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BIG PLAYERS INSPIRING. Swan Districts' Dashing Display. Only a small crowd watched the match on the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when Swan Districts proved too brilliant for South Fremantle after the first quar ter and won convincingly by 21 points. South Fremantle was weak at both ends of the ground, and only its fighting qualities saved it from a .ar heavier de feat. None of its players exerted a dominating influence on the game, and there were some glaring weaknesses, par ticularly at full back and full forward. Swan Districts, on the other hand, had in Murray and Chandler big players who carried all before them and showed tremendous pace. After the first quar ter, Swan Districts was always in the lead. At half-time its advantage was eight points. In an even third term this was reduced by a point, but the last quarter saw Swan Districts far too bril liant. After kicking the first three goals, It kept pace with South Fre mantle's scoring efforts. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Easton, Penberthy. Half-backs: Hunt, Sinclair, Ford. Centres: Hall, Darmody, Mosey. Half-forwards: Park, Avery, Sweet. Forwards: Sweetapple, Holdsworth, Gorn. Ruck: Murray, Randall, Chandler (rover). 19th man: McNamara (did not play). SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: M. Hayward, F. Brown, Back. Half-backs: White, Edgar, Renfrey. Centres: Lewington, Whittaker, Orr. Half-forwards: W. Smith, Jasper, Ditchburn. For wards: E. Hayward, Mathews, Mills. Ruck: Beard, Richardson, J. Doig (rover). 19th man: Hagan (replaced Ditchburn at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.-L McComish. In a heavy shower, which quickly made the ball difficult to handle, South Fre mantle attacked, but, failing to keep the ball out of the pocket, was slow to score. The Swan Districts team was well-served in defence by Zilko, Easton, and Ford, whose reliefs, aided by some excellent work by Chandler, enabled Swan Dis tricts to score the first point. The foot ball was almost devoid of science, but fast, persistent work by E. Hayward transcended the low level, and a goal resulted fdr South Fremantle. Good handball by Sweetapple enabled Holds worth to secure, and equalise the goal tallies. South Fremantle improving, with M. Hayward, Whittaker and Lew ington doing more than their share, forged ahead, and two goals kicked by Jasper enabled it to hold a nine-point lead at quarter-time--3.1 to 1.4. Some excellent football by the rival centre men, Whittaker and Dermody, marked the resumption of play, while Lewington did fine work on the wing for South Fremantle, whose passing, however, was faulty. When Swan Dis tricts assumed the offensive, tangible re sults followed. From a free-kick, Holds worth goaled, bringing Swan Districts' score to within three points of that of South Fremantle. This was supple mented by an almost impossible goal by Chandler, who was showing fine versa tility. Another free-kick to Holdsworth against South Fremantle's full-back was fully converted. A phenomenal run by Chandler was magnificently topped off by a goal, Swan Districts' fourth goal of the term. Occasional attacks by South Fremantle disclosed its weakness at half and full forward, but it fought on with its weak personnel and persistency was rewarded when Ditchburn and Jasper goaled. This completed South Fremantle's scoring during the quarter, but Sweet apple scored well for Swan Districts. which rightly led by eight points at half-time--6.7 to 5.5. An early goal by M. Hayward almost levelled the scores, but once again the scientific football of Chandler placed Holdsworth in possession and no mis take was made with the shot. The quickness of J. Doig enabled him to goal, and this was the third goal in three minutes. Holdsworth was receiving undue attention by opposing backs, and others showing up well for Swan Districts were Sinclair, Murray and Sweetapple. At this stage Murray tore through a bunch of South Fremantle players and literally ran over others until he found an open goal It was an outstandiny individual effort. Sweetapple, Gorn and Murray added goals, making four in succession to Swan Districts. South Fremantle made a recovery in the last five minutes of the term, when Mathews,.J. Doig and Ditchburn each scored a goal, and brought the game to an interesting stage at three-quarter time. Scores were 11.9 to 10.8 in Swan Districts' favour. The loss of Ditchburn through injury was soon felt by South Fremantle, even though his substitute, Hagan, played, well. A terrific burst by Murray from the defence lines placed the ball with Holdsworth, who goaled from fully 60 yards out. Goals by Penberthy and

Holdsworth made South Fremantle's task extremely difficult. South Fremantle changed the placings of several of its players, but it failed to get Swan Dis tricts on the run. Its courage was obvious, but it found Swan Districts fairly well-balanced, and too dashing a combination to threaten its hold on the game, which ended with the scores as follows: SWAN DISTRICTS . 17.10 (112 pts.) SOUTH FREMAN'TLE.. 13.13 (91 pts.) Goal-kickers.---Swan Districts: Holds worth (7), Sweetapple (4), Chandler (2), Murray (2), Gorn and Penberthy. South Fremantle: Jasper (5), Mathews (2), Ditchburn (2), J. Doig (2), M. Hay ward and E. Hayward. Swan Districts fielded many players above the average, while scarcely a player failed to answer the call. In Mur ray and Chandler it had two particu larly dashing playzrs. Several of Mur ray's dashes were phenomenal in their power and pace, one run for ; goal being a triumph of physical strength. Chand ler showed remarkable versatility and was brilliantly successful in most phases of the game. His kicking and passing 'were outstanding. Others who had much to do with Swan Districts' success were Holdsworth, Sinclair (dashing in de fence), Zilko, Hunt, Hall, Sweetapple, Darmody and Avery. South Fremantle fielded no players to approach Murray and Chandler, most of them being of the useful type. Its best performers were M. Hayward and Lewington, both of whom handled the ball a lot. Renfrey (on the small side for a defender) showed promising form and made few mistakes, which was more than could be said of several of his team mates, who often erred in pushing Holds worth from behind. Whittaker played neatly at centre, the best of an uneven and mediocre remainder being Jasper and Beard.