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LEADING TEAM DEFEATED. Claremont Brilliant in Hard Game. . lying inspired football in the first half and withstanding a desperate effort by its opponent in the concluding stages of the game, Claremont gained a 12 point victory over East Fremantle on Saturday at Claremont Oval The game was a triumph for the Claremont team, which, revealing tenacity and determin ation far above that which it had shown in previous games, first outplayed the machine-like East Fremantle side and then resisted a vigorous, hard-finishing team which (as is usual with East Fre mantle in a crisis) played excellent foot ball. The standard of play was parti cularly high, largely owing to several bril liant individual efforts, notably those of S. Clarke and the Claremont captain (G. Moloney). The former State player, K. Hough, reappeared in the Claremont team and acquitted himself with credit. The teams were: EAST FRE)kNTLE--Backs: N. Doig, Kenny, Skeaban. Half.backs: Fordham, C. Jarvis, J. Iuenro. Centres: Migro, Hutchinson, Seubert. Hal?-forwards: Truscott, Kingsbury. C. Doig. Forwards: w. James, G. Doig, W. Doig. Ruck: Martiensen, Donegan, lGlinn (rover). 19th man: Zinnecker (did not play). CLAEMONT.--Backs: Sutherland, Batt, Edmeadea Half-backs: S. Headon, Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Hough, O. Maloney, Morris. Half-forwards: Bee, Birmingham, Jones. For wards: Cook, Hopkins, S. Molonev. Suck: Reeve, Maitland, Hooper (rover). 19th man: A. Steward (did not play). Claremont goaled within a minute, as a result of brilliant play by G. Moloney, and Cook kicked a goal a few seconds later. The pace was fast, but Claremont's defensive work was careless and ragged and G. Doig scored two goals in rapid succession. Infusing more vigour into its' play and winning in the ruck. Claremont outplayed East Fremantle for several min utes, its forwards doing surprisingly good work. It ran to a 13-point lead. East Fremantle's forward line was rendered in effective because of Clarke's checking of Kingsbury, and with a brilliant burst of play in the closing minutes of the quar ter Claremont increased its lead to 20 points-6.4 to 3.2. East Fremantle was hard-pressed in the second quarter, when Claremont played splendid football. Its ruck, half-back line and centre players dominated the play, and G. Moloney proved an inspiring leader. Jarvis went to full back in an effort to stem the tide but Claremont's pace and marking were irresistible. Cook (for the third time) and Hopkins goaled and then Birmingham, rushing into an open goal, placed Claremont 6.4 in the lead. At half-forward Bee riddled the East Fremantle defence with well-timed dashes and astute leading. East Freman tle steadied and, opening up the play, it scored three goals while Claremont added one, but again Claremont swept forward. With two excellent goals Claremont re established its 34-point lead but East Fre mantle finished the quarter strongly, scor ing two goals and making the half-time scores. Claremont, 12.7; East Fremantle, 8.4. Claremont lapsed into errors in the third quarter and foolish short-passing cost it dearly. East Fremantle seized its chance and, playing fast, direct football, subjected the Claremont defence to a

heavy bombardment. G. Doig goaled. With Birmingham at half-forward checked by Munro the Claremont attack fell away. East Fremantle clapped on all its pace and outplayed Claremont completely amidfield, but it found the scoring of goals very difficult and the bril liant Claremont defence held the team to gether. Gradually East Fremantle wore down the stout opposition of Clarke, Batt, Grieve and.the others, and reduced Clare mont's lead to eight points. The scores at three-quarter time (Claremont having scored only a point in the quarter) were: Claremont, 12.8; East Fremantle, 11.6. East Fremantle maintained its devas tating run in the last quarter, and Clare mont became temporarily rattled, but it held a nine-point lead by desperate slog ing play. The backs, notably Clarke, held on tenaciously, turning back attack after attack. Two valuable, chances of goaling were allowed to pass, but the team rallied and East Fremantle's effort was checked. Cook, receiving an excellent pass from Hough, kicked Claremont's first goal since half-time to given Claremont a lead of 17 points. Both teams were dead tired as the quarter drew to a close. From a mark Martiensen goaled for East Fre mantle. Still Claremont held firm and the bell rang with the scores as follows: CLAREMONT .. .. 13.13 (91 pts.) EAST FREMANTLE 12.7 (79 pts.) Goalkickers:-Claremont: Cook (6), Birmingham (2), Hopkins (2), G. Mol oney, Maitland, and Reeves. East Fre mantle: G. Doig (4), Kingsbury (2), W. Doig (2), Donegan, James, McGlinn and Martiensen. Every man in the winning team pulled his weight, but Clarke and G. Moloney were outstanding with magnificent play throughout the game. Clarke has never played better, while Moloney, in addition to his brilliant play, led the team excel lently. In attack Cook played a first class game, and he obtained great assist ance from Bee, who sent the side into at tack time and again. Batt, Grieve and S. Headon gave fine service in defence and

E. Flemming (West Perth) Zylng above S. Dahly (Sublaco) to mark the baIl and dear from the goal mouth during the league football match at Sublacq Oval mo Saturday. W. Buttaworth (West Perth) Is on the left.

Birmingham played effectively at half forward. Reeves, Maitland and R. Mol oney won in the ruck all day, and Hough, although obviously lacking form, did many clever things and gave G. Moloney valu able help on the centre lines. J. Munro, at half-back, Fordham, fol lowing, and in defence and Martiensen were East Fremantle's best players. Munro regained his best form and Ford ham was cool and effective, excelling in the air. Martlensen did more bard work than any other man in the team. and did it well. Truscott roved cleverly, and G. Doig played very well against strong opposition. Jarvis (in patches). Seubert and N. Doig were also prominent.