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EXTRA PACE AND VIGOUR. Good Display by East Perth. Revealing far more speed, vigour and determination than in its recent matches, the East Perth team outplayed West Perth on Perth Oval on Saturday. With pools of water over the ground, showers of rain and a gusty wind, the players could not hope to produce high-class fqotball, but the game was always In teresting. Wretched kicking for goal pre vented West Perth from building up a big lead in the first and third quarters, when it had the help of the wind, and East Perth might have had a harder task in the last term. But, on the whole, East Perth was easily the better team. It won across the centre and in the ruck, while its pace was much superior. Only near the goal was East Perth weak, and then players like Menhennett and Garnaut excelled themselves and kicked goals. Almost to a man, East Perth played good football, while West Perth was badly balancedc Only two points ahead at three quarter time, East Perth drew right away, preventing any further score by \West Perth. The teams were: EAST PERTH.--Backs: 3f. Ryan, J. King, Crow. Half-backs: Thomas. Graham. Oswald. Centres: Miller Cronin. Guhl. Half-forwards: Broom, Keeffe, Ward. Forwards: Golding, Lock yer, Forden. Ruck: Menhennett, Garnaut. Parry (rover). Ninateenth man: Mussman (replaced Cronin, injured leg, in last quarter). WESTPERTH.-Backs: Jeavons, Tetley. Flem mint. Half-backs: P. Walsh. Buttsworth. O'Keefe. Centres: Drew, McCurdy, L. Walsh. Half-forwards: Gregg,. McDiarmid. Bereridae. Forwards: Pola. Tyson. Lewis. Ruck: Marinko. Anderson. Rainoldt (rover). Nineteenth man: Weaver (did not play). UMPIRE.--C. Cbok. A misunderstanding among East Perth backs allowed West Perth to score its first goal. On one wing Guhl was playing prettily and Ward was showing excep tional pace to co-operate with him. East Perth's forwards were hurried near the goal and several chances were missed. When West Perth used long kicks it swung into attack nicely. Beveridge was playing well now but the forwards kicked poorly. Graham, Cronin and D. Miller played with plenty of dash, and East Perth scored a point: McDiarmid and Gregg kept driving the ball back to King and M. Ryan, and at last Tyson goaled from a free-kick. At quarter time West Perth led with 2.8 to I.L East Perth was fortunate that once it swung into open action in the second term the rain held off; but at the same time the wind was not so strong. In the ruck Menhennett was strong and when he went to half-forward the ball seemed to follow him. He scored two goals and after other forwards had kicked poorly he kicked another from another fine mark. East Perth's centre line and rock were winning and the West Perth backs were hard-pressed. These defen ders could not have beaten off attack After attack if the kicking had not been so.frequently astray. Anderson began to play brightly and for the second time in the quarter the ball was taken past East Perth's half-back line. Crow saved and then Pola broke through to enable Tyson to kick a goaL At half-time East Perth led with 6.2 to 3.8. For a time in the third term East Perth's defence hela strong but finnicky handball by a half-forward gave West Perth a good opening, and Lewis kicked a goal. The play became scrambly. Many were the water splashes and many the narrow escapes as feet swung wildly around the slippery ball West Perth had control but only. points were scored be fore Lewis kicked a goal with his left foot. The play became fierce and East Perth iallied. Menhennett, Garnaut, Ward, Cronin and GuhI pulled the side together, and Garnaut scored a valuable goal Back to the other end the ball was rushed. Again an open goal was missed and East Perth relieved the pressure. At the bell the scores were 7.5 to 5.15-two points in West Perth's favour. Many were the mistakes as each side strove to get the upper hand. East Perth eould not score a badly wanted goal and Perth could not take the ball past Miller's speed on the wing was a big factor in East Perth's favour and now Broom's long, accurate kicks to the

front of the goal worried the opposing backs. Lockyer scored his first goal and M. Ryan and Graham blocked West Perth moves. Gradually West Perth lost its grip of the game. Tempers were heated and blows were struck. Final scores: EAST PERTH ...... 12.7 (91 pts.) WEST PERTH ...... 5.15 (45 pts.) Scorers:--East Perth: Menhennett, 5.0; Garnaut, 3.0; Broom, 1.2; Lockyer, Ward and M. Ryan, 1.0 each; Keeffe and Parry, 02 each. West Perth: Lewis, 3.1; Tyson. 2.2; Rainoldi, 0.4; Beveridge, 02: Marinko, McDiarmid, Pola, Gregg and Anderson, 0.1 each. East Perth's best player was MenhBn nett. who battled consistently well in the ruck and whose marking and kicking near the goal were of match-winning calibre. At centre-half-back. Graham again held strong from start to finish. Two players whose pace and sure hand ling of the ball helped the side consider ably were M. Ryan and D. Miller, who were still going well at the finish. Gar naut gave easily his best display of the year. He was up with the play through out and he kicked three goals. Cronin did well in the centre and Guhl won on his wing against Drew, who has usually had the call over him. Ward showed plenty of pace and determination. King, Parry and Keeffe were the best of the others, although Thomas and Broom showed good form in patches. Golding did a lot of hard work. Once again one has to turn to the full backs to find West Perth's most depend able and consistent players. Tetley, in goal, had a good player in Lockyer to watch, and the latter, who had turns in the ruck in the. second half, kicked only one goal. Jeavoms and FPlemming were also very useful in defence, doing a lot that the half-backs missed. Gregg handled the ball a lot but might have done more with it. Nevertheless, he played a heady game at half-forward. Of a weak remain der Beveridge, Pola and Lewis were pro bably most successful. Anderson and Mc Diarmid showed flashes of good form and now and then Rainoldi, L. Walsh and McCurdy would do something good.