! I App'.y P. Day, Woodsiae. di7-r,O j ?arOTOB Driver for Larry, good medjarjr, J3?. hanJy at o&t odd jois, votcg. —Barrc 1 Lyons, 302, King William-st d59-CO/ | MACHINISTS wanted. ?-£periences~in Ladies'l Coats and Frods, for ne-r bench o: maoiinies; highest waies; cocstani employment. Apply K. QUIGLEY, Bctail Manufacturer, 3rd Floor, Cresco Build-, ings. XorUi-terrace. djfl-?l I OUST Gamijier, or Millicem, money to be< made by energetic man, capablo of bund ling good proposition.—**Charactcr,' this office. da 7-60/ MALE Attendant, Bo.?' Seformaton, SlagiU- Full panfculars Sttte Children's Depart ment j d53,;>,?;i/ MAN fjr Saburhaa Frait aal Vegetable Car-i deo. able diive sad plongii, bouse pro vided. Apply Lift Attendant, Aurtrs'.asia Chair-ben*. d 57-3/ "S.fAX, Fruit Block, Kiver Murrar, 40/, keep. -iIJL —"ilaytair" Asencr, Magill-nl.. Halmes daie. i! MABBJED Couple, nun cook, woman Jioust miid, Cij-.—^^ilayfair" Agijncy, Magill rd.. Holmadale. ___ MOTOJR .1 MECHAMC—^Singie man preferred, mosi have a thorough practical fcnowle-ige of ci-ciy bcand of the trade, ani e>rved at Seas; 3 years in sn AdeJaide garage. Only sober and energetic men need apply, with references, fit-ating wages. &c~, 1? c. J. Farrell, Tailem J Bend Motor Garage. J59-00/ Avsuii DisraiCT hospitau i PROBATJOSEK reqa'jcd. Salary £50 per annum to commence. Fare paid. Uni- j Jcrm provided. Three weeks leave annually. Opportunity to do part-time training and lira transfer ?0 the Adelaide Hospital to complete training. Apply Secretary, S.A. Hospitals? A-seociation, Jlartin Buildings, Koudle-ELnHt, Adelaide. | ?s_y.ci_ ~jLf AX Preseer, nsed to manning.—W. F. Garra:c, ?OX. 100, Gawler-pL, Adelaide. dSS-CO/ ACHISISr. wood join£o-, competent maUK—- James King & San. Hindmarsh. d-S7-t)/ SIXDA — Yrjni?l, T-aei ProhatiMer Sursefi. j For particulars a^ly Matroa; or "Phone Bcrrjiron 13. d 56-3 VTCBSEBY-H^asemaM. Apply Mn. IT. Cil jW bert, 20. Lefevre-tenace, Jforih AdeMJe. Telephone Central 105*. 359-61/ PAIVTEBS wantei—B. H. Ficc?i & Sou. ; Charles-st^ Unley. ___' PLASTEBEBS, 2 wanU'i —Proiser Bros." job, Avcr-avenne. Ciarencc Park. d59-Go,' PLCMBES, General Hand. Bins Hyde 3027.: before S, airer 5. d".9-60/ j PKOBATIOS'EBS <4). City Scrsx? Homes. 30/. 40/.^"Jlaytsir" Agency, MagiU-nL, j RounesJale. ___' PLASTEKEB, good.—C AnrelL 'Paone Cent, j 7815, or shops opi>3s:te ISack Forest schooL dss-filf T?ETEBBOEOLX:!1 SOUJUUKb' iIfMOIOAL XT HOSPITAL. EC. WASTED, CAPABLE COOK (ass-start ttpt).' Good conditions and vofujes. rare jiid Ap ply, with references, to the i&itron." ds9c Po tt t p iTTifi; hospital. CHAEGE XUBSE required. Salary, £125 Pvr annual. Uniform provided. Fare paid. T*iree w.^ek;' lrave annuaTlr PBOBATIOXEB ?SUB&b rcquirsd. Salary, **0 per annum to commence. Three Year Full time Training School. Uniform provided. Fare paid. Three weeks' leave annuail-r Apply SECBZIABY. InEpector?cDCral ol Hospitals, Martin Headings, ?ondle-streel C:tv. . S5l? J_ 45C-0.61 PBOBATIOSEB W ranted, for Curramulka Pri vate Hospital. Apply Matron, Curm mulSa, Y.P. dj7-SO FA3LOBMAII?S, four wanted, hish Trases. Seager. Thomas. C.B.S. BuiniiingE. <lf T)IiASTEBIUI, good.—Wondergraph Cafe Esplan, JT ade. Seoj-^cre.—W. J. Clarke. d/ T?IXXA~BOO HOSPITAL JL P2OBATIOXEU required. Salary £50 per nnnmn to commence. Fare paid. I7ai fana provided. Thro* weeks leave annuallr. Opportunity to do part-time traini^j and then transfer to the Adelaide Hospital to c-jmplete tra:ninj. Apply Secretary, S.A. Hospitals* Association, Martin Buildings, Bundle-street, Adelaide. i5?8.f.l PATSTER, goad man only.—After 6 pjn.. 21. Culvcrt-Et.. Tnlev. d/ I>BOBATIOSEfi wanted.—Karma Private HSS pita!, South-terncc, Adelaide. Apply Mat ron. d57-CO/ TKAS7ST wanted.—Ada Cook's Tourin? Pant>- A mime Ccfnpsnv li)l, Aa"^i*-st^ Adelaide. d/ PATKTEB Smart Brash Hand.—Dunn's Job, Clifton-5... Hawtiiorn. d/ Rgf.nwr.i; Vr-in t o tike ri__rg ... eo ,>i ??llm^ ?woposHioa at Port Lincoji.—"Wealth,*l this office. .T.7-CO/ EELU.BLE Jl?n for .Sjnd Cania? tpiecc worl;); teams sui?pii?d by emipany. Apply per=onally by Tuesday. 1/3/27. —C. A. Day, VJrginia. d/_ *'T> lALTO"—C>ok i:3, u-n Cask. coun-rT J*J hotel; Cooks, 4;2 10/, £2 s', country. _\___ BJCKLAYEa'S Laborer, Koudaj-, S o'clock; j.->S. Soatb-ter^ w~: rf Broivr:-?T. d/ REUABLE persan. penc-ral hnasehold datiei. 7.:;0 a.m. to 2.30—"Biuil,"' this offie?. j "r rinT O. 7333 f.>.- a?y>iuran-ni. &> \ SMART, CAPABLE LAD, |C)od a^iijaT.iriiv, v.-a t.-.;t <;nd in:tlat>e, for J oa.s-:j(> .lu-.i-.-s. Ap;.]y -by V.:'-r on;.v. j lIOTOS TOUIJIST BTHEAI', !l. Currle-s-rct. i Motor Tours ;?i? ilJili-. Mi. Lofty Sa:-r5. J T'.ctet OSa for Crjntrv "rsssenr-r Xlitor S:r -] vices. " A \ SAIART, WELL-EDUCATED BOY UrASTED FOX L.UtCF. MEBCASTILE OITICT. j A:r!y accocxtast, | BOX 385 a. i *z? | TRAVELLER, EXPEBIEN'Caj JOINERY TEADE. April1 by Iftter T. W. INGHAM & SONS. Ltd., SIGNAL JOIXEBY WORKS C59-UO FOBESTATLLE. rpSE OUEESSLASD CBICKET ASSOOATIOX TpMANENT C£ COACH. c.-ttpc:ent All-rosnd Crlcketeri asd taosi. ali'o ti> impart tiicir knowloigo to ctccrs. Salary. ?nhilmum of iiOO per annum, wi;h live winttr Eiin;li< .free. App'icationa So "^e aidreesoi '.o fao Sec.-f-:?rr. QIJEESSLASD ORICKET ASSOCL\TIOX, 801 271, G.1'.0., Bris'jaac 459

PERSONS WANTED. ??T?IALTO"—C.r-.k zrA Kiuilicn-n*;-:, i.rivat-' XV hoav?. 833-jrb. e doJ wjsi-e; Uoasc3ia:j, 3r,.'. ini'.yiv.v^ &l _ R~iALTU"'.v-.ncr.-. l:m—2 :Vj,i-7 msids 11^ -\\ji^;n^. and K-ich.'-nmai^s tta i-icn. T.-iw.'T- y.^r-O. ?;,' "TJIALTO." ?j. F:;:i!>n-!-:.—U tfi^r-i'j "11:- -il' maljs, SO/, 3."./, t-jlijrjs, E;^:ii>ui, c<>Dk- Cer^. -1! ??¥>IALTO," OT,, Fiindeis-ft. —Kaiircfs .35/. XV Gcntra! li/, Lincoln; iatcri-ica' 10 o'clock. al/ "T> lALTO,1 t'Had.-rs-st.—Work. li?us.-kcvr?r, XV Yon Lir,;o;n, G-:acral (i;:rojl ujail), 03i .;_ REQUIBLO i<r T.^jrsja or AngjV.oo -JNtricf, lK>':iion. —"A;.i_y?.ir.mjf." :liis ???ISff.. d.'i 7-i;p ( pa'JitSE.MAnVK~n7Tii; t,il.:-~ ]>r,"ii>TsT JLw t>">n, I'iri^i ill I -':~".n<;? oners*.i ie nun o£ jrtK-g. "*' d.vr-fin/'^ SiIAST YOUTH FOU GASAGS AM> WO2K SUOI'. rivEvious 33pi:hikm..t: rjJEFERUEu. SBUKMOND'S .VlTrt?. hilt.. UttUT-SQUABE. &_ SMART reliable Yoaih, 16 jvars !jr lUtJ waro Ucpartmeut.—ClarUon. l,Jiii;cd, Kundlc-ft, ?__ J' SHEETMETAL Workers 7 two waart-i^V\rE~ linton. West C'ro3.i>in. d.' SMART Boy, 14, Jor ?ar.-]i3us<j. sood wages.—Clarkaon. Lim::eil, Bn?-:i<-->t." d, SMAKT Madiinisi. or Imjiruver, lor L'ndcrciotli ing Factory.—Haigh & Co^ Adelaide Arcade. d/ OOLIHLItS' iIWIIJItIAJ. HOSPITAL, IJAIX O _ KLAVA. —CHAItGE SCUSE roquired, Ii:? all}-. Duties ooinmc-no' 21th March. Jlcferuicef ie? io H. VlttGO, Chairman, Uo^rd oi Manase- SS O ?V T ?J W"IC lIOSI'ITaT,. lAGMIBLSS re.)uir?L _ ?"?=??, £? r? wt^lk. Far^s pj:J. ITnifonn. ?provided. Apply. SECRETAnY, <..v. Hospitsls" A^soeia;;-JE, Martin Uuildings, Euadlc-Mreet, Af!<'la:.<k-. d-'.7-Ul STKONTJ Lads wanted. 17 to IS vtars. — A. ?Simnecj & Soa. -WatyfitM-g. <!.-|7-<;o/ SMAIir Girl, IS tj 19 years, as Saleswoman, for Snburiian Drapcrr Kosinc-ii.—S3, ParpCT-.m-rf.. Sr. l*-/ter?. dr. 7-9/ Eome experience. State aze and quaiiSci tioas. BOX 112 a, G.T.O. j CttOEKG Saiith or F^o.-msii. — i. 11. P.ana, KJ Caion-strc<.t. <;.'?7-:t/ ?T?AII.qaBSS. arst-class Coat Band. Apply X WCI Furbes, £>.?ta-nl, Kdwardsioivn. opp. Peasclley's. jr.c-'j/ TaOKOUGULV liqH'r:enc< --d Gardener. —H. Bzrrington, 3, \Cindsor-rostl, KnuxvUlc. a rpAIIORESS.—Smart Gii-1 to learu trade — X Bon Slardie. Ladies' Tailors. Uyde Park. nil 'TUTOR for UlUe boy for Birer Murray ?lis- X trier. Apply by letter, L. B. Iton, Eir ? nah_Gran?e : dit>-9/ I flMlUbrWOElilV, single, competent Slie-.-p Orer. X ?-er, small staiicu: references mof^ esaen tial.—-Brotai Hil!." this ojfije. do?-S/ THE Mntual Life and Citizens' Assuran.-^ Coy requires aa Energe:ie Can^sscr-Cillecto"'- Apply Saperiiteadent KambaU, 40. ?renlea-s-._ 1 p-ai._ to-day. ,2/ THItKE laborers, used ta j?an- ?i Aifbir iloruood, Bisshiw, Lti, ililc-Eud. d5O-60 rp&AVFU.rtI take cliarga at projpenu-! Cona- X try l>isirict. with uu-n car- Prc\ious ex perience njt nec-ssary. Apply ? io 10 and 2 u> 3.—Sinirer Jlacliitte Coy^ Gon^er-st. da3-Cl/ V~ACANCV lor lovalii I-3ay, ?urs>in^ atiend ?nce ia res hums.—Thone Ccotial 7559. J59,<i1.-1/ W'AXTE!> immediittly. Good Housemaid. — Gostal Coffee Talace. 2indlev-st. '_Ao_____ \I7AXTEB, L'cnt General, even- cvciiis*: free, ? w liberal outings. Airily after 3 o'clock Mon day Mrs. Carucs, Torrens-road, Kilkenny, next pubrle telepboaa iKMt. d . WICKER Workers. Frame Makers. Finishers, Improvers.— lSS_ Beach-road. l'orreas\i!le. d/_ WAXTEU. Vsrdman, for coanu-? Jiit;.-:. Apply _ Tbfetle HjteL between S and 0. d/_" TSTANTED. Cook-Cencra:; kitditnmiid teyz. — TT ilajcstic Hotel. dja-til? WAITEE3S. ciperieaced.—West's Cotfee Palace. lIP, Hin^lcy-strecz. ?15?-?1/ WASTED, 3 Persons, car kuiag W^ducsdav for Broken Up I, 25/.— Hay, c.'o Day. Ta> lots. Majestic Buildmir, Kiog \V<iliam-s^c?t. * _dj_ W'AKXEU, experienced Laundress; also, Needle Womjm, 4 days a week; must tc ar^od.— 07, Jeffcott-etreet, Xortii Adelaide. l>uis C. 2355; d l_ W" 'ANTED, Plain. Cook, temporary, for month, good ttases. Apply ISO, l*licncy-street. U; WIXV3U, Light Ueueril, n? -aasliin?. — Mn. Matthews. Bterlit-st-, Croydoc &]_ WANTiiD. at oaio, Lidviielp, Light Houte ic-ork. temporarily, ?-5 p.n-—MedslhK, , 87, llonmoath-ra., Westbonnic Park. c. SO4O. -_ _l_ W'OMAJT. Wash aad Iron, fortnightly, Wed nesdays, two adults.—Mrs. Kobert?on, Speaoe-areane, Clea Osmond. <i*s9-60/ WAXI'ED. Offi=e Cleaner, tiperknce nol, ueces sary.—^\VTU Train," this office. d/ nrjUITED, Experienced Girl, fx housework. W Apply Sirs. C. C. Jones, St. Tincent-?t. Port Adelaide. _j WASTED, Carter, ta clear reJuse. —W. Black. 4, Kintare-av^ Prospect. 41 WAXTBD, a Youth, aWe to ride a biic, to deliver orders. Apply m_h Grade ila; Store. 3t. Ceorgc-st^ Parkside. a3-J-Ci/ W"E hare ncancy in Lar^s district ior Collec tor Salestnsn. Exa;llcnt opportunity f:r live man of sood eppearanse and pi'SKssras flrst "laoi eradcntials. Bonl required. Apply 2 p.m., Singer Sewing Marhiny Co, 878, Part-rd-, llcid- AITBJtSS, for C>mmercjil Tnifillen,' Club. Apply Chief Steward. ?339-<?l/ WASTED, Women Canvassers, can cam good money.— CJ&S. Buildings, Ko. 11 Eoom, Ki?g_WUliam-si. d/ WASTED, Young Giri, jast leavinp: s;J:i>?L Appiy Bax SM3G. G.P.0., Adelaide. d 59-00 WOXAN to Wask, hatt day Slonday. tttog _tarly. JJnley_S?SC. dl WASTED, Lairhejp, for country lunie, help ill duties. Apply by letter or telephone, in evenings, Mrs. E- P. Ee£y, Alms. 'Phone Preen 44. -d,' WANTED. Janior Clerk, male, sbont 15 years oli for lani and estate agcut's office; re farenses. —1. Isaacs, gfi. Curriv-st. <lf TSTOMAS, sll day Slon^av, wash and iran, J^r \}i manen:, i£ snitaKt;" no; heavy; mmi be clean.—So. 1, Eastwood-rer., Eastwood. Fnl tertoa. Glen Osmond. Parfcade car. <i; WORKTSG Bee 105, King- WilliaiK-Etreet (upsuirs).—Cook, 50/, north (X.Maid kept). 41 XfTOI&ISG Bee—Waitress, 35/. Victor, Went- W warth; U-Maid-Waitress, Manoon; Gcnwsl, Crystal Brook. WORKING Bee—ll.l'.-Maid. 35/, two adults, Toorak, 30/; lledindie Parlormaid, Hills, others. ?f_ W~ OBSiSG Ue-. —Cook, 40;; H.-Maid. 35/; Launiress, 40/. Countrr hospitals; UL-ilsid, 35 1 .^edindie. <i/ WOIiELSG J5-W —Cook-Generals, 35/, 3d7, tui.. Glcnelg-; Coak (child), station, Burra. d/ T¥7OEinXG~Bee^-A^ist. JanndrcFS. snb^ Fmit ?t Pickers, 14/ <J?y, K. Murray, pay me fsre. aj WASTED. General, for light work.—Mrs. tt. Elston, DaJy-stree:, Crsismere <near Kor ra'.ta Park rtation). jj'-C}/ WASTED, three Blacksmiths; also saurt Lid; ix Drilling, Turcing, and Crindins. — Sidjrwjy, Cliaries-st., Unify. J57--JO/ TSTASTKIJ. kind mother! v iwri?i to adopt >* Baby G;rJ two wcrivs old.—"Health}-." t'j:? off-cc. d^7-?0; W'AM'ED a Gea^rsl. Apply V.^.C.A. Hcs _tc-L Carrington-btreL't. d 57-9/ WATTBEffiES. experienced, at once.—Vational Cafe. King Wniiam-st. dJ7-60/ WOMAN" for kiteh*n work. —*CS, Riind!e-st. r-ast. d57-^ ( - WANTED, A. TURNER A THIBD YEAR IMPEOVER, for Lathe work, highest wages. A 1?... Message Boy. Apply to FOKEM-1N". Campbell & Worthington, Ltd., Ton-road, toniliwark. I , WANTED. j I YOUTH, I { fok ssbrn-s shop. i ROSS MOTOR BODIES, 30, CU.BERT-STEELT. ?;S7-^ WANTED. RELIABLE WINE MAKER. GOOD HEAD A"CELLARMAN. Apply statins lull details of experience and referenws to F. R. CHALK, Z. Stannji;to!i-?vvnue, E. ToOTai. ?PIiTCc 1553 Sorwjod. d WANTED, ESPEKIEXCED WAITRESS ASD PASTSYMAID. APPLY *lAXAGEttESS. CHAS. MOORE & CO., VICTOBIA-SQ.UATtE. YOUNG LADY AS SHORTHAND TYPIST. siL'sr v.r. thorol"<;hlt c?mtet:-:nt asp HAVE lI.IU I'REViOVS EXn-UaENCK. Afl^y BOS <::,:,-, G.P.0., ADULAroU. ?ist't

I PERSONS WAWTTED. ? \\J ALI-AH 00 " il O bl'll AL. ?? 1-|;<>IIAIHJNCK Virit-^E T:xri'm?i. Tirr t;nK Jts'.-n'.nz s.'iioc!. £4? p.jr a;in'im. :o f.n'iform vrcrtiJi-u. F:iro paiu. Aj.p'r .>:;Ci!ETAKV. li'i>;iit-.or-l?n-rji at \i ,-i>: r.lj=. ? Bnil.fir.c-i, Run<i'c-?tree:. V..17. ViriNTlil". SUn. iT-r-L :u difc-srii.^. ai~o LaJ.— ? ?? L.-tan, <il, AiiMS-rii., Cuti?;vi;:c. ? . <137-6fi/ \\TANTKI). liomitix U<-lp, :i!.3-u JS y.-am. ? V> App!y Mrs. Varburtol;, Tor.'t:i>-rd.. Albcr ! lon. .:.->6-'J \ITANTED. Trous.r j:nd \fsr Applj ?? John Gi.olut:. Ta:!or. ic., l)aL4:ara. .l.ili-fl/ IitiNTLU. M-,a f ; :Vrai rf:fcin=, ?,^k;.v c: H i.i.T,; ?.>:k. A;.ivy to I. ep?n-u-r, "n'ck w<-:i l-.0.. ?-t. <:s's-co/ \\TAXTi:?, at cc.-j, i'.wrf jso'jcr -Mpu's Cjjk; I *T vvj^-cs £2 12/tj.—Flox 20, ll^r^an. I dsi-9f \\7A>"lE'>. KxrericnoJ 1.7 fnrm m,r'?. r-:juiir<l, icotballor jirt^jTol.—A. J. H:tls"'n, iiindarir. ?lri7-CO/ VI7OMA.V. keop house Rent., two el.ildren. State ,?? a^". wan;.—?-3?0." rhis offi?f. dSS-9^ YI7ANTT-.J>—l-Bd. for CrA-ir-i D.-liivrv. Innlv . ?T A. H. S!ur?. Gsorge-E, Tbeba'rton d£.7-9 ' TTCfOMAX. :o re'J-.-ve fjr fur.iiigh:. sonenl'woFi >? jr.d Viiiilaz. —i,. Mary's M^sio.-i of Hope, 222. llaiifax-ftreet^ City. <157-! l,' ; TyoiiklSC riousekoirTcr, ??? wasiifng; refS ?? -mcos.—Miss Mayo, c/? Dr. Mayo, Glen Osmpad. dj7-fi 0 / '? "irOUTU, for ullLe, Jjaa: It, on? wjo nse ; "?:' :r ? "\rOLTII <1>), for Lift. Apply li-ad I-or-.o- A ttrosvmor, Adelai-Jo, Kfior a a.m., Moniay V" OUlIi, and v.-illini. f.>r farr^ir^aTT: job.-—F._Sta l i!ej-,_ltc!iaicind ; _^ dJ7-<;0 < ' . -WTOIhSG liirl. for cbilu'.-ca, capahJo~Tri~r!ifc i AjipH, viTb rofL-icac*. ilrs, Qiv?>, S. Ertriit-ireaoo, ileJinJic-; rnnVW cai . 13 Notrac-.tfrraoe. . rt.'>7-CO/ "\7"tK.*\G <J<?nerjj, luito], <ixpfi ri'--Tice imn^eessarr, J- liberal ouUngs.—Kent Town Hotoi Kent , To^Ti. " a 1 YO(;Tli DriUurs wjntoi Ajniiy —~li^.ir^rs, Ki":t?nny. YOUXG Giri. aboat 10. ix Do Dc^ rannia-—i'orj BrJS^ l^^, I'arade, Nor- . 61 YOL~N<; *;irT. i]?!p V.Ai v.o-k. c^^J t:m.i~c >vlf, slttp lijme.—lo, i^SL's-Hrcct, iinnsl ?<?>Z- : ?£/_ ' YOLTJf F.JR FACTORr OFFICE. Appli^^.ti kinCly -nou- pssitiaa HAS BEES FILLED. colton; palmek s. teeston", ltd. - XroUXtt Girl ior 1:- = t? housework, ia Brokf- ? :?'. S^od1 wa??. Apply "Three Adu.ts," V" oCxcTaily d>-?:ns olfit? work i.m-ioai^ex' p:rlcnci;. Ai^>:y "Ambitions," this offize ? "^roU\G Housemaid or Girl to 5n p"afloi. ? ?- J ,llui?,hi?' monSi at bench, afterward! . Nortt Adelaide. Apply Monday, between 10 and 5. Mrs. GDrdoa. r, Brotrfiini-place. Vortl r Adelailie- <JSC-i>/ smjAiioNS wAwrai.'^^ ? A 1 Housekeeper wants iiosirUra^ kind, . ?**? licmcly. m'ddle-afe gentleman or lady.— 1 >?>. 8. B!o-\msbnrr-st, gyde Park. k56-i)/ ALL House 2pTafe. Hinovaiio:is, Paintijii Uoafh-caslins, 'filing, &c.—'-Diion," thi< . jaice- k-J7-03; AVOL'XU lln^ljibaua (paMic schaol boyl wants posit-on as Tu'or or Crcnaanisn - Ai'P-y "Sjjfr," this office. [j./_ A X experienced ILlana^-erass md A=;istant Con il feit;onery. Biscuits, c^ty, -esteilent reier ? nces.—"Kiatail," taa aS;e. k/ A T Trolessional," 2o7~Conuno3wealth Baas t Chambers.—Conp^s, station; DaUv Hoa? . maids, Hvosckeepers, Coot-toncral "(hotel), many others.—Cent. 0025. k/ A VOIJNG Waman. iigii-. -iutio=. Trrcroncts, na tvaifainj. ccokinr. —"Ticjna," :iii offi'.v. y k/ A3OCT that Vmcr.s yoa uaat decorate j or rcaji-ated, contjlr Ifoaie IJc-c^rari^ns, Cra:. 1103. ' kJ9-?4 / AVVAII^G, Honsekwper.i. Ucu?ma:"dir~Ca3=. Station. Finn, and Hotel CoDi.l^; Farm ; Hands, Lais.—Minnie tt'OD-i, Evans Unii'ling, '_ jAaies-placc (close Croiid Theatre)- C 2255. *T>UUjUCU'S Oarpenfer, u-iau^r Ijad. wantf ?X> lesm same, will apprentice.—~lSS,"? thii I uffise. . k57-9/ . ?JJUTOUETJ, -eiper^cced German tmaUgoods JJ maker, seeks situation, open one week.— ? **<^raua Butcher," f'.O.. Port Adelaide ' LoC-9 CAfiPEXTEaiNO. any d-3;ription, wantei.— Front O. Winsalc, Vetoet, Croaiiieff. ? kS6-9/ i~*i !i RgEJiTmtSTG, aay description, wanted. ug "VJ Cheltcnham-st^ Malrern. k57-flo/ 1 yannjr country Wosoaa desires W'asn 'KJ as, Iruniuj, Cleanins.—^"Maud," tiis jffiee- k/ CIOMPETEXT Bonsckeeper, soad cook, rdiab!^ / well Tecvm-nenJeA.—-"E^onjmicil," this - offic- a/ CHEF, iirst-<&;ss references, dcsirei position, snywjjere.—^Chci," 1, Bmton^fc, Back ? =V. tl DAMP and Cricked Eanscs UnderpiE^ei. Al r*rar;ons, Ec-psirs all kindi Esrimate* ? free, anyulere.—^Ko-.5t, Coom'je-rd., Allcnby Gardens. k37--;.1/ I TTkEESSMAEEU, Semodeller, can visit daily, "? JLr take orders ileme-—^^3ood Class," this office. : k/_ " Ii^XPETMEXCED Gardener, good references. ?Vi_*!3fe.'3s?st!lthiBoffice. ESEEUETIC 3L\iffirieneed Yonns Man -aunts Farminj, on thirds.—"Point," this office. . k59-61/ tjVSPEBIEN'CED Launlrcss wauls Wasbiiii, J—* Ironing. VTcdnciday, T!iui-sdav.—^"l^un , dreJ=," tbU office. t/ F'LOWEH Gardener wants one day week. Binz Ccx 7fi4l. VSC-9/ I 'Ij'iEilKHS Xotc—ttc wiU renovitc or decoratt J- your Home; no home too far.—Home De corations. lE7, Grenicll-street, Ade^iide. k59-€4/ ? IPEUrrMCKEItS. reliable Men and Lads~avan- X able immediately-.—-^tivfair" Ascncr, > Uolmes3a]e. Sonvoad fSQC. k.' ' f* AfiDEXS Laid Out, Benovated. lawns Courts ?vJ Tarpavine.—Gto. Grimes, Fullarton, 'phone - O. 5248. 1:50-04/ . f*OOD Worker w^ts flasaaif auS (luk VT full days.—"4l3," thJs office. fcifl-o;/ . rf^UWCER, or iVodues Hand, wares sitnatira; > VI" with first-class references. Ap-)!r D.W.D., . S, Colley-tenace. Glendg. K59-<il/ AYE yjur Home tosy tsr the -wiaMr.—Home Decorators are c^ixjts witi interior ?nd = exterior decorations. Hajj Central lies. k39-R}/ HAU-day'3 Washir.,-, Iruniug, Malvern, Unlcy, KSng^wood.—^?)on." Uiis paice. k/ ' TTOUoEKLXI'iai, midille agt.-, mub, place iruft, XX omi mistress.— So. S, GHbert-Et., Norwood. I kaC-3/ LSI m qu.>:e yoa sor Houi-i ?f.-noi'atious, Paini inr, Felices Erected, GarJeus isiU Out. ' Day w Cjntract.— Hvwe:: & Rcultr. 10, Slaren -9 Ijoroasrh-sr., Kni^ji^bridge. Hing- Ea^i. 30b2. W_ ' T OEUV Driving or similar work, for one or ?Li two yonn? mra, had experience most make* . trucks, reliiMt.—Fi3-c, Eoscwortiy P.O. " T ADS. reliable Lads arailablc immcd^tcly. JLt fruitpickinET.—^"Mar£air" Agaicy, Holmes - dale. Xorwood 2SOC. k/ V ADV, ver>* capaj'-?, tnisiworthy, refined, wool-i J-^- kt.-'-;. "hou-o, one fcinail, Tcfuici 5 iijme.—M^ Wt-Icoy, Post-ofiico, Kiikennv. - til:2.-_ MAiT (27), stronj, dt-sires position, labor ing, factory or trareaousc eicellen" r^ic rencei Reply "Total Abstainer," this office. _ i.;_ - ~IfA3BIED Couplc.~£;romJy recommended. — iML Soager. Thomas. C.H.S. Buildicss. k' 1 ?poSITIOK as HoB?.-keepi.T, -one or two :;? i fami.'r, good rcfeKaecs.—"Keeper," ibj . office. k-57-9/ BELLABLt Vouag Woman as General, ?dolu preJerred, nj wasbinj, liberal octinss; 30/. —"Tidy." tJls oflicv. I>AIXTC'a, IMporhitijriiir. Kilsomiiiine, Be piirs. For sstfcfaAion, Iljde, Olivc->sr., Parksidc. Cnloy IS.">. k'.?-ii4,' PaTxIIXG. Kalsomiair.?. Walls Bcpaircd. pond Firie. KSa-tft'/ , T>OOFS Pi-aitd. US C't; Jijoms Pint-r-d, £3 1\ .">/: Salsiniiaed, 25/; c:caa workmen. — Centra! 1370. kpll.Cl .3/ RESPECTABLE Woman wants I/gbt Datie?, sleep hoaic-—18), Mjonta--:rect, Cjty. k/ EH'IXED CirL IG, from good home, educated at good school, would assist with children or li^ht "work, ivilfcre znaid k-jpt i>rrf-?rr?d. u-eaxed as- one of family, or would like place as com panion help to couple, or one lady, country or town. Iteiwnces to -Mother." this office. k/ SHt?r. Fjrnii-jg, on Vallee farm; must be good stock aa<i plant, ia £00l rainfill. App!y "East," lh:s office. k59-61 / ? OEWISG, diiiy. Westbourae Park, Hawttsra, M CDloael Li?ht Gardens. Apply "Cliffc," iMsoflice. "b57-€O/ QEACLIFF —Kefined private homi bas Va;in;i? O for 3 ccntleman. near station, shar:- lar^e Toim. Apply Brish:cn-road Seac'iiT iis6-3 nr^ti£SEtt, f-n:ral machmes, Sve years i.reseni firred. —"Machinist," ?5. Georje-st., Clarence Park. ksfl-61/ TWO Slen want Fencing, Post Splitting, con tract.—"Eners?tie," Mount Lofty Post- Oflicf. kS3-Cl/ \7"ILLAS Parted, £7 30/- Rjafs, £.3 5/; Kosms Paper..-d, H3 10/; Kalsom:n?d, £1 5/? —-Vates.'' :bis jfny. ka9-<;4/_ WDOW. with baby. waa:s position OS House kcep<nr, good rooV, go anywhere s?3. c/o ilaTroa Willj?i. Heathcotc. k57-9/ WAVTED. Wasbin;. i days. Apply 10, __ Jiill-a^paue. l^abra. kSG-O; i \ITAM" WaJiui?. Cleaning—"GoodwoDd 01 ?T ClnT<-:if? I'ark." tliU otSy. kS7-3/ WTVIXh. i^sition as ISarman or Totter.— -9<0." ihi.- <&<K. k57-60/ \\7AXfs ws'hing, ironim, c!?aniiis, Maudaye, I \ T Tuesdays; cltan, reliable, honest. —"Groie." tli:s office. k37-tin / VITOnKINO B?!—T.iok% ILMai'H, Wa :trcsM~, I 1 ?? M. CjupX-, H.Kctperi, Haily Ilelps.—C. ! unify. k! \%TiXIEU ti> j.iace Uuy, X ycal.-, Carpiuer \y. in?. —"Aiiircnticcd." tii* office.

SITUATIONS WANTED. ? TTTAITISG. several.Good Males. C3oi=. ciwf* ) Couple*. -Hi olncrs. k'j ? VtTASTED, situation &a LisJs Coai.—?"A.ll." l? this olfl-.-r. l; VITANTtU, oy £;J ?-> couj.k. iioStion ?,i f* t^reiAvr. Apply i>. Joius, Post-ofik-!i Scaiar.ii.Tc. k - \ITi-U?ii, c-LeauJuz uamw, Wednesday tc JLtL —*** Hays." tiiU effiei. t,' WOMAN; elderly. cpoJ. hinc-st worker, ~Sk! daily Work. Ua'.ov, Fullartoa disirie.s. :- IV^-Jnt. Beply "," 'Jiis office. k/ VST ANTED. Station as HouF-kcencr, :>>? L\Sl* r ?1 lian Widow, with daughter 13, ib Chris tian at cad of Ar-rIL. Apply "I!. 1.,'1 ?]r.< otfice. 1.."?P..j{ ,' r "^7"OLMi roarnoti m^u Farming v X- -:-n third basis* hi^tlv recommended. Ap, ply Bos 2j. Wa;?rval;. k ; ,Xr<Jl-i'H, fuilv t-cperienoed, requires situation 1 on farm, m-t and share basis. Bin^ ISturt t or "Industrious," tub. otfic? _ _____ kj-j-'SQ; i ?\rOUXII llau, liandy vith Carpenter's and X Hasan's Tools, wants day work.—"Okt Tools.*' tltis n?ici\ k57-t>/ c \TOl"S? Girl mx-Vs position Nursegirl or LisS ?*- Help, sleep home-—2:.', Jcsl-E-st., Wawille r ___ k/ "\roUXC lady desires above. anall office, book X k<viiin~ F typiir. tclcp'.ioai-.—"Attentive,l thi": oflire. fcj<i-!)/ \ %/ OUXG lTm_ sober, uon-sniokcr, vasts J3? JL driving lorry or horses, experienced, ani -. lork- —Minnies, Dadiey-street, Semaphore a Irj.i-Cl/ \rOUXG i'n"lU'.im-. iinr years' eixiericn:*' Iron SJonlier. Al>l>ly "Improver." thi il ___. irSfl-a/ ?JO/ (FROM) —Hooim Kalsommed, 40/; r.min! .i JL papered, paiutin- grainiEjr.—'Phone Sturi ' |__ fcsfl-647 1 1 0/ —ROOMS; 40;. hpnrf, Paint '- lA. iz£, Giahiiu---.—E Johns, Wattle~r.. Ful ' I Irurton. " fc-i:)-C4 ,' a j /JO/, BOOMS papered, sc:cc.iiO3 p.-.pcrs, wry ; j *Jt +h:n^ fosavi. goncral repairs. —^*'Eol'.s f t r | tate offic;. fcs3-9/ ? BOARD AND RESIDENCE. 1 AT 130, ?Vhit:nore-sqnare—^Singie, DonbJf .. rfT3L Furnished Uoo-n=, orcrlooinis: cquarc: al j i*T i, Wa:son-aveauo, Hose Park section ttean 15cd-S:u;as, titaicn; adults. C ?- -.<>:>-. r.'.C-9/ I A BOVIi Vacant, tv.o gmriemea, fupenor ht.iae , 3l,xaL —20, Augu--:a-s-.., OknJt'- 'I'ho'* 28. - ~i suPEEioB Guoia llonio, l^i- vacancies mar j\. ried couple, gent'.enur, lirst action. Cca iral SSlti.—a, Wauoa-av^ Kd=? Purk. . T57J.0/ A— VACANCY Gcatletasa Sjarioti, comfort able home, first house. —5, Jlackney-rd. " T57-60/ "T ?blXiitciiig Jtoam, use k:iclien, garasc vacant, nrii^le faxnilv.—G. 4548. r57-3.' * VACAXCV, bu-iuesj girl, shsre room, re? -A. eaaable.—3. H*:&cey-rd.; fcrt free T57-C"/ " *~GOOD Home tor Gents.—2ll. Eak-tenaa . <opp. rsocsouric). Siagle raoms, comeni :- caees. h-jnidy: tariff 30/: washing done. r57-a/ A T 301, Xorth-tcrracc, next Auiira! Carjets— ? r37-8/ J A BEEUOUB, 253, Sjmli-ier., good t.^^m^^ a dation, one single and vacancy. r57-9/ T HathericigS, 213, Soutii-it-rrace —bjiible . vacancy, front room.—7l*hane <j9OS. !, T3--GQI ~ AT 253. K?u:b-tcrrace—Vacancy for lusicfss . ffir'i. gcisea urett.—'Pkane C9OO. r, rj7-?0/ 5 AT SIS. tr?tcaeM-street—Fnmished Bid ?iX S'.ttins-rooni, use titcheaecte, gas, cod ) reairaees. 22/ C. r574i0/ J* A X 50, Sjden2iao:.road, S>3rtrood—Large veil . jIV faraiiljei Front Bed-Sitting Esom, kitchen i- electric lijrbt, every convenience, rent maierale - r/_ AciJiL?EC?r vmc27)2v for 2>Q^lncSE gi^i£ or xnarrifi] coople. n-CYj conitort; 'Phoae 7351; tran to Joor, moderiic tarifl.—3o. HiU-strcet Xord , AS-ia'.i-. ' r/ A i la, Jiclso.n-stroti, Co-op, stiiu-— Dauii* 0 jiT*. Room, comlortably fumistoed, coa\-eaiences oecirai. rs9^;u/ AUOIIE for Middle-asc-d lady, to tlure will elderly lady for company; smail rent ;, Stale^ rtiision; reference^ will also be required —"tastern Suburb," this office Tuesday. r/ > 4 IaI'UBVOR, 2i, \V*keSeld-strcet. Kent Towi n —Vacancies, single, double, Eh?re balcosy r, pians, hot baths, first class table, garage, ejf. wasaiag; iram 30/. —'Phone 5392. r59-01f B'UKMiiHED or UnfuraiEiicd Frou: Room, os dinins-roonj, kitchen.—3D, Hnncriss-Atreet is Torrensvillc. r59-G4/ . A COO3IMOUATIOX jffeirf GaiLieman, privau s A home.—3l. Mann-ter., Xcaii Adelaide - -Six ca^ tST-9/ SVKOLE Furn:siied Bsom, back eiilraine, 8/. —27. Knnjle-st.. Ken: Tjyn. rj7-9; —^STEAXUiajS and Others, 51 requiriaj Board, Furnished. Unfurnished Flats, Xia . Cocai?, all cac^yn'enceg, consult us; no chaise ? —Uinnie Wood, Evaas Building, Jamcs-plis <c!de? Grand TSeatre). if r 4—FDEXKHED Hats, Eooms to bei; alse s JjL Board, Keadenec. Save time, lares, encr<r> . oy inspeoUng- oor esculent list; no <SaTge pob 1 "C.7-J. A. Samders & Co. <E?ddi!nrial Assocn.), ? Albion House, 2*, IVav^nociii-ft^ 1 minnle "Ad . yertisg" Office, rigat-hanil s'^e. t[ "? AT 277, Sonth-tcr^ Double Roams, nso kit- J3L <3ien and caareniencs; electric light. i^o-eof Att Clisses Board, Booms, Flaa, Haases ? -J-*- Farnishei UnfnmlshcJ, availiblo.—Collim r and Temple, Kiier's Beddings, Km^ miliiin-^t. . Adelaide. rj3-0~8/ ? A 7 255, South-terrace—Vacancy for tjmM - >C - Caits. 'PUone 515. r594!0/ - A >XTJXISHE? Kat to fct, SO/, modern con ? mCX. voniencps. tiro <ioors Enb'eld car.—11, Col icje-avenuft. Proprwyit. LiTica. cutlery. r/ 5 AI1 ixi, AaeUi^c-rd., Glenclg-, A'acaacies Tades - -J^. man Bosrc-as; early breakfast. r5C,9,61j ABOVE requirtj by Gent, in private family, tritain "Two Seetioas." this oflice. r/ AT Xo. 1 Easrxooi-tcmce, Eastwood—Su pcrior Beard end Residence, 'pbote, earage. 1 attention assured. Cent. 3415. rsH^il/ BOABO Bespectablc Honest Yoan; Man. wash im, mending.—^HorodiJle, Sll. JV^keS^d *? street east. T57-CU/ BFJ.AI It or UUIs, bandy towa, Yoon^ Ijadj like BoarJ, private iamily, willuuj Assisi ;" ligat honsework.—"Sociable." this office. r/ ' TJEAIjTIKTLLY Fumidird Front JUalcony Bed ? JL> S;ttin?-rcom. with kitchen.—36, lliik-tcr., : Xorta Adelaide. Ccul. SSI. Garage and all 2 conveniences, also vacancy superior Guest Home, married couple cr two grmta. ra3-S / > /^OMFOKTABLE Furnished JJoublc Fnut fioom, "O cojrrenicGccs, facins sqair* 1. —?McFau!, 15i. ; aurtio-sn. Tav-CQJ ; /^<oillrX>ErA!JLE \acancy lor Centlcmic. so^le '\j room;* 'phone zennls eoui^. Rln^r 3?. t 1745. rSli-CO/ rf^ITY, 6Sa. Hanson, iK-tv.ten and Carring \J tan streets —Ecspestable Boarjcrs, piano, ZQi. T59-CU/ ? f^iUZAi; Furnishod Booms, use oJ diciu^-room, Kj kitchen, gas and nlcnsils. —Central Dining ' Rooms. Semaphore, 'phouc 18. rSC-S/ ? fULEAN* Double nci:-S:ttais-ro&3i, we!l fnr ?\J nisbed, coEVLnicuces, £1, sin?3o. —210, - Hal3ax-st. r57-60/ COMFORTABLE ILsase, Gcnticmai!, picr.s, wash his, srood rible, early breakfast—lo, Seg3id-atcnn-_% St. Peters. rST-CO/ r {\T£JIS Furnishtd1 Jlak-ony Bea-Sttiaj-rooai \J vacant, cocvcniences.—l69, Hanson-street, 1 City. I^l-601 f^ESTAIAJO, 104, Souih-terraue—VacanciC?; \J terms mjierate. r37-S/ I Home for Boarders, tiagk Kj rooms, tsrly lircakftrt. —333, Angas-st., i (stt. ros-ay : TROUBLE Furnished BeJ-Sitting Roams, teps- XJ rats kitchens.—G7, Mo!eswonJi-st., S.A rt7-9/ EDW-VaBS'S Hotel Xevnnarkei—Bei Breakfast frlm ?/; !sedro:3is, froni XI iwSly; Karajre; T52-Gl/ FL'KMSUEI) Flat. tver>- e^iv-nioa^.-s. cantc-c. goad licaUtr.—^*s:. JEUa:;," I'Jradu, Xonrsjd. r57-r.o,' '? "TTTOV," 115, Uuct-s^—Unexcelled cuisidc; 5 £j carage, minute G.P.O. Hioue 1",313. Tit-Q*! i "pURMSHED BoDms, larjre. airy, clean; al' _ JL madern contt-nirare, 'phaie, garage.—X3. 1, Ea-=twjoi-t<Traw. Eastwood. r59-61 / FEOST Bed-Sittinfr. hciiw. cnn\^r.iencss. 15/. —25, GibbouE-st. off Strangways-ter. ' i-iC-3/ i I^LAT, famished, self-tonainef, Xonh A3e - JJ ]=!.]-. vstaat saoalv.— L^plds--. Thamss street, ITnV'y. tj7-60^ ! I^L'B-VJSnrJ) ]>?ia!o itoom tn lei. nso iiJthca. - -I? —3S. Mole=worih-ft.. >~ortb Adelaide. rig-CQ' V "17HJBMSHED Flat, Jtooms, breakfast.—Kara- I 1? weera. 59. Mil^-terracf. K.A. Cent. 1074. I rjs-3/ 1 'T'L'KMSHEI) Uou!>le Beiirojm and ki:ohfn tc 1 X? Let.—Jlis. Robinson, Darid-ter^ Kilkenav - T56-00/ ' r 'K'UBKISHED Flat, lfl/fi cparate ??crance flol - 1? gas.—37. Rnndle-st-. Kent Town. rr>9^jQ/ i fTICHVISHEn Flat, separale entrance S5/. 3s! ? JC section. 12 car.—7o. Charles-st., Xor wood. r> ,; TJiOEMSrIED Roam to Let, suit M>sp!:ctali!< JJ cmjvlc.—34, atmdle-st., Ken; Toua. ? r^3-60/ I T^UKXISHED Front B-'ln?m, separate li'.ciira, - J acinlts.—B, King WiliUm-rd, Xonii Unjcy. rir-H/ t Tj'UBSISUED. two Double Beiltooms, dininz _ JJ room, kitchf-n. all c^nveniencps: :-iea: po^i c tion, eea front—7o. Esplanade, Ucnlev. Phone 383. r!7iwas9/ TAVISTOCK HOTEL, ': Rundle-street EasL 'Phone Central ISSS. > SUPERIOR BOARD AND RESIDENCE. r Bngle or Doable RjoasL HOME FBOM HOME. '- Every Modem Convenience. GARAGE. &r. j Olerbg for Dinner Partiis I ipedalty. Vf Is-dite style. : TEEMS MODERATE. : M. RASHEED. - rSOPBrETOB. ?Phoae CenTT?l ISSS.

BOABD_AND_RESipENCE. . I^L'UMSill^U Doulilc _.-i_" Sin-le It(?_i4 -tv 1 *? l-Ci, _ill ojci'cni'-nc__>. ?—_? __> ll_l3;ij-r-srrtiii, *-''~y-__ to'j-cot_ ' |^<LKNKL_ —Ai?ve onV.r-1 C Tit ifiuo "trvn" \X -.??-.J tali:???—--. I'^ririJsru-st. IJTS)/ : if^Li;:-.!;^^—fce rur-:*:-,.?! KcSm. ? : _i k!: -,vX tb-.-a; ida:-.i. —IS. AJc'.-luc-ri. '11.I1.- 343. vT 1 s_::i_:e (>a-\ w|.i_:e ki:'c_c_.-,—l, H.i'.>crt' 1 1 !??!?.? 'I'hon.- (.Kilos 10 ti. rat-JiH/ V_W i_i".r.''_[j fc^itc; jK>.:-ii"vi_; cou-.ic__.ioi*. icrtn. - ii!<ne]r_S9iis. I-l;_2'l_ GkStI.CMAX rf-q!i.rc, a.ore ?";11l pr.vate l?m -??^' -O tt*>ouvii!'" or (Jr^'d^uj Tooni to self. —"Cr.\vion." -liis rJ7-60/ . /^lENF.l.i;—Koalas \_;ant, pmr.aTir.nry ii <3e * VJT birtd, luai-lv, mar Li^u-.—, " rtrect. '_ r_7^;3,' ,fi LEMiU;—Lnf;ini.>!ic- FrmrE Uinias-iucai. ! "X Bolmoa, Kiu-cii. ?tt cna?_n:-._??. hjj. Ti*o c:i;ranj>-. _a7_t^v. tcro.—^"'lluiior," >*3rti Ks<!jna:<". 'i'!ia:v Bii 1. rjO-f.')/ , /^LEXKM!. _us-cx-si. —_-.-il-C<>_:_iii?l 831r..r.j J vT __i! I'ov/a-Tair l"b:. _iod?raie rt_f. Apnijl Orjsctl- 11am _hoii, uptfO^lte Qtiv ——lUun 1 f^LEyi^Ai, jciiy-ra.. furs?h?<i roams?:?din - V3T ins, k::c;ic_.—Alb_oj- Uouic. MiUcrs Car - Ti£^ T3C-B ; /^LESF.U;, sclf-^mtain?! furnUhcd fct, i bod. xcuiiis, d^niuj^' _3n_i I_itc_ic3.^—2 _? Utto-i -* /^OO1? Home for i-dy or gcat. r-vorr convc- \X -ic-^c.—lo, A_g'.o-av., r_rks:_o. r3C-9/ ; /^ILEXEU;—I.*;, FuraJslipJ IJal-Siltiai Boom, s tv?. —"I'riv-te lioai.'- .iils^omctf. "Irlifi"*.; - /^ILEXELG—Ur-nd Kesidential (late Coffei J VI r?:atc). Y-canclcs. Uleuels SJ. Gl_Sy_L? —S-jlf-cj-tainwi Flat, new, -JSicS furniture-.—_o, _usse_.sU t 'fhcue 1"0'j. GUOD ISoari an- Kaside-ce ior steady n'o:_ia: Mm. vaibinj, irooinj, and meaiiins .-ijucv - —13S. (te-iana r5?-fil/ rf^J_EXTIJ3M._S require* Laise, W_H4m--_ec VJT 15-bo_y Bcs-Sitting-room, w:ti BaarJ an: taeadin^c. in private home—"Qpeu Wock,' c tbig office. TafMJOy 1 l^1 L-XEIjU. I_, ;?<>? Wall, liiicoav, :om__cs VX S.C. t-i:, -Ju'.u unly, ttnn.—Tlioa? li ~ '_ rj<i-9 HOMK o(rea.-d workiiis eirl. iijadry. srctioa —11C. _t_cki_no_-par_<)s. Lower s,rd Adelaide. TiO-COl HUMK from iioaJC—Fumislisd Ifedroia, suit aMc for Ijiy; one section.—l\J)., IS, L*. ;. Hunte-sircj-u W-yyille. r/ - TlEXLEV—Arcadia, Kbp—tna-C, Fijts -ln-3 Ac- Jn ecmico-itim avjiiaV.e.—Pno-e II"n!?t X2l- ?_ r-5-9/' '- Tlitf r-mL-ied U-crase, soft yon_s cuuple, XX every co-vonience.—"L-on^i_*_/' llol brook's-road. UnJerfl-le. r/ l_g ENLKV, Fspl_nade, best positiou. Apartments, XX _c. tv^ery conircnicncc.—-'Phone Benlej "li: T56-3/ - Tll'_>li P_rt—Vacant. Famished BeUrojin, ilin- XX In^r-room, S. kuchea, g—s, E.l_, co-i_ai enecs, miautc car.—S, WiHi-in-st. Thine Unlij c 2549; _!__9W_ - jJOilfi, young Man, 23j. one BscUjn, Burn- XX side c_c.—0 f Ch irkt.-_L, _Tomood. TSV-00/ - TXVALJU, aged cr coav-lesceirt, comfort_M X T-arncy. —Eing Cent. 687-. TS7-CO/ KILKENNV —Board, single room v-nted, by . yonns zn—n, near Etation this office. jr/_ T ADV desires Uoir<J ai bc-cb, E-tgle roa-i,''la^ :XJ ing sei prcicrred. Terms, particn_us, "At Once." this office. xj_ EET, U—fcniisbc- Fro-t Boom, to _—sy. —£s, St. Jo'mi-suc-e: (off IMilax-.trcet e-ft), Ciy._ r/ LADY requires £ partly iurnishtd Boomf, Pros pect, refined homz, board, ne_r 3lct_— sn. . Builer-Etrcet.—^"llonest," 16, I'rofpsict-raji. r57-tiO/ . T —T, Uni-rn^ied —toom ar part Ha—se, gaz—fi X- if rgqaire-.—Xonraoii 2iaB. raSnioy . T ET, nicely I-mlshei Single Bei^-tinp Bobm. X- —265. So-th-ta east, CUy. rST-fO/ I T ET. weUJarni'jcd Flal, bpsircss -fiolts. J, i X_ BarUcy-CT-icent, Wayville, first section. .' . r56-9/ tAEGE Boom, electric light, rait ?vorkjn£ man, all convenic-ces.—IC. _U>a-t--_t. ? r5?-9/ LASGE Unfnraished Boom, use of Jdtchen. con veniences, sas lisht. —IS3, Unley P.O. - . Xj_ ? "T AUIUSIONV" n?_t Fire Siation. City—WeU- Xi funisbed FUr. kitcheuc-tic, 'pixie, linen, . aJ-l-i. rSC-n/ LADY alone, will let Half Famisbed Boose, trell Eito-ted.—"Modem," this office ? T59-CI7 f f ET, Cnfonuj—lod Flat, telephone, sex—_-:_? ,Xj —si, _?£evre-ter., 2>"or-i Adelaide. C 680 S. r563/ MArEOXHT Borne. "Kewpie," Knrse Wil liams, 4E, Chatham-load, Eestrick. King ?C-e-O-I Sl7i. . rj7-63/ , "IS"ABB-ED Couple -'-Dt* Board, Senup-ore oi i?X L-rgs.—^"Couple." diis office. r39-^l/ ; TIffATEKMTV Home, moderate terms. —Silvi f -.tJL Aron. Flindcr&-£_, Ken: To-n. Ce_tr-1 657-. TST-00/_ - "ftTAS -amis Boss, rstsonable, batching; state iIX tFn-6.—-S-bri-ty." this o-ije. r/ MABSI-O Couple hare Dj-Me Faralfihed Bod room.-—6. T-bmt. Hose Eai-. r59-60/ "VTICS Doable Bed-Sitting-rsom av-il-ble, con ' Jyt ve-ie—ces, cl—v, —oaidv.—3o3, _Torth< ' lerrace; r/_ "VT-A- LADY offers aiove. Easiness Ge-t, laree ' J-l room, _R_p-]-t at-iched, *phane. Appij "S-mley-street," iius office. r57-?/ "WfOBTH Adelaide, -fa-boumc-su—WeU-For '.- --1 nished Flat, c-ragc.—Central 2669. s fS?__A/_ ? "VTOBTH Adelaide —Vacancy Genaeman. sclcc: —-^ home, beautifully situated, m_mte car. s Central 743*. r/_ "VTOBTH Adelaide, 2t. Moteia:or.h-st.—Vac-O-tet - -Lst b—sincss or professional men: car—?c C. - 3251. rSS-61/ -T^VASZA," 143, Ward-i_, Xorth A_c!aiac — . J-tI Furnished F-ii, EnrrieJ couple, boiiness ,' :.i_lies. . r57-<iti/ , "VTOEm Adelaide, 19*.—Fur_l3ie- JSI Flat, piano, bed-sitting room, separate - kitchen, garage, 'phone. raY—so/ , TO'OBTH Adelaide. 119/ Uarioa-ier. Wcs— J-* Superior Board, Bc-racnce; ssrage.—Cent. . 510; T57-CO/ PSIVATE Borne, bachelors- e^.iMishTnent. ten nis court, vacancy Paying Guest.—?'"Prafes r sio-," this office. T57-9/ L T)UI\'ATE family have vacancies for Two Gcntle 'AT mefl Boarders, roDm for moto_?, e\^ery con - \cniencc, tvithin casv access of city, terms reason , able.—"CeHo." this -Jffipe. r/ PRIVATE Uo_; offers above to Two refined Gents' or lj!iuJ&f> f**w car and ous-^-^59, Su-th-tt7. rSB-9/ R-FINKU Board, Bcside-ce. rcqnired by een ilcjn_a; garage for car.—?'"A'airne," this . affic^ r/_ RLSI'BOI ABLE Yo'Jc^ I-dy like position bhoe. St-tionery, or Fruit Shop.—^lwe-ty-one," :!l:s o?icc. k/ ? TfESPKCIABLK Young Man requires perman-nt >Xt Board with private f-mUy prefened, loom . ?lf; <Jleot!s of St. Lej__r_s; full tcrms-T— . "Little W-rry." this offise. r-3-CO/ ; OEMAPHOKi; Double and Sinsls F. Jtotnns, O conveniences, n__nte lins, traiit, -each, ? x—oderate rest. —Ardemish, comer _re_?n-£t. , Milirary-road. >'or_i Semap-ore. r/ Svaij. Furnishod Flat oa tramline, garage.— "Th'jty Shillings," tiiis office. r53.9/ ' QEUAPUOIiE, to Let, Famished Boams, all O conveniences.—Mrs. Hurley, Palmero, Ben i son-street. rjC-9 ? OIiPKRIOtt Home, two pents, gisd table, tram ?J a'- daor.—^26, Wa!tcrv-le--er. r57-?3/ SOUTH-tcrr-ce, 25S—Furnished Front Bedroom, diniprr-room. also balcony B.glt. T57-9/ SEJIIFnOEE— Furnished Booms Vacant fiftti house from Esp-ui-de, Sooth-ter.— Vit E. Xyilfion. t-j<;-3 " OtJl'iiKJOll Accemmod-tioa Gentlemen, early - J_l breakfast, all conve—iences.—11. Hcvrh_& e_. Xonh Unle}-. xl QINGLH Furnished Boom to Let. £as, bitli, ! O heater, —168, lialifa--tre_t, Cit.r^ r/ SGACUFr —ConimrKUotii Fnr-islied l-_ii_, Etdt coQta—led, rl^ht on beach, short or lons torais for iolidays. Bins Brighton 335. ; r57-CO/ SUP-BlOtt Furaishei Hj)m, fce_i?, garaae.—24l, Flinder^-t C. £704. ! r57-0/ . OEUAPHOEE-aOAD—LargB UiifamisiieJ Front O Bojrn. use kitchen, near beach, train, btre. . adalfs, 12/ -week. £-!_, p—s-—C/'o C-m-n'f Aac! ion Bomis. */ _ T\VO Bus:nc_ Girls, -niiiing iliare room, ?_nt Boarj si CJcnc"?, lKnnaucntJr, ia re-ned liorop. j?rivn;o or oilier—'isc F_ll partlcnlaTs lo "Mire-,- ;ii:< o?li?. r/ rpo Lot Famished S.C. FUt. eoiu_aieii._<.— X ;, itato-iTiace. Sf-juphore. _Tssl?__ rpo Let, Well Fumislied Double"Front Bedroom, X T3?? Kitchen, baih heater, close city Wakcfiold-st.. Kent Ton-. rs3~.iiu/ TWO Donble Be--&uii_--room£, |>riv-re home, nw kitchen, riot c_s. hDater. electricity, -* laundry-—3O. Ki-torc-si- Thebcrton. mor-i-s^. * Ti7-eof . miUCCAGOE {louse. Soath Esp__iad?—Far , X nishei Apamnents.—WHkfy. rst-C0 , rpo Let, uell-fumuhed Double and Smjjle Rooms, ? X conveniences.—l3S. West-terrace. r59-?l,' TOOBAE —FurnU-ed Tlar, g-r_re, jTiwte home. 110, llcnitt-aicnue.—^Pioae Xor c w.Tod 1404. -.57-a '|iO Let, 3 Booms end KiU-bcn, all conve X nif-ncos;.—2. M^T^ren-st.. CHy. r/__ ' fpo Let. 2 Unfar-isrieil Booms, separate kitchen X conieaxnces, c?s stave.—2, Unioa-si_, Hydi P-rk; aligiit Arrhar-5_ r/ fpnrO Boarders, males prcfrrred, s!_ire roora , X one beczion. respectable —unily.-—Mrs. - Vlsnt, la. Smrth^t^ Southir-rfc. -ficr S. rS9-?lf fpWO Unfaraished B?ms ta Let, use kitchen X convaienres, £1. including gas. dectrii lig-t.—IS. L3moad-_v., Beulab Cstato. r59.61.8/ rpwo L'niomUhcd Front Booms, use kitchen. X —53. Sja Yi^n-r—. Hfntey. rSB-60/ rpo Let —Large front Boom, faro-hed, —327 X Jeffcxt-greet. Xorth Adelaide. r57-9/ fpO Let, Kioelv Famihcd Doable Froat Itoam X —2S. Ad--street, Ci?y <a?t. T57-6PJ ??fpaiPf^EUO?X" 39, nai-strcct.-Korth Adc X laide. SuTierifir Acrommodatin. fins>, double x-acanrjes.—C. 051. ra I-*:*)/ 1?WO Furai<_ed Booms to Let.—le7, B:mi_ . -:. f-mh. roT-g.' ? TTMIXnXISH_I). o:ic- uio- Boom, an-_s? xJ ".^ilo, -it-'-fa::. —"L'-ic;, _ad Section " j ;li:s office. r5~-t' ; VtaCAXCV for Bieady ?-iar<lers, early Inv-k -i ? fast, all ouiiiciiicno.-A.—l-6. Cil'wrr*-, i Ci'^^j^ X 57-3/ j \J-ACAKCY, Gent, ?hare Ti3_i witli one-—lO, IV, Bailwaf-tiT- MQc-Eni. " a?7-fO/.

BOARD AND HESIPENCE. . . _ ? \7'ACANCV far ?o les?e=__>le Wadeae Jfca.fl _, i o-rly bn*iirfy.—Brow-e. Trmrim-t. icmspiorc. ___________ tSi-O-> ~, '. IMCiST, Single Fanu-hol lkrd-Sirttar-raait-^ r > i,u;: :>___-? lady.—lsS, Welli-jtl-i *_,' \T- ACXXCV. Two Gentlemen, tingle mni*/ vj;e iuaie. minute car.—3. BliwrwilJ ~- I. s-vfet, Hyde T*rk. 'Phone Cnley 1861. -tSMjf ?;:_ VACANT, near car. Two Union-shed fia-B-.-* ?oa? -replace.-—"-tamely Courte.** _-fc -1 OffiCC. ?f ' -l V caces.'—23, Cover-street tsut, SieSbJO^P i- i3iJc- Adults. ; rST-CBf ; :. "CTACAXC-ES Gitulcbi-i Boarders, one c-etfc-t; J v carlv breakt-si.—3. l)emieticrille-_9_a_e.~ :. Kent Town. Sw^. VACAXT, private, bit-hoier. C*ot._<_t washing.—-57, Je__>it_t, Jfoita ___Jj_)n,S? i. . rtr-w/. - \rACANCIES far Gentleman Bati-tra. c_a-' b * fortajlc borne, Ist sec Unlcy imi'" ' ?Airilircy." I'ark-terracp. -s—/.- -j T "tr^CANT, F-niiEbcd Bed-Sicxae Boon. ?ea-- *~ S- * rate kiichentttc. suit busmen ct_t*s3__>* Jnicuie tra_- —Si, Ward-*-, Sih. AdfctaUe.- rST-W „ i- "IfACAiTCIf Bsanjers, every enia?c(L WB*? r- ? a?-. —"St. Emo." -I-nrooo. JSt C t- \fACAXT. Furnished Bed-Sitting-Boaa. i?_t^ i- * two friends.—l£9, ~ etty ** * _________f<S5! " WAXriu)- ?^ic_able Boarder. TOUm-M-frj' --shine, mendms-—*S, .IT-run r;-_l__f_jj i, TIT-MED at nay. one Itn-Al. ?m-~ fl^f i- " ejen. near beach, abxit 10 _*jm.-*_____?S / Apply H. o. Silke, ,' -.JF^ag; ?c \TTAVTEI). _ig_~-cias- Board; -i_ fcriiifijt' TV family. fcn:r -Jclis, one ____. "tjBUJL - W-^Tai -have (or two iori-ecnt _taa_3fe t n. Jr. uith -ccoromaJaUan tar ccr.-3?£g i \\7AXTED. Untarnished or Back 80-n,-'4-b_% - -_*— ~-"Archie." ths office. _£*__£__! WASTED, C__ rnfami^ B^^'-.^&g, couple, TwSi aivay _! day. efcy liiiftni- *~ . Apply .2, To-usey-st, OKy. iSHtfSsi " VS/AXTED, above. Two Decent Tumi ?V 1 ? ¥ Mile-End prcfererd; no biU-Hf-w^-ffi \, ?pplj-—^Bro-n-V this office. _sy?fa_| !- T]n__a_a>, Fu_i_ed BeJ-SUtinc Boe-HiAjS *? Yduus JUuj, close to City Aaplr>S__£^ _ am," aik office. * "-gf-^ n WfAXTED by jTiims auaried couple, -gr'JnsExi ? ? no cfcCdTra, __ U_tm__3ie4 Flat _riiS_t§l :- oS iJoagilow. Brot, _?.. to *iu_i__ ____U_RSe s- o?ix. E-ceUent crede-tuJx, "_?i_j WAXTEU, hy nunied eonple, in E-nt'S-_?i Uaciaey; prnate bne Trretensd.- -#Bg r dreg^lSO. Pjraehani-ro-a, St >5-re. t_TS_Ms WHSTEO. Calu'ro ithed, 4 ttom _n_ \lU___^j .. . tttc Xarth _J_u_e pralem-. f_S>^^ !- ticu—rs, ieot. &_, _s Trivaie E-taiuXL** y*?nj? effise. . . is&pig£>3B& i. V UEtc Man TOP""g jhove. ?ith mlm-J^B r X family pr-Ten-d, mom ?lt, St. XmS-bSS or Glcncls; peraumeat; terms.—"^fo 4l___3S_l "_ tins office, -SflOf^al S- ??- -wall Hnotber.—-61. Ui-cy-id. rs?jHlfM ?> Ui,f L"I_S. Hocms to Let. sac, TTT ;-11 t-rtj* - <V —B. Vcroo. Percy-ter. !__?%. ?aas? Woita. K-faanr (Lame- Houa;>. . gfea^ ?76, ABCBEK-cti?t North A-dtoMi. TBIM c ? Clean Furnidica lted^itlJDC^oa?L ' 'SmS i Boom. ?_it t?ro- Joan- men or'luiiliiln Itli_CfB |. electric light. -? of fcitchen. ? -.*StSvSM S. HOTELS AND HOLIDAY BESOKflk*. _| ?- A IJ3CATE—Funu_he_ Fo_r-nx-aed Oo__nt'a->w t J%. Ut—Wrav, 33, Kam-an-ne, Rewffl__^^ i. *T Victor -Vangy- VflU"—T_oto_?, ?*a_-0| . Xl- SO/.—-Gsb_s lew-i and Ease. ' -^^**^| '- AT **r.iT<-j tjn^;' yir*m__n-?> ?'r i ?n'liif^ l. _X li_a. Cezuxal posi_taa.— jfr- 3^f*ll*^_' a ss. ? -WtifSll AT Victjr—Cjmt. *"—**" . _ -snla.jeUM- # |nnt S £- 5/, garage 'Hione 3S.—V TViTiiii* § / i ; _________E__ii - *A~nim" Tlrtnr nulinin nui- tm JD [ commodatia? -risitots. _t_r liiii_ ' B|_Xl , -Ha. T-jne 198. --I^?^^ Accommoditlon.—Mrs. f hijafj 5 Victar £07. ______l_____!^ xV. facia; sea.—Boi SS; 'pbaae 251. - T'fc^ i- , . _?s__a___s AVOCA, VicK* flirbanr; Accommo_lH?_Lft_M tis-uos. opposite Institute.—Mrs. - 'phone 66. ' ' - - - _ . hta-^SfjsjgS ? 'A S T O B I A. 8 E A O I.,i_p3_s| -t3_ __v Sot Bed-eoti-l Cmt iTi-iii ?*? "n* , boo-ine for Febnuuj. FJist-cUa 6_mce,'-e_6_K" 3K lenl cuisine. ffSuoe -B*ig—lijti _^, ?'? ' ? c^@ !. JC3L Semapbote, Bcmdxy Dnmcn and Xesa^^C^^l c-J -rst-da? J i?v mmM >.ti wl ; Cng^,,^^^ j A—jaiMVKPr.R^ yfi*.?- H^ffrnar—Tftrt-tiiwg -_-. J-acommniTarfon Tbis midl^ium ?oe?-"^ . EUnne is stOl 'cnaer the n_u_uj_m_at at J_ak.__^i . D. Ecock. 'Phone 10. Viator H_r-o_r. - ' ?? "~*jm ?' hSUam6ff*.^sn i A COOMMODATIOX st "SeafortV Tiet_r-_? _C_- baur.—Slisses £__ 9t ?_>-D_ e A T Vicar Hmr-o—7——e_d_ .Sims, xd_etv-d—b^ - ?£V nitied, facing sea. Terns and p"**r£p^*> I- ?_ application—Sirs. E. 3. ' UHUnrC V *naiii I Tlctor SSI. -6^irytlrg3 '' tfOOK "r-r-'rr. ITrl Jrrra|i iTn li i'iiwiTF i- £? able now. e?_cj_bl_E provided.-—_l.a-C . lonr-sU rrosped. _Si-gffJ?|^j c _?t___tA?VO>~ Soase. l-hua-aoZ t ' "' r Vv id-ni-r__u_tc__* I_o__i -__t_-^_! . W. Priest. .. * hs??T#fe - "EjtDWJkBDS'S Batet KeK-UD-xt—Bed, ?*—??r?j Hi from 6/; Bedrooma, from £_ ?ce-bs garage- -_____SStg '- TfEUX; Basse, Mount -af^-C-mfart-Ue 3*Bi '? X commodi—ta, ligh^ ten-is: teai -i3det_te.—'Piio-e SHiii-s 273; B. Cl.-B. X-E-BG ? Proprigtres- . bSSJBtfS9. '- rTIIXS. Furnished Booms to I*t, pmtimmt^S ? -O- 41-irri.—Mas. A. A. : rr_b_co_Z—:>S_?#i - roplars," Montacnte.' ~ '- .' ." t&j&f^m 1 fXESVEV —Sora F.spltmde, -Udbtie, -'-?h__eS XX Home.—-Its. H. Bidunu Batter ~4tK*f J c l/"AKCABOO I__nd—iccammoa-tlan t_r??_-S . JJ-. tort, Ajurtments, near iedy; ??—??? .i.~jj? - Sonenfa.^os Bay, ____________?__-^B ? TriSGSCO-E; E__sar? Wand.—^SenMSP . XV Gnest Home; toad table, -BoaaHfiii - ariff.—Md_ EUsto. -JtW-Jf^ " "If ITrTT "H|-| nm- I i|iniu iMi'ni__Mi . J3M- o_t_n, t__ais ?s_rt; _ax_k-I_i-.-^ 2X___-^ . -tiri-ig i6s. ? m-^uafaig OD-,-T.tofty, rSpoaisK-o-" nml lf—i r T Comfin_We t~?-m.^tlim tor On_i!_i*s nocemte tariff.—'P-one BtM-ig 185. .. -M?#^ 1 HfT. IOFW—F-rn-ied B-oUb T?ca_t,=*B_S, , 111. 20th Febm_rv, EUL. 'Pome BtfSmMAiiA I_—___________W^ OKr Ellio:—"lhomt__," V__i_cil? xar !!T_-^f N tots; good ____.—___. ___x. ff "f TSl"ri* - 'Phone 60. .tfsfrTT'll i -pOET Hlott—-Ede-" offera tom-ty.? .?ua_S X molition; moJente aiUL—Un. _ia____& , '"?-" S?- ? /- ? _?-^f.:a_s ? T?OEr E-iot.— "tnynuh," Best n i-t'T' " Meyec ?Phone S9. VaSSthi T>OHT EUlot- *^_Ji-"^-TlpA--.w. tSTMt-ft^^'^ > JL froai March S. Book ?__jsPfc_SJ ? Fran- Rag*. 'PJij-e 61. _j?|rgSp " uum- taiiot, "Jli_jre_io_iit"—Goad Jin nil '* X .ation, ho_ie tram home. ___~.ja?m_r", " 'Pbone 1?. _sgg^ "OOBr Elliot. Trafalgar House." So-ESnvf -1 excellent cuisine. "Piun- Dliot IU;J-CKS - Cent STOi. lbs. H_rtle Gilpin, Propri_ta_K^ ' GEU-PaOBE-^-T-ished Aoanment^ t3_^B *T> ola," Xorfli Esplanade. £c_rr <j_ikj___a-W , —'Phone 95. liCT^Wfagg. '|W Let. "Victsr Be<sht," Hill*-, Tic_w___ti% i X bonr.—Superior FamUbed Home, -oarSagDn^ . roams, convenience*, motor crt-ge.—*P_o_e J_S.^S ? fcM-siy-^ p rilHB Vistor Uorbonr Coffee Palace tfen?Cal r X meals and -cconunodaHon _or si-tt-n,'M-lea?^| :i-in and beach. Daily vu-tom c_tei_J_toe^'# , Box S. 'Phone 7. Proprietor.'W. O.~ftl___s£S i * " htStwticZM. VICTOR H_rhonr—Goad Aecoini_o-?tion,"-ratif homely people.—T_one SB*. __hv ifTpa-il 5 D 32: ______§?I§S§| t/jLii4B. **!—n— ii?;u—_u*^ —stoper—ar RM^^P V sUibed Booaut sa Irani-re; date ?__3?l_fe , 'Phone -09. M_ali*?l^^ ?\7"ICTOB —-C-rltoa." Accommo-llion < -4tob£ > lisitors, moderate terms.—4ln_._loot?.^V* t ' - -57-??y^ , "TTICTOE Hjrh-nr—Fonu-taed Boom? r ?.--i'jj3 s V dose bea-s, e-t-ge.—-F_o_e 268.- ?_?.?! Pirinej. _57-?/J' t "1/TCTOR Jlarbonr—Fonr iSirniiJ-ij JSm-v'-v i V ncant Mirci 19t_.—Mrt. ?. Wa__Sftl ? Con-more. -? - hBJ-CB/'J . TTICTOE EUrbdor, gjod __so_i_ud-tiDD "<itS( - V risitoni, =eir be,r_- X-one ITI T?ii "^ wnime-t. h?6B.a?a_Hf<a- S . "VT-CTOoTlIar-o-r—~noodb_ie~ -_eoo_a_-_a-*!> , ▼ tion n-itore, central ri-IHm ' T'iwh I*** ~ . ?-'!rteni. . VS&IS&M ' "V^CTOtt Harbor—7-rooi_e_ ITinnr. Mi—.f* ' ""?dorta-le. oraiUUe iwfl 4.—Ma. ?.;? ?? Tngwell. 't-ione -71. ; -_J?^? *? - "T7ICTOR Ba7_o—r<—Accodunodt£lon S. ar Vfcit??K. : ~ ▼ Cen_al position; toni ano——B—e.—Va_^* ya-iom. 'Phone 17P. MM*|a-^ "' iEOTIHEN 863 ___?T?i__? §, -^ - 1-PKg^j?Ka ?? r**Mii^ t tn_H——Bl—___-MvF—II. t_—?T—?? f - lU^^^^^^n?ww o_-c__f___i"3 '" le prPlMtMEll" rin . - s! ' ? ? - fc-ei—c"'" - rnne ?r.a o c to ?*j_.|c^ fe THEhGRANDE. r. BRIGHTON. ! - ~^a> ___________I—9B_____!l—_BS__7* . EPI.-KDID ACCOWIODATION. alODO^^m :? TARIFF. GOOD 7ARU- , >, %.S4S ?Phane Bright-- AD] <.^|S '? . Coiitiiiaedpn???su^i^|

'< . " Continued from Page 5. i Hotels and holiday resorts. i ."irWJrtli— ?Vtrtym?Te." bnperior Accommoda , >▼: tian, 'moderate tariff, cental position, gar ! ase; lew vacancies.—'Phone 31. E. Hoote. I :' hSS-69/ '' fmyyTO?. **PjimiTrah" — cinnA AccuuuuodatiOD \. iV far Visttan; tariff, £S 10/.—'Phone His. j HaiW. _, h54-?3/ t \TlUlt>R HarboOT, St. flamtin—Comfortable ' ? 4-v VBroiahefl Hoossa, homel)*. mhmte beacii.— -[ JBaHamlyn. hjg,?l^/ ? "\f ICTOE Hartx?r, Alpxaodra Hrare. —Accom- .' ' T modation br Tuitors, one minute beach. | *\7ICTOB Harbour—Wanted. Furnished Room 4IT and use of kitrben, Syr lormisbt. Apply . 1 29. Ctpper^t-. Sent T->wn. h< ? .\riCTOB. Harboor—Superior Fumiihci Bur?? -? -iy. low t> Let. after February 21. Acy tarn. AJs> Furnished Booms, available now. i. ~-9a: to. Ttotor. h?0-?i7 ? "?r?AOR Harbour —Good Accommodation for ?? tf tiriUna. near beach. 'Phone 121. —Sirs. i ymmc?t. D3S-83/ I j 'Oliatllt—Fomuhsd Flat to - Let, also Fur ! IV. ntehed Eooms, soperior, nice position.— ? rphaw, 8. Q. Kfcknam. a3S-6? ] XfJVUui. WOla, Belair. Ideal tar Smuaci '? ITT Holiday. Phone BUckuaod 47. :}, ; 1... h33Si-w:29/ 0 JmirAJTIED. Small Fnrnished Boose, for Barter, I AVf ions or aeaaide. —11, Bertie-sU VTcst Hind ' ""fc ? h57-9/ ?( i ? ? ? : i - LOST AND FOUND. j | A SSOWX Velonr Felt-Hat, between Xnriootpa ??; lidL" cad Tinxo; reward.—R, Brown, Eontore ':? ?v?- Prospect. 1/ ?'?' IA V>Kr BioocaT?ild Mttioff. between Botanic I ?£A- : :Park 'and Bundle-street; Tewazil.—32, Or | TOOnd-groTt. Toorak Gardens. J/_ -;tiTWttl> Fountain Pen, Blend? or city, Sun Jay. I *JT JUnmid. —H. lemon. Victor Mansirot, vOSeaelfc ; y_ I ?TOSt Fox Terrier Punpy; £1 reward.— _J Xi ' FDuex, 28, Gloncester-si, Prospect. i--^-' - U74i<l< ij k\aST-Fox Tan, between Bondle-?t. and station^ ? -*-* FHday; rewards—C. Trewartha, Compton aaa Adama, GrenfeU-rt. 1/ . j >X OST between Oahny-grove and third Eectian -1 J-i Tranmeie, White Material Wort, colored < ( yAnmxtftc3i£2-~—Mnmy, Sun insurance Office. hij ?: 38. TTaymcatt-sijcct. 157-9 5 IT OST, Bondle Blaniets. &c between Bnrra ?V'SJI ? ?nd^£annahai, February 7, 1927; reward. ?} SetJy to ?"Becord" Office. Kooringa. 156-8 ? t-.'^".ret, between lonon and Foster. Tueriay^— ? f.aU Om PirMtoD^ Tyre. 32 i **, aew; reward, I £-* A. WSliaimv Murray Bridsc. 1 -y-".- - . 156-3ri57/ "i :T OST, Kins BUllinj-etreet. Envelope, references, | '-M bnpoita?i; Kwad.—'Rune Glenelg SOl. 1 jf-QST, ion Oar SBS6I, in Port Adelaide dis !;' : Xi ?ckst, on Fridv. the 26 th msL, Leather Kit- I 1 'iwg.' mntifnlng two price boioa. plans, ssndriea. 'f^yVitidtr TemsdeA hbl Tetnmnur darkson, Lniired, j ; 'iAMaMe or Port. 158-607 !U. sTj-OSr, Saturday, near Bu?£ids T?ni!inus,~CT ", JLj in MBanc; Service car, Epectacles is. cue; re ' j.-?c?pa-— Oent ?546. I.' y iTOST, Friday morning,' Black Handbag in AaJ .Eden^st^ cloves and nandkerchiefs: re jti H. Sten-st. ; \J_ ?> Thtnslay, Dos. red. vhite points, pirt ?. v'^Li Setter, reward information, dead, alive.— ?1 V ynHngfan, Kay-s-nL, Claphun. CenL 3107. %??fcvpsr. Gold Bracelet, Babies, Pearls, between ? **-* " Eipanaa and Gawler. xevard. Apply T. ?^.s?? rAnson, Steelton. Th-me fiaddlenorih esi. .y. .?-/'?'??- ? ; 1/ ' J OSt, Kangaroo, Fide or South Payneham; jy-pUI toner ring Kanrood 1883; tcward. 1/ ?ft.-'^T ,VGr. Vmspie. on FrUay; whistles Cberry ii'-aU^ Mam. ?*&; (rirl'a pet; rewari.—lB, 8J68 .:> g?get, :yew-aiae-Ena.- ? ? 1/ fi-:JT:OST, Brown Fur at West-terrace Catholic -&fMJI - OemMery. - Bwaid to finder at Aaier m^m.'ratia'B, King \TOIMOn-st. if a^-1>O8T? Salarday nfeht, in or near Wesfs Pis- M"JJ tana. Brawn For Choker; revrari Eing jO?ntnl t?65. 159-61 ; a: .Jf- X?r, Henley Beach, SaSoriay, Pane contain- ins nuoey, Yale key, nail file. Bewara V. ietmnhiythe BaaeU Press, Oorrie-streei, CSty, JVinWTi?g-CBit. 100*.- ? -V SHyatiOn; fiaat O?^ Fur, tinier or City; rewarf. t>-" 'Xi ' —Schmitt, -c/o EarajEos's, JtasiliML, City. !?'rTOST, Kve^raUoa Kec. Braadriew, SXurUay rfe'Jui ?sg?t. Finder Rlnr Talbot Hotel, Cohcct l/JJTsttjr. BeitSetto- .Bog: rewaTd^-Catenan, lIS, S"%"osr, Sine Penan Kitten, Frlaay EihT. pj^Ll -Pleaj?tirtnrn 4?, Dulwichaveaue. Ee l s^-.OST; TrMay, about Limrojd, Motor Oar Bear f. r.,aU< Ball Bumper, -wiOi Tail' Lamp and Nmnber 'i;3^l?te s?7s.^ffTckEt?i. Wyatt-Btreet. Adslaide; gSa?rfAlan-Drear, leighiaa. ' r "^ 1/ R-iJiXi-SFr to ?njr tar last Tuoday night,- Clenelg, 9S-\^^Tit.-' . j?Mi^a^|hiy bathexi, &c; D^*r*l ITZS. ; l/__ between Langhorne'a jS3It- Creek ?nJ Adelaide; Teward. Tione 80S.' or Jennnur'v PKwHn; Wotwh, Hose ??JWrnSUli and Canvas, Day-s-nL, Croydon |SH4p- JSrtension, Wednesday evening; reward.— Kagywrh.. Cray-rt.. Kilkenny. IJ7-0/ into sard. Black Pony. wrUe or IsS-^O^SSt will *? ?oM in?ven days.—White, ;a:.J*.*-Ba?g<t^ OMTondown. 157-fl/ J?Tg^ ?tthott wi faitj^s, be gg^^ ?:?' ijiy4ty to motor betw6cn. ,3faaziinnpi and ggtetennjale. Fridty--^3n g Trotpect 870. If pljdlVUnELt smoky cobr. Bitch, rape on, hair off ik;?if& ?' ?.??** qnarteis; last ceen Peter Waile*ft pad p,-;-Sgefc: ndtaztoo. rewarf. —Beit Francis, Hm^tZ, \ . 1/ te?jnpnnuijl>4y i^u Wr.-^lrf w.trt." between sf J J;;'st". OnmiDdoerovE and corner Greeahni-roan, fc :JSModa-??in3e: lewari—22, Ormond%rove aplttfaoe Etot ?ots. IJ9-61^ i jy-DBLAIDB ilotw Wrecking Co.^Fine *25 %£Ea...?IMiL Bngby, Al order, jrrres arrest de < =—37, Fnnldin g.^itraet, A Ftaier. QQS6-9. MT X? Depoait Onrlimi Light t, latest S-.. ja. ~wU J ?g-a m .TfKill m&es. Spare wheel Hilden's.. ,C.7560 -?'-?i*i;j . . ?;" ..- ~; v oo _' f*BELAIDE yotor Wreekins Co, 37, Fmnk- V '!u. ]mflttxect.-:-Dodee. S-?eater, good ondi ; .itinD. txMSttms..sooi battery, price £56. ??; '?-rOpp. nnncaa fc;gpser. .? 0056-9 ."-A'* SCTGIiE-Seater finger Car, saoi order. £20. .?^C\. 65A. Goueepct-. 00/ ' H? T £8S DepMit—C&rfce of 2 1824 Superior . ?'. J\- Ibdel Chevroleta. £-scairo!, enamelled two . ' iime sreen, -well chod and perfect mechanically. ?^??JCBurn'* Cgty Motor Aociions, Sins William ' ?):4ire-t, opp. HoMen'i C. 7350. <o? *v(<iAT! £?S Deposit—Fiat 601, Single-seater, in j^SHL jwrtect order araughout-—3Dlbum'? CSt? 'y.MHtac AucHooa, Ktog Wffiiam-ttreet, opp. Hsl i';.,fjaen'?- C. 7550." - " . ? ? oo I'Z'-iii.--— WIUi take Car or small deposit. 6 Bogmi>", ;-: tjHL * mumtea beach, train, bos. Glenelg; y 4 jje I,l6o.—Gebt?e I^ascif. F.O^ denelg. : < ?:- - -t ooST-9 ir. fW? ??e Deposit—Baict Boadster. 13 55 ? vv -jtX nuilel. wire wheel*, -well chad top gear -:i>?jr?*ere^— Jdbum's Ctty Motor Auctions, Kns X.I Vflliam^treet, opp. HaMen's. C. 7560. oo ?'?'? VJL UKIXS. Bnick. Olds, or Chev- late model.— iv ;A-A. EL Teny. 108. Pirifrrt. 0057-CO/ ,i- i A —6*? FIAT, S-aater, only been used as a 1 l£\. demonatzaUir. Buy this perfect job and - mrm X.IOO. Elsleit of terms arransed. —Mil- -1'?:", Snn*? 'OHy Motor A-uctions. Kinff William i;',! ?Jreft. opp. BcMlp's- C. T5-50. oo re '? Boick (1924 Model)* 7 ;,}, thoraoEhly recoauncnl this Car. j - ' Hopraobile. (' FjOT-erllnder. *plmdid coni-tioa I, thrngfcour, wen shjj,. mechanically J aouni- _?'?'? j Hnpmobile.' .t* EisU<<finl]er. 7-paEsci: = sr. Tooriiiff p mode],' in lip-top eonlitiou. online J: perfect, tyres perfect, npliost^jy, ? ' paint, aint bo3y eqaal to new. Don't I miM thiE. ' I Packard. I Six<viinl<r, 5-piss?>urer Toarer, a *j- real bargain. This Car if in eiee'. --; lent condition. been carefoUy ' hanUrf and veil carej (or, an op .' *. ' jttrtnnity rarely offered. ' Bee it to- I day. Hupmobiles and Packards Serviced as New. t' Any Reasonable Trial. , Terms Arranged. 1 I mi Hinders St I iggpqafe StftulffChuidi|

MOTOR CARS. BEAUTIFUL 1?25 Fjrd, perfect taroujhoijt, eacriace £.65. After 5. —12, Gharlbnry ra.. Medindic. ?x>s9-6?/ /CHEVROLET, tingle seater, in real good ordrr \_J and very Cue appearance, £70 for quick ?sale. Ring. Central IUOS. 0050-9/ i"XEI2ASO, 10 h.p., 5-seater, 3ike ecu. £ISS. v^ —Universal Motors. Kindmarsh-sq. 00/ JTt&Il Owners —What about this? lord parts V 7 poetically given away. other parti at very moderate prices.—Adelaide Motor WreeScins Co, hit] , 37, Franklin-stre^r. ' oos'J-61 IVXX>^ lovely order, "JS model, £95; Over- XJ land (1). t}T? aeir, ££.?>; Ford, "25 model, £65; wmvt-Knicht, £235; Clialmere Six, bargain. £C 0; Overland (1), van delivery, late job. £S5; Single Fmit Streamline Ford. Ji3s.—Genary Strrire Station, Main Knth-rd* Medindie. Pros. 1076. 00/ "TW ODGK, S-SKATER, JLr in good ruanin^ order and condition, £35. Apply CO-OPERATIVE GARAGE, 35, Angaa-street. coSC-P DIXIE Flyer, splendid order, trial, £100 or offer. —5, Halstcii-ilreo:, l"ro..pcc:. <x?S-60/ ESSEX Four, 5-sea:er, good order, chejp.— Pengilly. 3. Yoanc-st.. City. ooa6-fl/ ESSEX 4. This job can moit, fim-clau oroer throughout, owner must sell.—"Cheap," this office. 00/ "EUAT 501, good chsnee to secure a veil JP cared for car at buyer's price.—"Short- cash,'*- this office. 00/ liUVE-Seaier Dodge Car, perfect order, wSI . shod.—So. S, Oak-ar.. Lnley. 0057-fl ' TiUAT 501, latest 5-seatcr, balloon trres, J3 £240.—Unii-ersal Jtoors. 133. Hind- Jim ill-SQI£ITV. Of)/ TJVJA.T 501. 3-seater. wide track, seoJ order, J £170. —Universal Motora. Hindmaxch-sq, co/ FOS. Sale. Darant Car, in good ord:-r. — Hcalcv, it, College-avenue. Prospect. 0059-B4 I TT'ORD. 5-s-jiter, lirst-class order, any trial, ?T ? £35.—65 A. Ganger-st. 00/ ij^OBO, dismantled, offer wanted. —16, Amherst- J avenge. Xorth Sonvood. 0036-9/ GOOD Secondhand Tyres, all sizes ia stock.— SA. Vnlranmng Coy., 118, Hindmarsh-ai. oojC-64/ MAXWELL, 5-water, tyics good, nice appear ance, demonstrate veil, £120 for qnick sale, real bargain. King Xorwood 1667. HERinBATEUir WILL BUY GOOD LIGHT CARS. SPOT CASH. A GOOD STOCK OF ALL MaRES OF CARS IN STOCK. HAVE A LOOK BEFORE YOU BUY ELSEWHERE. ALSO SEVERAL GOOD TON AND HALF-TON TRUCKS. EAST TEBMS. THOXE 173. GROTE-STREET, OPP. ADELAIDE HIGH SCHOOL. 0059 ESSEX, 4 CYLLNDER, £J45. Vive Passenger Twiriiiff Car, late model, veil shod. la. eoxi mechanical order. HUDSON. £95. Three Passenger Roadster, tvirc waeels, dickey seat in rear. In good mechanical order. BERLIET. £125. 15.9 Five Passenger Toarin; Car. late model. In good mechanical order. Well shod, and hjj "^MOTORS. LIMITED. 26 FLDTDEES-SraEET. CEXTBAL 236 a, WANTED, GOOD UGHT CARS. AST SUJJBEK. SPOT CASH. AUTO SALEST^ FRANKLIN. STREET. ; THOXE 5212. THE HOME OF USED CAR BARGAINS AND VERT EASY TERMS. AUTO SALES, XOTE THE ADDRESS— 72, FRANKLIN-STREET. ?PHOXE 2212. 74-78, GROTE-STREET. ?PHOXE ?7SS. AN INNOVATION TO ALL PROSPECTIVE PURCSASEBS OF OCH SUPERIOR USED GARS. We -oSI (tire an expert mechanical report on the Car selected, backed by m GUARANTEE. WE HATE A FIXE STOCK OF EN'GUSI. ' ?OSTBfESTAIv AKI> AMERICAN CA3S TO SELECT FROM. OaH and disease oar Easy Payment System. CENTRAL MOTORS. /LATE MATS). VICTORIA-SQUARE EASI. THOSE CENTRAL 3000. WANTED """ MOTOR GARS. AST QPASTITT. AST COXDrTKHT. FOR SPOT CASH. THE HOME OF SPARE PARTS. AUTO WRECKING CO., IS6, HIXDLEV-STBECT. . THOSE CENT. 6153. ? 005f1.<52 vsmi. Jcarsl Bill —itfiT . ??? SOUND, RELIABLE, PARTICULARLY CHEAP. ANY TRIAL. EASY TERMS. DODGE, Ko. 1. UXDEHSUTSG MODEL TOUI IXG, 192?. don* a small m Ue= E c, oniy £225 AinLCAR, S.3S. TOUBEfi. just like m, lfl-fi model, llaroon body, ballocn tyres, £ICS TLTST, STAXDARD .;. TOLRrNG, almost n?w 1924, handsome Cream body .. .. £325 STUDEBAKER, TOUEING, LIOHT >!ODEL, sn jvarance shaiby. but mechacicaKy so-jni OVKELAND. J926. TOURING, almo-t a n'? cjt, :n magr,ifirent ori^r £3j MANY OTHI-TA ALSO STOTOR CYCLES. UOHT SQ.UARB. ADELAIDB I OtSB-tl {

MOTOR CARS. TICOTOEISTS —Why pay for new parts when J.M. yon can pet £CC3ndbasil parts at bargain rr;cf?? Onr prices are incomparable.—Adelaide ilol^r Wrecking Co., Ltd., S7, Franklin-streel. 0059-61 MUST Sell, late model Overland, excellent ap pearance, runs perfectly, price sails it. — "Diffi^j'.ty." this office. 00/ XT ASH Special Six. S-seater. almost new, eac- JA rificc £275. —Universal Motors, Hind marsh-sqaaTc. 00/ OVBBLASD, 19*6. Touring, like netv. orisinal - lyres, mechanically perfect, £100. —0. EIT7. 00/ OXE-Ton Chevrolet. r;3od body, excellent order, easy terms.—^Spencer's, Union-st. 0057-60/ OLDSSIOBILE Sijt. Iste model, pood as new, baT£iin- —Hunt Bros., Beatham-st-, City. ? 0356-9/ S~ ECOSDHAXD Djdgs Tourer, pool order, wen woi. fT Sale. —\V. 11. Divey, Agent, Willys-Overtand Cars and Trucks, 55, Sxm etreet. City. 00/ SPECIAL Carford Bos Chassis for Sale; easy tPnns.—Spenjere. TJni.inH^. 0057-60/ TWO Hisa-class TnUers, fcwd -ahi S-KJ-, aiiles, tor Sale; caij terms.—SjKncer's, Cnijn-st. o£5V-?0/_ WAXTED, Five-seat:r, about £100, terms, Chevrolet preferred.—^MccUaaic." this office; 0059-60/ 'OLSELEV, Single-seater, nearly nea-; easy lenns. —Sg^acer's. Unfon-Et. ooST-CO/ WANTED, late model Car, epk caih. Apply Snndav, 1, Haywanl^iv^ Torrenaille. J056-7/ YOU Bay- the Car, I'll Build yoar .Garase.— Fran^* fi. Wingate, Vcxco-sf^, Broslview. 0056 r 9j_ WANTED TO BUY. A KE YOU WA-STISO TO SELL YOUR FDBSI- A. TURE? U so. see us.—LOKDBIGAH & CO, 113 GBE\TELL-SIREEI, opp. Arcade, and Port. It will pay yon. C. *732; Port 2354. Imme dia> attention gircn. G365e —^LADIES', Gcnrt. ChUdnen's Warorobes ??Pcrdased. Su:t£. Coaffi, Frocks, Boots, Linen, Bats. Evening Dresses, Portmanteaus, Miscellaneous Articles; utmost prises obtainable —"B" CoosdenUal, 232, Pcltcney-it "Phone Central 76g8. GoS-Gt! AAA —I AH still raying highest .prices for Gentlemen's Sniis, from 30/ to £3; Din ner Enits, Gent's Sack Coats, Ladies' Frocks and Evening Dresses, Ladies' aud Gents* Overcoats in good order; Gents' Boote, Hats, &c, doable barrelled Gnus, Field Glasses.—Jlorris, 311. King wUliam-Etreet, opposite Wood & Kenny. Thane 53G0; no country parcels accepted. C 53-4.6-8/ ALL kinds Furniture, frc. best price* in . city. cadi, delivery taken one hone It will pay to consult us before selling, no chargia. —Jtegaw t Hogg, 'phone Central 217. C341:f6 ACASII Buyer Ur Ladies'. Geats1 Discarded Clothing. Boots, Shoes, Trucks, Bines, &c; ratroniie returned foldie.-.—Ernest Black, late A.1.F.. 155, Huialey-st. 'Phoae 1357. C<9-62/_ DtAMO>T)S, Tear'^, Gold and Silvr Jewenery, and Silverphted Ware, Field Glasses uni, War Loans.—Saunddzs. Soath Australian 3f3nie de Piele, Financiecs and Jcweliere, four doors gca Tlieatrg Boya!. H-j-dley-st. ' C59.C1.3/ ij'ljKMTUaB —Mattiecmaa ?Rill boy yoar Fnr -C nitnre. Top price paid, caslL 3To charges. Or will sell on commission- Advise and I will attend yoar home for inspection.— Matlhemnas, Auctioneer, 129, Kin£ William street. Central 2361. GISSc FCSMTLIKE is best sold at SIATTHEWMAX'S Auction Salerooms, 129, Kin? William street, md at rear. L-n;e axtendance of Mdicri. Send list with carrier. We pay day after tale- We give yon typewritten ac co'jnt sale each lot. We don't ask you to call twice for your mosey. We can arrange cartage. We alej biy ontrisht for spot cash. Small or large qnaatitirs. Kb charge for this. Our Weekly Sales every Monday and Wednesday at 10.SO. Immediate attention gjvex 10 all tnnairies. Window Display given t> special articles. —llatthewznan, Auctioneer. Ontral 3331. C7Snaic GAKDEX KoUer for footpaths.—Woods. Kor man^t., WooiviUc. Woodville 357. G/_ GAS Stove, modern, up-m-duate; reasonable. —'Phone Stnrt 555. lltrr five. G57-9, HOSrr. ALMOKDS. KEKXELS. WE JISF. BITVERS FOR CASH. NO COMML?SIOS. HESRV BERBV & CO. PTT-. LTD, FKANKLTS-STHEET, ADBUATDE. O4saiuS?_ MOTOR Cy"cl? Waterproof "Sa:t. blark," brown; y:icg.—'?ttict-cr." this office. C/ ONE I^o Warmer. Apply Conrral Tearooms, Sffflsphsre. G56-60/ PIA^O, German, iron fiamr. lady, cash buyer; make and iiriw.—"Evelyn?,'' this office. iii7-9l PAJNTER'S Exicaslcn ladder. Trosscls. S>ps; state rric, hire-—"Ladder,"' iliis offi--c. RADBITS —Pay prod pri'N' to cyperit-nctid Tr37? ->crs for "wpl!-ciesned trail. —11. Elliott, ST.JW^^lt-st^^AnVlsidf.. GST-63/ SlsGER~Drcpb?iil JI-.-hinc wutrd; .-?te price, —Boalc -13, A''.ola:Je Arcade, Hun2le-st. ] (J)9-Vl/ Ett'lSG Jtschincs, govi DicpVads pMcrrcd, F n.>t casli.-—Ceo Kennedy, 7, Arcai*?. Ou '.ra! 49(15. | ' 'Jit -b'-'/ ANTED, Oood Secondhand^ Slarhine. _ —"Zila." this office. Gl ANTH), i-Mii^lnd Trail-r fr>r Miior Lorry, rul>bor-Iyrcd Apply W. H. i;ni<-<-. Grotc- Brft C53-Cl/ TTTAXTKb to Buy or Ui:-?, goo.! S>nffoidin; ?? riant. i!r^J>- -ITau:," ;]iis oSi.-o. i;r,9-f.l 1 3SM.\UT. Carii K.'zi'-.frs, :? cr.i4 orrtfr: <?.iij. Ai-ply -rn.Mn- f.-nlral l-""^. cr.S-3/ ALMONDS MO KERNELS. AXY OITAXTnT. CASH OS r>ELiV!iItV. raOMIT RF.TUKNS FOR CCCSTIIV COXSIGXMEST3. Ad-Jrc&? labels ten: on application. CROWITOX & SOX. LTD.. Fliadcrs-slrcct. Adelaide. GMc BOTTLES. V.V arr. ii:-|iarr-l :-7 a'Tvv I/'.'iW" ? <!(>,-.?., m- li.-'iiPi-y :i cur Xomi-ir.- our ?'PirK .?\r.'' i;'>m.ns." v.> ~.--.- tr--\zhi !f> Mi:"-!-:ii<i r, T Vnn A.'!- f C-!l>:;n-l as "S?f-.:'.!lli:i!.J t"!>:'""'" FRANK T. REED. j AflLAiin: liorri 1: r.!.i>;-i:i;.\TJVK (.0.. LTD., >?\ TilV/ARK. 'I 1 cnv :<S-J>, "521_. I CAKRiERS, &t. V j-i._.:i.:.f .:-'.. \r- ?'??=:?:??? -.-.U 1 \\ta-VTi:d.; \^ ;. -..-? n-v r- i>;? Ln-v. I\\ —Gwjjuk Cuaa'jciiaad. 'rj-Ji:e ;ir^ -J.--3. i £9-61/

WEDDING INVITATIONS AND EWGAGEHEHT CARDS SPECIALLY PRINTED Samples and Prices from Advertiser Printing Office Adelaide

EVERY USLEY, MALVERN, and MITCHAM TRAM STOPS at J. HARPER RETO'S DOOR Quality Furniture Below City Sale Prices Solid Oak Bedroom Suite, aX illustrated, comprising "Wardrobe. 5 ft-6 in. /-^ .^^ # i ?ivide. fitted Trifli drawers and trays, and larg c Oval Bevelled Mirror- 4-? W-M t ?? ?/ "1 Dressing Table, 3ft 6 in. wide: TVashstand, 3 ft. 6 in. wide, with two OWUU/ ?m * / I ro^E of tiles in back, and real marble top ... .. .. *.. .. ....???? .. .. ? g "^^ g ,\ FULL SIZE BEDSTEAD TO MATCH _ .. :> . „. ~ .. >. >v _ _^^ ><aM £4/7^ FULL SIZE DOUBLE CC/ FRFF" $ BEDSTEAD, OAK ~ 33/" * ?^a-i?-i |/ j Write for Illustrated Catalogue 169175 VNLEY ROAD, WHEY Post Free j


This Week CHRYSLER Week. See the Exhibit at 0. T. Rodda Motors New Sbow ? rooms, 192, FIiNDERS-STREET (opp. Present Premises). ?^ TIP? We have expended mdrfey** and mechanical skill VjigSP perfecting our dispatch facilities. We have labored to build up a reputajtijpn for exact delivery. J£gt*raflfic congestion afj|fc truck shortage haveX^ai times compelled us{o~£jsappoint a customer.|:gpsers of WJVLL. Supe?iy:6uld be well advised to gei&n the safe jSide of the,||mjng rush by taking £jaj§jfiflfelivery. t*CJ4Uf*

UNSEED MEAL^^^^^^l^H^l^^^H /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H& SHEEP NUTS^^^^^HsgjjS&S^^^Hj '" ? - - - pC3slac

BUSINESS HOUSES. Electrical Engineers. I Central. Telephone No. EIXTS & CLABK. 9537, Frank'.in strrct C, Vino?) 711 S. 7II!>. 71T1 Trade Protection Societies. 51.T.1'.A.. Ware Chambers, 112, K,n: \Vi".nm-Etrc-t .. .^ . KM) Undertakers, Funeral Directors. FJIAXK J. SIKBEIIT, 47 3, Wake fieid-ytroct 413 Aerated Waters and Cordials. G. HALL & SONS, 'Phono Konrood. j

For All Heavy Transportation || — y. - "BtiS?LUss Reo is Hliflt !FoT ffie "tig 5oU w Ig To tie a SpeeH where speed and i^idnlttf >K|9g Wagon it must essential factors. Sx shndgjlf? be a Reo. Send! cylinders, spiral ilevel gear Jiligl| for illustrated doable frame chassis, these *>§|93| catalogue—free among Ine features uiat conliiuiategMf? to Reps imfaiifng peHbrmana^39 REO MOTOR SALES LHVHTE?I| 96-100 FRANKLIN STREET US ?ADELAI?eJII

HAIR, SKfN, AND WfflSKStSi benefit by the use oi SoJ^fafl BotWibml cal and toilet). Cheap and inFenar|ij|fij ?re injurious. Alwiyg see ffiiit^kijJMJ Bolyptol Soap -nhai you aA-ioc,v^t^gs

During this Week we are Offering SPECIAL UPHOLSTERED FURNl yjlm^ TURE at REMARKABLY REASONABLE PRICES. Each Piece ofi Jzp " Furniture is solidly constructed, and will bear careful inspection, f?' 1 d^T - TUIC /*UA&R!TIMf* unillIL"!"!1!^ Cf IITI? IW?feimaM? I * Compiises O-ft. Chesterfield, beantifnij- -njAolsterea. irith wriU-^mmg: ;£9Q-f AJ, ?T seat and edge, and corded facinjrs. The "ilory Widow" &£? .Chair ? X?>O E'lif r , as of fu'J dimensions, and is in keeping -srith the suite. The Luxe . ~: -^ ?<*&* \mrliair is o£ new design and full ??ize. All 3 pieces are beautifully i-s&TV THIS BEAUTIFUL UPHOLSTERED SUITE COCI Ifl/ -V s r nn 3 ed g ? thro^oat. £32 If|/j is /if eliarmin^ ?design. Tbe .Cliosleriicld is )ar 5 e and roomy, iv.OI dLf£d\3 k\J j StaioW TISSUe . xms „. kk <*^'*- *^W-^ padded, end comfortably sprun.;. with ?prin? edge. Tbe Cha-rs are I very large and <>£ r'easins d^^n, in Moouctte. C\fk Ifk [ ' Shadow Tissne *? IU/. . . j AH prices quoted are tbe lowest for cash, but terms can be \ ?lii ' "i '![|l '|[l "|)|_ ' '^S^^y'1* ''jll We lave Oie finest assortment of Moquettes and Fancy Price ifl Velvet in tUe State. Also large stodai <rf Damasks,- *BimJ| t i M -T?_._ __.?., ~ i , crjn- /m. ?-. -? CL J ... T:?nn Tapestries, L:nens, and Shadow Tissues to select from. oBMnVW ??l?ur, . Tlus bmie rcprcents tuo best value ? Ixare ever offered. Tbe^ Chairs are Shadow TISSUe, A Charmf as SuS in Sliadow Tissue or MoqnetU, d.owa tf?O£ IA/ very large and comfortable, and the Chesterfield, as show m the iJusba- -_j ?| (J / b?:ovr, consisting of a lar e e Chesterfield, and 2 totj- roomy 3t2*S> jLv /; : tion. is o£ approred desijra. The padding on all the arms is very fuU. JT^ J^ J^ Chairs, aU -n-e!l sprung on seat, bacfe. and anna. Be finxe ? / .';;? Tbe Suite can be supplied in Shadow Tissue. to iiifpccr 1015 Suite before buying elsewhere.. X?O1 I^^'J"^ Mcquelte £19 19/. Price in Moqaette _m U, *^* IW/ HOOPER'S home makers- HINDLEY STREEI

& . SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS. - jmf Brilliant \B. ?'" 'M^mW~ The Slu-npleom?K?eJ?botli YfjflA i;" W^^M moAWtdag —in everyway it U the right ? V^Vt ** Mm pe4Mi far ?brisfla home. Yf% I SMjmlsmsi polUm quickly—easily— Vft g_ |^5V fcwMdifwlly lmrinriy. Itspresemtnr* CSj if ?**? efleet?;?ro astonishing. It keep* lino. JM N -*'-#*. UK* UmmUk*tmwterwmn undyamhr jW ir**"-|^^^^ pfPteeting it from wear and damp. . j^^V ?"%.; \ ' tl&S?!!^ lio?c

JOSEPH BLITZ, Ulas&SttrtVMr, F. ?. UWIOH, flert?*a .*SSJ>, v * Optician. ASSCSEP HH-Baftss

50 TO 100 PER CEHT. SIVEO ON YOUR FROCKS. we ausE a epvaunrr of black fn^T^i^fg ffiKy, The largest Selfie tim ?t Black ft jeks ia Adelaide. THE MISSES MASSE, DBEES 4HD COAT MAXCFAOTORESS, 0 ASD lit. BDirDLE-SIBECr. Also 31. r GODOEB-3naEEI, ADEtATOE. t?fe

-PKOPESSOR IRyrNW FISHER, the | distinguUlied economist of Yale Unixersity, tells us tvitU an eppliasis born of convic tion - that prohibition is increasing the wealth of America by six billion do'lars a year." HENIIY rORD, JUDGE GAHY, I HERBERT gQOAT-IR corroborate. I TWEJjVE HUNDRED ? MILLION i POLTNDS A YEAR! | ==j SV*By special arrangement Reuters world set* vice. In addition to other special sources of j Information, is mcd In the compilation of the oversea Intelligence published In this Issue, and ?II rights therein In Australia and New Zea land an nserveds '

reayement. ' ?? ? ? — ' 5—T . I "if?- and Mm. CHART fS X. HOLMES and FAMILY, 17, Dulwieh avenne, Dulwjch, wish to THANE all Idnd Belatives and Friends for tale grams, letters, cards, gOoral tributes, and personal expressions of sympaUiy in the death ot their dear son and brother, Reginald Charles, espedallr n.?r.H^ c Dt Williams, o£ Mount Barker.

UEAIi ESTATE yfUKKI'- THE WEWBfiU*fl. *2J WUkjnwn, fiando *, W{to W4. tepwt 2§ having effected Ilia following ?3e? dmn the we* mdim 25th iust;~-&roomed ,^ Vpfijfur, Cornel laght Gardens^ aeeoiniik *'%#? road, KpiMwighm Garden*, aocopnt Sip. G. ?&£&§& J. Jack; a valuable city freehold on nt %gg corner of Currifrstreet mid X&it-cauare. account Goodman Bros., Auto * Berrict * Co. Md.; pair of-semi-detached houces, 3 jj Nile-street, Glmefe, account Vi? ?£. A. £. -'J KHdea; a large vacant ?ite ?nJSopBj- ~S terrace, city, account ilr. J. J. Wallts; smal! home at 3sG73frtou, jQQBOnnt-JM^s, It- -Jj; M. Keeliuj; also bui!djna;ftt?s itVUmber- s n land, Wowville West, fionnt I?oftx. Gle- nelg, and Hayborough (Victor Harbour). TS The company's next indoor aoctio'n *aW?t g which an attractiva catalogue of Gfenefe, §] Brighton. ?nd other properties wiM tie 3g offered, ji to be held at ihi Wool ££?: * ?| change, on Wednesday, Jfareh IS- fiat- ,-J.? VJ Btrated circulars ace pow in opurae ?f > ?? preparation, and foil particular* jn?y be ' _31-3 obtained on appUcation at the domnanjna T^^ -^ offices. 20. Waymouth-gtreet, ?Kj ?, r^ag Moselejv?treet, Glenelg; and Central Bq?d- _ 5£ ing. Port Adelaide, (jWn.) ACMVIXT ET * J 6DBUEUAIS BUJJjDIKG BETES. Wilkinson, fiindo &. Wyke Ltd. re^oft J a custained demand for well*stnatcd bo^fl" **** ing sites, particularly in cstabH?bed IbeaC- | ties witJi adequate ?osven?noea and tin*- 1 port facilities. The fofloisinj sattdivi?ODal ' a auction sales to be oondopted by the ?tn- pany merit dose attention:— Grosvenw Paris, rifjnptoa. ***?r*\r, 3 February 19—44 convenient cites lor Ji nieditim-sired hnjtgHowe in tiua rapidly- progressinj locality. Upset price, 45/ per <r toot, easy 5 yearr terms. i. 3 The WooMridge Katatp, adjainiag tJniey s Park and iDlWood,Battird?y, April ?f>jr - - --^ direction of Exacntor Trustee &, *i?VT * , Company of SA. IAd):-Sple?aidI??iMl?te* ?ites for the better-class of residence, vntli *^*j roads and footpaths made, and all con- tj] reniences installed. J Brighton—l 3 fine roomy Bte^oeaaprin?K 1 the subdiviaion of Air. G. Hickxfc if-^ti'j J in picturewae Dunrobkrioad, at Jiopalar *^g prices, on easy fi years' tsrms. fSo'stxated circulars for aU three eetatc* j will shortly be available at the offices o£ " the imctloneere. Wiadnson. Sando mn& Wyies, litd^ 20, Waymonth-street, Chy. $ TODAY'S FBOPEBTST AVCTORr, , 4 Valuable -city freehold in Kiirabrfr- ~ 1 street, aear Ligbt?4uate, and in Qooger- S street; ? villa, at UawtAacn; COtt??*'>at Bridjewater; a boarding bouw at Sort ~ A Koarlunga, and an' orchard near T*mA- ? *~ vale (under inatroctions from. tb? nwt gagee) will be offered for sale at the Wool , ? iiichanje tliia afternoon, at SS^jtor * Matters & Company, auctioneecaj 12, Way- - moudi-street. (Adrt.) EVBEY IXXT SOU). MTrCHKI.L'B ESTATE, GUSNEIJG. HIGHLV^nCCESSVin. SAUS. Mesani. blatters t; Company, aaoaonecr*, at 12, \Vaymouth-street, report bavins heM -^. a subdinsional sale of land in East GUne& on behaU of Mr. N. H. Mitenell, ob Satur day, -JBth xust. There -praa ft lar?a and interested attendance in the marqoee, mod -- the whole of the Uiirty-tirb ailotmeniU offered were qnickiy diipowd of at pnee* of up to 44/ per loot (16/8 in cneo ef -' the upset price). (Advt-) *" REPORT OF 6ALK3. t WEEK'S TOTAL, £2L?5. * * Aired C. Catt, Son &? Co, fctd. report a very busy week, as from Monday laat, < * there beinx a big demand, for properties of all description!!, and the foltairinz is m. brief summary of their sales for t£e #? days under review;— On behalf of a city syndicate, 94 ft. of land situated in Grote-itreet, iStf, to ? Melbourne company. On behalf of Mr. 1". W. Fonrood, a Henley fieacs-ioad *t&- 4 deuce, Torrensviile, to Mr. H. & HatweU. For 4lr. B. Cockbarn. land at WatO etreet, Malvern. On another aceonoi, house and land in Bagot-erenue, 3BJt- End, to Jar. J. P. Spaeth, a modem ?? roomed bungalow, situated jn Fitaoy. On „ behalf of Mr. W. A. Parker, house property a at Braund-road. Prospect, and also <m *? the same account house in Phyllic-ctreet, Bolacsdale. On behalf of Mr. H. P. ehbtc. '- 935 ft. frontage of land in Broadview. - "" Also on another account, shop and dwell- -?? ing, situated at the Semaphore, to Mr. tr. Rankin, and a bungalonr in Protpeet < ' to ilr. F. McAnaffe. There were also * number of allotments is various hicaStKS 8 disposed of. The total gales for the occfc J being $21,435. (Advt.) ETNDOWILLE I^AKD SALu. % A large crowd attended the sale at Bn- v 1 donnlle Saturday afternoon, trhich vas \ conducted by ilesam. F. W? Bullock and Company. The Crtttenden*oad Montages- - 'M were all disposed of up to SB/ per foot, £ Findon-road frontages brought np to SU per foot; Wyisov-avcnne, 31/ per foot* a. fen- blocks on Findon-road and Wyumr- M avenue arc still available, for which ncgo- jSj iiations are pending, and it is expected/that < Is they irill a!l be cleared frithin the Bext ~vSS few days. (Aflrt.) sm

AM optical work at Sawtelh. Opdda?s. ?/, Gawler Chamber*, ISB, Northttet?Ce.^%l John H. SawteU, Chaa. M. Bm%ddfti>^?& ??orrect^ gUsses and rtpain^ CiSU*'^.^¥Ss

PHILLIP MARKS. Dentis*. Hugh's BuUding, Eundle-streeU opposite BIHKS. DKAPER. Lift. 'Phone 2052. *3Sfe

Your prestige is governed largely by Uio food you place on the table. Aiarayj be guided by the Bosdla, label. C56cA3/B

Jen *f Ceylon'-nm^^

PROTECT YOUR HANDS. J Are your hands growinir coarse "wit'i work, red or wrinkled? Do the;.' crac^r in coli. ireaHicr, or arc tjej- chapped and Larsh. after liird work? Your binds arc. T.:<>i:ii earlnjr for; beau tiful JicJs are one of ivonwa's greatest ciiarme. Xo matter -,vba; your work nnv be. yonr Jianuts will be better for oare ftii treatment wit'i Kexor.j. the linn:<i lica'cr. Hub it well in. especially £:t"T h.ird or crying '.vork. Ecxona cVauFes. whitens, and softens tlio skin. Rexona Soap preserves and beautifies the hands and complexion, tyiicre common Foape ape and destroy, ?311cA13/18

PAREXTS.—WASXIXG.—Poor School Exports may indicate Poor Eyesight. If your ch!M gets a report like this, have his or her eyes examined.—L. G. MORRIS. D.0.0.C, London. Optometrist: H. MOR RIS. Ist Floor, Beehive BaCdiojre. Kins William-street. Telephone Cen, 639, Ap pointments. CN333aue

I LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. , <l:...jir.j,- for Cl3Sri!i.-ation.) J" ~Oi,l fr.m 11, r*^r-jiv.a:io, Ur^hton, Two J n:a<* I'jai^ranlia J?:r?. F:a<J<T re ? -??. ir.-i. .i.—-limn.. nri:rVffli S<r._ 153-fiO 'WANTEM. B->y. able to'drive, gcn-raily tae- T? fn:.—:i. K-nl-irmw. K<-tir Tturn. ?i/ WANTED. S-?nJhanil Xi: ot Filter's Tools, cheap.—l 2. I)irct'.-?137. A4c!a!d?. r C59-6Bf.

" ' t/f^^ en y?a c^me *? the end of a perfect day, \ ** and you sit atone with your thoughts -. ?* J^-^-^^y - After the hard day's work or play what rest and plea upfe^ra^jpir Sure there is in music that fits the moment's mood. E^||r^7*|g Irrespective of whether one has the ability to play, 9 2 i? th? desire for music still remains. ' For those who love music, but are nor gifted with the BC^LLsT art ?* mus'c-ina^ll& tnc P?an?la fills every need. Beit* Heigh One ? eo?beaten* cfaae. Always, wift this instrument, you have at command the music of the wodd~ p m Walking classical popular, the bright and gay, the dreamy or the sad—whatever you will. 1 wh£^ttoti£d And because the Pianola lias been perfected out of the long experience of the ??**? coma Bf,, great Aeolian Company, tt gives you true music interprets completely the 3&<r. touch and fading of fte recording artist ?.^fg-?g%&Hsa??^ Why deny yourseU the Joy of Pianola ownership when ft can be yours so J^SlliiSiilijiliPs, easOy? A nominal deposit of £10 and easy monthly payments to suit, bring it Sl lssi^^^^^ to your home today Come in and play your favorite pieces in our Showrooms. i /Sir A small _.< * ?? 4~> 0f tepo* m, Xhe Aeolian Company fiJf "* Payments >M tAust->Ltd. "Hear Here" Vl( to *"* H 58, RUNDLE4TREET, ADELAIDE. V -^3! secures a iPllla ..??????? ??^—? — —?— — —-—?- ?.^^—..?———???— ?m.^? \|M Gentdne i^V ! Th*AEOUAtI company* x \?k "Pianola" j|ilF ' Cauiime*, j vfll^w. To-dtT ' tUast forward ?? taniaSan of tht Viandx J

Prettiest Shingle Trim in Town. (By Helen Lester.) Oar Single trim is the prettiest, the nicest, the smartest &ia~r in town. And it costs you only 2,'. If yon paid a guinea, for vrar trim it could be no lovelier. I have gathered here a staff of Hw c!ercr~t fxpertt, who Lave the skill, tJie knowledge, xhe giird bands to do their special Tcrk more beautifully than it 3ms ever b-?tn dose before. Anyone can grasp a pair et *cU?cts w.6 ,Fa** "ru "trim >~>ur hair." But ivho v.-aEis tha-? Ton can cet an ordinary Him sr a hundred piaevs. \'on ivaat the nicest, t'.-e prettiest. Then you are SURE to pet ii here. Sbiu^les. trimf, marcelling, nnns'..any port-?cl prey liair colorros, matchlessly beautiful veimi neut hair -Kavinc, i-killed hair, skin, an 4 icet treatment, the painless and permajioat ifmoval -A Fuperflaous hairs under guarantee-. . . in all these things "we oxceh . - . AYe have been trained to do ihcsfc things thoroughly and ?well. . , Consultations free. My chaxges are ai=azuu;.y lew. I shall be happy to see you end ten you about my work. lam a Melbourne spe cialist in these matters, and have taken over Margaret Duering's business. Mfc are busy ail day and every dar. I have been t?ld that my place and xny stiff arc most favorably talked about. Mv chambers ore upon the sth Floor of Jork Chambers, comar of Rundle-ttreet and Gairler place, Adelaide (side entrant-). TcV Central Charles Sawtell, Optician. <Si?lt Tcstluir and Glasses.) Avoid IDstakM. Kote—CHABLES SAWTELL, B d-Mrs west Pnltenrr-street, 227, Korth-terraoe, opp. Cnivei> rfty. "Kote—S27. Sear Art Gallery. B36m;g

Columbia $£WRECORDS Obtain Columbia Supplement ?' No. 115 Now I m "*v^. -Listed below is a brief selection ?f jflV fiom Columbia Supplement No. p w i/*fl^SA \ ll5? now ay2**3*''6 ** your T I KmPH \ CoUimbia dealer's. This sup- p I |^*^| I plement includes the best and ? I I I newest of the world's music, \ I' I reproduced "like life itself" by ' \ VflViiirtfTnTK I the Columbia New Process \^^V?Se?uJ< / electrical recording. These, or ~ V- ' M any other records in this Sup- r JT plement, may be heard at your j ii Columbia Dealer's. t 12-inch Double-sided, 8/6 each LONDON SYMPHONY OHCHESTHA < 147*8-I.l749—Sigurd Jotsalfsr. In Tour Parts I LIONEL TERTIS (Viola) U7?/An Old. Irish Air. With Piano \HierAuSoir. With Piano ULYSSES tAPPAS (Tenor) U762fAJda-Ctlestt Aida. la Italian \La Gioconda-CielD c mar. In Itakao 12-inch Double-sided, 6/- each. . ALDERSHOT SEAHCHUGHT TATTOO I ! Aaoondine Military Descriptive Records by Buglers and Trumpeters of 1 SuKbSli HorseGtiaTds, Ripe Band of HJI. Scots Guards, Band of H.M. i - Grenadier Guards, and Fun Choir _" rAldershot Searchlight Ta?co. Pare 3 and 4. Band of H-M. Grenadier ?110\ Guards. wSFuH Choir ? B B.C WIRELESS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ?101—Le Cog D'or—{a) Russian Dance; (b) Bridal Procession GRENADIER GUARDS BAND 9102—The TbisUe-Selection of Scottish Melodies. InTwoPirH ... . , ? HEDDLE NASH (Tenor) _?. fXa Fawjrita—Una furn'va Hgrim?. ??"?xfAfricana—O Pacadiso 10-incA Double-sided, 6/- each W. H. SQUIRE CCello) Mu-rpnint. 'WiiliPiano ?"""iVnio. With Piano DORA LABBETTE (Soprano) W??{A?£e rf?inilSs£E!s (from - Sunset Land "> 10-inch Doable-sided, 4/- eadk MANDOLINE BAND NOVELTY _~/Serenade ("ScngnfizaT (Costs) "?"? l Spanish Serenade BERNARD REILUE Violin) *^^ \ Chant T^indffo* PERCTVAL MACKEY (Piano) Rhythm, from "Ijoy, Be Good m. W. G. WATT (Tenor) " ??- /The Fairy Tales of Ireland *?" \Tjrxle Town in Ould County Down THELMA PETERSEN (Mezzo-Sopraav| ' ? oaR /The Dreary Steppe REX PALMER (Baritone) _~,/To Anthea WBBiToMary SINGING SOPHOMORES {Male Quintette) ??~{gonefSfSe ' LAYTON & JOHNSTONE (Amcrku Dncttisla - ' M*nt fHeadni'for LooisvOle ?""\Dreaaring of a Castle in the Air DENZA DANCE BAND ..__ rETirythin?*s Gonca Be All Right (Fox-Tret) ?*W7\I NmxKntm How Wonderful You Were (Fox-TrdV ? -Jfc __ TAloma (Fox-Trot) t ?''^iToo Many Parties and Too Many Pals (Walrt) PERCTVAL MACKEVS BAND ~M,?/For You (Fox-Trot) (Fro*i " Hearts and Diamonds") ; ?"^XSome Day (Waltz) (From *? Hearts and Diamonds ") lAY VHIDDEN AW^H^J^ETpgl ??^? BAND FRO. j *"? VYoo"?? tat those winna-go back again blues (Fox-Trot) ' OBIAINABLB AT ALL COLUSIBL4. A6ENC£ES. WHOLESALE DISTKIBUTERS: Sendi Aostraliu Phonograph Co., Ltd., GILBEET BUILDINGS, GILBERT-PLACE. ADELAIDE. 859.71 THE CHRONICLE IHE^? 8 - PAPER.

OCMMEB'S HEBE. TOUS CORKS KSOW IT. USE WHITE'S CORN CURE. Rls3?te I For creating a hearty, Iwatthy | I apnftfts, I lIHLTOXI | ISTHE VEBYTONIC YOU NEEO I B34TaincA?/5

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rudied to the iwcne i^l^g9%l|S^^9|

TOM REID'S for FURNITURE Cash or Easy ___r—-, r—n-r-^ Cash i* Easy tiict tt\ HitVtgi f *^ D/'j^jtjC^^^2?>^__ tiro ?* LARGE SHIPMENT OF. n j- L , t—- g!g=' =?";:r 'i.*7*j"w'?*^j J *"iS" p** 5 w r %J in t*)B Lslcst Colonnj)s find fME*iBSMSSSi\ DIIL-^n—MM. fiyn^^PTffli Heavy Eng. Azninster Sqs. IBIf Sp*^!*} f^^^ ' <^^fejl^jl _Z^^?',^^^SJ^^^mWM? 9x9 C 8 9/6 Si^i?vi ? ? ??— 9xlo ? .'." .V -V ."." fill V 6 -acxVU . ",> l/f? 9X 12 £12 9/6 IP V^ -^— —— m^? TTjirijjrgrT 4 ? ?? g - £17 10/ BBSHf a , .-^rT""""^ rf-k HUGE ASSORTMENT OF. 5 lil^^^M I IJ^^^^m U British linoleums "V Hiria^H] RSfHH LOr=^RL T? '" Damask. Silk Tabestry. X PS^^^^^ 3Ss|fssmH!! Bal^taO 55" F?neV Silk. Casements. Madras I fe^s^=^g^^M|^3,iJ!^^^^§ *> Muslins. a!| of the best fadc -12?// l^£^. . -£^^^-_ ' __^-==== iS . Onr So/t Furnishuig ? *^ ' ? ? ? ? \ 1 1 * " TjS \% Kwjrthy of inspection. I |i.i^M^nl''tn'i''^Ti^ll ? ?^-- - j (TTTT' lMs<j T*l^!" Ia J special bargains in b| F'PvfSiP J]j siss Enguso Tea sd? mm iif''f I 1 '18n5^3 S?m^ I^^ Dinner Sets and To?el Sets 77m? D/n/'no Rnnm includes smart Modern Oak Sideboard. Sn. B=a!SS:5* a:=4i lite. LJimng l\oom wjde . Ova ,. shaped Dlninq Table. Settee. -?w^ Carver Chair, and 5 Dinlnq Chairs, all with lift-out leather ugholstsrsd \^ seats. The Complete Dining Suite for £24 10/. _- _ The Kitchen indndes modern sliding glass door Dresser, oscfnl CIWII 21 I fIOnO^TEMI *?c ivHc/zcn TabJe Kjtchen 83^ , nd 2 strong chairs, tor £915/. JI? * M- Tfic Redrorm includes massive Oak Wardrobe. 5 ft. 6 in. wide. 3.UQ. WlJOy It 1" c IDCaroom boveliec: mirror. 2 oak panelled door with shelf Portable Models, from 47/? inside: Dressing Table. 3 ft. 6 in. wide; Washstand. 3 ft 6 In., with Table Models £S 10/ real marble top: futi-size oak Bedstead, complete with Wire Mattress. Cabinet Models .. ." £12 10/ Flock Bed. Bolster, and 2 Pillows. Console Models .. .. £17 10/ The Complete Bedroom for £32/10/0 Send for Free CauJogue Giving Full Particulars - The Three Rooms as above for £65 c*& ? r Ten? m^kHJV DI7WYI jP fiAIKJ 143 RUNDLE STREET itlUl KElllr Gfr IjVlllJ 3 DOORS EAST OF KITHErTS — '"—J £Slaa£M?

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