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DETERMINED TEAM-WORK. Subiaco Improves in Second Half. Before half-time many excellent oppor tunities of scoring goals were frittered away by East Perth, and in the second half of this match at Perth Oval Su biaco, continuing to play well across the centre and more co-ordinated in attack and defence, gained strength in the ruck and won convincingly. The game was full of errors, but momentary flashes of brilliant play by East Perth gave the play some fire in the last quarter. Better balance now that two or three of its big men had struck good form when it was most needed, Subiaco had little diffi culty in scoring goals while East Perth's brilliant few struggled desperately to reduce the leeway. Subiaco officials were delighted aj this victory, for the absence of Roe; Stehn, Green, Richardson and Bant did not improve its prospects against an East Perth minus M. Ryan, Broom, Golding, Mussman and Oswald. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: Toll, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, Brewer, McCallum. Centres: Brophy, Murphy, Taylor. Half-forwards: Bam. bleton, S. Daily, Baneroft. Forwards: Burkett, Jennings, Merson. Buck: L. Mills, Browne, Donovan (rover). Nineteenth man: Fisher (re. placed Bancroft, cut eye, in second term) EAST PERTI.--Backs: Ward. King. Crow. Half-backs: Thomas, Graham, Starr. Centres: Campbell. Miller, Gubhl. Halfd-forwards: McAllan, Cronin, Menhennett. Forwards: Garnaut, Lock. yer. H. Screalgh. Ruck: B. Ryan, Fogarty, Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Dook (replaced Screaiah. injured knee, in second quarter). UMPIRE.-L McComish. Scrambles were frequent at the start of the match and Sublaco was usually out with the ball. Whereas Subiaco had quickly scored a goal, East Perth obtained a string of behinds. Hambleton was roving excellently and Murphy was win ning in the centre. Graham kept S. Daily subdued and East Perth obtained a goal from Lockyer, mainly through Cronin's good play. Then Subiaco, tak mg advantage of East Perth's wretched kicking, took charge, and Mills and Hambleton each goaled. Several East Perth backs were loth to grip the ball, foolishly knocking it anywhere. Graham, however, continually spoilt S. Daily in the air. At quarter-time Subiaco led with 4.4 to 2.5. Subiaco scored two points before East Perth stirred itself. Guhl and Screaigh improved and Graham was still in great form. Lockyer scored a goal and then East Perth's eighth behind was raised. McCallum and Hambleton were working hard to keep up Subiaco's, but East Perth was able to get the ball to Cronin. Lockyer (twice) and then Menhennett goaled. Murphy was giving a determined display and his efforts led to a great mark and goal by Mills. Gradually L. Daily was getting the measure of Lock yer and East Perth, still kicking poorly, should have led with more than 6.12 to 5.7 at half-time. Brilliant saves by Crow and Strack marked the opening of the third quar ter, and the play was even. Merson improved and Subiaco, with Donovan, Murphy and Browne outstanding, went ahead. Hurried kicking by East Perth's backs proved disastrous. Subiaco sent S. Daily into the ruck, and Graham went with him, Cronin going to half-back for a short time. Lockyer, at last, was given a chance to score, and he made no mis take with a long shot, but Subiaco, playing a faster game, then found Jen nings in good form and at three-quarter time it led with 10.11 to 7.13. The last quarter began very ruggedly and East Perth's high-marking ability enabled it to add a goal. Rain tell as Mills scored a goal and Jennings kicked another. Most of East Perth's players were too slow in disposing of the ball, but Graham began a brilliant move with a long punt. Garnaut passed to Lock yer, who followed up a great mark with a goal. Only 11 points separated the scores when Campbell goaled, but Jen nings kicked another almost immediately. Now at half-back, S. Daily was showing good form and Fisher and L. Daily were also strong in defence, with Browne dominating the ruck. Eleven minutes from time East Perth scored a goal, but it could not pull together. Subiaco scored goals from acute angles and the side remained steady. Final scores: SUBIACO ...... 1513 (103 ptas.) EAST PERTH ... 12.15 (87 pts.) Scorers:--Subiaco: Jennings, 5.4; Mills, 4.2; Merson, Hambleton, 2.0 each: Dono van, 1.3; Toll, 1.0; S. Daily, 0.2. East Perth: Lockyer, 6.4; Campbell, Menhen nett, 2.1 each; Cronin, 1.3; McAllan, 1.1; Parry, 03; Fogarty, 0.2. Subiaco had several players who were strong throughout the game. No one did more to set the team off in good style and hold it steady in dangerous periods than Murphy, who dominated the play at the centre with good marking, fine leading and good disposal. From be to end Hambleton roved in fine style, picking up the ball swiftly, worm ing out of trouble cleverly and kicking nicely. Donovan, the other rover, gave a fine display. Determination was the main characteristic of his play, and he kicked and marked well. Davies was the most effective of the defenders and little behind him in merit was Strack. After half-time Browne was a solid ruck man and his high marking was a factor in the side's success. Mills gave his best display of the season,' and both wing men did good work. L. Daily, McCallum, Jen nings (second half), Merson (second half) and Fisher were the best of the others. Outstanding in East Perth's side was the lion-hearted Graham, who did great work in silencing S. Daily and later fought desperately in the ruck. Lockyer, with six goals, again played a fine game. Footballers positively testify to the Pischer League Ball's superioriaty-. (Advt.)

Menhennett, good in the uack and mark Ing well, and Cronin, fast at half-for ward, distinguished themselves, and the best of a poor remainder were Garnaut, Ward, Parry and Crow (first three quarters).