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SOUND, TELLING TACTICS. Swan Districts Badly Beaten. Adapting sound, telling tactics to com bat the difficulties of the shocking weather and treacherous ground, East Fremantle defeated Swan Districts by 39 points at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. The brilliance of its leader; C. Jarvis, and the careful, methodical leading, kick ing, shepherding and backing-up of the players brought East Fremantle victory. In the last quarter it was untroubled in holding the determined, but often ineffec tive, Swan Districts team. Swan Districts fought hard to the end, but its lack of cohesion and an inopportune alteration in placings after half-time militated against success. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: N. Deig, Ken ney, Skealma. Half-backs: Fordham, Jarvs, J. Munro. Centres: Migro. Hstchinson, Seubert. Half-forwards: C. Doig, Daniell, McClinn. For wards: James. G. Doig, W. Doig. Ruck: Donegan, Martiensen. Truscott (rover). 19th man: Lyons (did not play). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Zilko, Easton, Melnerney, Half-backs: Hunt, Sinclair. Ford. Centres: Mosey, Dermody, Krepp. Half-forwards: Pen herthy, Chandler. Hall. Forwards: McNamara, Holds-orth, Hall. Ruck: Murray. Randall. Sweetapple (rover). 19th man: Iastow' (re placed McInerney, injured arm, at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. East Fremantle quickly adapted itself to the almost impossible conditions and James goaled. ,In several places the

ground was flooded over a wide area and the players were drenched immediately they ran on to the field. Many of the Swan Districts players wore two gloves to help them hold the slippery ball. Swan districts improved as the quarter pro gressed, but its forward work was in accurate. After some rushing, scrambling play, James and G. Doig added further goals for East Fremantle. Swan Districts kicked against a tricky, fresh breeze. With its forwards displaying great accuracy and every man in the team backing up, shepherding when necessary and playing the ball forward in any way possible, East Fremantle ran to a 32-point lead when G. Doig scored his second goal to make the quarter-time scores: East Fremantle, 5.4: Swan Districts, 0.2. With an irresstible rush, Swan Districts scored three goals in the first five minutes of the second quarter, the goalsneak. Holdsworth, showing brilliant form. East Fremantle became temporarily rattled; it lost its deadly certainty in handling the wet ball and its wing-men were badly beaten. Using the ruck as a pivot and relying on pace and vigour, East Fre mantle steadied and goaled twice. Jar vis in defence was its mainstay, but Swan Districts' rugged and tenacious methods were too much for some of the East Fre mantle players. The cool, deliberate play" of the seasoned players, however.. held the team together and clever handball and effective shepherding saved many awk ward situations. Swan Districts, giving no quarter, drew up to within a goal of East Fremantle at half-time, when the scores were:-East Fremantle, 7.4; Swan Districts, 6.4. As a means of combating Jarvis, Sin clair went to centre half-forward after half-time and for a time Swan Districts did well, but Kenney. outplayed Holds worth and there was no score. East Fre mantle, still methodical and careful in attack and sound in defence and turning the bad conditions to its advantage, goaled twice and then Truscott with a fine kick, placed the team 25 points ahead. Holds worth scored through an open goal for Swan Districts, but again East Fremantle got its system going and completely out played the opposition. McGlinn and W. Doig scoiing goals. East Fremantle led by 37 points at three-quarter time with 13.6 to 7.5. Swan Districts made a determined effort at the start of the last quarter, but after Holdsworth had goaled, East Fremantle found its feet and gave Swan Districts few opportunities for scoring. Swan Districts' pace slackened and seve ral of its players hurled themselves into the scrimmages with little purpose and less effect Playing well within itself East Fremantle increased'its lead and the final scores were: E. FREMANTLE .. 15.10 (100 pts.) S. DISTRICTS ... 9.7 (61 pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: G. Doig, 4.2; W. Doig, 3.1; W. James, 3.0; Daniell, 2.1: Truscott, 2.1; McGlinn, 1.1; C. Doig, 0.3; Martiensen, 0.1. Swan Districts: Holds worth, 5.2; Murray, 1.0; Randall, 1.0; McInerney, .0; Gorn, 1.0; McNamara, 0.2;- Chandler, 0.1; Mosey, 0.1; Sweet apple, 0.1. Jarvis, the East Fremantle captain, was the best player in the game. He beat every man (including Chandler) placed on him and dominated the play in every quarter. Hutchinson was outstanding and was the only winning unit in the team's centre line. Donegan and Martiensen followed strongly and N. Doig played ex cellent football in defence. G. Doig, Ken ney, Truscott (brilliant in open play), W. Doig (a valuable forward) and Daniell also did well. After an absence from the game of several weeks, Krepp gave a brilliant dis play for Swan Districts. He reached his best form, doing a great deal of work neatly and effectively. Holdsworth played very well in attack against a sound de fence system, and Ford and Zilko were again able defenders. Sinclair played an excellent first half and should not have been moved. Penberthy marked.well and fought hard and Randall, Mosey and Hunt played well in a losing cause.