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GOOD: FORM MAINTAINED. -Claremont Upsets Swan Districts. Playing sound, systematic football and at times reaching the brilliant form which enabled it to defeat East Fre mantle the previous Saturday, Claremont beat Swan Districts by 27 points at Claremont Oval on Saturday. The win ning team was the faster, surer and bet ter in the air .and again it showed fine determination and purpose when chal lenged.. The Swan Districts side fought hard and was a dangerous opponent until the third quarter, but it lacked pace and finishing power. Krepp was again out of the side and the teams were:- CLAREMOT.--Backa: Sutherland, Batt, Bd eades. Half-backa: & BIleadon. Clarke, Orieve. Centres: Hough, 0. Moloney, Morri Half-for tarda: Bee, Soya, Jones. Forward: Cook, Hop Lins Reees. - Rck: Birmingham, R. Mdoloy, aoaper (rover). Nineteenth man: Maitland (eplaced Reeves, injured foot, at three-quarter time). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Easton, Penberthy. BHai-backs: Bunt, Sinclair, Ford. Centres: all, Dermody, Mosey. Half-forwards: rks,' Mray, SCee. FrArde : Sweetapple, Oadiwrortib, Gor. Rk Avery, Randall, Chnd ler- (rover). - Nineteenth man: McNamara (did not play). UMPIRE.---C. N. Cook. Claremont started with fine pace and dash and Hooper goaled four minutes J from the start of play. Soon, however, .Chandler (roving) struck brilliant form and running into the open temporarily demoralised Claremont. The Swan Dis tricts backs held up well under a sus tained attack and Claremont's half forwards, Bee excepted, were slow and uncertain. In the middle of the quarter Claremont steadied and, using great pace and kicking well to the man, scored two goals to lead by 11 points. At that stage 0. Moloney played brilliant football in the centre. Clarke badly beat Murray who was at half-forward. Swan Districts made a belated effort and goaled shortly before the bell, making the quarter-time scores:-Claremont, 4.2; Swan Districts, Swan'Distircts rapidly changed the S coplexion of the game in the second quarter. Clapping on-all its pace and carrying the ball over long distances it goaled twice within three minutes and took the lead, but Claremont, although ragged, fought back and goaled. For a long period Swan Districts had the better of the play but the Claremont backs. notably Clarke and 8. Headon, stopped advances at the half-forward line. Clare mont concentrated on fast, open play and succeeded admirably, despite the fact that heavy rain had fallen and the ball was wet. Swan Districts players main tained their pace and vigour and a goal by Holdsworth brought the team's score to within five points of Claremont's at balf-time-5.4 to 6.3. Two quick goals by Hopkins (who played with great judgment and unac customed vigour) at the start of the third quarter again placed Claremont in a win ning position. A minute later Hopkins goaled again. Swan Districts were 25 points down. Chandler had moved to centre half-forward but a little later Avery was placed there. Swan Districts fell away. The team's pace slackened. Its marking was poor and its leading was confused and ineffective.' Claremont went ahead by a further six points when Bee goaled. After a long period of desultory play Swan Districts goaled but Clare mont led at three-quarter time with 10.6 to 6.7. After scoring a goal soon after the last term commenced Claremont was on the defensive, as Swan Districts made a determined effort. Claremont's pace had dropped and its forwards lapsed into errors. Holdsworth goaled for Swan Dis tricts and gave the tehm a fighting : chance of success but Claremont, playing steadily and carefully, went forward again '- and after several abortive attempts goaled to lead by 26 points seven minutes from time. Claremont held its advan tage with ease -and the final scores \ ;were: CLAREMONT .. ... 12. 9 (81pts.). SWAN DISTRICTS 7.12 (54pts.). Scorers.-Claremont: Hopkins, 5.2; Cook, 4.0; Birmingham and Bee, 1.1 each; Hooper, 1.0; Jones and Boys, 0. each; Reeves, 0.1. Swan Districts: Holdsworth, 5.1; Gorn, 1.0; Murray, 1.3; Chandler, 0.5; Park, 0.1; Sweet, 0.1; Sweetapple, 0.1. G. Moloney, at centre, and Clarke at half-back, were again Claremont's out

standing players and Moloney's leader ship had much to do with the team's suc cess. With Clarke, who completely over shadowed Murray and other immediate opponents, Grieve and S. Headon formed a fine half-back line, with Batt playing well in goal. Cook, Hopkins and Bee were valuable players and Reeves, Maitland (the nineteenth man) and Hooper won easily in the ruck. Hough's play was sound and he is gradually reaching good form. " Sinclair played good football for Swan Districts, clearing strongly from the half back line, and Penberthy worked hard and played effectively. Ford was almost the equal of Sinclair, and Zilko was sound in defence. Holdsworth and Mosey were also prominent.