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WON IN THIRD QUARTER. Subiaco's Orgy of Goals. Up to half-time the football at Subiaco Oval was even and West Perth had hopes of succes, but in the third quarter Subiaco played with such dash, kicking long and remarkably well, that West Perth be came disorganised and the last quarter held little or no interest. Subiaco was only three points ahead at half-time and in quick time it over-ran West Perth and scored heavily. The ball seemed to be drawn through the goal-posts as if by a magnet and West Perth, badly beaten across the centre and in the ruck, broke up completely, Showing more pace in the last quarter, West Perth improved, but despite Subiaco's bad habit of mauling the man, could not make sufficient head way. The teams were: SUBIACO.-Backs: Davies, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Brewer, Green, Bant. Centres: F. Brophy, Richardson, Bancroft. Half-forwards: Hambleton, S. Daily, Murphy. Forwards: Bur kett, Jennings. Merson. Ruck: Browne, Roe, Stehn. Nineteenth man: Donovan (replaced Stehn, injured leg, in second quarter). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons, Tetley, Flem ming. Half-backs: Forbes, Buttsworth, Gregg. Centres: Coward, Flegg, L. Walsh. Bali-forwards: Lewis, McDiarmid, Pola. Forwards: R. Screaigh, Tyson, Casmanan. Ruck: Beveridge, O'Keeffe, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Weaver (re placed Rainoldi in last quarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Kicking with the wind and given several opportunities by the speedy Stehn, Subiaco started strongly, but its kicking was poor. West Perth, find ing the wind handicap too severe, con centrated on defence, Rainoldi hovering about the back lines as an extra back. While Buttsworth was able to subdue S. Daily, West Perth did well, but when Sublaco wisely kicked the ball high near the tall half-forward, the aspect of the game changed. Browne was doing well in the ruck and West Perth soon had McDiarmid on the ball. Flemming, Gregg and Jeavons worked hard in de fence, but Sublaco pressed hard, Richard son and F. Brophy being prominent across the centre. Beveridge was mainly responsible for West Perth's only suc cessful advance and at quarter-time Sublaco led with 5.3 to 13. West Perth's forwards were at first too slow against Subiaco's backs, who helped one another admirably. The wind died down and West Perth took six minutes to score a goal. McDiarmid was West Perth's most dangerous player and Roe was tearing through in fine style for Subiaco. Flemming, taking the ball high or low, was a model of sureness and Subiaco found it difficult to score. Subtaco kept attacking from its winning centre line and ruck and Tetley made some great saves. Phenomenal marks brightened the play. West Perth, with Beveridge and Screaigh prominent, added goals and then a comedy of errors with the greasy ball amused the crowd. At half-time West Perth had scored 5.8 to Subiaco's 6.5. In the third quarter Subiaco's high marking was better than before. Two quick goals to Subiaco roused West Perth to greater effort, but it could not break through. The dashing Donovan and Brophy were in good form and Murphy, in place of the injured Richardson, was doing well in the centre. In the crushes Subiaco was the stronger and it piled on goals. When West Perth at last scrambled past Green, Tyson goaled, but Subiaco increased its lead before the bell. At three-quarter time Subiaco led with 16.8 to 6.9. Lewis was goal sneak in the last quarter and his marking ability enabled him to get the ball. Screaigh was roving well and for a period West Perth was dominant. Then Subiaco's ruck came back to prominence. Free-kicks helped West Perth on its way, but the side's general kicking was poor. Sublaco with S. Daily at half-back in place of Green (sore leg) defended well and the final scores were: SUBIACO ..... 18.9 (117 pts.) WEST PERTH .. 11.14 (80 pts.) Scorers.-Sublaco: Jennings, 4.2; S. Daily, 3.3; Bancroft, 3.0; Merson - and Roe, 2.0 each; Burkett, 1.1; Stehn, Brophy and Davis, 1.0 each; Donovan 02; West Perth: Tyson and McDairmind, 2.2 each; Cashman, 2.1; Lewis, Screaigh and Beveridge, 12 each; Pola, 1.1; Coward, 1.0. Subiaco's best player from start to fin ish was undoubtedly F. Brophy. He did everything coolly and effectively and handled the ball nicely. Brewer and Richardson were also good centre line players, the former handling and kicking the ball excellently and Richardson mark ing exceptionally well. Roe and Browne were valuable hard-working followers and Hambleton was a nippy rover. Before he was hurt Stehn was Subiaco's most prominent player. S. Daily was useful in attack and defence and L. Daily was solid in goal. Davies was consistently helpful and Murphy and Green (in patches) were the best of the others. Donovan was very prominent when he replaced Stehn, showing plenty of dash. Bancroft kicked well in the third term. West Perth's most outstanding player was again Flemming, who took some re markable marks and cleared well. A leg Injury hampered him in the latter stages. Beveridge was the man who made West Perth occasionally look like a systematic side, but he was given poor support Tetley and Jeavons were solid in defence. R. Scresigh and Rainoldi (until hurt just before half-time) were useful rovers. McDiarmid (flnt half), Gregg (apart from the third quarter), Pola and O'Keeffe were the best of a poor remainder. Buttsworth's play was patchy.