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SUBIACO OUTPLAYED. Straight Shooting by Perth. Perth had a well-merited victory over Subiaco at the W.A.C.A. ground on Sat urday. The ground was saturated with rwater which spurted at a touch;. continu ous rain. lengthened the pools on the sodden turf; the cricket pitches were quagmires; and the players often slipped and slithered helplessly. In these cir cumstances, orthodox system was out of the question, but the game was well worth watching. Both teams were fast and vigorous and the play was always inter esting. Sublaco made a good showing, but Perth was better balanced, winning in the ruck and getting more consistent service from its "centre-line, with A. Grigg making the most of chances in the scoring area. Finishing strongly, Perth did not give Subiaco a chance in the last quarter, its command of the play in that term emphasised by its kicking six goals without a behind. On the day, Subiaco's string of behinds had no special signifi cance. The teams were: PERTH.--iacks: Fitzgerald, Dewar, Wormald. Half-backs: Crooks, Brown, L: Walsh. Centres: H. Pavey, H. Grigg, Trainor. Half-forwards: Hetherington, G. Headon, A. Grigg. Forwards: O'Callaghan, Gook, Burton. Ruck: Oliphant. Jarvis, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: O'Brien, (replaced H. Grigg, leg injury, in last quartet). SUBIACO.-Backs: Burkett, L. Daily, Strack. HBalf-backs: Davies, Brewer, Fisher. Centres: F. Brophy, Richardson, Taylor. Half-forwards: Hambleton, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Mer son, Jennings, Mills. Rpck: Browne, Donovan, Stehn (rover). Ninethenth man: McCallum (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Subiaco began with the breeze, but Perth made it fight- to get the ball for ward. With Oliphant, Jarvis, Keightley, H. Grigg and A. Grigg prominent, Perth was first in attack, but.found the Subiaco backs, notably L. Daily, hard to pass. Both sides were adapting their play well to the conditions and there was little ad vantage either way. The standard of play was surprisingly good. After about ten minutes, Subiaco's wind advantage swayed the play and, with Murphy showing good control and well backed by Stehn, Hamble ton and Jennings, this team kept the ball in Perth's territory, although the home backs made scoring difficult and quick snaps produced many behinds. At the Change Sublaoo.led with 3.8 to 2.3. Its ruck strength telling in the interval before the new ball became sodden, Perth went away and, although several shots were kicked out of bounds, scored two goals to take the lead. Subiaco's rovers then got more -help from Richardson in midfield and they co-operated nicely with the forwards to enable Subiaco to regain the lead by seven points. Brown, Wor maId, Fitzgerald and their fellow backs turned the rush and Oliphant and H. Grigg carried the ball on to the Perth forwards, who were opening out to great advantage, A. Grigg especially being effective. Perth had the best of the rest of the quarter, leading with 6.5 to 4.12 at half-time. Again its followers and centre set Perth moving and A. Grigg, Headon and O'Cal laghan went through Subiaco's defence to increase the margin to 11 points. Dono van was doing well in a back pocket for Subiaco and in one of the best moves of the day the ball went from him to Murphy to S. Daily for a behind. Murphy, Brophy, Stehn and Hambleton shone in fast work and for a period Subiaco took command, going to a 12-point lead. Perth responded resolutely and in a pro longed flurry of flying legs, mud and water spouts the ball, lost sight of at times, was slowly worked towards the other end. Fisher saved several times, but mainly through H. Grigg's work A. Grigg goaled from a mark, making Perth ' -gainst Subiaco's 7.17 at three-quarter time. - th clapped on the pace and, with every man effective and in great heart, produced a powerful finish by which it over-ran Subiaco in the last quarter. For the first ten minutes it attacked from all angles but could make no headway against Subiaco's strong defence; then A. Grigg broke away and the scores were levelled. From the bounce, Brophy got the ball away and Browne put Subiaco a point in front. Subiaco kept pressing on the goalmouth, but the Perth backs held firm and after a few tense minutes cleared the ball Subiaco did not score again. Oli ohant and H. Grigg began an attack in which A. Origg kicked two more goals and then H. Grigg was helped off the ground. Jarvis put O'Brien in goals, Headon at centre, Gook at centre half-, forward and Dewar full forward. When Perth had increased its lead to 17 points, Subiaco made a dying effort but was no longer dangerous. Perth went further ahead. Final scores: PERTH .. ..... 14.5 (89 pta) SUBIACO ...... 7.18 (60 pts.) Scorers.-Perth: A. Grigg, 6.1; Headon, 2.0; O'Callaghan, 1.2: Hetherington, 1.1; Burton, Dewar, Gook and Jarvis, 1.0 each; Oliphant, 0.1. Subiaco: Jennings, 2.4; Stehn, 2.2; Hambleton, 1.5; S. Daily, 1.2; Murphy, 1.0; Mills and Browne, 0. each; Merson, 0.1. A. Grigg was a match-whiner for Perth. Handling the ball, turning and kicking remarkably well, he triumphed over the conditions and inspired the forward play. Oliphant and H. Grigg also had a big share in the victory: Jarvis and Keightley did well on the ball and Brown, Wormald and Fitzgerald shone in a strong set of defenders. The forwards did very well .with the conditions strongly favouring back men. For Subiaco, Stehn did a hard job rov ing with great credit, always being in the play and carrying it on. Hambleton was manother who showed out well in the wet. Murphy played excellent football and Brophy was prominent on a centre wing. Fisher, L. Daily and Strack were the best of the backs and Donovan did we'l.