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VICTORY FOR SUBIACO. Claremont Fades in Last Quarter. Through fading ..o ut in the last quarter, Claremont missed a chance of. beating Subiaco at Claremont on Satur day. It was markedly the better team in the first half and, remaining steady when Sublaco made a .ian. in the third quarter, was .in a good position at the beginning of the last quarter, having the wind in its -favour and being only 11 points in arrears. It fell away, however, and was 22 points behind when the final bell rang. Subiaco did poorly at first, but Murphy brought it to its best form in the third quarter, in which it scored 7.3, and it finished the better in the hard going. It owed a lot to L. Daily, who saved goal after goal. The teams were: SUBIA00.-Backe: Davies, L. Daily, Btraek. Half.1baek: Toll, Orwe, Noahllum. Oentres: Tay sae, Brner, Nanceft, Halllrtdfit Iurkeit.

S. Daily, Murpby. Forwards: Hambleton, Jenl sings, lierson. Buck: Browne, Roe. Stehn (rover). Nineteenth man: Snashall (replaced Toll, leg in jury. in second quarter). - LAR ONT.-Bc: aitland, Batt, 8. Moloney. Half-backs: S. Headon, Grieve. A. Mitchell. Centres: Bee, G. Moloney, Morris. Half-forwards: Reeves, Birmingham, Claybrook. Forwards: Cook, Hopkins, Steward. Ruck: 15. Moloney, Sutherland, Jones (rover). Nineteenth man: Farley (replaced Mitchell, leg injury, at three-quarter time). UMPIRE.--H. Hooper. A fairly strong breeze favoured Subiaco in the first quarter, although the gusty nature of the wind and the greasy ball troulbled both sides. Whereas Subiaco was better in the air. Claremont was combining more effectively and was nip pier. Subiaco, clumsy and playing the wrong wing, could not capitglibe the ad vantage the breeze gave it. Its forwards were all at sea, in contrast with Clare mont's, who led out and played to posi tion cleverly. Winning in midfield and improving in the air, with its backs solid, Claremont attacked with low kicking and nice leading and, keeping within a point of Subiaco, had the honours of the quarter. Subiaco led with 3.3 to 3.2. Subiaco speeded up in the second quarter, but Claremont, fast and sys tematic and playing around the correct wing, took the lead in the first few min utes and steadily increased it. Although it was now more purposeful and stronger in the ruck, Subiaco found it had to carry the ball down, its forwards being badly beaten. Claremont was steadier and stronger all round.- It allowed Subiaco only one behind and attacked persistently, but scoring moves were stopped with remarkable regularity by L Daily, who showed excellent antici pation and marking ability. But for him and Green Claremont would have led with much more than 6.5 to 3.4 at half-time. After half-time there were changed placings which had an important bear ing on the course of the game. Murphy went to centre-half-forward and dropped 8. Daily back to goal-sneak, Jennings going to a forward pocket. Murphy's heady play put sting into the attack and the markidng ability of S. Daily, who had previously been out of the picture, made a big difference in front of the goal, with the ball sating down high with the wind. On the other hand, Claremont made changes which impaired its strength. Grieve, who had been most effective at centre-half-back, was dropped back to goal to keep watching s. Daily, Batt changing places with him, and neither map ;Was, at home in his new- position. More abe 4able in attack, Subiaco scored two quick goals. Clare mont, its forwards active against strong opposition, goaled in reply, but Subiaco was at its strongest for the match and after 15 minutes was eight points in front.. Claremoet, although inclined to kick the ball too high, remained steady and, combining well, went a point ahead, but Subiaco had stlrck form and, going straightIdown the feld, goaled twice just beforeA. three-quarter time, when it led with 1'I to 8. Claremont attacked but scored only behinds and lost valuable time and op portunities through being yards behind the opposing men. After defending strenuously, Subiaco went forward and two goals made its lead 21 points. Clare mnont had slowed badly and Subiaco, maintaining its good form of the third quarter, was in command. Fifteen min utes passed before Claremont scored its first goal. The team had lost dash and five of Sublaco's defenders, notably L. Daily, Green and Davies, kept it out. It was apparent that Claremont was not capable of winning and a goal four min utes bef?re time emphasised Subtaco's Victory. Final-scores: SUBIACO .. .... 13.9 (87pts.) CLAREMONT .. .. .9.11 (65pts.) Scorers.--Sublaco: Jennings and S. Daily, 4.1 each; Roe, 2.2; Merson, 2.1; Burkett, 1.0; Halmbleton, Murphy, Browne and Banoroft, 0.1 each. Claremont: Cook, 5.1; Hopkins, 3.3; Jopes, 1.2; Steward, Birmingham, Reeves, Maitland, R. Moloney and Sutherland, 0.1 each. For Subiaco, .L. Daily was a match winner. Green also shone in defence and Davies and Strack were the best of the other backs. Murphy led the team ably and Was a strong force in attack Browne and Roe worked hard in the ruck and Stehn roved ably. Merson played solidly and S. Daily was effective in the last half. Claremont's centre-line was again its strongest factor. G. Moloney was clever in the centre and Morris and Bee did well on the wings.. Grieve made a good centre-half-back and -on a half back wing -S. Headoq was strong and sure throughout, Mitchell doing well on the other sidp until hurt. Cook played cleverly in a forward pocket, Jones gave one of his .best performances of the season and .Sutherland battled well.