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EAST PERTH BEATEN. Perth's Meritorious Victory. Perth had a meritorious victory over East Perth at the Perth Oval on Satur day. The football was of a high order and the play full of interest. East Perth gave a dazzling exhibition in the first quarter, but lost a little in dash and accuracy in the second quarter and part of the third. It recovered well to make a strong fighting finish, but had weak links and Perth finished the stronger. After a poor beginning, Perth swung into vigorous, systematic play, revelling in the fast going, and deserved to win. Its side was well-balanced, whereas East Perth was not so even and lost consistently in the ruck and centre. The teams were: PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald, Dewar, Walsh. Half-backs: O'Brien, A. Brown, Wormald. Cen tres: A. Grigg, H. Grigg. Trainor. Half-for wards: Hetherington, G. Headon, O'Callaghan. Forwards: Robson, Gook, Crooks. Ruck: UM. Jarvis, Oliphant, Burton (rover). hineteenth man: Davenport (did not play). EAST PERTH--Backs: Crow, King, Oswald. Half-backs: Starr, Graham, Thomas. Centres: Miller, Broom, GuhL. Half-forwards: Mussman, Cronin, Mienhennett. Forwards: Ward, Lockyer, H. Screaigh. Ruck: B. Ryan, Fogarty, Parry (rover). Nineteenth man: Garnaut (replaced Oswald, knee injury, at half-time). UMPIRE.-3. Hooper. East Perth, with the help of a strong breeze, opened excellently. It goaled in 40 seconds and quickly built up the lead. It was losing in the ruck and the centre, but time after time when Oliphant got the knock-out Graham set East Perth going from the half-back line, mostly around Miller's wing. East Perth was in superlative form-faster than Perth, marking and kicking better, and playing with system and style. Lockyer was fin Ishing off the attacking movements in championship style and Perth found it necessary to send Brown from centre half-back to goal, changing places with Dewar. Perth was kicking poorly, crowd ing its play and badly neglecting shep herding. When it managed to take the ball down it found East Perth's backs too strong for its forwards. East Perth won the quarter easily, leading with 7.4 to 1.0. East Perth, continuing in brilliant form, held Perth, despite the latter's wind ad vantage, in the early phases of the second quarter. Then Perth smartened up its play, and although its kicking was below standard, improved greatly in marking and cohesion. The backs watched their men more closely, the forwards improved remarkably and, still winning in the ruck and with H. Grigg inspiring the team from the centre, it graaually drew up. East Perth slowed and 'ost effectiveness, while Perth went to its top form and, in a sustained passage of determined, vigorous and well-directed play, took command. Cronin went from centre nalf-forward to centre on H. Grigg, clang ing places with Broom, and whipped East Perth into a strong effort to restore the lead, but Perth, playing splendidly, matched strength for strength and went further ahead. An exhilarating quarter ended with Perth having scored 8.7 to 1.0 and leading with 9.7 to 8.4. Cronin returned to centre-half-forward for the third quarter and put Mussman at centre. Perth, still in great form, quickly increased its lead by seven points and after East Perth goaled went forward again to make its lead 3.4. East Perth was slower and its kicking had deterior ated, while Perth was now very accurate in disposal and was playing great foot ball. East Perth, although labouring, managed to draw up by kicking the ball long to Lockyer. Inspired by his success, the team suddenly found touch again. Its ruck working better and swinging into nice system, while Perth crowded its play, it re-established supremacy and went to a lead of 14.8 to 12.8. Perth went straight down the field and goaled when the last quarter began. Placing Menhennett at centre-half-for ward, Cronin returned to the centre and East Perth tried strenuously to increase its lead, but Perth, strong in all depart ments, equalised the scores after five minutes and goaled immediately after wards. East Perth went all cut and goaled, and Perth responded with an other. Several pretty passing moves were started by Cronin, but Perth's full backs

kept the ball out and H. Grigg sent Perth down to get a valuable behind. The play was very fast and of a high order, with East Perth just lacking the necessary re serve of stamina. Although missing three or four scoring chances, Perth, vigorous and well-balanced, increased its lead to 2.2 against a strong defence. An inten sive East Perth drive yielded two behinds, Perth's backs holding well, and this was the final burst. Perth scored a behind two minutes before time and the final scores were: PERTH .... . 17.11 (113 pts.) EAST PERTH .. 15.10 (100 pts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 4.3; Jarvis, 3.1; Oliphant, 2.2; Robson, 2.2; Crooks, 2.1; G. Headon, 1.2; A. Grigg, H. Grigg, and O'Callaghan, 1.0 each. East Perth: Lock yer, 9.4; Screaight, 2.2; Parry and Muss man, 1.1 each; Cronin and Ward, 1.0 1 each; B. Ryan, 0.2. H. Grigg, at centre, was the mainspring of Perth. Dashing and sure, getting loose and disposing accurately, he forced East Perth to change its centre man every quarter. Almost equalling him in effec tiveness was Oliphant, who had command of the ruck and again showed his first class calibre. - M. Jarvis teamed with) him excellently and, not showy but very strong, was a great stiffener for the team. Fitzgerald saved repeatedly and Brown and Dewar, despite Lockyer's. fine show ing, were in good form. A. Grigg was among the team's best; CG. Headon played well after being overshadowed in the first quarter; and O'Callaghan also was pro minent. For East Perth, Lockyer played the game of his life. Marking and kicking bril liantly and leading out with remarkable dash and certainty, he thoroughly earned his tally of 9.4. Graham, a fine stamp of centre-half-back, not only cleared the ball repeatedly, but sent the team into attack when he did so. He was well supported by Starr and Thomas on each side, and King gave a sound exhibition In goal. Parry and H. Screalgh played good football and Gun and Miller (figst

half) did well on the centre wings. Cronln was effective at centre-half-for ward in the tirt quarter and centre in the last.